9-1-1: Lone Star (2020) s03e18 Episode Script

A Bright and Cloudless Morning

You guys have the most sophisticated health and fitness algorithm on the market.
But you're broke.
Why? Because we don't do it for the money.
I do.
We're just not making any.
What? It's true, Brandy.
It's because you don't have the right exposure.
I'm not interested in your PR, Max.
I could just buy you outright.
But I'd rather have you on board.
Alright, round two, here we go.
I don't know how you got me another shot at this, but, thanks, Dad.
Well, Wyatt, you didn't mess it up the first time, I did.
And, uh, I ain't exactly got you another shot yet.
Hold on, you haven't spoken to him yet? You really think you're just gonna waltz into Max Keller's office and have a conversation with him? Yeah, that's pretty much the idea.
Watch this.
You guys incubate your next app here inside our walls.
And I will put the full might of Tele-Lively behind you when you launch.
Folks been complaining of a rotten egg smell in the lobby.
Just the lobby? Show me where the meter's at.
- Basement.
This way.
- Basement.
We are actually bringing in a pastry chef Hey.
You can't go in there.
It's only gonna take a second.
Howdy, yourself.
Sorry to interrupt your meeting here.
I think you met my son yesterday.
- Wyatt Harris.
- What-what do I do with that? The kid in the suit.
Agent Smith.
Thank you.
And now I get to meet his dad.
This is, this is, this is too good.
Yeah, well, I understand that he kind of belly-flopped the interview, but that was my fault 'cause I sent him in here dressed up in that monkey suit.
The truth about my son is, he's brilliant.
He's a really kind kid.
And he's graduating next week as valedictorian.
And, you know, I think he'd bring a lot of value to your company.
So this is me just coming in to ask if you'd be willing to give him another shot.
You remind me of my father.
- Oh.
- I hate my father.
So why don't you please take your giant crutches and just mosey on out of here in peace, or I will call security.
Mechanical room's right here.
Ninety-eight PPM and climbing.
We shouldn't be down here.
We have to evacuate.
What-what-what was that? Oh, my God.
Y'all get down and cover your heads.
You are a terrible alarm clock.
Oh, come on.
I thought that that was better than the traffic report.
I'll say.
But now I don't wanna get out of bed and I No, don't.
Bad, bad alarm clock.
Bad alarm clock.
Owen, I have a deposition.
- Skip it.
- I can't skip it.
They're making me partner.
And TK needs to get to school.
Well, he's seven.
He can walk.
Wow, we are really full of good suggestions this morning, aren't we? Full of something.
This is a perfect moment.
We should make it last.
You can't preserve a perfect moment.
That's why they call it a moment.
And I have a deposition.
Well, we have a lifetime of perfect moments ahead of us.
It's not what I'm hoping to see, but your CT scan does show a new mass in your right lung.
It doesn't necessarily mean that it's a recurrence of the cancer.
It could be a few things.
So we're not leaping to any conclusions.
We're just, we're gonna take this one step at a time, okay? Owen, did you hear anything I just said? Yeah, I heard CT scan, mass, lung.
And did you also hear me say that we are gonna take this one step at a time? - I thought we got all of it.
- We did.
So what is that, it's new cancer? We don't even know if this is cancer.
We need to do a biopsy.
So if you have time, I'd like to do that now.
You know, send a sample right away to the lab.
I walk into the loft, Carlos is sitting at the counter cool as a breeze Which is that man's resting state.
And? And he was updating his will.
Was he taking you out of it? What? No.
You guys don't think that's morbid that he was just sitting there with his last will and testament like it was Sudoku? I mean, I didn't even know he had a will.
So then we got into this stupid fight because now he's on me because I don't have a will.
Hold up.
You don't have a will? - You do? - Yeah.
Bro, we risk our lives every day.
Plus it's just sound financial planning.
Alright, now you sound like Carlos.
TK, if anyone on this planet should have a will, it's you.
- Me? - Yeah, you.
Near-death experience guy.
You're like the NDE MVP.
Do you remember when you got hypothermia saving that kid? Or when you got shot by that other kid? Mm-hmm.
Bro, maybe you should stay away from kids.
No, you guys don't get it.
The only reason I survived those close calls is because I don't have a will.
Because that makes sense.
I'm serious.
Once I sign that dotted line, that's it.
The Grim Reaper is gonna collect his due.
- Good God, that is dark.
- It's kind of mental.
It's idiotic.
Death isn't a credit card debt, it's a part of life.
And a hazard of this job.
You can't cheat it.
So stop acting like a child, get your act together.
Captain Strand.
Captain Vega.
