90210 s01e04 Episode Script

The Bubble

"Previously on" 90210: Come on, Beverly Hills|is gonna be great for our family.
We got the weather,|the palm trees with the - More palm trees.
|- More palm trees.
- You had, like, a million friends.
|- Back home.
And they all knew|about the whole adoption story.
Ethan, this is Annie,|the new principal's daughter.
- Annie, my boyfriend Ethan.
|- We know each other.
- Met two summers ago?|- Yeah, we - Hey.
|- Wanna grab dinner tonight? - You could Spence anybody.
|- Annie? - Ty.
|- I wanted to bring you these.
If you guys wanna grab some food,|I can watch Sammy.
- You just got here.
|- I'll be here for a while.
I went to Dad's office last night and I|saw him there kissing another woman.
- Let me take you home, okay?|- Okay.
- Come on.
|- Okay.
In eighth grade,|my dad had an affair.
I had to tell someone,|so I told my best friend, Naomi.
She promised me|she wouldn't tell anyone.
So she told everyone.
Well, I got some bad news.
I just got off the phone|with your drama teacher.
Got a family emergency in Atlanta and she is taking|an indefinite leave of absence.
So, what does that mean? You're not canceling the musical,|are you? Well, if I can't find somebody else,|I don't know that I have a choice.
Dad, no! We've been rehearsing for weeks|and the show is amazing.
Can't you just find someone|to supervise us? Harry, how hard could it be|to find an acting coach in L.
A? I mean, I could throw a rock|out the window and hit an actor.
Fine, I'll do it.
- What?|- I'll direct the musical.
But, Grandma, - you're so busy writing your memoir.
|- Yeah.
Sweetheart, when the theater|is in pain, I come to mend the wound.
Oh, okay.
Tabitha, that is a very nice offer.
- Annie, you are very lucky.
|- I'm so excited.
I'm excited too.
I have to remember some of those|breathing exercises I used to do.
I had a director who'd say: "If you're not breathing from your ass|and reaching to the skies, the back row won't hear you.
" I slept with him.
Now I know you don't love it, - but it's great and, honey|- Mom, okay, stop.
I think that your foundation's|a little dark.
It's the same one I use|every single day.
Merry early Christmas.
|Both my girls look beautiful.
Why are we shooting without Jen? She's sending us a picture.
|We're gonna Photoshop it in.
What? That's the dumbest thing|I've ever heard.
- Can we just shoot this, please?|- All right, everyone get in real close.
Linda and Bob|are gonna start renovating, so I was gonna offer them|the beach house.
I've offered it to somebody at work|for the same reason.
You mind turning towards Tracy?|There's a big space between you.
I wish I could live|at the beach house.
- What does that mean?|- Tracy, you're looking stiff.
Charles, can you put your arms|around both the ladies, please? Naomi, can I get a smile? And Tracy and Charles,|can I get a little kiss between you two? Can you hurry up, please?|It's hot out here.
It's an out-of-town emergency.
|Give me a second.
Yeah? - Why do we even bother?|- Naomi.
It'll be just a second.
Dixon, your mom is driving me|to school, so you can take my car.
- Call the realtor this morning?|- One couple looked at the house.
Not surprising.
Tough market.
What's going on? We're having trouble|selling the house in Kansas.
- Is that a bad thing?|- Well, it's not a good thing.
Paying a mortgage on a house|we're not living in.
- It's not like we're paying rent here.
|- Yeah, but we still got expenses.
We got moving expenses,|gas prices Hey, don't worry about it.
We're fine.
Hi, Mom.
Where are we going|for dinner tonight? I made reservations at Craft.
- Is Dad coming?|- He has a meeting.
Is that code for|"sleeping with his girlfriend"? - Naomi?|- Mom, how can you live like this? How can you just accept|that Dad's with another woman? How is that okay? Can you explain|that to me? I just don't get it.
It's just a casual fling, that's all.
|She doesn't even live here.
So what, Mom? He's still cheating on you.
This is between me and your dad.
Stay out of it.
I'm not discussing this with you again.
|Do you understand? Perfectly.
We could have done breakfast|at the Peach Pit.
I hate early morning meetings.
Don't worry about it.
|I'm getting a kick out of being here.
I can almost still hear the chanting,|"Donna Martin graduates.
" - No, stop.
That's crazy.
|- "Donna Martin graduates.
" Oh, thank you very much.
