9-1-1: Lone Star (2020) s03e17 Episode Script

Spring Cleaning

1 Ah, I found some extra boxes.
They were folded up in the garage.
Thank you, Julius.
Well done.
His old UT sweatshirt.
Wore 'em every game day.
Still smells like him.
You know what? I am keeping this one.
You know you can keep all of them.
Uh, no.
No, no, no.
Charles has been gone more than a year, and it is time to just make space for new things, so Besides, if we donate them, then other people can enjoy them.
Yeah, my brother always did like to give back.
Did you want something? Hm? How about his favorite wingtips? Um, I'm more of a vintage sneaker guy.
Oh, stop.
Half of your band's set is old school standard.
Give 'em a shot.
- Alright, let's do it.
- Alright.
Oh, God, stop, stop.
Stop! What are you doing? Savage.
Give that to me.
Show some respect for the shoe.
- Foot.
- Hmm.
Here we go, Cinderfella.
It's perfect.
I can probably get the other one.
Yes! Alright.
Yeah! - These are really great.
- Yeah.
Got a gig coming up at The Whiskey J this week.
I might have to throw these into the rotation.
Good idea.
You should come.
- To the show? - Yeah.
I think you'd have fun.
And you, ma'am, deserve some fun.
You tell me that you're leaving ♪ I can't believe it's true ♪ You should take the printer.
No, you keep it.
You need it for your photography.
That's very generous of you, Freddie.
Without you ♪ And take the spatulas too.
It's not like I'm gonna need 'em for cereal.
Then you should take the bowls.
Don't take your love ♪ Thanks.
Away from me ♪ I should have cooked for you more.
I blew it.
Don't do that.
We agreed.
Nobody has to feel bad.
It just didn't work out.
It's nobody's fault.
'Cause if you go ♪ Then I'll be blue ♪ Breaking up is hard ♪ So who takes Wingo? You bought him, you should keep him.
I bought him for you.
I think it would just be hard having him around.
Maybe it's best we just let him go.
And you kissed me ♪ Yeah.
I think so too.
All through the night ♪ Think of all ♪ That we've been through ♪ And breaking up is hard to do ♪ They say that breaking up ♪ Is hard to do ♪ Now I know ♪ I know ♪ Wait! I changed my mind! - Changed your mind? - Was that Wingo? You said you didn't want him.
Of course, I want him.
You bought him for me.
Now I know ♪ Oh, hey.
He didn't go down.
He didn't go down? Yeah, he's wedged between a pizza box.
I can save him.
Is that what you want? That this is the end ♪ Can you reach him? Yeah.
Oh! Oh, my God, Freddie! Freddie! He's over here.
Please hurry.
I'm Owen.
This is Tommy.
Why don't you tell us what happened? My friend Freddie, he fell down the garbage chute from our apartment, and now he's stuck.
- Stuck where? - In there.
The trash compactor.
Freddie, the fire department's here.
- It's gonna be okay.
- Get me outta here! - Which floor is your apartment on? - Second.
I always tell the residents don't reach into the trash chute but nobody ever listens.
Are you the landlord? No, building manager.
I'm Jimmy.
Jimmy, how often does this trash compactor activate? Every hour, on the hour.
But I cut the building's power - as soon as I heard.
- Good thinking.
Ma'am, why don't you go with TK here? He's gonna check you out while we work.
Listen, Freddie, we're gonna get you out, but my friend Tommy is gonna assess you first.
How much of me can you even see? Well, enough to know that something sliced you pretty good on the way down.
Does it hurt? No, it just feels tickly.
- That's bad, isn't it? - No, no, no.
You've been upside down for a while.
It's natural for things to start to go numb.
Yeah, the bleeding's not bad, but I can't rule out a spinal injury.
You're gonna have to extract him very carefully.
Alright, Marjan, get a ladder and rubbish hook.
Clean out the trash in there.
When you say "in," you mean in the, in the dumpster? Yeah, we need to get a look at him from inside.
Copy that, Cap.
Glad you're riding back in the firetruck and not the ambulance, you know.
Nancy, I need you to get your kit.
You're going in with her.
We need a neuro check.
I deserve that.
So his leg is caught between a one-way door and all this trash.
Mateo, give me the drill.
- We gotta take off this grate.
- Yup, yup.
How's the dumpster diving coming, Marjan? Yup, just about clearing the path, Cap.
Path is clear.
Go on in.
Hey, Freddie.
I'm Nancy.
I'm just gonna check you out, okay? Okay.
