9-1-1: Lone Star (2020) s03e16 Episode Script


Oh, man, look at those waves.
Rad! Looking good, Ty.
Tuck that back leg.
That's it.
Center your feet.
Knees and shoulders soft.
Now flex for the college girls on spring break.
Nice job, you just wiped out.
Just wait.
When these babies come in, I'll be shootin' the curl at Steamer Lane.
Slow down, Silver Surfer.
Let's master dry land first.
Come on, I'm ready for a wave.
No way.
Mom would have a cow.
Next summer, you and me, Steamer Lane, okay? I'm gonna catch this set.
Watch my footwork, okay? Okay.
And don't forget your sunscreen.
Thanks, Mom.
Hey! Wait up.
Hey! Hey, wait up! Tyler, what are you doing? Turn around, you're gonna get me in trouble.
Only if someone finds out.
Come on.
I'll stick right beside you, I promise.
Please? And you'll do whatever I say? I'll do whatever you say.
- Okay, fine.
- Whoo! Ha! How about that one? Not right.
Let it go.
You've been saying "let it go" for like an hour.
It's been like five minutes.
And you have to wait for the right break.
That's part of it.
Alright, this one looks good.
That one? That's a baby wave.
Perfect for a baby.
Start paddling.
Come on, go.
Harder! Paddle, paddle, paddle! Hard.
- Tyler! - What? Paddle towards me! Come on.
Hurry! Hurry, hurry! Hurry! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler, where are you? Tyler! Tyler! Come on, come on.
Help! I need help! Oh, my God.
Help! Please help! Help, somebody, please! Get him out of the water.
Go call 9-1-1.
There's a pay phone just down the beach.
9-1-1, what's your emergency? My little brother.
He just got sucked under by wave.
I got him, but he's not moving.
Can you tell me where you're calling from? LA County Beach.
By the pier.
I'm sending help to you.
- Are you with your brother now? - No.
He's back at the beach with the lifeguard.
How old is your brother? He's ten.
He just turned ten.
Are your parents there? No.
We went out alone.
We shouldn't have.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
Can you tell me your name? Owen.
My name is Owen Strand.
California? I still ain't never made it out to California.
It's just like Texas, with less humidity and higher gas prices.
So I should be back in time for my shift, but if my flight gets delayed, I want you to be my acting captain.
Always, but our next shift's in 36 hours.
That gonna give you time to do everything you gotta do? Well, when I talked to his wife on the phone, she said he didn't have much time.
So, I don't wanna take up any more than I absolutely have to.
Yeah, but, I mean, this is your daddy you're talkin' about.
Yeah, my daddy who never bothered to call or write since I was 13.
Oh, Cap.
I Are-are you sure you should be going out there by yourself? I mean, my guess is you'd probably like a little moral support.
I appreciate that.
But I wouldn't want your first time in California to be visiting a nursing home.
No, I ain't talking about me.
I'm talking about your son.
Oh, TK? No, no, he can't come.
Why not? 'Cause he's he's bad luck on a airplane? No reason to traumatize a third generation.
Hello? This is an automated recording from the Austin Department of Corrections.
Will you accept a collect call from Wyatt Harris.
- Thanks for coming to get me.
- Don't mention it.
It's exactly what I wanted to do today, spend a little quality time with your bail bondsman.
What the hell were you thinkin'? Guess I wasn't.
Yeah, I guess not.
I mean, vandalism, Wyatt? Hang on, man.
Be honest with me.
Them other boys bully you into this? No.
Why would you even say that? Because this ain't like you, son.
How would you know? Yeah, alright, fair point.
Maybe this is just a side of you that I've never seen before, but I don't know if I like it.
Look, like I told you back there, I, I appreciate you coming down, but I don't want to put you out more than I already have, so I got it from here.
Don't You got what? I'll just order an Uber and go meet up with some of the guys.
No, you're gonna get in the truck.
Judd, I'm not.
Wyatt, get your ass in the damn truck or you're liable to see a different side of me too.
Why don't you go get showered up, see if you can get the clink off you.
I was only there for like two hours.
Hey, it's not the time for sass right now, okay? We'll talk about next steps when you get out.
- Hey, Wyatt.
- Hi, Grace.
Hey, sorry I put you guys out.
There are some fresh towels in the bathroom closet.
Wyatt, I'm gonna need your phone.
My phone? Why? So that you don't go texting your friends about defacing more public property or knocking over old ladies' mailboxes or God knows what.
