49 Days (2011) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

This is my last and final farewell.
Quickly, call the elevator, before I change my mind.
This Are those three teardrops? Hey, those are three teardrops! In other words You mean it? Shin Ji Hyun, you've lived a meaningful life.
This is an extremely rare case.
How can this be explained you see There was no one left to cry for me.
Really, there was no one left! Didn't I tell you before? A human heart can change, nothing is permanent.
There is no such thing as forever.
In that case I can go back now, right? Are you very curious about who they were? Don't tell me! I don't want to know.
You don't want to know? If I know who they're from, I'm afraid I would love just those three people.
Well, you're quite wise.
Yeah, I know.
Then, go.
I bid you farewell Ji Hyun's mom! What happened? What happened? Ji Hyun! Look, look our Ji Hyun Auntie, Ji Hyun opened her eyes! Ji Hyun! You this girl! Ji Hyun.
Ji Hyun.
Go call Dr.
Jo, quickly.
Ji Hyun.
Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! It's Daddy.
Ji Hyun.
Miss Song Yi Kyung.
Please enter.
Why didn't you come down to eat? I'm going back.
Miss Yi Kyung, where are you going? I don't have any reason to continue staying here.
What's that supposed to mean? What do you mean you don't have a reason to stay here anymore? Wait.
This is not the Song Yi Kyung I know.
Oh, Ahjussi.
Ji Hyun is doing well, right? Kang! What should we do? We seem to have miscalculated the days.
What do you mean? Really, Song Yi Kyung packed her things and went back home.
She said she didn't have any reason to stay here anymore.
That what does that mean? What do you mean there's no reason to stay here anymore? Then Ji Hyun she's dead? How can this happen? Ji Hyun.
Do you remember Mom? Yes.
Daddy Yes, that's right.
It's Daddy.
Seo Woo.
Ji Hyun.
That can't be, no, no -= Ji Hyun's Mom =- Yes, Aunt.
Kang, you've returned home.
Our Ji Hyun is awake.
She's awake? Unni, I miss you.
You're not sick, are you? Ji Hyun! She is having some lab tests done.
Is that right? Uncle, Aunt, congratulations to both of you.
Congratulations to you as well, kid.
My dad agreed to invest in the Shin Family Business.
Really? Really? He said he'll send lawyers here to South Korea tomorrow to complete the investment plans as soon as possible.
How can I ever repay this kindness? After detailed analysis of Seafood Island's business, the decision to invest was made.
They've completed all the lab tests on Ji Hyun.
Uncle, Dr.
Jo would like to speak with you.
Blood concentration can be considered mild, according to the results, her EEG is very normal.
I told you so.
A person who is able to wake up just fine after an accident like that How could you say that there was no more hope? From a medical perspective, it was impossible.
From a non-medical perspective, I can only say it's a miracle.
Regardless, she is alive.
Other than that, are there any abnormalities? Just some muscle and joint stiffness.
Immediate activity would be difficult.
Then I'll go see Ji Hyun.
I haven't eaten delicious food in 47 days.
It's very delicious! Eat slowly.
You'll have plenty of time to eat in the future.
My mother's nagging is also good.
Mom, can I have one more hug? Oh My daughter.
I'm so glad you came back to us.
The world's most lovable mother! Hey, me too!I want a hug too.
Okay, Seo Woo.
Thank you! What did I do that was so great, to receive your thanks? Thank you for being my friend.
It feels good but kind of nauseating.
But I'm the one who should thank you.
Really, thanks so much.
Han Kang, long time no see.
But why are you here? Did you come after hearing the news? My dear, President Han was always here visiting you.
What about In Jung and Min Ho oppa? Even Kang has come, why didn't they come? Because of the Haemido Project, Min Ho has gone on a business trip to Europe.
In Jung did not come because we couldn't contact her.
President Han and Seo Weo, come out for a moment.
Mom, what's wrong? Just say it here.
She just woke up, about the matter between Min Ho and In Jung in her condition, she might not be able to handle the news.
She won't be able to handle what happened to the company either, and also, the matter of her father's surgery.
Until Ji Hyun fully recovers, we have to keep everything secret.
