49 Days (2011) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

You remembered me, but not Han Kang? You also remember him, don't you? You remember everything.
Why do you pretend to not remember anything? Because I am going to die again.
You're the Scheduler, right? How sad! How could you forget me so quickly? It's not like that how am I still able to see you? I thought only dead people can see the Scheduler.
andI still remember Why do I remember my 49 days? This is your last.
cruel gift.
You can reject it and it will not matter.
What does it all mean? I am going to die? I got my last schedule, and the last person I will escort is you, Shin Ji Hyun.
Your expected date of death is six days from now.
What? But you went through the 49 days, and received the 3 tears.
So you were given the opportunity to remember the 49 days journey.
These are the instructions given from above.
So you are asking me, to choose whether or not to remember those 49 days? If you're not willing On the sixth day you will see me for the first time.
So you're saying, I will die after five days? From the day you were born to that final day is your given fate.
Are you angry? You would want to let your anger out.
Who will I get angry at? Why must I get angry? No matter how angry I am, no matter how unfair it is and no matter how upset I am, I know there's nothing that can be done.
No matter how much I beg.
Yes, there is something that's out of human control, and that is life and death.
I choose to remember my 49 days.
But, what does it all mean ? What is the 49 days, and what is given fate? Exactly who said these things to you? There's someone It's something that you won't be able to understand, unni.
So, Ji Hyun, you'll really be leaving soon.
I'm going to die This is too much.
You suffered so much and just came back to life.
This is too cruel If I didn't have my 49 days, father's company would probably be in Kang Min Ho's hands now.
Because of the betrayal of my fiance and my friend, I could have had a nervous breakdown.
I might not have been able to overcome that shock and committed suicide and died.
Is this my fate? Because of these 49 days, I was able to receive Kang's love.
I was able to feel love and protect my father's company.
And I was able to look back on the life that I had lived.
Sometimes I feel very lucky.
If I died without knowing any of these things, I'd be a dead person that lived a fake life.
Then why are you pretending that you don't remember anything? I'm going to die anyway.
I want to leave the impression of being happy.
Pass away as the naive, cheerful, and carefree Shin Ji Hyun.
I thought I could just die quietly.
But with you Unni Since I got to meet you in my own body, I couldn't pretend that I didn't know you.
Then what about Han Kang? He worked so hard for your sake.
He has always loved you.
Even if your parents didn't know, he knew about the 49 days! Didn't you say that once you wake up, you would tell him that you like him? That night, he asked you not to go without saying goodbye, didn't he? Why does any of that matter? I will have to leave and he will be left behind.
I like you and I love you.
How will it help Han Kang if I tell all those things to him? It will just end up hurting him more.
You're also in a great deal of pain! From watching you, I realized those who are left behind must live for themselves.
So please don't tell Han Kang anything.
I just want to remain a friend to him.
That's surprising.
You actually took the initiative to see me.
I wanted to see how pleased you'd be.
Didn't you boast about stopping me before? You actually succeeded.
Are you satisfied now? No, I'm not satisfied.
Nothing can describe how happy I am.
Now that I don't have to see your morals degenerate any further.
It's too late.
The Kang Min Ho you knew disappeared a long time ago.
Hyung will come back.
No matter how many years.
You will serve your sentence and come back.
And become the respectable brother that I remember.
You say you respect me.
I'm unable to overcome my own pain and sorrow.
wandering inside my guilt.
Evading the truth.
Hyung, who depends on his own strength to overcome his own obstacles.
Do you know why I like you? You actually like me? I like you because you're someone who experienced pain.
You have suffered because of your parents.
The guy that has been bleeding his whole life.
Because you're too honest.
Does not even think about treating his pain, and leaving it alone.
That pure sense, I like it very much.
Because I don't have it.
Ji Hyun is doing well.
She still doesn't know what you did, but when she does, I will be there for her to help her get through it.
Don't say it again.
I already said anything is just fine, but why did you prepare so much? Ajumma prepared all of this.
