50 States of Fright (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Red Rum (Colorado) - Part 1

Every state has its folklore, tall tales and legends.
But sometimes, there is a darker story.
A tale not so much told as whispered.
Welcome to Estes Park, Colorado and the historic Stanley Hotel.
The legendary inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining.
Nestled high in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, we are a refuge of peaks, clean air and tranquility.
So enjoy a guided tour listen to some music, or pass an afternoon taking in the views.
Indeed, those who have visited find it so blissful, some have even stayed on into the afterlife.
Most guests check out but tragedy has befallen dozens of others.
The Wallenberg children poisoned by their nanny on a family vacation.
Acclaimed soprano Giselle Brooks found dead in her bathtub.
Or Henry Plummer, the notorious cowboy carver killed by the police who pursued him into the hotel.
Our friendly spirits might appear at any time, but don't be frightened, they love having guests.
As long as you remember to treat them with respect and follow the instructions of hotel personnel, you won't have any trouble during your time with us.
So enjoy your stay.
We're so happy to have you.
Dude, look.
People are stoked we're here.
My fans love this fake ghost shit.
We'll get some good stuff for sure.
- Finally! - Oop.
Watch your step.
- Coming.
- This place is epic! Uh-huh.
- Honey, you want to get the bags? - Excuse me.
- Yeah, bro.
- Epic! - Wonderful! - Right over here.
Thank you.
Red rum! All right, guess we're going through here.
Who makes a wine cocktail? Ugh! Dude! That bus is so stuffy.
They serve pizza.
Come check this out.
Dude! - Dude, really? - I was drinking that! I didn't catch it break! Welcome.
I'm Bitsy.
I see someone had an accident.
- Simon dropped his drink.
- No worries.
No, uh We are so very happy to have you here with us.
But I must ask you not to film or take pictures now that we are inside the building.
Privacy is very important to us.
Privacy is deadly.
That shit got all over my shirt.
So, Simon, why did we pick this room? Oh, well, because it's the most haunted room on the most haunted floor.
They say they even got, like, a ghost cowboy whittling little figurines of victims the ghost killed.
A "Ghost cowboy!" Now, all that matters is y'all's most favorite crew snagged the most haunted room.
It's not haunted, it's confirmation bias.
People will imagine anything that you tell them to.
Or the ghosts are real and you guys are being idiots.
- Mm.
Scared already, fat boy? - I told you not to call me that! Okay, this is totally my room.
- Hey! Don't get ahead of yourself.
- This is my room.
Look at all the pink.
There's pink everywhere.
- This is a girl's room.
- I, uh No, no, no, no.
I'm I'm rethinking masculinity here.
Melbourne, I forgot a bag.
Come on! Ghost tour.
Hey, guys, are you serious? This way, everyone.
Ugh! The service here sucks so bad.
After this, say, we will go somewhere.
That's fine.
Now, I am the latest in a long line of caretakers who watch over the hotel and protect its sanctity from disruption and disrespect.
With all the recent interest, the local spirits have been growing more and more agitated so it's a lot of work.
Now, if you follow me, we're about to get to a very important place in this hotel.
Not just because of the entrance but because it contains a special area called "the vortex.
" Oh, wow! It's an energy portal for the dead.
And is said to be the origin of all the paranormal activity in the hotel.
If you feel a chill it might be a ghost passing through you.
Everyone, file right in.
- Let's go to the front.
- Excuse me.
Now, behind this curtain are the tunnels that were used in the original construction of the hotel.
Now they are very dangerous.
So we ask that you do not go beyond the roped off section.
The music room is haunted by the children who loved our music shows.
And they have been known to steal treats out of visitors' hands.
Everyone, take a sucker and hold it low enough for a child to grab.
I'm good.
You get one? Murder twins? Yikes.
Oh, it's good.
Oh! Whoa.
- No filming! - Sorry.
Please tell me you saw that.
- It's probably just a string.
- No! Well, the rest of you can attempt to hold on to your sucker as we move on to our favorite spot.
- How can you not believe me? - Guys, guys, guys, over here! - I'm gonna shoot in the tunnels.
- No.
No, no, no! Hey, give me your phone.
I I need the light.
Can you Can you not? Like - I'm doing my shoe ad.
- Didn't even say yes.
Woo-hoo! I got these cool kicks, perfect for haunted tunnels.
Hey, swipe up to get a discount on your own pair.
Whoop, whoop.
I got these cool kicks, perfect for Right now, right now.
I am more concerned about the whales, everybody.
My name's Kyle.
Big fan of whales, you should be too.
Guys? Guys? Seriously! Simon? Logan? Hey, checking in from these secret tunnels under the hotel.
Apparently, I'm getting pranked.
Simon and Logan are fucking with me.
They're idiots.
Hey, checking in from these secret tunnels under the hotel.
Okay, time to get out of here.
Hey! Hey! Simon? Logan? Help! Help me!
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