9-1-1 (2018) s07e06 Episode Script

There Goes the Groom

Maddie, hold still.
Wedding dresses aren't built for pacing.
They're half an hour late.
Dad, anything?
Straight to voice mail.
Hey, Evan, it's your father again.
You know, your sister's
getting married today
and she would love it if you were here.
Oh, and if you could bring the groom,
that would be great.
Buck's car just pulled up.
[GASPS] Okay! Okay.
Is Chimney in his tux?
I didn't see.
It's fine. Okay.
How is it?
[MARGARET] You look beautiful.
Oh, no, no, no.
Don't let him come in here.
He can't see me
until the ceremony.
Why are you dressed like that?
Uh, it was a-a themed party.
What was it, pastel and puke?
No. '80s. I'm Crockett, he's Tubbs.
[SCOFFS] He's Tubbs, I'm Crockett.
And this isn't my puke, I don't think.
Okay, whatever. Can you just
go and get changed?
You're over half an hour late.
Where's Chimney?
It's complicated.
- Yes
- [EDDIE] Hey.
You are late.
Had to drop off Christopher
at his cousin's.
Ooh, sliders.
Ah, ah. No.
You didn't just do that.
We are waiting until Chimney gets here.
Can we at least have drinks?
Not the champagne.
- Hey.
- Hey. Hey.
- Hey, uh, glad you could make it.
- Of course.
Didn't know you could bring
a date to a bachelor party.
Hey, I knew Chimney
before he was Chimney.
Yeah, also, he's not officially my date
until the wedding tomorrow.
Tonight is about Chimney.
But his wedding is about you?
You want a drink?
Orange juice. I'm on standby.
What is this?
Uh, I told you it's '80s theme.
They had Henleys in the '80s.
Who are you guys supposed
to be, Wedding Singer?
Wedding Singer's'90s.
Crockett and Tubbs, Miami Vice.
Ah. Which one's Crockett?
- I am.
- [KAREN] Which room is it?
[HEN] Oh, it's-it's here, I think.
- Oh, hi.
- Hey!
- Hello.
- Hey.
Oh, sliders!
Reach for them and you'll be
pulling back a bloody stump.
- Oh.
- We're just waiting until Chimney arrives.
Mmm, delicious.
You put that back right now.
All right, yeah, okay, so,
he-he's still not picking up.
- Curse of the caller ID.
- [BUCK] Well, I was thinking
maybe you could give him a call.
No. I'm not calling him.
He told you he didn't want this party.
Uh, what do you mean? No, he didn't.
No, Buck. How many times
do I have to tell you?
I don't want a bachelor party.
Of course you do. Come on,
it's your last night as a free man.
[CHIMNEY] No it's the one night
I'll be staying in a hotel
until I go home to the woman
I've been living with
for quite some time.
I'm not talking strippers
and debauchery.
It's gonna be wholesome,
'80s-themed karaoke.
You're giving me a headache.
Okay, great. I'll handle everything.
We should totally
go as Crockett and Tubbs.
- 'Night.
- Thanks.
Wait, guys, come on. R-Really?
Okay, listen, you guys,
just stay for karaoke
We have a hard out with our babysitter.
Thanks, we had a time.
See you tomorrow, right?
Sorry, I got to go.
You, too? Wh-Where's the fire?
Angeles Crest.
Wait, you have to go on duty?
Afraid so. I'll try my damndest
- to make it to the wedding.
- Yeah. Okay.
Be safe.
Man, I can't believe he didn't show up
to his own bachelor party.
Maybe he meant it when
he said he didn't want one.
Sorry, wrong room.
Uh, wait, wait, wait, um,
you guys want some sliders?
Party people! ♪
Yeah ♪
Whoomp, there it is,
whoomp, there it is ♪
Man, I can't believe he's missing
the best bachelor party
of his whole entire life.
He should be here.
These people love him.
They do. They really do.
They really do. Wait, you know what?
If-if he can't come to the party,
maybe we should take the party to him.
We get an Uber!
- We get an Uber. We
- We're gonna get an Uber!
- Uber!
- Uber!
Oh, come on.
It's, uh, it's locked.
