90210 s01e06 Episode Script

Model Behavior

"Previously on" 90210: Adrianna, what's wrong with you?|You can't go out like this.
Of course I can.
Annie, you're up.
Change out|of that costume, put on Adrianna's.
Mom, it's not just a casual fling|with her and Dad.
- He's moving her to the beach house.
|- What? Give me a break.
You are never gonna be happy|with somebody else because you're still in love with Dylan.
|And you know it.
So you think more|about the party after? In your hotel room? - Ty is in the shower.
|- In the shower? Rinsing off.
He didn't tell you to meet him too,|did he? Here's the thing, Adrianna.
If you have a problem|and you let us know now, then there are options.
I don't know|what Miss Walsh told you, but all I did was take some|cough medicine to preserve my voice.
Which she's been doing since she won the Miss Sunburst|Beauty Pageant at age 6.
I don't know what you were on, but you were on more than|just cough syrup and you know it.
Do you have proof of that? Okay, this is not just about Adrianna's|behavior the night of the play.
Her attendance this year|has been terrible.
She shows up late and exhausted.
|Her eyes are red.
You know what? I go to like five auditions a week.
So yeah, I'm a little tired.
|But that doesn't mean I'm on drugs.
Well, maybe it's time to think about|pulling back on the acting a bit.
Maybe it's time you think about|lightening her work load.
That's not gonna happen.
Adrianna, you are a fantastic actress.
And if you choose to,|you're gonna have great success.
But there's plenty of time for that.
Maybe you should take a little bit|of pressure off of yourself right now.
Do you really think|I wanna end up like you? Acting in some tragic|theater company, directing high school musicals|in my spare time? No, thanks.
Adrianna, this is the one and only time|we're gonna offer you this solution.
If we find out that you're using|unprescribed or illegal drugs, we'll have no choice but to expel you.
You people are unbelievable.
Isn't it enough you embarrassed her|in front of the entire school, not to mention|half a dozen industry executives? Adrianna does not use drugs.
If you try to imply otherwise, I'll sue.
Come on, baby.
Good job.
You were amazing, Annie.
You were so good.
Oh, my God.
It's like|you were performing just for me.
- Nice job, Ty.
|- Good job, Annie.
Annie, we need to talk.
No, we don't.
In fact, I think it'd be best if you|just never spoke to me again, ever.
I don't get you.
You don't get me? That's a joke.
- Annie, please just|- Just I'm sorry.
Yeah, right.
You're the girl|who took Adrianna's part.
Principal Wilson's daughter.
It's all starting to make sense now,|isn't it? Yep.
God, what is her problem? She is having a rough time.
Yeah, well, so is everybody else.
|It's called high school.
I'm just saying it might be easier if you can find a way to be the bigger|person where she is concerned.
My mom said she read|in some cougar blog that apparently, young guys|like the trick with the Altoids.
- Oh, wow.
|- I am living a nightmare.
I mean, my parents are acting like|20 years of marriage meant nothing.
- I'm sorry.
|- Don't.
Don't what? - Don't say sorry like there's no hope.
|- Your dad said there's no hope.
Only because Gail has him|under some kind of spell.
The minute he got in the room|with Mom, they ended up in bed.
|What does that tell you? That they're still horny.
That they still have feelings|for each other.
All I have to do is get them back|in the same place at the same time.
And how are you gonna do that? I kind of have to cancel|our dinner plans.
Is that okay? Why? Because I have dinner plans|with Daddy and his mistress.
- Hello, kitten.
|- Daddy.
And what about Bill Fontaine?|I mean, is he still in Milan? Figures.
Well, see if you can get him anyway.
And send me a list of everybody|who's stateside and available.
Thank you.
Antonio, is? Is everything okay? No, the Pacific Coast Fashion Show|is one of my biggest jobs of the year, and my number two photographer|has just pulled out.
Oh, and you can't shoot|an entire runway show by yourself.
And everyone I've ever worked with|is either booked or out of the country.
Maybe I could work the show|with you.
You said yourself I did a great job with|the "Los Angeles Magazine" spread.
Debbie, thanks.
But this type of shoot,|it's rough work, even for veterans.
Tough angles, difficult light and I wouldn't offer if I didn't think|I was 100 percent ready.
I know how important|this job is to you.
The models come later today|for camera tests.
Let's just see how that goes|and we'll take it from there.
You won't be sorry.
I promise.
I can't believe this.