Now that's|gonna be stuck in my head all day.
Speaking of, have you seen Donna? Yes.
And oh, my God,|her baby is so cute I can't stand it.
I know.
- How's the play?|- It's good.
The Taper went through|a renovation.
It's a really nice house to perform in.
|You're gonna come see me, right? Of course, I wouldn't miss it.
So, dirt? - What?|- Ryan.
Okay, he's nice.
I like him.
We work together, so it's awkward,|and he's ten years younger than me.
That makes it bizarre.
I asked him where he was|when Kurt Cobain died.
And he said he watching cartoons.
Does he know about Ryan? Why would he need to know?|It's none of his business.
Well, it may be his business if|things get more serious with Ryan because of Sammy.
Let me worry about that.
Fair enough.
Ethan, I'm a mess.
I'm freaking out.
|My family is so fake.
My sister is being Photoshopped|into the Christmas card from Paris.
My dad is kissing my mom|while having an affair.
Look, I'm sorry|you're going through this.
Thank you.
- Well, look Naomi|- I know.
We're not together anymore.
It's really good to talk to you.
Oh, damn.
Why were you trying to fit that tank|into a compact space? I thought I had room.
- Do you know how much parts cost?|- A lot? Just give me your insurance info.
Listen, do you think there's any way|we can handle this between us? Oh, you don't have insurance? No, no, my dad does.
|But I don't want him to find out.
You know, he won't let me drive|the car anymore.
I can get you the cash.
|I'm good for it.
I swear.
Look, it's not like you don't know|what school I go to, man.
Not gonna disappear or anything.
Just please, do me this solid, man.
|Please? My dad's away on business|for a couple weeks.
I just need the cash|before he gets back.
Hey, Kelly? - Hey.
|- Hey, so about Saturday, there's a new pizza place|in Silver Lake and apparently it's good,|like New York good.
Oh, Saturday, I can't do it because Silver is not gonna|be around to help me with Sammy.
- Well, how about Brenda?|- She has a show that night.
Sammy's dad,|does he ever take him? What? Sammy's dad.
|Did I Did I say something wrong? No, no, it's fine.
He just He doesn't live here.
- Where does he live?|- All over, kind of.
Yeah, he's a do-gooder.
He's actually halfway across the world|right now doing charity work.
- Impressive.
|- Yeah.
- Maybe we can do Sunday.
Okay?|- Okay.
- I'll see what I can do.
|- Great.
Hey, Annie,|I haven't seen you around.
I've been around.
|Busy with the play.
So how's Naomi? Just a lot of really intense stuff|going on with her family.
Yeah, yeah, it seemed like it.
- So, are you guys, like, back?|- No, no, no.
She was just flipping out|and I know how to deal with her.
- Right.
|- What about you and Ty? - What's up with that whole?|- Nothing, really.
Well, I had a lot of fun|hanging out with you the other night.
- Me too.
|- Well, good.
Would you want to maybe|do that again, like, Thursday? Thursday nights|I have nothing going on.
Well, I'm with my brother|all afternoon.
So you wanna just meet|at the Peach Pit, like, around 6? Yeah, it's cool.
See you then.
- Hi.
|- Hi.
So the other night,|I left without saying goodbye.
- I'm sorry about that.
|- Oh, no.
It's no big deal.
Well, I think it's a big deal because|I didn't get to hang out with you.
Anyway, Vampire Weekend's playing|this secret show at the Avalon and my cousin got me VIP tickets.
|It's Thursday.
- You wanna go?|- I can't.
I have plans.
Is it, like, a group hang?|Because I don't have to go the show.
My cousin works in the music biz.
|He hooks me up all the time.
It's not really a group hang.
It's more of a one-on-one|kind of thing.
Got it.
I'll see you around.
Hey Hey, Silver.
Can I talk to you? - Headphones?|- You have a nanosecond.
Look, please don't blog|about my dad's affair.
You thought my family problems|were gossip.
Why shouldn't I treat yours|the same way? Look, I've said it before,|but I'll say it again.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Okay?|Because I get it now.
I know what you were going through.
|What I did was really messed up.
It was really messed up.
Mama who bore me Mama who gave me Mama, the angels Who made me so sad Mama who bore me No.
No, stop! My ears are bleeding.
|You have no passion, girls.
You've gotta sing|like your privates are on fire.
For God's sake.
Just because|you're a bunch of rich brats doesn't mean you can't have angst.
