9-1-1 (2018) s07e07 Episode Script

Ghost of a Second Chance

No, ma'am. You've dialed 911.
[CATHERINE] Great. Uh, we would
like to book a room for tonight.
Are you okay?
I-I take it you're not
able to speak freely.
Is there someone listening
who might cause you harm?
[CATHERINE] That's right.
[MADDIE] Is this person known to you?
[MAN OVER PHONE] Tell them
we want the honeymoon suite.
Nothing but the best for my wife.
Just answer yes or no.
Is your husband armed?
[MADDIE] If he's armed with a
gun, ask for a king-size bed.
[CATHERINE] Yes, a-a
king-size bed would be perfect.
Maddie, why don't I take this one?
Why would I have you do that?
Ma'am, it sounds like
you might be driving?
[CATHERINE] Yes. I-I would say
we're about ten minutes
away from your hotel.
[MADDIE] Okay, pretend
you're still booking a room
- and tell me your name.
- [CATHERINE] Uh, the room should be booked
under the name Catherine Ann Morris.
[MADDIE] Okay, Catherine. Stay
calm. I'm right here with you.
If the car you're in is
registered to your husband,
ask for valet parking.
If it's registered
to you, say self-park.
[CATHERINE] S-Self-park is fine.
[MADDIE] Get me everything you
can on Catherine Ann Morris.
Especially her DMV registration.
We need the make, the model,
and the color of her car.
Catherine, I'm gonna stay
on the line with you unt
Is there a baby with you?
Uh, yes. Um, we're gonna
need a crib in the room.
LAPD, be advised,
abduction of mother and
infant child in progress.
Unknown vehicle heading to Sunset
Regency Hotel, Mid City area.
Have units waiting to intercept.
[MAN] Shh. It's okay,
sweet pea. Daddy's here.
[CATHERINE] Don't touch her
like that. She doesn't like it.
Catherine, try not to antagonize him.
Then get off the damn
phone and take care of her.
How complicated is it to
book a room at this place?
[CATHERINE] I'm sorry. I'm
sorry. I just want to make sure
they have everything we need.
I mean, you didn't even let me pack.
[MAN] I already told you,
we have everything we need.
I even bought you a yellow nightie.
I knew it was your color
when I saw it in the window.
I was gonna surprise you,
but now you've ruined it.
bought that weeks ago.
Why are you still on
the phone with them?
Do they have a room or don't
they? Let me talk to them.
- Tell him I put you on hold.
- [CATHERINE] I'm on hold.
- I'm on hold.
- Try not to cry.
Tell him you're happy to be
with him. Let him believe that.
I've got three Catherine Ann Morrises
- in the greater Los Angeles area.
- She's a new mother.
Then it's probably going to be
Catherine Ann Morris of Burbank.
2018 red Buick Regal.
Be advised, in-progress abduction
believed to be traveling
in a 2018 red Buick Regal.
She's married to a Daniel Brian Morris.
He's got two felony assault
charges on his record.
Catherine, I know
you're afraid right now,
but I'm right here with
you. Just drive to the hotel.
The police will be waiting
there to arrest him.
You and your baby are
gonna be just fine.
Can you hear me?
Are you there? Can-can you talk?
[MAN] I think Catherine's
done enough talking for today.
Daniel, you need to pull
the car over right now.
Fire and R.A. units, be advised,
possible three-person
car accident in vicinity
of Sunset Regency Hotel.
Estimate two-mile radius.
One adult female, one adult male
and an infant.
All right, there are
three possible victims.
A man, a woman, and their baby.
Let's get that fire
out. Let's go, let's go.
[CHIMNEY] Hello, ma'am.
Ma'am, can you hear me?
What's the status down there?
[OVER RADIO] Everybody good?
- Hen?
- You okay?
Were they alive?
I saw movement, yeah.
Let's get in there.
Chim, it's still hot.
Well, put it out. We
got to get in there.
[CHIMNEY] All right,
Hen, I'll support her
- while you cut her out of the seatbelt.
- [HEN] Right.
How's the driver looking?
[CHIMNEY] There is no driver.
What about the baby?
I can see the car seat in back.
I think the fire melted
the door to the frame.
We could maybe get the
baby out the back seat.
I just need to raise it up.
All right, we're gonna
need airbags and blocks
at the rear of the car now.
[CHIMNEY] Airway is clear.
I'm seeing severe inhalation burns.
Can't access her AC.
Her veins have probably collapsed.
I'm gonna try her ankle.
