9-1-1: Lone Star (2020) s03e10 Episode Script

Parental Guidance

That body shop earned their money.
Not even a scratch on the fender.
If only I could say the same for my husband.
Norah, you heard the doctors.
I'm gonna make a full recovery.
What do you think about sushi for lunch? Is it lunchtime already? I was supposed to give you your antibiotic a half-hour ago.
I'm sure there's some wiggle room.
I don't want wiggle room.
I want you to get better.
It's alright, just tell me which one it is.
I'll take it right now.
I think it's the yellow one, but I'd have to look.
And I can't look because I'm driving.
Because the last time I took my eyes off the road while I was driving, I almost destroyed our family.
Norah, no.
I'm the one who flew halfway across the world to surprise you over a video chat.
Yeah, you did do that, didn't you? So let's make a promise to each other right now to let it go and focus on the future.
And all the bad stuff that happened? Ancient history.
Norah! I'm sorry, did you say you ran over a knife? No, a knight.
In shining armor! Okay, try to stay calm for me, ma'am.
- Uh, can you tell me - My name is Norah.
I'm at the corner of 8th and Lavaca.
Norah, have we spoken before? Not sure of our victim's ID yet.
He's alive and talking, but he's not making much sense.
Bystanders said he was stumbling around and yelling before he stepped into oncoming traffic.
Well, at least he was dressed for it.
What about the other people in the car? They're pretty upset.
That passenger was already carrying a leg injury, but other than that, they seem Okay.
W-wait a minute, isn't that - Aren't you - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
She hit him with the car last week.
I swear this one was not my fault.
- Mateo, unplug the battery.
- Yeah? Judd, Marjan, make sure there isn't any fluid leaking that's gonna ignite.
Face shield's stuck, Cap.
No, no, no.
Leave it alone.
Don't force it.
Let's just see what we're dealing with first.
- TK, put him on the LIFEPAK.
- Copy, Cap.
Okay, sir, we are here to help.
Can you tell me your name? Princess Arabella.
Princess Arabella, can you tell me what day it is? Princess Arabella! She's in danger.
I must save the princess.
So this isn't the princess.
The sword! The slice! The sword! BP's spiking, Cap.
We're looking at possible orbital compartment syndrome.
His eye is swelling in his socket and the helmet's not giving it anywhere to go.
It's gotta come off and it's stuck.
Anybody have a can opener? Alright, sir, this is gonna be a little loud - so just try to relax.
- The sword.
The slice.
The sword.
It's a rotary grinder.
- Alright, Mateo, the snips.
- Yep.
BP is coming back down to earth, Cap.
Cap, look at his lips.
And I do not like this rash.
It's erythema.
TK, put him on high-flow oxygen.
This isn't a regular head wound.
This is carbon monoxide poisoning.
Must save Which explains the delirium.
Where's the leak? Princess Arabella.
Okay, sir, I need you to tell us where you came from.
And were there any other people with you? A bounty forged in stone.
Alright, Nancy, TK, package him up.
- Take him to West Park.
- But what about you? I think Captain Strand and I are going on a quest.
Ooh, I'm looking and No, I don't see any other calls about fainting or sickness today.
Are there any movies or TV shows shooting in the area? Is there a theater nearby? Not seeing any permits.
Bass Concert Hall is two miles away.
Any chance they're doing "Camelot"? Nope, "Guys and Dolls.
" Ooh, "Guys and Dolls.
" Love "Guys and Dolls.
" Let's see.
Uh, well, this could be something.
About five blocks from you there's a novelty pizza place, Swords and Slices.
"All ye can eat stone-fired pizza.
A bounty" Forged in stone.
- He was quoting off the menu.
- Alright, we're on our way.
Send in R.
We don't have any idea what we're gonna find when we get there.
Place is closed.
We sure this is the right spot? Yeah, I reckon it's the right spot.
Ma'am? Ma'am! Princess Arabella, I presume.
Oh, my champion.
It's a medieval mass casualty.
Yeah, it's a good thing they weren't open yet.
CO's spiking 900 ppm, Cap.
Yeah, here's no smoke so it's an HVAC leak.