Channel it.
This is a song about your mother.
She's been lying to you about sex|and it pisses you off.
Now you're all teenagers|so I know you hate your mothers.
I hated mine.
Use the anger.
|I will show you how it's done.
- Grandma, maybe|- Annie, I'm not your grandmother here.
I'm the director.
- Sorry.
|- Everyone.
Mama who bore me Mama who gave me Mama the angels Who made me so sad Mama who bore me Mama who gave me No way to handle things|Who made me so sad You've gotta move from the hips|and claim the stage.
- Dad?|- Hey.
You know how very much|I love Grandma and it was a nice idea.
But you have to, have to, find|a new director for the musical.
I cannot replace her.
You have to, okay? Yes, you can.
She makes me do these crazy|heavy-breathing exercises all the way to school.
And she's so embarrassing.
Sweetheart, just one more week There you are, Harry.
|Excuse me, darling.
When you have a moment I need|to go over the theater budget with you.
The lights need new gels|and the costumes are not up to par.
- Is that coffee on your tie?|- What? Great.
You're seriously|arguing with me? - My mother|- Saw the whole thing.
Hey, now you know how Annie feels|having you here.
You know people in|the entertainment industry, right? Anybody who might be able|to direct a musical? I think I might know someone.
- Here.
|- Thanks.
You caddied at a country club|in Wichita.
Cut grass.
Shoveled snow.
And this would be your first real job? Yes, sir.
- You go to West Beverly?|- Yes, sir.
I once hired a kid from West Beverly,|a long time ago.
He was a good, good egg.
Tell you what, I'll try you out,|you don't mess up, you got the job.
Thank you, sir.
Stop calling me sir.
|The name is Nat.
Thanks, Nat.
Mom? - Like to introduce you to somebody.
|- Hi.
This is Brenda Walsh,|a West Beverly alum and a very big fan of yours.
Really? Well, it's nice to meet you.
An honor to meet you.
|I've seen every one of your films.
Well, not every film.
There were|some real stinkers in the '80s.
Well, you were wonderful|in all of them.
Also, I saw your "Hedda Gabler"|at the Ahmanson.
That's the greatest part|ever written for a woman.
I got to play her, not as well as you,|of course.
- Oh, you're an actor.
|- Yes.
But, Mom, opening night|is around the corner.
There's a lot of work left.
So I thought you could use some help|and Brenda offered to assist.
I thought I was handling this|all rather well.
Oh, well, I've seen the original|production of "Spring Awakening.
" And I always think it helps to have|an extra pair of eyes.
All right, explain to me.
|Why didn't you say yes to Ty? I mean, it's Vampire Weekend.
|It's a secret show.
- It's Ty Collins.
|- Ethan asked me out.
No Ethan.
What is wrong with you?|He's off-limits.
Ethan and Naomi are over.
They are never over.
Let me explain something to you.
Naomi and Ethan|have this thing, right? Like they're in this bubble,|this impenetrable bubble.
- A bubble?|- And no matter how hard you try, you can't get in|and you don't want to get in.
Trust me, I stand beside the bubble|and I'm scared.
- Well, the bubble has popped.
|- No.
No, you see, you just think it has.
Silver, I'm going out with Ethan|and you cannot talk me out of it.
And I'm not scared.
I'm gonna buy you a box of tissues.
So, what can I get you ladies? - What? You're working here?|- Yeah.
Are you trying to make me look bad|with Mom and Dad? No, I'm trying to make me|look good.
I've been messing up since I got here,|so, you know, I'm trying to do something|a little more responsible.
Hey, you shouldn't be talking.
So can I get you anything? The digital proof is in.
Naomi, come take a look at this.
- I think I'm gonna order 500 more.
|- At least, I think you look beautiful.
Thank you.
Gross, I look terrible.
Well, you've been outvoted, kiddo,|because Jen likes that one too.
- I think you look great, honey.
|- Great? I look high.
No you don't.
Were you high? That's the office calling.
|I have to take this.
Yeah? I'll be there at eight.
- That's funny.
|- That is not what you said.
- Hey.
You're home late.
|- Hey.
Yeah, I got a job at the Peach Pit.
What? When did that happen? Just today.
|They said they needed help.
And, Dad,|you know girls in Beverly Hills.
They like expensive stuff|and expensive places.
Yes, they do.
I wanna roll in style.
|Maybe one day get a nicer car.
