9-1-1: Lone Star (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

Shock & Thaw

1 Hello? Griffin here.
Found a van up on Black Creek Road.
Looks like it was used to transport a lot of folks.
License plate, 5-David-Mary King-6-Xray.
No individuals on scene, but I do see evidence of injury.
Anybody out here? Kerr County Sheriff! We will help you! - Oh - Hello! Alright, I'm gonna make a loop, see what I can see.
Hey Hey.
Find a guy in the snow, you don't think to frisk him.
We frisked you.
Oye! Hey, pal? I don't think you're gonna get much reception on that for quite a while.
You know what I mean? I know.
You're pissed about that whole hot poker thing.
I totally get it.
But look, what you have going on here, that's between you and them.
Not my problemo.
I'm gonna make a little donation to your health fund and be on my way.
You can keep the blanket.
I was never here.
I never saw anything.
Elena, would you get me a rope, please? You're a really good actor, Owen.
Maybe I'll try that next.
Manuel? What are they saying? They're coming for us.
They know where we are.
Hello? When I'm alone and I'm dreaming After the long day is done Memories of past happy hours Bring hope of new joys Mom? Hey, honey.
Have you seen my slow tea infuser? Can't find it anywhere.
The otter one? It's a sloth.
Buttercup ate it.
He did? That rascal.
Hey, uh, where's Dad? I have no idea.
Work, probably.
No, he Ah, the storm must have passed.
You hear that? Hear what? Nothing, I guess.
Sit down.
Have some tea.
So when did you get in? Just now.
I flew in as soon as I heard about your latest little stint in the hospital.
You know you're in there so often, you oughta enroll in some sort of rewards program.
- I was in the hospital? - You don't remember? Not really.
Hey, did you bring the baby? Not this time.
Jonah's back in New York with Enzo.
That's too bad.
So what's he getting into lately? Jonah, not Enzo.
- Strained pears.
- Hmm.
And he recently discovered his reflection.
So that's all the rage right now.
Well, at least he's adorable, so he's got that going for him.
That's because he takes after his big brother.
Hey, are we gonna make cookies? - Cookies.
- Mm-hmm.
Remember how much fun we had making them when I was little? Of course, I remember.
What is that? - Honey.
- You hear that, right? Sweetheart.
But right now, you need to fight.
Fight who? Start pushing Epi.
- Get a crash cart in here now.
- Right away.
Whoa, whoa, wait, what's going on? His heart rate's too slow.
He's severely bradycardic.
What does that mean? Is he gonna be okay? Sir, you should step out and let us work.
If he goes into asystole, get ready to cardiovert.
How bad is it? Bad.
I mean, we won't know how bad until the doctors are done running some more tests.
But it's pretty clear where this is headed.
Well, you don't know till you know.
And you gotta keep the faith, Tommy.
With God, all things.
You're right.
You're right, and I'm, I'm trying.
I am, but yeah.
Keepin' the faith.
Wow, I don't think I've ever heard the call center being this quiet.
- Me either.
- Mm.
But cell service is down across most of the state.
So, this is the sound of people needing help and not being able to get it.
That's not a very peaceful thought, is it? No, it's not, actually.
Tell me what you're doing here.
You should go home and hug your kids.
How can I, Grace? When because of me, someone's kid is dying in a hospital bed right now.
Because of you a little boy gets to go home, hug his mom.
- You saved him.
- Mm-mm, no.
TK saved him.
And I never should've let him go in there.
We should have waited for backup.
You and I both know no backup was comin'.
Well, if anyone should have gone into that pond, it should have been me.
You, with all the ice rescues you've performed over the years? That doesn't matter.
I was his captain.
You still are his captain.
If you gave TK a choice right now, his life or that little boy's, he would do the same thing a thousand times over to keep that family whole.
Now how am I supposed to face Owen when he walks through those hospital doors, Gracie? Has anyone been able to reach him? Everything's been going to voice mail.
