49 Days (2011) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! You brat, where did you go? ? You've been gone for a day already.
? Hello? ?? Hello? ? I'm afraid if I close my eyes, I'll only see your shadow.
? ? I'm afraid if I close my eyes, I'll only see your shadow.
? Do you know where this taxi went? ? I'm afraid if I close my eyes, I'll only see your shadow.
? ? I'm afraid if I close my eyes, I'll only see your shadow.
? ? So I stayed up all night.
? ? As time goes by, ? ? I should be able to gradually forget about it.
? Did you run because you know where Song Yi Kyung is heading? ? I should be able to gradually forget about it.
? ? I should be able to gradually forget about it.
? Seoul Train Station ?? Seoul Train Station ? Now I'm becoming afraid of forgetting.
? ? Now I'm becoming afraid of forgetting.
? Seoul Train Station.
? Now I'm becoming afraid of forgetting.
? ? Now I'm becoming afraid of forgetting.
? My wife doesn't have much time left.
She's going to kill herself.
? Now I'm becoming afraid of forgetting.
? So, she's not going to carry her cellphone.
? Now I'm becoming afraid of forgetting.
? So she's not going to carry her cellphone.
?? ? Because I am only your shadow.
? If she knows I'm chasing after her, and jumps out of the taxi ? Because I am only your shadow.
? ? Because I am only your shadow.
? Do you want to be held responsible for it? ? Because I am only your shadow.
? ? Because I am only your shadow.
? This is a matter of life or death.
? Because I am only your shadow.
? This is a matter of life or death.
?? I'm begging you.
Please help me.
?? I know I won't be able to.
Please help me.
? I know I won't be able to.
? ? I know I won't be able to.
? ? I can't lose you.
? ? Even if it's just one step, I'm afraid I can't just walk away.
? ? Even one step.
? ? I know I won't be able to.
? ? I can't lose you.
? Okay, I've only got Sunbae's permission up until here.
? I can't lose you.
? Okay, I've only got Sunbae's permission up until here.
?? ? Even if it's just one step, I'm afraid I can't just walk away.
? This is all I can do for you.
? Even if it's just one step, I'm afraid I can't just walk away.
? Thank you.
? Even if it's just one step, I'm afraid I can't just walk away.
? ? Even if it's just one step, I'm afraid I can't just walk away.
? Hey.
?? ? Even if it's just one step, I'm afraid I can't just walk away.
? Please be sure to bring Yi Kyung back.
? Even if it's just one step, I'm afraid I can't just walk away.
? Please be sure to bring Yi Kyung back.
?? Please be sure to bring Yi Kyung back.
? Even one step.
? ? Even one step.
? ? Calling for you until my voice becomes hoarse.
? ? Without you in my heart, my heart is desperately calling you.
? ? I know I can't be like this.
? ? I can't lose you.
? ? Even if it's just one step, I'm afraid I can't just walk away.
? ? Even one step.
? Miss Song Yi Kyung.
I'm sorry if I startled you.
I came because I need to ask you something urgent.
My name is Han Kang.
How did you? I saw you getting in the taxi in front of your house.
There is someone that I must find.
Only Ms.
Yi Kyung I don't know how to explain this I can only find this person only when you are around.
I know.
Excuse me? I know what you are saying and who you are looking for.
You're saying you know? How? She's not here.
She didn't come with me.
Then, where is she? I don't know.
It's because of her that I'm leaving.
You can't.
Without Ms.
Song Yi Kyung, Ji Hyun won't be able to live.
I won't be able to find her and she won't be able to find me either.
You know that too, right? You are really a strange person.
Why would I lend my body to a ghost so that she can live? I was wrong, Unni.
I am sorry for getting mad at you.
It's because I really I really want to live, that's why.
Just for ten more days.
Just help me for ten days.
That's all I need.
If Unnie doesn't help me, I can't do anything at all.
I can't just die like this.
