49 Days (2011) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

Why do you keep saying no? Look at this.
Are you still going to be like this ? It doesn't make any sense, this women and I.
This woman is nothing.
Just because you said it's nothing, it doesn't mean that it's not something! Just because you said its nothing, it doesn?t mean that it?s not something! No, that's not it I said it's not it! It's not, Yi Kyung! Song Yi Kyung, I already said it's not.
Why don't you believe me?! Yi Kyung! Hey.
Song Yi Kyung You.
You look like.
You look like How did it become like this? Yi Kyung! Hey! Hey! Hey! I'm not! I'm not! I am Shin Ji Hyun! I am not Song Yi Kyung.
I'm not her, OK? I am Shin Ji Hyun! Do you remember now? Do you remember Unni? But.
This picture What is this? You don't recognize this picture? It was inside unni's locker.
You and unni didn't break up because of this? It's the first time I've seen this photo.
Just because you said it's nothing, doesn?t mean that it?s not something! So, Yi Kyung.
was like this because of me.
Yi Kyung! I already said I can understand you wanting to do music.
You don't understand.
Because you couldn't do anything about it when I moved out.
Isn't it? Because you promised we would go to college together, and work together.
That we would work where we could stay together until our 'February' pension is built.
That was our dream.
You're still talking about that? Just because you don't like it, does that mean I have no choice but to do what you say? Is that what you call love? Then what about you? Do you really want to be a musician? And not because you want to fool around with other women? Whoa, yeah, I knew you were going to bring that up.
How many times do I have to tell you that the women who come and go here don't mean anything to me? You're saying it doesn't mean anything? They are just noonas, juniors, and friends.
How many times do I have to tell you? Just because you said it's nothing, doesn't mean it's not something! What are you talking about? Don't talk in circles, just say it.
I want to hear it straight from you.
I want to know how you honestly feel.
Now, to you.
what kind of person I am in your heart? Please stop doing this.
I'm sick of it.
I'm sick and tired of women like you.
Are you satisfied now? The thought of marrying you is suffocating me! Like I did for the past 18 years, looking at only you for the next 30 or 40 years is dreadful! Yi Soo! Song Yi Kyung, Why don't you change? How can you be the same as when you were 5, 10, 19, and 23 years old? Hey look! Yi Kyung came out.
Look at her! Just go and make up with her.
We'll be away two weeks doing gigs.
It's not a situation that can be solved easily.
Let's go! You guys go first.
Song Yi Kyung, try living without me for just a fortnight.
I'm going away to work for two weeks then come back.
During the day I worked on a construction site.
Do you do engravings? Of course! What would you like? -= S LOVE K =- What should be done? So why did you even take those kinds of pictures? Even when I messed around, I didn't act like that! This rotten girl.
She must have taken the photos while I was asleep.
Hey, Shin Ji Hyun! Hurry and return the body back to Yi Kyung.
I need to tell Yi Kyung.
This is not right.
It's strange.
This is impossible.
What's wrong? Why do I remember? It's not possible.
Sunbae, how can you do this? How can you let her live like that for 5 years? 5 years! What's wrong? A call.
You can leave first.
Be careful with her body.
Does a reality exist where you do not misunderstand and you are not misunderstood? Is sincerity something I should consider first from my position or the other person? To become miserable like me, I begged Kang Min Ho first, to drag Ji Hyun down to the same level as me.
Is sincerity something I should consider first from my position or the other person? For me it was love, but for In Jung it was pity.
Yi Soo said it was love, but Yi Kyung believed that his heart had changed.
How do you figure out love that you can't see? Something big happened, something big happened! This isn't a minor problem.
Isn't it unusual? You should be thankful you're still alive.
Otherwise I'd stick to you forever and cause you problems.
She resents me.
So she won't return to her own body, right? Should still be wandering around everywhere.
Don't you know? Was that really Ji Hyun's doing? You have done so many bad things! Then What should I do now? The lonely soul wandering around must be taken out of the possessed body.
How? Sender: Leather Mountain Industry, "Please reply quickly.
" Recipient: President Shin Il Shik Do you have a record, where it was sent from? Please help me check out the address.
Don't go, Hwa Joon! You abandoned me and left.
This is our fate.
I can't live like this.
Why don't you believe in my love? Let go of me! Don't go, Hwa Joon.
If even you are like this I said, I like you.
There is more pain.
Dear, Dear.
Are you crying? What should I do? It's the first time I saw Hae Won cry.