So, Ji Hyun only remembers what happened before the accident? Of course, her memory only reaches that far.
That's why I am worried.
The week before the marriage was her happiest time.
Yes, right.
President Han has worked hard and worried a lot about this matter.
I'll be sure to tell Ji Hyun.
That doesn't matter to me.
Auntie, Ji Hyun must be feeling weird.
Yes, let's go inside quickly.
Director Zheng, are the new offices ready for use? After confirming the acquired shares transferred from Haemido, he submitted his resignation letter.
Are you planning to see your fiancée at the hospital? Director Kang, you didn't know that your fiancée woke up? What are you talking about? So, even a bold person like you would be taken by surprise.
What's the meaning of this? Are they saying Ji Hyun has woken up? Sorry, I thought no one would be here.
That person already left and will not come here again.
If you don't believe me, just confirm it with Ji Hyun's hospital.
I know.
If you already knew, then why did you come here? It won't be long.
Go to the landlord and ask for a refund on your deposit.
Even if it's just for a few days, give me back the keys.
You can rent this house, I don't need it.
Anyway, the money has been paid.
Isn't that why I put Song Yi Kyung's name on the contract? Please give me the key then.
What do you plan to do now? I am not Shin Ji Hyun, so please do not get confused.
My intention, Is not to make things difficult for you, Song Yi Kyung.
Please leave.
So the period of time while I was comatose, mom and dad were always here at the hospital? Of course! I stayed here longer than your mother.
Wow, that's amazing! That is I guess I really am lucky.
But Han Kang Why are you still here? The entire time you were here, Han Kang always brought you fresh flowers.
He spent a lot of time worrying about you.
Yeah, he worried quite a lot over you.
He also took care of father and mother.
Really? It seems like you have a sense of duty.
Thank you! Ah I can't say that if the person suddenly changed, they would die well.
Why are you doing things that aren't your style? Go ahead and leave first.
Oh Ok.
Have you seen Ji Hyun? Ahjussi, Ji Hyun didn't recognize me She has forgotten the time she spent with me.
The memories of her 49 days, she has forgotten them all.
Is that so? Ah If someone remembered the 49 days, the secret would be leaked.
Maybe that's why it's like this.
Kang, what are we going to do? You have to start a secret love.
Even I feel very sad about it.
It is not something people should feel sorry about.
Feeling sad is even more ridiculous.
The most important thing is that she's alive.
Wait, wait! Just 48 days.
Exactly 48 days, won't that do? Inow, I don't have much time left.
I saw a friend at the hotel.
I also saw my fiancé.
You looked tired, so I hugged you to give you energy.
Don't you know a comforting hug? When your mother left you the piano, she left you the thing that meant everything to her.
During those times of loneliness, your mother comforted herself by playing the piano.
Please tell Ji Hyun, when she wakes up later, to tell me again, what she wishes to say now.
And also, not to leave without saying goodbye.
Not to leave the way my mother did.
How can you not remember? Yi Soo when are you coming? Come quickly.
Because you don't have a phone, I couldn't call you and tell you.
I came to tell you that Ji Hyun already woke up.
What? At the hospital, Ji Hyun regained consciousness, I'm glad, that's really great! It is great, but this kiddo, has forgotten the past.
She won't be able to remember you.
Is that so? Now, at least let me greet you first.
Thank you for helping Ji Hyun.
I'm really very grateful to you.
It's nothing.
So I am suggesting Because of Ji Hyun, you even resigned from the coffee shop, Ms.
Yi Kyung, how about working in my shop? Please don't be concerned about me.
because your profession is also in this area.
I there is someone I'm waiting for.
Hold on for a minute.
Before Ji Hyun left, she asked me to give this to you.
She said it belonged to Kang's mother.
Are you saying that this was my mother's? How can that be? She didn't tell me.
You should go ask her.
And also, She said, thank you very much.
And that she's sorry that she could never pay you back for all your help.
If she didn't have Kang, She might not have endured it.
She asked me tell you that.
What is the meaning of this? You should be ready to deal with funds of JC.
Why are you asking me this? The Shin family is planning to make you department head.
How much can be borrowed and how much needs to be returned? Develop a good cooperation plan.
Come to the Shin family house tomorrow.
