49 Days (2011) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

I until Ji Hyun is gone, I won't give up! No I can't give up.
Please Never tell Ji Hyun about this.
Miss Song Yi Kyung! Wait for a moment Is it you, Ji Hyun? Please tell Ji Hyun, when she wakes up later, to tell me again, what she wishes to say now.
I want to hear it.
And also, don't leave without saying goodbye.
Don't leave the way my mother did.
Right now, this body does not have another soul.
I left that woman and came back.
Even if I pretend to be Shin Ji Hyun, then what? Unni, thank you.
(Unni ? Older sister) If I could switch my life with yours, I wish I could How nice would be if I could follow Yi Soo, and you could remain by Han Kang?s side.
Don't even say such nonsense, when Yi Soo is there waiting to meet you.
He is not someone who can come back to me.
Unni, you're only lending me your body.
That doesn't mean you will give up on yourself, right? Just like me I think you care about me and that's why you are like this.
Part of me cares about you, but there's also a part of me that wants to give up on myself.
I don't want to leave Han Kang alone.
Unni, you want to go and follow Yi Soo.
What exactly is wrong with the both of us?! In Jung! If I were Shin Ji Hyun, I would haunt you forever, Shin In Jung! Why do you think she can only use Song Yi Kyung's body? She can also enter other people's bodies.
Even if she is not in someone's body, her spirit can still wander.
Oppa! (Oppa ? Older brother, boyfriend) I'm really scared, can you come to my house? This is so cruel.
Oppa, thank you for coming! Because of Ji Hyun, I'm really scared.
I thought you wouldn't come.
What you said was right! Ji Hyun came back.
It's not Song Yi Kyung.
See? I told you I was right.
Indeed Song Yi Kyung is Shin Ji Hyun.
Shin Ji Hyun is Song Yi Kyung.
Ji Hyun is prepared to haunt me for ever.
Even if she can't borrow Song Yi Kyung's body, her soul can still wander.
She appears in my dreams and I'm scared to death.
If you are scared, do something so she won't scare you! What can I do? Let Ji Hyun's soul leave.
Oppa! What do you mean by this? Ji Hyun is not a ghost because her body is still here.
So she can be like this, wandering around.
Just as you said, she wants to take revenge.
No She plans to make us feel miserable, for the rest of our lives.
Oppa! The president already knows everything.
So, I can't go back to the hospital.
You have to go and do it.
Oppa, are you crazy? Then you think you can let Ji Hyun keep haunting you? Even so, how can? I can't let her do this forever.
Right Since you started this, you have to end it now.
Four remaining days.
You've been looking at the calendar all night, right? Unni, why did you wake up so early? Because I sleep during the day and also sleep at night.
Do you remember anything that happened while I was inside your body during the day? Why are you laughing? I just remembered what happened last night.
Although I felt sorry about that, I couldn't help it.
Why does Unni think like this too? Just thinking about how to make Han Kang not worry about me is enough to give me a headache.
Unni smiled just now.
After letting you use my body, I must be sleeping during the day because I can't remember anything.
Like when you went to Kang Min Ho's house, when we are together, I'm awake.
Unni, you're not afraid of me at all now, right? Even though I am a soul, Unni seems to be ok with it, that I occasionally forget I'm only a soul.
Yi Soo that is coming to see me isn't a person either.
Oh, that is right.
I told you about Yi Soo but after that, you didn't ask about him or why he is coming.
You didn't ask anything like that even once.
Why should I ask, when I know why he is coming.
You know why he is coming? That, even I don't know for sure.
It's to pick me up.
To pick you up? Song, Song! You are Miss Ji Hyun, right? Song! So early, what's the matter? Good morning, Song! Where are your manners? When I say hello, you should at least say "hi" back, right? Let's go! Where are we going? Shopping! I need a helper.
Which one do you think is better? Aren't these two the same spinach? Good spinach should have shorter stems and more leaves.
Good spinach must also be dark colored.
Ajumma, we'll take this.
(Ajumma - Older lady, aunt) You even know about things like this?! Living in the States alone, do you think this handsome appearance is easily maintained? By any chance, now are you being possessed by Kang Min Ho? You're so arrogant! Hey, I originally wanted to make you a breakfast.