Like you said, the phones are down.
He was there for me on the worst day of my life.
And you're gonna be there for him.
Yeah, the only difference is that I caused his.
Huh? Huh? Morning, sunshine.
You don't look like you have a concussion, but if your forehead feels anything like mine, good.
Some agua? We got a long journey ahead of us.
Probably best to hydrate.
Suit yourself.
All right, everybody, let's go! We have a problem here.
He lost his shoes in the accident.
Now he has frostbite.
He can't walk.
Um, have some of the men come help me with this.
Oye! What are you gonna do with that? Gonna use it as a sled One, two, three.
for anybody who can't walk.
You know, this guy's cartel friends are on their way here as we speak.
They catch us, they kill us.
Or worse.
All the reason we can't stand around and argue about it.
I hate to say this, but he's gonna slow us down.
We can't save everybody.
Yeah, it's a lesson I never seem to learn.
We're not leaving anybody behind.
Even him, huh? I'm not leaving him here to die.
Also, he knows where the cabin is.
Another reason to keep him with us.
Elena! Hey, you even know where you're going? I got food, heat, water, less than two miles to my cabin.
Francisco, considera.
It won't matter not if the cartel hunts you down before you get there.
Buena suerte, amigos.
Dios te bendiga.
Strickland, is that you under there under all them blankets? I can't tell.
Hey, seriously, did you save any for the maternity ward? Man, shut up and get in here.
Ohh! How you feelin'? Well, my core temp's still a balmy 90 degrees, but the doc said I'm not gonna lose any fingers or toes, - so I got that going for me.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, your turnout's in the cabinet over there.
All right.
Thanks for looking after it for me.
Appreciate the loaner.
Oh, boy.
No, but seriously, uh thank you, guys, for saving me out there.
For digging me out of all that concrete and steel and ice.
And rebar.
Turns out gyms have a lot of rebar.
Okay, then, that too.
No, but I knew if anybody was gonna come through that wall, it was gonna be my boys from the 126.
It's because you know how we do.
I do.
I love you guys.
I-I mean that.
We should probably hug again, huh? Nah, hey we love you, too.
I love you, bro.
Alright, stop.
Whatever, man.
Hey, so what happened with Marjan? Did she get Cap to finally sign that apology letter to Billy? Remains to be seen.
Oh, is he still being stubborn? No, we just ain't heard from her.
- Really? - Yeah.
Feels like she would have checked in by now.
Cell service is out.
I mean, I'm sure her and Cap are riding out the storm together right now.
God help the man if he don't sign that letter before he walks out of there.
Knowing Marj, if he doesn't sign, he's not walking out at all.
- Pow! - Right in the kisser! Everybody decent? Honey, you didn't even give him a chance to answer.
Neither did you, dear.
All right, please forgive my husband.
He's a little overeager today.
No worries, ma'am.
It's nice to see you guys in here.
Good to see you.
You guys are so embarrassing! Sorry, Paul, my parents insisted on bringing by a few gifts to thank you.
Nah, it's okay.
Guys, you-you really didn't have to do all this.
You saved our daughter's life.
It's the least we could do.
Here, open this one first.
- It is a lambswool throw.
- Oh.
Spoiler alert.
What? He's recovering from hypothermia.
He can open his Rolexes later.
Uh, did he just say Rolexes with an "S"? - Try this.
- Yeah, I think he did.
This is the warmest blanket this side of the Siberian tundra.
Oh, my God, Dad.
Again, Paul, I'm so sorry.
- It's - You don't like it? Is it the color? If you don't like the color, we can get you a new one on special order.
Just say you like it, Paul, that way they don't have to kill another lamb.
- It's good.
- No, they don't have to kill a lamb, they just shave it bare.
Oh, then it's good then.
Oh, soft Seriously, it's a very lovely blanket, but You're too generous.
No, we're just getting started.
