9-1-1: Lone Star (2020) s03e12 Episode Script

Negative Space

So you're saying you got home at seven o'clock tonight? - Yep.
- And there were no signs that an intruder had been in the house? Not until we went upstairs.
Who else has access to the place? Uh, my son TK, um, Mateo, the landlady.
Now, you all think that this vandalism had something to do with the attack at the Capitol? The message on the note and the phrase painted on the wall were similar.
Both used the word "toxic.
" Well, it could be a coincidence, except I tend not to believe in those.
The fact that it was kept in Strand's bedroom makes it seem personal.
Can you think of anybody who might be angry enough to do something like this? No.
I'm a fairly beloved figure.
I don't have any enemies.
Uh W What? What about that guy you punched? Deputy Chief Tyson? Oh, no.
Billy and I are good.
You punched the deputy chief? Wait, you punched someone else? - Sergeant O'Brien.
- Who's Sergeant O'Brien? Motorcycle cop.
Cap clocked him.
You punched a police sergeant? He was not in uniform at the time.
He was wearing a number.
A jersey.
He was wearing a jersey.
But that's not who you meant.
Uh, no.
That was just some guy.
- Recently? - Two days ago.
So recently you punched just some guy? That's right.
You slug anyone else in the last, say, six months? Well, there was the deputy from Kerr County.
Another cop? He was involved in human trafficking.
And my life and the life of several others were at risk.
You can ask Marjan.
She was there.
You're talking about the Roy Griffin case? - Yes.
- Bad hombre.
Word is he was working with one of the cartels.
He's in jail for murder.
What? He is in jail, right? So about that Your Honor, this man is charged with kidnapping and murder.
Defense's motion to dismiss is laughable.
Former Deputy Griffin held a fire captain at gunpoint.
He forced a roomful of innocent people Innocent people? You mean all those folks who had just - illegally crossed the border? - Your Honor Let the prosecution finish, counsel.
He forced a roomful of people into zip ties and according to multiple accounts, was about to execute Captain Strand, had Strand and his companions not stopped him.
That's one interpretation of events.
- There's another? - Sheriff's Deputy Griffin entered into a situation in which he was dangerously outnumbered and could not possibly tell the good guys from the bad.
For all he knew, Captain Strand was the one engaged in human trafficking.
The unarmed man your client gunned down, as witnessed by another firefighter The slug pulled from that victim was too damaged to match.
Your Honor, the government's case simply does not rise to the burden necessary to take it to trial.
Your Honor, this man is a dirty cop and a cold-blooded killer.
You can't just let him walk.
They let him walk.
Are you kidding me? - I wish I was.
- When did this happen? That hearing was a month ago.
They let him out two days after that.
- So he's been out for a month? - Apparently.
And nobody gave you guys a heads-up? Well, if they dropped the charges, they're not obligated to tell anybody anything.
Cap, you think this might be the guy who broke into your house and staged the hoax at the Capitol? We don't know, but obviously it was somebody who has a beef with me.
Well, I mean, that ain't a short list, Cap.
Uh, I've been over that list, and very few of them are actually psychopaths.
But this guy is.
I want these posted around the firehouse.
If you see him, do not approach.
Let me know and I will call the authorities.
- That's it? - What do you mean? We're gonna put up fliers like he's a lost cat? The guy's a straight-up murderer.
I watched him execute a man like it was nothing.
I am aware.
But for right now, the best thing that we can do, just be on our guard.
Can you tell me where you are? I'm outside her house.
23401 Werner.
She won't come to the door or answer her phone.
Is your sister Joanne Polson? Yes.
She-she's been sick.
I was supposed to pick her up to go to her doctor's, but she isn't answering.
Her car's still here.
This isn't like her.
Help is on the way.
Polson? This is the Austin PD! Can you open up? God, this is taking too long.
What if she's dead? God! Dispatch said your sister was ill.
