50 States of Fright (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

13 Steps to Hell (Washington) - Part 1

Every state has its folklore, tall tales, and legends, but sometimes there is a darker story a tale not so much told as whispered.
I don't wanna freak you out by talking about this but growing up, my friends and me, we heard lots of stories about the old Maltby Cemetery.
We just laughed it off, you know how it is with local legends, every town has one.
Kids make things up all the time just to spook each other.
Never let it get to me till I heard what happened to those um Gretchel kids.
After that everyone knew it was more than just a legend.
It was real.
You doing okay, little bro? Want me to carry Quirky for a while? I still don't know why we couldn't just bury it in our own backyard like normal people.
Because he was the best hamster ever and it has to be official.
It's the only way to make sure he goes to heaven.
Like Mom.
Mallory? Mallory? Mallory? Please, wait! Mallory, sweetheart, your dad needs you right now! Hey, little lady.
It's time, Mal.
Mallie Story goes, the property the cemetery was built on, was owned by a family of Devil worshipers back in, like, 1890 or something.
The Bells.
Mom, Dad, even the kids and the grandparents, all played around with the Dark Arts.
All Satanists.
Eventually, they run out of town but they left their mark.
Some of the stuff, they used do up there, the rituals and things people said it opened up a portal.
Hurry up, will ya? We need flowers, if it's gonna be a proper burial.
Well, if I'm the grave digger, then you're the flower picker, Mal.
This is total bullshit! Jesus.
Mallory Mom? Mallory What is that? Can Can we please go? Are you okay, Mal? We haven't even done Quirky's funeral yet! We're going.
We're going right now! It's just like with Mum.
Didn't wanna be there either.
You know we can't catch you, Mallory.
You shut it! - Quirk! - Jesus, Mal! Are you okay? Some help? Whoa! I see him, I see Grr.
What the hell is this? - I'll get him.
- No, no, it's okay, I'll go.
I said I'll get him.
And Mallory wasn't the first person to ever go down into that place, but she's the one person everyone always talked about.
I-I know this sounds crazy, I know but the Maltby Cemetery staircase, it wasn't just a set of steps it was something else, it it was something dark.

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