9-1-1: Lone Star (2020) s03e02 Episode Script

Thin Ice

Did you leave yet? Nicky Baskin started a snowball fight with like the whole neighborhood! No, baby.
They're saying the roads aren't safe with the ice.
I don't think I'll be home for a while.
Then is it okay if I go out and play? I promise I'll be careful.
Abe, you know the cold is bad for your asthma.
I'll bring my inhaler.
It's no different than hockey.
The difference is I'm at the rink during hockey.
But, Mom, they're having fun.
I know, and I'm so sorry.
Listen, how about today you can eat junk food and play all the video games you want? Okay.
I love you, honey.
I love you too, Mom.
Get home safe.
Hey, Nicky, where are you all going? Home.
We've been out here all day, man.
I'm freezing.
All right, see you guys.
Abe with the breakaway! It's one-on-one, he shoots he scores! The crowd goes insane! Stay with me, man.
You just keep breathing.
Damn it.
I made hot toddies.
But I see you already have company.
Found him in the snow, he's hypothermic.
Owen, are you bleeding? No, that's not my blood.
Is he gonna be okay? The pressure's not working.
Oh, boy.
All right.
It's not a bullet wound, but looks like he was stabbed, hit a brachial artery.
Okay, I need you to go over to the dresser and get me a clean pair of socks and a bottle of vodka.
Yeah, sure.
I'm gonna have to cauterize this wound.
Come back and try to get him to open up his mouth, see if he'll bite down on the sock.
Should I try and give him a drink first? No, the vodka's for us.
Sir? Sir? Sir? I need you to wake up.
I need you to open your mouth.
- Que pasando? - Somos amigos.
Abre la boca.
Abre la boca.
Vamos a ayudarte.
No, no, no, no! Sorry, amigo.
Well that was awful.
He's stabilized.
He's lost a lot of blood.
He's gonna need a hospital.
Do you have a landline at your place? No, no landline.
But I do have the next best thing.
Blizzard-like conditions continue to ravage Texas, making roads impassable, knocking out cell service and power across the state.
And nowhere is the situation more dire than here at Providence Pasture Church, where I'm told that in addition to a young volunteer stuck inside, a firefighter was trapped during a rescue operation.
Cap, we gotta get in there before USAR boys put a red tag on the whole building.
If they do, there's a good reason for it.
There has to be 20,000 pounds of ice on that structure.
Maybe we can get you some ladders and chainsaws, start removing the bigger pieces.
Well, with all due respect, sir, that would take a couple of days.
That's better than the roof of Damocles crashing down on your heads right now.
Dispatch to Captain Tatum.
Go for Captain Tatum.
Judd, you saw what happened the last time we went in.
We don't even know Paul or that girl's status.
Much less where they are in the pile.
Okay, well, hey, Cap, Cap, Cap, Cap.
Hey, look, if we lose their little girl, I wanna be able to look 'em in the eye and say to 'em we did everything we could to save her.
And right now, we cannot do that.
However, if we go in there and we're quick and we tread lightly, we can take a look around before USAR shuts this whole scene down.
Okay, but if they make the call I want your word, you get your butts out of there right away.
- Deal.
- All right.
129 just got another call.
Downed lines arcing on a sprinter van.
Okay if we leave the scene, Captain? Good luck.
All right, 129, pack up your crap! Chavez.
You got a wax build-up? Your house is on the move.
129 may be my house, but Paul's my family.
I have to help rescue him, sir.
You're a good kid, Chavez.
Not a bright kid, but a good one.
All right if he joins your command, Captain? We'd be glad to have him.
The 126 boys really are something, aren't they? It's not just the boys.
All right, 122, let's get in there.
Okay, try to stay calm for me, ma'am.
What's your name? - It's Carol.
- Okay, Carol.
My name is Grace.
Now I see you're at a residence at 226 West Briar.
- Is that correct? - No! I mean, yes, I'm here, but only because I needed a landline.
I tried to call from my cell, but Yeah, the towers are out across the city.
