6ixtynin9: The Series (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[man] When I say "shut down,"
raise your hand to vote, please,
if you agree.
Then, when I say "we proceed,"
raise your hand if you'd like
to continue doing business.
Are we clear?
Shut down.
Two agree to shut down the company.
How many want to proceed?
Miss Chomsri,
shouldn't you have your hand up?
I'd like to sit this one out.
If you abstain from our vote,
it makes the conclusion a tie.
[Joe] Excuse me,
I suggest that we leave this
up to the fortune sticks.
If anyone would prefer using
fortune sticks to help make the choice,
you can vote now.
We'll let the fortune sticks
decide for us.
An even number, we keep going.
If it's odd, then we're done.
Do you agree?
Mr. Suwat
you must have heard about our situation.
[man] We're deciding whether to shut down
or increase our funds.
So, I'm pleased to be able to say
it's been decided
that we will continue.
That does bring up concerns,
concerns that we need
to resolve right away.
One of them is the, uh,
compensation we owe to the employees
that we had to lay off.
There aren't enough funds in our reserve
to pay back each of those employees
as we are required to legally.
As such, we have decided
to give them each 50,000 baht.
However, we
we only have enough for six people.
You think they'll all agree?
[man] That's the problem.
And that's why
we need your help with this.
Ah, okay, found it.
You need a visa to Schengen.
Sorry, dear, but
based on your appearance,
you don't seem like the kind of person
who would use the services I provide.
And how much is it?
Uh the passport's 50,000 baht,
50,000 for the European visa,
and for the U.S. visa,
it works for ten years, for 80,000.
Well, that is kind of a lot.
Not "kind of."
It is indeed pricey.
I'm able to charge that much,
because the people who come to me
always need me more than I need them.
If you could obtain a passport
and a visa from the legit channels,
you wouldn't be coming here.
Am I right?
Because of supply and demand,
that's the deal.
As far as businesses
whose operations are illegal,
it's always the suppliers who are on top.
Just like with the vaccine.
That's why it's so expensive.
So, are you okay with that price?
Okay, yeah.
Then you can come back and pick it up
this evening at 10:00 p.m.
Plus, I'm gonna need 50 percent down.
And you can pay the rest tonight
when you come to pick it up.
[theme music playing]
[man] Oh, yeah.
[jazz music playing]
[continues moaning]
[phone rings]
[ringing continues]
[Nerdy Boy] Oh, wow, go slowly. Easy.
Can you spread your legs wider?
Yeah, wider.
[slams headset]
Why the hell did you pick it up?
- I don't know. I got startled.
- Startled, my ass.
What's your ass got to do with it?
You'll probably shoot me to death
the next time you get startled.
[Toom] How tall are you?
[shop owner] 179 centimeters.
You putting a person in here?
[Toom] No, it's for books.
[shop owner] Well, uh can I get out now?
[Toom] Yeah, yeah.
How much?
Uh 2,600 or in cash, 25.
Thanks a lot.
Can you deliver it?
[door opens]
[door closes]
[suspenseful music playing]
What's on your mind?
I'm not able to say.
Mmm. John, why not?
It's a government secret.
A government secret, huh?
Okay. You don't have to spill it.
[John moans]
Now will you say it? Mm?
You'll find out tomorrow
with everyone else.
Is that so?
Well, aren't you gonna give in?
- Mm?
- Hmm.
I'm sorry, I can't.
[toilet handle rattles]
[door opens]
[Toom] Come on in.
Right over here.
Oh, there's fine.
Just one second.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[tense music playing]
[tense music continues]
[Toom panting]
- [door opens]
- [Yen] Hi.
I've got a Red Bull for you, Mr. M.
- Oh, sweet, just put it over there.
- [Yen] Uh, okay.
- Miss, are you okay?
- [video game gunshots, over TV]
- [Tud] She's fine.
- [gunshots continue]
She'll be up soon.
[body thuds]
[Toom panting]
[Toom] Come on.
[tense music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [knocking]
- [music stops]
Uh, what do you need?
[John] Can we talk inside?
What is it?
[John] Uh
Can we talk inside?
[John hits door]
[tense music playing]
I'm so sorry to disturb you,
but I believe there's a famous singer
attending a drug party right next door.
I work in intelligence for the RTP.
And if it's all right,
from your balcony I can check 'em out.
If it really is a drug party,
I can go and report it to my boss,
so we can make a plan to arrest them.
Have I broken the law?
Oh, you haven't, ma'am, I
I really just need
your permission to use your balcony
to check the next room.