Judd, why don't you find the control and shut it down? Mateo, go get the 36-inch blowers, set it up, start ventilating this place.
Marjan, let's get these people out for some fresh air.
Yes, milord.
How many more you got in there? This should be the last bunch.
We're gonna need more O2 off the truck.
No good.
We just used the last cylinder of 02 about five minutes ago.
How many can we put in the ambulance? Three, four tops.
Even if we use the fire truck, we're not gonna be able to travel everybody.
I don't think we're gonna need the fire truck.
- Hey, Judd.
You take it easy.
- Yep.
I don't think our insurance is gonna cover this.
We should eat here sometime.
The place seems dope.
Really? That's your takeaway? Hold on.
- Cap! - Hey, hope you don't mind, I brought a few folks with me.
No, not at all.
Come in.
What's up? - Love the beard.
- Thank you.
- So rugged.
- Thank you.
- What's up? - What's up, man? That, uh, that's everyone? Oh, that's it.
Yeah, Marjan, couldn't make it.
She, uh She had that thing.
- The roller derby.
The - At the mosque.
That's cool.
So what'd y'all bring me? You wouldn't happen to have any deep dish pizza in one of those bags, would you? No, but I did bring you the next best thing.
It's my antioxidant Brussels sprout salad.
Ah It might be the next next best thing.
But we do have wine, which is not only allowed, it is medically encouraged.
God bless you.
I'll start decanting.
You cool if we set up shop in your kitchen? Yeah, no problem.
Everything's in there.
So how are you feeling? Uh, better actually.
I feel good.
Well, I want you to know that it's taking every bit of my self-control not to check your vitals right now.
No need.
I saw the doctor.
He said my EKG is normal and that my scar tissue is healing "beautifully.
" That's great.
Did he say when you can come back to work? Not yet.
I'm just waiting for my strength to get back.
You know, it's okay.
Everyone recuperates at their own pace.
Yeah, I'm reading "Gulag Archipelago Volume 2.
" See his face when he heard that Marj couldn't come? Yeah.
Like his dog didn't make it home from the vet.
Are they still not talking? I don't think so but it's hard to know for sure.
Because neither of them will talk about it.
No, this has gone on long enough.
Somebody's gotta straighten her out.
Amen, brother.
- Hmm? - I mean, I would absolutely.
But I just feel like this is more of a firefighter-to-firefighter thing.
- Agreed.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mateo.
- Oh, she's like my big sister.
Like a very intimidating big sister.
Y'all are a bunch of yellow bellies, man.
Hello? a break between taking out the Yeah, this is him.
Where? Oh, sure.
That's weird.
That was a bartender at the Rustwood Tavern.
They want me to come pick up my dad.
What's your dad doing at a badge and ladder bar? I have no idea.
He doesn't drink.
Also, he's in Guadalajara.
Mateo Chavez.
I got a call, they said to come pick up my dad.
He's over there.
Your mother must have been better-lookin'.
Captain Tatum? What's going on? Hey, Chavez.
Pull up a stump.
Whoa, what happened? Did you get in a fight? - Uh, slipped in the can, no big deal.
- Hey! Why didn't you call an ambulance? 'Cause he told me he'd break my head if I called anybody but you.
True story.
Wipe that "poor you" look off your face, Chavez.
I'm fine.
We'll see about that.
Here, follow my finger, Cap.
Which one? I'm kidding ya, kid.
Well, good news is I don't think you have a concussion.
Bad news is you're gonna have a terrible hangover in the morning.
A few push-ups, a cold shower, I'll be fine.
So what's going on, Cap? Why did you tell the bartender I was your son? I did tell him that, didn't I? Because I knew my own degenerate progeny wouldn't be there to answer the call in my hour of need.
Yeah, I heard about Lieutenant Darby.
Apartment fire over on 5th Street.
You know, I really thought he was gonna pull through.
I prayed every day he'd make it out of the hospital.
Next time, pray harder.
Left behind a wife and a kid, a little boy.
Hell of a thing, huh? Bartender? Two more whiskeys for me and my friend here, please.
Sorry, Captain, I serve you anymore and I can go to jail.
