49 Days (2011) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

Song Yi Kyung.
What's the matter, Mr.
Kang Min Ho? What are you doing here? Who are you? Leave.
Look at me, Song Yi Kyung.
I said look at me! Hey, do you not recognize me? Who are you exactly? Is something wrong? What's wrong, Ms.
Yi Kyung? Do you know Ms.
Song Yi Kyung? May I ask who you are? Is something wrong? I want to talk to Song Yi Kyung.
It doesn't seem like she wants to talk to you.
But what exactly is going on? Nothing.
Who is that woman? Is she Shin Ji Hyun? Or is she Song Yi Kyung? What's wrong? Who was that person? Is he someone you know? Do you know him or not? Although I don't know him, when he called my name, I called out his name without thinking.
You said you didn't know him, so how did you know his name? He seems to know you.
Don't you remember where you met him? I saw him through hypnosis, but I have a bad feeling.
During our hypnosis sessions? Ms.
Yi Kyung.
Do you remember seeing me yesterday? I saw you yesterday? I saw you yesterday outside your house, but you didn't recognize me.
And the way you were dressed didn't seem like you.
I think that you are suffering from split personality disorder.
After suffering from severe trauma, your mind created another identity.
Are you saying that I have multiple personalities? Clearly you have multiple personalities.
It's not like that.
The shock of that person's death was bigger than I thought.
This is due to the death of the person you love.
No, it's not like that, doctor.
There is someone who lives within me.
This place feels strange.
Let's go somewhere else.
Let's go.
I've already said I'm fine.
If it really is like what you said, then it's even more serious.
You are saying that you are possessed by a spirit? Aren't you afraid? Are you saying that you felt her enter your body? A ghost, would not feel like this.
I don't know what it is, but it feels very sincere and earnest.
And also, I feel like she really cares about me.
Miss Yi Kyung.
This is the first time since Yi Soo's death this kind of feeling this feeling that someone sincerely cares about me, that someone is concerned about me.
Miss Yi Kyung.
Are you saying that you are comforted by a ghost? Doctor All you know is, that someone I loved died suddenly from a car accident, right? Because, 5 years ago, Yi Kyung all you did was sit for a while and then you left.
When I was 5 years old, in February my mother abandoned me at Chuncheon station.
She lied to me about riding the train to go have fun.
She gave me my favourite backpack, with all my precious belongings.
She told me she was going to change my sibling's diaper and then return but she never did.
When you were five you didn't know your name? I was only called by my nickname.
There was no reason to find out my real name either.
On the first day when I was sent to the orphanage, I sat in a corner and cried.
A boy came over and gave me a chocolate bar.
From now on, your name is Song Yi Kyung.
I am Song Yi Soo.
Yi Soo was abandoned at birth.
He grew up in the orphanage.
The pain of being abandoned by my mother Yi Soo helped me forget.
We were both abandoned in February So we became Yi Soo and Yi Kyung.
Like siblings.
Like an Oppa.
Like a friend.
? I choked, I can't say anything ? We were like that for 18 years.
We were like that for 18 years.
We were like that for 18 years.
? As I absent-mindedly looked at the sky, I began to cry ? That Yi Soo That Yi Soo ? "Just forget it Please just forget it I'm alone" ? abandoned me.
? "Just forget it Please just forget it I'm alone" ? Then ? "Just forget it Please just forget it I'm alone" ? Two weeks later, he died.
Two weeks later, he died.
Two weeks later, he died.
? "So just stop it", I told myself that again and again ? I wasn't ready to let him go ? "So just stop it", I told myself that again and again ? because there were things I wanted to tell him.
because there were things I wanted to tell him.
? I feel so wrecked ? And things I wanted to ask.
And things I wanted to ask.
And things I wanted to ask.
? I feel like everything has burnt out ? ? I told myself that there's no such thing as love for me ? But Yi Soo was gone.
? I told myself that there's no such as love for me ? I abandoned you? ? I told myself that there's no such thing as love for me ? Being abandoned by my mom, Being abandoned by my mom, Being abandoned by my mom, ? "Stop and just forget.
Please stop and just forget" ? Because of Yi Soo, I forgot about it.
? "Stop and just forget.
Please stop and just forget" ? After being abandoned by Yi Soo After being abandoned by Yi Soo After being abandoned by Yi Soo ? Your image still remains in my heart ? I can't trust anyone anymore.