You can forget about it now! You planned to make me breakfast? Are you hard of hearing? I planned to, but I've changed my mind now! That's okay.
On the way just then, I saw someone selling rice cakes.
I'll just eat that.
Can't you let people finish what they want to say? I originally planned to cook for you, but then I was re-considering it.
However, I have decided to cook for you! Why is this so delicious?! Is it because of waking up early? Excuses! No matter when or where, you can eat well.
Isn't that your specialty? It's not because I want to eat that much.
This body needs to eat a lot.
So I eat well.
It's always been eating poorly.
So I'm guessing it does not have enough vitamins.
These are all excuses, just because they are so tasty.
Buying ingredients from the market each morning, then you're cooking dinner, and during the day you're busy with the business.
Opening a restaurant like this, would make a good life for a married couple.
What are you doing today? Work! Why work? The weather is really nice today.
Go buy some branded clothes, shoes, and also buy some high heels.
But only one bag, okay? Forget what I mentioned earlier.
Your salary, has been calculated accurately according to the amount of hours you have worked.
Buy something nice, alright? I want to go to the hospital today, to see Ji Hyun's father.
Why? Did something come up at the company? No.
it's not like that.
This time I've collected lots of information that needs to be discussed with the prosecutors.
Oh! That's how this can be handled! Why didn't I think of that? The bankruptcy has been prevented and uncle is soon to be discharged.
Don't worry about the company.
Make the most of your time, okay? Of course, I have to live well.
Forget about the safe and account book.
I will.
Now I am ready to face Shin Ji Hyun, even if I die.
I'm glad I was able to help resolve Ji Hyun's bankruptcy problem.
Although it took some time, the company has finally overcome the crisis.
I have no regrets left.
You really have no regrets? Why are you so worried about the Haemido Island development? Instead of selling Ji Hyun's land, I invested the money with the Haemido Island franchise.
However, there's only one week left.
What will happen if you are unable to return it? Then I would have to give up my 20% of the company shares.
And the Haemido Island franchise is what I have to let go of.
About this, Min Ho and Hyuk San Industries certainly would have anticipated this.
We barely made it through the bankruptcy.
Will you be able to gather 7 billion dollars? Let's wait till tomorrow to reassess the situation.
There should be a solution.
No matter what, I have to return to the company today.
Welcome, President.
Has everyone arrived? Yes, they're all waiting for you.
- Carry on then.
- Okay.
Lets talk a bit I don't know what Min-ho Hyung is planning to do.
Can't you tell him to stop everything now? Han Kang, I can't stop Oppa.
So don't ask me for that kind of favor.
Hyung can be cold to Ji Hyun, but you are supposed to be Ji Hyun's friend! Although I was her friend, I did all those things to her.
Kang Min-ho is a person who will never give up.
I can't live without Kang Min Ho.
So as long as Oppa is still with this company, I will stay with oppa until the end.
That's all I can do.
It's already too late.
There's no such thing as being too late, as long as no one's died yet.
I'm asking you for the last time.
All the plans you've made have already been discovered.
Why hasn't the Planning Department head been called to an emergency policy meeting? Hand in your resignation.
On what grounds are you asking for my resignation? Are you saying I don't have the authority to dismiss you? And the Will that I left for you to control the company has been voided.
How can you handle things this way? I'm not going to ask why you deceived me.
I only have myself to blame for trusting you.
So I should pay the price? Is it a table for one or two? I want to order from that woman.
What? She's very beautiful, right? Our Ms.
Song Yi Kyung.
Hi! You see? When I lived in this world before, even without my consent everyone was interested in me.
Why did you come here? Why do you think? I came to see you.
To see me? I told you not to treat me like Song Yi Kyung! Then what do you want me to do? During the day you are in control and at night, I only get to see her sleeping.
At night too Last night, it seemed as if you were filming some movie.
I already warned you! Whose permission did you get to do something like that with my Yi Kyung's body? I got permission from Unni! It was Unni who gave me her permission so I could do that.
Did you cry in front of her to get what you want? You're the one that has an urgent need Is it to take unnie away? What are you saying? Unni believes that you're going to take her with you later.
This is also what you have been doing.
You're controlling her very strictly as if she were your woman.