Your mother only made this miso soup.
I just want to say, I can always come here to help you.
The most delicious! Don't only care about the soup, (but) eat this.
- Daddy have some, too.
- Okay.
Daddy is the best.
This is just like a dream.
Even just this once, I wished the three of us would eat together like this.
Actually, you're more ambitious than me! I just wanted to see Ji Hyun smile again.
Then I'll have no regrets.
Really? Then I've made your wishes come true.
It's good to be Shin Ji Hyun.
Unni! (Unni = older sister) Why are you out here? You waited for me every day like this, but I didn't get to say 'hi'.
Of course,you couldn't see me.
Let's go.
It's more delicious than the one I made.
It would be nice if I could have stayed by your side.
Is this a time for you to worry about me? Unni, I'm proud.
Unni, there will be a lot of good people around you soon.
Kang! Kang! Ji Hyun is here.
Ji Hyun is here? Ya! Shin Ji Hyun! You should be at the hospital.
What are you doing here? I sneaked out of the hospital.
I want to go someplace with you.
Where? I could never even once make kimbab and go to a picnic with my boyfriend.
When did I start becoming your boyfriend? It's not like that! You really know how to twist words.
Hey! Just admit that you like me! Right! I forgot about the MP3.
Do you have an MP3 player? Why do you need it? That's also one of the must-haves in a picnic! You're borrowing love, an mp3 player, and the car too.
What else are you going to borrow next? You.
What? Han Kang, will you lend yourself to me for one day, and be my boyfriend? You don't want to? Then you will you lend yourself to me for one day too, and be my girlfriend? Ta daaShin Ji Hyun made a kimbab for the first time! Did you make this? When I woke up, I heard you took care of my parents.
Consider this as a thank you gift.
How is it? What's that smell? Did you choose the right spinach? Does it taste bad? Would I eat it if it tasted bad? That's why I said.
This is kimbab that Ji Hyun made, right? Hey! Don't take pictures! Whoever's son this is, he grew up well and whoever's daughter this kid is Really cute, right? Really ugly.
Look at how you eat your kimbab! Hey, give it to me.
Hurry and give it to me! You don't say anything and just take some pictures! And you still don't want to let me look? Ah, this.
You always hold this, right? But I'm not sure Actually, it was your mother who gave this to me.
Since it looks like you don't hate me now, I will tell you.
In fact I was.
I was close to your mom.
You didn't know that, right? You were close with my mom? You look so pretty and happy when you eat, Ji Hyun.
Didn't you say that Han Kang doesn't eat this kind of food? Why do you still make them everyday? Because at that time I couldn't really take good care of him.
So, I would like him to be able to eat at least one or two.
Why does Han Kang dislike his mom so much? Because I didn't tell him what he wanted to know.
Why not? If you love someone so much.
Even if you're misunderstood, there are some things you can't say.
Because by doing so, it won't hurt Kang as much.
Perhaps it's because of love Even though you're misunderstood, you don't find it necessary to justify your actions.
Instead of hurting him, I'd rather be misunderstood.
Someone once said Because of love, you'd rather let the misunderstandings persist.
It's a way to let the person you love feels less miserable.
Perhaps if you love a person too much, you will act like this.
Actually, she was only relaying my mother's words Now, I finally understand.
Your mother's words and intention.
Yes, right.
Hiding one's intention is more tiring than not knowing it.
Hiding one's intention is more tiring than not knowing it.
Why did you come to my house? I wasn't even home.
Because you're never home.
So I went to my friend's instead.
What are we doing here? I heard that over here if you toss a coin and make a wish, your wish will come true.
Really? What good timing! I have a wish to make.
Ji Hyun, she told me not to tell you.
During that time she was so lonely and was having a hard time and now too.
She doesn't want the people left behind to feel heartache.
If you send Ji Hyun away as she wants, Although it is very hard I feel that Han Kang should know.
I I can understand how she feels.