? Your image still remains in my heart ? Because I'm Because I'm Because I'm someone nobody wants.
? It's alright even though you forget me ? Why am I like this? Why am I like this? Why am I like this? ? After a few days it will be okay ? ? After crying and laughing for such a long time, I fell asleep ? Tears.
That's not true! And even if it was that way, That's not true! And even if it was that way, ? I lift the phone up then put it down ? ? I lift the phone up then put it down ? How can you be comforted by a ghost? Does that make any sense? How can you be comforted by a ghost? Does that make any sense? ? I'm like a fool just like a fool, ? How can you be comforted by a ghost? Does that make any sense? ? I'm like a fool just like a fool, ? ? I'm like a fool just like a fool, ? But still ? I'm like a fool just like a fool, ? ? I don't know why I'm like this for several days ? ? I don't know why I'm like this for several days ? I was.
? I don't know why I'm like this for several days ? You've never considered moving out of your house, You've never considered moving out of your house, ? I miss you so much that it's driving me crazy ? have you? ? I miss you so much that it's driving me crazy ? ? I miss you so much that it's driving me crazy ? Even though I was scared and fearful, Even though I was scared and fearful, ? I just want to forget you.
I must be really crazy ? Even though I was scared and fearful, ? I just want to forget you.
I must be really crazy ? ? I just want to forget you.
I must be really crazy ? however, I feel like that woman however, I feel like that woman ? I'm like a fool just like a fool ? however, I feel like that woman ? I'm like a fool just like a fool ? ? I'm like a fool just like a fool ? was kind was kind ? Why can't I just forget you? ? and caring.
? Why can't I just forget you? ? ? When I can't even ask you ? ? to come back ? Yi Kyung! What will I do if that guy suspects me? It won't be good if he told Unnie about that.
Why haven't you been coming for the hypnosis treatment? Why is she receiving hypnosis treatment? Is it because of me? Ah.
Nervous to death.
Why don't I have any energy? I heard you changed your house code.
You really changed it.
What did you wait for me for? Oppa, what happened? She's not Song Yi Kyung, right? Is it Ji Hyun? No.
No? Of course not.
It's not possible.
How did you confirm it? Didn't you see her act like Ji Hyun? The way she eats, her habit with her fingers No.
Did you go to Song Yi Kyung's house? I already said it, no! It's not her, so leave.
Song Yi Kyung has no reason to be Shin Ji Hyun.
From the start it didn't make sense.
Tell me how you confirmed it.
President Shin is going to have his surgery tomorrow.
I should get some sleep, so you should go now.
The next time I come here that picture the engagement photo that you took with Shin Ji Hyun don't let me see it.
How is it possible that you are Song Yi Kyung? That's impossible.
That's impossible.
THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Time remaining: 13 days 4 hours 29 minutes.
Looks like Unni didn't go for hypnosis treatment today.
That's a relief.
What's wrong, Unnie? Did the ajussi say something? Unnie my dad is having his surgery today.
Can't you go to sleep earlier today? What a relief! Thank you Unnie, thank you.
What's wrong? I won't go to your shop to work today.
I'm not going to the shop either.
Today, Ji Hyun's dad is having his surgery.
I don't want to go by myself, so come, let's go together! Go to the hospital? There's no time.
Let's go to the hospital first.
So we have time to meet him, before the others show up.
Song Yi Kyung, aren't you quite ashamed? You have a habit of crying, regardless of where you are.
When other people see that, it looks strange because they would think, "Who is she? She isn't even the daughter, why is she crying so much?" You'll be insulted because of that.
And also, if In Jung gets angry.
"This girl is dating Ji Hyun?s fiance.
" What are you going to do if she reveals it? So you must come now while Ji Hyun's friends are not around and meet Ji Hyun's father.
I'm not in a relationship with Kang Min Ho.
Then I hope that you stop pretending to be in love.
I am grateful to see you today before his operation.
It's nothing.
I wish you'll have a successful operation, Father.
Ji Hyun is lucky to have so many loyal and caring friends.
She's not like you.
She treats people well and trusts them.
When Ji Hyun wakes up come and visit her often.
I will visit you often, Father.
And also, visit her mother too.
Dad That is can I hug you just once? I'll see you later.
He will be fine.
Why are you crying? Are you crying because you're afraid that father will die? No, it's not that.
So why is it that you're crying as if Ji Hyun's dad will die? Take this.
Don't cry here.
Go cry outside, okay? I will wait here until the surgery is over.