What's wrong with the two of you? Han Kang.
My Hae Won seems to really love me.
See how he's crying.
Don't cry.
Hae Won.
I was wrong.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
I was wrong, Hae Won.
"Haemido Island development project" "Methods to help Ji Hyun?" "Ji Hyun's remaining time 14 days" Appearance, actions, and expressions.
You are Shin Ji Hyun.
What happened? What exactly happened to you? You're Ji Hyun! Shin Ji Hyun! That looked like a teardrop for sure.
Tears? The proof of one's sincerity is tears.
That's right! Ahjumma! Han Kang! The tears a while ago I think it's tears! You think so too, Ahjumma? After seeing Hae Won's tears, all the past misunderstandings just went away.
Ahjumma, you're the best! Oh! What should I do? Being hugged by a man so tall feels like this! - It's nice.
- Really, it seems to be tears! Me too I truly loved my third boyfriend who died in an accident.
I didn't really try to, but the tears just flowed endlessly.
Is that so? Soo Jin, I'll give you a vacation this month! Haha, Soo Jin, that's great! What's that? Oh this, would you mind keeping it for me? Come, follow me.
What's that? It wasn't there before.
What are you staring at? Your necklace is pretty.
It's very unusual.
Where did you buy it? It wasn't bought.
I just got it from somewhere.
Last time there seemed to be nothing inside but now something is.
It looks just like a teardrop.
When did that necklace change? Why do you ask? I can't even ask when the necklace changed? Because the necklace before and now are different.
This is just a question that anyone can ask.
When did it change? This The day that I handed in my resignation letter.
The day you handed in your resignation? Why? Could that be my tear? What's wrong? That day, I Because you handed in your resignation, I was so sad I went to Ji Hyun's room and cried.
You said you cried? Kang! So it was you? It really is a tear! Why are you crying? Because I'm thankful Because I'm so thankful.
Miss Song Yi Kyung, stop crying and go to work.
Joon Hee is not here, the place will be very busy.
Yes, I should do that.
Kang! Seo Woo-ssi! Miss Yi Kyung, it's been a while.
Kang, I have something to tell you.
I was just about to go out.
What's the matter? Did you know about In Jung and Min Ho's relationship? It was Kang! It was Han Kang! I'm already done in Jinan's company.
I'm doing fine.
Because President Shin woke up the will has become useless.
So now you are calling me? In this kind of situation, Isn't that what Hyuk San Corporation wants as well? An early decision will be good.
From now on do not say "Stop" or "Don't do that.
" That won't happen.
Oh, okay I get it.
Since President Shin has awakened, shouldn't we let him know quickly? He is still in the intensive care unit.
Jay said that the company is set up in the United States.
It looks like I'll have to ask my father to look into it.
You'll contact your father? Is my pride the problem here? Then what can I do? President Kang, are you going to search for tears? Ahjussi and Ahjumma told me the most important part.
Actually, that's the only way to save Ji hyun.
Actually, Hwa Joon achieved a major thing.
Then, we have an answer now, right? Ways of getting sincere tears.
Can you do it without telling ajumma about Ji Hyun? Don't worry, now she absolutely trusts me and is waiting patiently.
Ahjussi, you met a really good woman.
Haven't you also met a good woman? Ji Hyun is a really bright person, Why did Director Kang have to do that? Think of Min Ho hyung's upbringing.
I can understand his resentment.
How difficult it must have been.
I'm sad just by listening to his hardship.
Even so, this isn't right.
There are people like me who have been abandoned in the temple.
There are also other people who have to care for sick parents and a younger sibling.
He was living with extreme hardship.
Min Ho hyung was not like this in US.
Thinking about his mother while trying to get an MBA, his life's effort is extremely serious.
That's why I liked hyung in the first place.
But, where is Director Kang's mother now? But, where is Director Kang's mother now? I don't know.
I heard she is sick.
I asked him a few times after returning to Korea, but he wouldn't tell me.
Ahjussi, I'll come back after I take Ji Hyun home.
Kang, is Song Yi Kyung really alright? While I was looking outside, she seemed to be fine.
Why? It's not even just a day or two, maybe she would catch on, I'm just worried.
I'm also worried about that.
But I can't just bring it up first.
It is possible that a situation which allows for it may occur, Let's meet up with her first.
Hey, Song Yi Kyung! Where are you? Where are you now? What's the matter? You're in Kang's restaurant, right? Come here now! Mr.