- What?|- You've been in Beverly Hills ten minutes|and you have a girlfriend.
- You know what that makes me?|- A loser? No, a third wheel.
See, this is why you don't go|befriending the new kid.
Because they're always gonna be|your friend until this.
Wow, needy much? I mean, is this like a bonafide|mid-teen breakdown right now? All I'm saying is that|I refuse to be the third wheel.
- Are we clear?|- Yeah.
- Yes.
|- Yeah.
I'm gonna let you guys|just hug this out while I try to blog Navid|a whole new wheel.
Please don't do that.
The only thing worse than a third|wheel is a fully-exposed squeaky one.
Yeah, just it's kind of what I do.
- Later.
|- Silver, I'm serious.
Dude, what the hell? Touch me again.
So, what do you think is up next|for Adrianna? Honestly, rehab at Promises.
Maybe a mug shot on Perez Hilton.
|I don't know.
Really, how do you relate to a child|actor who probably peaked at age 14? It's a shame it had to go this way,|Brenda.
It seemed like you were getting|through to her during the play.
If I had let her go on,|none of this would be happening.
No, you did the right thing.
I mean, I saw her that night too,|and something is definitely up.
Or maybe she's telling the truth.
I mean, maybe it really is|just a classic case of militant stage mom meets one|too many hits of Robitussin.
On a lighter note,|what's next for Brenda? Well, tonight is our final performance|at the Taper, so I'm thinking afterwards, a glass of chardonnay|and a hot bath sounds about right.
What about you two? Well, I was hoping|to take this one to dinner.
- Hello?|- What do you say, Kel? Is tonight the night? Hi.
What's the matter? It's Dylan.
Where is he? He says Wyoming.
Yeah, well, actually|I'm here with Kel now.
He wants to talk to you.
- Hello?|- Who's Dylan? Sammy's dad.
Don't forget your future enterpriser|assignments are due next week, five pages detailing your research|on any career in any industry that interests you.
No, Adrianna,|you can't do the paper on yourself.
Annie, what's your plan|for the assignment? My mom's taking pictures|at the Pacific Coast Fashion Show.
Dixon and I are gonna be|her assistants, so I thought I could write about that.
You think your mom could use|a third helper? Thanks, I don't need your charity.
No, what you need is a B or higher|on this assignment to keep from failing my class.
Fine, yeah, we are leaving|right after school for my mom's studio.
And if you're late,|we're leaving without you.
Good, then it's settled.
Have you lost your mind? I want nothing to do with you.
Oh, if anybody gets to have|a problem here, it's me with you.
Oh, are you serious? You stole my part in the play.
Adrianna, I was your understudy.
|I had to go on.
You, on the other hand,|did not need to sleep with Ty.
Then why are you helping me? Because unlike you,|I'm actually a nice person.
You kind of ran off there.
|Are you okay? Kelly? Yeah, sorry.
Brenda filled me in|on the whole Dylan saga.
I thought he was off saving the world.
Well, he said he was tired|of traveling.
Wants to come back home.
But not to you and Sammy? Not to Beverly Hills at least.
He wants me and Sammy with him.
I guess a romantic dinner with me|is kind of out.
Look, you are a really great guy.
I mean it.
Any girl would be lucky to have a chance|with someone like you.
But with things the way they are|with Dylan, I just don't know if or when I'm gonna be able|to go there with somebody else.
And you deserve more than that.
Are you asking me to wait? Because I got nothing but time|and the distinct feeling that women like you|don't come around very often.
I don't want you to wait.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
Hey, Kelly, do you have your phone|with you today? Yeah, why? I was just wondering|if Dylan wanted to talk to you, why was he calling Brenda? It's not that I don't wanna go with you, it's just I reject|the unrealistic expectations the modeling industry pushes|on average women.
And I totally agree.
I totally don't believe you.
Look, it's like I'm not interested in seeing runway models|in their underwear, because that would be a lie.
I would like that, a lot actually.
Okay, if you're still trying to convince|me to go, you are failing miserably.
Check it.
I figured out a solution|to our third-wheel problem.
Dude, that's your problem,|not our problem.
Well, you guys are still going|to the fashion show, aren't you? How about you let me tag along? Isn't tagging along the essence|of the third-wheel problem? Not if I'm not alone.
|If I bring somebody, then we'll have all four wheels on the same track,|fully loaded.
Oh, all right, all right.
|So who you bringing? That's where you come|into play.