Is she on any medication? She's on every medication.
She's got stomach cancer.
She's in her sixth cycle of chemotherapy.
- No answer? - No, ma'am.
- It's time we get in there.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Can you stand back, please? - Come stand with me.
Alright, this is Austin Police! We're coming in.
Polson? She's over here.
Joanne? Stand back, ma'am.
No pulse.
She's not breathing.
God, please, no.
- TK, make sure the gurney is ready.
- Copy.
- I've got a shockable rhythm.
- What, what does that mean? It's good.
It means that there's still electricity in her heart.
Please save her.
She's my sister.
Nancy? Clear! She's got a pulse.
Oh, thank God she's alive.
What's happening? You had a close call, ma'am, but we'll have 'em take a better look at you at the hospital.
Like hell you are.
What What are you What are you people doing in my house? I-I called them.
We talked about this.
Be careful.
Don't touch me.
Ma'am, I'm not sure you understand what's happening.
Nancy just saved your life.
You don't get it.
She was supposed to let me die.
Hey, what's goin' on? Uh, she has a DNR.
Do not resuscitate? We know what it means.
Oh, do you? Everybody just get out of my house.
Okay, I have some celery.
Marjan, what are we doing here? What do you mean? We're getting supplies for the hang tonight at Carlos and TK's, right? Yeah.
So why are we on the other side of town? Oh, no.
No-no way.
No way! Just look at him.
Breathing free air.
It's disgusting.
How'd you even find him? Paid 50 bucks for an online background check, got his address and then followed him here.
Can you believe this son of a bitch has the nerve to put on a uniform again? Those are some dickies and a name tag.
I'd hardly call that a uniform.
Ma'am? Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.
No, no.
I got this for you.
- Oh, did you see that? - What? He's helping some little old lady with her groceries.
Monsters don't get to help little old ladies.
Not on my watch.
Hey, Mar Marjan, no.
Hold on.
Marjan, no.
Thank you! - You got a puppy, huh? - I really appreciate it.
Marjan! Drive safe, okay? Murderer.
Marjan, what are you doing? Where are you going? Marjan, what are you doing? Will you calm down? What Marjan! Attention, shoppers.
It may interest you to know that this establishment has hired as a security guard a murderous murderer who murders! That man there, Roy Griffin, disgraced Kerr County Sheriff's Deputy has murdered at least one man in cold blood.
I know this because I witnessed it.
So you may want to consider purchasing your fresh veggies, frozen waffles, personal hygiene products someplace else so long as murder guy is working the front door.
Now, excuse me as I drop this mike.
Your dad really can pick 'em.
First, he pisses off a serial arsonist and now a homicidal cop.
You haven't even met Lorraine.
Lorraine? Who's Lorraine? My dad's second wife.
She's back in New York.
She, uh, she had a thing with knives.
By thing with knives, you mean Hey, can we help you? I'm looking for a Nancy Gillian.
I'm Nancy.
You've been served.
What is that? You know that lady we saved with the DNR? Hmm.
She's suing me.
When I used the words "stay away," how does that get translated into harass this man at his place of work? He reported me? No, he didn't.
Then someone at the market complained? No.
- You snitched? - No, I didn't snitch.
Paul did not snitch, although he should have.
Okay, so who did? There were two undercover Rangers in the parking lot.
They were watching the place.
Major Reyes put a surveillance team there at my request.
So the Texas Rangers snitched.
I think you're focusing on the wrong thing.
Well, I didn't blow their cover.
They can still do their job, can't they? Not at work.
He got fired.
He lost his job? Sorry.
I understand your frustration.
I feel it, too.
But we need to let law enforcement handle this.
They couldn't keep him locked up for murder.
You really think anyone's gonna care that he left a pig's head in your bed or doused your girlfriend in baking soda? Cornstarch.
And we don't know if he did any of those things, but we do know he's dangerous, and he's out there.
I mean, we don't even know if he was thinking about us.