Can you tell me where the boy is? A block away, in the pond off Mill Road.
Okay, I do see the pond.
You said the boy's under the ice? Do you know how long he's been under there? No, my husband saw him open his eyes, but that was at least five minutes ago.
We tried to break the ice, but it's too thick.
You have to send somebody.
Um, unfortunately, because of the weather, there are no available fire trucks within ten miles of that pond.
Well, then he's gonna die! But I do see one other unit in the area.
Here they come! Over here! Well, there's the ambulance, but where are the fire trucks? That must be them.
Okay, TK, park the rig right here.
Uh, we're sliding.
We're sliding! Or not.
All right, TK, get the ECMO machine ready to go, and start the warming fluids.
Nancy, help me with the gurney.
And careful where you step.
No one needs a broken tailbone.
- Copy.
- Copy.
He's out there.
I put my hat on the ice over where he is so the firefighters can find him when they get here.
Are they close? They're all spoken for because of the Snowmageddon.
Good news is, I was a firefighter in New York, so this is not my first ice rescue.
Okay, but-but don't you need special gear for that? We'll just have to improvise.
Here, let me grab that.
Alright, what you got in here? Oh, my God, look at that relic.
When was the last time you used it? Me? Never.
That belongs to my ex.
Some guys collect baseball cards, others rebuild hot rods, Clyde was into ham radio.
Sorry, I don't have the instructions.
Oh, I'm sure we can figure it out.
Assuming that it works.
No, it-it does.
Or it did.
Clyde's finest hour was raising some kook in Galveston on that thing.
Here, emergency frequencies.
Break emergency.
Break emergency.
This is call sign 5-K-M-C-G.
Repeat, call sign 5-K-M-C-G.
Requesting emergency assistance.
This is 5-K-M-C-G.
Requesting medical assistance.
Copy 5-K-M-C-G.
Contacting 9-1-1 via autopatch.
Please remain on frequency.
5-K-M-C-G, you've reached Kerrville 9-1-1 dispatch.
State the nature of your emergency.
This is Captain Owen Strand, AFD, I am at 16 Polk Road on Mt.
I have an adult male suffering from hypothermia and a severe brachial puncture injury.
Serious or critical? I cauterized the wound.
He's stable for now, but he needs medical assistance.
Emergency response is jammed with the storm, Captain.
We'll get someone up there as soon as we can.
That's code for don't hold your breath.
Roger that, I'll keep the channel open.
So he's a firefighter.
I'm sorry, it's not as exciting as ax murder.
And yet still pretty exciting.
Mm All right, we're gonna slide in, everybody be smooth.
Everybody be very safe and do not compromise this structure.
Let's go.
Paul! Paul, you hear me? Paul! Paul! I see an opening.
Paul! Paul! Paul! Paul, you hear me? - You see him? - Nah, man.
- It's just ice.
- Damn it.
I would have thought that we would have got a thermal signature of either him or the kid by now.
Unless we're going the wrong way.
- What is it? - I mean, how do we even know we're going in the right direction? We don't.
Actually, you know what? I know somebody's who's gonna give us a helping hand.
Good, 'cause this is a mess.
Strickland to IC.
I'm in a void space.
Anybody copy? Hello? Lindsey? Oh, my God.
Lindsey? Hey.
Hey, hey.
- What happened? - The roof collapsed.
How you feelin'? Does anything hurt? I-I don't think so.
Okay, good.
I'm Paul.
I'm a firefighter.
Try to follow my finger with your eyes.
Good, good.
Do you know where you are? Providence.
Joe Biden.
You played this game before, huh? Hey, uh, how did you know my name? You called me Lindsey.
Yeah, lady of the hour.
The reason me and my team came in.
Really? I can't believe it.
Heh, come on.
A 16-year-old volunteering in a shelter? The world can't afford to lose kids like you.
No, I I mean, I can't believe anyone noticed I was missing.
Oh, yeah, we noticed.
Now we just need my team to come get us out.
Strickland here.
I got Lindsey.
Anybody copy? I think my radio got busted in the collapse.