What I wanted the most is to see Ji Hyun alive.
Is there really something like that? I don't have to see her for the rest of my life, just let her live.
Please let Ji Hyun live and be by my side.
Please let Han Kang forget me.
Let's open our eyes.
Mmm You did well.
Han Kang, you did very well.
But why do I feel so upset? Ah! So refreshing.
If you're tired, just simply wash up.
Do you still want to take a bath? I'm not tired at all.
Today I'm very happy, extremely happy.
What did you do and with whom, that you're feeling extremely happy? Dad came back so early.
Dad, do you want me to tell you why was I very happy? Just tell me, okay? I'm very happy because I was born as your daughter.
Aigoo, really? Now, father and daughter are isolating me, right? Of course not.
Of course not.
I am very happy because I was born as your daughter.
Really? I've lived happily all my life.
What's wrong? What's wrong, Ji Hyun?! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! What's happening? Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Husband, husband! Dr.
Jo, call Dr.
Jo! Have you really been waiting all this time? All this time Really You did really well all this time.
Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Let's leave quickly.
Come, follow me.
Ji Hyun! The accident resulted in a trauma that causes abdominal aortic aneurysm (swelling of the aorta, usually representing an underlying weakness in the wall of the aorta at that location).
causing sudden death.
How is it possible to die just like that? The aorta in the abdomen was damaged.
(Aorta = largest artery in the body) Just like a time bomb, it could have ruptured at any time.
Hello? Answer it.
Yes, it's me.
Oppa! Ji Hyun she passed away.
What? This kid! How did she clean up her room as if knowing she was going to die? When she came home that time, she must have cleaned up all night.
Before Ji Hyun left In the hospital, what did she whisper to you? She said, she feels very happy because she was born as her mother's daughter.
What did she say to you? Because she was born as her father's daughter, she feels very happy.
She wanted to say goodbye to us.
That's why she temporarily Woke up, right? Hey, Han Kang! What is that? This is it okay if I entrust this to you? -=To Han Kang=- -= I'm Song Yi Kyung.
=- -= Please return these things to me.
=- -= These are precious items to me.
=- -= I?m someone who needs a friend.
=- -= I hope Han Kang, that person.
=- -= Will be able to become a friend.
=- -= Just like he was a good friend to Shin Ji Hyun.
=- I never thought that these things still existed.
I used them at work 5 years ago.
Ji Hyun liked to meddle in other people's business, right? Oh my God! This belonged to Yi Soo.
Who is Yi Soo? The mess that I had left behind.
It was Ji Hyun who helped me clean it up.
However, I couldn't do anything for Yi Soo.
This here is the demolition area.
I thought there wasn't anymore.
Can it be found? This, why is this here? I've thrown this away before! What is it? It's the thing which I carried when I was abandoned in Chuncheon.
When I left the orphanage I threw it away.
Why is it here? Hello.
Excuse me, can you make us a bank book.
Give me your student card.
Why will you put it under my name? I didn't bring my student card with me today.
But you certainly have to use it! -=Yi Kyung.
=- -=It's me, Yi Soo.
=- -=The promise I made, about the February Pension House,=- -=I planned to give it to you, so I opened an account.
=- -=In the future, little by little, our dreams will be built.
=- -=Even if there are hard times.
=- -=If we do it together,=- -=we can overcome it.
=- -=This is a secret.
=- -=Actually,=- -=Song Yi Kyung is Song Yi Soo's guardian.
=- -=Because you gave me a reason to live.
=- -=In this world, you are=- -=the most precious person to me.
=- That's right.
So You must cheer up! Don't cry anymore.
These pictures.
You've kept them and never threw them out? Is Ji Hyun's death not enough? Why are you keeping things from people who died prematurely? I thought I would leave something memorable.
The elderly have to grieve for the young What else is there to live for Let's clean this up please! I don't want to! Ok, I understand! Then do what you want! President Han.
Did something happen? I wanted to check up on you.