What's wrong? Could it be that Ji Hyun came? Did Ji Hyun come? Even though I might die in ten days.
Ten days.
Just for ten days.
Because perhaps I might be able to live.
If you don't want to give me ten days, then just even one day.
Please let me see my mom and dad one more time.
Let me be able to say the words that I want to say to this friend for once.
There's a man who's always following her.
Why does she live that way? A man? After she left, some guy came looking for her and was in a frenzy.
Are you sure they didn't meet? She left to catch the train.
But when are you planning to move in? I will take care of things here, so please leave.
I understand.
So you can see my friend, and you can hear everything she says too? I couldn't before But today I can.
You must have been very frightened.
All this time some of your friend's feelings and memories have stayed with me.
I know her situation So I understand to some extent.
You're saying that you shared Ji Hyun's memories? Not everything.
But if Min Ho finds out that you didn't go to Busan, He might come and look for you again.
Are you sure it is alright to go home? Since he even forced you out of your house.
Please find out the details from your friend later.
How is Ji Hyun now? Is she okay? Please tell him I am alright.
She said she is fine.
Congratulations for returning safely.
My relationship with this Unni has been discovered by Kang.
What should I do from now on? Just carry on like in the past.
Well, it's a good thing that this friend knows.
But this unni, she can see me and can hear my voice.
Things like this can happen sometimes.
When a soul matches the body.
Because she's pure.
Don't stay out in the daylight too long, your resistance to sunlight has diminished.
I'll tell you the rest later.
Since you're shaking, you can't stay here anymore.
You must be Ji Hyun, right? You don't need to be formal with me.
First, I want to apologize because of me, you were in an accident.
I was the one who wanted to die.
I was too hasty.
It wasn't just Unni's fault.
If I didn't try to get my phone and unbuckled the seat belt, things wouldn't have turned out this way.
So is that why you came to me? Absolutely not! Although I can't tell you every detail I was sent to you.
You said ten days, right? Ji Hyun's remaining time.
In my mind, I have a debt towards you.
So for your sake Ji Hyun, I'll let you use my body for 10 days.
For my sake? What are they talking about that's taking so long? Have you waited long? It's really great to see you.
me too.
There's no need to be polite.
Song, didn't we agree to drop the formalities? I want it to be just like before.
If I get too comfortable it'll be easier to make mistakes.
Fine, let's do it your way.
Instead, let's shake hands.
Thank you! What do you plan to do? I have to do something at home today.
I'll go to the restaurant tomorrow.
Are you planning to stay here? Yes.
Today, you must be tired.
I will meet the landlady to resolve the housing issue.
You should rest, okay? No, you don't have to do that.
I can take care of it.
Just go, okay? How are you going to resolve it? Hurry up and go.
Go in first.
I want to watch you leave though.
You must call me tomorrow morning.
Because I will come to pick you up.
? Saying I love you ? ? are words my heart has always shouted ? ? Saying I love you ? ? are words I've repeated behind you ? Thank you, Kang.
Thank you, Kang.
Thank you, Kang.
? Saying I love you ? ? Are words I couldn't say, afraid that you'd run away ? ? I love you so much that I'm afraid ? ? I love you ? You're here! - Just then Unni said -I know.
You know? So, can I just do as Unni said? You may defer to the host's wishes.
But this relationship can't harm the host's body.
Of course.
You are the provider of the relationship for the body.
I'll be careful.
No, it's not like that.
Don't cause trouble.
Get through the 49 days journey.
Then I can finally end my five year term and achieve my wish.
Why are you only worried about Yi Kyung? You know how grateful I am to you, because you brought Yi Kyung back? Yes, right.
Whether I die or not in 10 days doesn't matter, right? It's not that I don't care, it's just that I'm not interested.
Love won't disappear after one's death! In that case I can do what Unni said, right? With a grateful heart, then you can buy some beef.
Hey, I can't pay for anything more than 50,000 won.