[CHIMNEY] She's not pushing air.
I'm gonna intubate.
- Sergeant.
- I came as soon as I heard.
- Looks bad.
- Yeah, we had a little explosion,
- just managed to put out the fire.
- How's the baby?
Can anyone give me a status
report on the victims, please?
The driver is missing. The
woman has been burned badly.
We're stabilizing her and
getting her ready for transport.
- Copy that. What about the baby?
- Getting to the baby now.
Sorry, Cap, baby's gone.
Gone? Deceased?
Uh, no, I mean, not here.
The car seat's empty.
Could they have been
ejected during the crash?
No, we've been all over the grounds.
No sign of any bodies yet.
Uh, Tejada.
We're missing two
victims from the accident.
Tell dispatch I need as
many officers as I can get.
We need more eyes on the ground.
We'll join you.
Dispatch, this is 3-Adam-40.
All right, I'm gonna start looking.
[CHIMNEY] All right, Cap,
she's got partial and full
thickness burns over her body.
We need to get her to a
burn center immediately.
All right, on three, boys. Ready? Three.
[TEJADA] Sergeant
Grant. Found something.
It's not burnt.
That means they left the scene
before the car caught on fire.
Question is, where are they now?
All right. Tablet time is over.
- Dinner's ready.
- I can multi-task.
Not when it's dinnertime, you can't.
No screens. You know better.
Is Mara not eating?
[SHORT LAUGH] I tried,
but she's sound asleep.
Maybe we just make
her a plate for later?
Therapist doesn't
have any new strategies
to help her sleep at night?
He just said she's still trying
to figure out if she can trust us.
And that we have to be patient.
And we paid him for that?
[SCOFFS] She barely talks to us.
What makes you think she's gonna
open up to a total stranger?
Sometimes, I feel like we're
making progress with her.
Others, she's like a closed book.
She has a brother.
What's that, sweetie?
She has a baby brother.
A brother?
Are you sure?
One of the kids in her
class was talking about
his new baby brother
and how he hates him.
Mara kind of flipped out.
Not on him,
but she was real mad.
And then she told me about her brother.
His name's Tyson.
Well, do you know where Tyson is?
No, and
I don't think Mara does, either.
[EDDIE] All right, so who's next?
Uh, it's Marisol's turn.
Two truths and a lie. Hm Okay.
I've broken both of my
arms at the same time.
Now that I believe.
Dad, let her finish.
I'm terrified of rollercoasters, and
I've never tried a s'more.
Rollercoasters is the truth.
Yup. Way too tall and way too fast.
And, obviously, you've
had s'mores before,
- so that's the lie.
- No, that's the truth.
- That's a shame.
It's not too late. We can
turn around and leave her now.
- [GASPS] Hey.
You two aren't going anywhere.
- [EDDIE] All right.
- Christopher, it's your turn.
- Tell me all your secrets.
- [MARISOL] Mm-hmm.
I ate a bug before and
Hey, sorry about that.
You okay? You look like
you've seen a ghost.
Yeah, no, I'm, uh, I'm fine. I'm fine.
Is that a truth or a lie?
- It's truth.
Everything's fine, I promise.
Come on.
Good morning.
You're up early. It's
not even a school day.
You know, when I was a kid,
you couldn't get me out
of the bed before noon.
And believe me, Toni, my mom, she tried.
But even banging two frying pans
together could not wake me up.
Well, it totally woke me up,
but I pretended like it didn't.
I couldn't let her know
her plan worked. [CHUCKLES]
So, did you sleep?
- A little.
- Yeah.
Sometimes, nighttime is the hardest.
Especially when you're sad.
Makes you feel like you're all alone
with no one to talk to.
But me and Karen and Denny
we're all here if you need us.
If there's anything you want to share.
Denny's nice.
Yes, he is.
I think he likes having a sibling.
What about you?
I miss him.
Your other brother?
Mara, can you tell me
what happened to Tyson?
They took him.
Maddie, you remember Detective Romero.
- Hi.
- He's working the Chloe Morris abduction case.
Wait. So, you haven't
found her husband yet?
Oh, we found him
in Alaska, where he's
been working on an oil rig
- for the last three months.
- What?
[ATHENA] He's on his way back here now.
It's just going to take him a minute.
That doesn't make any sense.
Why did she tell me it was her husband?
We think she may have a boyfriend.
It's just that we
can't ask her right now
because she's in a
medically-induced coma.
And her baby's still out there?
We'd like to hear the call.
Of course.
[CATHERINE] Great. Uh, we would
like to book a room for tonight.