Kang Min Ho! Where are you going? Kang Min Ho is at the parking lot.
Excuse me.
Stop now.
Although I don't know what it is, but, what can you do? What can you do while meeting Kang Min Ho? When you're with Song Yi Kyung, It's because when I'm Song Yi Kyung, I can do something.
But still, stop that.
I can't bear to watch it any longer.
Please just believe me.
I won't stand idly.
I'll come back after I send him away.
What brings you here? Song Yi Kyung! Why didn't you resign? I told you to quit, didn't I? I don't have any thoughts of resigning.
Didn't I tell you that? Why won't you quit? Why? Why? Because there's someone that I like here! What? So don't contact me again in the future.
Because I have no plans of meeting you again! Do you like Kang? Please go.
Then, what am I to you? Didn't you like me? You said you liked me! I didn't! I never liked you, not even for a moment.
Although I may have convinced myself into liking you, just like how you're convincing yourself now.
Why did you appear? Stop it! Don't even think about meeting this woman again! Also, don't come here again! Let's go.
Was it Ji Hyun? You said it back in the States, when you come back to Korea, that there was a woman you wanted to find.
Was it Ji Hyun? There was a time when we could talk about those things.
Are you angry? If a person knows how to talk, he should talk the way people could understand! I was really sending him away.
I told him I won't see him again.
Really? If a person knows how to talk, he should understand it the first time! I told him not to contact me again, you know.
Well done! You should have said so earlier.
I know, right? In the future, don't go around alone at night.
I'll send you home.
But it's okay.
Again! Fine then! It would be great if you take me back.
Anyway, there aren't many days left to meet.
During the day, everybody is busy.
I don't have much time left.
How come I've only come to understand you now? Unni! Scheduler got his memory back.
He remembered you.
Unni, how about you? Can I really say this? I heard from Yi Soo why you are living like this.
What's wrong with this unni? Can she hear my voice? Unni Unni Although I can't tell you all the details now, you're someone who was truly loved by Song Yi Soo.
You were a very precious person to him.
How does she know Yi Soo? From the moment Yi Soo abandoned me, I couldn't trust anyone anymore.
Because I am a person that nobody wants.
I'm sorry.
Are you feeling unwell? I'm all right.
What would you like to order? A cup of Americano coffee, please.
Thank you! I will drink it well.
She is definitely unable to remember.
What happened? What did your sunbae say? What was the unfinished business you had? To meet Yi Kyung as myself.
So it was that.
Now, all you have to do is meet Unni? No, I can't even pretend to know.
Not until my term ends.
I cannot even tell Yi Kyung who I am.
I'm also not allowed to interfere in her business.
If that's the case, then how come your memory came back? They said it was because of you.
They said it happened because I kept meeting you when you looked like Yi Kyung.
I'm sorry.
I'm causing you trouble again.
There's something I definitely must tell Yi Kyung when I meet her.
So for the rest of days you have left be careful with her body.
And don't cause trouble.
If you hurt my Yi Kyung You're dead.
All right.
I'm always trying not to cause trouble.
I hope that Unni can quickly solve their misunderstanding.
What brings you here at this hour? As a precaution, I brought soup.
As expected, it looks like you drank.
You don't even have food, right? Uhm, the smell of alcohol.
What are you doing? I'm getting rid of the smell that doesn't suit Kang Min-ho's style.
Take a shower then come out.
I'll make breakfast.
What's wrong with you? Because of all the people who can do it, there's only me left.
Oppa, even you know that she is Ji Hyun.
You think this Ji Hyun feels like she's not Ji Hyun.
I will not leave oppa's side.
Oppa, you are also like this.
Even if she is not Ji Hyun, but is Song Yi Kyung you are not going to her side.
Because you still have me.
In Jung! Even so, do not try to deny that she isn't Ji Hyun.
I've already confirmed it.
How did you do it? What is so important about that? Ji Hyun turned into Song Yi Kyung.
To be at our side.
She intended to get close to oppa.
That is the most important.
Moreover, Han Kang Kang already knew earlier that Song Yi Kyung is Ji Hyun.
You're saying that Han Kang already knows? Because Ji Hyun used such a method and entered someone else's body, She can't stay with us forever.
You're up already.
I've made soup.
Let's eat.
Let's live separately.
What? Because I don't want to live together with you.
You move out.
You can move into Kang Min-ho's house, can't you? Seo Woo! You wanted to move out from Ji Hyun's house to live with me was just a lie, right? Seo Woo, I will tell you.