You know after the epic flameout|with Ty, I figured I'd take a shot at Annie.
|What do you think? What do I think? I think that's going|in the "never gonna happen" file.
No? Why? She's hot.
I'm hot.
|We're bros.
It makes perfect sense.
Don't make me drop you|in the lunch line, bro.
Looking for this? I borrowed it for my lunch date|this afternoon.
Your lunch date? With who? Mr.
Dad's investment guy? - Hello, he's gay.
|- Yeah, well, I know that now.
He spent the entire lunch|talking about his partner, William.
And I thought|he meant business partner until he whips out his pictures|from his cruise to Barcelona.
Nice, Mom.
Just as well.
|I really don't know what I was thinking.
Do you wanna get some takeout|from Mr.
Chow's? Oh, no, Daddy's taking me to dinner|at the Marina Club.
Well, that sounds nice.
Is she going? Hey, Ethan and I are going|to the Pacific Coast Fashion Show tomorrow night.
We have an extra ticket|if you wanna come? Me? Surrounded by hundreds|of hot, tanned, young runway models? Naomi, how bad|do you want me to feel about myself? I didn't mean that.
I meant you're beautiful|and smart and Available.
Thank you.
Count me in.
Okay, here we go.
All right.
Great, Erica.
You know what? Just turn your hips towards me.
|That's perfect.
Just a little Oh, great.
|That is so good.
You know what? Can you hand me|the other camera, please? You know, Annie, Adrianna,|can you switch those fans on for me? Hi, here we go.
That's my new protégé.
|Very talented woman.
It's hard to come by these days.
Everyone's so easily|preoccupied with Excuse me.
Hi, who are you? - Me.
|- No.
I mean, what modeling agency|are you with? Yeah, I'm not a model.
You're kidding? I mean, the structure|and the symmetry.
Hi, my name's Tom Marino.
- Silver.
|- Nice to meet you, Silver.
You know, that could be you up there.
Yeah, I'm not interested.
Really? I mean, most girls|would give up their cell phones for a professional modeling contract.
Well, I guess I'm not like most girls.
So it seems.
Excuse me.
Thank you for inviting me to dinner,|Naomi.
It means a lot.
To my beautiful, very mature daughter|for bringing us together.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
|- Of course.
We all know you're not exactly the world's greatest communicator,|Daddy.
I was worried I might not get to know|your girlfriend if I didn't take the lead.
Obviously, my dad's legendary secrecy|isn't news to you.
Actually, Charles and I have always|talked openly about everything.
Then you know|what a workaholic he is.
I mean, expect him to be gone|most nights and weekends and lots of business trips.
It's been like that|since way before you guys met.
Or is that how you guys met? Gail and I met in line at a gelato stand|in Century City.
That's so cute.
I didn't even know|you liked gelato, Daddy.
Must be one of his dirty, little secrets.
Sweetheart, I know what you're trying|to do and it's not going to work.
Gail knows everything|there is to know about me.
Well, that is truly amazing.
How are you handling the current|situation with him and my mom? You must be a saint to allow them to keep their own|"lines of communication" flowing.
I'm not sure I know what you mean.
I'm sorry, I just figured since you and my dad were|so open and honest, he would have told you|that he and my mom are still sleeping together.
- Naomi.
|- Charles? Tracy and I have|a very complicated relationship.
I have always been open|with who she is to me, just as I've always been open|with who you are to me.
And who would that be? The woman|you're shacking up with at the beach? Excuse me.
Thank you very much, young lady.
No problem.
Debbie? Your proofs yesterday|looked fantastic.
Really? I was afraid there was|too much bounce in that last segment.
The light's perfect.
So this is where the magic happens,|huh? - Hi, honey.
|- Hi.
Antonio, this is my husband, Harry.
- Pleasure.
|- Good to meet you.
This is Tom Marino.
|Tom's producing the fashion show.
Mom, we're gonna start packing up|the van.
Okay, honey, I will grab the keys.
|I'll be right back.
- Adrianna.
|- Principal Wilson.
I'm gonna go wait in the van.
Looks like you and Adrianna|are getting along well.
Matthews told me|you offered to help.
Yeah, well, that's not exactly|how it happened.
You said she's been having|a tough time lately, so I'm trying to cut her some slack.
Well, I'm proud of you.
You know, there's a little more|to the story.
And as principal,|I shouldn't be telling you this, but as your father,|I feel like I have to.
Adrianna might have|a substance problem.
Yeah, I kind of figured.