[MADDIE] Are you okay?
I take it you're not
able to speak freely.
Is there someone listening
who might cause you harm?
[CATHERINE] That's right.
[MADDIE] Is this person known to you?
[ABDUCTOR] Tell them we
want the honeymoon suite.
Nothing but the best for my wife.
[MADDIE] Just answer "yes" or "no."
- Is your husband armed?
[MADDIE] If he's armed with a
gun, ask for a king-size bed.
[CATHERINE] Yeah, a king-size
bed would be perfect.
[MADDIE] Ma'am, it sounds
like you might be driving?
[CATHERINE] Uh, yes,
I would say we're about
- ten minutes away from your hotel.
- Okay.
- Hey. You okay?
- You were right.
I should have let you
take over that call.
- No. You handled it perfectly.
- No.
I heard what I expected to hear.
She never actually
said it was her husband.
I just assumed that it was
because I assumed she was me,
- and she wasn't.
- Maddie,
you worked with what
information you had.
But I didn't listen to
her. I listened to him.
And what else did I miss?
Thank you for coming
by on such short notice.
You sounded upset.
Because you lied to us.
You didn't tell us that
Mara had a younger brother.
Oh. All right, let's just take
a beat here. I did not lie.
The brother was already
placed in another household.
It was privileged information
I couldn't disclose.
I thought your job was
to keep families together.
Why-why would you separate siblings?
The boy's father is very much
alive, has rights of his own.
You want to protect Mara,
he wants to protect his son.
Protect him from what? Us?
His nine-year-old sister?
We're getting into some
very murky waters here.
I think you guys can do math.
Mara is nine. Her brother is two.
Mara's mother had an
affair with this man?
Then got pregnant?
And he didn't even know about the boy
until after Mara's parents died.
I would have liked to have
kept the children together.
- He wasn't interested?
- No.
So you can see my hands were tied.
He's a biological parent.
He gets to decide
what's best for his son.
What about what's best for our daughter?
Doesn't that factor in?
Deirdre, please.
You know how hard
this has been for Mara.
She's lost so much.
Just seeing Tyson, having some
kind of relationship with him
that would mean everything to her.
I'm sorry that the
system doesn't always work
the way we wish it would.
You are the system.
There has to be
something that you can do.
I should go.
[KAREN] "Tiger Tykes."
What's that?
People are always asking
me about where to find
good Mommy and Me classes.
I send a lot of people there.
Especially new parents.
Thanks for the tip.
We'll have to check it out.
Uh, that's Catherine Morris's room?
Are you family?
- Yeah.
- Just so you know, the window to come up
with a lie to tell me has now closed.
I'm a 911 dispatcher. I took her call.
So, what, you're here doing a follow-up?
I just wanted to see how she's doing.
I guess I feel responsible somehow
that we didn't get there sooner.
The only person
responsible is the driver.
The rest of us are just
cleaning up his mess.
- Someone said it was a loved one?
Nothing about that says love.
But she's young and healthy.
She'll survive this.
Even though there'll be days
she'll probably wish she hadn't.
That'll heal, too eventually.
You speak from experience.
Sounds like you do, too.
My husband tried to kill me.
Almost succeeded.
And I don't know why
I just told you that.
[LAUGHS] It's all good. It happens.
I tend to trigger honesty in people.
Maybe because they feel sorry for me.
I'm mostly triggered by the scrubs.
- Excuse me?
- I was a nurse.
I'm Maddie.
So, nurse turned dispatcher.
Tell me, is the pay better?
- Not remotely.
- The hours?
About the same, but
I wouldn't change it.
I like where I ended up.
Me, too. [CHUCKLES]
Tell you what. I have to
make a run down the hall.
You mind keeping an eye on our
girl for us for a few minutes?
Are you sure? I'm not family.
I think you're close enough.

I'm sorry.
That you're in here and he's
out there with your little girl.
We're gonna find her, and we're gonna
bring her home to you, Catherine.
I promise.
Okay. Uh, what am I doing?
Can I help you?
I mean, are you looking
for something specific?
- I'm not sure.
- Hmm.
I'm not sures. Um,
you know, I think we may
have some of those in stock.
[EDDIE] Huh.
This is our best-selling candle.
Instant stimulation.
[GASPS] Mm. Do you trust me?
I don't know you.
Well, then you have no
reason not to trust me.
[CHUCKLES] Close your eyes.
Close 'em.
Now, it's almost like you're
sitting on a beach somewhere.