- And now he is.
- Exactly.
We need to warn Sadie.
Who's Sadie? Seriously, Cap? Oh, come on, you're the worst.
Sadie? Snowmageddon, cabin next door to yours Sadie? Oh, yes, Sadie.
Ham radio Sadie.
Yeah, we weren't the only ones he tried to murder.
She was there, too.
She's in the Hill Country.
She'll be fine.
She's not in the Hill Country.
She's here in town.
How do you know that? Because she sent us invitations to her art show? Oh.
I wish I could say I had some sort of grand vision for this one, but it just sorta poured out of me.
Sadie? Owen? Well, I almost didn't recognize you without the beard.
- Oh, yeah.
- Uh, would you give me one second, please? And you brought Marwani.
- Hi, Marjan.
- Hi.
So good to see you both.
Oh! Come on, let me show you around.
Can you believe they gave me my own studio in the back, which I've been sleeping in, so please do not tell the fire marshal.
Oh, well, my lips are sealed.
Uh, well, this is this is amazing.
And-and you look fantastic.
Um, but, uh, we didn't come here because of the opening.
What's going on? Well, you remember Deputy Griffin from the Hill Country? Well, yeah, it's pretty hard to forget a guy with a pocketful of zip ties who threatens to murder you execution-style.
- Yeah.
- Is this about the trial? 'Cause I've heard nothing.
That's because there wasn't one.
He got out.
- He escaped? - Yeah.
With the help of the criminal justice system.
They let him go.
Uh, you guys are freaking me out.
Well, don't freak out.
Just, you know, be aware of your surroundings.
You know, be calm.
But if you see him, you call the police.
What are you doing? Well, I'm calling the police.
This is This is too good.
Did you see this? "In, in the negative space that I find my meaning, my, my purpose.
" Now, now, wh-what do y'all think is more pretentious? That statement or this art? Hey.
You should leave.
Really? 'Cause I got no place else I need to be right now.
Do you really think this is a smart play? Are you gonna do somethin' about it? This is a private event.
It's uncomfortable, isn't it? When someone shows up at your place of business and makes a stink? That's a lesson that you failed to Teach your plucky little friend here.
Did he just call me plucky? You're trespassing.
So you need to go before you're taken out of here in handcuffs.
I know how to deal with handcuffs.
And we both know that I've beaten bigger charges than trespassing.
Cap, please let me deck him.
Nobody's decking anybody.
You know, you're lucky that there was a blizzard, little girl.
Otherwise, you would have ended up in a ditch.
Hands behind your back.
Who's going out in cuffs now, Captain? Okay, before you say anything, I know, I punched someone else.
You just had to add another name to the list.
Well, technically, he was already on the list.
Well, I guess at some point, you were bound to repeat yourself.
Only so many people in Texas.
He threatened Marjan, okay? He flat-out told her that he would have killed her in the blizzard if he had the opportunity, and he meant it.
- He was goading you.
- Yes, I am aware.
And it worked.
I've been ordered from on high to pull the surveillance detail off Griffin.
From on high because of me? Yeah.
Is that not enough? It's kinda hard to argue for the man-hours when my bosses know exactly only two things from our tail.
That your firefighter harassed him and then you assaulted him.
Yeah, I guess that's not a good look.
There's more.
Griffin's lawyer petitioned the courts for an emergency protective order against you.
Your stalker doesn't want you within 100 yards of him.
Now, that's not a good look.
I'll have you outta here in the next few minutes, but, Owen, from here on out, you'd be wise to keep it in check.
So I've reviewed all the paperwork the plaintiff has filed with the court.
How bad are we talking? Joanne Polson is suing the city, the fire department, and you, for one dollar each.
One dollar? So she's just trying to make a point.
She's definitely trying to make a point.
The only non-negotiable condition in the suit is that they want Ms.
Gillian fired immediately - Oh.
- with a promise never to rehire her.