Would you like a Maserati? Maserati.
Wait, I'm sorry, what? A car, I'd like to get you a car.
Unless you'd prefer a truck.
What No No, no.
I couldn't possibly accept it.
That's too much.
I could.
You know, we were at the rescue too.
Lindsey, remember us? We were the ones with the jackhammers? Oh, forgive me, let me get your names.
- Matteo Chavez.
C-H-A-V - We're okay.
Actually, we're all right.
Thank you very much, but, uh, the reward of being a firefighter's in the job itself.
I respect that.
I feel the same way about my work.
- What's your line of work? - Milk cartons.
What, you could afford all this swag from selling milk? Not the milk.
Just the cartons.
- Milk cartons.
- Wow.
What a world.
Just a little bit further.
Almost there.
Why are you doing this? What? Helping us? You helped me first.
Come on.
Let's get him over there.
All right, let's go! Oh! Gracias a Dios.
Hey! Hey! Hey! I need help! I-I need help! Just relax! Were you in that van I found up the road? Sí.
There was an accident.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Everything's gonna be just fine.
Back of my cruiser's nice and warm.
Oh, thank you.
Manuel said the cargo is hiding in a barn on Farm Road 296.
Wish you hadn't had heard that.
Hey! We got pretzels, chocolate chips, shredded coconuts, walnuts, and candied pecans.
The only thing missing is the secret ingredient, you remember? - Love? - Toffee.
Close though.
I don't think we have any toffee.
Of course, we do.
It's in your hand.
Ugh, man, I'm such a space cadet today.
Here you go.
Time to roll the dough.
I miss this.
You and me.
Me too.
Too bad it can't last.
Wha What? Why not? 'Cause nothing does.
Like my little boy who couldn't reach the countertop.
I swear, all I did was blink.
I'll always be that little boy, Mom.
I mean, I still am.
That's very sweet.
But we can't stay here forever.
Why not? This is perfect.
And perfect things should last forever.
- We almost had it again, didn't we? - What's that? A family.
Family is not always the picture that comes with the frame, TK.
But you are surrounded by love.
And you always will be.
No matter what choice you make.
Why do I have to choose? Because no one else can.
My sweet boy.
You can't stop time.
See what I mean? Why did it go off before we even put the cookies in? This this makes no sense.
- Some things don't.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Can we please have a little more time, Mom? Okay.
But the longer you stay here, the harder it is to get back.
I understand.
Then let's get these cookies in the oven! Manuel was right.
I just checked the barn, nobody was there.
Looks like they had a fire going, embers were still warm.
That many folks out in this weather, they couldn't have gotten far.
I'll find 'em.
Then it's just a matter of me cleaning up a couple of loose ends and we'll be good to go.
Please work.
You've reached Owen Strand.
I'm confident you know how to do this.
Pick up.
It's it's Marwani.
I was, I was in an accident and and I was I was walking up to the road and I saw a cop shoot somebody, an unarmed man, in cold blood.
He saw me, so he's probably looking for me right now.
I'm on my way to you, but in case I don't make it, he's a Kerr County Sheriff.
Um, whatever you do, just just don't go near him.
You're back.
You brought friends? They're not all friends.
- Tie him right there.
- What's going on? Our patient we thought was running from a coyote? Turns out he is the coyote.
His cartel buddy is gonna be out there looking for him.
I wanna get on the radio, see if I can get help up here a little quicker.
No, no, no, no.
Don't put his feet that close to the fire, it's not good for frostbite.
We'll heat up some water, he can dip his feet in that.
Breaker, breaker, Kerrville, this is K-5-M-C-G.
Repeat, call sign, K-5-M-C-G.
Kerrville come again.
Did not copy.
- Hey.
Need a hand? - With my empty Tupperware? No, ma'am, I think I can manage.
Thank you very much though.
You have a good night and get some rest, okay? Mm-hmm.
Um, something's about to happen.
