6ixtynin9: The Series (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

You asshole, Kanchit.
There's 50,000 baht
in this envelope.
I want you to accept it.
But, please,
keep this between us, because
well, you see,
not everyone is getting this.
I was laid off, right?
Aren't I entitled to at least
ten-months compensation?
I'm afraid if the company
declares bankruptcy,
we don't have to pay anyone a single baht.
I won't accept it.
So, what do you want?
I wanna sue.
In that case,
I'll give you another 10,000.
Things are getting messy, boss.
I have a feeling
Kanchit is messing with us.
He's got a cop involved now.
Sompan's been shot dead.
The cop shot him.
I'm sure of it. He's in uniform.
Actually, I just had a gunfight with him.
I really got him.
He was pretty fast,
and accurate,
although I was faster, more accurate.
So, I shot him two times in the face,
then twice in the chest.
He's dead now.
Are you sure, Subin?
It was Kanchit?
A thousand percent.
Whenever I find anything fishy,
it's always that.
Listen up.
Get outta there before someone sees you.
If it's true what you're saying,
the cops will be all over the place soon.
Yes, boss.
Kanchit, you son of a bitch.
We've got things to settle,
you asshole.
Things to settle?
Don't try and play dumb with me, scumbag.
I know that you fucked Aey.
Aey who?
Aey, my girlfriend.
If you fuck your best friend's bitch,
you die.
Hey, M.
Hey, M, did you hear those gunshots?
M bro, did you hear that?
- Hey, M.
- Dude, what the hell?
Did you hear the gunshots?
What gunshots, Tud?
Bro, I don't know, I just heard it.
Well, I had my headphones on
and this gun running.
Is "fourever" correct?
I just copied your sketch.
Okay, it's my bad.
But why didn't you check?
I'm a tattoo artist, not a proofreader.
You're messing with me.
And you're trying to put the blame on me
so, yes, I'm messing with ya.
Yeah, it's my bad!
You don't need to keep getting at me.
How about you use your brain to try
and think of a way of fixing it instead?
That's what I'm trying to do!
I'm smoking and thinking about it,
but you're winding me up.
Whatever, man.
I'm not paying you if it's like that.
You fucking asshole!
This way.
What's going on with Miss Toom?
She doesn't go to work,
and just runs around all day.
- Don't be nosey, Yen.
- Hey.
You little shit.
That's disrespectful.
You calling me nosey?
I was just saying.
Look at that, though.
She's already bought three chests today.
It's you. Go.
Here you are.
I wanted to return your fish sauce,
but you weren't in.
Thank you.
- Here.
- This way, please.
Whoa, what're all these cases?
You've bought so many!
- I need to store all of my books, so
- Ooh.
Wow. Hey, that's a big one.
This way.
Um, you can go if you want. We can do it.
No, don't worry, Jim. I'm okay.
Hey, it's okay, Toom.
Don't worry. I wanna help.
- But, I
- You can go.
I'll take care of it.
Come on, let's do it.
It'll be fine, we'll take one each.
Come on, we don't need him.
Easy-peasy. Let's go.
You're so smart.
You've read many books.
I always just fall asleep
after reading two pages.
Oh, but there is something I like to read.
Yeah, I like to read Facebook and, uh
Twitter and maybe
Is this your apartment?
Do people ever knock on the wrong door?
- Okay, thanks.
- No worries.
Why don't you let me help you
carry them inside?
- You've got two huge boxes here.
- I'm okay, honest.
Let me help you.
It's no bother, I promise.
These boxes are huge and you're a woman.
Thank you so much.
How can you live here?
It's so frickin' dark.
There. You need to open the curtains.
You'll get way more light.
See? Way better.
Do you live on your own?
I'd love to hang out, but I've gotta work.
- So, can I let you know when I'm free?
- Mm.
Ooh, you really like rattan furniture,
don't you?
You've got so many of these chests.
Lots of room inside.
These kind of storage trunks
give me goosebumps. Ooh!
Why do they freak you out?
I lived in Ayutthaya
when I was a kid,
and I remember on the news
they said they found a woman's body.
The husband had killed her.
I think they were unhappy,
and maybe they had a big fight.
Anyway, he killed her
and cut her body into pieces,
hiding 'em all in a big chest.
He put the chest in the Sa Lao Pond.
Now, where was it? Bang Sai.
And the chest looked exactly
like this one.
Where's Sa Lao?
You haven't heard of it?
There's a pond there.
It's like a swamp
with black and slimy water.
And apparently, it smells so bad there,
that it covers up
the smell of dead bodies.
- Did they apprehend the murderer?
- No, of course not.
It took them a year to find the body.
The killer was long gone by then.
Then how did they know it was the husband?
Well, the wife's family
suspected that he did it,
because the the husband disappeared
as soon as she went missing.
And then, they hired a shaman
so they could contact her spirit,
and she told them everything,
including who did it, what happened,
where she died and how.
But no one could catch the killer.
Thanks for your help. I'm really grateful.
Oh! I just remembered I need to pee.
- I've been holding it since the elevator.
- Oh, uh My bathroom is
It's super messy in there.
It's fine, I don't mind.
Mine's just as bad.
Trust me, mine's worse.
Is it occupied?
Ah. Say no more.
Okay, I'll go back to my apartment then.
Get down, let me have a look.
- Wow.
- Can you believe this?
This is spicy. God, I miss my man.
Oh, my God.
She's even hornier than you.
What's she doing?
- Jeez, she's still at it.
- Oh, my God!
- Let me see!
- Not yet.
- Is she taking her clothes off?
- She's getting naked.
- What are they doing?
- Be quiet, Oi!
- Can you see?
- And on the bathroom floor.
