90210 s01e05 Episode Script

Wide Awake and Dreaming

"Previously on" 90210: Beverly Hills is gonna be great|for our family.
We got the weather.
|We got the palm trees with the More palm trees.
You had, like, a million friends.
Back home, and they all knew|about the whole adoption story.
- When are you gonna ask me out?|- Maybe I don't wanna.
I bet you that you do.
Put down the brush|and join the chorus.
I would so love to.
Thank you.
- You owe 200.
|- Well, I don't have that, but I'll get it.
Adrianna, what's up with you?|Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just distracted.
I went to Dad's office last night.
I saw|him there kissing another woman.
- I'll take you home.
Okay?|- Okay.
This night is nothing|like I thought it would be.
Is that a good thing? It's a great thing.
So you like him? At the very least, we'll be friends.
Are we friends? Hey.
I spent the whole night|making these cookies.
So eat a snickerdoodle.
That's way better than cookies.
Don't be scared.
Just No.
- Don't.
|- Just What? Stop.
You two hold on a sec.
Silver, what are you doing? Nothing.
Paying attention.
Checking my blog.
Big in Bolivia.
|Who knew? All right, well, Ty and Annie|are about to have sex.
- On-stage.
|- Yeah.
I know.
This is a high school play.
|How far you plan on taking this? - What happened to my light, Silver?|- Ask J-Rod.
He's the one running|the control board.
You are the stage manager.
|It's your job to tell Jared when the lights go up|and when the lights go down.
This would be|when you bring the lights down.
Yo, J-Rod.
Lose the horny couple center stage.
Okay, thanks everybody.
Right after dinner|we're gonna dive into the second act, but before you all run off, I just wanna say how glad I am|that I came back for this.
Some of you|just put the pros to shame.
And if the audience is not standing on|their feet at the end of tomorrow night, I will personally kick their asses.
Hey, Annie.
|Thanks for stepping out of the chorus to understudy for Adrianna.
With her gone so much,|it's been a huge help.
I know it can be nerve-wracking.
More than happy to do it,|Miss Walsh.
Hey, you going to dinner break? You know what?|I'm not hungry.
Me neither.
Jared, what is your problem? I'm sorry.
|It's a lot of pressure up here, okay.
How hard can it be? Look: Lights on, lights off.
You do it.
Oh, no.
Where are you going? Somewhere I'm appreciated.
I quit.
Looks like someone needs to work|on their people skills.
Yeah, no kidding.
What kind of jackass|quits during dress rehearsal? This stage-manager thing|is making me mental.
Have you ever run|a light board before? No.
Want me to do it? I did all of Annie's old shows back|in Kansas and everything, you know.
You're a lifesaver.
You know that? Yeah.
I know.
Mom? Mother, why are you still in bed? Why aren't you at school? Because school let out.
It's been, oh, nine hours|since I said, "I love you" and "Bye.
" I was standing here in the doorway.
|Remember? You were laying in bed,|being pathetic.
Get up.
|We're going to get groceries.
Okay, send Penelope|with a list, Naomi.
Penelope is at home|feeding her family.
Okay, then order takeout.
No, it's been a week of takeout.
Mom, it's been a week of this.
I'm sick of it.
Oh, God.
I'm calling Dad.
No, don't do that.
You know, your father has Gail|and the beach house, and I just don't really want him|to see me like this.
Maybe that's what he needs.
It's his fault,|and he needs to be the one to fix it.
I'm gonna tell him what a mess|you are.
He needs to be here.
There's nobody here.
Invited dress.
- What does that mean?|- No audience.
Brenda wants us here|for encouragement for the kids.
You know Annie used to get us|to take her to the theater? We saw every musical|that came through Kansas.
Please tell me|this is nothing like "Mamma Mia.
" I love "Mamma Mia.
"|I saw it twice on Broadway.
What? Broadway, Topeka Playhouse.
|Big difference.
Yeah, this one's|not quite "Mamma Mia.