Yi Kyung thinks like that? Was it really because of this that you became a Scheduler? I'm leaving.
Why isn't Kang back? He said he was going to come back after going to the hospital.
Han Kang is on the line.
The one that you're waiting for, Han Kang is on the line.
Why aren't you back yet? You can't come back? Today, Ji Hyun's father is getting discharged.
I told him to go home, so I'm staying at the hospital.
Then you'll stay at the hospital all night? Take the money and leave? You already told me to do that before.
And you heard my answer, right? Why are you talking about this again? The situation is different now.
We've been caught.
If it was because of money, I wouldn't have done this.
Kang and Ji Hyun's father aren't fools.
Stealing the company won't bring things to an end.
Yes? Say it.
Han Kang? Okay, I got it.
Kang sent Ji Hyun's parents home.
Who is he to take care of things? This is so unlike you oppa, why are you like this? Are you getting fired up now because of Kang? What do you mean? The Ji Hyun and Song Yi Kyung that you like Are you mad because those two people are at Kang's side? Because Kang is doing the things you weren't able to do? Both women? Isn't that the case? It's not that you don't know who you like, it looks like you like them both.
You want to seek forgiveness from Ji Hyun who's borrowing Song Yi Kyung's body, and propose to her again.
However, is your fear of being rejected making you act so cowardly? Yes, I'm going crazy because of Ji Hyun.
Ji Hyun being Song Yi Kyung, and her being the link to Song Yi Kyung, I can't do anything! As long as Ji Hyun is around, you, too, cannot stay by my side.
Whether you are In Jung, or possessed by Shin Ji Hyun.
There's no way I'll know for sure.
As long as Ji Hyun is around, you too cannot stay by my side.
Shin In Jung, you still have the nerve to come here? Shin In Jung.
You what's wrong? What are you planning to do? Shin In Jung! Are you insane? How can you do such a thing? How can you do this to Ji Hyun?! Are you even human? How could you do such a thing? Are you even human? You want to go this far? What did Ji Hyun ever do wrong? What wrong did she commit against you? You're not human.
If you don't go, I'm afraid I'll kill you.
So go! Why are you here so early in the morning? I have to prove what kind of a person you are.
What? Are you just a petty jerk? Because of your resentment with the gods, you transferred that resentment to human beings.
In order to challenge the tragic fate bestowed upon you by the gods By hiding behind this excuse, you do things that are worse compared to what your father did.
What? You know why you're mean, don't you? Because of your mother, you got your MBA.
Don't talk about my mother.
When I was in the US, did you know the things your mother had heard about you? You who wanted to follow along to make money had beaten up some people at the school.
Shut up! Do not become a person like your father! But then you You felt sorry for your mother who had worked very hard to earn every cent for your sake Compared to your alcoholic father who beat people, you've done something much worse.
I told you to shut up! You let the woman who still loves you go tamper with the oxygen mask of the woman who once loved you.
You're trampling on your mother's heart.
She didn't want you to become like your father.
To be consumed by greed like your father.
Furthermore, she wanted you to become successful using your own hands, using your own abilities.
So, you are just a petty jerk.
Do you still have the courage to face your mother? If Ji Hyun goes, what will you do about me? With my soul, body, abilities I can spend my whole lifetime following you.
You, who are indifferent to anything, can be so determined just for Ji Hyun? Don't try to intimidate me, it's no use.
The previous owner of Haemido island, Park Seung Jae, was a former driver to the Chairman of JC Consulting.
Jun Su's representative is the personal lawyer to Hyuk San's President Woo as well as the younger brother of the President's wife.
Are you sure? Senior, you asked me to report my findings as soon as possible.
With the picture Joon Hee got, their relationship is pretty obvious.
This is enough.
Even if we only have a petition, there is sufficient evidence to investigate.
Petition: An article stating the facts presented to a public authority in order to solve a problem.
Even if it is just a petition, with sufficient evidence, an investigation will be carried out.
Even if we only have a petition, there is sufficient evidence to investigate.
Then to Ji Hyun, whom everyone might not see again, please say something.
What do we do, Ji Hyun? What is this? What kind of person is Shin Ji Hyun? She is a very good person.
In fact, she is wearing a mask.