Go back to the shop.
Surgery will take 6-7 hours, I will call you when it's done, alright? This doesn't make me feel good.
Why are you taking my girl around? If you were going to come here, you should have called me.
She probably didn't think you would come here.
If I can't come then, she can't come.
You can't, right? Let's go, I'll take you to the shop.
Do you have to act like that in this kind of situation? Why did you bring Song Yi Kyung here in this kind of situation? Send me off.
I'm going crazy.
Exactly what does she want to find out from him that she's like that? How much longer is she going to do that? What did you do yesterday after work? Why are you asking? Haven't you dated? Aren't we dating? I was tired so I slept early.
You forgot about the surgery and slept well? So why did you come to the hospital and cry? What's that about? I was just saying my last farewell.
You just saw Ji Hyun, didn't you feel guilty? Guilt is guilt.
I must do what I have to do.
Aren't we that kind of people? Ah, I don't know, I will tell you another day.
I can't wait.
You're asking me about how to prove sincerity, right? Hae Won, you also have to prove YOUR sincerity to me You really don't trust me? You're making it so that I can't trust you.
You're always with Han Kang, day and night, always together.
You go out everyday and you don't tell me why.
Enough! Today is the death anniversary of Kang's mother.
Death anniversary? Are you raising your voice at me? On other days I might be able to, but today, I can't forgive you.
You know what kind of person Kang's mother was to us! I've always felt grateful to her.
What's the use of feeling it? Didn't she say in her will to not give her any memorial? So, in that case, you didn't prepare a memorial? Let's go together, Hae Won.
The owner's not in right now, what are you going to do? Stay here at work, okay? It's Han Kang's mother's death anniversary, But Han Kang is watching over my father.
Then I'm going first.
I'll wait for you I am at ease now because of you.
Seo Woo, you Don't say anything to me.
Tell me when you come back.
I have nothing to say to you.
Don't say it, just don't.
I listened to it all night long, I'm tired of it.
Hey, silly boy.
Yes, father.
Thank you! I will wait until you come out.
Ji Hyun! Dad will do as you wanted.
I'm going crazy! The surgery will go smoothly, right? I have something to do so I'll leave first.
I also have something to look into.
In Jung, we'll be here until later, right? I also have something to do.
I'll come back later.
Hey Han Kang! Who exactly is in the hospital? You're making the President worry, asking him to come here like this.
I'm very sorry, Sunbae.
The Haemido project is clearly a dual contract.
President Shin personally signed the contract, When A team began to develop their industry, This land really is too expensive.
Jun Soo Company and Park Seon Jung, They make dual contracts, signed with different names.
The purpose is to process a secret fund.
Do you have a way to find some evidence? Identifying the double contract seller, or finding the fund, however, is not that easy.
That's why I'm relying on Sunbae's help.
I couldn't find anything, regarding the double signing contracts or agreements, Ki Joon Hee.
I heard recently that you were busy running errands for Kang, in order to save up money.
Excuse me? You dropped out of school because you couldn't afford the tuition fees, and you started working at Han Kang's restaurant, is Han Kang paying for your tuition? What do you mean? I heard, that you were studying Master of Business Administration at the University.
How about a job position at HM Development after you graduate? HM Development? This is a test ahead of training of course I'm here to ask for your help.
You two look good together.
What do you mean? You're a perfect couple.
You don't care about other people.
Is it Ji Hyun's good friend or Ji Hyun's fiance? Between these two, one is bound to be your role.
Seeing as you know our situation, why didn't you tell Ji Hyun's parents? They have enough things to worry about, and you still want them to bother with such stuff? Miss your tear how did you get it? So it is really possible to get this.
Ahjushi, are you a 49 days traveler? I thought I was the only one in Seoul.
Huh? Oh, I traveled here from Taejun.
It wasn't easy finding out which friend it was that came to this hospital.
Bad kid, he died an hour ago.
Omo If he were to die, he should've atleast shed a tear first, and gone then! Is tomorrow your last day? But, you didn't even get one drop? That's right.
I used to be the President.
I went to my construction site, to look up current and former friends.
I told them I was Yi Sun Bu.
I'm Sun Bu, Yi Sun Bu, but they said they didn't know! Don't ever trust humans - they're the worst! Did you get hurt? Is that why your face is bruised? Ah this? I am playing hard.
This kid is the one who put me in a coma.
While I was playing, He hit the back of my head pak pak pak with a brick.