Owen, is everything okay? Yeah.
No, Uh it's hard to say.
What's going on? I went to my oncologist who I thought was no longer my oncologist.
I'd had a physical and there's a there's a mass in my lung.
Oh, Owen.
I'm so sorry.
They did a biopsy and now I just have to wait.
My plan was to come right down here and tell TK, but, uh, being candid with him about my health status has always been a weak spot.
And did you? Nope.
But I did tell him he needed a will.
He needed a will? And that he should grow up and stop acting like a child.
Not terrible advice.
I think a bomb just went off! Okay, sir, I need you to slow down and give me that address again.
3-2-1-1 Nueces Street! The new Tele-Lively Building! Okay, the Tele-Lively building on Nueces Street.
Help is on the way.
Can you give me your name? Yeah, my name is Wyatt.
Wyatt Harris! Please hurry! Half the building came down! My dad's inside! I have to go get him! Okay, Wyatt, I need you to stay away from the building.
Don't try to go in there yourself, okay? We need to keep you safe.
- Wyatt? - Grace? Grace? Is that you? Wyatt, what's happening, sweetie? I don't know.
I don't know.
There was just an explosion and then the building fell, Grace.
- I don't know.
- Are you hurt? No, I was outside in Judd's truck.
Wyatt, where's Judd at? He's in there.
Ohh! No.
No Oh, God.
Hello? - Who's hurt? - I think I'm okay.
- Brandy? - Yeah, I think so.
I'm-I'm okay.
What the hell happened? Some sort of a structure failure.
Yeah, there was an explosion.
Yeah, I heard a big boom before everything went down.
We gotta get outta here.
There's a stairwell on this hall.
Let's go.
No, no, no.
Don't take those stairs.
Why the hell not? 'Cause it looks to me like we're on the side of the building that collapsed.
So we need to move away from the failure and find another way out.
Wait, why should we listen to you? 'Cause I'm 20 years a firefighter.
If you stick with me, I'll get you out of here.
You are a cripple.
I'm a firefighter.
- Gracie.
- Ohh! Judd Thank you, God.
Are you okay? Still kickin'.
As much as I can kick these days.
It's 9-1-1.
9-1-1 called him? Yeah, I'm sticking with that dude.
I take you got wind of what happened here.
All we know is that there's been a partial building collapse, but there's no word on what caused it.
Did you hear from Wyatt? 'Cause I left him parked out front.
Wyatt's fine, baby.
He's just worried about you.
But he does know you're alive, so let's keep it that way.
- Do you know - what floor you're on? Well, we-we was on the sixth floor, now I reckon we're on the fifth.
Who's we? I'm here with three civilians.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
There was another fella in your office.
Where is he? - Hugo.
Hugo! - Hugo.
- Hugo? - Hugo! - Hugo! - Hugo? Hugo! Hugo! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Thank God.
He's hurt! Hang on.
Hang on It's okay.
We're here.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Come on, we need help! We got a firefighter here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We're here.
It's okay, Hugo, we're here.
Hang on, partner.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't touch that, no, no, no! Hey, anybody have something we can wrap him up? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Quick, quick, quick.
Hang on.
Oh, my God, this isn't happening, this isn't happening.
Help me.
Hey, hey, hey.
Partner, stay with me.
Don't go.
Look, I got you, I got you, I got you.
Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Right here.
Right here, right here.
Hang on, hang on.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Stay with me.
Oh, God! Grace, we lost a man here.
Help is on the way, sweetheart.
Can't get here soon enough.
Hello? You ever see anything like this? Oh, I have.
Alright, let's find the IC.
TK, Nancy, go get as many supplies as you can carry.
We're gonna join triage.
Isn't that Judd's kid? Report is some kind of explosion at the sublevel.
Folks on the lower floors heard a boom, followed by hammering all around.
It's the cracking of rebar in its concrete.
A reinforced shear wall came down, took three support columns with it.
It's a wonder this much of it is still standing.
Well, we gotta get these people outta here now.
The good news is they were renovating the building, so it's mostly unoccupied.
There's still some folks stuck on an upper floor.
Captain Strand, one of 'em's yours.
Judd Ryder's in there.
Judd, the 126 is on the scene.
I'm connecting you to Captain Strand.
Go ahead.
Hey, Judd, how you doing in there? I'm more, more or less in one piece now, Cap.
But me and the folks I'm up here with could use an assist getting out.
Yeah, that's what we're working on right now.
Listen, I need you to avoid the stairwells that are closest to you, they're compromised.
We've got reports of spot fires.
You'd asphyxiate before you even made it to the ground floor.
I'm pretty sure the elevators ain't working either.