If she knows how she is loved by her friends, it will give her the desire to keep living.
But, none of them cried.
So you were going around doing this.
She already tried everything.
Kang, you can't just stare at her like that.
It's weird.
Ji Hyun, I want to save her.
I want to save her.
I wish she could live.
Of course, but what can we do? So pitiful Too pitiful.
Even if it's just one time, I want to live as Ji Hyun for Han Kang.
I want to hear him call me Ji Hyun.
I also want to call him Kang.
In 3 days, I'm going to die.
It's so unfair that I have to die like this! I can understand what you're going through.
Seeing, but not being able to acknowledge it.
I also can't tell her it's me.
I also don't understand why I won't remember my past and yet, bear this pain.
I really can't meet Kang as Ji Hyun even once? Is there a way I can exchange my remaining 3 days for 3 hours to live as Ji Hyun, alive? There's none! Don't you have confidence to live? Even if I live, you said I won't remember the 49 days.
Then I won't be able to remember this feeling.
Of course! How can there be such a thing? About the other people.
Han Kang, Kang Min Ho, and Shin In Jung.
Didn't you say they would remember? You've seen that they remember.
In this world, there are people who've seen ghosts and were possessed by them, aren't there? They can tell me! What's the use? You wouldn't believe them anyway.
Then what is this for? The 49 days is the chance given to regain your life.
It's absolutely not a continuation of your life.
I heard that 49 days travelers turn melo once it's near the end.
49 days, it's too cruel.
It was said that Hyuk San Industries won the tender.
What is the meaning of this? There were some conflicts with Hyuk San Industries.
As a result, didn't they give up? Didn't you confirm the project? That is Director Kang confirmed it.
Kang, what's wrong? Did something happen? Sorry about last time.
You felt bad, didn't you? I was angry, wasn't I? I just wanted to tell you that Ji Hyun lived receiving love.
- What do you mean? - It's just as I said.
Ji Hyun loved you all, but In Jung wanted Ji Hyun to die.
What about you? You're talking like Ji Hyun is still alive.
So you think that Ji Hyun is already dead, and that's why you are not doing anything about it? No, that's not it It's just that they said there's no hope.
Yes, medically Ji Hyun is dead.
But even if Ji Hyun dies, the connections won't end.
Mother, it's me, Kang.
Something bad has happened.
Hyuk San Industries got the project.
I'll go to the hospital now.
Where have you been playing by yourself? Isn't it more fun to play with friends? Now that I'm not busy, you're the one that's busy.
Things are getting a bit complicated.
You thought all I knew was how to play? Let's go! There's just a few days left.
When do you have time to go to the States? Why don't you try calling? My father's whole career was in business, ahjushi.
He won't make a blind investment just to reconnect with his son.
I have to go and personally to be able to convince him.
There's just 5 days, that's why.
Tommorrow, after we get through this issue, there'll still be two days left.
There should be enough time to save uncle's company.
I can't allow Min-ho hyung's plot to succeed.
What do we do if going still results in failure? The Haemido Project, Kang Min Ho was behind it.
There has to be a winning strategy.
Even so Do you need to go to the US just to get the investment for Haemido? This is the only way out, now.
You can't give up.
You have made much such a big contribution, Kang.
But we haven't seen even a shadow of In Jung.
Go see Seo Woo and ask about In Jung.
Although it's under my name, it's yours.
The password is your birthday.
This why are you giving this to me? Don't be scared because of Ji Hyun, just go abroad.
Once everything is complete, I will contact you.
Oppa I can't.
I can't leave by myself.
You already know.
Didn't you want to run away with the money? If you stay by my side, it will only just make you go crazy.
Oppa, no! I don't need this money.
Did I ever say I needed money? You're garbage! Enough.
How could I be so wrong not to smell it? Oppa, go.
Have a seat.
Omo, how dare you in front of me I won't bother to ask why you attached your man to your friend's side.
What do I still care about? Right! I knew very early on that you were very insidious.
Right, I also knew that Auntie was never satisfied with me.
Clearly knowing this, I tried to please you, causing myself mental distress.
What? You didn't think I noticed the subtle hints? When relatives came to the house, you purposely made me come out to greet each of them.
You did it just because you wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment for being the best mother.