Gross. Can you imagine?
What's happening now?
- What?
- What's wrong?
- That bitch.
- Huh?
Well, it's no wonder
she looked so shocked earlier.
She just got up
and walked out with no explanation
after I showed her the photo of John.
That's right.
This morning, after we fucked,
he just sorta laid there,
like his mind was somewhere else.
And when I asked him what was wrong,
he kept saying,
"I can't tell you."
- "It's a government secret."
- It's a government secret.
But there is no government secret.
That fucking bitch was the secret.
Not only did they fuck,
but they did it right above your own bed.
How could they do that?
I mean, what the hell.
I guess that explains why
he's not been that up for it lately.
At first, when we got together,
we'd do it all day long.
All night as well.
And in the morning
as soon as we were awake.
Sometimes we even did it
in the middle of the day.
And we'd also set the alarm for 4:00 a.m,
just to fuck each other.
Jeez, you're so lucky, Jim.
I don't see it that way.
When I saw her this morning,
I got the impression
that she's very prim and proper.
Oh, come on,
those types of women are seductive.
Since John is this evil,
I got the ideal punishment:
Chop the guy's dick off.
Do we gotta go that far?
Yes, we gotta.
I'm sure you'll be able
to find another better one,
because this way,
you can reclaim all of your dignity,
and you're also doing society a favor.
How's she doing society a favor?
Well, if a man turns evil
because of his dick.
Then we just cut it off.
So, then he'll turn into a good man.
Hi. Your name in full?
Hello. What's your full name?
Look, I can't die yet.
I'm going to be famous tomorrow.
Full name, please.
But, ma'am, I've already drafted a speech.
I have it here. In case I get interviewed.
I see. What is your full name?
If I don't show up to work,
then, my boss is gonna
Well, he's gonna get all the credit.
Can you please let me live another day?
- Listen.
- Just one day.
Just one more. Can I?
I've met thousands of spirits like you.
If I say yes to all,
there'll be no dead people.
Overpopulation occurs.
And then what?
There's a food shortage.
And then following that
natural resources become scarce.
Trash begins to pile up.
There's not enough water
for bathing and drinking.
And then, nature gets destroyed.
People die for a reason.
They don't die just for nothing.
Then I swear to you
Well, I promise to eat less,
um, and use fewer resources,
and I won't litter at all. Um
I won't even take a shower or bathe.
Let me live just one more day, I'm
I'm begging you.
Your first name
And surname.
I can't die yet, ma'am.
I can't die yet.
I was going to be famous tomorrow!
Just let it go.
Get on the ground!
Get on the ground?
Get on the floor, okay?
Face down!
God! Lie down on your stomach!
But I can't die today.
I've got a plan, don't worry.
When John gets back
to your apartment later on,
you gotta be super nice to him.
Make sure he doesn't know
you're mad at him.
First, you give him a nice cold beer,
then take his socks off for him,
and then cook him something hot.
What's his favorite dish?
Well, he loves green curry.
All right, then cook that.
But you should make
a steamed fish curry also.
Those two dishes always go well together.
As the man eats,
just focus on bringing him beer and food.
When he's done, let him relax.
Turn on the TV,
so he can watch football, you know?
And meanwhile, you go and shower, babe.
When you're finished in there,
you order him to take a shower.
- Can't we shower together?
- No, I'm sorry, you can't.
Because if you go
and get all horny
my whole plan will be ruined.
Okay, after you've had the shower,
you're gonna look so damn hot
he won't know what do, right?
Slip into something sexy
and wait for him on the bed.
When he's done showering,
call him to join you in the bedroom.
He won't have clothes on.
Just like that, or?
He doesn't need 'em.
He'd have to strip anyway.
When he gets into bed with you,
you start pleasuring him.
Start at the top of his body,
and then work your way down.
Don't rush here. That part is important.
You gotta go painfully slow.
Whatever happens, happens.
All you gotta do is take it real slow.
Do it until
he can't hold it in any longer.
After that, grab a rope,
and tie his hands and feet.
Yeah, but what if he doesn't let me?
Oh, he will. After all you've done,
he'll do anything at this point.
Okay, so then,
after you've tied his hands and his feet,
take his dick in your hands
and stroke it real slow.
Do it slowly. There's no need to hurry.
Do it until his dick gets really hard,
so he can't wait any longer.
Then grab a knife
you have hidden under the pillow.
Now, you have to be careful
because he might resist.
But you can't go easy on him.
You cut it, clean off,
in one swift motion.
And we throw his penis to the geese.
Mon, what geese?
Geese don't live around here.
Geese live in the countryside.
We live in a condo.
Wait a sec.
We should feed it to that bitch.
- Will she eat it?
- Of course.
You put his chopped dick in this blender,
and then you just
turn it on.
And then you put it in a meal,
and give it to Toom.
Knock on her door,
and tell her it's a minced meat salad,
to say thanks for the fish sauce.
That's a great idea, Oi.
I've got a big favor to ask.
I've got hundreds of books here.
I wanna get rid of them all
and I've packed them up already,
to donate to charity.
Can I borrow your pick-up truck
to take them in?
No you don't
It's okay. Really, you don't have to come.
Okay, great.
Are you up there?
Hello, Mark.
- Hello, Sonny.
- You good?
Excuse me, miss.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Know how to pick handcuffs?
I'll try my best.
Please, tell me your full name.
Sompan Thongdee.
Sompan Thongdee, you saved me.
I'd like to repay you.
Would you like another chance to live?
Yes, please.
I died without saying goodbye to anybody.
How much longer
would you like to live for?
Til the Thai soccer team
qualifies for the World Cup.
Are you certain?
ORN 0994263966
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