You should not be like that.
This is all because of you.
Just because of your greedy thoughts, it shouldn't be applied to the president's last words.
If you didn't threaten us to delay their bankruptcy the last time, things wouldn't have turned out this way, you rotten brat! Secretary Shin.
What do you plan to do now? How are you going to take responsibility? Secretary Shin! What do you plan to do now? How are you going to take responsibility? What happened? When I find out exactly what is going on I will tell you then.
-=The person you are trying to call cannot be reached, connecting you to voice mail.
Please leave a message after the beep=- Oppa! We're still eating together, right? May I help you? Kim Jun Hee, have you heard anything from the president? About the Shin's family problem.
The money issue? Oh, that The president went to the United States to secure investments.
What? Then, why didn't you tell me? Why do I have to tell you? I'm not the kind that betrays my conscience just for money.
So all this time that you've reported to me with information on Han Kang, was it all false? Whether it's the leather production or the shell company, I will depend on myself for my career.
Yes, this is Kang Min Ho.
This is Seoul's Central Prosecution Office.
We are contacting you because we have received a petition regarding Kang Min Ho.
A petition? We still need to investigate some matters.
Please come to the prosecutor's office tomorrow morning by 10 AM.
[Cha Jin Young] Are you making a mockery of me, also? Let me drown myself in my sorrows I only have today.
So, feel free.
I hate watching you fall apart like this.
That's right, you're still by my side.
But you can't get any benefits from me anymore, right? Kang Min-ho, let's just end this.
This feels so strange.
Since high school, you've always been so powerful.
What happened to Kang Min Ho's dreams from back then? I know.
I already know.
But I, won't die like this.
What are you doing here? I asked Cha Jin Young.
What are you doing? Can you get out of my sight? Please don't ever appear before me again.
Before leaving Seoul I wanted to say a proper goodbye.
I am temporarily going to Jinan, if you need me, call me anytime.
Oppa! I'm sorry.
Just go.
You're making it impossible for me to say sorry.
Seems like In Jung isn't feeling well at all.
What seems to have happened? If you called and told her I woke up, she'll definitely rush over here.
Her cellular phone's not working either.
That's why I say I want to go to her home and see.
Shin Ji Hyun.
Congratulations on your return! From now, I'll be here everyday.
so you'd better get used to it.
Auntie, Ji Hyun can eat cakes, right? This, wait until In Jung is here to eat together.
Ji Hyun! Your friend Jung Eun Hmm, no, someone named Song Yi Kyung is your friend, right? Yes, she is my online community friend.
You gave her your seal, do you remember? I don't remember.
What are you saying? Oh It's nothing Let's go do some physical exercise, OK? Let me take her.
Why? Auntie, we are going.
Forward a little bit.
Use your left foot.
Right foot with a little force.
Let's rest for awhile.
Careful with the legs.
What's with him? The breeze is nice, isn't it? How far are we going? Han Kang.
Why are you always like this? You hate me being like this? It's not that I don't like it, it just feels uncomfortable.
Why uncomfortable? How does it feel to be alive? You like it? It feels wonderful, so wonderful.
I also feel wonderful, Because you survived.
Shin Ji Hyun, what did you do in those 47 days? Did you just sleep? Did you perhaps have any kind of dream? What if I did? Do I have to tell you? In that dream, did I appear by any chance? Why would you appear in my dream? I want to go back in.
I want to rest.
Ok, I know.
Your wish is my command.
Ji Hyun, is she already awake? Although you hoped she wouldn't wake up, she's awake and she's looking for you.
Ji Hyun is always demanding to see you.
So come with Auntie and see her, okay? You're telling me to go to Ji Hyun? Ji Hyun doesn't know about you and Min Ho, nor the company matters.
Just tell her I went abroad.
I'm not asking you to apologize to Ji Hyun.
Just treat her the way you used to treat her for the time being.
Can't you even do that? I can't go.
I won't go! Why can't you go? You acted so well for two years and deceived Ji Hyun completely.
Just act the way you did before.
Who allowed you to call me Auntie? Shin In Jung, if you have any semblance of a conscience, you will just go in and see her! Go and act just like you did before the accident.
Let's go.
Auntie, I was wrong.