Alright, I've got the building plans in front of me.
Captain Strand, can you describe the damage? The lobby's gone.
North side is a no.
You're gonna have to lead people to the southeast corner of the building.
Those stairwells are gonna be your best bet.
Alright, I do see a stairwell on the southeast corner, but it's gonna be about a 300-foot trek to get there.
That's assuming that the way is clear.
Then it's just - Six flights down.
- Five, sweetheart.
You guys took the first flight down the hard way, remember? My leg's broke again, Grace, and it's screaming at me pretty good right now.
Baby, listen.
Every part of you is gonna be screaming if you don't get out of there.
Judd, could you handle two stories? There's some kind of a roof garden on the southeast side.
Yep, two flights is better than five.
That sounds like a plan.
I'm I'm gonna have to put you in my pocket, Gracie.
I'm gonna need both my hands.
Hang up and get moving.
I love you.
I love you, too.
You get home, okay? Hey, you know where that roof deck is that he's talking about? Uh, yeah, yeah.
I was gonna put a members-only club there.
Get these three there as fast as you can, sir.
- What about you? - Don't wait for me.
I'll be right there.
Y'all go ahead.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Just lean on me.
- Mr.
Keller No, no.
We would all be dead of smoke inhalation already if it wasn't for you, okay? Lyle, Lyle, get on the other side.
I'm stronger than you.
- Alright.
We got this.
- Let's go, let's go.
Move, move, move, move, move, move.
My wife and my daughter will be grateful to y'all.
And, Mr.
Keller, maybe we could have a word about my son getting this job.
If we make it out.
He's already got the job, okay? And if we actually get out of here, he's already been promoted.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay, let's go.
Let's go, let's go.
It's my fault he's in there.
If I hadn't tanked on my first interview If you hadn't tanked on your first interview, you'd have that job.
Which means he would have been in there anyway looking for you.
Trust me when I tell you.
He prefers it this way.
Alright, 126.
Stage a ladder down here.
Extend the aerial up to the roof deck.
- On it, Cap.
- Okay, we got it.
Did you talk to him? Is he okay? He's tough.
We're gonna get him out of there, alright? Hey, Captain, you said there was a sublevel gas explosion? Most likely.
We shut the mains off the street level.
The gas company didn't do it, did they? No.
I saw the guy driving the truck go in there right before the explosion with a security guard.
- You see them come out? - No.
Alright, there are more people in this building.
- Mateo.
- Yep? You and two more strong backs.
We're going in.
If they were at the point of ignition, their chances of being survivors Is greater than you think.
Excuse me.
Coming through.
So clear out.
Austin FD.
Anybody in here? Cap, we sure they shut off the gas? PPMs are off the charts.
There was enough gas in the explosion to bring the house down, so there's probably some pockets left.
Ladder 126.
This is Strickland.
We're in position but we're not seeing any signs of Judd.
Now for the fun part.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We got you.
We're good.
One at a time.
Over here.
Hello? Over here.
Over here! Down here.
Hey, friend, Owen Strand, Austin FD.
We're gonna get you outta there.
Ah, please help me.
Okay, okay, okay.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Mateo? - Yeah.
Gonna get this concrete off of him.
There was another fella down here.
Gas worker.
I've been calling to him, but he ain't answering.
Alright, come on.
One, two, three.
I want everybody outta here.
Turn off all the backup power.
Put him on a backboard, get him out.
- I'm gonna keep looking.
- Wait, Cap.
By yourself? I mean, how are you gonna get him out if you find him? Haven't you ever heard of the fireman's carry? Go on.
Clear it out.
Keep me on the radio.
Here-here we go.
Just a few more.
Just a few more.
- Come on, you're almost there.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let's go.
I know.
We can do this.
I see them.
Hey, 126, we got eyes on firefighter Ryder, plus four civilians.
Everyone looks to be in one piece.
Listen, you just couldn't stay out of the action, could ya? I'll tell you what, after this, I might never leave the house again.
- Whoa, whoa.
- There he is.
There he is! Let's get that basket.
Paul, don't drop my husband, okay? We'll handle him with utmost care.
There you go Hello! Hello! You good? You guys alright? Captain Strand! Captain Strand, do you copy? Captain Strand! Captain Strand, do you copy? Strand 126 to IC.
Anyone copy? I'm in the basement.
I don't see any point of egress.
Does anyone copy? Hello! Yeah.
Over here.
Try not to move.
I pretty much got that one covered without even trying.
You FD? Yeah.
My name's Owen.
What's your name? - Manny.
- Hey, Manny.
I'm gonna try to get you out of here.