What the hell happened to this country anyway? What happened to freedom? I'll explain it to you on the way home.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Think I stood up a little too soon.
Do you know where I live, Chavez? No, I don't.
That's unfortunate.
Hey, hey.
Mateo, why is there a drooling fire captain on my couch? Yeah, he was in a bad way last night.
He lost one of his guys.
His Lieutenant, I heard.
And you've been looking after him all night? Yeah, I didn't want him to choke on his vomit.
And also I read people can snore so bad, they suffocate.
So he seemed like a double risk.
No kidding.
Hey, Captain Tatum.
How are you doing? Strand? What are you doin' here? - I live here.
- Where's here? Captain Strand's house.
I brought you here last night.
What the hell time is it? 8:45.
Crap, I gotta go.
I got Darby's service.
Wait, I thought you said that was Saturday.
That's the formal funeral.
This is the church service for just the 129 and his family.
I'm supposed to give a damn eulogy.
Whoa! You got this room on a damn gimbal? Look at me, man.
I can't even get my damn ass upright.
You know what? I have a hangover cure that is the stuff of legend.
- What the hell is that? - Turmeric root.
Even if your witch's brew does the trick I don't know how I'm gonna face them.
Darby's wife and kid, my guys, they're all gonna be looking at me, for profound wisdom to make sense out of this.
And I got nothin'.
Well, just speak from your heart.
Try not to throw up.
It'll be fine.
I'll go with you.
You will? You said the service is for the 129.
Well, I may be back with the 126, but those months under you, under Lieutenant Darby they meant a lot to me.
- Hey, Marwani.
- Hey.
I like that bedroll, you got going.
It's nice.
You got it nice and smooth.
- Got a nice little tuck.
- Thank you.
Alright, there's nary a crease.
The whole thing is good.
Judd why are you being awkward? I'm not being awkward.
You just said, "nary.
" You're being awkward.
What's going on? So A few of us went over to Paul's house last night just to see how he's doing.
Yeah, I heard.
How is he doing? Oh, he's, he's, you know, he's good.
He's good.
He's gettin' his strength back.
- He's growing his beard out.
- Really? How's that look? I can't even picture it.
It suits him.
Yeah, Nancy said she thought it looked rugged.
I'd agree with her, except you know, it was 6:00 p.
and he has pajama pants on, so - Oh.
- He's smiling.
You know, he's sayin' all the right things, but in my opinion, he's depressed and he needs his best friend back.
Here we go.
And I know you two have been freezing each other out, I know, but I think it's time for that to stop.
You've got that twisted, Judd.
Wait, so you guys actually are speaking to each other? The night Paul had his heart attack, I felt his rib crack while I gave him CPR.
I stayed up in that waiting room all night praying he'd wake up.
And when he did, you know what he said to me? He told me he couldn't look at me and to get out.
I have called and texted him every day since, and not once has he responded.
So, no, I'm not freezing him out.
He's freezing me out.
I'm sorry, kiddo.
I didn't know.
The last time I went through his door, I had to kick it in.
I'm not doing that again.
This time he needs to open it.
Morning, everyone.
My name is Jack Tatum.
I had the privilege to ride the engine with Leo Darby for all 18 of his years at the 129.
I know today is one of sorrow, but it's also one of pride too.
We're all so proud of Leo.
Now, I've never been much of a churchgoing man, so I can't offer you prayers or insights about eternity.
But I hope this may give you some comfort today.
I've carried this webbing with me for 37 years.
My first captain gave it to me on my last day as a probie.
Captain Collins.
Now I know every firefighter in the room has heard this story before, but tough, because you're gonna hear it again.
The webbing represents the link the connection to As Captain Collins would say, he He'd say This webbing Yeah.
It's a symbol.
You all have heard this a million times before, but, damn it, you're gonna hear it again.
My first captain Captain Collins he'd say "As long as you hang on to one end of it" Uh "As long as you got one end" "As long as you're hanging on to one end of it, "someone is hanging on to you.
"In this house we're all connected forever.
" That's it! That's right.
God bless Lieutenant Leo Darby.
Though you may be gone we'll never let you go.
Thank you.
Thank you, Captain Tatum.