Why I did what I did.
That you two met five years ago? How could you do that? Hey.
After Ji Hyun's accident, do you know how I felt when I looked at you? I think it is very funny.
Although I was sad and hurt, But at least I'm not like you, destroying everything.
At the time I felt we couldn't leave Ji Hyun behind, right? Because I was afraid, I didn't cry.
But seeing you cry so hard, I thought "In Jung is really Ji Hyun's friend," and I wasn't.
I thought I understood.
But it was just an act, wasn't it? It is not like that.
So you have a conscience? Don't fool me! If you had a conscience then you wouldn't have cheated on your friends.
Especially a very good friend who you knew for years.
It's natural for you to be angry.
But it's only the two of us left now, Seo Woo.
Even if you're angry, Please, listen to me.
There's this saying about seafood and customers: three days of seafood and customers you will feel disgust! You thought that it was hard staying at Ji Hyun's house, but they took good care of you.
You're right.
The reason why I'm this way is because I was jealous of Ji Hyun.
But, Ji Hyun even when she is dead, she has everything.
What do you mean by that? You You don't know that Han Kang likes Ji Hyun, right? Kang.
He came back to South Korea from the States to find Ji Hyun.
What? Song Yi Kyung is Ji Hyun's friend.
That is why he is taking care of Song Yi Kyung.
in Ji Hyun's stead.
So, what do you think? Even now, do you still like Ji Hyun that much? Hey, Shin In Jung.
Don't lie! Say thank you! If I also had thirteen days, I will tell my wife.
That I'm very thankful to her for all these days.
I'll send her a bouquet of flowers.
I will also go to see my mother.
And to my children.
I'll write them a letter.
Even now you can still do that, right? We don't have time.
Father, mother, Han Kang, Shin In Jung.
Shin In Jung.
If this is Kang's, Then, Seo Woo has not cried yet? Seo Woo, have you been well? Song Yi Kyung, I heard that you and Ji Hyun are friends.
What? Ah, yes.
Actually Then how come you never mentioned that? Have you been lying? You really make people feel bad.
Who said so? Was it In Jung? She does not even believe it.
Why would she tell her? As long as the brain edema treatment went well, he can be discharged within a week.
Thank you! Husband.
Seeing you again.
makes me happy.
Me too.
That you let us greet you again thank you.
Thank you.
Ji Hyun I saw her.
Ji Hyun came to save her father's life.
Ji Hyun! Your father's in the room next door.
The results turned out to be okay.
This punk! Her skin looks better from all the sleep she got.
Her skin looks better? After seeing Ji Hyun Also without realizing it the jokes just came.
Ji Hyun's father also.
But mother, how do you cook seaweed soup? Why seaweed soup? I suddenly want to eat seaweed soup, but I haven't tried cooking it.
Omo! Today is Ji Hyun's birthday, I cooked some seaweed soup.
Then can I have a bowl, no, two bowls? I'm here.
Come in.
Come in.
You better hurry and tell me the results you heard at the hospital.
If you come in, I'll tell you.
If you won't then I won't tell you.
Have a seat.
I cooked too much seaweed soup.
Just help me finish up the food, okay? Why seaweed soup all of a sudden? Today is Children's Day, isn't it? In United States during Children's Day they have seaweed soup.
Ah! You haven't lived in the States so you don't know.
Are you sure you cooked it because it's Children's day, or did you cook it because it's Shin Ji Hyun's birthday? This and the one that Shin Ji Hyun's mother cooks taste exactly the same.
Happy birthday, Ji Hyun! Thank you, Kang.
If Shin Ji Hyun knew, she would be very thankful.
Hey, Ms.
Song Yi Kyung! Let's drop the formal language (minus the honorifics).
Didn't you say you were a year older than me? Someone just a year older can't be a noona.
That's how it is in the United States.
Fine! Since it's just a year, I'll let it slide.
How's the condition of Shin Ji Hyun's father? He is conscious now.
After the treatment for brain edema, he'll be out after a few days.
Really? Then I'll go tonight and see.
I can't take you then.
I need to sleep at night.
Later when Ji Hyun wakes up, I'll tell her for sure, to treat Han Kang really well.
Shin Ji Hyun, I hope she wakes up soon.
This is the place.
No, how can I just rent out the room when someone is living in it? I really need this room.
I heard she lives here without a lease.
Even though it's like that I don't care if it's a lease or monthly rent.
I'm fine with whatever you do.