Auntie, who is this? That's Ji Hyun's sister.
Ji Hyun, she Had a sister? She had! Just like Ji Hyun.
A child we couldn't bury.
As well as a child that I can't seem to stop worrying about.
Our Ji Min.
Hey, Ji Hyun! They were just one year apart.
Ji Hyun would throw tantrums if she didn't have the same things.
She always wanted the same things as Ji Min.
Ji Hyun! Here.
Ji Hyun, let's give Unni back her shoes.
Here! This is Ji Min's.
Here! Let's put Ji Hyun's shoes on! Here! This is Ji Hyun's.
It's beautiful! That's right.
Come on.
Mom, Ji Hyun.
Ji Hyun.
Hey, Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! You.
this little kid.
Let's go.
Ji Min! Ji Min! Ji Min! Ji Min! Within a week.
Twice, there were people who came to ask for money.
Each time they came, they took the money and ran, but they never found her.
Afterwards, they never contacted us again.
Ji Hyun, she didn't remember any of this? That was a very long time ago, as she looked for her sister She cried continuously.
That time Ji Hyun was still very young.
As time went by, she was forgotten.
I know someone.
She has exactly the same backpack and shoes.
I also know, she doesn't have parents.
Shoes and backpack? What do you mean by that? What's with the bag? Ji Hyun, she Had a lost sister.
Yi Kyung , in your hands That backpack and shoes.
Was the same as her sister's.
Yi KyungLook at these pictures.
There's no need.
I'm certain that my mother abandoned me.
Don't be like this.
Shoes and backpack.
Just let me take a look, okay? Yes, Yi Kyung.
Just let us confirm awhile, okay? Ji Hyun, she always wanted to have the same things as her sister.
Ji Hyun's is the one with the picture of a sea.
Ji Min liked stars.
That's how I differentiated them.
Ji Min liked the stars very much.
Seems to be a drawing of a star.
It's my drawing.
Your drawing? I embroidered this.
Oh my God! You're still alive! Our Ji Min is still alive! A Hundred percent purity of three tear drops.
Parents and siblings.
Tears from blood relationships are excluded.
Yi Kyung is.
Shin Ji Hyun's sister.
But, my two tears.
Whose were they? Now that you're leaving, you want to know? Now that I won't be able to go back.
I want to know before I leave.
The first tear is from Han Kang.
Then two tears from Seo Woo and Yi Kyung unnie, right? Park Seo Woo is correct.
But not Song Yi Kyung.
Then Whose is it? Shin In Jung.
What are you doing? What do you want to do this time? Shin In Jung.
In Jung! Don't be like this, please don't be like this.
What do I want to do now? What am I doing? Oh my! How can I? Ji Hyun! What do I want to do now? What am I doing!? How can I be doing this to you? This isn't what I wanted! Here.
Wipe your hands and face.
On your lips too.
Remove Ji Hyun's oxygen mask.
From this moment, it's the end of you and me.
It was me.
It's not because of you.
But it's because of me.
It was I who was jealous of you.
Letting Oppa get close to you too.
I've let you down, Lost Seo Woo's friendship.
My own destruction.
It's all because of me.
Ji Hyun! I'm the one who is wrong.
I'm the one who is wrong.
I have made a mistake.
Ji Hyun! I'm sorry.
Shin In Jung.
I Came from removing Ji Hyun's oxygen mask.
Are you insane? For a crazy guy like me asking you to do it, why did you do it? No.
It wasn't what you really wanted me to do.
Oppa, you were also afraid and sad to some extent.
All this time I wasn't clear myself Ji Hyun that I don't love, but yet unable to hate.
Oppa, we Don't want to do these crazy things anymore.
Let's stop this.
No, this has to stop.
I already told you before that I won't quit, didn't I? I told you to leave and even gave you money, why didn't you leave? Oppa, was it because you knew Ji Hyun's father had a brain tumor, that's why you didn't file for bankuptcy? Why are you doing this? To Ji Hyun's father whom we did not know when he will pass away, you even held back the company's bankruptcy.