Cover your ears.
Mateo? Judd? Can anybody hear me? Can I see it your radio? Sure.
Pretty sure it's a brick though.
I can fix this.
TK, are you sure about this? Don't worry, Cap.
I did a bunch of these back in the day in Central Park.
This is no different.
You're using a bedsheet as a life ring and a laryngoscope as an ice pick.
- It's different! - Valid point.
I see the kid! There's no hole, I'm gonna have to break through the ice! Come on.
How's it goin'? Well, it turns out it's easier with a pickax.
I'm through.
I've got him.
- TK! - TK? Hey! Don't let go! Pull him up! Don't! Stay there! Pull us towards you! No pulse, no respiration, Cap.
Does that mean he's dead? No, ma'am.
You're not dead until you're warm and dead.
We're gonna do some rapid rewarming, and hopefully we'll be able to get him back.
Let's load him into the Where's the rig? It slid down the embankment.
Well, that is unfortunate.
All right, change in plan.
TK, radio dispatch, ask for a back-up rig and a tow truck.
- Copy, Cap.
- Nancy, I need you to climb in there and get the portable ECMO machine.
- Copy that! - You got it.
- And you, ma'am.
- Yes.
Please tell me your heater works.
- Paul! - Paul! Grace, we're trying to get to where we last saw Paul at the south wall, but we're slammed up against a bunch of debris about 30 yards from the Alpha entrance.
Okay, I'm looking at the building schematics now.
I'm guessing you're somewhere on the basketball court? Yeah, I see a hoop.
Your lady's good.
Why do you think I called her? All right, Gracie, how do you reckon we proceed to find Paul? Uh, let's see.
Looks like your best bet is to double back through the Alpha Bravo wall.
There's a lot of load-bearing beams.
There's a good chance of air pockets for your team to make it through.
Good, good.
Thank you, dispatch.
Strickland to IC, anybody copy? - Hey, Paul, Paul, Paul! - Paul, brother, is that you? Yeah, yeah, can you guys hear me? Yeah, we read you! Babe, you hear that? I do hear that.
Well, brother, where you at? Some sort of locker room.
Judd, the locker room, looks like it's 25 yards to your northeast.
So at the junction of the Bravo Charlie wall.
Thank you, dispatch.
Appreciate the assist.
Anytime, Firefighter Ryder.
Hang in there, bro, we're coming for ya.
Hey, you do you.
We'll be right here.
Lindsey, you saved the day! - What are you talking about? - You fixed the radio, that was clutch.
I just fixed a loose ribbon cable.
Nothing clutch about it.
No, no, because of you, we Because of me, we're trapped here.
I should have gotten out with everyone else.
But when the roof started coming down I froze.
It's all my fault.
I think you're being a little hard on yourself.
I always choke up under pressure.
That's why I had to quit dressage and cello.
I froze because it's what I do.
And now because of me, we could literally freeze to death.
Lindsey they're on their way.
Okay? Hey, hey.
We're gonna be fine.
- What was that? - Stay close.
122! 122, the water pipes burst! We're getting soaked here! Cap, somebody needs to shut the water off now! - What the hell happened? - An ice storm hit Texas and this place ain't never been weatherproofed.
Olsen! Ricardo! Heck, somebody find that water main and get it clamped! Hang in there, Lindsey! Hang in there! I think, I think it stopped.
- I think it stopped.
- I'm so cold.
- I'm so cold.
- It's okay.
Hey, we're gonna be okay.
Hey, hey, it stopped.
Hey, all right, Paul.
Hey, hey.
Y'all think warm thoughts and we're gonna be there soon.
Judd, if they're hypothermic and wet, survival window went from hours to minutes.
Yeah, I know.
How's he doing? Well, still not bleeding.
You branded him pretty good.
And you were doubting my cowboy cred.
Hey, I wonder who put that hole in him.
Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing.
Did he say anything to you when you found him? No, he was speaking Spanish, and he seemed pretty agitated.
Guessing he's probably here illegally.
Coyotes use these backcountry roads for smuggling routes.