- You got a key?
- [EDDIE] We don't need a key.
We're firefighters.
- We are.
Oh, he must still be in bed.
Maybe we should
let him sleep a little bit.
He is getting married tomorrow.
[BUCK] Yeah.
Oh, hey, guys, guys. Hey.
We just got to keep it down.
Whoomp, there it is,
whoomp, there it is ♪
Yeah! ♪
Tag Team music
comin' straight at 'cha!!
Whoomp, there it is. ♪

- Eddie! Oh.
Come on, we, uh we-we got to go.
- Chim, come on. Time to get up, buddy.
Chimney, the
- I don't think he's here.
He's not here.
Ooh, that's not good.
Are you calling 911?
I am 911. I'm calling Chimney.
- He's not picking up.
- [HEN] All right.
Do you have him on Find My Friend?
He's on Century Park East.
Why? Why is he on Century Park East?
And why is he not answering?
Hey, buddy. You okay?
I feel like I'm supposed
to be somewhere, but I
but I can't remember where.
Hey, what's your name?
Uh, it's, uh
- Howard.
- Okay.
Uh, thanks, I should really go.
Hey, I don't think
you should be driving.
Yeah, but I got to get to the, uh
To the thing, what
Well, listen.
Why don't you let me drive?
I'll take you to the thing.
You know where the thing is?
Yeah, I know where the thing is.
Come on, step out.
Yeah, I appreciate you,
it's just my head, you know?
[GROANS] All right.
Whoa, whoa. You okay?
Yeah. Yeah.

[CHIMNEY] Kevin Lee,
most cherished brother,
I dare call upon your name
as the year changes
and the day on which you
passed away has come once again.
And as I eternally love you,
and cannot forget your mercy
as big and wide as the heavens,
I humbly offer you a meal,
with clear wine and various dishes.
He's here.
I can feel him.
So, wedding on Sunday,
you must be excited.
- Oh.
- Oop.
- I'm sorry.
- No problem. Yeah.
Little nervous too, huh? [CHUCKLES]
I don't have the jitters,
I'm just a little jittery.
I got this headache
I can't seem to shake.
You want some aspirin?
No, I'm sure I'll be fine
once I said "I do."
Whatever happened to you and Maddie
just doing something simple at home?
Plan changed.
No matter how simple you think
something is going to be,
it never is.
Maddie's parents
are springing for the venue,
and that's at least some relief.
Oh, they're gonna be flying out?
Well, they didn't
go to the first wedding
and I think that they're
trying to make up for that.
Well, they waited for the right one,
- in my opinion. [CHUCKLES]
- [CHIMNEY] Yeah.
I promised to never
put her in a position
where she feels she needs
to stab me to death.
I'm actually thinking
of putting that in the vows.
You hear that, Kevin?
Your blood brother hasn't changed.
You know, Maddie's acting like
her parents taking over
is an imposition,
but I think she secretly
wants a formal do-over.
And I can't blame her, right?
She even decided
we shouldn't see each other
- for 24 hours before the ceremony.
- [JOHN] Tradition.
- It's important.
- [CHIMNEY] Yeah.
Yeah, it is, but there's
one tradition I really could do without.
My future brother-in-law is insisting
on throwing me a bachelor party.
I think that's where
the real headache started.
The hell is wrong with you?
I think I'm late for work.
- What'd you find?
- [WILLIAMS] The phone
was right where
you said it would be, but
- Mr. Han's not with it.
- What about his car?
No, no sign of that, either.
All right, put out a BOLO
on Mr. Han and his car.
[MADDIE] Officer Williams,
are there traffic cameras
visible where you are?
A few, actually.
I'll check the Century Park East cameras
and see if I can find him.
[JOSH] I'll check the call
logs to see if there've been
any calls from that vicinity
in the last 12 hours.
Runaway bride?
Runaway groom.
[DOUG] [WHOOPS] My dogs are barking.
Okay if I sit here?
- Uh, sure.
- Yeah.
You done with your Christmas shopping?
Every year I tell myself,
"Get it done early."
I always end up waiting
till the last minute.
Is it Christmas?
It's always Christmas, Howie.