I did that to get the will.
With bankruptcy, the will won't have any use anymore.
But Oppa, you.
even when threatened by Director Cheng, You're always postponing the bankruptcy proceedings.
Why are you doing this? It was only to show a little care for President Shin.
Because he objected on getting the surgery.
He was a person who's going to die anyway.
Didn't you do that because you felt remorse? After one and half years, you've developed feelings for Ji Hyun's parents.
For the people that trusted you, it bothered you, right? That's why you hesitated.
I regret postponing the bankruptcy now.
Please you don't want to say something unintentionally.
I absolutely can't stop.
Even if everything falls into pieces.
I also want to continue.
You have the envelope that Jin Yong gave, right Auntie? What, what, rotten girl?! What? Rotten girl! I also don't know.
You love Oppa, right? Then you must certainly give this envelope to me.
Only this way Oppa can continue to live a good life.
I'm begging you.
Oppa is destroying himself.
Auntie, your beloved son, Kang Min Ho.
Is now becoming a bad person worse than his father.
Please send this out.
Recipient, Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office.
Ji Hyun! I wish to turn back time! So that I don't misunderstand your pure intentions.
So that, Ican be to youone hundred percent sincere.
I really wish to turn back time.
While we are looking at each other a time filled with laughter.
The third teardrop Was Shin In Jung's.
In Jung's? I thought it would be Yi Kyung unnie's tears.
I didn't expect it to be In Jung's! That rotten girl.
I just knew that she was true hearted.
Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Why would you be my sister? If only i had known earlier.
I should have been able to recognize you.
I should have let you use my body more.
What Sunbae said This is it! Is it like this? Why didn't I confirm that? So, Tomorrow I can meet Yi Kyung.
But Shin Ji Hyun, traveler's immediate matters must be successfully completed.
That is of course, You don't need to worry about that.
Anyway Your heart hasn't changed, right? Clear off the misunderstanding, give her the ring.
Confess your love.
That wish will not help the people you left behind.
Are you crazy? Five years is enough to live like a crazy person.
Haha, what is wrong with you? Young people only know how to love.
They think that love is everything.
Oh! Sunbae You purposely let my memories come back earlier, right? That's why, you let me watch how Yi Kyung's been living.
It is to let me change the way I think.
Is that right? Haha.
Your brain works extraordinarily fast, ha ha.
Let me help Shin Ji Hyun with Yi Kyung put things back in order? There's also something, right? If not for Shin Ji Hyun, do you think Song Yi Kyung would appear after five years? She would have a heart attack the moment she sees you and that would be goodbye.
Ah, besides this.
There must be another reason, right? That In the future, you'll know.
Helpless and chaotic.
Ji Hyun, Yi Kyung.
The fate of both of you.
Their fate seems to continue until the next life.
This is What do you mean by that? Now I have to go.
Yi Kyung! Today, is my last day as a scheduler.
Now I will finally be able to leave without any worries.
Carrying Ji Hyun's happiness.
Live well.
Ji Hyun, I found out just now, why you wanted to leave without a word.
You, in return for suffering the loneliness alone, for the people you have left you comforted us.
Your 49 days, I'll believe it will be a blessing just like you said.
Because a lot of things have returned to their places.
So you too.
Be happy where you are, Ji Hyun.
-= Two years later =- Hey, come quickly.
Hey Park Seo Woo! Faster! We're late! What's this What? We haven't met each other for 2 years, right? Oppa.
Are you in good health? That's enough so stop coming.
I wanted to say that, that's why I came out.
I moved Auntie to a hospital in Jinan.
I don't know if it's because the air is clean, or Auntie's face has become very well? Why would you take care of my mother? How long are you gonna keep doing this? I have 3 years left! 3 years! I will be back again in 3 years.
Because I made you like this.
If you come out after 3 years, it will be done according to your wishes.
It is not because of you, In Jung.