I don't even know what that means.
It means give me your phone.
But I'm not unlocking it.
That poor kid.
He seems upset for real, Judd.
Yeah, he got caught.
I mean, what the hell was he doing? He's tagging a damn billboard out there in the middle of morning rush.
What'd he tag it with anyway? He basically told everybody on southbound I-35 to stick it where the sun don't shine.
That doesn't even sound like the Wyatt we know, Judd.
No, it don't.
So then what do you think's going on with him? I don't know.
He didn't say five words to me the whole way home.
What about Marlene, what'd she say? Uh You haven't told Marlene, Judd? I-I, you know, I didn't want the boy to be in Dutch with his mama too.
Get that woman on the phone right now.
Hey, Marlene.
You got me and Grace both.
Howdy, Grace.
Hey, Marlene.
Where you at right now? Oh, a horse show out in Santa Fe.
- What's going on? - So, listen Wyatt went and got himself arrested this morning.
Ah, he's Why don't you seem surprised? Yeah, because I'm not.
He's been acting out something fierce for, like, the past two months.
- You have any idea why? - Think I do.
It all started right after Stanley and I got engaged.
Does Wyatt not care for him? I always thought Wyatt loved him.
You know, he's been in the picture since he was ten.
And well, now I'm not so sure.
Y'all, I-I hate to ask this, but I'm gonna be on the road the rest of the week.
Is there any way you could maybe keep an eye on him till I get back? Of course.
I really appreciate it.
Listen, my event's about to start.
I'm so sorry.
I promise I'll call you back soon, okay? Okay.
You take care, Marlene.
Thanks, y'all.
Okay, so, it sounds like there's a little more to this story.
Tyler! Help! Somebody! Help, somebody, please! How's the swell? Ugh, total mushburger today.
Yeah, I hate that.
Yeah, maybe it'd be better at sunset.
Hey, you surf? It's been a minute or two.
Sounds like a good time to get back out there, bruh.
Over here! 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.
Alright, on three.
Let's package him for transport.
One, two, three.
- Got him? - Yep.
Watch it.
Yep, this is your Uncle Cash's ranch.
Well, you didn't have to bring me all the way out here.
It's not like I was gonna try to make a break for it.
Well, you never know.
This way, if you try to make a break for it, the wild hogs will eat you.
If the rattlesnakes don't get you first.
I'll keep that in mind.
Is that him? Uncle Cash? No, that little feller right there, that's your granddaddy.
Well, is this the grandchild I've been hearing about? Daddy, this here is Wyatt.
You don't look like a juvenile delinquent.
You a juvenile delinquent? Yeah, not usually.
Come on in here.
Well, your old man says that you're trouble.
Oh, no, no, I'm not trouble.
Says he ain't trouble.
How come was it you got arrested and put in jail? Yeah, it's not really a good story, sir.
I just did something stupid.
Cops busted me and Well, you got something in common with your old man by that measure.
Yeah, what measure is that? Well, doin' something boneheaded so you can win a free trip to the county jail.
He did not tell me that one.
Come here.
I wanna introduce you to Boone here.
Now you're gonna need a hat.
You're doin' alright up there? Yeah, I think I got it.
Well, he's pretty good with city folk, but sometimes he can get a little ornery.
My advice to you is, uh Well I guess he don't need any advice.
Juddy, what-what is the matter with that boy? I don't know.
I think he's havin' some trouble at home but, you know, he won't talk to me about it.
Give him time.
I'll tell you, a couple hours horseback under God's open sky, it does you a lot more good than any therapy you can have.
That's my experience.
What? I-I just I love the idea that you know anything at all about therapy.
Well, I've had physical therapy for my hand.
I-I had to squeeze a ball.
Maybe you can stop bustin' mine.
That'll be the day.
Can I help you? Um, I'm here to see Walter Strand.
Are you family? Uh, yes.
Of course, you are.
So touching the way all you Strands show up for each other.
You'd be surprised how rare it is.
Here you go.
Room 127.
Down the hall, on your left.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
We can schedule early or late.
Uh I don't know, hon, I don't know.
It's not a problem, sir, I can help you.
There you go! Nice and easy.
Let's let him rest.
Can't believe this.
My sweet boy.
It's gonna be alright.
The doctor said he was optimistic.
He said he can't be sure.
How long was he under? Sweetheart, he doesn't know.
Just try to think, Owen.