That's ridiculous.
You can't tell me a jury is going to ban Nancy for life for saving a life.
We believe we have a path to victory here.
You do? How? For starters, there's Polson's sister Angie.
She never mentioned the DNR to you on the 911 call, did she? No.
No, never.
What I understand, Ms.
Polson was wearing long sleeves that covered her bracelet, is that correct? Right.
I never saw it.
The law says that a first responder must make a reasonable effort to look for a DNR.
From where I'm sitting, that box was clearly checked.
You're not psychic.
You can't be held responsible for something you never saw.
You hear that, Nancy? Everything's gonna be okay.
Appreciate you guys bringing all this stuff over.
Yeah, no worries.
We figured we could all use some comfort tonight.
- Yeah.
- I can't believe I let him goad me into that.
Yeah, well, it's not your fault.
The guy said that his biggest regret after everything he's done is not throwing my body in a ditch.
So my biggest regret is not hitting him before you did.
She's right.
You were protecting your family.
God, I just, I just hate that that hillbilly deputy put us in check.
I get put in check at the Capitol every day.
Every time some state senator cuts a backroom deal or a lobbyist makes a power play, but there's always some angle to play to spin out of it.
You beautiful genius.
That's it.
The angle at the Capitol.
Excuse me.
What, what just happened? Okay, so he was able to waltz away from a murder that he committed in the middle of nowhere, but a terrorism charge at the Capitol, that he won't be able to dance away from.
Do you think we can get access to the security footage from the day of the attack? I have the parking space next to the governor's, of course, I can, but the FBI already combed through it.
But they didn't know what they were looking for.
And we do.
Okay, but there's dozens of hours of footage.
Well, luckily we know someone who's just become an expert at scanning hours of footage.
This is why I keep getting chronic eyestrain.
But you're helping me.
Okay, but we need to do this before he hurts anyone else.
Up top! Give me a little more to the right! Strand, welcome to the fight.
The whole place went up like a damn tinder box.
My guys saw drums of acetone stored inside.
That's probably where it started.
You evacuated the building? No, the owner said nobody was inside.
The gallery's closed.
- See if you can get her on the phone.
- Yeah.
There's a studio space in the back.
A woman's been living in it.
Have you checked there? We didn't make it that far back.
That roof's about ready to go any time now.
It just keeps going straight to voice mail.
Alright, Judd, you're in command of the 126 till I'll get back.
- Where are you going? - Going in.
Wait, hey, Captain Andrews just said that whole structure's about to fall.
That's why I don't have time to argue with you.
Sadie? Sadie! Sadie? Sadie? Can you hear me? Captain Strand, 122 says that the delta roof is coming down any second now.
Do you copy? - No, that's it, man.
I'm going in.
- Yeah, me too.
Oh, hey.
The hell y'all ain't.
You were right there when the captain gave me the order.
Yeah, because he always has to play Lone Ranger.
And 'cause he knows what he's doing.
Owen, you came for me.
Nancy, you alright? Yeah, totally.
Are you sure? 'Cause I've been watching you unlace that boot for a while.
You heard the city attorney.
You didn't see the bracelet.
There's no jury in the world that's gonna blame you for this.
But I did.
What? I did see the DNR bracelet.
It slid out from under her sleeve.
I saved her anyway.
No, Nancy, what were you thinking? Come on, we train for this.
Watching that lady bawl her eyes out because she thought she was gonna lose her big sister, I thought of my sister and I couldn't help but help.
- Okay, this isn't good.
- I know, Cap.
And that's why I'm going to resign and spare everyone the misery of going to court.
She wants my scalp, Cap, and I'm gonna give it to her.
No, ma'am.
No, you are not.
Yes, I am.
Because it's either that or lie under oath.
And that's just not me.
Well, maybe there is another way to fix this.
And we won't have to go to trial.
How's she doing? She's pretty shaken up.
But she's lucky.