All that's missing is the ocean sound.
And maybe a bathing suit,
which weird, we
happen to sell those, too.
You definitely have a lot of
somethings in here.
There's a thing for everyone.
Who did you say you're
looking for again?
- A friend, or a girlfriend maybe?
- Oh, no. Uh, just
me and my son, Christopher.
Single dad.
- Ah. Hmm.
- Yeah.
Um Here.
For your son. On me.
Now we just need one for you.
E for Edmundo.
- Most people call me "Eddie," though.
- Eddie.
Well Eddie,
it's been very
- Mm.
- Mm. Stimulating?
[SNORTS] Yeah. Stimulating.
- Here.
- Let me ring you up.
- Mm-hmm.
[KAREN] I don't know what to say.
I feel like a stalker.
Well, don't say that.
We'll just talk from the heart
and hope they'll listen.
Ah. If only it were that simple.
We can do this.
- For Mara.
You guys look like you're having
as much fun as your son here.
- Yeah.
- Oh, we were.
We love to see him so happy.
- Yeah.
- This class really brings him out of his shell.
Where's your little Tiger Tyke?
Um, in school.
They're both a little older.
We were actually here to talk to you.
I'm Henrietta Wilson.
This is my wife, Karen.
And, uh, um, we're
We're Mara's foster parents.
- Uh Mara?
- The sister.
Look, I was very clear to Deirdre.
Tyson is young enough that
he'll never remember who his mother is,
and I think that's for the best.
We-we were just hoping
that we could just open up a dialog,
- talk.
- And then what?
Look [CHUCKLES] We're happy
this worked out for Tyson.
He gets to be with you
and this new family, but
Mara has been through hell,
bouncing from foster family
to group home and back again.
- That is not my fault.
- We know.
But reconnecting with Tyson
would be a game changer for Mara.
She misses her brother so much.
And we thought maybe he misses her, too.
[MADDIE] Catherine?
Can you hear me?
Are you there? Can-can you talk?
[ABDUCTOR] I think Catherine's
done enough talking for today.
[MADDIE] 9-1-1, what's your emergency?
[CATHERINE] Hi, there. Is
this the Sunset Regency Hotel?
[MADDIE] No, ma'am, you dialed
- Whoa. Hey.
Hi, it's just me, your husband.
- Sorry, I was just
- Torturing yourself?
There's something off about this call,
and I just haven't put
my finger on it yet.
I know this was a rough call, but
don't you think maybe you're
a little too close on this one?
- Wouldn't it be better if someone else
- No, that's why it should be me.
I have been the passenger
in the seat of that car.
I understand her more
than anyone else can.
Okay, then tell me about her.
- okay. Her name is Catherine.
- No.
Tell me about the woman in
the passenger seat of that car.
She's afraid she's gonna die.
As long as the car
is moving, she's safe.
But she needs a plan for when it stops.
A way to fight back.
But she's smart, right?
'Cause, uh, she manages
to call for help.
Yeah, but still, he's
only inches away from her,
so everything she says is in code.
Maybe that's it.
[MADDIE] Catherine, I'm
gonna stay on the line
- with you until
Is there a baby with you?
- [CATHERINE] We're gonna need a crib in the room.
[ABDUCTOR] Shh, it's okay,
sweet pea. Daddy's here.
[ABDUCTOR] I already told you
we have everything we need!
I even bought you a yellow nightie.
I knew it was your color
when I saw it in the window.
I was going to surprise you,
but now you've ruined it!
bought that weeks ago.
- That wasn't in code.
She wasn't speaking to me,
she was reacting to him,
to what he was saying.
[ABDUCTOR] I even bought
you a yellow nightie.
I knew it was your color
when I saw it in the window.
I was going to surprise you,
but now you've ruined it!
bought that weeks ago.
She's surprised.
He shouldn't know about the nightgown.
He saw it in the window.
But whose window?
Yeah, Maddie. Um,
a yellow nightgown
Yep, I am looking at it right now.
He saw it in the window?
You know what? Uh, let
me call you in a minute.
I'll be right back.
- Where are you going?
- Following a hunch.
What does that mean?
Uh, Detective Romero
has been working very hard
to find the man who hurt your daughter.
You know,
someone came this morning
and took a hairbrush.
DNA samples from the baby.
They wouldn't need that if they thought
Chloe was alive, would they?
Nothing has happened
that leads us to believe
that Chloe has been harmed,
so don't go down that road, okay?
I'm sorry.
Rick, where are you?