" - Trust me.
|- Good news.
"Spring Awakening" is about kids|discovering their sexuality and, you know, fighting the oppressive|morals of society in 1891, but, you know, with rock music.
I take that back.
Should be a real eye-opener.
- Annie.
|- Oh, Dad.
You're overreacting.
You didn't see the kiss.
It was You know, and the boys here|are different than the boys back in Kansas.
I know, I used to be one.
Oh, and look how terrible|you ended up.
You know, Annie could do|a whole lot worse than a guy like you.
Sometimes I ask the Lord|to take my sight away.
Harry caught Annie making out|with a boy backstage.
That ought to buy the poor girl|a few weeks in therapy.
Why are you two so calm|about this? Men of the theater are "bon vivantes,"|dear.
One day they're fumbling with your bra|in the back of a '52 Chevy, and the next they're off to Mykonos to set up house|with a stagehand named Philip.
I think what your mother|is trying to say is that Annie's little romance|might not be that serious.
Well, I am I'm gonna have a talk|with her when she comes home.
And I'll have the psychiatrist|standing by.
Harry, you are a wonderful father, but there are some things|that are just strictly mother-daughter, so let me talk to Annie, okay? Mom, I'm coming in.
Forget buying groceries, Naomi.
|I'm not cooking.
How about we eat out instead?|I'm feeling like Italian.
Oh, hello, Charles.
Will you be joining us? Tracy, you look great.
Thought you said|she couldn't get out of bed.
Well, I mean,|clearly you've inspired her.
You're already helping out, Daddy.
Could you give us|a second, sweetheart? Oh, sure.
Yeah, of course.
I'll just go make reservations at Madeo.
|For three? What's going on, Tracy? Well, let's see.
Last time I checked,|you left your wife and daughter for a life at the beach house|with your longtime whore.
Did I leave anything out? I know you're hurting.
You don't have to put on an act.
|Not for me.
That make you feel better? - Hey, honey.
|- Hey.
There's a plate in the fridge for you.
|I'll warm it up.
Oh, thanks.
So did Dad tell you|what happened today? Oh, yeah.
I got all the gory details.
You wanna talk about it? No, I would rather hit myself|repeatedly with a hammer.
I notice you've been|spending a lot of time with Ty.
Yeah, but it's not just|a play thing, Mom.
I like Ty.
A lot.
You said the same about Jason|in "The King and I.
" Yeah, well, Jason was big|and sweet and Kansas.
Ty's tall and skinny and cool, and he's got these ears|that stick out like little elves.
- Can I be your mom for a second?|- Oh, no.
Mom, Mom, please.
Do not turn this into a sex talk, okay?|Today has been humiliating enough.
But if you are thinking about it or he's pressuring you|or you're confused, you know it's okay to wait, right? Yeah, I know|the consequences, Mom.
The emotional consequences too? Like, what if he doesn't call|or he doesn't say hi to you at school, or worse, he tells all of his friends.
Ty is nothing like that.
I trust your judgment.
So Dad's gonna forget|what he saw today, right? No, that's never gonna happen.
You're late, Adrianna, again.
By the looks of things,|so is everyone else.
Actually, everyone else is backstage|getting fitted for the show.
Look, I get it.
I've been distracted lately.
Maybe I've missed|a couple of rehearsals, but let's just be honest.
This is just a high school play.
I was on television.
I was in movies.
Well, that's all great stuff|for the program, but I'm worried about you right now.
Don't be.
I'm fine.
I'm on your side.
You can talk to me.
And tell you what? That I woke up at 5:00 this morning all so I could meet a trainer|that my mom can't afford? That the reason I'm late is because|I went to a commercial audition that I'm not gonna get because|I'm too fat, too brunette or too old? And then there's this,|and there's you, and the voices in my head|that keep telling me that I'm not trying hard enough.
I cannot change|what happens out there, but we can change|what happens here.
I care about you, I care about this play and I think you can be good.
I am good.