Unni doesn't have any condiments that's why I'm buying these! What's this? I'm not a kid anymore.
Take it back.
No, I don't want to.
Let's just eat today, okay? What's wrong with you? I'm Shin Ji Hyun.
Ahh really! This senior.
They are really testing my patience, that's for sure! That's right.
Shin Ji Hyun, even though you're in love with Han Kang, Physical contact with Yi Kyung's body is absolutely forbidden! Even a handshake is too much.
What's with that expression? Do you want to do it? Isn't it alright if I get Unni's permission? Permission? Living with Unni here, the thing I wanted to do most for you was to cook a meal for you.
even though it's a waste, I threw away all the instant noodles.
Thank you so much for today.
Also try the spinach.
The soup is a little salty, right? It's all right.
Eat like you haven't eaten in a while.
I've been so used to eating with Unnie's mouth.
These side dishes, I learned how to make them from Song Yi Soo.
Please don't be startled.
The last time, you talked about Yi Soo as well.
How do you know Yi Soo? That person has waited 5 years just to meet you, unnie.
What do you mean by that? Yi Soo died 5 years ago.
It may not be clear to you and those who are alive, But, like me in front of you, there are many things in this world that are hard to explain.
Unni pretending to love eating spinach, just because Song Yi Soo liked to eat that.
Sausage is unni's favourite, but unni didn't buy them because it was too expensive, so that person pretends to love eating it.
Okay, I know.
We went to school while earning our living expenses and tuition.
Yi Soo hardly slept to earn money for my tuition.
He always came and brought lunch with him.
Song Yi Soo, do you really have to be like this? I said I will bring lunch.
You want to be in the school kitchen making food so that those guys can stare at you? You should've slept a little instead of making lunch.
Sleep? When I die, I can sleep forever.
Then quit working in the club.
Next semester, my scholarship starts.
Until I can make money for our rent, I can't quit.
And I get tips.
There's no other position, I tell you.
I can also learn guitar from the band hyungs.
Then, if you collapse from lack of sleep, what should I do? I won't collapse.
Don't you know who I am? I am Song Yi Soo! It's delicious! Did you really see Yi Soo? Unni, the photo that you saw was taken without Yi Soo's knowledge.
He really didn't know.
Because of music, you two argued.
? You are breathing ? Unni, I can only tell you this much Unni, I can only tell you this much Unni, I can only tell you this much Unni, I can only tell you this much ? You are living in my heart ? When you meet Song Yi Soo in the future, he will tell you himself.
When you meet Song Yi Soo in the future, he will tell you himself.
Will I really be able to meet Yi Soo? Will I really be able to meet Yi Soo? Will I really be able to meet Yi Soo? Although I don't know exactly when, Although I don't know exactly when, it's not that far away.
it's not that far away.
it's not that far away.
Until then, that person isn't allowed to appear in front of Unni.
Until then, that person isn't allowed to appear in front of Unni.
Until then, that person isn't allowed to appear in front of Unni.
Until then, that person isn't allowed to appear in front of Unni.
? Since the day you came to me, I was longing ? So please wait a little while longer.
? Since the day you came to me, I was longing ? ? You're calling me.
? ? Tears are falling again ? ? Painful tears are flowing ? ? My heart hurts, it hurts because of you.
? ? On the day that I miss you ? ? On the day that I miss you so much ? ? I want to see you ? ? So tears are falling again ? Song Yi Kyung didn't leave? That's impossible.
I even confirmed it myself.
I even saw Kang, outside her house.
What? So, you went halfway and then came back? I did not think that she would follow me.
So I turned around.
Are you sure that the soul wouldn't follow you forever? She wasn't able to come back with me.
It's regretful that you didn't leave.
It is fortunate that you can continue working as before.
Can I have a word with Song Yi Kyung? Ms.
Yi Kyung, when you get off work, please come to the hospital.
Please go back safely.