Ahjusshi! Miss, you have received one tear.
There is still hope.
How many days do you have left? I have 13 days left.
Then your soul must be getting more and more weaker now.
Are the symptoms of posesssion by the soul starting to appear? There are soul symptoms? Sometimes the soul finds it hard to come out of the body.
During this time the soul gets weaker.
This will slowly get more difficult.
If I had 13 days left, I would tell my wife how thankful I am to her for all this time give her flowers then I would see my mother one last time.
Write a letter to my children You can still do that now.
When I go take the KTX train later, there will only be a few hours left.
I don't know whether or not we can meet up there Oh! I'm about to miss my train.
Go take a shower before going back.
Thank you! Borrowing someone else's body to live is tiring enough.
Damn these 49 days.
It's too cruel.
Please take care.
Ahjusshi! Do you know the woman over there? How do you know her? How? Why are you asking me? You need money, right? I can give you a lot of money.
How much money can you give me? As much as you want.
As long as you can tell me exactly, who that girl is.
Why don't you save me first? If you do, I'll give you all of my assets.
I'll give it all to you.
For now, the tumor has been successfully removed.
Then, is it okay to feel at ease now? Yes, but it is still quite early.
He needs to be in the ICU for a 24-hour observation.
We have to wait until the patient regains consciousness to be sure.
Then, we're counting on you.
So, as long as he wakes up he's going to be okay? As I've said, the tumor was removed successfully.
What a relief.
You haven't eaten dinner yet, right? Let's find a place to eat, and after we can go back to watch over uncle's condition.
No, you should leave.
Isn't today your mother's death anniversary? My mother's not really interested in a memorial I will do it in the evening.
Rest in peace, Mother.
Drink a cup of your favorite red wine.
Do you know how harsh my mother was? She didn't even leave a single photo.
Aside from this piano, My mother always played the piano after getting drunk.
When I was a kid, my father frequently went back and forth to the United States for business.
One day, my mother opened this bottle of red wine.
And even drank with male guests.
When I was young, I thought my mom was the kind of woman who sold smiles and liquor.
My father clearly made a lot of money and supported her.
So why did she still have to do those things? I totally didn't understand.
Maybe it was because of loneliness.
But at that time I did not understand what loneliness was.
Then, later on, they got divorced.
Of course, I thought it was my mom's fault they filed for divorce.
I thought my mom had an affair with a male guest.
After they divorced, she never contacted my father.
I believed that this was also my mom's fault.
What a mother who had to drag me to Jinan.
She told me that she wanted to rest.
And that she had to be with her son It was ridiculous, the thought of mother and I being together, During that time in Jinan, I was rebellious.
I was unhappy and never stayed at home.
I avoided seeing my mom and also never said anything nice to her.
When my mom's face turned darker, I thought it was just a tan.
Having pancreatic cancer, she must have suffered painfully.
I didn't even know how she became so sick.
I I'm always disagreeing with her.
Until the end.
She didn't say anything until the very end.
She sent me to the States, and she died alone.
When I was in the States I found out that when my father was away, he had a 10-year-old son.
Wasn't my mother cruel? Why did she have to make me the bad guy? You know very well that it's not like that.
The last impression I gave my mother was that of a stubborn, mean kid.
It might have been better if I were not born.
I definitely feel apologetic towards her.
It's not like that, Kang.
When your mother left you the piano, she left you the thing that meant everything to her.
During those times of loneliness, your mother comforted herself by playing the piano.
It's not like that.
She left you everything that was valuable to her.
Why didn't she leave any pictures? Pictures? Maybe because she was afraid you would be like this, that you couldn't get over her passing.
Looking at his mother's picture, she was afraid her son would feel more guilty and regretful over time.
That might be true.
No, not might be.
It IS true.
You're quite good at comforting others.
Song Yi Kyung herself said it was a spirit? She even said that she saw a woman go into her body.
A woman? We should talk while we are eating.
Then can I ask a question? Go ahead, ask.
You said before that you owed Shin Ji Hyun a lot right? What was it? I thought you said you were very close with Shin Ji Hyun.
Didn't Ji Hyun say anything? She didn't say.
Ji Hyun thinks there's no such thing.
I wanted to go to my father secretly, without telling mother.
I even stole money from my mother to buy the airline ticket.
Suddenly, a week after I bought the ticket, my mother took me to Jinan.
Airline ticket? To the US? However, I twisted my ankle within three days of transferring to Jinan because of Ji Hyun.