It was all my fault.
Please just don't make me meet Ji Hyun.
I am begging you, I can't see Ji Hyun.
Han Kang, are you really planning on doing this? Are you going to come here everyday? That's right, every day.
I'll come and play the whole day.
I hope you do your designs seriously.
You made that right? I really like it.
You have talents that others don't have.
Why do you hide them? There's no one to show them to.
And, there's no one to share them with.
If I dilligently work on my designs, would you look at them? Why do you always act like this? Ji Hyun, In Jung is here.
Can you guys leave me and In Jung alone for a moment? The two of you? Han Kang, can you please buy my mother a cup of coffee? Auntie, let's go out.
Ji Hyun, Hey, Shin In Jung! I slept and slept And, I had this dream On the day of my engagement ceremony, my shoe broke.
At that time, I keep seeing you taking your shoes off for me.
Unconsciously, you took off your shoes and ran barefoot.
At that moment, you took them off for me.
That What do you mean by that? They say that shoes, are a woman's pride, but at that moment, you gave up your pride for me.
Forgetting all about the engagement ceremony, you thought of me first.
Because I was your friend.
Ji Hyun! I'm sleepy.
Because of the penalty, I still have a week left! That bad old granny! Old granny? Old granny? Old granny? What is it? I didn't even do anything to be punished for! What do you want from me? You brat! You think that just because your term is ending, you can swagger in front of your senior? I am upset! That's why I'm like this.
After our term of office, doesn't it mean we get to become humans again? My memory is back.
I can't pretend to turn a blind eye.
Feeling worried right? Stop talking I'm dead tired.
Can a dead person die again? Even if you'll die, you should meet Song Yi Kyung before leaving.
What? Isn't today the end of your term? Because of the penalty, I still have one week left.
One more week left for you to be a Scheduler.
No one said anything about when you can see Song Yi Kyung.
Yes, right.
Why didn't I confirm this? Oh Then, tomorrow, I am going to meet Yi Kyung? Happy Birthday! -=INVITATION from Song Yi Soo=- Song Yi Kyung, it's been a long time.
You haven't changed a bit.
Yi Soo! It really is you.
How how can this happen? How can this Why did you Why did you only come now? Now is my time to appear.
I couldn't come until now.
Let's go.
There's a place we must go.
Where? Today, let's do what I wanted.
At that time, I was so impatient and restless.
I wanted to do music.
I wanted to experience this new world.
My old life, to me, felt so cramped and boring.
But you still wanted to be my guardian, you must have been very tired.
That time you were still young.
You too were very young.
The gap between us was too large.
I thought that we couldn't discuss it.
So I acted and behaved unscrupulously.
I once said that it would be plain for you to see my heart.
Although I played with music and hung out with girls, you are the one I feel most at home with.
I bought the engagement rings.
Right The next is Why are we here? We haven't been able.
to go to an amusement park together.
Because we didn't have money.
Even so, you want to come here? On your birthday, didn't I promise you we'll come here? Song Yi Soo did! Now, where are we going? You always have to get to the root of the problem, just like your old self.
My Song Yi Kyung.
Didn't I say not to ask and not to get angry? You just need to follow me unconditionally.
Here it's my house.
Go buy some food.
I want to eat the food that you make.
You want me to go shopping by myself? This time I won't go without a word.
What are you going to do by yourself? There are things I have to do.
I'll be done before you come back.
Has the occupant moved? No, she did not.
I'm just putting new wallpapers.
Then Miss Yi Kyung No.
So, where's the occupant? She went to do something.
Perhaps, we have seen each other before? I'm just here to work, not to answer your questions.
Please don't come back today or tomorrow.
After a few days, you may come again.
Then, please make sure to tell her that a man named No Kyung Bin came to see her.
If you leave right away, I'll tell her you came by.
If you delay, I might not.
This kid has good eyesight.
Doctor Also widower What do you take our Yi Kyung for?! Yi Soo! Yi Soo?! Song Yi Soo! I'm here.
I had to clean and paint the walls, so I have dust all over me.
You did all this? I was a painter for a couple of years.
Not bad, huh? That's not what I meant.
I am asking why you turned the room into something like this? Anyway, I am leaving with you.