What happened? I left that woman and came back.
Because she followed me onto the train.
On the train? She can do that even without borrowing your body? Are you able to see her spirit now? Even if I can't see it, I can feel it.
So you left Ji Hyun and came back.
How can I believe that? From tomorrow on, I will be working here.
Come and confirm it at night.
Where are you working during the day? At Heaven.
Ah Kang's restaurant.
Kang asked you to work there? He probably thinks that it's Shin Ji Hyun who is continuing to work there.
Song Yi Kyung.
Because I was working and sleeping during the day, that woman was able to borrow my body.
Now that I'm afraid, I can't work at night anymore.
So you're saying you'll pretend to be Shin Ji Hyun? It's Han Kang, right? That president's name.
That person won't be able to confirm for sure, if Shin Ji Hyun has entered my body or not.
Because that woman can't enter my body anymore.
Shin Ji Hyun, do you think I am an idiot? Just because you said it, you think I'd believe you like that? Do I look like Shin Ji Hyun to you now? Sharing a body also gives me lots of memories.
Even if that is the case, it still doesn't make sense! You don't have to work during the day at Heaven do you? Is this what you want me to believe? Why must I make you believe me? That woman used my body without my permission.
Because you know I went through this experience? As I need a job desperately, I'm going to have to pretend to be Shin Ji Hyun.
You can just go to the pension I referred you to.
Who are you to tell me where to go or not? I didn't leave because I was afraid of you.
I left because I was afraid of Shin Ji Hyun.
You were afraid of Ji Hyun? Shin Ji Hyun's traffic accident, I was the cause of it.
She resented me and got angry.
I was so afraid.
But even you came and threatened me.
It wasn't easy to leave, Shin Ji Hyun tried to trap me again.
She saw the memo with the pension's address.
So I left her and came back.
If you are suspicious, then confirm it yourself.
If you want to find Shin Ji Hyun, you go find her yourself.
Please return my room as well.
Also, don't ever threaten me to leave again.
Ji Hyun was pretending to be you.
What do you mean? You're both so similar.
That gaze that was yours.
Ah, it's really scary! I didn't ask her for this favour.
It was Unni's idea.
Of course! Can an idea like that come from your brain? For a matter like this, I can know for sure.
Kang Min Ho, really fell for it! Miss Song Yi Kyung really said she would help? That is a real relief.
Even so, I'm still worried! If we get caught, we won't know what he would do.
Ji Hyun's father will soon get discharged.
Then we can talk to him about Director Kang.
Who could it be at this hour? Hello.
Yes father.
You have inquired about JC Consulting? Yes.
I will confirm by e-mail.
Thank you.
What's the matter? I just thanked my father.
Why feel guilty? Of course it should be that way.
Because you asked for a favor, then you should be thankful.
JC, Consulting, is not a regular company.
Yes, Senior.
What is the matter at this hour? Shin Estate, Bankruptcy? No, how did this bill suddenly appear? Today's amount has already been paid off.
But tomorrow's amount is too much, we can't do anything.
What is Director Kang doing? He's pooling money but there hasn't been any contact yet.
The seal? What's the seal for? During the contract signing, it was used to sell Ji Hyun's land.
It was used for the construction of Haemido.
Time remaining : 9 days, 4 hours, 29 minutes.
Song Song Yi Kyung.
It's Kang.
What should I do, what should I do? The house smells! Wait a minute! I'm sorry to startle you but, there is an urgent matter that I need to tell you.
What happened? Song, listen and don't panic.
I know Ji Hyun asked you to take care of this seal.
Right? However, Ji Hyun's father's company now has an urgent need for this.
They need your help.
Bankruptcy? Dad With your help we can stop it.
What should I do? What do I need to do? I can't even tell Ji Hyun's dad.
I've already asked around, but there's a 90 percent chance that I won't be able to get enough money.
That's what I wanted to tell you.
There is a way to prevent the bankruptcy, Auntie.