Thanks for the assist, kid.
Anytime, Cap.
Who died? Nobody likes a lurker, Mateo.
How did you Wait, do you have eyes in the back of your hijab or something? You wear a lot of body spray.
What's going on? Well, I have this question.
And it's purely theoretical.
Let's say, you know something about someone and that something can impact the ability to do their job.
Do you think you have like a moral obligation to do something about it? Or would that be like a betrayal? He had a heart attack! I did not betray Paul.
This is not my fault.
I don't know what you people want from me.
Huh? Marjan, no.
What are you talking about? Chavez.
The Caps wanna see you.
The Caps? Mateo, come in, please.
Have a seat.
Two captains under one roof.
This must be serious.
Yeah, I'm afraid it is.
I've been telling your cap here about what happened at Darby's funeral.
Oh, really? You have? Thank God.
Is that so surprising? No, it's just there was a lot going on and you know, I wasn't sure if you were gonna remember.
How the hell could I forget you showing up to have my back? I almost broke down like a blubbering fool in front of everybody.
This kid pulled me back from the abyss.
- He's a good egg.
- Yeah, he's the best.
Which is why I'm here today, Chavez.
With Darby gone, I lost my second in command.
I want you to take his place.
But Darby was a lieutenant.
Well, I was hoping the double bump might be enough to entice you to consider the offer.
I mean, with all due respect, sir, are you sure you're in the right frame of mind to be making this decision right now? It's true, I'm grieving.
And I know how much you love Captain Strand here and the 126.
But as humbling as it is to say I need you, kid.
Look, we know it's a big decision, and we want you to take as much time as you need to figure out - I'll do it.
- Wh-what? That's my boy! Get over here, son! I'm so sorry, Cap.
No, no, you don't need to be sorry.
I mean, uh, I mean, I'm-I'm happy for you.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I could have strangled the little betrayer.
He said "yes" just like that? Oh, jumped at it.
I mean, at least pretend to be conflicted, right? That's what I did with my second wife when she asked for a divorce, I managed to look sad.
Well, Mateo ain't your wife.
You can't fault the kid.
I mean, going from probie to lieutenant in one year? It's a big pay jump.
Yeah, I guess I was just blindsided.
Didn't expect to be down a team member when I woke up this morning.
Two team members.
Billy didn't offer you another captaincy, did he? No, no.
I ain't talking about me.
I'm talking about Paul.
Oh, Paul.
Paul's fine.
He's on the mend.
He's this close to coming back.
I mean, you saw him last night.
Yeah, evidently you didn't.
'Cause what I saw was a man who's let himself go.
Right, 'cause of a little five o'clock shadow and the afternoon PJs? Come on, his body has been through a trauma.
He's recuperating.
Marjan said that he's basically cut her out of his life.
Alright? He ain't answering her calls, texts, nothing.
I thought they were besties.
Yeah, it's what's got me so concerned.
I mean, I ain't trying to be dramatic, but when I had PTSD, that's what I did to Grace.
You think Paul has PTSD? And like you said, he's been through trauma.
Now he's pushing away all the people who are closest to him.
Well, maybe it's time for us to push back.
Come on Strickland, open up.
Hey! Uh, uh, hang on.
Hey, what are y'all doing here? Well, we were thinking about maybe taking you out for a beer.
Damn, I wish y'all would've called first.
I'm kinda in the middle of something.
Like a like a donut bender.
You still got some of the powdered sugar in your beard.
- What's really going on? - Uh, nothing's going on.
Can't a man put his feet up with some sugary processed foods? I'm recovering.
You got the same crusty-ass PJs on you did three days ago.
These are just similar ones.
It doesn't feel like you're recovering.
It feels like you're retreating.
Says the guy who ran off into the woods when 126 shut down.
Yeah, and running off didn't do me any good.
You can't hide from your demons.
Gotta fight 'em.
I don't know.
I don't think I can, Cap.
Because mine are inside of me.
I mean, do you have any idea what that's like to not be able to trust your own heart to keep beating? No, we don't.
But you're not the first person to ever get a pacemaker.
It's not a pacemaker.
It's an internal defibrillator.