Because even if it's only for a day, I want this place to be clean.
Hey, what do you think this room is? You used to be clean and tidy.
What is left, arrange it according to your liking.
Did I wake you up? I'm awake.
In that case let's go for a walk.
What is it? Everything is just so amazing, yesterday was like a dream You're still around at night until the morning.
It's this sunny outside, but I can see you and touch you.
Still, I'm a dead person.
I waited five years just to be able to see you.
For you, to give you this ring, to tell you that I love you, that, not for a single moment have I thought about any other person, that we get married.
Just to say these things.
But Now, it's not the same anymore.
The things I want to tell you have changed.
I loved you until then.
Starting from now, I won't love you.
Because I didn't want to leave you with only pain, I just want you to forget me and be happy.
I've waited for five years.
Don't say that, Yi Soo.
I'm going to go with you.
We're not able to leave together.
Even if you'd go and choose death just to be with me, we'd still be apart.
That's what death is.
Here It's painful just by myself.
I can't endure it without you.
Can you endure it just for me? Only after letting you go, can I be happy in my next life.
If you're unhappy, my heart will also be in chaos, and I won't rest easy.
I'll be reborn as a bad tempered guy, a selfish guy, who can't receive love, who can't love either, who lives unhappily.
Throw away this ring.
I don't want to.
Throw it away.
It doesn't have meaning anymore.
It's already cleared up our misunderstandings.
That's all it was good for.
Don't be like this, don't be like this! You know how precious you are to me.
I did not abandon you.
To me, you were the most important person.
An incredible person.
So To someone else, you'll become a precious person.
Promise me that you will be happy for my sake.
Let me leave with no regrets, and in the next life, I will be able to start again.
Yi Kyung, be happy for my sake.
For meeting someone like you, I felt thankful and fortunate.
I feel sorry for always receiving from you and never giving anything back to you.
Go and find someone who will love you.
and instead of me, give that person your love.
Mother, I wanted to succeed and take you away.
I'm sorry.
Mister Kang Min Ho.
You are under arrest for suspicion of misconduct and misappropriation of funds.
What arrest? Isn't it a petition? Handcuff him.
Hold on.
Please let me see my mother just this once, and that will do.
Mother, you hid the file that Jin Young brought over right? Who are you? Before I come back, you can't give that file to anyone else.
Look at me.
Other than this face no one can have it.
Do you understand? Min Ho! My child! You've returned after completing your MBA, right? Why did you come without letting me know? Even if I was sick I still wanted to pick you up from the airport.
Did you receive all the money I collected? It wasn't enough to live on was it? No, it was.
Aigoo, I know you've been working hard to please your mother.
Always lying like before! If you got your MBA then do you have a PHD now? I knew you would become a successful person.
You never let me worry.
Not everyone is able to be valedictorian.
Mother mother.
I knew you would be different from your father.
Aigoo, I do not deserve this child.
Thank you, my child.
Min Ho was arrested.
at his mother's hospital.
According to the victim's statements, the President's secretary, Shin In Jung, is your accomplice.
Wasn't she the one who provided all the inside information regarding the Shin family? So Miss Shin In Jung was not involved? No, it wasn't her.
Endure it just for me.
I can only let you go.
That way, in the next life, I can find happiness.
Yi Kyung, for my happiness, okay? When you want to cry, When times are hard, just like now, remember those days that you treasure most.
Gather your courage and live.
But, she cannot remember anything that happened during the past 49 days.
She might not remember you.
Unni (older sister)! Yi Kyung unni.
Ji Hyun.
Unni, did you come to see me? Do you remember who I am? Unni! You remembered me, but not Han Kang? You also remember him, don't you? You remember everything.
Why do you pretend to not remember anything? Because I am going to die again.
-= Episode Preview =- This day of yours is the precious tomorrow of someone who passed away yesterday.
Shin Ji Hyun, what are you doing here? Han Kang, can you spend a day with me? As my Boyfriend? Oppa, don't make me go crazy again.
I cannot just give up here.
Even if it rips me into pieces, I will keep going.
You are the Scheduler, right? Don?t tell me you forgot about me already? NoI remember Why do I remember my 49 days?