I was there|the night of the play, remember? What's the matter? Do you still love me? Where is this coming from? It's not a trick question.
It's just we haven't said it in a long|time, you know, and it's important.
Naomi? Oh, hi, Ethan.
Oh, my God! Look at yourself.
Guys are gonna fall all over|themselves when they see you.
- Trust me.
|- Thank you.
At least my daddy will.
- You invited your dad?|- Not exactly.
But I'll figure out a way|to get him there.
Neither one knows|the other's gonna be there? - Oh, no.
|- This isn't "The Parent Trap," Naomi.
You can't fix them this way.
Could you go home and get ready?|We're losing valuable time.
- Goodbye.
|- Sure.
- Hey.
|- Sorry.
Can you guys back up a bit? Thanks.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
|- Don't worry about it.
Where do I know you from?|Are you an actress? - Do high school musicals count?|- Spring Awakening, - West Beverly Hills High?|- You saw it? Yeah, I got dragged to it|by this agent I'm dating.
But I was pleasantly surprised.
|I'm Reeve Conlon.
Annie Wilson.
It must be fate that I ran into you|tonight.
I'm producing this slasher film about Beverly Hills cheerleaders|at cheer camp.
It's a shoestring budget.
The script's a real rollercoaster.
|Wanna come read for me? Wow, yeah, that would be amazing.
- I'm sorry, this is Adrianna.
|- Hey.
Yeah, we actually met at Sundance,|like, a few years ago.
You played the little girl|in Josh Marston's short.
What happened?|You kind of fell off the map after that.
No, I've been here.
I just I haven't been working a ton lately.
I was Adrianna's understudy|the night that you saw the play.
Yeah, if she hadn't gotten sick|right before curtain, she would have gone on instead.
She was really, really great.
Tell you what.
Why don't you|both come in and audition for me? - Call me tomorrow, set something up.
|- Thank you.
That's a great-looking house|you're building, Sammy.
It's a skyscraper.
It is, is it? I think you may have a little budding|architect on your hands here.
Sammy,|it's time to get your jammies on.
Come here.
Good night, buddy.
I'll be in in just a minute|to tuck you in.
I better get going too.
Ryan wanted to keep an eye|on Adrianna, so I had my agent get us some tickets|to that fashion show.
Oh, you and Ryan.
I guess old habits die hard with you,|don't they? What is that supposed to mean? When's the last time|you saw Dylan? I don't even remember.
I remember the last time I saw him|was Christmas Eve, Sammy's first Christmas,|right here in this living room.
I can even tell you|what he was wearing.
Well, you two had a lot more going on|than we ever did, so that makes sense.
Then why do you think|he called you today and not me? - You would have to ask him that.
|- I will.
Look, Brenda, if there's something|going on with you and Dylan, now's the time to tell me.
He got my e-mail address|from Brandon and he sent me a message from Africa|a few months ago.
He wanted to know|if you were in a relationship.
I talked to him about that same time.
- Why didn't he just ask me?|- I don't know.
But I told him|that he was already messing up.
And that if he was serious|about reconnecting with you, he needed to come back to the States|and do it the right way.
I mean, he's hurt you so many times.
I was just trying to protect you.
Or maybe you were trying to keep|the door open for yourself.
I thought that we had moved past|all this already.
Brenda, wait.
I'm sorry.
It's just hearing his voice today,|in that place, with you there, just stirred up|a lot of old feelings, I guess.
Okay, Dylan and I are ancient history|and it's gonna stay that way.
Kelly, you deserve to be happy|and so does Sammy.
And if that means ever after|on a ranch with Dylan, then I am all for it.
You deserve to be happy too.
I am happy.
- I'll talk to you soon.
|- All right.
I read, like, the famous models|get like 10,000 a day.
Okay, do you know how many|third-world families could live on that? Maybe you should go for it|and feed the world.
You know, too bad male underwear|models don't have it as good, or I'd definitely try it myself.
Well, if you ever wanna model|for me, you can just Great.
Discomfort level rising.
Navid, why don't you go talk|to one of these girls? Navid? You're Persian? Yes.
And cute.
Come on, I wanna introduce|you to some of my friends.
This is not like any high-school|weeknight I remember.
Well, you didn't go to West Beverly.
Trade in Rihanna and Louboutins|for Madonna and black leggings, and it's exactly the same|as when I was a teenager.
Nice to have a veteran by my side.
I'm guessing|I wouldn't be your first choice.