Some smoke inhalation and a sprained wrist.
Other than that, she should be fine.
Please tell me that she saw him start the fire.
- Griffin.
- No.
She was painting in the back with headphones on.
Last thing she remembers is smelling smoke and then waking up in your arms.
Well, the gallery has security cameras, have you looked at 'em? They were slagged in the fire.
This guy has got a horseshoe up his ass.
We'll see.
We should be able to pull the footage from the cloud.
Alright, well, you need to put 24/7 surveillance on Griffin.
Owen, I told you I can't.
Until we have hard evidence, nothing's changed.
So you're telling me we need to wait until he actually kills someone? - I'm sorry.
Someone else.
- No.
What I'm saying is I can't put a detail on Griffin's house at 647 Salem Bluff Drive.
It's the one with the white front porch.
How you holdin' up? I'll be doing better once I get outta here.
Where do you plan on going after they discharge you? I'm heading for the hills, literally.
Your cabin? No.
No, no.
You won't be safe there.
You'll be a sitting duck.
But that Texas Ranger said they couldn't give me police protection.
So what else am I supposed to do? Hey, guys, come on in.
Hey, Sadie, this is Carlos, who's the officer I was telling you about.
Alright, your pain meds are here.
How's your wrist feeling? No, it's okay right now.
Okay, well, if it acts up, TK can look at it.
- He's a paramedic.
Where's TK? - Oh, after you called, he decided we weren't ready for all this hosting, so he's out grabbing dinner.
I hope I'm not putting you out.
Never thought I would need police detail.
Seems like it comes with the territory.
You can't get next to Owen Strand without somebody wanting you dead.
Sadie, this is my girlfriend Catherine, and I urge you to ignore everything she says.
Uh, I'll be on my cell.
- Where are you going? - Well, it's my fault that the Rangers and the APD can't sit on him, so I'm gonna do it.
Does my father know? He kinda suggested it.
I'm going with you.
- Catherine.
- I'm going.
You don't plan to confront him, do you? - No, just watch him.
- Great.
And while you watch him, I'll watch you.
Here we go.
Fresh pecan sandies, still warm from the oven.
- My husband's recipe.
- Thank you.
It was one of his favorites.
None for me, thank you.
"Was" one of his favorites? Um, yes.
Charles has been gone now for just over a year.
I'm sorry to hear that.
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
Well, you've done him proud.
They're delicious.
I appreciate that.
Um, listen, I I realize this is, um, a very unusual request.
I just want to thank you for agreeing to come and sit down with us.
Well, my sister wouldn't stop whining about it until I agreed to, so Listen, Captain Vega, let me just save you the trouble.
I'm not dropping my lawsuit.
Don't be rude, Jo.
They just wanna talk.
Well, this was supposed to do all the talking for me.
Polson I know I should have respected your wishes.
But all I've ever wanted to do since I was a kid was save people.
Please don't take that away from me.
You still don't get it, do you? This isn't about you, dear.
Um, Mrs.
Polson I know that people with your prognosis start to think about what their legacy might be.
I'm begging you, please don't have your legacy be ending hers.
You offered me one of your husband's cookies.
I didn't say no 'cause I didn't want one.
I said no because if I ate it, I'd be throwing up for the next six hours.
You ask about my legacy? I want my legacy to be speaking up for people who are suffering for voices who nobody wants to hear.
What do you think you're doing? Same thing as you, I'm guessing.
Making sure that murderous bastard doesn't try anything else.
What did I tell you? Not to bother him at work.
- You're leaving.
- Why? Because the murderous bastard has threatened to kill you.
And because your situational awareness leaves something to be desired.
First of all, my situational awareness is just fine.
- I totally knew you were there.
- Lie.
And I'm not the one he has a restraining order against.
I'll take my chances.
Go on, scram.
Go back and scrub that security video.
But you two have a screwed-up notion of a date night.