I always treated you as a part of the family! A part of the family? On the day that I was kidnapped, do you remember what you said? What am I going to do for my Ji Hyun? It's because they thought I was Ji Hyun that they kidnapped me.
Fortunately, Ji Hyun had already come home earlier.
I didn't hear even one word from you saying that you were concerned about me.
That is At that time Worrying for one's child is a natural instinct for any parent.
So then it's because of this, that's why you treat us this way? Yes, that's right.
That's why I'm like this.
You hurt me, and Ji Hyun hurt my pride.
You were willing to lose everything? Why did you accept a child like me? From the beginning why didn't you just say you hated me? Why did you accept me so nicely? Why, exactly? Kang's always taking care of me.
I want to do something for him.
Unni, what did you do with that person? I would make kimbap and go on a picnic with him.
Because Yi Soo likes the kimbap that I make.
We were having a good time at the park.
Reading books, listening to music.
It must be very good.
I've never tried this kind of date.
But where can I make the food secretly? I'll be right back, Ji Hyun.
Take care of yourself.
Time remaining: 2 days, 4 hours, 29 minutes.
You're leaving already? I'll drop by the Public Prosecutor's Office, then go to the airport.
At least say goodbye to Miss Ji Hyun first.
If I tell her I'm going to the States she would ask why.
If she knows, then she'll spend the rest of her time worrying.
When Miss Ji Hyun asks, what should I say? Ahjushi, you must help me with a good lie, ok? And you must also tell her that I'll be back quickly.
Ahjusshi, if the president looks for me, tell him I went out to do something.
I'm thankful she didn't ask.
Dad! Aren't you afraid of getting caught by me, so you ran to Kang's house? Why are you in the tiger's den? Kang Min-ho, that's where your strengths lie.
Having grand ideas.
But this is also a weakness.
You believe in yourself too much, and can't look through the eyes of others.
You were Ji Hyun when we first met, why aren't you Ji Hyun now? You should know the answer already.
I brought it.
Agasshi, you're here already? Excuse me Here is the contract.
What contract? Because this man didn't live here he couldn't sign the contract! What? Cannot interfere with any matter of human beings.
This rule should be imprinted in your head.
And your clothes You still remember a scheduler's taste, right? Yes Sunbae-nim! Oh, ahhthis is the sound when the schedule is downloaded.
Once every 10 days.
Let me see Until the very end, the schedule is packed! Who will be the last person to ride the elevator with me? Ahjusshi, Han Kang, where did the president go? His phone is switched off, too.
Han Kang's gone to the US.
That What? His father in the US suddenly called him.
Don't worry, he'll be back the day after tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow? No! Agassi! Kang! Kang! When the time comes I won't be around.
When the time comes, I'll be gone.
Kang! Kang! Kang! He even told me not to leave without saying goodbye.
Not to leave the way his mom left.
When he returns in two days, you'll still be able to meet.
We can't meet.
When Kang comes back, I might not be here anymore.
After two days, you will also leave Do you need me anywhere today? Then, I'll go out for a bit.
You're saying that you're really living for that soul? I know you won't be able to understand.
How can that be possible? Didn't you say it before, Some of the pain isn't gone, so i don't know.
Now it's the same.
You might not know why I'm doing this, so you don't believe me.
Because I told you to leave.
In your position, you may think that leaving would be better.
I think of you as my friend already.
But I guess it isn't so.
It has always been my mindset to have you let go of all these things.
I know.
So I came here to send my greetings.
For all this time, thank you.
Are you going somewhere? I plan to go somewhere.
Hey, traveler Shin Ji Hyun.
You don't need to comfort me.
I didn't come here to comfort you.
This is the last piece of advice given to a 49 days traveler, so listen well.
Traveler Shin Ji Hyun, synchronize the current time as reference.
The time left is 16 hours and 55 minutes.
You will be there tomorrow morning at 16:55.
At the time of your accident, your 49 days travel will end.
Any violation of the rules: items, letters, and so on, and you will not be able to stay.
I can't even leave a letter? Any letters left behind under the name of Shin Ji Hyun will eventually be destroyed.
So the Scheduler responsible for Shin Ji Hyun will officially come to find you 5 minutes before the end of the journey.