Do I know you?
Course you do.
You may forget everything else,
but you can never forget me, right?
Sure, yeah, I guess.
I want to show you what I got her.
Our special someone.
I think this year, I finally
found her the perfect gift.
What do you think?
I thought maybe she could
use it to stab me to death.
I know it's what she's always wanted.
Let's test it.
Oh, yeah. That goes nice and deep.
Beats a scalpel.
You know, I used to be a surgeon.
[SUE] That's where you found his phone?
Yeah, this is the route he
would've taken from our place to
the bachelor party he never made it to.
Come on.
Got him.
Oh, my god.
[JOSH] What is he doing?
Oh, no.
[HEN] Wait, he's getting on that bus?
That was the metro express.
Did anyone see the bus ID number?
I'll call the MTA.
[MADDIE] Is his mouth moving?
He looks like he's having
a conversation with someone.
Except there's nobody there.
He's just
talking to himself.
[HEN] Maybe he's hallucinating?
Could this be some kind
of delayed reaction
to his previous brain injury?
I suppose it's possible,
but I don't-I don't think so.
Well, then it's some kind of breakdown?
I don't know. I mean,
when Chimney gets stressed,
he deflects.
Makes him a little
hard to read sometimes.
Marrying me was stressing him out.
It's the one thing
he didn't stress about at all.
Maybe I got too caught up
in the dream wedding.
I was so excited about marrying him.
Listen, the only thing
I'm sure about right now is that
he couldn't wait to marry you.
We talked to the bus driver.
She said he seemed a little out of it,
but otherwise normal.
Well, did he say anything to her?
Well, that was the weird thing.
She said that he kept talking about
- being late for work.
- Work?
This is a crosstown bus.
It wouldn't go anywhere
near the firehouse.
Where'd she drop him off at?
Hey, buddy. You okay?
Yeah, I'm just late for work.
Where do you work?
Here, I thought.
I'm a little confused here.
Yeah, I can see that.
But maybe if you told me where
you work at, I could help you out.
Yeah, uh, it's
Skinny Bob's K-Town Karaoke.
It should be right here.
You talking about that
fire-trap karaoke bar
that used to be on the second story?
That place burned down years ago.
Burned down?
This lot's been empty for quite a while.
A real eyesore.
And then they built this, you know.
A smart and sensible combination of
affordable apartments
and multi-use retail spaces.
Come on!
- [MAN] Hey, man, you're a hero.
- [CARL] Hey, friend,
maybe you ought to have a seat.
No, no, no, no, s-s
some-something's not right.
What is the matter with me?
[DOUG] [ECHOING] I think
something's wrong with your head.
I think there's something
wrong with your head.
Yeah. You look terrible.
He said he did seem agitated
and he looked feverish.
The witness also said that
Chimney thought that this bakery
was a karaoke bar.
He was just here not that long ago.
I have some officers
who are searching the area
and Bobby and I will stick
around in case he comes back
or we hear something new.
- We're gonna find him, Maddie.
- I know.
His bachelor party
was at a karaoke bar. Maybe that's
where he's been trying to get back to?
[MADDIE] The party was last night.
Is it possible he doesn't
know what day it is?
I'm starting to wonder
if he knows what year it is.
Chimney told the bus driver
he was late for work.
Chimney used to work at a karaoke bar
until it burned down in 2005.
But look at the address.
It's right there on that corner.
Wait, you think it's possible that
he's forgotten 20 years of his life?
And he might not be the only one.
It's not that hard, Chim.
If you don't want
a bachelor party, just tell him.
Telling Buck no is like telling a dog
not to hump your leg.
Well, evidently,
our two lovebirds over there
were enjoying some sexy time
when they heard some
weeping coming from the ceiling.
A peeper?
Well, he got in through a
supply line panel in the kitchen.
It gave him access to the whole
H-Vac system, and he got stuck.
Guy never heard of the Internet?
He's been complaining of chest pains,
so we got to get somebody
inside to assess him
while the rest of us figure out
how to cut him out from underneath.
[BUCK] Wow, huh?
This place is nice.
On the water, valet parking
Perfect if you were trying to
plan some kind of social event,
- wouldn't you say, Eddie?