Is this the main hall camera? Hey.
Sorry it took so long.
The line was out the door.
TK, this is Sadie.
Oh, yeah, of course.
I hope you like pho because if you're hungry and you don't like pho you're sort of outta luck.
You know, let me help you with that.
Where's Dad? He decided he needed to keep an eye on Griffin.
He's sitting outside the guy's house with Catherine.
He's stalking his stalker, and he brought a date? Well, I mean, to be fair, she was pretty insistent.
Yeah, well, at least our fire insurance is up to date, 'cause the last time he pissed off a maniac, our whole place burned down to the ground.
I'm starting to regret that we didn't pick up coffees.
Oh, no, you're not, believe me.
Had you picked up coffee, three hours later, you'd be looking for the nearest bush.
That is the single easiest way to get your cover blown on a stakeout.
I didn't realize firefighters knew so much about stakeouts.
Oh, we don't.
I've just seen the movie "Stakeout" like a thousand times.
"Stakeout" with Rosie O'Donnell? Bite your tongue! "Stakeout.
" With Emilio Estevez and Madeleine Stowe.
Oh, right.
- Love Madeleine Stowe.
- Oh, yeah.
I remember "The Last of the Mohicans.
" Hmm.
What are we lookin' at? I wouldn't think about making a move right this second, Captain.
Just stay still.
Say cheese.
And these go straight to APD.
You're in violation of your restraining order.
You know what? This calls for a celebration.
I think I'm gonna go get me some tacos.
You okay? I guess I should be glad it was a phone and not a gun.
Please do me a favor.
Don't mention any of this to Marjan.
Oh, my God! Ooh.
Take it back.
Is that him? Uh Pretty sure that's a statue.
Oh, no, did I screw it up? I'm sorry.
I have a tendency to get a little wild with the chili oil.
No, no, I'm just sweating through my hoodie.
I might have to shed a few layers or crack a window open.
How-how's yours? Oh, mine's good, you lightweight.
Shut up.
Excuse me.
I feel like we're chasing our own tails here.
Would you like me to get you some more tea? Actually, that would be Is that a yes? Sadie, why don't you sit down? What did you find? You were there.
And the card Catherine opened is it in the bag you're carrying? It was just cornstarch.
Why? Hm Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that you and TK are destined to be together? You know what? I know that you do.
I can tell just from the short time I've been here.
This home you've made together it's like you're supposed to be here.
And he's who you're supposed to be with.
And that-that other place that was supposed to burn down, like it had to burn down.
Right? That's the same with me and Owen.
We are meant to be together too.
I mean, what are the odds? What are the odds that the week my divorce is finalized, I meet Owen up in the Hill Country and we have an adventure together? Because that is destiny.
And how did you break into Owen's house? Oh, well, that was easy.
He has the young girl that walks his dog.
Right? So I watched her use the key that he keeps under the planter on the front porch.
You set the fire to the gallery.
- Well - Sadie.
You could have died.
I knew he was gonna come for me.
And he did.
Where's TK? I don't know.
Oh, uh, you might wanna sit down.
What did you do? Well, I mean, I couldn't have you tell Owen before I could explain all this to him myself.
Yeah, I, uh I, I, I put 70 milligrams of oxy in your soup.
It shouldn't be enough to kill you.
I don't think.
TK Either of you hurt? No, we were in the car when it happened.
What about Griffin, he gonna make it? If he's lucky, no.
You were watching the house, you see anything? You mean did I see someone set the bomb? I'm starting to think this guy's enemy list is even longer than yours.
Hang on.
Sammy, what do you got? Well, we got the security footage from the art gallery.
Griffin didn't torch it.
He's not your stalker.
Do you know who is? Hey.
They got you answering their door now? Well, I'm the only one here at the moment.
What? Yeah.
We think we found something on the security video that might be Griffin.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
That's amazing.
Well, here I was looking forward to eyestrain.