He doesn't know.
Getting him out of the water, calling 9-1-1, Tyler's lucky you were there.
Oh, God.
There's the doctor.
No! No! No! No! And now, bringing back one of my personal favorites, the one and only Total Skin Care System.
This face lotion, along with the night cream I tried to buy an electric blanket last night.
I'm sorry? Oh, from-from that.
Oh, yeah.
Eh, total sucker, right? They showed this staged scene of this old man, he was reading to his grandkids, and he had the blanket over his legs.
What happened? What? You said you tried to buy it.
Oh, I waited too long and they ran out.
You believe that? Man, I always thought that was just some sales hype when they said, "Act now, limited-time offer.
" I guess in a place like this, everything is a limited-time offer.
You have family in here? My father.
They-they keep telling me I gotta I gotta say what I need to say.
But, uh, I'm not sure I know how to do that.
Hard words to find.
Yeah, looked like last night maybe he I'd gone in there and I just sat with him.
I thought they would come.
What happened? Well, I ended up trying to buy an electric blanket.
How's he doing, your old man? Not well.
Even harder than you thought it would be, right? Yeah.
There was this one day a few months ago when he was still home.
I went over there for lunch and he was he was wearing his favorite shirt.
It's this old flannel thing.
He's had it since I was maybe, I don't know, 12? Always reminded me of that lumberjack, you know, the one from the, the, uh, paper towels.
He'd just gotten so frail.
The thing was just hanging off of him.
Like he was a coat hanger.
What was he like before? Your father.
Did you ever play Little League? - Sure.
- Yeah.
There's always that one dad who, um, you know, would cheer a little too loud or argue with the ump when his kid struck out, stay after the game, hitting fly balls into the outfield until it got dark.
That was him.
My dad wasn't like that.
Was he tough on you? He was an empty chair.
I haven't spoken to him in years.
But you're here now.
Well That's the thing about not speaking, you end up with a lot to say.
And I'm not sure I can do it.
Hard words to find.
Robert, your father's awake.
He's asking for you.
Well, excuse me.
Listen, a little unsolicited advice.
If you have something to say I'd find a way to say it.
Seems like old Boone's taking a liking to you.
Yeah, he's a good boy.
Well, even a good boy can turn.
Really? I mean, I don't know how much of a runway I have with you.
You know, ever since I met you, you've been nothing but considerate and kind.
Now you're runnin' around the streets acting like a vandal.
Just kinda makes me wanna know what's going on.
I don't know.
Just been kinda pissed off lately, I guess.
Yeah, your mom said as much.
That don't got nothin' to do with the fact that she's fixin' to get hitched, do it? No.
No, Stanley's, he's fine, he's always been decent to me.
I'm glad he's marrying my mom.
- You know, I'm happy for them.
- Well, you don't seem happy.
And your mom said you've been raising Cain for the last couple of months, and that lines up pretty flush with her engagement.
That's not all it lines up with.
You're talking about me? Are you mad at me? Not at you.
Yeah, maybe a little at you.
I don't know.
Is it somethin' I said? We not treat you right? Oh, yeah, you've been great.
Seriously, really, really great.
That's kinda the problem.
I guess I don't follow, Wyatt.
Me either.
Look, Judd, when I, when I first came to look for you, I never really felt like I was missing anything in my life until I met you.
It's like, the more I get to know you guys, the cooler you are and-and the madder I get.
- So you're mad? - Yeah.
'Cause it's like Like, where were you that whole time, you know.
'Cause that's time that we could have spent together.
But we never, we never got to and we never will.
And-and I don't, I just feel like I got robbed of it.
Wyatt, your mama did the best that she could with you.
I'm not mad at my mom! Okay? I'm-I'm just I'm just mad.
It's whatever.
It's pointless.
Uh, it's not anybody's fault.
So let's just forget about it, alright? Come on.
Hold up a minute now, Wyatt.
Let's talk about this.
What's the point? What's the point? Whoa, Wyatt, stop! Judd, I'm not gonna talk about it.
Back up, back up, back up.
Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Judd! Hey.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm okay.
Did Romeo bolt on me? - Yeah.
- Oh! That coward.
Do me a favor.
Don't tell your granddaddy about it.
I don't think he'd ever let me live it down.
Uh What? What? I don't think you're okay.
No, I reckon I ain't.
Ow! - Ow! - Oh, my God, it's really broken.