And I love a girl with confidence.
Take it from the top.
You got it.
Mama who bore me Mama who gave me No way to handle things Who made me so sad Mama, the weeping Mama, the angels No sleep in heaven Or Bethlehem Your dad caught you and Ty? And told my mom, who then turned it into|an after-school-special sex talk.
- What's an after-school special?|- Google it.
Oh, hello, Annie.
- Silver.
|- Your Highness.
What are we chatting about today,|ladies? Well, if you must know, Annie's dad caught her and Ty Collins|in a backstage lip lock.
Nice work, new girl.
Haven't you only|been here like a month? You're already bagging|the hottest guys? No one is bagging anyone.
It was just a kiss.
Well, whatever.
With a guy like Ty,|it's only a matter of time.
He's had everybody,|and it looks like you're next.
I am not having sex with Ty Collins.
Why not? You're friends, right?|You should explore the benefits.
Yeah, it's just that not everybody's|a ho-bot like you, Naomi.
Very good, Silver.
What is this, the last virgin wins? If Annie wants to wait for the right guy,|I think she should.
- Thank you.
|- Whatever.
Everyone makes sex|a big, humungous deal.
Ethan and I didn't wait.
|I mean, we practically did it instantly.
Doesn't everyone want|what Ethan and I have? Oh, hi, baby.
|I was just talking about you.
Hey, Annie.
Good luck|in the show tonight.
We'll be watching.
- You guys are coming tonight?|- Oh, yeah.
Well, maybe to the after party.
- Break a leg.
|- Thanks.
So you're going to give me|a piggyback ride to class.
Again? They do seem happy, don't they? Yeah, you are not ready for sex.
See you later.
Hello, ladies.
Hey, you have a minute? I have exactly a minute before|the students descend.
What's up? Brenda is worried about Adrianna.
With reason, probably.
She's been distant,|distracted in class.
What's she like in rehearsal? She's amazing.
Incredible instincts, fantastic voice.
But, like you said, a little A little distant and distracted.
|Though in her defense, she's under intense pressure from|pretty much every angle in her life.
- You think she's using?|- I don't know.
I don't think so.
It's a possibility though.
- We should pull her from the play.
|- No, Kelly.
You just said|she's under intense pressure.
Yeah, and the play, I think, is the|only thing keeping her off the ledge.
Look, I can handle this, all right?|She trusts me.
I just don't know if this play|is the best thing for her right now.
The tricky part of teaching is being|friendly without becoming their friend.
I got this.
Forgive me.
It was me.
All me.
I can hear your heart beat, Wendla.
Oh, Melchi.
I suddenly feel Let's take a break, okay? - Are you okay?|- Yeah.
Yeah, no.
No, I don't know.
I barely got any sleep last night.
|You know, pre-show jitters, I think, and now|I suddenly feel nauseous and: Don't you? I mean, you're the lead.
I'm just in the chorus.
Oh, you also understudy Adrianna.
You know all her lines.
Mine too, probably.
You're just psyching yourself out.
God, I hope you're right.
Trust me.
So are you going to the Roosevelt|after the show? Oh, for sure.
|Naomi said it's fantastic.
You know, huge pool,|swanky deck chairs everywhere, celebrities lounging here|and there and there and there - I booked us a room.
|- You booked us a room? - Right.
|- For us.
Only if you want to.
L Yeah, yeah.
Why wouldn't I? Relax.
It's gonna be a great night.
|You'll see.
Annie barely said a word at dinner.
What do you expect? She's nervous.
She never used to get this way|before shows in Kansas.
Well, that was then.
|This is California.
You know, hon, don't you feel like|the Roosevelt Hotel is a little fancy for an after party? I mean, isn't the whole spirit of theater|about camaraderie in the face of starvation|and poverty? Harry, we have to let her go.
No, no, we don't have to let her go.
Nope, legally, she has to do what we say|until she is 18.
Right, and then she spends|the rest of her life resenting us.