Cap, heart rate's in the 120s, pupils are both equal and reactive.
Copy that.
Glad to hear it.
You got lucky.
All that trash must have broken your fall.
Lucky is not how I feel right now.
Alright, but do you feel my hand on your leg? Yeah.
Alright, Captain, he's good for extraction when you are.
Copy that.
Mateo, get the K-12 ready.
You're gonna cut him out the minute I get this off.
What the hell is that? I got a bad feeling about this.
Cap, it's on.
The compactor's on.
- What do we do? - It's gonna crush me! - Freddie! - No! You said you killed the power.
I-I did.
I Wha Oh, my God! Alright, I got the emergency shutoff.
Or maybe I don't.
Cap, it's closing in on him.
- What do we do? - Oh, my God! Uh, use the Halligan! Please.
Please! It worked? It worked! Clutch idea, Cap.
Thank you.
Don't thank me, thank Han Solo.
Get him out of there any way you can.
Alright, Freddie, we're gonna pull, okay? Yes, please.
- Two.
- One.
No! Please.
Oh, God.
No! Help! Please, help! Wh Wh What happened? It stopped.
What did you guys do? I pulled the plug.
That works.
I'm so sorry, Abigail.
You're sorry? Why are you sorry? I couldn't save Wingo.
But you saved us.
I have to tip my hat.
I've never been able to cajole my fiancé here to take more than two bites of broccoli, and you got him to clean his plate.
Well, it never tasted like this.
Watch it! Grace, I'm gonna have to steal this recipe.
Excuse me for a minute, but why are you assuming it was just Grace? Actually, Marlene, this was all Judd and Wyatt.
But thank you, Mom.
Okay, sorry, but since when does my son know how to cook anything without a microwave? Maybe since he started spending a little QT with his old man.
If that's the case, then I hope he continues to follow in your footsteps, sir.
Even if they are one-legged.
Oh! Wow, too soon.
Too soon.
Wyatt, what is it? It's from Tele-Lively.
Tele-what-what-ly now? It's a big internship Wyatt was hoping to get this summer.
Oh, no.
What, they-they don't have a slot? No, they wanna interview me, but they changed the job from being remote to in-person.
I mean, I can't afford an apartment for an unpaid internship.
Do you know where the company's located? Uh, yeah, it's Austin.
Austin? It's in Austin? Why don't you just stay here? No.
No, I couldn't impose.
Wyatt, that's nonsense.
This is your home too.
But, like, right here it says there's five other finalists for this.
And I'm sure they're all like, you know, Mensa members.
- Oh, come on.
- And the interview is with Max Keller himself.
You said Max Killer? No, Kel Keller.
Max Keller made his first billion by the time he was 25.
- Is that right? - Mm-hmm.
Trust me, we've heard all about it.
Yeah, and he's been on the cover of WIRED twice.
I just always choke for these interviews.
Wyatt, that is not true.
I'm just gonna I'm just gonna cancel.
Well, hang on a minute now.
No, no, no, no.
No son of mine is going back to Waco with his tail tucked between his legs because of some tech guy, alright? I got some time off.
Me and you are gonna work together, we'll get you in fightin' shape, so you go in there, you whoop that interview.
- We are? - Hell, yeah.
Um, and how exactly do you plan on doing that, sweetheart? Well There's a multi-phase process, and the first step is to get your uh Get the proper attire.
Hey, roomie.
You up? Yeah, what's up, Cap? You need something? Yeah, I made some golden milk.
You want some? Oh, yeah.
That'd be great, Cap.
Uh, just leave it in the fridge.
The fridge? Golden milk gets way less golden and more brackish when it's cold.
I like it cold.
Alright, suit yourself.
I'll just leave it on the counter.
I'm out.
Thanks, Cap.
- Do you think he knows? - Nah.
I mean, the walls are thin here, but not that thin.
How much noise did we make last night? A little more than last time.
You know, at some point, we're gonna get busted.
We're ninjas.
Sooner or later, we're gonna slip up, and then it's gonna be weird.
And we promised that we're not gonna let this get weird.
Maybe it's time we just came out and told everybody.
But wouldn't that make things weirder? Maybe.
But less weird than getting caught.
But what if it becomes a problem? I mean, you know, officially seeing each other, working under the same roof? Yeah, same roof, but two different captains who are both totally cool.
True that.
So, what do you say? Should we go in today and rip off that Band-Aid? Today? Unless you can think of a reason to wait.