What are we gonna do? What do we do, Judd? First just slow down your breathing or we're both gonna pass out.
And then tell me that big-ass snake - ain't around here nowhere.
- I don't see it.
Alright, good, keep an eye out while I call Grace.
Oh, damn it.
Your phone's at the house.
This is bad.
This is really bad.
There ain't nothin' to worry about 'cause Romeo's gonna run back to the barn, your granddaddy will come looking for us.
- How long is that gonna take? - I don't know.
There's a pocket knife in Boone's saddlebag.
Go bring it to me, please.
Oh, God.
I need you to cut that pant off so we can see what we're working with right quick.
Yeah! Aah Ohh! Okay.
Let's get that boot off.
Yeah, pull it off.
Oh! God! God! Good God! Sorry.
Get that sock off.
Ah, sh Alright.
That's good.
There's not a lot of blood down there.
That's not a lot of blood? Yeah, if it'd hit an artery, you'd have just found a puddle.
So, next step, we gotta check the circulation.
You ever taken a pulse? Uh, no, I don't think so, no.
Take two fingers, put it under my ankle bone right there.
Should feel like a little heartbeat.
- Oh - I can't.
I can't find I can't find it.
I can't feel it.
I can't feel your hand neither.
That's not good, is it? Okay, the reason you can't feel a pulse is because the bone's pressed up against the artery cutting off the blood flow.
There's no circulation, so you're gonna - You're gonna have to reset it.
- What do you mean reset it? You're gonna have to snap it back in place.
Snap it? Like with my bare No, I can't do that.
We gotta bring you to, like, a hospital.
I can ride the horses back or something, but I There ain't no time for that, Wyatt.
I don't know.
What if I make it worse? I don't know what I'm doing, Judd.
Hey, Wyatt, look at the damn thing.
You ain't gonna make it worse.
I need you to grab the ankle and pull down strong and fast.
And I need you to try to shift the bone back into place.
I'm gonna be sick.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, look, look, look, look, look, look, look.
I need your help, okay? - It don't gotta be perfect.
- Okay.
Just get that bone off the artery so we can get the circulation going again.
The doctors can take care of the rest of it.
How do I, how do I know if I'm gonna do it right? If you do it right, I'm probably gonna scream and pass out.
But you will feel the pulse.
- Wyatt, you can do it.
- Alright.
Let's go.
Oh, sorry.
Do you want me to, like, let you know, like, count down or should I just surprise you? If that's easy for you, count from three or something.
I think I did it.
It worked.
It worked! Judd? Judd! - Dad? - Hey, son.
What's going on? Nothing.
Just wanted to check in, see how you're doing.
I'm good.
Me and Carlos are just hanging out.
Might order sushi in a little bit.
That sounds nice.
You're more than welcome to join us.
Oh, no, no, you guys You guys do your thing.
Where Where are you? Just out for a drive.
Listen, I won't keep you.
I-I just, um I just wanted to say that I love you.
And that I'm proud of you.
I don't tell you that enough.
I'm proud of you too.
And, um, also I'm sorry that we don't talk as much as we used to.
I'm gonna work on that.
That's That's not your fault, Dad.
Yes, it is.
I'm your father.
Well, I'm your son, so it's on both of us.
Well, then, sounds like we should try to do better.
- Okay.
- Enjoy your sushi.
Tell Carlos I said hi.
I will.
Love you, Dad.
Did he seem weird to you? A little maybe, yeah.
Is it just me or did I hear seagulls? Owen, get in the car.
- I don't want to go.
- We have to.
But this is our house.
Well, we'll have a new house in New York.
You'll like it there.
The buildings are so tall.
I wanna stay.
We can't stay.
- Come on, in the car.
- No.
I said, get in the car.
Why are you letting this happen? Owen Why aren't you fighting? Don't you want us to stay? You're my dad.
Owen we need to go.
Please, sweetheart.
Go with your mother.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry to intrude.
I was wondering if you'd be back.
I'm Helen, Walter's wife.
Your Owen, aren't you? If you know my name, he must have told you about me.
What are you doing here, Owen? I have some things I need to say to him.
To a man who's barely conscious anymore? What good would it do? I don't know.
He's dying, Owen.
Now I know you're angry, but he's still your father.
Can't you let him have his peace? Mom? Let this man say what he needs to say to his father.
He deserves that.
They both do.
Let's take a walk in the garden.
Judd? Judd! Sorry.
I couldn't get you to wake up and I didn't wanna slap you.