God, it is a hotel.
All right? With rooms and beds|and horny teenage boys.
Annie is a smart girl.
|She makes intelligent decisions.
Yes, I know that she is a smart girl, but she is no match|for the young-male libido.
You can't put your experiences|on Annie.
No, no, not my experiences.
My mistakes.
I have a son running around|out there somewhere because of a mistake that I made|when I was a teenager.
That's your regret, Harry.
You can't let that stop Annie|from living.
All we can do is guide her to a path, and then whatever path she chooses,|that's her decision.
Mom? Can I get a ride to school?|There's a vocal warm-up at 6:30.
Just let me get my keys.
That's it.
Pitch your voice|into your resonators.
Keep it there.
Where have you been?|I have been texting you all afternoon.
I've been here rehearsing|with Brenda.
I'm Brenda Walsh,|the play's director.
Your daughter|has an amazing talent.
Yes, I'm very, very proud of her.
Mom, it was amazing.
We went over|and over everything.
The entire play.
- My voice sounds fine.
It's great.
|- Good.
Because you have|three agents coming.
There's agents? And two producers,|and I'm seating them stage left, so if you can remember,|cheat your songs left.
- That's great, Mom.
|- You're gonna be amazing.
All you have to do|is kill in this performance, and you'll start working again,|and then we'll both be fine.
Nice to have met you.
Annie, wait a second.
Dad, I'm really late.
|Miss Walsh is gonna kill me.
- I'm all kinds of nerves and|- We have to talk about what happened the other day|with that boy.
His name is Ty, Dad.
And he's your boyfriend.
It's possible.
|Okay, I'm really, really late.
Just with rehearsal and everything,|you haven't had time to bring him by.
- Ty.
|- Ty, by the house.
You wanna spend time with Ty.
Well, yeah.
I got a great idea.
Why don't we all|go out after the play, like we did back in Kansas.
You, me, Ty, Mom,|Grandma, the whole family.
Awesome, except you know I'm going|to the party at the Roosevelt.
The Roosevelt has a restaurant,|doesn't it? Oh, Dad, stop, okay?|I know what you're doing.
- What am I doing?|- You don't trust me.
No, I do.
I do trust you.
Then why are we talking? Because I do not want you|to make a mistake.
When it comes to sex No, no, I am not having|this conversation.
- I'll be inside.
|- No.
Hey, Annie Dad, you either trust me or you don't,|and it's really sounding like you don't.
No Adrianna.
Where is she?|Have you tried her cell? - Silver, about the light in the|- Dixon, not now.
I called her.
It's off.
Text ignored.
Witness her makeup corner,|untouched.
Look, I scoured the halls.
|She's AWOL.
All right, Silver,|you're the stage manager.
What are you gonna do? Has anybody seen Adrianna? Oh, I'm right here, freak show.
Calm down.
What's wrong with you? I just ran out|to get some cough medicine.
All this singing|has just, like, ripped my throat.
I'm here and I'm ready to rock.
You can't go out there like this.
Of course I can.
Annie, you're up.
You can't do that.
Change out of that costume.
|Put on Adrianna's.
- Curtain is in Silver?|- Freaking 15 minutes.
I know it's just a puny|little high school play, but you're gonna be blown away|by Adrianna.
She'll be so excited you're here.
|Thank you so much.
Get settled.
|I'm gonna check on her backstage.
- What did you argue with her about?|- Wasn't an argument.
- It was a civil conversation.
|- Yes, until it turned.
Harry, tonight is a big night|for Annie.
Yes, absolutely right.
And I have to pull back and trust that she will do|the right thing.
I'm gonna have my script open|in front of me during the whole play.
Forget a line, look backstage.
|I'll just shoot it to you.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
|- Just breathe.
- I am breathing.
|- Breathe slower.
- Romeo to the rescue.
|- Melchior.
Help me deal with this.
I have to go|deal with something else backstage.
All right.
- Dixon, I need you, now.
|- Annie.