The price you offer for full rent, We'll pay you three times the monthly rate.
Really? If you can lease this place now, I will pay extra.
Hey, Kang Minho.
Didn't I tell you clearly that I don't want you to contact me again? Don't wanna come out? Then should I go to your home? My home? Right now I'm in front of your house.
Mal Lae Dong.
Kang, why are you suddenly here? Isn't today Ji Hyun's birthday? Ji Hyun's birthday? How did you know it was Ji Hyun's Birthday? After I returned home, Min Ho said he wanted to throw his girlfriend a birthday party.
He celebrated it in my restaurant.
And that's how we all met up again.
You still remember the date? Because it was not far from my mother's death anniversary date.
But it's Ji Hyun's birthday.
Why did you look for me? This girl is already like this.
I thought we should at least give her some good memories.
Listening to In Jung and Min Ho hyung's matters you're probably the most pained one, right? Since when did you start taking such care of Ji Hyun? You came quite fast.
This place.
Here how did you know this place? To not know where the woman that I am dating lives Isn't that disappointing! You followed me? Let's go! Let's go eat dinner.
I I already said that I would not meet you anymore.
Then, it looks like I am back to being a kid.
What did you say? Like what you did last time.
Last time you used my keys as an excuse to go in my house.
You don't remember? I am here and I do not have Song Yi Kyung's house keys.
Do you think I couldn't go in? Let's eat and talk about this.
Let's eat.
What am I going to do if he comes to my house every day? Aren't you going to eat? What's with your expression? I have never thought that we would be here again.
This store holds a special meaning to me.
You know this.
I don't bring just anyone to this store.
In Jung and you You are the only two women I've brought here.
But I thought originally you didn't like sujebi, Ji Hyun.
But now you eat it so well.
What are you saying? First, congratulations for coming back.
But what exactly happened to you? Why are you going around looking like this? You should hurry and find a way to come back to your own body.
Kang Min Ho! You should call me oppa, Ji Hyun! What's gotten into you? I'm Song Yi Kyung.
Ji Hyun is the one borrowing Song Yi Kyung's body, isn't it? Are you meeting me as Song Yi Kyung or as Ji Hyun? Because I am Song Yi Kyung you are definitely meeting with Song Yi Kyung.
What's wrong with you? All this time You have no option but to live as Song Yi Kyung, right? I am Song Yi Kyung.
Then you should be Song Yi Kyung to the end.
If you just run away like this it is obvious to me that you are Shin Ji Hyun.
Very funny.
This is sickening.
I don't want to sit face to face with you.
That is right.
Now you should know what type of a person I am.
I already said no.
Why do you keep saying strange things? You.
You have a reason why you cannot say that you are Shin Ji Hyun, right? What is the reason you got close to me? Kang.
Even so, you cannot be this reckless around Han Kang.
Before the of 49 days ends, your identity must absolutely not be exposed.
-= Han Kang =- Kang Min-ho knows already.
He knows that I'm Ji Hyun.
Your head's not smart so where can you go? Do the same as you did in Han Kang's situation.
Pretending it's not like that, would be fine.
Kang Min-ho and Hang Kang are not the same! Both are in different positions.
So who let you make trouble everywhere? Didn't I tell you to not interfere with after death matters? I'm scared to death already and now even you are getting angry.
Because I'm hoping not to see you as much as possible.
Now, in my eyes you are Yi Kyung.
But you are not Yi Kyung.
But when you look at me with that look in your eyes, what am I supposed I do? What should I do? Why are you getting angry at me? I'm also frustrated.
You think I borrow this Unni's body because I wanted to? It wasn't even my time to die it's because of that suicide attempt that's why it came into this.
The days are getting shorter.
I'm getting so nervous.
Who is it? Who is it? The attempted suicide who's the person who made me like this? You were driving at that time you did not look ahead and kept going.
You're also responsible.
If that accident hadn't happened, a motorcycle wouldn't have passed in front of me.
If not for the motorcycle I wouldn't have died.
Who is it? What are you going to do if you knew? After messing up someone's life like this what punishments have they received? They should be punished, right? Should be? Maybe Maybe.
You are very strange.
Why do you say so? I investigated thoroughly that it's this person who made me become like this.
Don't tell me it's this unni, right? Hey, hey, Shin Ji Hyun.
It is this unnie, isn't it? You put me into the body of the one who killed me? Hey, hey, hey, don't be like this.
Don't hit Yi Kyung.
Hey, this isn't your head.