On the ground, right now!
[breathing shakily]
Hands on your head.
[tense music playing]
[man cocks gun]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [gunshots]
- [Toom screams]
[body thuds]
[somber music playing]
[tattoo machine whirring]
Did you hear gunshots?
[man] That was me.
I just shot four zombies over here.
[gunshots, over TV]
- Is that what you heard?
- [gunshots continue]
[zombie grunts]
[Mon sobs]
[Mon continues sobbing]
[Mon] Grandpa,
I'm in my fourth year now.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it
the last time I saw you.
I just talked nonsense.
The fourth year is difficult, Grandpa.
I'm sorry for your loss, Chutt.
- We've, uh, gotta go now.
- Yeah.
- Okay. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Good afternoon.
- Hi there.
- Sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.
Were you acquainted with my uncle?
No, I was not. I'm here to see you.
Uh, how can I help?
Like I was explaining to you all
the day that you were laid off,
our company has been in debt
for the last two years.
In the past, we would keep going,
even with the debt,
in the hope that we could solve it later.
However, this time,
things have been tough.
And our "Find, Pay, End" campaign
made things even worse.
Yeah, but how's it my problem?
I was laid off already.
And with that,
if we close the business
and go bankrupt after that,
you won't get the compensation
you're entitled by law.
But is that what'll happen?
Hmm, the odds are 50 percent.
We want to give a select number
of employees as much help as we can.
You're one of those.
This has 50,000 baht.
Please take this for now,
although you can't tell any of the others
who were laid off,
because not everyone is getting it.
But I am owed for
for ten months' compensation.
Where's the rest?
If we could afford that,
do you think we'd be doing this?
And don't forget.
If we do go bankrupt and close down,
we don't have to pay you at all.
Um, you have a cigarette I can bum?
[engine starts]
Well, hello, sweetie!
Jim is my name.
I live in the room
that is just below yours.
Well, anyway, I've got two friends
who are staying here from out of town.
In fact they just got here!
We were trying to cook lunch,
but I ran out of fish sauce.
Would you have some
that I could borrow from ya?
Fish sauce, uh-huh.
Awesome! I knew it!
You know what? Oi said
I should go get some from the store,
but I said we don't need to!
I have lots of neighbors,
someone'll have some.
So, I've been knocking on every door,
but apparently no one's home!
They must all be out at work.
But here you are, girl!
You aren't working right now?
Sure, I work from home now.
Can I, uh
can I bring you down the fish sauce?
- That's okay! I'll just grab it and
- Oh, um, it's a bad time.
Oh, yeah? Uh Why is that? Hmm?
Well, I, uh
I'm with a friend?
Oh, "working from home"?
Well, girl, you should have
told me that already!
Why'd you let me keep chatting? I'm sorry!
Yeah, I can bring it.
What room are you in?
Uh, well, I'm also in six.
I'm on the floor that's just below yours.
Okay, um Well, I'll leave you alone.
No rush, okay?
Bye-bye. Work from home!
Get it, girl! [giggles]
[curtain rattles]
[tense music playing]
[tense music continues]
[Kanchit] This bitch works for Tong.
Well, was she here spying?
Possibly, I mean
When she came here for the passport,
she was looking around a whole lot.
[Samarng] Could Tong
have grabbed the money,
and had that chick
murder Bum and then Noi,
then tell you what happened
is that those two took the money,
because he could ask you
for more money after that?
[Kanchit] But what's this bitch
spying on me for?
It's your turn tonight.
I need Team A with me
to meet Tong tonight at the condo.
What's the deaf guy saying?
He was just wondering who Team A was.
I am, you are, and he is.
Wait here until Toom arrives.
When she comes for the passport,
grab her right away.
- Yep.
- And bring her with you to the condo.
- Here it is.
- [Jim] Thank you!
- Come have some salad with us.
- Oh, that's all right.
- Really, it's okay!
- I'm busy, I can't
Come on. Come inside. Come and eat.
We made a bunch of food,
and it's so yummy.
Oh, hey! Come eat with us!
- [Jim] You gotta help us eat it! C'mon.
- Come sit down.
Yeah, girl! It's super delicious.
- Follow me. Make yourself at home.
- Yeah, we started a minute ago.
- Okay.
- Mmm!
Uh, this is Oi.
- Hey, girl, what's up?
- And this here is Mon. What was your name?
Toom, uh
Ah. Okay, Toom.
Well, take a seat, all right?
[Oi] Come on, sit down, Toom.