A way to prevent the bankruptcy? That day when Ji Hyun got into an accident, she passed her seal to me.
What are you talking about? Why would Ji Hyun give her seal to you? With Ji Hyun's land you can get a secured loan.
You can stop the bankruptcy.
However, you can't let Min Ho hyung and people from the company know about it.
What do you mean by that? Ji Hyun can secure a loan with this.
You can't tell anyone, alright? I understand, madam.
You have to get enough the day after tomorrow.
You know this, right? If you start today, then it will be taken care of the day after tomorrow.
I've followed her for three days and nights.
She leaves for work at Heaven in the morning.
After work, she goes home and stays inside all the time.
Looks like Song Yi Kyung was telling the truth.
If I don't check up on her again today, I'll get Miss In Jung's luggage, okay? Things will go as planned today, right? Hello, Director Cheng.
What do you mean they prevented the sale? This can't be possible.
To round up close to 40 Billion Won How did Ji Hyun's mother get it? Where was that borrowed from? How did Ji Hyun's mother get that much? It's a relief, Auntie.
I didn't really do much.
I've been investigating a couple of documents that I'll be showing to uncle.
Okay, be careful on the way.
How did it go? The sale was prevented.
Physical contact using Yi Kyung's body is absolutely forbidden! You did it! Thank you! Alright, I understand, Song Yi Kyung noona.
(noona - term used by men for older women).
Instead, what is noona going to give me? You're thankful to me, but you can't show it through a hug.
So never mind that.
What do you plan to do? Why are you suddenly like this? You said you're my noona by a year? Song Yi Kyung Noona! You think I want to be your noona? To a person who's more of an Oppa than Oppa? Even if I want to say something, I can't say it.
Even if I've seen you, I can't even acknowledge it.
This is Song Yi Kyung.
What can I do? I am sorry.
Forget it! Stop it.
I understand.
I understand it now, I also saw it all.
You can stop now.
You came to the coffee shop last time, right? Come in.
Have a search around.
You came to look for a woman called Shin Ji Hyun? What is it that you want from us? It's not right to speak so informally to strangers.
I already know that Shin Ji Hyun put a stop to the trade matters.
By any chance, is the seal with you? What is it? And why? Everybody has been wondering whether I'm Shin Ji Hyun or Song Yi Kyung.
Are you guilty of many wrong doings? You know what type of person Kang Min Ho is.
By preventing the bankruptcy do you think it'll end it? What exactly do you want? Shin Ji Hyun, what are you going to do, when you and Song Yi Kyung knew our plans? Why didn't you say anything when you knew everything? Do you want to seek revenge from us? Don't be like this.
What exactly do you want? Say it out! If I am Shin Ji Hyun, then I'll surely haunt Shin In Jung for life.
Why would you think that she can definitely only use Song Yi Kyung's body? She can enter someone else's body.
Even without a body she can still wander around as a spirit.
And, if Shin Ji Hyun comes back again, it's probably because of Shin In Jung.
So, during the time while I was in the ICU, the company was at risk of bankruptcy, but it was prevented in a timely manner? Or at least it was properly prevented? You don't need to worry about it now.
HM development cooperation company, how did you find about the JC Consultancy company? We've had a long term working relationship.
I Was introduced by the manager of a securities branch company, why? I don't know, can you give me his name? Why are you asking about that? Jin Young has been keeping watch for 3 days 2 nights.
Only Song Yi Kyung has been going in and out.
Song Yi Kyung could be possessed by Shin Ji Hyun.
Then it's Ji Hyun for sure.
Do you think I can't tell Song Yi Kyung and Shin Ji Hyun apart? I thought you couldn't tell.
It was obvious you couldn't.
You fell in love with Ji Hyun without knowing it was her.
The person I like is not Ji Hyun.
I don't want to blame Oppa for that.
I am afraid we can't see Ji Hyun, but Ji Hyun can see us.