Sounds a whole lot worse, don't it? Well, it's certainly harder to say.
I mean, I read about it and it says that you should be good as new, you know.
It ain't like it's gonna be that different.
I am different, Judd.
Ever since they put this thing in me, I My arms and legs feel like cement.
My energy and my strength is gone.
And, I don't know, my reflexes are shot.
I'm just waiting for this thing to zap me.
Hey, Paul.
Reflexes look pretty good to me.
Alright, why don't you get some sleep? You got a big day tomorrow.
We'll come by about 8:00 a.
Just make sure you got your running shoes.
Wait, where are we going? You'll see.
You guys are really annoying, you know that? Hey.
Hey, Cap? What would have happened if I didn't catch this remote? I had faith in you.
And the department's got a great dental.
Marj, what the heck? Funny, I came to ask you the same question.
Is it true that you're leaving the 126? - Yeah.
- Unbelievable.
After you giving me so much crap last year for wanting to go back to Miami to get married, and now you think you can just slip out the back door without so much as a goodbye? Marj, I wanted to tell you.
I I just didn't know what to say.
No, it's not that you didn't know what to say.
It's that there's no easy way to say it, that you're an abandoner.
An abandoner? - I am not an abandoner.
- Oh, you're an abandoner.
Abandoning us for a stupid pay raise.
You're so wrong.
It's not even about the money.
Okay, then, Mateo, tell me what it is about.
It's Captain Tatum.
He's he's going through a lot right now and He needs me there for him.
Look, I am so sorry that he lost one of his guys.
It is a tragedy.
- But he is not your family.
- Yes, he is.
And you should talk because I've seen how you do your family lately.
What is that supposed to mean? Paul's twisting in the breeze right now, and you won't so much as lift a finger.
Lift a finger? I saved his life! Well, he needs a lot more from you than that.
Well, then he needs to ask me for it! Yeah, well, you don't always need to get a written invitation to go help someone.
You're really gonna turn this all back on me right now? You're like a guilt trip ninja.
Marj I'm really not trying to make you feel bad.
You know, lately I've been wondering why I bothered to fight so hard to get the 126 back together.
Would have been so much easier to just give up.
Just like everybody else.
Lieutenant? Excuse me, Lieutenant? Talking to me? You're Lieutenant Chavez, right? Oh, yeah.
It's the first time I'm hearing it out loud.
Welcome back to the 129.
Good to be back.
Hey, I didn't get your name.
Probie Barrett.
But everybody just calls me "Grunt.
" Well, it's nice to meet you, Barrett.
- Can I take your bag? - Oh, no.
It's all good.
- I got it.
- Please.
If Captain Tatum sees his new lieutenant carrying his own bag next to his probie - It's latrine duty for a week.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- Yeah, man.
You want a coffee, Lieutenant? No, I'm more of an extreme energy drink guy.
Tell me what kinds, they'll be in the fridge by lunch.
What do you think you're doing, Grunt? I was just getting him situated, sir.
Not you, dummy, him.
Why are you here? You know what, on second thought, Barrett, I think I'll take that coffee.
Sir I'm here because you hired me to replace Darby, remember? Of course, I remember.
Would you relax? I'm just bustin' your balls.
Oh, no.
I'm telling you guys, this is a bad idea.
You wanna start feeling like yourself again? You gotta pass this test so you can get back to work.
Yeah, but what if I have a heart attack and die? Based on your health, your age, it's a statistical impossibility.
Isn't that right, Tommy? - It's very unlikely, yes.
- So you hear that? A medical professional just told you you're fine.
Okay, see, that is not what I heard her say.
Tommy, what do you really think? I think that if your heart does something abnormal, that device will shock it back into normal rhythm.
Okay, and what is that gonna feel like? Oh, I can't tell you from experience.
What have you heard? I've heard it's a little bit like being kicked in the chest by a mule.
- No, I'm out.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I've been kicked in the chest by a mule.
- It ain't nothing.
- No, you haven't.
You're lying.
- I'm not lying.
- No, you're lying.
I can tell, your eyebrow arches every time you tell a lie, man.
It's true.
It's your poker tell.
Alright, I've never been kicked by a mule, but I have had my ass kicked by PTSD.