Yeah, well, it's pretty clear Kelly's|not really in the head space to date, whatever that means.
You know, I probably shouldn't say|anything, but I love Kelly.
As great as she is,|you just dodged an epic bullet.
You're pretty sassy.
You know that? Yeah, I've been told.
Are you gonna be staring|at your Sidekick all night? Are you gonna stare|at all the fake boobs all night? I 911 'd my dad six times.
He said he'd text me|the second he gets here.
Looks like your mom's|having a good time.
Wait till my dad sees|how good she looks.
It's going to be perfect.
Oh, my God, he's here.
Okay, make sure Mom doesn't go|anywhere.
I'll be right back.
I have to say your mom|is pretty awesome.
She is, isn't she? I guess I never looked at her that|way because to me she's just Mom.
Sometimes I feel like my mom|doesn't even see me as her daughter.
More like her favorite client.
How do you handle that? By not letting her down.
Hey, that was really cool|what you did for me with that producer.
- Thank you.
|- I was just telling her the truth.
Listen, Annie,|I need to tell you something.
Okay? Ty didn't invite me to his hotel room|after the play.
I don't understand.
He wasn't in the shower when you|showed up, he was out looking for you.
I tricked you and I'm sorry.
You do realize that I told Ty|to never speak to me again? Whoa, hey, look.
|I said I was sorry.
You're unbelievable! Hey.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
Hey, Annie, where's Adrianna? Oh, you know, she's just off cooking up her next little psychotic plan|to ruin my life.
- Is she?|- On drugs? Who knows? Maybe.
You little bitch! What, are you|some kind of narc for Daddy? Hey, you know what? Let's take|a breath.
Okay, let's calm down.
There, I am calm|and I'm not doing drugs.
Looks like Principal Wilson's|little sting operation failed.
His perfect little daughter's cover|is blown.
- Dad.
|- Yeah.
Did you tell me to be nice to Adrianna|because you wanted proof - she was using drugs?|- No, of course not.
I would never put you|in that position.
She thinks I was spying for you.
She's probably texting every number|in her Sidekick as we speak.
- I'm sorry, sweetheart.
|- Yeah.
What is so important|that I had to meet you here? Ethan.
- Where'd she go?|- Where did who go? You gotta be kidding me.
Young lady, what are you up to? Charles, what are you doing here? I received an urgent text message|from your daughter saying that there was|an emergency here.
- Now I see she was lying.
|- I wasn't lying.
Would you explain this|to those of us who have no idea|what you're talking about? We were set up.
Set up? Clearly, Naomi expected me|to come in here, find you in the arms|of your ridiculous companions and whisk you off|in a jealous rage.
Is this true, Naomi? Did you really just invite me here|as some sort of game? No, this wasn't some game.
I just wanted you guys|to give your marriage a chance.
- I figured if you were together|- We are not together, Naomi.
Your mother and I|will never be together.
You don't have to be cruel.
Well, I have tried the civil route|and it didn't work.
You accept that this marriage is over|and we can all move on with our lives.
I hope you and Gail|are happy together.
Looks like this party|is really kicking into high gear.
Yeah, I never|should have gotten involved.
Hey, you know,|you were just trying to help.
Well, I think I may get out of town|for a little bit, you know.
Take a break from acting.
Any idea what you might do? I might go visit my brother, Brandon,|and his family.
I didn't know you had a brother.
There's a lot you don't know|about me, and it's probably better|that it stays that way.
I'm heading in your direction|if you want a ride.
How do you know|where I'm heading? I don't.
Let's go.
Now, I thought the modeling world|was not for you.
Morbid fascination.
I was dragged here|kicking and screaming.
You know how you can tell when|one of these girls is really special? You catch them in their everyday life.
I discovered Rebecca Romijn|in a supermarket in Santa Cruz.
Seriously? I was also the first to see the potential|in Heidi as well.
You know, you've got|the exact same thing they have.
Really? What's that? Me backing you.
All you need now is an agent,|and a stylist and a portfolio.
But I can help you with that.
But if you're not interested How about I get my driver to take us|back to my house in the hills and we can plot the world domination|of Silver in my Jacuzzi? You're kidding, right? Do you know how old I am? Age to me is more of a state of mind.
Yeah, well, to the state of California,|it's 15 to 20 hard time.
Look, you're obviously|a very smart girl, and this is|a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so why don't you think about|all the good the money could do? Don't.
Get your hands off her.
