90210 s01e03 Episode Script

Lucky Strike

"Previously on" 90210: Come on, Beverly Hills|is gonna be great for our family.
We got the weather,|we got the palm trees with the - More palm trees.
|- More palm trees.
- You had like a million friends.
|- Back home.
And they all knew, you know,|about the whole adoption story.
Ethan, this is Annie,|the new principal's daughter.
- Annie, my boyfriend, Ethan.
|- Yeah.
Oh, actually Yeah, we know each other.
|We met like two summers ago.
Okay, I'm not talking to you as a guidance counselor right now,|I am talking to you as your sister.
Come on, you've gotta let go of|that anger.
It's not doing you any good.
You don't wanna end up like Mom.
Everyone's seen it, Ethan.
|Everyone knows.
Naomi, I hurt you, you hurt me.
|Is that how it works with us? - Are you breaking up with me?|- I'm breaking up with us.
- Hey, Ty.
|- Wanna grab dinner after rehearsal? This night is nothing|like I thought it would be.
Yeah, I like him.
|At the very least, we'll be friends.
Are we friends? - Thanks, hon.
|- Oh, pancakes.
- Throw me one.
|- We do not throw food.
- Dad, banana.
|- Thank you.
I would like everybody to sit.
Gotta meet Silver.
|We have an English project to finish.
- Oh, the one about modern poetry?|- No.
I handed that in.
I gotta be at work early.
|I can drop you off.
No, thanks, Dad.
|Navid's picking us up.
- I've got rehearsal until 8.
|- I can pick you up tonight.
Silver's gonna give me a ride.
|I won't be home for dinner.
Me too.
Me three.
Got a late meeting|with the teachers' union.
Always a joy.
- So, what, you're ignoring me now?|- No, not at all.
How can I help you? I just, you know,|wanted to see how you were doing.
Oh, I'm doing great.
|Thanks for asking.
Is there gonna be anything else?|I really have to get to class.
And I have to make plans for tomorrow|because my dad's taking me to Vegas.
- So you're doing that again?|- Yeah, of course.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Anyway, Coldplay's performing,|and my dad's company's going all out.
Sounds like fun.
It's gonna be awesome.
If I don't see you,|I don't know you're late.
If I don't know you're late,|I don't have to give you a late slip.
You're looking|a little run-down, kiddo.
Yeah, well,|run-down is totally in right now.
It's chic to look post-rehab.
|Didn't you know? No, I didn't know.
But I thought|brushing your hair was cool.
- Then again, I guess I'm old.
|- Yeah.
Yeah, you are getting up there.
Gotta go.
Get to class, Silver.
|You're late again.
- I trust you gave her a late slip?|- Hell, no.
She's my sister.
Really? Nepotism? - Yeah.
You got a problem with that?|- Yeah, actually.
Maybe we should discuss it|tomorrow night over dinner.
Hey, guys.
|I wanted to ask you about something.
My dad's screening|the new Bond movie tomorrow.
Wish he'd screen|one of his other movies.
No, seriously.
It's not out yet.
He knows a guy|that did something on the film.
So I was wondering,|you guys wanna see a movie? Is your mom gonna be there? Yeah, she is gonna be there.
- Yo, E, you in?|- Yeah.
Why not? I got nothing better to do.
|I'm free.
- Miserable.
|- And horny.
Well, I mean,|as long as your mom's gonna be there.
I promised that I'd vouch for - Hey.
|- Hi.
So are your parents still pissed|I took you on a plane? They'll get over it.
- So wanna go out tomorrow night?|- Tomorrow night? There's a new band playing|at the pier.
It's gonna be pretty sick,|if you wanna go.
- Yeah, I would love to.
|- Great.
Eight? - Great.
|- All right.
- If you could get my mother|to the chiropractor on Saturday.
I told the board that I could meet.
Harry, I cant help but feel that,|since we moved here, none of us has time|for each other anymore.
No, sweetheart.
|No, just, we're finding our way.
You know, new city, new jobs.
Yeah, I know, I know.
|But I really miss doing things together.
All of us.
And I know exactly|what we need to do.
- Family night?|- You want us to go bowling? Yeah.
Your dad and I would like|to spend time with you guys.