And every time that you give in to the fear, that monster's gonna get bigger.
Alright, fine.
But please do not say the only way out is through.
Okay, so you have 10 minutes, 20 seconds to pass.
Three, two, one, go.
Come on, Paul.
Come on, Paul.
Let's go.
Your legs are stuck in molasses.
- Okay.
- There you go.
Come on, now.
Strickland, man, it's too slow.
You gotta pick it up.
Come on, man, I feel like I'm gonna die! You're not gonna die, I promise! He's not gonna die, is he? I sure hope not.
Come on, Strickland, let's go! Hey, if you don't wanna do this for yourself, imagine that it's us in a burning building and we need your help right now.
Imagine one of us is trapped.
Now let's go! Come on, Strickland Let's move, baby.
Let's go! Good.
There he is.
Yeah! Look at him move! Go! Go! - Good, good.
- There you go! Good.
Yeah, good! Here we go! Here we go! You gotta pick up the pace! Come on.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! You gotta finish strong! Man, you gotta go! You gotta go! You gotta finish strong! You gotta move! - Let's go, let's go! - Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Go, go, go, go! Ooh! Ten minutes, 18 seconds! Yes! How you feel, brother? Like a firefighter.
Let's go! You got rusty, Chavez.
Yeah, well, the 126 is more of a shuffleboard house these days.
I'm just getting my sea legs under me.
Would you keep it down, please? Some of us are trying to think around here.
Hey, Phillips.
You notice anything off about Cap lately? I mean, all of us have been going through it losing Darby.
Yeah, but before Darby died.
Has he been acting I don't know, strange? Yeah.
Now that you mention it.
I guess maybe he hasn't been connecting dots as fast as he used to.
I'd still take Tatum on his worst day over just about anybody else on their best.
Son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch! Stay here, I'll talk to him.
Hey, Cap.
Everything okay? Fire commissioner is up my ass about these delinquent quarterly reports.
Uh Sir? I'll tell you what.
Why don't you let me handle those reports? - You sure? - Yeah! I mean, that's what lieutenants are for, right? To handle the dirty work.
Thanks, kid.
Thank God you're here.
My name's Miguel, I own the place.
Tell us what we're looking at here.
The fire started in the boiler room.
It spread so fast.
Any idea how many folks are left inside? Nobody.
What exactly do you guys make here? We're a bottling plant.
We mix salsas, hot sauces, barbecue sauce.
Okay, so that mean you guys store a lot of your seasonings on the premises.
Yeah, we keep them in drums in the south wing of the building.
Why? Because powdered spices are extremely flammable.
That whole wing could go off like a powder keg any second.
Get all your people clear, we'll take it from here.
- I will.
- So what do you think, Lieutenant? No life hazard, there's a high risk of a secondary explosion.
- I say we play defense.
- Great minds.
Well, look who's here.
Welcome to the party, Strand.
- Lieutenant.
- Captain.
What's up, Matty? Hey, Marjan.
Alright, Captain, this is your scene, where do you want us? Well, my guys got the wet stuff covered, so I want your team to head up to the south wing and start ventilating that roof.
Alright, you heard him.
Ladder the roof.
- Ventilate the roof? - Marjan, Judd, get ready to go up.
No, wait.
You guys, stop! Hey, Cap, the south wing, what are you talking about? Did I stutter? If they ventilate now, we can still save the structure.
Yeah, but you just said that place was a powder keg.
I said no such thing.
You did so, right after the guy told us that's where they store all their spices in there.
- Captain, is that true? - No, it's not true.
Your prodigal son here has a screw loose.
Look, Cap, you've gotta believe me.
Anybody that goes up on that ladder dies.
Stand down.
What do you think you're doing, Strand? Trusting your lieutenant.
Well, he's not my lieutenant anymore because he's fired.
Get off my scene, Chavez! I'm the IC on this call.
Those are orders, not suggestions.
And when I give an order, I expect it to be followed.
- Now get your people up - Cap! My God! Hey.
I get it now.
I get it.
Hey, Cap.
I I mean, roomie.
You've been out here all night? Well, it's not like I have a job to wake up for anymore.