Transfer student, Help me get my bike, alright? Because I tried to be brave and save that silly girl, I missed the plane.
You have no idea how much I hated her.
Every time I met her, I would tease her, However, she was always so simple and cheerful.
She enjoyed everything she did.
Teasing her was also fun.
Is that why you teased me like that? That kind of atmosphere slowly made me forget about wanting to leave Jinan.
But one day she fooled me by using magic, to get me to drink the seaweed soup.
Don't leave anything.
Eat it all! You were really bad tempered back then.
I was so thankful Actually, I felt really bad sending my mother away.
After all, it was her son's birthday and she just wanted to make a special meal for me to eat at school.
If it wasn't for Shin Ji Hyun, before my mother died, I would have been a son, who did not even get to taste the seaweed soup my mother made for the last time.
So these are the debts you said you owe.
If Shin Ji Hyun knew, she would laugh to death.
I owe her a lot.
I wasn't able to apologise before we separated.
It was the Cherry Blossoms Festival that time.
I threw a tantrum over the smallest thing.
It was because of what I was going through with my mom.
And the feeling of not being able to tell anyone.
I had the same temper tantrums like a madman.
Leave! Help me pass this to Ji Hyun.
Didn't you say you're friends with Shin Ji Hyun? Keep it first, and give it to her later.
I put in your favorite cooked mussels.
Eat it, son.
I don't want to.
Mom, just leave.
Give it to me, ahjumma.
I will make him eat it.
I am Han Kang's friend, Shin Ji Hyun.
Did you really get Kang to eat all the seaweed soup? He finished it all up.
I fooled him a little.
But I'm not a bad kid! That was quite amazing! You can even control Han Kang.
This what is it? My gift upon entering university.
This is what my father bought for me.
But I don't have a daughter.
I planned to give it to Kang's first girlfriend.
I'm not Han Kang's girlfriend! You're a friend and a girl! Aren't you his friend? We're not really friends.
Didn't you say you were friends with Kang a while ago? Kang really hates me.
My Kang isn't that bad of a kid.
It's very simple.
He's very angry at me, That's why he's acting out.
Even though, doing that to his mother is just too much.
Just now, you said your name is Shin Ji Hyun, right? Yes.
Aren't you hungry? Do you like toasted bread? I like to eat everything! Why are you staring at that bracelet for so long? This your mother was the one who gave this to me.
It's almost 11 PM.
You'll be late! I asked why you went to Kang's shop.
Didn't you say she isn't Ji Hyun, but Song Yi Kyung? Then why are you letting Kang and her be together? Oppa, you doubt about it too, right? If she's really Ji Hyun She knows about our relationship and our plans! We have to know her reason for not telling anyone! Oppa, do you hope she isn't Ji Hyun? Is that why you don't want to make sure who she is? You don't want her to be Ji Hyun! Song Yi Kyung's body with Ji Hyun's soul Oppa you just fell in love with Ji Hyun.
Ji Hyun is not capable of pretending to be in love with other people.
So you're saying she is not Ji Hyun.
So Song Yi Kyung fell in love with oppa, is that it? I will go and find out more.
You go first.
Song Yi Kyung doesn't love oppa.
Ji Hyun never loved you either.
But she was always confident that she was the only one you loved.
She felt that oppa loved her and nobody else.
Because to her, oppa was destined for her.
That time, no one loved Oppa.
Do you really think that she'll love you now, Oppa? I told you, she's not Ji Hyun.
She cannot possibly be Ji Hyun.
She is not the Ji Hyun that I knew.
How can she be Ji Hyun? Unni, I'll see you later.
Looks like everything is alright.
You haven't noticed anything yet, right? Dad.
What are you doing now? Why haven't you come back yet? Dad! Hurry back.
Why aren't you back yet? Where are you and what are you doing? Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Dad! Dad! Come here, he woke up already! My dad woke up! Please somebody come! Dad, thank you.
Thank you, dad.
Dad, I love you.
I love you, Dad.
What are you doing, traveler Shin Ji Hyun? I couldn't get on a bus so I'm walking back.
My dad he survived! Living and dying does not depend on the will of the human being, didn't I tell you before? What do you mean? You already knew that my dad wouldn't die during surgery? How would I know! You're really bad! I was worried that because of me Dad would not get surgery and die.
Do you know how much he was struggling with time? You should have given me a hint much earlier! I need to know things first before I can give you hints.