And after that, who's gonna get you out? My team.
They're just outside.
They should be here any minute.
If they can find us.
Yeah, I may have to give 'em a hand with that.
You see the second one? - The second one? - Yeah.
I heard over my radio there was a second one.
- You have a radio? - Yeah.
Can't seem to grab it right now.
This might be loud.
Think they can hear that? The seismic sensors will.
It'll turn this whole pile into one big microphone.
Alright, I gotta figure out a way to get you out of there.
Let me find something to pry this off ya.
Let me know if I can help.
Hey, hey.
You can help by staying awake.
Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Got a wife? Had a had a wife.
Yeah, me too.
Got any kids? Two girls.
Emma, she's 36 and Mya I guess she'll be 28 next month.
Man, what is your secret? You don't look old enough to have kids that old.
Well, they were 16 and 8 when I died, so That's the math, right? Manny.
Manny Canales.
You and I were in the Concourse the day the South Tower fell.
Which is how we ended up like this.
Give it a rest, Owen.
You never get this thing off me, remember? What are you doin' down here, man? I'm not here.
Obviously, uh I must be bleeding out under a different building.
Yeah, well, maybe.
You've been stuck down here longer than I was.
See, me, I I was only like this for 29 minutes and that second tower came down.
I was done, but you you you've been down here, what, 20 years, right? That's the math.
So why you keep coming back, man? I don't.
It must have been on my mind.
They told me today that my cancer might be back.
Cancer? A lot of people got sick.
The guys who went back in.
And people who were just there.
They say 3,000 people died that day, but it was more.
It was thousands more.
Man, it sucks to be a statistic, man.
How can I get away from a day that keeps coming for me? This day ain't comin' for you.
You You keep going back to it.
That's not true.
Then why you keep that thing on your desk? It's a reminder.
To never forget.
Nobody asking you to forget, brother.
Hell, far too many people already have.
But you don't need to be, you know, keeping a piece of what they did to us and turning it into some holy relic.
I hope that's not what I'm doing.
Look, man, this day may get you yet.
But you need to stop acting like it already has.
You need to stop living in it.
You know, you need to stop trying to make things turn out different.
I'm not.
Here it comes.
I'm gonna get you outta here.
Welcome back, Cap.
We weren't sure we were gonna get a chance to see you again, man.
Scared the hell out of us, Dad.
We're all pretty worried.
Everybody's been praying for you, Captain Strand.
That's right.
I knew you'd pull through.
He did say that.
What happened to Manny? Did he make it? Who's Manny? He died.
Gwyn? You can't save everyone.
I know.
I'm not sure you do.
I wish I could have saved you.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't your fault.
We never should have gotten out of the bed that morning.
The world wouldn't let us stay in bed.
I wish I could go back.
You can't preserve a perfect moment.
"That's what makes it a moment.
" You need to go forward, Owen not back.
He's alive! Hey, son.
Hey, Dad.
How are you feeling? Like a building fell on me.
I told 'em you were indestructible.
I take after my son.
Did everybody get out okay? Yeah.
Judd rebroke his leg, but he'll be okay.
We saved a lot of people, Dad.
That's good.
They found something else.
Who did? The doctors when they were examining you.
The spot on my lungs.
You knew? For a while.
I wish I knew why they told you.
You made me your medical proxy when you went in for surgery, remember? What's going on, Dad? We did a biopsy.
The doctor says it could be a number of things that Doesn't necessarily mean that the cancer is back.
But it might be.
It might be.
Well, I can't do it again, Dad.
Pretty sure I'd be the one doing it again, son.
No, I mean, I can't lose another parent.
Not now.
Well, that is not something either one of us are gonna have a say in, TK.
No one's guaranteed anything.
It's why you make a will.
It's not to prepare for the end because that comes no matter what we do.
It's so the moment is taken care of so we can live in this one.
'Cause that's all any of us have.
Carlos? Carlos? Baby? - What? Do you smell smoke? - No, no.
Is the lizard back? Hey, no, no, no, there's no lizard.
Hey, everything's okay, relax.
I was relaxing.
What's going on? I'm ready to make my will.
- You're ready to make your will? - I'm ready to make my will.
You're ready to make your will now? Mm-hmm.
At 3:18 in the morning? Yeah.
I don't wanna waste another minute.
You think you can survive until dawn? I mean, you put it off this long.
I It'll be easy because I'd just leave everything to my husband.
What? Marry me.
TK Baby, I'm-I'm serious.
Let's get married.
Yeah, TK, we've had a pretty dramatic week.
Baby, this isn't, this isn't drama.
- TK, we're both - This isn't It's not drama.