I mean, maybe we should go get some coffee first, strategize about how we're gonna do it.
Going to get coffee is what got us into this in the first place.
That was some good coffee, though.
It was some great coffee.
Mateo, we don't have to overthink this.
We just go up and tell 'em we like each other.
- It's not a big deal.
- Right.
Unless you feel differently.
I like you, Nancy.
You do? Yeah.
A lot, actually.
So I guess we're doing this.
Uh, I I-I guess we are.
Arms down, please.
Seventeen shoulder, but we'll allow a little room to grow.
So, do you think we'll be looking at something single-breasted or double-breasted today? Oh, um I don't I don't know.
How many breasts would you recommend? Single-breasted would be great, sir.
I'll pull some options.
What the hell was that? What? I've never bought a suit before.
Also, I-I still don't even think I'm supposed to wear one to this.
First of all, you wear a suit to a job interview.
That's what you do.
Everybody knows that.
Did you wear a suit when you had an interview at the firehouse? No, I didn't, but that wasn't for no office job, Wyatt.
I'm-I'm not talking about the suit.
I'm talking about you um'ing and oh'ing and, you know, mopping the floor up with your eyes while that man asked you a simple question.
I don't know.
It's just how I talk.
Well, we gotta fix that.
How? Put your shoulders back.
Put your head up.
Like this? I don't know, this feels forced.
And then when you talk to somebody, you look a man square in his eyes so he knows that you're worthy of his attention.
Well, what if I'm not sure that I am? Hey, so you get to decide whether you're worthy or not.
You wanna know what the big secret is? What? Either way you choose, you're right.
Hang on.
Let's try it.
So, where do we want to start? We've got navy, charcoal gray.
I would like to try the navy.
Very good, sir.
Also the charcoal, please.
Wyatt, that's-that's too much eye contact.
So, he-he's doing great, isn't he? Doing great, sir.
I got winner.
I got winner.
Hey, yo, the chili's ready! We got sour cream, we got green onions, we got cheese.
- Come and get you some.
- Yes! Hey, uh, anybody seen the corn chips? Corn chips? I hid 'em.
- You hid them? Why? - Yep? Because I do not want you defacing my chili with corn chips, man.
What is it with everyone in Texas putting corn chips in their chili anyway? Because it is amazing.
Alright, they're in the cabinet over there.
- First one? Ha-ha! - Yeah, top shelf.
Come on.
So, shall we do the thing? The thing? That we said we were gonna do? Tell the gang about us.
Uh Yeah, um What about Judd? What about Judd? I mean, it just wouldn't feel right if we did it without him.
He's at home recovering from a leg injury that is literally gonna take months to heal.
He can find out about it on IG.
But he's not on social.
Dude, we doing this or not? Of course, we are.
Oh, look, there's Carlos.
Carlos! Hey! What's up, man? Hey.
How are you, brother? What brings you here? Uh, I heard there was a Code Seven on the premises.
Code seven? What's a Code Seven? I'd like to know.
Code Seven's cop talk for lunch.
- I heard there was chili.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, well, that's true.
- Right there.
Grab a bowl.
- Thank you.
Hey, you ever try corn chips with the chili? I'm from Texas.
I only eat chili with corn chips.
Come on, Carlos.
Not you too.
It just gives it like a, you know, a nice crunch, right? That's what I was tryin' to tell 'em, like there should be - Mateo? - Yeah? Rescue 126 respond.
Cardiac arrest Sounds like medical.
Nance, heart attack, let's go.
Right behind you.
You guys feel it? That momentum gathering up as I prepare to squash you like Juggernaut.
Okay, just hurry up and roll already.
Come on, nine, come on, nine.
No nine, no nine.
No nine.
No nine, no nine! Nine! I'm about to be rollin' in it, baby! Okay, so that is some golden-ass wheat and some rock-sturdy lumber.
So who's gonna hook a player up with some brick? For the love of all things holy, guys, please do not trade him a brick.
No, forget it, Marjan, okay? There's no stopping this whole Chavez-Gillian war machine.
Nance? Swap you a wheat for a brick? - Sorry, dude.
- Oh! Denied.
But you have a settlement on two brick hexes.
I mean, you don't have a single brick to spare? Nope.
Ooh! - Shaking things up.
- Swing and a miss! Things is different.
Marjan, would you be willing to trade an ore for a brick? Aah! Nancy, I would be delighted.
What the hell, Nance? You just told me you didn't have a brick.
No, I said I wouldn't trade you a brick.
- Oh! - Plot twist! - I thought we had an alliance.