Across the street. I need you
to go into Catherine's bedroom.
Excuse me.
Okay, now what?
Look out the window.
We've been looking at this all wrong.
Catherine doesn't have a boyfriend.
She had a stalker.
That was incredible.
And kind of unexpected.
Was it, though?
I mean, you had me come over here
when no one else is home, so maybe not.
So I, uh, spoke with Christopher.
About me?
- About Santa.
Did you tell him he wasn't real?
- [LAUGHS] Of course not.
I told him that Santa
could make miracles happen.
Even bring Mommy home for Christmas.
It's all he's wanted for Christmas.
And I think it's time that
Mommy came back in his life.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I can't think of a better gift.
[MARISOL'S VOICE] Can you pass the salt?
Yeah, um
- [MARISOL] Are you okay?
- Yeah, I think so.
Where did you go just now?
I'm here.
His name is Kyle Dixon.
He was working as a handyman
across the street from
Catherine's apartment.
So, she doesn't know him at all?
No, but the vacant unit
that he was renovating
had a great view of her bedroom window.
Building manager claims he
didn't really know this guy.
I guess he's big on
getting cash discounts
- and not doing background checks.
- So, what now?
How are you gonna track him down?
Well, here's the problem.
We ran a background check on him,
but everything still shows
him living in Wisconsin.
And does he have any
friends or relatives in L.A.?
There's a sister,
but, uh, still in Wisconsin.
We think she might know something.
Okay, are you guys gonna call her?
Well, you know, we're used to
interviewing people face-to-face.
It's harder to get a read on someone
over the phone.
What's her number? I'm
pretty good on the phone.
[CHERYL] I don't understand.
You're looking for
Kyle? What's he done now?
He hasn't shown up
for work in a few days.
He said he found a steady job,
that it was going to
be different in L.A.
So, you knew he'd moved here.
A few months ago.
I encouraged it.
He said he needed a fresh start,
and I thought that it
would be better than
Starting over can be hard,
leaving everything you know behind.
Wasn't much left for him after
he lost Lindy and the baby.
It was like his whole life fell apart.
I'm so sorry. When did they pass?
They didn't die.
They're hiding from him.
Lindy said she was taking
the baby to the park.
Instead, she went to the bank,
cleared out their
accounts and disappeared.
He must've been devastated.
I was afraid he would
never stop looking for them.
That's why I was glad
when he moved to L.A.
I thought he was ready to move on.
You said you work for
emergency services.
Did he find them?
[MADDIE] No, but I need
your help to find him.
When was the last time
you called your brother?
Hey, you want some num-nums?
You want some num-nums?
There you go. There you go.
Hey, you like those, don't you?
Time to find a new mommy.
I like her, too.
[ATHENA] Anything off the cell phone?
sister straight to voice mail.
But when he did that,
it pinged a cell tower.
He's got to be somewhere
within this radius.
[JOSH] Catherine's apartment isn't far.
Any chance he'd go back there?
[ATHENA] We got units sitting on
the place, but I doubt he'd make it
that easy for us. Rick,
how'd we do with the
warrant for his credit cards?
Uh, judge sounded unimpressed
with a view from a window
and an estranged sister,
so I think it's a long shot.
Could we update the Amber
alert? Put the guy on blast?
I'm worried it'll set him
off, and he'll dump the phone.
- You have another idea.
- A long shot of my own.
Kyle's sister said his wife told him
that she was going to the
park the day that she ran away.
What if he's at a park right now?
Doing what? Recreating the moment?
Mm looking for a new wife.
Is there a park near that cell tower?
Playa Park.
[ROMERO] That's on my
way. I can be there in two.
[SIGHS] I'll meet you there.
- Hey, man, nice catch. That was a good one.
- Mommy!
Are you missing your mommy?
Let's see if we can find
your mommy somewhere.
Maybe she's over here.
She's all alone?
Yeah, there's no sign of the
mom. Send all available units.
All units near Playa Park, be advised,
possible abduction in progress.
Suspect is white male, 30s.
Possibly travelling with an infant.
- It's okay, sweet pea.
Dispatch, this is 3-Adam-40.
I've got an officer down.
Repeat, officer down.
We have struck a civilian
vehicle on the corner
of Willoughby and Surfside.
3-Adam-40, rescue units
are in the vicinity
and en route to you.
Never rains but it pours.
- Sir.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Just need a second.
Okay, Hen, Eddie, I
want you on the driver.
Buck, Chim, you're on the other vehicle.
Tejada, how many we got here?
All right, let's get you looked at, too.