The only way I knew your father wouldn't pass away today, is because when I downloaded my schedule, his name did not come up.
Your schedule? Yes.
Every ten days I download the death scheduling list issued from above.
The orders are sent to the Scheduler.
Ah, yes.
The first time that we met You said that the moment the human beings are born, their life is already decided for them.
Hurry and hop on! I'm only giving you a ride because the bus stopped running.
A scheduler must enjoy life 100%.
Whatever I do, I must follow this world's style.
? You're breathing ? ? You're breathing ? Who decides how long we live? Who decides how long we live? Who decides how long we live? ? you're living ? You decide it yourself.
You decide it yourself.
? in my heart ? You decide it yourself.
? in my heart ? ? in my heart ? The way we lived in the previous life, The way we lived in the previous life, decides how long we live in this life.
The way we live in this life, ? Since the day we met, you're always in my thoughts ? The way we live in this life, ? Since the day we met, you're always in my thoughts ? decides how long we live in the next life.
? Since the day we met, you're always in my thoughts ? ? Since the day we met, you're always in my thoughts ? That's what I was taught.
? Since the day we met, you're always in my thoughts ? ? Since the day we met, you're always in my thoughts ? So it's like that.
? Since the day we met, you're always in my thoughts ? ? calling me ? ? calling me ? Then what about you? ? calling me ? ? calling me ? I must have lived a bad life.
? calling me ? Satisfied? ? Always crying ? Satisfied? ? Always crying ? ? Always crying ? Sorry if I hit a sore spot.
Sorry if I hit a sore spot.
? Cold tears flowing ? Sorry, if I hit a sore spot.
? Cold tears flowing ? ? Cold tears flowing ? But, ? Cold tears flowing ? I wish you a long and happy life in the next one.
I wish you a long and happy life in the next one.
? My heart is aching because of you ? I wish you a long and happy life in the next one.
? My heart is aching because of you ? ? My heart is aching because of you ? I don?t think that?s going to happen.
? My heart is aching because of you ? ? My heart is aching because of you ? Why? ? I miss you everyday ? ? I miss you everyday ? I think I was a bad guy.
? I miss you everyday ? What do you mean? ? I really miss you everyday ? What do you mean? ? I really miss you everyday ? ? I really miss you everyday ? Did someone say that? ? I really miss you everyday ? ? Tears are falling again ? ? Tears are falling again ? Someone said that.
Someone said that.
? Tears are falling again.
? Unni! My dad is going to live.
Now, I don't need to deliberately go to Kang Min-ho.
Han Kang already read my letter.
Once dad is awake, he will tell dad.
So even if I wake up I won't have to marry Minho oppa.
I only have 12 days left.
I don't know if I can get two more tears.
No matter what, I will try my best for unni's sake.
If I don't repay you after 12 days, I am certain I will regret it.
Father is already fine.
So, Ji Hyun, you don't have to worry anymore.
Yes, Shin Ji Hyun.
If only you would wake up now.
Seo Woo, you need to get some rest too.
You have worked hard.
What is wrong with her lately? Just answer it here.
Why must you go in your room to answer Kang Min Ho's phone call? Just answer it here! Have you met In-Jung's boyfriend? We were together for 5 years already! 5 years! You guys Your boyfriend is Min Ho? Seo Woo! You bad woman, rotten girl.
Are you still a person?! How can you do this to Ji Hyun? You bad woman! You horrible girl! Ji Hyun gave you so much, you loathsome girl! If there was no Ji Hyun You wouldn't be able to come to Seoul for college.
It's only because Ji Hyun's parents let you live at her house that you were able to attend college and work in Seoul.
And then you betrayed her.
You're scared, right? That's why you see Ji Hyun as a ghost? If I were in Ji Hyun's place, even after death I wouldn't rest in peace! That is really great! I already knew it would turn out like this.
Yes, I got it.
I better tell Ji Hyun! Hey! Han Kang! I was just about to call you.
Song, my friend Shin Ji Hyun's father I know! I know! You know? Ah punk, Noona will let you sit.
Hurry and sit! Miss Song Yi Kyung.
How can you call your noona 'Miss Song Yi Kyung'? Hey, Han Kang! Didn't I tell you before? Song Yi Kyung is a year older than you! She is your senior in this country.
Show some respect! How dare you always call me 'Miss Song Yi Kyung', 'Song', 'Song'! Wait! So you really knew that Ji Hyun's father already woke up? I knew, that's why noona came here so early in the morning - to thank you with your favorite breakfast.