This is my girl's head.
You know it.
This is how I feel.
Then you know who I am now, right? In Jung said she was the one who betrayed me Kang Min Ho has discovered my identity.
My heart is about to shrink.
I only have 10 days left What is exactly going to happen to me? Dead or alive.
I'm going crazy every day! The only friend I could talk to is the Scheduler.
But you don't want to see me because I carry your girlfriend's appearance.
But she's the one who caused my death.
I don't even know this, I am close with this unni.
In front of a woman who is crazy in love with unspeakable pain, what do you understand about it? How can I not understand? You think you're the only one who knows how to love? I love too! I cannot say anything to Kang either, because my feelings are Shin Ji Hyun's.
But if I reveal that I'm Shin Ji Hyun, I will die.
Hey, are you crying? Don't cry.
Don't cry.
I am Shin Ji Hyun! You! When I call you in the future, don't enter unni's room.
Whatever I do to Song Yi Kyung don't dare to come.
Although I want to go, I won't go.
Why must it be Yi Kyung's body.
Why must it be you, unni.
Why must it be you? It's not your first attempt to commit suicide, right? Unni is in so much pain, and alone.
You will be the same until you die.
What if unni dies? I don't know what to do.
I'm sad and scared to death.
Will I be like this person? How are you going to save me? You made me a dead person.
I got into an accident because of Unni.
Unni made me this way.
I wanted to live so much.
Do you know how terrible it is, day by day? Why exactly did you do that? What about Song Yi Soo?! What are you doing? Miss, Miss, Miss! Miss, I am renting this room out, so please leave.
You're renting it out? Did you come because you've read the newspaper? We do not have a lease agreement, and you took the cash deposit with you.
You're suddenly like this.
Leave this room within the week! What to do.
Unni, I'm sorry.
Unni! What should I do? Miss Song Yi Kyung.
Do you remember me? I have already received the president's permission, Lets talk for a moment.
I'm sorry that I frightened you the other time.
Miss Song Yi Kyung.
I'm Kang Min Ho.
What do you want? You worked in a hotel before, right? There is a new apartment development in Busan.
It has already been arranged for you to go.
Why would I want to go there? Because if you don't go, you will be in danger.
I am a person with nothing to fear.
I am a person who is afraid of many things.
If Miss Song Yi Kyung continues to lend your body, I will feel very uncomfortable and insecure.
I'm like this because I'm afraid.
This will put you in a very dangerous situation.
Here is the apartment's address.
Go and contact the person you need to see.
I'll decide whether or not to go.
Then decide quickly.
If you don't go, I'm going to take appropriate action.
Why hasn't unni returned? Did she know that I was angry? She spoke to me.
She didn't return because she was afraid? Is that it? With that kind of conditions, of course it is best to go.
I'm not sure if it's ok.
As you said.
Even though this case doesn't require treatment, it'll be better if you go.
What do you mean by that? I didn't believe it at first.
But I heard from other people.
And everyone has gone looking for you.
Even if you feel like that the soul living in you is very pitiful, one body cannot accomodate two souls.
What if that soul shares your body forever? What are you going to do? Song Yi Kyung.
Are you feeling unwell? Americano please.
Please leave.
Unnie Get Out! Unni.
Why are you like this? I did wrong.
I beg you.
Miss, do you really want to go? Yes.
What about the luggage in this room? Is there someone who would clean it? Please, clean it.
Looks like this Unni is leaving somewhere else.
What should I do? You can't do anything about it.
This is your karma.
What? Right in front of my eyes it's clear that Yi Kyung wants to run away.
There's nothing I can do.
That is also my Karma.
What do you mean by that? I .
Definitely cannot help you.
I cannot make any mistakes.
Or else, I would not have the chance to settle the misunderstanding with Yi Kyung.
I should not look directly at Yi Kyung's eyes again, or I would have to take the elevator.
Don't be like that.
Please help me.
Please help me a little.
I've waited five years.
I cannot make any mistakes.
As long as Yi Kyung is not dead, I will absolutely not violate the rules.
Unni! Where are you going? Unni! Unni! Where is she going? The phone is currently switched off.
Now connecting you to voice mail.
Song Yi Kyung! Where did Song Yi Kyung go? Where's the lady of this house? She already left.
Left? Where did she go? Why did she leave so suddenly? She just left the room.
Don't you know where she went? I don't know.
Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! I'm the only person in this room, who are you looking for? Shin Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! This girl.
Where are you? Ji Hyun!