Isn't that scary? Even if that's true, what can she do about it? Able to find the seal before us and prevent the bankruptcy.
It must be Ji Hyun! Also, there were definitely many things we didn't plan.
What do you mean by that? The bank note was used from Ji Hyun's land to get the loan.
Why did you only tell me this now! Seo Woo! Seo Woo! There's a for rent sign outside our home.
What is this all about? It's not our home, it's MY home.
It was bought using your money.
I won't even take a toothpick with me! What do you mean by that? Because I'm scared, I can't live with you and I'm running away.
The bankrupcy of Ji Hyun's family's company.
I heard both of you did it.
From this moment onwards, you and I are finished.
I know I did something horrible.
You know you did something wrong? It's not like I haven't regretted it! I have regretted it many times! This is not good.
No matter how fast you regret it, it's still too late.
There's no way I could stop Oppa! It was me.
I tricked Oppa first.
When it was hard and lonely living in Seoul I met Min Ho Oppa.
It was love at first sight for both of us.
I liked him so much.
I didn't want to face him with my situation the way it was.
I told him that my father was Shin Il Shik.
Shin In Jung.
I complained to Ji Hyun's mom.
then the lies blended together.
Matters became too tangled to unravel.
As you like Kang as well.
Can't you understand my feelings? No matter how much you like a man, I won't betray a friend just because I want to get the guy.
There's only the two of us left now, Seo Woo.
Although I can't stop Min Ho Oppa now and Ji Hyun is also watching I won't be unprepared.
Won't be unprepared? That's not what I mean.
I also don't have a choice.
Then go live with the person who made you not have a choice, Kang Min Ho! Why don't you go to him, instead of staying here? What In Jung said is right.
Even if we prevented the bankruptcy, it's not over.
I can't leave like this! Didn't you say you wanted to live? But you keep worrying only about your father's company.
That's because these matters are because of me.
If I could think in In Jung's position for just a bit, If I understood people better, I wouldn't have been fooled by Kang Min Ho.
My father and mother wouldn't be in such a mess.
To have parents, the feeling of having a family, this is what it's like.
Even in the face of death one can't just be concerned for oneself.
I am sorry.
Han Kang, Don't you think of that person? He's a very good man.
It looks like both of you like each other.
If it were me, if I knew my days were limited, I would want to see that person's face even more.
To love him more.
To be good to him.
The more you give, the more you get.
The more you want, the more you want to live.
The more you pity.
That is why I am afraid.
I don't have any hope of being able to live.
It will only cause pain in Kang's heart.
Since you already moved out, where are you staying now? At a hoobae's place, for now.
The rest of my things are with the moving company.
Don't you feel uncomfortable? Is that the problem? Is convenience the issue? I can't live under the same roof and see her each day.
It's really fortunate that Ji Hyun has a friend like you.
Even if, it's for your sake, she should hurry up and wake up.
Han Kang, you really like Ji Hyun very much.
If if Ji Hyun becomes like what the doctor said, and will not wake up again, How long will it take for you to look at other women? That What do you mean? If there was another woman who likes you, how long does she need to wait? Song Yi Kyung's birthday is on November 8, 1984.
Your call cannot be made.
Your call cannot be made.
Your call cannot be made.
Did something happen to her? I need to go to her house and check.
Try location tracking.
Ah But can this function work even when the phone is switched off? 010-491-4949, phone location is at Paradise Apartment, unit no.
The house owner is Kang Min Ho.
People use anniversaries of people around them as passwords so they don't forget.
I asked for your mother's birth date.
When's her birthday? January 10th.
5, 2 0, 1, 1, 0 Why is it empty? I'm sure the file was taken out from here.
Shin Ji Hyun, You've fooled me quite well.
Do you still see me as Shin Ji Hyun? How can Song Yi Kyung enter my house and come out from my room? I told you already.
That I still have some of Shin Ji Hyun's memory.