I feel like|we don't see each other anymore.
And we really, really|wanna hang out with you guys.
Especially on a Friday night.
But I have a date with Ty|tomorrow night.
And Navid's dad is showing|the new Bond movie.
Come on.
Well, your dad and I have tickets|to the Hollywood Bowl, - but we're not going.
|- No, we're not.
Because we wanna spend time|with you guys.
- Come on, please.
|- Come on, guys.
Dad, nobody does family night here,|you know? Well, then we are just gonna have to|bring a little Kansas to Beverly Hills, because we are having family night|tomorrow night, and we are gonna have fun.
Because it's all about family.
Can I stay again tonight?|Just one more night, I promise.
I'm sorry, Silver, we're full.
I need the space for people|who really don't have any place to go.
- You don't know what it's like there.
|- I know, baby.
But you gotta work it out.
I'm sorry.
There's this new band|playing tonight at the pier.
I'm going to Vegas.
- You're doing that again?|- Yes.
My dad's firm throws this celebrity|golf tournament every year.
Huge party.
|Oh, my God, it's so much fun.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
He's only 4, and he's already reading|all these words.
And I'm sure|this is really boring to you.
Oh, no, no, no.
It's, you know|It's your son.
It's fascinating.
I love kids, you know?|I teach kids.
I flunk kids.
I wanna strangle them sometimes,|but that's I'm curious, Ryan,|how many of your friends have kids? Yeah, let me think.
|About none, actually.
But, you know, I'm really close|with the kids I work with at juvie.
- So does that count?|- You work with kids at juvenile hall? Yeah, yeah, just on weekends,|and Mondays after school.
Just|I don't get out a lot.
It's sad.
- What do you do with them?|- Oh, you know, talk, play Scrabble.
I know a lot more words than them,|so I usually win.
Makes me feel good about myself.
|It's a long story.
I'm just gonna - Tonight, dinner?|- Yeah.
- Hey, Mr.
|- Yeah.
How you doing? - What's up, man?|- Hey.
- I think he has a crush on you.
|- Oh, God, no.
No, no, no.
We're colleagues.
- I would never go out|- Good.
School's hard enough as it is|without my sister banging the teacher.
Yeah, right.
So I was wondering if maybe|I could spend the night tonight.
We could You know,|we could hang out, get some pizza.
Invite Brenda.
You know,|I can't do it tonight, sweetie.
- But tomorrow night for sure.
|- Yeah, sure.
- Hey.
|- Hey.
- So any big plans tonight?|- Oh, yeah, big date.
Oh, you and Ty? No, me and my family.
|We are doing family night.
Family night? Yeah.
They feel like|they never see us, so Well, you know,|it's probably not total social suicide as long as you go someplace where|no one from this school will see you.
Lucky Strike Bowling Alley? Yeah, maybe someone from|the Chess Club might still talk to you.
- Hey, Annie.
Ethan, what's up, man?|- Hey, man.
So I got your text.
|Sorry you can't make it.
I gotta go.
|So I'll catch you guys later.
So you're blowing me off tonight|for bowling? Oh, God.
|My parents are making me.
- That sucks.
|- Yeah.
I really wanted you to see the pier.
Well, we could - What? What?|- Nothing.
What? I mean,|instead of picking me up at home, if you just happened to,|on your way to the pier, you know, maybe drop by|the Lucky Strike lanes, and maybe I could get out early.
|I mean, how long could they bowl? - So I'll accidentally see you at 8?|- Okay.
All right.
Dude, it's simple.
Just tell your parents|that you don't wanna go.
Look, I'm not trying|to hurt their feelings, man.
Just come to the bowling alley.
Tell them the thing about the movie.
|There's no way they won't let me go.
You're sure it'll work? You know what?|Bring a lot of people.
- It'd be harder for them to say no.
|- Peer pressure.
Got it.
It's the weekend, miss.
|You can go.
Go home.
- Go home.
|- You're still here.
- I stayed for a math lab.
|- You have an A in that class.
I have an A-minus.
I have an A.
- So, what are you doing tonight?|- You asking me out? I can't.
You know, because we're doing|this thing, family night.
That sounds very PG.