What's this? Food with memories! Sugar toast and strawberry milk.
I heard someone loves this breakfast.
When I was a child these were my favorites.
Could it be that Shin Ji Hyun met my mother before? Oh That seems to be the case so What was the matter with Shin Ji Hyun? If you find it delicious you can ask me to make you some more.
This noona is busy so I'm going ahead! Looks like you are too happy now that father's life is safe It's Shin Ji Hyun's father you know! Why are you correcting me saying 'it's Ji Hyun's father'? At night, she works in the coffee shop.
During the day, she works at the restaurant.
She doesn't have anytime to sleep.
Okay, there's no need to investigate Song Yi Kyung anymore.
Director Jang, long time no see.
I think it's time to start now.
Amnesia I had a serious mental blow.
I have short term amnesia.
You didn't recognize me! I'd like to know more about myself.
You knew me, right? Yi Kyung gets along with other people well.
But she doesn't have any close friends.
She and Song Yi-soo were inseparable.
Do you know Song Yi-Soo? Everyone in the hotel knows them.
Song Yi Soo worked here too, right? Just for a short time.
Probably for six months and then he quit to be a singer.
I see.
She wasn't the same after the break up.
She collapsed after his death.
And never came back to work.
What should I do? I was the one who cleaned out your locker then.
It should still be in the storage room.
Can you give it to me now? What happened to you exactly? That even Yi Soo's life was interrupted Shin In Jung is calling.
It's Shin In Jung, it's Shin In Jung.
Seo Woo hit me.
She found out about mine and Kang Min Ho's relationship.
Park Seo Woo is like that.
Since all the people close to me already have discovered, there's no need to be afraid of being discovered by others anymore.
It feels good.
Does it? To me it seems like you don't feel that good.
You already ended things with Kang Min Ho, it's too bad you got hit.
We won't break up unless you and Kang Min Ho get married? Are you going to marry Min Ho oppa? Last time, you wanted to know why I did such things to Ji Hyun, didn't you? I came to tell you today.
Why all of a sudden? I lived at Ji Hyun's home during college.
Because my father was in a traffic accident when I was in middle school.
I didn't have the means to go to college.
I was so upset, so I went to Ji Hyun's home and complained.
Ji Hyun did not say anything to me.
At dinner time.
She asked her parents to let me live in their house.
I was really grateful to her at that time.
You heard this from Ji Hyun didn't you? She told me once about this top student who couldn't attend school in Seoul because of family problems.
It was really a shame.
She was really nice.
Furthermore, during winter break of Freshman year, I was working at Seo Woo's bakery, I was working part-time there.
One day, I got very sick.
I only relied on Ji Hyun to tell my boss that I could not go to work.
The kind-hearted, Ji Hyun.
She didn't tell me that she went in to work in my place.
She missed her piano lesson worth 250,000 per hour.
Didn't she do it because she was afraid that you would get fired? From Ji Hyun's mom point of view, it was indeed very unreasonable.
In order to earn 30 000 Won, the two hour tuition of 500 000 was wasted.
When her mother blamed her for that, it would have been okay, if Ji Hyun just admitted her mistakes but for Ji Hyun, her friends are very precious to her, she stood up to her mom, saying she was doing the right thing.
because that In Jung would have lost her job.
So like that, without Ji Hyun knowing, her mom called me aside to discuss.
Ji Hyun would never have dreamed that would happen because she was so innocent.
In college, when we would go out on group blind dates she would tell the boys that I was her best friend living with her.
When my boyfriend came by the house, she'd be around saying she's bored and would follow us around, without even asking me.
And when that guy would break up with me, and started calling Ji Hyun, she wouldn't know why.
Because she doesn't suspect people.
Why are you telling me this? When she bought new clothes, she'd go to my room and ask me.
"Do you like this dress?" "Yes, it's pretty.
" "Then will you take it? because, hey Shin In Jung, I can just buy a new one.
Even if I give it to you, it's not out of pity, because I don't want it".
She was being sincere, but, that hurt your feelings? It makes me pitiful.
They aren't intentions of kindness.
It made me feel very tragic.
Even when I said it was okay, no need to.
I already said it's okay, no need to.
She never thought of me and what I wanted.
And she always ignored my feelings "out of kindness".
It was so annoying.