I was curious why she always remembered this house.
Do you want me to tell you why I think you're Shin Ji Hyun? I am Song Yi Kyung, Shin Ji Hyun would absolutely not like Kang Min Ho.
Just out of concern.
You've worked part-time at my house before, and also secretly came in several times.
What's the reason? I don't know why, but since you're in my house again, it's proof that you're Shin Ji Hyun.
Because you're too pure, and can only think in your own position.
That person is you, Shin Ji Hyun.
But you loved that Shin Ji Hyun.
The one I love isn't Shin Ji Hyun! Thenis it me? Don't mess around.
If you loved her when she entered my body, then you're in love with Shin Ji Hyun.
However, you can't even recognize the woman that you loved? I'm also starting to go crazy.
I also don't know who I fell in love with.
I'm already going crazy.
Unni! I don't care how much you struggle.
The Shin family will go into bankruptcy and Haemido Island will be mine! I should at least get those, in return for driving me crazy.
Looks like you're still in love.
Come in! Who are these people? Is it her? It's strange.
There is no other soul.
What are you talking about? There isn't any.
She is not possessed at the moment.
That's not possible.
Please do it again.
Let me look around the house.
Over here! Miss Song Yi Kyung.
Kang Min Ho! Miss Song Yi Kyung.
Keep quiet.
This is the police.
There has been a report of illegal detention.
Please let me take a look.
It's really the police.
I know you are inside! Open the door quickly! Officer, something happened Don't get angry.
The one who secretly came here was this woman.
I had something to get.
I didn't see any police.
What? Song, what exactly are you doing? Why are you so fearless? Who is this man Why are you getting angry at my Yi Kyung? Why would you go to Min Ho Hyung's house? What did you want to do? I'm Song Yi Kyung.
Who doesn't know that you're Song Yi Kyung? I am sorry.
Your friend is just beside me.
What should I do? It's daytime, how can Miss Song Yi Kyung Is it possible for both of you to go out together? It was me who suggested this.
If that was so, you should have told me earlier.
Did she have the chance to? Why did you go to Min Ho Hyung's house? In his secret safe, there were some documents.
Secret safe? Now that Unni said it, I feel really relieved.
That was it.
That's why you were meeting with Min Ho hyung.
Sorry for not telling you.
Then, when you went in secretly, you were caught by Min Ho hyung? Oppa! What happened? Young said that Song Yi Kyung's body was not really possessed by Ji Hyun.
Is it true? She's playing around with me.
What is the meaning of this? Whether it's Song Yi Kyung or Shin Ji Hyun, they are both the same.
Who exactly did I fall in love with? Recently, we have lots of company matters.
You've heard.
Although the impact of a bankruptcy is great, the products did not pass because they were clearly replaced.
The Haemido fund also never came.
Looks like you have investigated thoroughly.
Min Ho I am having strange thoughts.
Those are not strange thoughts.
What you are thinking now is correct, President.
What? However, it's already too late.
I heard you did not find the seal.
In the end, that piece of land was what stopped the bankruptcy.
Is that all you can do? What are you going to do now? The seal couldn't be found only occasionally.
Director Kang, you always talk confidently, but you haven't done anything properly.
Our condition is to get Shin's company's ownership.
Although the order has changed, I'll get Haemido island and then hand over Shin's company.
To go this far just for Haemido, You definitely will not die peacefully.
Don't threaten me.
I will not die by anyone's hands.
Now, I absolutely won't let go of Shin's company ownership.
Let's go.
Welcome, Miss Yi Kyung.
I changed all the bed cover and blankets.
You just have to rest comfortably.
Thank you! Hurry and put down your things then come down and eat.
I'll count on you.
Let's go.
Did Ji Hyun already come inside? I'm delivering her now.
Unni, I'm here.
She's here, on the sofa.
Shin Ji Hyun, are you alright? I'm sorry I caused trouble.