Yeah, you know, we used to do it|all the time in Wichita, you know, every Friday night.
We're weird, I know.
Actually, I think it sounds|kind of nice.
You wanna come? We'll be at Lucky Strike.
All right.
- Hey, why are you still here?|- I'm waiting for my dad.
- We're going straight to the airport.
|- Oh, I am so jealous.
Of course you are.
Well, have the best time ever,|and call me right when you get back.
Oh, hey.
Hi, Mr.
You got a new car.
- Hi, princess.
|- I'm so psyched.
The first thing I wanna do|when we get there Wait, which car are we taking? You know what, sweetie?|I'm sorry, but my merger's in jeopardy.
The whole deal's about to go south.
|So I'm not gonna be able to take you.
I'm gonna be in the office|trying to fix this mess.
- But, Dad, we always|- I know how much this meant to you, so I got you a little consolation present|to make it up to you, just like the one|I just bought for your mom.
I love it.
Although, Charles,|I do think you spoil her.
Don't do anything till I get to the office.
|You wanna drive? You are gonna look so great|next to that car.
I'm gonna be in the office|in ten minutes.
Could you just tell Pete to get|on a conference call, because I'm That is a skimpy little skirt there|for bowling.
You got a hot date|I don't know about? Can't I just look good|for Mom and Dad? - Annie, Dixon.
|- Hey.
- You look hot.
|- Thank you.
- Hey, Mr.
And Mrs.
|- Silver.
Where were you today?|I was looking for you at school.
I fell asleep in the biology lab.
|I saw Dixon.
He said you were coming.
Didn't Mrs.
Jackson give us|so much homework this weekend? You guys are cool|if Silver hangs with us? - Yeah.
|- Cool.
- What can you do?|- You invited Silver? - And Navid.
|- It's family night.
Mom and Dad are gonna be pissed.
Which is great,|because I invited Ty along too.
Oh, good move.
- Just happened.
|- Yeah, sure.
So, Miss Silver,|do you know how to bowl, or, you know,|are you too cool for that kind of thing? I'm gonna kick your ass.
- So first to break a hundred|- Buys fries? - I'm feeling hot tonight.
|- Don't do that.
Here you go.
|And, again, I'm sorry I was late.
Traffic was a nightmare.
|You know, this guy wouldn't move.
I think I hit a squirrel.
- Did you get stuck in that?|- No.
I live just down the street.
- I walked.
|- Oh, that's right.
You know,|we could've just met at your house.
I mean,|I'd love to check out your place.
You know,|I could meet your son and You're not ready|for me to meet your son.
- That's why you wanted to meet here.
|- No, no.
It's not that.
Okay, actually, it kind of is.
But seriously, though, doesn't it|freak you out that I have a child? Doesn't it freak you out at all|that I am a child? No, it's Look, I Look, I get it, you know? Whenever you're ready,|I'd love to meet him.
The truth is, Sammy's only met|the one guy that I've dated seriously since he was born.
And that would be?|I'm just curious.
His father.
Yeah, we had a lot of history|in high school.
Didn't see each other for a while,|and then hooked up one night four years ago, and then Sammy's dad ever see him? He did in the beginning.
But then we had some issues.
Now he says he wants|to get back into Sammy's life.
And yours? Matthews, for two? - That's us.
|- Great.
That's perfect.
|So lead up, arm comes up straight.
- Throw it up.
All the way up.
|- My own dad is blocking me.
- It's that easy.
Come on.
|- All right.
Come on, Silver.
Yeah, yeah! Good job.
Way to go.
|You got robbed.
Good job.
Please tell me|that this was a good idea, because I think Silver|is the only one enjoying herself.
This was a good idea.
That's just wrong.
- I wanna get a soda.
|- Yeah, me too.
I'm gonna get us some fries.
|Keep going, Silver.
Oh, nice.
It'll get there.
|It's gonna get there.
You're getting the hang of it.
Silver, I'm really glad you're here,|because I think if you weren't, Dixon and Annie would be|even more miserable.
I guess people around here|don't really do family night.
Not at all, actually, ever.
But I think it's great what you're doing.
|Don't get me wrong, I love this.
I wish my mom, you know,|would come.