Just relax.
You're gonna be great.
Oh, keep doing that.
|That feels good.
- That helps a lot.
|- Okay.
Five minutes.
|Five minutes to call, people.
I better go.
Hey, remember,|when you're out there, just look at me.
When you're on-stage,|there's nobody else.
Just you and me.
Okay? All right, you're gonna be great.
Coming through.
Looking for Silver.
- Oh, sorry, man.
|- You okay? - Define "okay.
"|- No time.
Just Don't mess this up, all right?|Your sister's counting on you.
Four minutes to call, people.
Mama who bore me Mama who gave me No way to handle things Who made me so sad I don't understand.
Where's Adrianna? I don't know.
I'll go find out.
Mama, the angels No sleep in heaven Adrianna, are you okay? Does she look okay? There are half a dozen agents|and producers here to see her in this show,|only she's not in the show.
Look at your daughter.
What? What? I'm fine.
Who are you? Kelly Taylor.
|I am Adrianna's guidance counselor.
I wanna talk to the director.
She's your friend.
Tell her to put me back in the play.
I talked to her,|and she's worried about you.
She thinks|you might be using drugs.
Excuse me? This director, did she actually|see her take something? Mom, I didn't take anything.
You know all I see? I see a little girl who is tired and upset|for good reason.
Let's go.
Come on.
Adrianna, we have to talk about this.
Come see me Monday.
Come on, baby.
Let's go.
It's a bitch of a living It's a bitch of a living And living in your head In your head It's a bitch of a living It's sensing God is dead It's a bitch of a living You watch me, just watch me Trying to get ahead I'm calling you one day It's a bitch of a living Just getting out of bed Annie.
- Yeah.
|- Go.
I gotta go change.
Oh, God, what a bitch Dixon.
Black out on stage.
- Hey, Silver.
|- Hey, what? Kind of like it when you're bossy.
Okay, lights back up.
This is all Dad's stuff.
You bet it is.
What are you doing with it? Giving it to the Malibu mission, so one day soon your father|will step out of his beach house and see a homeless man|wearing his tailor-fit Armani and he will think of me.
I thought you guys|were getting back together.
Back together? Naomi, your father and I|are divorcing.
I was lying by the stream - and then I saw you here.
|- Yes.
So? So? The stream.
Dreaming again? I was, I guess.
Tell me.
It's silly.
And I can't remember the last time your father and I could talk|without fighting.
So I asked him to make a choice: Me or Gail.
And what did he say? Well, he said|that he couldn't decide, so I'm making the decision for him.
And this is supposed|to get him to come home? I have to respect myself.
And more importantly,|I need you to respect me.
And please, don't tell me you do.
So this is it? Yeah.
This is it.
We're gonna be okay.
How? I was kind of hoping you would have|an answer for that one.
I normally would.
Come here.
I love you.
Somebody call Brenda out.
Brenda! So you think more|about the party after? Your hotel room? Go, go.
Let me say bye to my family|and I will be right behind you.
- Dixon.
|- Annie.
Oh, man, you were on tonight.
You know, the audience ate up|every bit you gave them.
And Silver, you know,|she's a big pot of mean.
Just big, seething,|hot pot of mean.
Can I see your wallet? Yeah, I only got like $11|or whatever.
- So if you need money|- I need your condom.
Run that by me again? The condom you've been saving|in your wallet for five years.
I need it.
Four years.
|What do you need it for? With With Ty? - He got us a room.
|- What about Ethan? Ethan and I|are never gonna happen.
Besides, I like Ty a lot.
- Are you sure you wanna do this?|- I don't know.
I think so.
Look, I just I wanna be prepared.
Well, this is a pretty disturbing moment|between us, isn't it? - Let's never speak of it.
|- Yeah.
- Ethan.
|- Hey, I brought you flowers.
Ethan, stop and wait.
- Just give it back.
|- No.
- You cannot have sex with Ty Collins.
|- Why not? What do you even know about him?|The guy is a total player.