She says she's sorry for making you worry.
Kiddo, if you were going to do something like that, you should have let Yi Kyung tell me.
She didn't tell me anything about it either.
I'm sorry.
Because of Ji Hyun, you're stuck here.
Let's eat first! I'm fine.
Come down.
I'll be waiting for you.
Are you alright? How did you get up here? I didn't see you though.
I have a guardian angel.
Hey! I'm the Angel of Death.
No! A Scheduler! Unni, hurry and eat your dinner.
This restaurant's pasta dishes are really good.
The pizza is also delicious.
Eat on my behalf! Min Ho hyung now knows everything, we have no choice other than to let you to stay here.
I hope you'll be comfortable living here.
It's not that unfamiliar here.
Until now, because of lots of things we haven't been able to greet each other properly.
Really, thank you very much.
For giving Ji Hyun this chance, I really thank you.
Compared to Ji Hyun's matter, I really wanted to die.
I wanted to abandon this life.
But there is someone who really wants to live.
However, to be able to get to this point now, I know how difficult it is.
Compared to my debt I am just nobody Debt? Ah, nothing.
It's nothing.
It's alright if you don't tell me anything.
Thank you for rescuing me from Kang Min Ho's house.
I didn't rescue you, you know! Although you went to rescue Song Yi Kyung Unni, Thanks to her, I can also live.
Thank you! If you want to thank me, make it possible for me to see Yi Kyung.
But you won't you get a penalty? The regulations under the 49 day travelers' rules provide that if a dangerous circumstance occurs, I'm allowed to go and help.
The Scheduler only handles legal matters.
To recover memories, a day is like 1,000 years.
Get penalty once is enough.
But Do I slowly lose my strength? It's not only just in the daytime.
It's because the 49 days is almost over.
It will gradually become more serious.
You can't sleep because of anxiety? Unnie, you can't fall asleep? It's because of me who led you to this strange environment that you're like this, right? No.
Recently, thanks to you, I'm able to sleep well.
I want to get some fresh air.
Do you want to come? I don't have the energy, I can't go out now.
Don't go too far, it's dangerous.
After today, there are six days left.
Time flies so fast.
It hasn't been smooth sailing.
Did something happen? Ji Hyun said to tell you to go inside and sleep.
Is that so? She said she feels relieved staying in one house with you.
It's not because of the house.
It's because of Min Ho hyung.
Lock the doors and get some sleep.
Is Ji Hyun asleep? Can she sleep? I envy Ji Hyun.
What? Please don't fall too deeply into this relationship.
She doesn't have much time left.
What does that mean? I've been through it, I know.
The more you trust and love, the more difficult it will be, after that person is gone.
Song Yi Kyung, why are you talking like Ji Hyun will die? Ji Hyun feels like she will be unable to live again.
No, that's not it Also God created the world in seven days.
Why lose hope? The more you are like this, the harder it is for Ji Hyun.
Think of it as both of you are not fated to be together in this lifetime.
Throw away your hope.
I am thankful to Song Yi Kyung.
I'm getting angry, so let's stop this.
Go inside.
It's for the sake of both of you.
Just forget it, I said.
Until Ji Hyun is gone, I won't give up! No, I can't give up.
Don't say stuff like that to Ji Hyun.
? Saying I love you ? ? are words my heart always shouted ? ? Saying I love you ? ? Are words I've repeated, behind you ? ? Saying I love you ? ? Are words I couldn't say, afraid you'd run away ? ? Saying I love you ? ? I'll confess, I love you as much as today ? ? I love you ? Next Episode Preview.
Maybe your wish is to take unnie with you? Yi Kyung thinks that way? Kang, I can't stop Oppa.
You used to be Ji Hyun's friend.
I can't do anything, it's already too late.
Shin In Jung, what are you trying to do? Where do you want to go? I'll take you anywhere.
Please call for the 'elevator' now.
Thank you for everything, Scheduler.