Have a bite with us.
- [Mon] Give her a plate.
- [Jim] Yes, ma'am!
[Oi] We just started.
Dig in. Go ahead. It's so good.
Jim makes the best papaya salad.
Here, here's some water.
- And here's a plate.
- Um, really, I'm okay.
I've already eaten.
[Oi] Aw, come on,
you've gotta eat with us!
You're so pretty,
you must have a bunch of boyfriends, huh?
- Oh, you're blushing. [chuckles]
- [Jim] Okay.
- Papaya salad coming right up.
- Yeah, come on! Let's do this!
[Jim] Just for you, girls!
[Oi] Let's eat already!
[Jim] Go ahead, dig in.
- [Oi] Mmm.
- [Jim] There's plenty. Don't be shy.
A cop lives here?
Oh, my boyfriend's in town.
He lives far,
so we don't see each other a lot.
[Oi] Well, uh, her boyfriend's super hot,
but he doesn't look good with her.
He'd look better with me.
Don't say that, you ho!
You know it!
Wait, I'll show you his picture.
He's got a great body.
He's ripped, so many muscles!
And he's so good-looking.
Here, check it out. This is him.
His body is seriously amazing.
[Mon] When you gonna take some pics
with your boyfriend?
[Oi] Oh, very soon.
So you better be ready.
- [Mon] Mm-hmm.
- [Jim] When did you get a boyfriend?
[Mon] Oh, please, girl,
you know it's all in her head.
[Mon and Jim laugh]
[Oi] Hey, how about you use your mouth
to chew instead?
Gotta run, guys.
- [Jim] Hey, wait.
- [Oi] Uh
[Jim] Toom, aren't you gonna eat with us?
- Toom?
- [car door opens]
[melancholy music playing]
[cell phone rings]
Come on, pick up, Sompan.
[elevator bell dings]
Lieutenant, I'm sorry.
I was startled and I, um misfired.
[ethereal music playing]
[Sompan] I'm sorry, Lieutenant.
Please forgive me.
I was about to become famous.
If Tud was really doing drugs in there,
tomorrow I'd be trending on Twitter.
Instead Well, look at me now.
I'm dead and unknown.
Nobody's gonna talk about me now.
Because of you.
Yeah, but you also shot him dead.
I'm a policeman, all right?
Policemen have to shoot people
all the time.
[camera shutter clicks]
[shop owner] This one is 2,500,
and this one is 3,000.
It's 5,500 total.
But I'll give you a discount
for coming back. So, it's 5,300.
Delivered to the same place?
- [Toom] Uh-huh.
- Okay.
[cell phone rings]
[Tong] Is this Toom?
It's Suwat, hi.
Oh, Mr. Suwat.
Uh, are you busy?
I'm just running some errands.
Toom, uh,
do you think you might have some time
to meet with me today?
Uh, yeah, sure.
You can handle your errands first.
There's no rush.
It's really okay. The errands can wait.
Okay, then let's meet
at the coffee shop by the office.
All right, well, I'll be there
in about ten minutes.
[line calling]
[melancholy music playing]
[barista] Hi there, welcome.
What can I get started for you?
- [Toom] An Americano, please.
- All right.
That'll be 80 baht, ma'am.
Hi there, Toom.
- Hello, sir.
- Hey.
Do you want something?
I can go up and get it for you.
Um, a latte would be great.
[Toom] Can I have one latte, please?
[barista] Eighty baht.
[cell phone ringing in distance]
[cell phone continues ringing]
[phone beeping]
[cell phone continues ringing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[cell phone continues ringing]
[Tong] Oh, thank you.
Um, here's the thing, Toom.
Like I was explaining to you all
on the day you were laid off,
our company has been in debt
for the last two years.
In the past, we would keep going,
even with the debt,
in the hope that we could solve it later.
However, this time,
things have gotten harder.
And our our "Find, Pay, End" campaign
made it worse.
So, now, our situation
is, um well, it's pretty uncertain.
And what do I have to do with it?
Well, of course.
If we close the business and go bankrupt,
you won't get the compensation
you're entitled by law.
So we're giving a select number
of employees as much help as we can.
And you're one of them.
This here has 50,000 baht.
Please take this from me,
um, although you can't tell
any of the others who were laid off,
because, well, not everyone's getting it.
[melancholy music playing]
So, not everyone who was laid off
is receiving this, right?
That's right.
And do I need to keep it?
Give it to someone else.
You just win some money?
I won a whole lot.
[melancholy music continues]
[melancholy music continues]
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