So Tequila? I think Captain Tatum has some sort of dementia.
Yeah, I knew something wasn't right on the call.
How long have you known? Since Darby's memorial service.
He didn't even know who had died.
He confuses takeout order menus with quarterly reports.
Have you talked to anybody at the department? Not yet.
I never wanted to leave the 126.
I didn't go to the 129 for the money or the promotion.
I went to help Captain Tatum.
To protect him.
But if I report him I'll destroy him.
Maybe this is exactly what you have to do to protect him.
So you think I should turn him in? Well, speaking as your friend, it's what I would recommend.
But speaking as your captain, it's what I'm going to require.
My captain? So does that mean you'll give me my old job back? Well, otherwise, I think living with you would just be awkward.
How you feelin', man? I don't know, man, ask me again in 15 minutes when this is all over.
Yeah, you crushed it last time.
Yeah, well, last time I didn't have 50 pounds of gear on my back and a AFD officer with a clipboard.
- Everybody's here behind you.
- That's right.
Yeah, well, not quite everybody.
Oh, Mateo had a meeting at AFD headquarters, and Marjan is Where is Marjan? Marjan had a prior engagement.
Paul, take a deep breath.
You will be fine.
I don't know, man, I seriously feel like my heart is beating out of my chest right now.
Hold on.
Your pulse is normal.
Then why am I sweating bullets and feel like I'm gonna pass out? 'Cause, man, that's the monster talking to you.
And it's time for you to stand up to it.
- Okay.
- Two minutes, firefighter.
Hey, yo, Cap, we should call this off, I'm not ready.
- I need more training.
- Hey.
You're ready.
But what if I fail? Then you'll dust your sorry butt off and try again.
Marjan! I didn't think you'd come.
Why? 'Cause you've been an ass who hasn't answered any of my texts? For instance.
What made you show up? I talked to somebody who set me straight.
- Who? - Me.
Ah, you talked to Mateo.
I don't even know why I try, man, come on.
We should head that way.
Marjan I'm so sorry I ghosted you.
I didn't know how to face you after the way I treated you in the hospital.
Forget about it, okay? We're good.
- I love you, Marj.
- You better.
Come on! You have 10 minutes, 20 seconds to complete the course.
- Are you ready? - Do it.
Get set.
You got this.
Strictly Strickland! Yeah.
Go, buddy.
Paul! Paul, look at me.
Look at me.
Right here, right here, look at me.
Look at me.
Alright, you okay? You alright? Yeah, you weren't lying.
Kicks like a mule.
This is my fault.
I brought him back too fast.
Come on.
I appreciate that, Cap, but you're eating into my time.
What are you talking about? My heart's okay.
I can do this.
Go! Go! Go! You're wasting time, let's go! Is he gonna be alright? Lookin' good! Yeah.
Yeah, he's gonna be just fine.
Hey, Chavez.
Captain Tatum? What are the odds? A lot better than you think.
You want a drink? The other night you were all about the whiskeys.
Bartender, two more whiskeys.
I think you've had enough for one sitting, son.
- Let's get you home.
- No.
You don't want me in your car.
I can't ride in your car like this.
Sure you can.
Just lean your head out the window like a Labradoodle.
Puke on the door, you can clean it up later.
I mean like a Judas.
I betrayed you, Cap.
I went to the department today and I Told them about the bats in my belfry? You knew? Chief called me the second you left the office.
Are you mad? I'm not mad.
Is it Is it because you're confused? No, I'm not confused, damn it, I'm grateful.
Grateful? Grateful for what? Because you kept me from killing anyone.
I turned in my resignation today.
They're giving me full pension and benefits.
Even gave me the name of some fancy neurologist.
What'd I tell you about giving me that "poor you" look, Chavez? I'm sorry, it won't happen again, sir.
Better not.
Listen there's something I want you to have.
Your lucky webbing? But this is sacred, Cap.
That's why you're the only one I trust to keep it.
As long as you're hanging on to one end of it it's a lucky firefighter that's on the other end.
Making you my lieutenant was the best move I ever made.
I'd say I'll always remember you, kid, but I'll remember for the both of us.

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