It was your idea, but I made the decisions.
So don't feel guilty or any sense of responsibility.
Get rid of people like me and go on your way.
Don't let your love for me cause you to suffer.
Oppa! I'm going on my own now.
If only I had known Why not do it? Instead, I brought so much pain to people.
When it comes to this I am more remorseful than you.
I feel bad towards you.
I feel bad to Ji Hyun.
I feel bad to mother.
I regret it so much.
I'm sorry to you, and sorry for Ji Hyun too.
We can be together again after 3 years, right? When that time comes, you will also forgive yourself.
Really Look at both the stereogram and the 3D plan.
I told you several times, the position of the window is wrong.
This design is too unique.
So hurry and modify it before the cement gets here.
Yes? This is Han Kang.
Yi Kyung, you should be careful! I could just pick you up if you just called.
Why did you come alone? Our baby wants to surprise his father.
You came to see Manager? Yi Kyung, you as well.
Today is your last day, so I came to see you.
I'm so sad, what do I do, Miss Yi Kyung? When your child is born, I will come.
Let's go, Yi Kyung is very busy, you go there to rest, okay? Beautiful, beautiful, the most beautiful.
Kinda look like it.
Joon Hee, lunch break is over.
Aren't you going back to the office? It feels like we've just met for 5 minutes.
This place does not recruit staff, doesn't it? Seo Woo, this isn't a bread shop.
Yi Kyung, You came! Come, sit here.
Until the end it's quite busy! Right, I still haven't eaten lunch yet.
I also haven't eaten, let's eat together.
Sit down and talk.
I'll bring it over.
Miss Yi Kyung is going to Haemido, what are you going to do Dr.
Noh? What do you mean 'what am I going to do'? If there's a time, then I'll go there to play.
You don't even have a girlfriend, are you going alone? So both of you are really just friends.
It's not an ordinary friends.
Ah! When I was in the dark, he helped me find the way, he was the first to reach out his hand to help me out.
Those kind of friends.
He's one of those.
Yi Kyung, First of all, chat with unni for a while ok? I'm going to starve to death, can you save me? It's all prepared.
Great! Can you help bring it down for me? Here it is President.
Thank you! That's right.
Today is Yi Kyung's last day.
Is there any farewell party? I've promised to eat with the parents tonight.
Ah I nearly forgot.
Don't forget about tomorrow's appointment.
It gets more interesting the more I look at it.
How can.
It feels like she knows everything.
Go and take Hotel & Tourism major.
Aigoo, every time we meet, you keep saying the same thing.
Don't you feel it's annoying? She has experience in technical education also.
Originally wanted to put her as Operational manager.
But she insisted to start from the bottom.
Aigoo, fine fine.
Being able to do this much is not bad.
Without having to mention that she is the president's daughter.
Through the interview, going to work is also very important.
Mother, it wasn't easy for me to pass you know.
Right! So when will you be going to Haemido Island? I'll be seeing Ji Hyun tomorrow, so the day after tomorrow.
Ji Hyun will be very happy.
Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Han Kang has been extremely busy everyday.
Han Kang has been extremely busy everyday.
Just like what you asked, he's become a good friend to me.
To the people at Heaven, Thanks to your pleasant personality.
I was able to adapt.
I was able to adapt.
Ji Hyun Ji Hyun (Shin Ji Hyun).
Ji Hyun! Although everybody knows that you have passed away, They are living as if you are still alive.
Because of your 49 days, I'm living my life as if it's 49 days.
If we don't know when will we die.
If we don't know when will we die.
it won't change anything.
Because of your 49 days.
I saw some changes.
Here lies the most important people in our lives.
The two people who changed our lives and left beautifully.
Two people.
Because of the 49 Days journey we had with them, We will live each day as if it's our last.
And treasure them.
Ji Hyun, because I met you Yi Soo, because I met you I am very happy.
I am very happy.
Shin Ji Hyun.
Song Yi Soo.