That's it.
I wish you good luck.
Seeing you like this because of vice or virtue.
Finish what you have to say and leave.
Ji Hyun's mother asked me to find out about your relationship, so that's all I'm doing.
She didn't have to kill me.
Since yesterday, she was like that.
Could it be that Min Ho has ended things? Whether it comes to men or friends Shin In Jung, you're really unfortunate.
He and I aren't over.
Han Kang said that he feels Ji Hyun is still alive.
When Kang said that he liked Ji Hyun I thought about why I was sad.
I just believed the doctor's words, and thought that Ji Hyun had already left.
Dying doesn't mean that bonds are broken.
How did the three of us become like this? You're really pretty.
Everyone, for all this time, thank you.
Miss Seo Woo! Help me choose a cake.
The prettiest and most delicious one.
Is today some special day? It's the wedding anniversary of Ji Hyun's parents.
You said you were Ji Hyun's friend You're better than me.
Pack this for me.
How much is it? It's on me.
It's okay.
I'm also Ji Hyun's friend.
In fact, I'm her close friend.
We're totally best friends.
I know.
Ji Hyun said that she likes you best, next to her parents.
Really? A friend that's like shade from a big tree.
I don't know what you think, but Miss Ji Hyun liked you a lot.
Hearing that, I miss Ji Hyun.
Every wedding anniversary, Ji Hyun always sang a song.
So I prepared this CD instead.
Unni, push me out now.
? I will be happy.
? ? No matter what, very happy ? ? Meeting that person.
? ? I'm very envious.
? ? Keep looking to the future.
? ? Today I hesitated.
? ? My body hesitated.
? ? I felt uncomfortable, and without a word turned and came back.
? Parents are like that.
Some parents abandon their child.
Maybe they didn't abandon you, it could also be possible that they lost you.
After my brother was born they found me annoying.
How could they keep me? Omo! So in place of my parents, Yi Soo was given to me.
That's why, when I told you to wait, why did you go alone? They always laugh at us.
Song Yi Kyung, Song Yi Soo, siblings in the exchanges.
Tell them we're dating! What? They make fun of you if you say we're not.
It's true that we're not siblings.
There's no reason we can't date.
Song Yi Soo.
Didn't you say we should date? Anyway, I was teased and I feel wronged.
It's because you made my name like this.
Okay, fine! When I grow up and earn money, I'll just find your real name.
Come back here.
Why? Why are you doing this? You said you're my mom, my father, oppa and a friend.
Of course, I am Song Yi Soo.
I can do anything for you.
Losing someone like that, that's why Unni is living like this.
Ji Hyun, I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
Unni, what's the matter? Leaving your parents behind in such a situation because of me.
I am sorry.
Unni! I clearly know that I can't die, yet especially wanting to die.
After five years since Yi Soo left, I have slit my wrist.
Consumed drugs.
Hanged myself.
Not just Unni's fault But I didnt die.
The landlord Ahjumma will come looking if I slit my wrist.
Vomiting will occur if I consume drugs.
The rope will break if I hang myself.
So, that day Because it was the day Yi Soo died I am really sorry.
If you're really sorry, then live well.
When times are hard, just like now recall those days that you treasure most.
Gather your courage and live.
Scheduler's special service for your last day.
Time remaining: 7 hours 55 minutes, what do you feel like doing? No matter where you want to go, I'll take you.
There's nothing I want to do.
Call the elevator now.
What? I don't want to be worried, waiting for the last moment to arrive.
I'll leave now.
Ok, I know.
Scheduler, thank you for this period of time.
The last gesture of goodbye, let's do it in front of the elevator.
What do you mean by that? Are you telling us to give up on Ji Hyun? Because I am aware of the situation that President Shin's company is having, that's why I am saying so.
From a medical perspective, Ji Hyun has no hope of waking up, Jae Suk-ssi.
Don't be surprised, Unni.
Thank you for your care and concern.
I can only repay you with these beauty products.
Also, don't be afraid, I will not appear to you again.
Who am I? Just a pitiful soul that unknowingly developed feelings for Unni.
Please Don't just eat instant noodles, you have to eat rice.
Goodbye greeting.
Hurry and call the elevator, before I change my mind.