This coming from you.
The guy who cheated|on his girlfriend.
I saw you in front of school|in your car I know.
I know.
By some girl.
|Some girl who was not Naomi.
And I'm reminded of it every day,|all the time, but Ty Collins? Wouldn't you rather save yourself|for someone who cares about you? I tried that.
Didn't work out.
Annie, where are you going? To find my parents,|to get to my party.
This is gonna be a great night|for me.
Oh, I didn't wanna do it.
I know, but you had to, and you were right to.
|Adrianna needs help.
I forgot what it was like|to be in high school.
You know,|the pressure on these kids.
And you should have seen|Adrianna's mom.
How do you do this|every single day? Oh, it's not easy, but it's not always|quite so "High School Musical.
" I mean, I try to help them|as much as I can, but sometimes I have to remind myself|it's okay for kids to make mistakes.
I mean, we did.
Oh, I'm aware.
I didn't forget everything|about high school.
You know, sometimes|don't you wish you could? Hey.
- Hey.
|- Hi, superstar.
What are you doing here|lurking on your balcony? Can I have a peek inside? Very nice.
So I watched some of your show.
You and Annie|were all sparks and electricity.
I'd give you an A|in both theater and chemistry.
I'm kind of waiting for her, actually.
You are? - That's weird.
|- Why is that weird? Because she left the play|with Ethan.
He's probably just giving her a ride.
It didn't look like that to me.
Not from the make-out session|that I saw.
You know, you actually did|a pretty good job tonight, Dixon.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Well, back at you.
|- Whatever.
Is there anything in this whole world|that you actually do care about? I care that your sister|got through her performance - without knocking over any set pieces.
|- Okay.
Or sounding like an amnesiac.
And that I didn't get blamed|for ruining the show.
Wanna know what I think? - Do I have a choice?|- No.
I think that you wanna do a good job, but if you did then that would mean|that you actually care.
And if you cared,|then that would mean that you What was that for? You ask way too many questions.
|You know that, right? Come on.
Annie, hi.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I guess I must have the wrong room.
|I was just looking for Ty.
Oh, no, you have the right room.
Come in.
You did a really great job|in my part tonight.
You really brought down the house.
Adrianna, I never thought|that I would go on in your place.
It was as big a surprise to me|as it was to you.
Ty's in the shower.
|Do you want me to go get him? In the shower? Rinsing off.
He didn't tell you|to meet him here too, did he? Boy really knows how to celebrate,|doesn't he? I'll go tell him|his next appointment is here.
No, you two just Yeah.
Don't tell him anything, okay? Annie? What, are you following me? No, I'm just waiting for Naomi.
- I have to get out of here.
|- Wait, wait.
What's wrong? Did Ty do something to you? Ty did not do anything to me.
Whatever Ty is doing,|he's doing up there with Adrianna and whoever else|he invited here tonight.
Hey, what's going on? What's going on|is I came here tonight fully prepared to have sex|for the first time.
Here I am at the Roosevelt|in Hollywood about to give it up for the first time|to some guy that I barely know.
God, this whole world that you guys live in|might be fine for the two of you and all of your friends|with all of their benefits, but it is definitely not fine with me.
What's the matter? I don't have one.
One what? A condom.
Four years|I kept that thing in my wallet, and tonight I give it to my sister.
Okay, first, creepy.
And second, wow, luck|really takes it's time with you, huh? And finally, what did you think|was gonna happen here, huh? Did you think we gonna get a room|or just go at it here on the lounger? - You mean?|- No.
No, we're taking this slow.
- Silver.
|- What? You're being bossy again, but I like it.
Come here.
- All right.
|- I wouldn't move that.
I think that - Annie, you're home early.
|- Hey, yeah.
The party was really loud.
I didn't realize how tired I was|after the play and everything, so I I just wanna go to bed.
Welcome home.
You You were really great tonight.
- Thanks.
|- I'm proud of you.
Good night.
Good night.