- I'll go.
LAFD. How you feeling, sir?
[THOM] Honestly? Humiliated,
heartbroken, maybe like
I'm having a heart attack.
LAFD, just hold tight.
All right, I got him, Cap.
We're almost over you.
All right, let's get to work.
Yo, what's your name?
- Thom.
- Hey, Thom.
I'm Howie. People call me "Chimney."
All right, just a second, buddy.
Let me borrow your finger.
Let me check your pupils.
So, you were complaining of chest pains?
My heart's really pumping.
Chest hurts. It It's hard to breathe.
Hang on, you should try and
stay nice and relaxed, okay?
How can I relax?
I just saw my fiancé do
the entire Kama Sutra with another man.
Fiancé, huh?
So, I guess you're not just
another Peeping Tom, Thom?
How could she do this to me?
Hey, Thom.
Better you find out now
than after you tie the knot, huh?
- Uh, yeah.
- All right.
You're a little warm, but your pulse
is strong and steady.
Is the pain any worse?
A ringing headache
and my heart feels like
it's gonna come out of my throat.
You're not having a heart attack.
It's probably just a panic attack.
Okay, the duct is exposed.
- How we doing, Chim?
- We're all set here, Cap.
Can you spot it for me?
Thom, how tall are you?
Five, 11 and three quarters.
All right, Cap, give it about
six and a half feet from here.
[BOBBY] Copy that.
Okay, here we go, Chim.
- All right, Thom.
- Mm-hmm?
I want you to protect your eyes, okay?
- So, look away.
- Okay.
Little bit more.
We don't want any accidents.
Hang in there, Thom.
Little bit more, Hen.
There we go.
All right. And
Nice and easy. There we go.
Got him.
Nice work, Chim.
- All right, let's get you out, bud.
- Okay, here we go.
I got you. There you go.
Thank you.
[CHIMNEY] You're welcome!
[HEN] He seemed pretty shaken
up, which is understandable.
I think your fiancé's gonna be okay.
My fiancé?
Is that who he said he was?
Yeah, he said you were engaged.
I don't know what year
he thinks it is, but Thom
is not my fiancé.
He's my ex-husband.
The divorce has been final
for 17 months.
Not that I'm counting.
Uh, hey. Brought you
a change of clothes.
[MADDIE] Oh, thanks.
And some catering.
[BUCK] Yeah, you, uh,
you don't have to worry
about a thing, okay?
It's, uh, it's all taken care of.
Thanks. Thanks for handling all that.
I appreciate it. How are Mom and Dad?
Uh, just worried about you.
Uh, who's she talking to?
- The hospital.
- [MADDIE] She's checking
on a patient. Not Chimney.
Do you remember the call
you guys responded to
a few weeks ago that voyeur husband
in the ventilation ducts?
Wait, that guy?
He's still in the hospital?
- He-he wasn't even hurt.
- [MADDIE] No,
but Hen thinks that
he may have been showing
similar behaviors to Chimney.
Viral encephalitis.
The guy from the motel?
He'd been traveling in Central America.
They think he brought it back with him.
And Chimney was in
close quarters with him.
So-so we think that's what this is?
Chimney has encephalitis?
- We should probably all get checked.
- [HEN] Yeah.
Though Chimney was the only one
that spent time nose-to-nose
in a ventilation shaft with a carrier.
What's the prognosis?
Well, if he were in a hospital,
it'd be good.
But every minute that passes
without treatment,
the swelling in his brain gets worse
increasing the odds
that he suffers from
permanent brain damage.
Hen, the-the patient
what's his status?
He died this morning.

[GRUNTS] I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Ma'am, are you okay?
Oh, my God, do you think
he did it on purpose?
I don't think so.
Ma'am, I need you to call 911.
Make sure they call for multiple
ambulances and rescue teams, okay?
Do not try and straighten
that arm, all right?
Hold still, I'll try
and come back if I have time.
No, no, sir, sir,
don't stand up. Not yet, okay?
Stay seated.
You've got a head contusion.
All right, ma'am, keep talking to him.
If he becomes confused
or disjointed, come find me.