Smuggling routes? We're a long way from the border.
Well, it seems to be quite the thing around here in the past few years.
Folks pay the cartels to get them as far away from the Rio Grande as possible.
Then when they have them, they jack up the price, and if they can't pay You end up bleeding in the snow.
You gotta be kidding me.
Amigo! Can you hear me? How'd he even manage to get up? I don't know.
Fear? Adrenaline, maybe? If I'm not back by 6:00, will you feed my dog? Where are you going? - I'm gonna go find him.
- Owen.
He couldn't have gone far.
We can't leave him out there.
If the coyotes don't kill him, the cold will.
Well, it'll kill you too.
You can't track somebody in a damn white-out.
I've gotta try.
Come on, kid.
Come on.
- TK, I need you to prep the femoral.
- Okay.
- Are those turtles? - They're in shock from the cold.
We were taking them to the aquatic warming center.
Poor things are practically frozen solid.
Yeah, I can relate.
You ready to cannulate? Hit me.
Cannulating femoral artery.
All right.
- Fire it up.
- Here we go.
Stop compressions.
What is that thing, anyway? It's called an ECMO machine.
It's doing the work of his heart and lungs for him.
As it oxygenates the blood, it also warms him up from the inside out.
TK, anything? Nothing yet, Cap.
Come on, kid.
Come on! He's so young.
He's too young.
Oh, come on.
Hey, I got a pulse! - And another one! - That's it, let's go! Come on, buddy.
- You got this.
- Come on.
Come on, buddy.
Come on.
Keep it comin'.
Come on.
Ooh! It's all right, you're okay.
- You're gonna be okay.
- Oh, my God.
Wow! Where can I get me one of those ECMOs for my turtles? They're online.
They retail for about 10OK.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Right behind you guys.
- Thanks for coming.
He's severely hypothermic.
He was cyanotic, but he's returning to normal sinus.
We didn't get a TBI on him, though.
We'll take care of it.
Wow, you guys have your own ECMO.
I've never seen one in the field.
Score one for the private sector.
Got him? Mom I-I need to call my mom.
You're okay.
You just keep taking deep breaths and we'll call her from the hospital.
For sure.
You want us to radio a tow truck for you? Already on its way.
Where's TK? Hey! All right.
Oh, hey! Oh! What is it? What'd you find? A potential life saver.
That's a trash can.
To the untrained eye, maybe.
This is gonna sound all kinds of awkward, but you need to strip down.
You want me to get naked? Are you crazy? I'm freezing.
And wet clothes drop your body temperature even faster.
Okay? Sorry.
Look, any anything that's not dry comes off.
And don't worry, you're not gonna be naked, okay? Just think of it as a as a wardrobe change.
You want me to put a nasty trash bag on my head? It'll keep your body heat in your body.
Okay? It'll keep you alive.
Okay? Okay, good girl.
Go on.
Okay, go on.
Just, uh think of it as the world's stinkiest wet suit.
Not helping.
Looks good on you.
What about you? I'm from Chicago.
We like it frosty.
We could try to redirect the RIC team to the Delta wall, buttonhook there back around to the locker room.
That'll never work.
'Cause that whole Delta wall's like a hedge maze from hell.
What are you two guys doin' out here? Well, we couldn't get to it from the inside.
- So what are you suggesting? - We'll come from the outside.
We grab a couple of few pneumatic jackhammers off of that truck, we could punch a hole right through that cinderblock wall and we'll be in the locker room.
Maybe so, but the vibrations alone - could pancake the building.
- It's a risk.
But either way, Paul and Lindsey won't make it out if we don't.
Why do I get the feeling that even if I say no, you two are gonna grab those jackhammers anyway? Because you're an excellent observer of your fellow man, sir, that's how come.
- IC to USAR.
- Go.
I need you to bring all of your sledges, jumbo bars, and jackhammers to the Delta wall.
- All right.
We're on it, Caption.
- Let's go make some noise.
TK! TK! TK? Why the hell would he run off like that? Nancy! Are those his drawers? What is happening? We better hurry.