No No offense.
None taken.
It is a piece of crap.
- Yeah.
|- Dixon.
Having a job, good thing.
But I wish you would|have discussed it with us first.
- You guys don't want me to take it?|- No, you can.
You can.
But I don't want it to interfere|with your schoolwork - or lacrosse practice.
|- It won't.
Mom, I'll be right down.
|I'm just saying goodbye to Dad.
Bon Ami, Beverly Hills.
This is Gail.
|How can I help you? Hello? Hello? Thanks for the ride to work.
All right, all right, focus.
Which organ produces bile? The pancreas.
All right, name the three classes|of digestive enzymes.
Oh, I know this one.
I know this one.
Lipase, amylase and - And|- And? - And I'll study again after work.
|- Oh, my God.
Those dimples are not gonna get you|into Harvard.
I think Ms.
Schwartz|is gonna give us a pop quiz.
I will study after work.
I promise.
- Hey.
|- Hi.
- Ethan, I'm freaking out about|- Naomi, now's not a good time, okay? - Why? What's going on?|- It's Steven.
I told my mom I'd watch him so she could have some time|to herself and he's having a bad day.
I'm sorry.
Let me help you.
New cleaning service, I forgot to|tell them not to touch the furniture.
He's been rearranging it|all afternoon.
I've tried everything that works to get|him to change his focus, nothing.
And I really need him to stop|before my mom gets home.
Hey, it's all right.
I'm here, okay? I'll help.
Hey, Steven.
Hey, man.
Naomi came to see you.
|How cool is that, huh? - The couch is in the wrong place.
|- I can see that.
You want me to help? No.
I got it.
Well, you know what? I was hoping maybe we could pop|some popcorn and watch a movie.
What do you think about that? I came|all the way from my house just for you.
Oh, it sounds good, right?|You love popcorn.
I like popcorn with butter.
A stick of butter, two teaspoons of salt,|and a pinch of pepper.
That's perfect.
|That's exactly how I like mine.
But we need the couch to sit|on to watch the movie.
So why don't you come with me|and we'll get some popcorn.
Hold my hand.
There we go.
- Bethlehem Some pray that one day Annie, your posture is horrid! Pull your shoulders back.
And light a candle|And hope that it glows And some just lie there You're singing from the throat.
Crying for him|To come and find them But when he comes|We don't know how it goes Annie,|what is wrong with you today? - Okay, guys.
How about we take five?|- Thank you.
- Hey, Dixon.
|- Hey, what's up, man? So look, my dad's trip got cut short, which means I need the money|by the end of next week.
And I got the estimate, it's 500.
- Are you serious?|- We can still go through insurance.
No, no, no.
|I'll get you the money, man.
I'll just pick up some extra shifts,|you know? - Okay.
|- Yeah, yeah.
All right, cool, man.
Annie, you're singing|from the throat.
I need diaphragm.
Annie,|what is wrong with you today? I always learn a lot|watching my rehearsals on tape.
Helps me tweak things.
Like did you notice that Jill|was off-key in the second verse? And Adrianna,|she needs some refocusing.
You know, Brenda,|that was very helpful.
I'm gonna go talk to her.
|I know where she works.
You really wanna do that? It's my family.
I can't just sit back|and do nothing.
I just think|there might be a better way.
And what way is that? Did you like|when your parents got divorced? You would've stopped it|if you could have, wouldn't you? Look what happened|to Silver and her mom, their whole lives fell apart.
- What are you gonna say?|- I'm gonna tell the bitch to stop sleeping with my dad,|back the hell off.
My dad's obviously going through|a midlife crisis and she's probably just some slut.
If I can get her to leave him, everything|will go back to the way it was.
But I need your help.
Will you please go with me? Yeah.
I'll go.
Well, that's your fourth Dr.
- How late is Ethan?|- Half an hour.
- Did you call him?|- Not answering.
Maybe he forgot.
That really doesn't make me|feel better.
Oh, crap.
- Hey Dixon, can I grab a coffee to go?|- Yeah, yeah.
Thanks, bro.
- So these were your plans?|- I'm waiting for someone.
Well, I hope you have a good time.
- Coffee.
|- Yeah.
Thanks, bud.
Thank you.
I am such a ginormous idiot.
Yes, you are.
|He's a pretty good tipper.
Ty is cool and sweet|and he really likes me.
And I'm sitting here waiting for a guy|that I might not get.