Am I supposed to guess? People are gonna surprise you with gifts.
Well, not anymore, Bree.
I know, I just, I didn't want your water to break because of the surprise.
I mean, I-I heard that that can happen.
Well, you know what? I appreciate you.
Thank you for looking out for me.
Surprise! Guys, wait, what's all this? Oh, just a few little things.
- Oh! - We couldn't resist.
This is really sweet.
Thank you.
We know.
And if you wouldn't mind going into labor on Saturday, - we could split the pot.
- Oh, goodness.
Y'all have a baby pool on me? Okay, that's tampering, Joel.
Besides, we all know the smart money's on Thursday, right, Grace? Let's pump the brakes because this due date is not for another two weeks.
She's related to you, Miss Early To Everything.
She is also related to Judd, and that boy likes to take his sweet time.
- Does he now? - Tsk.
Okay, no more talking.
Just cupcakes and stuffed animals.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Captain Owen Strand, Austin FD.
Don't look retired, Captain.
How many you got here? Uh, 12.
We've got quite a few injuries.
I was hoping that they'd send at least one RA unit.
Yeah, resources are stretched a bit thin assisting actual taxpayers.
Well, I'm glad they sent you anyway.
They didn't.
I followed y'all here.
Got a complaint from a rancher about a pack of illegals took up residence in his barn.
Somebody called that in? That's right.
Didn't look like there was anybody home.
Why you got that one tied up? For his own safety.
Well, it is impressive, captain.
I mean, you managing to get these people all the way from that barn to here, and in this good a condition.
You're a regular modern-day Moses.
Truth be told, they saved me.
I'm gonna go out to my cruiser and see if I get Border Patrol - to send some vans up here.
- No, please.
- No Border Patrol.
- Shh.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I haven't seen my sons in almost 20 years.
I'm so close.
You can send me back, but not before I see them.
I'm sorry, ma'am, not my call.
Look, Deputy, I know you've gotta follow regulations, and-and you should.
Maybe we could also call a local advocacy group to meet us at the hospital.
Us? Yeah.
You know, I-I was gonna, I was gonna ride with 'em, if that's okay.
They really did save my life.
I'm gonna need you to stop that right now, amigo.
I'm feelin' a little outnumbered right now, and I would hate for someone to get hurt.
- Comprende? - Deputy these people are no threat to you.
Captain Strand, I know that you feel obligated but you've done enough.
I'm gonna suggest that you allow the folk who are equipped to handle this, handle it, okay? Sure.
Call sign 5-K-M-C-G.
This is 5-K-A-A-L Kerrville.
Captain Strand, do you copy? Sadie.
It's Kerrville.
They're calling us back.
Ma'am, please stop.
Do as he says.
All right, everyone on the ground.
Now, on your bellies! Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Vamanos, andale! - What's happening? - He works for the cartel.
Uh, more of a private contractor.
You know how to handle zip ties, don't you? You too.
Move! I want their hands behind their backs.
Oye! Griffin here.
You got those vans? Come on.
Come on.
Here we go.
Come on, let's hurry it up.
So what happens now? Captain Strand, do you copy? Now we're gonna wait for transport to arrive and take these nice folks to an egg farm or a concrete mixing plant, or wherever the hell else they're gonna pay off their debts.
Some of these people are injured.
They're not fit to travel.
Well, I always expect to lose a little product in transit, Captain.
What about us? Well, that's tragic.
But it's really your fault, ain't it, Captain? What the hell? - Who's out there? - I have no idea.
You and I are gonna go out there right now and find out.
You're gonna keep doing what you're doing.
Anyone tries to go out that door, they get a bullet.
Are we clear? Yeah, clear.
Let's go.
Who else is here? I don't know.
I want you to walk out there and kill those sirens.
The switch is right underneath the steering column.