[MAN] Hey! I need some help over here.
- Can you hear me?
Paramedics are on the way.
All right, well, we're not
waiting. I need you to help me.
This man is having a seizure.
I need you to help me
recline this seat back.
I'm gonna clear his airway
to make sure he keeps breathing, okay?
Ma'am. Ma'am!
- What's your name?
- Louann.
Louann, we got this, okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay, let's go together.
Ready? Let's do this.
On three.
One, two, three.
Good job. Okay.
- Sir, can you hear me?
- [MARIO] Help! Over here!
- All right,
Louann, I want you to keep an eye on him
until the paramedics come, all right?
Make sure you tell them
he has a tonic-clonic seizure.
- A tonic-clonic seizure.
- Okay.
[MARIO] Help. Please help.
My wife. Please help. She's hurt.
- Okay, what's your name?
- Mario.
- What's your wife's name?
- Valerie.
Uh, she was just talking to me.
She's over there.
Oh, God.
Valerie, can you hear me?
She's losing a lot of blood,
but she's breathing.
It's the femoral artery.
First off, give me that belt.
- My belt?
- Yeah.
It's gonna act as a tourniquet.
"Torniquet" is French
for "stop the bleeding,"
which is what we're gonna do.
All right, nice.
All right.
- Sorry about that, Valerie.
But I'm glad you're back with us.
Oh, baby, I'm here. I'm here, okay?
All right, Valerie, this is gonna hurt.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- All right. Mario.
I want you to keep constant,
steady pressure on this, all right?
You're doing great.
Are you a doctor?
No. I work at a karaoke bar.
[MARIO] Okay, baby?
[ECHOING] Oh, they're coming.
Baby, they're coming.
Oh, baby, they're coming.
They're coming. Okay, baby?
Thank you ag
[BOBBY] Okay.
Thank you very much.
You've been very helpful.
Let me know if you hear anything.
He was definitely here.
Uh, h-he didn't
- cause this, though, did he?
- No.
Witnesses say that a man
fitting his description triaged
the area before
first responders got here.
So maybe he remembers who he is.
Well, he told one of the witnesses
he worked at a karaoke bar,
so I don't think so.
[ATHENA] Well, he may
not remember who he is,
but he is who he is.
- That hasn't changed.
- [BOBBY] Well, it's been
less than half an hour, he can't be far.
Unless he got on another bus.
Well, for now, let's assume he didn't.
Fan out, start looking.
All right, I'll have PD
focus in on this area as well.
[BOBBY] All right, we'll find him.
Yeah, okay.
Howard Han!
Chim! Chim!
[BUCK] H-Howard Han! Chim!
C-Come on, Chim.
H-Howard Han!
Right. Yes.
Well, yeah, like, round here
or way down there.
[DOUG] I wouldn't.
I think people are looking for me.
You bet they are.
Look at your hands.
[ECHOING] Look at your hands. Hands.
Look at your shirt.
Look at your shirt. Your shirt.
Did I do something bad?
[BUCK] Come on, Chim.
Where are you?

[DOUG] She's in your head, isn't she?
I know the feeling.
She left you, man.
I'm sure that you are confused,
hurt and probably really scared.
[DOUG] Hell, she stayed with me longer,
and I was kicking the crap out of her.
Maybe you should have tried
a little bit of that tough love.
She likes it.
You're sick.
You're sick.
- In the head.
You should have died
in a meaningless accident.
Hell, maybe you did
and you just don't know it.
Everything you have
you stole from someone else.
I'm supposed to be somewhere.
[DOUG] Where do you have to be?
[DOUG] You screwed
around with a married woman.
Stole her from the man
that she was meant to be with.
I didn't do anything.
You can't even remember her name.
[DOUG] You got no place to be.
Just let it all go, little buddy.
Close your eyes and it can all be over.
Go to sleep.
Stop fighting, just go to sleep.
Go to sleep.
Just go to sleep.

Hey, brother.
You're a firefighter?
Howie, you got to get up, man.
I'm so tired, Kevin.
My head is killing me.
I just want to rest.
- No, you can't rest.
Not yet. You're sick.
You need medical attention.
You know that.