A guy in a bubble.
An impenetrable bubble.
Look, Annie, you're holding onto a crush you had|on Ethan, what, like two years ago.
You need to go for the guy|who treats you good, not the one who gives you grief.
Yo, Willie!|Burgers for Table 5, man.
Come on.
Lots of grief.
Thanks for helping.
The kids can play it|but they can't arrange.
I would add a|little percussion to the bridge here.
Sounds great.
So do you wanna play|with the band? I was hoping for a fuller sound.
Yeah, I don't think so.
By the way, Kelly asked me|if I could babysit on Sunday and I don't think I can.
I have a lot|of catch-up work to do with this.
Yeah, no worries.
- Do you know Sammy's dad?|- I do.
He sounds like a cool guy, traveling the world|and helping people.
I don't really feel comfortable|talking about Kelly's personal life.
If you have questions,|you should just ask her.
Yeah, I know.
You're right.
Should I have questions? There's just a long history there.
You want me to go in there|with you? No.
Just wait here.
I'll be here.
We're closing in ten minutes.
Are you Gail? Hi, Naomi.
You know who I am? Of course.
Why are you here?|You're supposed to be in Denver.
- Why aren't you in Denver?|- I just moved here.
- Naomi|- You know what? Stop.
Just stop.
Leave us alone.
Leave my dad alone.
|Leave our family alone.
Go away.
My dad doesn't love you.
|You're just a fling.
I'm gonna lock the door|for a minute.
Do you want some water|or something? No, I don't want any water.
I don't want to be locked in here.
|I want you out of our lives.
Why don't you go after someone|who's single? Try that.
I've asked myself that same question|so many times.
There's some things that don't|make sense, because they don't.
I guess somehow it's worth it to me.
Oh, really? Why might that be? - Because I love him.
|- Oh, my God, I've heard enough.
That's the address|for my beach house.
Are you moving in there? Your break's over in five minutes,|Dixon.
I don't care about the same stuff kids|in Beverly Hills care about.
Hip nightclubs.
Trendy purses.
I just like doing my own thing.
So you're trying not to fit in.
I just like being different.
It's all me.
You know what I mean? Do I know what you mean? I'm a black kid|living with a white family.
Doesn't get more different than that.
Is that weird? You know, they're my family,|and I love them.
They don't care I'm black.
|I don't care that they're white.
But, you know, sometimes, like,|when we're eating dinner or if we're talking about something|or even laughing, and just for a split second it's like I don't fit in.
Then just like that,|the feeling goes away.
But Somehow it's still there.
So when are you|gonna ask me out? Maybe I don't wanna ask you out.
Yeah, you do.
Oh, you're so sure? - I bet you that you do.
|- Wait.
That means if I do ask you out|then I lose the bet.
Oh, there's no losers here.
All right, I like the way you think.
Hey, Dad said|you're quitting the play.
I couldn't work under|those conditions anymore.
The acoustics in that auditorium|are atrocious.
And the stage|is literally falling apart.
Well, thank you so much|for all your help.
You're welcome, darling.
You're in good hands with Brenda.
You are doing a wonderful job|in the musical.
You are very talented.
Thank you, Grandma.
Mom? I went to see Gail.
I talked to her.
Why would you do that? Because I want her out of our lives.
You have no business|getting involved.
Mom, it's not just a casual fling|with her and Dad.
He's moving her|into the beach house.
Dad lied.
What? Mom No.
I'm sorry.
Oh, God.
- Hey, teach.
|- Hey.
You look tired.
Up all night thinking about me? Yeah, I wish.
I was up studying Bio.
All right everybody, let's focus.
|We got tests coming out.
- Test?|- Yeah.
Bio's tomorrow.
Flannery O'Connor|short stories today.
No, no, no.
Hey, Annie, listen.
|I am so sorry about standing you up.
- This thing with my brother, Naomi|- Don't worry.
It's not like it was a date|or anything, right? I gotta go.
Do you think you can score tickets for|the Sea Wolf concert this weekend? - I heard they're playing Spaceland.
|- Yeah, I have tickets.
- Oh, cool.
|- I'm already going with someone else.
Hey, so I can't do pizza on Sunday.
- I can't get a sitter, everybody's busy.
|- Okay.
What's the matter? Look, I don't know what the story is|with you and Sammy's dad.
It just feels like|there's unfinished business.