Just runnin' scared Each place we go So afraid All right! Whoever else is out here, you need to show yourself! that he might show Yeah, runnin' scared What would I do? Which one would you choose? Get your ass back here! He was standing there My heart was breaking Which one would it be? You turned around And walked away with me Aah! Aah! - Gracias.
- You're welcome.
- What the hell happened? - Marwani.
What's a Marwani? That is a Marwani.
Marjan Marwani, my friend, a big-time badass.
So I gathered.
I learned from the best Cap.
This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine I'm gonna let it shine Oh.
Thank you, Lord.
Hi, Grace.
- Judd's not here, Billy.
- I'm aware.
Which is why I am.
You mind if I step inside? Feel like I might be getting frostbite on my earlobes.
You ain't gonna find it much warmer in here.
I, uh, I brought some sandwiches from that deli on Duval, about the only place left open in town.
Sorry, only kinda cheese they had left was Muenster.
What are you doing here, Billy? I've been trying to get a hold of Judd and he won't take my calls.
And? And it's a matter of some consequence.
Captain Carter over at the 125 is moving on.
I want Judd in the running to take his place as captain.
Well, that's quite an offer, Billy.
An offer that comes with a big-ass raise.
Which I'm sure a growing family like yours could put to good use.
Yeah, we could, huh? Let me ask you something, Billy.
Did you think that you could just come in here with 30 pieces of silver and buy my husband's soul? It's not silver, it's Muenster.
Okay look, I understand that all feelings are a little raw right now.
Okay, but I'm not trying to buy him out - Huh.
- I I'm trying to get the best man for the job.
And, okay, yeah, sue me if I'd like to get my best friend back, too.
Billy, you destroyed that friendship when you destroyed the 126.
I didn't destroy anything.
- An arsonist did.
Okay? - You did.
Place was burned down to the studs.
The department would have gone bankrupt trying to rebuild that, so Billy, I read that there are two reasons we do anything.
There's a good reason, and then there's the real one.
So how about you just admit it? When you saw a chance to shutter that place permanently, you couldn't resist.
You couldn't stand to see that house thrive under Captain Strand.
Billy, I don't wanna think about what your 126 brothers would say if they could see you right now.
I hope you think about it, though.
And I hope it keeps you up at night the way losing the 126 kept my husband up at night, Billy! He thinks I don't know, but I do.
And, damn it, Billy I promised him that I would stay relaxed, and I'm not feeling so relaxed right now, so how about you get your sandwich and you get out? - Grace - Billy I said get out of my house! I believe your water just broke.
- What am I supposed to tell my husband? - It wasn't me? Alright, sir.
Watch your head.
We'll contact you if we have any further questions.
Captain Strand, is the office or the cell the best number to reach you? For the foreseeable future, cell.
Assuming we ever get any reception back.
So what happens to them? It's not up to us.
Now, I'm confused.
About what? Why won't you sign that letter of apology? I mean, is it an ego thing, is it a guy thing? I mean, it seems like everybody thought this guy Bobby had it coming, so you're just gonna let him win? First of all, it's Billy.
And really, Marjan? What? Just getting another opinion.
That's not another opinion.
That's your opinion.
- Marcos? - Mom? Mom! Aye, Dios mio.
Mijitos! Her sons.
She told me she hasn't seen them in over 20 years.
It's amazing what can happen when a family never stops fighting for each other.
That was subtle.
Oh, come on.
Lord, please, I just need one bar to call my husband, please, Lord.
Ah, well, the cell towers are down all across the city.
Billy, why are you here still? Uh, your water just broke? - We've gotta get you to the hospital.
- No.
There is no we.
Do you wanna make yourself useful? Go down to the 122 station house and please tell my husband to meet me at the hospital.
How are you planning on gettin' there? I've been driving since I was 16, Billy.
I think I got it.
You're gonna drive yourself, in this weather? Okay.
Grace At least take a sandwich with you.
I hate Muenster.
Hey, Grace.
Would you just hang on a damn minute? Think about what you're doing, okay? Billy, close that door.