- I'm just Guess I'm a little envious.
|- Hey, Silver.
Silver, Navid's here.
|Everybody's coming.
Come on.
- Did Ty come?|- No.
- All right, sweetie.
You need a strike.
|- Okay.
Come on.
Show them how the old folks do it.
- See? We don't need them.
|- Just over a little.
- Okay.
Next time.
Next time.
|- That was close.
- This is what I need, French fries.
|- I've seen better.
- What up, y'all?|- Hey.
Okay, we're all here.
|Talk to your parents, and let's go.
You know, we can't just leave.
|My parents will know something's up.
All right.
Well, I mean,|I'm always up for some bowling.
That is, of course, if Annie's not|too scared of getting beat.
By you? Let's do it.
You're on.
- Excuse me, sir.
|- Chicks vs.
You do not have|your own bowling ball.
What? What? It was for my bar mitzvah.
- Okay, go team.
|- All right, all right.
- Yeah.
|- Go, Silver.
- Throw.
|- All right, all right.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Hey.
Good throw.
Really good try.
|- That's not what I was talking about.
What was that? - Yeah.
|- That's it.
- Watch it.
Watch it.
|- Yeah! Hey.
Come on, Annie.
- What? What?|- Psych.
What'd you get? Oh, no, strike.
That's what I'm talking about.
And that means|we just crushed you guys.
- What?|- Oh, whatever.
- Hey, yo.
|- That was impressive.
You want to, I don't know,|just get some air or something? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
- Awesome.
|- Cool.
Head underwater When they tell me To breathe easy for a while|Breathing gets - Baby, you sound pitchy.
|- You sound bitchy.
What's up? You can't be bumming|about your dad.
This is one hell of a present|for bailing on Okay, he didn't bail.
|He has to work tonight.
It's Morgan.
She says a lot of people|are going to Lucky Strike.
- Do you wanna go?|- Yeah, whatever.
We need to stop by|my dad's office first.
- What?|- I wanna take him something to eat.
- You know, take care of him.
|- Okay.
I wanna tell him, you know,|I love the car.
I do too.
I'm feeling Nobu.
That's a good choice.
Yep, I'll bet your parents|never make you do family night.
No, not my family.
My parents are divorced.
- They weren't when I met you.
|- Yeah, it just happened last year.
God, I know so many people|whose parents are divorced, but I think I would just freak|if mine ever did.
I did.
|My dad's like, "No, it's great.
Now you're gonna have two bedrooms,|two birthday parties.
" But now it's just like a competition|between them over who can throw the bigger one.
Okay, but that doesn't totally suck.
Oh, you know,|it actually kind of does.
Anyway, I'm gonna save most of that|emotional goodness for my audition for "The Hills,"|so I don't wanna bore you with that.
But, you know, I do think|that I could be the next Spencer.
- I don't know.
|- Yeah.
Well, you wish, my friend.
Yeah, yeah, I really do wish, actually.
|You don't think? - I don't know.
|- You don't believe me? I can Spence anybody.
- I can out-Spence anybody.
I can|- You can Spence anybody? - Annie.
|- Ty.
You should go.
|You have a date, right? Right.
I'll see you inside.
You ready? Okay, I'll be just a minute.
I'm gonna bring this food|into Dad's office and That's not your mom.
I can't believe you don't think|that's a big deal.
You were at Chris Brown's birthday.
|He's such an amazing performer.
Yeah, he's a cool guy, you know? You know, it's just because|of my family's business, I get to meet a lot of people like that.
I know it sounds weird, but you kind of get sick|of that whole scene after a while.
So we should get going.
|The band goes on at 11.
Yeah, yeah.
|My parents should be totally cool.
- I will be right back.
|- Cool.
Come on, Harry.
Oh, it's good.
Yes! Yes! - Hey.
|- Hey.
- Hi.
|- You guys taking off? Yeah.
I mean, if that's okay.
Yeah, just be home by curfew.
And you let me know|how the Bond film is.
- Really?|- Yeah.
That's what you guys wanted, right? - Yeah.
|- Yeah.
- Yeah.
|- Thanks.
- Thanks, Dad.
All right, bye, guys.
|- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Have fun.
|- It's just you and me.