There he is.
Hey, Cap.
Hey, Nance.
- We got some blankets for you, babe.
- I'm good, thanks.
Said the guy getting frostbite on his ass.
I said get away! I said get away! - Hey.
It's okay.
- Stop, stop, stop.
I was burning up and this feels better.
Combativeness, it's a symptom of severe hypothermia.
Was just putting that together.
- Now he's speaking in tongues? - Pretty sure it's Hebrew.
TK, all your blood has left your extremities.
It's around your core now, that's why you feel so hot.
It's called paradoxical undressing.
It means you're near-fatal.
And we're not about to let you freeze to death on our watch.
So you can get up now and walk out or get dragged out.
- Okay.
- Okay! Okay, come on.
Good choice, buddy.
When were you gonna tell us you speak Hebrew? I don't.
Not since I was 10 in Hebrew school.
Well, looks like some of it stuck.
- Oh! - TK! Hey! - TK! - Checking for pulse.
He has no pulse, Cap.
Oh, God, no heartbeat either.
Come on, TK.
Come on, come on.
We gotta shock.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no sleeping.
You fall asleep, you die, remember? - My eyes are so heavy.
- So are mine, all right? We gotta fight, right? - Okay.
- Come on.
Hey? Hey? You know, I once dated this doctor, a resident, and, uh, when she worked 30-hour shifts, she used to put pebbles in her shoes.
Pebbles? Why? 'Cause it pissed her off.
Kind of hard to be sleeping when you're pissed off, right? So tell me, Lindsey.
Lindsey? What pisses you off? I-I don't know.
Oh, yeah, sure you do.
Sure you do.
You know, uh, the sound a air blower makes, or, uh, when somebody puts aioli in your sandwich without asking you first.
No, I'm just not an angry person.
So, what, you think that makes you sound nice? Well, it makes you sound pathetic.
So why don't you get real? Get real, Lindsey! Get real! Fine! - You know what pisses me off? - No.
What pisses you off? When people make me feel invisible.
Kids at school.
Volunteers at church, my dad when he has a deadline.
I hate it! There she is.
There's my fireball.
- Hey - Fireball? That's not a ginger joke, is it? Strickland, you copy? Yeah.
Yeah, we're here.
Hey, we're about to put some jackhammers on the Delta wall, so it might get a little bumpy in there.
Sounds good, J.
We could use the excitement.
Let's do it.
Paul? Hey? Paul? Hello, is anybody out there? Hey, Lindsey, we hear you, what's going on? It it's-it's Paul.
I think he's fading.
You guys have to hurry up.
Listen, Lindsey, you gotta keep him alive because we're in the homestretch.
I'm-I'm trying.
I don't know how to.
He's depending on you, you hear me? And so are we.
You keep him alive and we'll be there soon.
Paul? Hey, stay awake.
Come on.
It's your turn.
Tell me what pisses you off.
- Paul! - Aah! What the hell? I told you I hate when people ignore me, so look at me and tell me what pisses you off.
Well, besides somebody yelling in my ear? Yes.
Besides that, what else? What pisses me off? Well what pisses me off? You wanna know what pisses me off? Them closing my firehouse, the 126, over some BS! What BS? Budget cuts, all right? We good? No, we are not good.
Paul? Why do you love it so much, the 126? Come on.
Why do you love it? The people.
The people.
Do the people have names? Paul! Tell me about the people.
Marjan Marjan she's my ride or die.
Judd Judd, he's a, he's a big ol' redneck.
But he's all heart.
Mateo, he You know Mateo.
You know Mateo What about your captain? Paul! Who's your captain? Captain Strand.
He's the reason I came down here.
Miss that dude.
Please Please wake up, Paul.
Paul? Please wake up.
Wake up, Paul! Paul? Please.
Please wake up.
Please wake up.
- Paul, Lindsey, you in here? - Over here! We're over here.
You're safe now.
We're gonna get you some help.
What took y'all so long? Everybody's a damn critic.