You're officially trespassing now.
Grace, you're in active labor, okay? You can't be driving yourself to the hospital.
Watch me.
This thing even have four-wheel drive? Look, my truck's right there.
Billy, I wouldn't get in your truck if it was the last ride out of hell.
Now you might wanna step back.
You think I'm gonna tell Judd I let you roll solo into a damned white-out? What are you doing? You ain't the only crazy one.
You're driving, I'm riding shotgun.
And bundle up, Austin.
No matter how frosty it gets, we keep it hot on 97.
Up next, the OG heartbreaker himself.
- So how do you wanna do this? - Do what? We could drive straight to headquarters and you can deliver your letter of apology to Billy and be reinstated, or we could drop the doggy home first.
What makes you think I'm going back? Well, because we're going back, for instance? No, no, no.
You're going back.
But you packed up all your stuff.
Yes, because I need to stay mobile, but I don't know what I'm doing yet, except giving you a ride back to town.
That's it? You helped me out.
I'm very appreciative.
And I'm gonna make sure you get home safely.
And by "helped you," you mean saved you from being murdered? Yeah.
In which case, I think you owe me more than just a ride.
Cap, you need to sign that damn apology letter so that you can become our cap again, like we talked about.
Like you talked about.
I didn't say anything except no.
Pretty sure I said no.
Oh, my God.
You are so stubborn.
The universe is shouting in your ear and you can't hear a thing.
Well, I hear something.
I hear Tom.
Ugh! It's all right if you love me It's all right if you don't I'm not afraid of you runnin' away, honey I get the feeling you won't I say there is no sense in pretending Your eyes give you away Well, something inside you is feeling like I do We said all there is to say Baby, breakdown Go ahead and give it to me Breakdown, honey Take me through the night Breakdown Breakdown, now I'm standin' here Can't you see? Breakdown, it's all right It's all right It's all right I'm still mad at you.
We managed to get his heart back into rhythm.
Okay, well, that's good news, right? But his body is still not compensating.
Compensating for what? It means his vital signs haven't returned to normal.
- DR.
- He's been through a major trauma.
I'm afraid he's on the verge of multi-system organ failure.
How do you stop that from happening? Unfortunately, there's not much we can do other than keep him sedated at this point.
It gives his body a chance to recover without additional stress.
Does that usually work for someone in his condition? It can.
It can.
But realistically speaking, what are we looking at here? We're watching his labs closely, but if they continue trending down We could lose him.
I'm sorry I don't have better news.
Okay? We're just We're just gonna keep on praying, okay? Yeah.
And one thing we know about TK, the kid does not know how to stay down.
She's right about that.
I think I need to get some fresh air.
- You want someone to come with? - No.
I think I need to be alone for a minute.
This sucks.
Yeah, it really does.
Yeah, you might wanna ease up just a skosh.
Conditions being what they are.
Billy, if you keep talking, you're gonna be walking in these conditions.
Reckon nobody likes a backseat driver.
Be quiet! Uh What you said about it chafing me to watch Strand run the 126 so well, I I suppose there's some truth to that.
Well, at least you can admit it, Billy.
I do think about 'em.
Judd and all my fallen brothers from the 126.
I see their faces every night.
Never stop thinking about 'em.
Hey, hey, hey.
You okay? Here, squeeze my hand.
- Don't-don't touch me.
- Squeeze my hand.
Don't touch me, Billy.
Are we clear? You are not a friend.
You are not family.
You are a man who jumped in my car.
- Are we clear? - Yeah.
What is this? They look abandoned.
Folks must have bailed when the storm hit.
Um, it's-it's okay.
- We can just double back, take Mopac.
- Mm-mmm Get to the hospital from Birchwood.
That's gonna take too long, Billy.
I'm going around.
Ah Put it in reverse.
That's it, nice and easy.
Ugh! No.
Damn it! We're stuck.

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