Naomi, say something.
You're freaking me out.
Okay, I'm gonna go get Ethan.
- Hey.
|- Hi.
We were just heading out.
Cool, yeah.
|I was just gonna go bowl some more.
Ethan, you gotta help me.
|Naomi's freaking out in the parking lot.
- What?|- What's wrong? She saw her father|with another woman.
It's crazy.
I have to help them.
Yeah, it's true.
I wanna go.
What's wrong? Hey.
Come here.
Come here.
I saw my dad|kissing another woman.
I just I can't believe it, you know? - Can't|- Hey.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- I'll take you home, okay?|- Okay.
- Come on.
|- Okay.
Yeah, way too much drama.
|So you still up for the movie? - Yeah, man.
|- Yeah? - Come on.
|- Let's go.
See you later.
Naomi and Ethan.
|It's like they're addicted to each other.
What? "Annie, had to bolt to catch the set.
Call you.
" Great.
So you wanna catch a Bond movie? - Yeah.
Guys, wait up.
|- Navid.
Well, so much for family night.
See, I'm just curious, do you think|that they really didn't know that we knew they invited|all their friends to go bowling? Well, they should be|with their friends.
- Yeah.
|- And we should be happy that they have so many new friends|to be with.
|So why do you look so sad now? I just thought|that they'd still wanna be with us.
You know, sometimes.
I thought that we were cooler|than our parents.
No, what? Come We are cool.
- Yeah.
|- Yeah, we're cool.
Well, maybe we're hanging on to|family night for all the wrong reasons.
I mean, is this about them or us? Are we about to have that I-wanna-have-another-baby|conversation? No.
But I may ask you for a puppy.
- What level?|- Well, I'm a beginner.
But he's on medium,|and now he wants a Les Paul.
Sammy has good taste.
You know, I blew most|of my inheritance on a Les Paul.
Spent the rest|paying off school loans, but - Really?|- Yeah.
Yeah, my grandfather, he gave me just about enough|to cover the essentials.
He was this really eccentric guy,|you know? He gave most of his money|to charity.
Truth be told,|even if he did give me all that money, I probably would've done|the same thing.
I've seen what that kind of money|does to people, and - Hey.
I had a good time tonight.
|- Yeah.
So did I.
Me too.
Me too.
And, you know, someday,|I look forward to meeting Sammy, you know, when you think|we've been dating long enough and - Not that we're dating.
|- No.
I wasn't assuming - that we were dating.
|- Yeah.
So, what are we doing? - We're colleagues.
|- Yeah.
Hanging out.
I'm just gonna do this.
Now are we dating? - Oh, what the hell?|- All right.
- It was a pretty cool movie.
|- Hey, there they are.
How was the movie? Yeah, it was good, you know,|like any Bond movie.
Yeah, one that's not out yet.
I thought you had a date with Ty.
Yeah, long story.
Well, it's getting kind of late,|and you still have some chores to do.
- Trash, dishes.
|- Right.
- Fun.
|- Right.
Yeah, and it's You know what?|It's actually past my curfew.
So I'm gonna go.
Well, thank you so much|for joining us, Silver.
Hey, do you want me to call your mom,|let her know you're on your way? No, actually.
|I already called her, so it's fine.
And thank you so much|for letting me hang.
- Oh, shut up.
|- It was awesome.
- Pleasure.
|- Anytime.
- All right, baby.
|- Bye.
- See you later.
|- Drive safe.
Come on.
- Work on those chores.
|- Chores? Silver? What's going on? I've been staying|at the women's shelter for a few weeks now.
I did some community service there|this past summer, and there's this woman who She lets me stay there sometimes.
|Sort of knows my situation.
My mom, when she drinks, when she's like this, she's a completely different person.
It's like You know, she screams.
She throws things.
And she blames me.
Sometimes she gets so out of control, I don't know what she's gonna do.
Sometimes it scares me.
Come here.
I gotta talk to my dad.
What? No.
Dixon, I didn't tell you|so that you would tell your dad.
- Just listen.
|- No.
I'm already a freak at school.
I don't want the kids to know|my mom's a drunk too.
- Listen, just|- No, thank you very much.