- Did you now? Yeah, because we always have an alliance playing Catan.
That's why I gave you all my grain.
And I enjoyed your grain very much.
Thank you.
Yo, Nancy is coldblooded! I love it.
I love it! - Paul, can you grab me a water? - Yep.
- That's so messed up.
- What's messed up? I mean, if you're gonna call off a standing alliance, you should at least let the other person know.
Is that how it works? Because I thought that you just didn't say anything at all and just let the other person figure it out.
Yeah, if you're a betrayer.
- Oh.
- Dang.
- Wow.
- Alright, y'all.
Why don't we all just take a deep breath 'cause it's getting a little overheated in here, yeah? Yep.
You guys, you withhold in Catan.
You know, that's how the game goes.
- Whatever.
I fold.
- You can't fold.
This is Catan.
This isn't poker.
Well, either way, I'm just gonna peace out.
- Mateo? - Bro.
- Hey, come on, man.
- See you guys.
- You really that salty? - He, he left.
What the hell was that about? No clue.
You give your hand to me ♪ And then you say hello ♪ And I can hardly speak ♪ My heart is beating so ♪ And anyone can tell ♪ You think you know me well ♪ But you don't know me ♪ Now I never knew ♪ The art of making love ♪ Though my heart aches with love ♪ For you ♪ Afraid and shy ♪ I let my chance go by ♪ A chance that you might love me too ♪ No, you don't know the one ♪ Who dreams of you each night ♪ And longs to kiss your lips ♪ And longs to hold you tight ♪ To you, I'm just a friend ♪ That's all I've ever been ♪ 'Cause you don't know me ♪ You don't know me ♪ Oh.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I thought your band had an after party.
Uh, we did, and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
Well, you you were amazing.
Amazing tonight.
Well, inspiration is everything.
Mm, mm! No.
Are you crazy? No.
The-the girls.
Well, the girls and I Uh I think I am crazy.
I'm crazy too.
Hello, husband.
Ah! It has been a hell of a year.
But that's not exactly new, is it? Your daughters are doing so well.
They just had a birthday.
So you, um, you'll never guess who's been staying with us these last few weeks.
Their Uncle Julius.
I know.
I'm just as surprised as you are.
But I think he's changed.
Or maybe I've changed.
I You always saw something special in him.
And you were right.
I feel alive today.
Charles, I'm thinking of asking him to stay.
Just to see where this goes.
I I want to ask for your blessing, but I feel in my heart that you've already given it to us.
Feels like you've had your hand in this guiding him to us.
Taking care of us from wherever you are.
I love you, baby.
Morning, Nance.
Hey, bud.
- Feeling any better today? - Feeling better? When was I supposed to have felt worse? You know, after last night when you and Mateo got into it.
Oh, that.
That was nothing.
Didn't feel like nothing.
Actually, it got kinda weird.
Maybe it was slightly weird.
I think we're both just over it.
Over it? Over what? Catan.
We're both over Catan.
Over Catan? But that's like our national pastime, Nance.
And to be honest, I'm starting to find the whole thing a little goofy.
Why do we never play any other games? Hasn't anybody ever heard of Yahtzee or Scattergories? Yeah, I-I guess.
Look, if it's that important to you, I will talk to the gang about trying something new.
I think it'd be good for all of us to change things up.
Spice of life.
Catan is spicy.
Where are we going? To see your Aunt Janie.
- Is Daddy coming? - No.
Daddy has to work.
Oh, no.
- Hi, babe.
- Why did you just take four grand out of the bank? I got a notification.
You remember that new patio set I showed you? Mommy, I forgot Purple Llama.
Was that Toby? Why isn't he in school? Connie, what in the hell is going on? I'll get Purple Llama.
You stay still.
Connie, answer me! - Connie! - Mommy'll be back.
Connie, talk to me! Connie! The kids and I won't be here when you get back.
I'm not letting you lay another hand on them ever again.
- Mommy? Mommy! - Oh, God! - Oh, God! - Mommy! Oh, no! - Oh, God! - Mommy! No, no, no, no, no! - Oh, God, no! - Mommy, help! - Mommy! - No! No, no, no! - God! No! - Mommy! Ah! Oh, no, no, no! Mom's name is Connie Allen.
Kids were in the car when it started to roll.
She threw herself underneath to stop it.
She used her own body as a speed bump? Alright, chock the wheels, cribbing and an airbag.
Check on the kids.
Make sure they're okay.
Copy, Cap.