You know if you lay down now,
this is where they'll end up
finding you.
I really missed seeing you, man.
I'm glad that you're okay.
I'm okay.
And you will be, too, but you need
- to get up.
Where's Doug?
He was never here.
But you're here?
You invited me, remember?
Now you need to go.
Home, brother.
Just get home.
[ANNE] [GASPS] Howard!
Oh, my God, are you okay?
[JOHN] Everybody's
been looking for you. Wh
Where have you been?
Where's Kevin?
You you don't look well, Howard.
Where's Kevin?
Oh, Howard.
Kevin's dead.
[JOHN] Oh!
Howard. Howard.

Oh, too bright.
- Don't feel like you have to talk.
Do you know where you are?
Do you
Do you know who you are?
No, it's-it's okay.
I'm sorry I missed our wedding.
You remember?
Kind of wish you didn't.
You must be pretty pissed.
Are you kidding me? I am thrilled.
- Daddy!
- Hi.
[PHILLIP] Sorry.
[CHUCKLES] She got away from us.
[CHIMNEY] That's okay.
She's just like her daddy
small, but fast, aren't you?
I was trying to get back
to you the whole time.
To the both of you.
We always find our way
back to each other somehow.
Can I ask you a question?
Anything. [CHUCKLES]
- Will you marry me?
The minute you get out of here.
- When is that?
- Doctor said
probably three weeks.
What if I don't
want to wait three weeks?
What if I don't want
to wait another minute?
- You look beautiful.
Okay. Uh, come here. Hold still.
Getting married in a hospital. It's
I know, it's crazy.
- I was going to say appropriate.
- Okay, I think it's time.
Okay. Let's get married.
You look very handsome.
Thank you.
Both of you.
Oh, don't make me cry. [LAUGHS]
I know Kevin is smiling right now.
Yeah, he is.
Baby, when I met you ♪
There was peace unknown ♪
I set out to get you with a ♪
Fine-tooth comb ♪
I was soft inside ♪
There was something ♪
Going on ♪
You do ♪
Dearest friends, family.
We are gathered here today
to celebrate the marriage
of Maddie and Howard.
Please join hands.
And I feel no pain ♪
Do you, Howard, take Maddie
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
To have and to hold, in sickness
and in health, in good times and bad,
keeping unto her
for as long as you both shall live?
I do.
Tender love is ♪
[BOBBY] And do you, Maddie,
take Howard to be your
lawfully wedded husband?
To have and to hold,
in sickness and in health,
in good times and bad,
keeping unto him
for as long as you both shall live?
I do.
The rings?
[BOBBY] These rings
are a symbol of your union.
An unbroken circle without end.
Let them serve as a reminder
of your love
and commitment in the years to come.
Before these many witnesses,
you have pledged your lives
to one another.
With their good wishes
and by the authority vested in
me by the state of California,
and the Los Angeles Fire Department
[BOBBY] you two just got hitched.
I can't live without you ♪
If the love was gone ♪
Sorry I'm late. That fire was a beast.
Got no one ♪
So are you.
And you did walk in the night ♪
Slowly losing sight ♪
[BOBBY] There you go.
Real thing ♪
[BUCK] Uh, hey.
Uh, look who almost made it.
[TOMMY] Congratulations, you two.
I'm sorry I missed the ceremony.
Thanks, Tommy.
Looks like you were
Each other ♪
Uh-huh ♪
From one lover ♪
- Well, it's about damn time.
Uh-huh. ♪
[MADDIE] How are you feeling?
Right at home. [GRUNTS]
Why? Because every
significant moment in our lives
happens in a hospital?
It's becoming a thing.
because we're together. That's home.
Though probably not the most
romantic place for a honeymoon.
Mm. There's worse.
[BOTH] Upside-down cruise ship.
I can't believe it. We're married.
[CHIMNEY] Yeah, look at that.
So, was it the wedding of your dreams?
You bet your ass it was. How about you?
A day I'll never forget.
So, were Buck and Tommy a thing
before my amnesia?
Um, yeah, actually, they were.
So not everything's back.
Well, if you need refresher,
I'm right here.
Why do they call me Chimney?
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