You're a little underdressed for the weather, ain't you? Even if you are from Chicago.
I'm really starting to hate the cold, brother.
Hey, me too.
Move him! Mm-hmm.
Now give it another touch of starter fluid.
And then pull like hell, ma'am.
Tell me that lovely sound I hear is the generator running.
Candace, good work.
Gold star.
Giving out gold stars now? Well, an 86-year-old woman just jump-started a frozen generator, so if that doesn't earn a gold star, I don't know what does.
Uh, maybe that? What are Judd, what are you doing here? Well, me and the boys was gonna go by the hospital and see Paul, and I told 'em to swing the truck by, stop, so I could thank you in person for helping us save him.
You swung by in a fire truck? Yeah, but after we swung by the only open grocery store, so I could get you some provisions for the rest of your shift.
I don't Okay, you are making a puddle.
Somebody's gonna slip.
- Let me get - No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Oh, my God.
Gold star.
I see you're saving lives without even picking up the phone.
Judd, please be careful.
Oh, goodness.
Well, what did you bring me, at least, besides snow? Uh-uh-uh-uh.
You gotta come find out.
You gonna make me get up? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Come on, come on.
Listen, you didn't leave the whole crew sitting out there, really, did you? I mean, not the whole crew.
Plus, they got the heat on.
I just, I couldn't bear the thought of you sitting here drinking no sad chamomile tea.
Judd, you drove the fire truck across town to bring me English breakfast tea? Yeah, and I got you them ginger chews you like when your little tummy gets upset.
- Okay.
- And I got you some cough drops.
Just in case.
Just in case.
Sweetheart, I told you on the phone that I was okay.
I know, I just wanted to come by and check on my girls.
- That's all.
- Okay.
Well, your girls are fine, and they appreciate you.
But if you leave your crew outside any longer, they are the ones that are gonna need the medicinals.
Go get them out of the cold.
Hey, holler at me on the radio if you need anything.
- Okay.
I will.
I promise.
- Anything.
Hey, you heard from Marjan? Did she make it up to Owen okay? No, not a peep, but I mean, knowing her, she's probably dragging him back down the hill, talking about blizzard be damned! It's gonna be a tough one, everybody.
- Let's get it! Take care of her.
- Oh, my God.
That is your father.
Your father.
Ugh! Cap is so paying my deductible.
Hello! Can you hear me? Hello! Hello! Hello! Hey, bud.
I appreciate you coming by, especially while you're still on shift.
- Mm-hmm.
- I know he will, too.
Yeah? Typical TK.
First time that he wants to talk to me in months and, of course, it's because he's in the ICU.
About that What? TK didn't ask me to radio you today.
What? You said that he wanted me here.
I did kinda say that, didn't I? Yeah.
Well that was a lie.
A lie.
Why Why would you lie about Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt.
Are you one of the paramedics that rescued the boy in the ice? - Yes.
- You're a hero.
No the hero is my friend TK, who went into the drink to save your son.
How is he doing, by the way? The doctors say Abe is gonna make a full recovery.
I just want you to know how grateful we are and that we are all praying for your friend.
Thank you.
How serious is it, Nancy? Honestly? It's not good.
Cap's finding out the latest now.
Cap what did they say? We need to find his father.
Marjan? How's your head? It hurts.
- Where are we? - A barn.
More than that, I cannot say.
We found you in the storm.
- Brought you in here.
- Who's we? What happened? He thinks I'm police? I'm not.
I don't care where you're from.
I'm just glad you came.
Thank you for saving me, name's Owen.
Elena you helped me, let me help you.
You can't stay in this barn.
It's too cold.
Trust me when I tell you that that's a fire hazard.
Some of your people look hurt.
Tell me what happened.
We were being transported from McAllen when the coyotes tried to take everything from us.
You fought back.
There was a crash.
Then we took back what was ours.
The ones that could, ran.
Not everyone got away.
Yeah, I think I met one of them.
He was injured.
In fact, I was looking for him when the storm hit.
That's him, that's the guy.
The guy you've been running from.

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