Ma'am, we'll get you outta here in no time, okay? My kids.
You have to get them out of here.
Your kids are being taken care of.
They can't see what's happening.
I mean, he's coming.
You can't let him Alright, first things first.
Nancy, get her vitals.
She's terrified.
Pulse is 90, BP's 140 over 80.
Lungs sound clear.
Okay, start a line.
Push ten milligrams of morphine for the pain.
Copy -Alright, guys, let's raise her up.
Alright, as soon as she's clear, we're gonna pull her onto the backboard and on the gurney.
- We're clear.
- Now.
Nice and easy.
Here we go.
Nancy, let's get these legs splinted for transport.
Connie! Oh, God, no.
- Your ex? - Not yet.
You can't let him near my kids.
Connie! Is she alright? Your wife's been in an accident and, uh, we're assessing her.
Toby, Sammy, come with me.
No, He hits us! He hits me.
We were trying to get away.
- She's delirious.
- No! Connie, I need you to settle back.
Your kids were involved in the accident as well, so they need to be assessed.
Those are my kids, and they're coming home with me.
Captain Strand, this patient needs to be transported.
No, I'm not leaving.
No, no, no, no What do we do here, officer? You can let me take my kids.
Ma'am, have you reported any incident of domestic abuse? No.
I've always been too afraid.
Because nothing ever happened.
Legally, there is nothing I can do.
He's their father.
I'm required to give them back to him.
Please! Please! Hey! - Owen.
- Cap.
Hulk smash.
I'm taking my kids with me.
Um, are you sure they are your kids? 'Cause they don't bear much of a resemblance.
And it's got me thinking when was the last time a wife-beating cuck like you, actually Officer, would you do me the honor of arresting - this man for assault? - With pleasure.
Sir, I need you to put your hands behind your back.
You baited me.
Ow! You're being arrested for assault.
Let's go.
This is ridiculous.
Toby, Sammy, I'll be right back.
Don't worry.
No one's taking your kids today.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Well played, Cap.
- For real.
I thought you were about to unleash the rage monster on that dude.
I did.
It just wasn't mine.
How you feel? Like I'm gonna puke.
Oh, that's natural.
I mean, you look like a million bucks.
Just don't puke on your duds.
Keep your shoulders back and your chin up.
And make plenty of eye contact but not too much eye contact.
That's the ticket.
And don't forget, he may be Max Keller, but you're Wyatt Harris.
Hell, yeah, I am.
I'd say break a leg, but But you already got that covered.
Get outta here, joker.
I'm, uh, I'm here about the interview.
You and everybody else.
Have a seat.
He'll be out soon.
If you take away anything from today, Astrid, two words: ice baths.
It'll change your life.
Hit me up any time on Discord.
Skyler, who's my 3:15? - Wyatt Harris.
- Wyatt.
Uh, which one of you is Wyatt Harris? - That's me.
- Oh.
Oh, wow.
Did somebody die? Uh, no.
Well, then you must be hunting for Neo.
Oh! Uh No, yeah, that's funny 'cause The Matrix I'm Wyatt.
Wyatt Harris.
Uh-uh Oh, wow.
You got quite the clammy grip there, Wyatt.
Come on back.
How'd you fare? Can we just go? Thanks.
Sorry I'm late.
Parking downtown is such a quest.
Believe me, I get it.
Come on in.
Kids, I have Scattergories, Trouble, Pictionary.
Why is there no music or food? Because this is a trap, Nancy.
This whole hang was a trap.
We're not playing Scattergories? Yeah, we were never playing Scattergories.
And we never will.
In this house, we Catan.
You-you can't trash tradition, Nance.
So, please have a seat.
Now, what the hell's going on between you two? Oh, my God, this is getting ridiculous, okay? Nothing is going on between us.
Yeah, it got a little over-competitive the other night, but it's not a big deal.
You called Catan stupid, that is a very big deal.
So let's talk it out.
Mateo and me, we you know.
- We don't know.
- We don't.
We have no idea.
- No idea.
- We asked you to talk about it.
We knocked boots.
Wow Well, this is awkward.
You don't need to talk about this with us if if y'all don't want to.
Yeah, this is really, really none of our business.
We didn't mean to put you in an awkward position.
Not "position.
" - Who wants a snack? - Me.
Actually, you know what? It is your business.
You made it their business.
I didn't say a thing.
No, but you got weird.
The thing that we said we were not gonna do, you did.
You know, I just wanna say for the record, okay, what happened between Mateo and I, it was not weird and it was not awkward.