One day, I got curious I asked Ji Hyun, "If you were like me, studying and having to work night and day to get a scholarship, could you still be like you are now? Would you still be smiling happily like this?" If you didn't have a wealthy father, Could you pass that university exam with those grades? If you had a father like mine, would you still find the dubboki delicious? (dubboki - spicy rice cakes) Could you still continue being so sweet and nice? Could Ji Hyun be that way, even if she had nothing? I'd like to see how she'd be if her skilled father ended up like mine, I'd like to see what would happen if her father became like the incompetent father that I have.
You guys wear my wedding dress, because you guys will end up wearing it anyways.
According to Ji Hyun herself, I've already reached my level.
It was funny to hear her say it wasn't like that.
So I asked Kang Min Ho first to help me bring Ji Hyun down to my situation as before.
It's not possible, In Jung.
Didn't Ji Hyun say that already? "Whatever I give, I won't consider it out of pity".
Then she can give me her dad's company, and her fiance, can't she? When the time comes and you see Ji Hyun.
Help me tell her all this.
But Ji Hyun's love for In Jung was sincere.
Mine too.
I loved Ji Hyun sincerely too.
This isn't right no matter what I did.
That's not a good enough reason to step on me like this.
What's this? That PLAYER! Who is this unnie?! Depressed Scheduler is listening to music.
Call back later.
Hey, Song Yi Soo! How can you do that? You had an affair and broke up with Unni! How can a human being be like this? Is betrayal your specialty, your hobby? How can you betray someone who trusts you? What are you talking about? Look at this! Who are these people? This is me? What you said was right.
Your unfinished business it can't be because of Song Yi-Kyung Unni.
It's this woman, right? What? This really isn't!! What's not true? You were obviously with that woman.
You broke up with Unni because of this woman.
Look at how Unni is living her life now.
Perhaps, you were with this woman when you died.
No? When there's already a proof like this? Besides, you said you don't remember Even though I can't remember, it wasn't over this woman.
I said No! Why do you keep saying no? Look at this.
Does this look like nothing? there's no way I could be with this woman.
This woman is nothing.
Just because you say it's nothing, doesn't make it so.
Just because it's not what it looks like, doesn't mean that it's not something! It's not! I said no! ? You're breathing ? No, Yi Kyung! ? You're breathing ? Song Yi Kyung, no! Song Yi Kyung, no! ? you're living ? Song Yi Kyung, No! ? you're living ? Why won't you believe me? ? you're living ? ? in my heart.
? ? My heart is crying ? ? My heart is crying ? Yi Kyung.
? My heart is crying ? ? you're walking ? ? in my heart ? ? in my heart ? Yi Kyung! ? in my heart ? ? Since the day we met, you're always in my thoughts ? ? Since the day we met, you're always in my thoughts ? Hey, Song Yi Kyung.
Hey, Song Yi Kyung.
? calling me ? Hey, Song Yi Kyung.
? calling me ? ? Falling nonstop ? ? Cold tears keep flowing ? ? My heart aches because of you ? ? Missing you every day.
? ? Extremely missing you everyday ? ? My tears are flowing again ? ? The you who is always in front of me ? ? is filling my heart, overflowing it ? -=Next Week's Preview=- ? is filling my heart, overflowing it ? ? is filling my heart, overflowing it ? Do you do inital engravings here? ? is filling my heart, overflowing it ? S LOVE K.
S LOVE K ? Become bitter tears.
? Become bitter tears.
? I really need this room.
I really need this room.
I will send you the extra fee ? Tears from missing you ? I will send you the extra fee ? Tears from missing you ? Give up now.
Even if you catch Kang Min-ho, what can you do? Give up now.
Even if you catch Kang Min-Ho, what can you do? ? In my heart ? Give up now.
Even if you catch Kang Min-ho, what can you do? ? In my heart ? You're Song Yi Kyung.
? In my heart.
? Because I'm Song Yi Kyung, Because I'm Song Yi Kyung, ? You continue to live.
? Because I'm Song Yi Kyung, ? You continue to live like that.
? That's why I feel like I can do it.
? You continue to live like that.
? I can't watch this anymore.
Just trust me.
I can't watch this anymore.
Just trust me.
? Falling nonstop ? I can't watch this anymore.
Just trust me.
? Falling nonstop ? I think she wants to go somewhere, what do I do? ? Falling nonstop ? Unni, where are you going? Unnie, where are you going? ? Tears are flowing.
? Unni, where are you going? ? Tears are flowing.