Oh, uh, hey, let me give
you a hand with that.
We're okay. We're fine. We made it.
Uh, sir, we should actually
take a look at you and your baby.
No, no, no. Hey.
It's okay, Daddy's here.
[BUCK] Uh, uh, sir, we
need you need to stop.
You or the baby may be injured
and-and just not know it.
- We're fine!
It's okay, sweet pea.
Don't cry.
What did you just call her?
Okay, sir, just relax.
- All right?
- We're a family.
We're a beautiful family.
- No, no, no!
- Hey!
- Gotcha.
- Athena, this is the guy.
- Turn him over.
- Is that his car?
- Yeah.
We think he took another woman.
It was just him and the baby.
Anybody check the trunk?
[ATHENA] Oh. Okay.
Dispatch, this is Captain
Nash 118. Be advised,
we have found the missing mother.
She is breathing and alert.
Baby is also doing well.
LAPD has the suspect in custody.
Copy, 118.
[AMIR] All right, well,
your vitals look good.
- How you feeling?
- Same, I guess.
Everything hurts everywhere.
Would you like something for the pain?
No. No, I need to stay awake.
My husband is coming.
[CRYING] He must hate me.
No. You didn't do anything wrong.
never gonna forgive me.
I don't even know if
I can forgive myself.
- It's not your fault.
- Yes, it is.
- No.
- Yes.
Stay positive. They're
gonna find her, honey.
[AMIR] Detective, hey.
I certainly hope you
have some good news.
That lady could use some.
How's that for good news?
[BOBBY] Hey.
Is it okay if we just, uh
Yeah. Yeah.
Uh, she's been extubated
and she's recovering.
I'll make sure to be real careful.
- Yeah.
- [CATHERINE] Oh, my God.
- Chloe! Hi.
- Chloe wants to say hi.
Hi, baby.
- Hi, baby.
Look. Hi.
[AMIR] Nash.
[ROMERO] You know Bobby?
No, but I'd like to.
[SIGHS] We should really make them come
and clean up their own mess.
I know, but they're eating ice
cream together in the kitchen,
and they're bonding.
- We shouldn't interfere.
Oh, I see how this is gonna be.
Good cop, bad cop.
- Sometimes we switch.
you and Mara come clean up your mess
when you're done with the ice cream.
I hope it's okay we
stopped by unannounced.
We asked Deidra for your information.
Of course. Come in.
We're happy you're here.
Is Vincent ?
He's convinced Tyson doesn't
remember anything from before,
but I I think he does.
Hi, Tyson.
I'm Karen.
He's slow to warm up to strangers.
That's okay. He can take
as much time as he needs.
We have company?
Mara has company.
[GASPS] Tyson?
- Buddy! Buddy!
- Hi.
- Oh.
He does remember her.
- He does.
- [LAUGHS] Here. See?
And watch it, you will be all right ♪
- Hey, hey, hey ♪
- Hey, come on in.
Hey, sorry we're late.
Is that smoke?
Uh, yeah. I've been trying to
crack this new lasagna recipe.
- I think it might have cracked me.
- Yeah.
Dad already ordered a pizza.
[EDDIE] Uh, it'll be here in 15 minutes.
And a very, very generous
tip has already been included.
Okay. Great. Uh, and what
time are you meeting Marisol?
- I have to be there in 30 minutes.
- Hey, good cologne.
We won't wait up for you.
Mwah. You two guys
have a good night, okay?
Make sure he doesn't stay up
all night playing video games.
- Yeah, yeah, I will.
- I was talking to Christopher.
Making sure it's all right ♪
You know, I still can't believe
that guy almost got away.
That's gonna give me
some sleepless nights.
What about you?
I think I'm gonna sleep well tonight.
What about the woman
in the passenger seat?
I think she's gonna
sleep good tonight, too.
- Daddy? Mommy?
- [CHIMNEY] Uh-oh.
- Oh.
- Daddy, Mommy.
Can I sleep with you?
- Oh.
- Oh.
Someone have a bad dream?
Okay. Mommy's got this
one. You know the drill.
Let's see. [GASPS] Okay.
What kind of dreams do
we want to have tonight?
- Ice cream.
- Ooh. Ooh, ice cream? What flavor?
- Rainbow.
- [LAUGHING] Rainbow?
Come here. Let's lock it in.
- Mwah.
- Mwah.
No more bad dreams tonight.
Ooh, but I do need a snuggle. Mmm.
Wow. You look beautiful.
You don't look so bad yourself.
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