It was nice.
It was two people that like each other a lot who got together at a moment when neither of them wanted to be alone.
Although in this moment, I kinda do.
- Nance.
- You don't need to say anything, Mateo.
I'm a grown-ass woman, and I'm not asking anything of you.
It's cool.
No harm, no foul.
I'm over it.
Well, I'm not.
I don't regret anything.
Well, then, what's your problem, dude? This.
This is my problem.
I've always been taller than you.
That's not news.
Yeah, well, I haven't thought about it until I thought about it.
And then I started thinking about where this is going and what people might say if they saw us walking down the street together.
You're afraid of people laughing at you? I'm afraid that they're gonna laugh at you for being with me.
Mateo, I've been the tallest kid in my class since third grade and at least a head taller than pretty much anyone I've ever dated.
Even if they're in six-inch heels.
I don't care what people think.
And neither should you.
We good now? Yeah, we're good.
Aw! Okay! Who's for Catan? - Let's go.
- Whoo! Beware of the Gillian-Chavez alliance.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Nance, Catan? Actually, you wanna get a coffee? Oh, you You-you want some coffee? I think so.
Yeah, I-I want some coffee too.
I - I love coffee.
- Alright.
Um, hey, guys, we're gonna go get a coffee.
You're gonna go get coffee? We have coffee.
Um, no, thanks, we're good.
See you guys.
Bye! Bye.
You still staring up at the ceiling, aren't you? Yeah.
Judd? You can't keep torturing yourself over this.
What the hell do I know about some office job interview? I sent that boy in there dressed up like a damn banker.
Well, I thought he looked pretty good.
Thought he looked sharp.
Thought he looked damn sharp.
Every young man should have at least one good suit.
Yeah, the trouble ain't the suit.
The trouble is, I did not encourage him to go in there and just be himself.
I threw him off his game.
You were just trying to help him.
I was but I didn't.
But I'm gonna.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where are the girls? Bundled off to Mrs.
That sounds like the title to a children's book.
Or a song.
You know, it's, uh, it's good that we have a minute to ourselves.
I've been thinking a lot about you, Julius.
You haven't left my thoughts at all.
I know there are a lot of complicated feelings around what happened between us.
And, and I just want you to know that I I don't regret it.
And I thought I might.
I thought I might feel that I I betrayed Charles or-or his memory.
But that's untouched.
No matter what happens, that will always be untouched.
And I know it now.
I really know it now.
And that's huge.
And thank you.
- I'm glad I could help.
- You did.
It turns out um that I actually really like you, Julius.
You said something about complicated feelings.
Mine aren't.
I'm in love with you.
What? In these last couple of weeks, it's become even more obvious to me.
And that is why I have to go.
Go? Before I screw this up, as I inevitably will, and and everything that has been repaired could end up being broken again and just Uh, that's the risk we take when we wake up every morning.
My-my entire profession is about that.
I I don't want to be an emergency you have to respond to.
My my brother's shoes may be a perfect fit, but I am not near man enough to fill them.
Nobody's asking you to.
Anything short of that isn't good enough for you or the girls.
My manager's been trying to book us some gigs in New Orleans, and I've I've been putting him off.
But this morning I told him "Pull the trigger.
" I see.
- Can you forgive me? - Hmm.
This time, Julius there's nothing to forgive.
Alright, round two.
Here we go.
I don't know how you got me another shot at this, but Thanks, Dad.
Well, Wyatt, you didn't mess it up the first time, I did.
And, uh, I ain't exactly got you another shot yet.
What are you talking about? Don't worry about it.
You sit tight here.
I'm gonna go up there and have a conversation with this Max feller and then I'll call you when it's time to come up.
Hold on.
You haven't spoken to him yet? You really think you're just gonna waltz into Max Keller's office and have a conversation with him? Yeah, that's pretty much the idea.
Watch this.
- Appreciate you.
- No problem.
You report a gas leak? Yeah, folks have been complaining of a rotten egg smell in the lobby.
- Just the lobby? - Mostly.
But then a gal on the third floor started feeling lightheaded.
Excuse me a second.
Can I help you, son? Oh, um, I'm just waiting for my dad.
It's a 30-minute loading zone, okay? Yeah, I'll move it soon.
Show me where the meter's at.
- Basement.
This way.
- Basement.
Mechanical room's right here.
Ninety-eight ppm and climbing.
We shouldn't be down here.
We have to evacuate.
What's your emergency? Captioned by Point.
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