They, they left you here alone? Yeah, well, Carlos was gonna take it over to his dad.
You know, the Texas Ranger.
Yeah? He took it over? He hasn't heard of the Internet? And TK, he went with him? Mm-hmm.
And he left his phone here? Hell, no.
God! Owen.
You came for me.
I didn't come for you.
But he did.
Sadie Becker, you're under arrest.
Okay, Nance, uh, how we doing on Kerlix gauze? Uh, good on gauze, but we should put trauma pads and IV tubing on the next supply order.
Copy that.
Which I guess will be my last supply order.
You heard the lawyer.
It could be months before we go to trial.
Which means you have plenty of boring paperwork in front of you.
Just when I thought I was out.
Hey, bud.
I didn't expect to see you back so soon.
I had to get out of the house.
How's Carlos holding up? He'll be fine.
He's resting at home.
Shouldn't you be doing the same? Trust me, Cap, I'm much better off here.
Otherwise, I'll just be spinning out about the fact that I'm back to day one.
Day one? Day one of what? My sobriety.
The pills that Sadie used were opioids.
Alright, then back to work.
I need you to check out the supply room.
Give me a count on nasal cannulas and non-rebreathers.
- On it, Cap.
- Alright, dale.
Excuse me? I'm-I'm so sorry to bother you.
I, um Angie, what's wrong? My sister Joanne she passed away last night.
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.
I appreciate that.
But for the first time in two years, her face was peaceful.
She's finally not in pain, so Still, I know what it's like to lose someone.
Is it okay if I give you a hug? Then I'm gonna hug you.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
But I didn't come here for a hug.
I, um Joanne dropped the lawsuit against you.
Oh, my God.
Really? And she left you something.
She wanted you to keep her DNR bracelet with you.
On every call.
To remind you to listen.
That's my sister for you.
Even beyond the grave, she's still running the show.
No, she just knew how to gracefully exit stage.
Marjan? It's me.
Can I come in? Yeah, come on in, Cap.
five, four, three, two, one.
What are you doing? They gave me two units of O negative.
I'm feeling no pain.
I reckon I should be good to get back on the rig by Thursday.
No, no.
You were stabbed in the back.
You need a week off.
I think that that's a rule.
What's that? Gabriel gave me the Texas Rangers' file on Sadie.
You know, I think I've had enough true crime for one week.
Why don't you just give me the highlights? Okay.
You remember when I met her in the Hill Country and she was talking about having just left her ex-husband? Let me guess.
There was no ex-husband? Oh, there's an ex-husband alright.
Uh, they found his severed head in her freezer.
Because I missed all the signs and I sent you right to her.
And you were in the door not two minutes after me.
And I may have slightly distracted you by starting a war on a second front with the good-old deputy.
Well, if we're gonna fight a war on two fronts, there's nobody I'd rather fight it with.
But how about next time just one front? Or better yet, no fronts.
Good luck with that, Mr.
Fists of Fury.
Alright, I guess that's fair, but I swear to you, I'm done throwing my haymakers.
Oh, Cap, don't make me laugh.
I'll pop a stitch.
Captain Strand? Thank you.
Deputy? Didn't think they allowed visitors in this unit.
Helps to know people.
But I guess I don't need to tell you that.
You know, for the longest time, I couldn't figure out the mystery of it.
I couldn't get my my head around it.
About what? How you skated on that murder charge.
Then I saw your car blow up.
And it all snapped into focus.
- Is that so? - That so.
It was your good friends the cartel, wasn't it? Because you made a deal with the FBI to turn on 'em.
Isn't that right? Never lost a wink of sleep about it.
Can I ask you a question? Why'd you do it? Why'd you bother to put out those flames after everything I did? 'Cause it's my job.
And because you're covered in third-degree burns.
And they're going to cause you a lifetime of pain.
And that feels like the justice you deserve.
You are one dark son of a bitch, Strand.
You and me both.

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