Dixon, - what are you doing?|- Who the hell is this thug? - Security?|- This young man is my son.
Oh, really? And who the baby daddy? Excuse me, Mom.
Dixon! - Stop! Get off!|- Hey, hey! Stop it! - Back off.
|- Hey, hey.
Dixon, what's the matter with you? Debbie, - what's going on here?|- What's going on is this protégé of yours|and her little Compton kid Compton? - Just lost you your biggest account.
You're fired.
You okay? No.
I'm an idiot.
Do you know I actually almost|started believing that guy? Hey, hey, that guy is a pig.
But he was right about one thing.
You are definitely the most beautiful|girl in the room tonight.
Thank you.
I'll take you home.
All right? Now, the backstage guy is like: "We found pigs one, two, and four,|but where the hell is three?" We looked everywhere|and we can't find the fourth pig.
But the joke was|there was only three pigs.
We just numbered them|one, two, and four.
Yeah, I don't get it.
There was no fourth pig.
But then what happened|to pig number three? - Hey.
|- Hi.
What are you doing here? I got a text from Adrianna|about an hour ago.
She told me about what happened|at the Roosevelt.
- Yeah.
|- Looks like we were set up.
Yeah, lots of that|going on around here.
- Look, I'm sorry.
|- About what? Even with Adrianna standing there|in that towel, I knew you weren't that kind of guy.
|I should have trusted my instincts.
Yeah, you should have.
You know,|I went to the hotel that night thinking it was gonna be|the night for us.
There's other nights, other hotels.
Yeah, not for me.
Not yet.
I'm just not ready.
God, this town really messes|with your head, doesn't it? Well, you've always got a friend with me.
|If you need one.
I think that might be exactly|what I need right now.
Friends it is.
Antonio, I'm so sorry.
If you want to fire me,|I totally understand.
You were defending|your son.
Life's too short|to work with people like that.
And you're too talented|not to keep around.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- He did not fire you?|- No.
Hey, is Dixon okay? Yeah, I gave him|Grandma's Mercedes.
He is taking Silver home.
- Where's Annie and Adrianna?|- That is a whole other story.
Can we get out of here already? I will fill you in on the way home.
Every time I try to fix it, every time.
- I should've listened.
|- Don't be hard on yourself.
I just wanted everything|to be the same before Before all this drama.
Now my parents|will never get back together.
- Maybe that's not such a bad thing.
|- How can you say that? Some people just aren't meant|to be together.
That's all.
They were together, Ethan.
|That's the point.
- That doesn't mean anything.
|- Sex always means something.
It says there's still some feelings,|connection, emotion.
It's that way with us, right? - Right?|- Not always.
So is that why you couldn't say|you love me earlier? - It's complicated.
|- It shouldn't be complicated, E.
I'm just so tired.
I'm tired of pretending that my parents|are gonna be together forever.
I'm tired of pretending that|we're ultimately gonna stay together.
I think it's over, E.
For good this time.
I think you're right.
- Hey, kiddo.
|- Hey.
- How was the party?|- Oh, you know, dreams built up and shattered.
Typical night in Hollywood.
I'm sorry.
Is he awake?|I don't want to wake him up.
Oh, no, he's down for the count.
We had a big day.
What's up with the suitcases? Well, Sam and I|are going to visit Dylan.
Oh, my God.
Are you gonna get back together? No.
And there's every possibility|that after this, Dylan may be out of our lives for good.
|I have to find out one way or the other.
I can't keep living in this|in-between place, you know? You actually think he's changed? There's one way to find out.
Well, how long|are you gonna be gone? The school gave me|a two-week leave.
And I talked to your dad.
He has a room ready|and he's waiting for you.
You're kidding, right? I am not gonna go stay with Mel|and his latest child bride.
I think that girl's|actually in my homeroom.
I don't know.
You can't stay with Mom,|that's for sure.
And you're not going back|to that shelter.
A thought? Why don't I stay here? I can look after your place,|bring in your mail, pay your everything,|you know, water your flowers.
Come on, my stuff's|already here anyways, so - Okay.
|- Okay? Okay, yes.
|I think you can handle it.
And that means|you have to come back, right? With or without Dylan.
Don't worry about it, okay? Silver, you and I are family.
You'll never be alone.
Come here.
I love you.
I love you.
Got your message.
Who are you? Where's Kevin? Kevin doesn't work for me anymore.
|What are you looking for? I'll take whatever you got.
Welcome to the big leagues,|little lady.