Uh, you want some water? How long was I out? Uh, I don't know.
A while.
I, uh, I wrapped your leg.
Let me know if it's too tight.
Oh, oh, oh.
Where you learn how to do that? - The Walking Dead.
- Ha! I didn't know that was an educational program.
Them zombies didn't learn you how to make a rescue litter, by chance, did they? You mean like the one you're laying on? Oh That's my boy.
Judd, um I'm sorry for unloading on you back there.
You didn't deserve that.
That wasn't no unloading.
You're just angry.
Hell, I'm angry too.
I'm angry 'cause I got this wonderful kid.
I hardly know nothin' about him.
I'm angry 'cause I didn't get to teach him how to drive a stick shift or shave.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, I still don't know how to drive a stick shift.
We should remedy that.
Let's go.
Alright, buddy.
Come on, let's go.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Wyatt, it's okay.
You did the best you could, son.
You did everything you could.
Hey, Judd? Uh, don't go to sleep, okay? Just stay up for me, Judd, okay? Judd? Judd? Dad? Dad? Dad, I need you to stay with me, okay? You stay here.
I need you, okay? I'm right here with you, kiddo.
I think it's Grandpa! Hey! Over here! Hey, over here! I could pass you on the street and have no idea.
I had it all worked out on the plane.
Big speech.
Pretty blistering too.
About how you were just a bastard who couldn't wait to just walk away from his family.
But that's not really how it happened, is it? We walked away and you stayed.
Just started yourself another family.
Helen seems nice.
Must have been something back in the day.
And Robert.
Oof! You have quite a devoted son Dad.
You see, all this time I thought that you just didn't want to be a father.
Turns out you just didn't want to be a father to me.
And I'm not sure that I blame you.
After everything I'm the one who broke the family.
Dad, I'm sorry.
I'm I'm sorry I couldn't save him.
I tried.
I swear to God, I tried.
I'm so, so sorry.
It's not your fault, son.
You were just a a kid, Owen.
Nobody blamed you.
I was his big brother.
I should have kept him safe.
This world is not a safe place.
You should know that fire captain.
That's a hell of a line of work.
I don't know where you get the guts.
Not from me.
I am a selfish son of a bitch, a coward and a weak man.
I couldn't ease your pain because I couldn't face my own.
And you didn't break up our family, son.
Grief did that.
And I just I just let it happen.
I hope you can forgive me.
I'll tell you what, I'm gonna try.
Well You forgive yourself first.
Did you find the words? The words found me.
Thank you for giving me the time in there.
I'm I'm Robert, by the way.
It's nice to meet you, Owen.
You too.
Hey, Owen? Don't be a stranger.
Really, Dad? He wrote, "Break a leg.
" At least I didn't write, "Break the other one.
" Goodness, Dad, you're incorrigible.
Is it okay if I sign something next? Yeah, sure.
Go ahead.
Knock yourself out.
Dad? Don't think we didn't notice that you haven't - touched your jackfruit taco.
- You know what? If this thing was laying in my yard, I would call the vet for my dog.
Now, no offense.
- Gracie, I - Oh.
There is none taken, okay? We were skeptical at first too, but we have officially been converted.
The only time I was ever converted was to Lutheran and that was for Juddy's mom there.
And we all know how that turned out.
You just sat here and watched me read Charlie Green Eggs and Ham.
You already forgot the point of that book.
You know, if this thing had some eggs and ham in it, it'd be a whole lot better.
What are we gonna do with him, Wyatt? This man is stuck in his ways.
Come on, Grandpa.
Just one bite, please.
Well, that's ain't fair.
Pull that "G word" on an old man.
Oh, hell, alright, I'll take a bite.
Hmm? Hmm.
You know, that ain't bad.
Grace is an amazing cook.
Thank you, Wyatt.
You about done, Stuart? - I'm done, honey.
- Let me help with those.
Wyatt, you keep on, your mama might not get you back.
Right? Come on.
So what'd your son write on your stump there? Says, "Get well soon Dad.
" That's pretty cool.
He's a good boy.
Yeah, he is.
I know I gave you all kinds of hell growing up but I sure am glad that I got to be your boy.
Yeah, the one week out of every month when I wasn't on that rig.
It may have been one week out of every month, but it was every month.
You know what I mean? Hey.
You're gettin' a little soft there in your old age.
Or maybe I'm just feeling blessed.
Me too, son.
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