No, look You don't think I know|what you're going through? I didn't grow up in the Cosby family.
You think every other family I lived with|was like this? No.
I know what it's like|to be around someone who's wasted out of their mind.
I know what that stuff|does to people.
Which is why I'll never do it myself.
Silver, look, you gotta trust my dad.
At least trust me.
Silver, can I get you something else? - No.
|- Okay.
Well, Silver,|you will stay here tonight and, as far as we're concerned,|until we get this figured out.
- Yeah.
She can stay in my room.
|- She can stay in my room.
Just trying to help.
Well, it's late.
|I think we should all get some sleep.
- Yeah.
Come on.
|- Okay.
- Good night.
|- Good night, my love.
- Night, Dad.
|- Good night, honey.
- Good night.
Good night.
|- Night, Silver.
Your sister's still asleep.
|They went to bed late.
Thanks, Harry,|for taking her in last night.
If I had known what was going on,|if she had come to me She's a kid.
|She thinks that you hate your mother.
No, I don't hate her.
It's just complicated.
Well, if there's anything that I can do|If you want me to talk to your mom No.
I think it's time I did.
Oh, sweetie, if you want breakfast,|we're gonna have to order out.
- Penelope is sick for a change.
|- Mom.
Yeah? I went to Dad's office last night, and I saw him there|kissing another woman.
He was all over her.
|I'm so sorry, Mom.
Her name is Gail.
I know all about her.
He's been seeing her|for two years? What? Honey, she doesn't live in town, so they don't see each other|very often.
What's going on? Are you ending it? - Are you getting a divorce?|- No.
- I don't wanna break up this family.
|- Mom, this isn't a family.
Honey, Dad and I|have a long history together.
Okay? We have two kids,|two homes, friends.
We have a life together.
Mom, what kind of life is this? Oh, sweetheart.
It's one that I don't wanna lose.
You can imagine my surprise when you called|to say you were coming, after Well, how long has it been|since our last altercation? I came to talk about Silver, Mom.
Well, Erin is not here right now.
|She is staying at a friend's house.
- Naomi's, I think.
Or|- Are you kidding me? Is that what you think? She hasn't been staying|at a friend's house.
She has been sleeping at a shelter.
Well, she told me th How dare you give me that look?|I didn't know.
Oh, why is that?|Were you too drunk to notice? What is it these days, Mom, alcohol?|Or are you back on coke? Oh, let's go to another meeting|together again.
Let's hold hands|and give it up to our higher power.
Do you realize|what you are doing to Silver? - Kelly?|- Hey.
I thought I told you|to stay at the Wilsons'.
- Hey, Mom.
|- Where have you been staying? You see all the trouble|you've caused? I don't believe this.
- I can handle this, all right?|- No, you can't.
Neither could I.
I'm not gonna stand by|and watch you do to her - what you did to me.
|- Oh, because your life was so awful.
- I hate this.
What, are you guys?|- Your sister is just leaving, Erin.
Yes, I am,|and I am taking her with me.
You have a 4-year-old|with nobody to help you, unless, by some miracle, he has decided to come back|and act like a dad.
And now you wanna add a teenager|on top of it? Let me tell you,|she is no walk in the park.
Well, she's coming to live with me.
|Let's go.
You lied to me,|and now you're gonna leave me? Stop it, both of you.
Mom, I can't take this anymore.
- I can't just watch you|- Oh, get out! I am tired of both of you.
Good job, Mom.
Right behind the bed.
Hey, guys.
- Welcome.
|- What is all this? - We made breakfast.
|- And I want everybody to sit.
- Everybody's sitting.
|- Okay.
- All sitting.
|- We're having a family breakfast.
So watch out.
Watch out.
|The syrup is heated.
My goodness, like a professional.
- We took this very seriously.
|- Smells great.
You know what we were thinking|we could do for the next family night.
- What?|- Maybe we could go see a band at the House of Blues.
That sounds great.
- Or the Troubadour.
|- Or Oh, what? The one I like.
- Hollywood Bowl.
|- The Hollywood Bowl.
- We could go to the Hollywood Bowl.
|- Everybody's talking about - And we could bring a picnic.
|- You can do a picnic there? - Because it's outside, right?|- It is outside.