And what would give you that idea? Well, I was talking to Brenda and Wait, wait, you were talking|to Brenda about me? I'm just trying to get to know you.
Look, Kelly, I just want you to feel|like you can talk to me, you know? You can tell me anything.
And if there is something going on|with you and your ex then I'm a big boy.
I can handle it.
There's nothing going on|with me and my ex.
- Brenda?|- Hey.
What did you say to Ryan? - About what?|- About me.
- Not much.
|- You shouldn't have said anything.
Okay, Kelly, any guy that dates you|is gonna have questions about him.
You should just get|your story straight.
My story is straight.
You know, you get really emotional|when you talk about this.
I wonder why that is.
What are you saying? I'm saying|you still have feelings for him.
Of course I still have feelings for him.
|He's my son's father.
You know there's more to it|than that.
No, there isn't, because it can't be.
Because he's not here and I deserve|to be with somebody and be happy.
Oh, give me a break.
You are never gonna be happy|with somebody else because you're still in love with Dylan.
|And you know it.
- Dad, what are you doing here?|- I hear they have great coffee.
Well, you came to the right spot.
Matthews told me that you got|an incomplete on a test you took today.
I'll make it up.
Look, Dixon, I like|that you have this job but I told you I didn't want it to interfere|with your schoolwork.
Dad, look, I need this job right now.
You know what? After next week,|I'll cut down on a few shifts.
Why next week? Because I accidentally knocked off|someone's side mirror when I was parking the van.
|I wanted to pay for it myself.
You should have come to me.
But, Dad.
Your insurance would have went up,|right? And I heard you and Mom talking|about money problems, so I wanted to take care of this|myself.
Not many other kids|who would have gotten a job.
I mean, hell, I never did.
You're already ahead of me.
Look, I'll pay for it now and|you can pay me back in time.
- How's that sound?|- Thanks, Dad.
Leave a tip.
I got your tip,|don't get any more bad grades.
- Do you like it?|- Oh, I love it.
- I think I'm gonna wear it to school.
|- Oh, you would not.
I dare you.
- Come on, get into the video.
|- All right, all right.
You look good with a monkey.
Yeah? Well, you look good|with a tiger on your head.
- Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
|- This is the best day ever.
I love you, Ethan Ward.
I love you.
You're not cotton candy - Yo, Dixon?|- Hold on.
Hey, here.
- Thanks for helping me out, man.
|- Hey, no worries.
So listen, my dad has a hookup|with the Lakers.
We've got courtside tickets|but my buddy bailed on me.
So you interested? - For real?|- Yeah.
Kobe? Hell, yeah, I wanna see|the Lakers, man! You hit that guy's car.
Almost got him in trouble|and then he asks you to a game? It was nothing.
I've seen guys fistfight,|five minutes later they're hanging out.
That's crazy.
Yeah, you know,|guys aren't like girls.
We don't hold grudges.
|Life is way too short.
I'm not gonna post anything|on my blog about you.
Thank you.
I just thought you should know.
So see you around? Yeah, see you.
- All right, so I'll just catch you later.
|- Hey! - What's this?|- Snickerdoodles.
They're apology cookies.
When I do something screwed up,|I bake.
You know, just forget about it.
I can't forget about it.
|I'm an idiot, Ty.
I like you.
|I wanna hang out with you.
- You really haven't been acting like it.
|- I know.
I know I messed up.
And I am so hoping|that I am not too late to fix it.
Am I too late? Look, I spent the night|making you these cookies.
So eat a snickerdoodle.
|They're really good.
I don't think cookies are - You haven't tasted one yet.
|- Annie, I don't have to.
I just That's way better than cookies.
I'm sorry.
You know, if you weren't|so fricking adorable I wouldn't even be having|this conversation right now.
Can we start over? Okay.
So you wanna go out|this weekend? Yes, I would.
I remember that hat.
Still cute.
- How you doing?|- I'm all right.
I realize I can't always get|what I want, no matter how bad I want it.
Can't fix my parent's marriage.
Can't make my dad love my mom.
I'm sorry.
You've been wonderful|through all this craziness.
Thank you.
Think we can start over? What do you mean? All I know is I miss those two people|who went to the zoo and ate cotton candy and|were silly and happy together.
So are you saying|you wanna get back together? I'm saying take it day by day.
|See what happens.
I can do that.
Come here.
- So cute.
|- Yeah, it's still cute? Still cute.