50 States of Fright (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

13 Steps to Hell (Washington) - Part 2

MAN: Thing about that staircase, apparently it had its own dimension.
Lot of people talked about going down, that they wanted to see it for themselves.
See if the legend was true.
And afterwards, they all said the same thing.
The ones who could say anything at all.
They couldn't resist it.
Couldn't turn back.
LIAM: Mallory! Liam! MAN: It's like being compelled to keep descending despite the fear.
Down, down, down Mallory! - Is she okay? - Uh, just wait here.
OLD MAN: Hey, you! Get away from there! - Liam? - No, it's okay.
This is a private estate.
It's just that my little brother dropped his toy down these stairs and we can't leave without it.
No, you're already leaving.
And, you! I warned you.
Never come here again.
Okay, look my mother gave my little brother that toy before she died and it means everything to him and we can't leave without it.
- Go.
- You don't understand.
You don't understand.
My sister's down there.
It's got her.
You, make sure this rope is still tight around that stump.
Now, if I stop walking, you yank on that rope.
Both of you, both of you.
But do not do not let me stop.
- Understood? - Yeah.
Pull! Pull! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
MAN: Mallory had a hard time after that.
Panic attacks, hallucinations.
Moved away since she was old enough to leave.
Legend has it what you see down there is hell.
Your personal hell, whatever that is.
It's different for everybody.
LIAM: Mal? Mal, come on.
Mallory, please.
Mallory? Mal, Mal! [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Uh, thank you, sir! Sometimes, the old man comes to the rescue, sometimes he doesn't.
Who is he? You talk to a 100 different people, you get a 100 different answers.
He is a ghost, he is some kind of guardian angel.
But one thing they all say he vanishes it's like he never existed at all.
Mallory honestly, she got off easy.
Whatever little Aiden saw down there, did him in.
I heard that poor kid barely ever left his room again.
Lunch time, little bro.
It's your favorite, Aiden.
Listen I don't wanna freak you out by talking about this, but growing up, my friends and me, we heard lots of stories about the old Maltby Cemetery.
We just laughed it off, you know how it is with local legends.
Every town has one.
Kids make things up all the time just to spook each other.
I never let it get to me till I heard what happened to those correctional kids.

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