It's not drama.
It's love.
The kind that you can't get away from.
And maybe my life has been scarred with loss.
And at times it's felt inescapable.
But that's the risk of love, right? For the first time in my life the love that I feel is infinitely more powerful than the fear of losing it.
And every moment that we're not married is a wasted moment.
And, baby, we we only get so many.
- And every day - Tyler.
Can I say yes now? Can I say yes now? I sure hope so.
Then, yes a thousand times yes.
You're not just saying yes so you could go back to sleep, right? I mean, maybe.
Well, well, look who's flaunting their uprightness.
- About to get sprung? - Yeah.
Not a moment too soon.
You know, I think they were thinking of renaming this entire wing after the Strand family.
I bet you that comes with a hell of a parking spot.
Where are the girls? Oh, I sent 'em home.
Poor Grace now has two relations that aren't walking very well, so When is the new recovery timeline? She told me about three weeks more than the old timeframe.
- That's a lucky break.
- It's two.
I got, I got six lucky screws in there too.
How about you, the department letting you get right back at it? In a couple of days.
Captain Scofield's there now.
But I hear Marjan is really running the show.
Well, I bet you old Scofield'll be happy when you get back.
Listen when the day finally does come and they really do have to fill that chair, I just want you to know the department has my recommendation in file.
Assuming you ever get back on your feet the 126 is your command.
It's your house, Judd.
Always has been.
I appreciate that, Owen.
So do we make a speech? We could.
Something heartfelt, thanking them for being there for us? Sounds good.
Or we could put a ring on your finger and you could ask them, "Does this make me look engaged?" Let's stick with heartfelt, okay? Yeah.
- Hey! - Hey.
Hey, guys.
Hey, man.
You look great, man.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Wow! - This is amazing.
What a spread.
- Uh, thank you for coming.
Okay, this looks amazing.
Where's Nance and Mateo? Oh, they were making out in the parking lot, so they missed the elevator.
Not that we saw them.
Hey, hey, party can start now.
Wow, look at that spread! - Didn't wanna hold the elevator, huh? - Nope.
Guys, we are so happy that you're with us today.
Yeah, to get that beat down coming your way.
Paladins never say die.
Actually, before we start Oh We just wanted to say that you guys have been just Hold up.
Is this Taleggio cheese? And Wagyu salami? It is, in fact.
Um, but I just wanted to say that you guys have been No, no.
Something's going on here.
Heartfelt speech? Heartfelt speech? Guys, that champagne? No, it's sparkling cider.
Because TK doesn't drink.
But there's gonna be a toast.
- No way.
- Yes way.
- Yes way? - Yes way? Oh, my God.
Yes way.
Oh, my God.
Okay, I'm a little lost here.
They're engaged! No way! Oh-ho! Yo, I'm so happy for you! - Dibs on best man.
- No, no, no, no.
- That is not how this works.
- It is when you say it first.
First? You were literally the last one to know.
Guys, guys, it's okay because we get two best men.
- Hey! - But do they have to be men? Well, yeah, no.
Hey! Aw.
Thank you for making this work on such short notice.
Of course.
Your message said you had news.
I do indeed.
Oh, I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of ordering.
Oh, okay.
Well, what is it? Just taste it first.
Um, it's better than explaining it.
Mm! Mm-hmm.
- Right? - Is that almond milk? It's called a Gibraltar.
And it turns out it is the perfect beverage with which to celebrate my fungal infection.
Your fungal infection? My fungal infection.
You have a fungal infection? I do.
Inside me.
Owen Oh, that's fantastic news.
Oh, congratulations.
Well, on not having cancer, which I'm assuming that's what this means.
Indeed it does.
You ever heard of it? I most certainly have.
It's an occupational hazard for us.
It shows up as a nodule, which can look a lot like cancer.
- Turns out it is not.
- Yes! My oncologist, who is now once again no longer my oncologist, tells me I'm 100% still in remission.
I just wanted to say that to another living human being.
Well, I'm honored you found me qualified.
Well, honestly, my fungal infection was just an elaborate ruse because it has taken too long for the two captains of the 126 to sit down outside the firehouse.
And I wanted to fix it.
Well, you have been buried at work.
Ahh! I see what you did there.
Congratulations, Wyatt.
Oh, there it is.
Hey, now that you got that high school diploma, you're ready to face the world.
You don't need nothin' else.
He's going to college! Oh, they're just gonna ruin him.
I agree.
- See what I mean? - Grace.
Listen, I will try to talk to him, it won't do no good though.
I'm proud of you, son.
Thanks, Dad.
- Yeah! - Yeah!
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