90210 s01e10 Episode Script

Games People Play

Previously on 90210: We have a son together.
I wanna hire a private investigator|to find him.
- If we're gonna be together|- Wait.
- You wanna be with me?|- You're kind of an amazing kisser.
I'm a cop, you dumb-ass.
I want back on the lacrosse team,|Mr.
I'm gonna have to ask you|to take a paid leave of absence.
This is my job.
|What are the students gonna think? Jason broke up with me.
|My boyfriend from back home.
I don't think we can be friends|if you're with Ethan.
I don't wanna keep us a secret.
It's wrong to lie to Naomi|over and over again.
He's not that cute.
- I knew that.
|- All right.
Hey, check it out.
He traded up.
- Come here, come here.
|- You gotta hear this.
Check it out.
You see it too? Oh, my God.
Are you serious? Guys, guys,|I heard they met over the summer.
Yeah, she's hot.
|I would definitely hit that.
Her? What about him? He's actually cute in a|just-walked-off-a-catalog kind of way.
They know? How do they all know? Didn't you get the text blast|from George? George? I blocked his number|in the eighth grade.
Look at this.
What's up, everybody? Dude, that's nuts.
- When did this happen?|- After Silver's party.
- How much did you see?|- I want details.
You dorks can't handle the details.
Oh, my God, George,|you are so pathetic.
Why don't you go back to rehab? All right.
People, let's settle.
Everybody take their seats.
- So Mr.
Matthews has taken a|- Student's virginity.
- Leave of absence.
Until we find a suitable substitute,|I am your new teacher.
I understand we are working|on "Madame Bovary.
" Anybody wanna tell me|where we are? Anybody? Has she tried to kill herself yet? - Oh, my God.
|- What? - Are you serious? Come on.
|- Oh, wonderful.
When did this become|the new principal's office? Annie, thank you for joining us.
You wanna take your seat|so we can get started? - Annie.
|- Yeah? You and me have to chat|after school.
- Okay.
|- Okay, then, "Madame Bovary.
" All right, it looks like|we are on part three.
- Kel.
|- Hey.
- Thought you were coming tomorrow?|- I took an earlier flight.
- How are you?|- Good.
- Aren't you supposed to be in class?|- Last-period study hall.
And you're studying? The hallway architecture.
|Thought it'd be a great art piece.
You know, the labyrinthine nature|of the high school experience.
- So how was it? How's Dylan?|- Here, hold this for me.
Well, Dylan is Dylan.
|You know, nothing's changed.
Same cheekbones, same sideburns,|same perfectly messy hairdo.
- Same commitment issues.
|- I'm sorry.
- How you doing?|- Actually, really good.
I'm okay with him being there|and me being here.
Just gonna leave myself open|to all possibilities, you know? Well, look at you, with your|advanced self-understanding.
- I'm impressed.
|- Don't be.
I'm still a work in progress.
Hey, I saw that Harry was teaching|Ryan's class.
- Is he out sick or something?|- Yeah.
You missed some stuff|when you were gone.
What do you say|about the allegations? - No comment.
|- Sir, I'd just like to hear your side, sir.
Navid, I respect your perseverance,|okay? I really do.
But I said no comment,|and I meant it.
Now, go back to class|before I break your camera.
I'm sure that's not the best way|to rehabilitate your image, sir.
Navid, you wanna give me a break? Turn that thing off.
It isn't true, is it? - It's complicated.
|- No, it either is true or it isn't.
The guy I knew before I left|wouldn't do something like this.
I want you to tell me the truth.
|I don't wanna believe the rumors.
- Why are you running away like this?|- I don't know what else I can say.
I'm sorry.
So Dixon tells me you were rocking|the karaoke at your birthday party.
Yeah, I'm so gonna make him sing.
- What's your deal?|- Nothing, nothing.
I'm just|I'm supposed to meet Naomi, so Chill.
She doesn't know anything|about you and Ethan.
You know? How do you know? I saw you guys at my party.
Naomi was gonna walk in on you|and the jockstrap, but I distracted her.
You're welcome, by the way.
How do you know|that she didn't see? Because you're still alive.
You gotta tell her soon.
|If she finds out from some random, it ain't gonna be pretty.
No, and I will.
- Naomi, I|- I'm a mess.
I'm sorry.
My parents.
My mom filed|the divorce papers today.
It's official,|I come from a broken home.
I'm so sorry.
My parents throw in the towel,|my relationship with Ethan is over.
I swear to God, if I get another piece|of bad news, I'm gonna lose it.
I'm gonna really lose it.
Is there anything that I can do at all? Could use the support of my friends|right now.
Hey, you guys feel like hitting up|Robertson this afternoon? Well, I actually have to go blog|about Professor Pervert, you know.
But maybe some other time.
How about you, Annie? Get our hair done|followed by some retail therapy? Sure.
Thank you.
|You really are a good friend.
Hey, girly.
Poker game at Megan's house tonight.
|Are you in? Oh, sounds like fun.
I wish I could, but I've got my own games to play.
Oh, well, that's cute in a|"Hannah-Montana-on-acid" kind of way.
So 16, huh?|God, you've had an intense year.
Oh, it's been a seriously crazy ride.
New world, new school, new friends - No boyfriend.
|- Yeah.
I have to talk to you about It's a really hard thing.
|Trust me, I know.
I mean, since I broke up with Ethan|I've been so lonely.
What were you saying? I really don't like this dress.
So did you break up with Jason|before you left "Wizard of Oz" Land? No, after I got here.
Oh, were you the dumper|or the dumpee? It was mutual.
I mean, you can't fight geography,|right? That's too bad.
Sounds like you guys|didn't really get a chance to see what would have happened.
|I mean, maybe you'd still be together - if you hadn't moved out here.
|- Maybe.
I don't know.
Part of me felt like|the breakup wasn't real, you know? When things end|because of distance and not because of|some big relationship problem, it's kind of hard to get closure.
It would be great if you could|get closure and maybe see him again.
Yeah, I guess.
That's the dress.
That's the dress you should wear|to the birthday you'll never forget.
Guess who.
Soft hands, velvet voice.
- Megan Fox.
|- Oh, my God.
So, - I've been thinking.
|- About? About you and me|and the fact that we are an "us" now.
- Us? That is my new favorite word.
|- Us.
We should do something together.
- Like boyfriend-girlfriend stuff.
|- What'd you have in mind? Like lunch? Maybe a movie? I was thinking maybe|something a little bit more private.
- Yeah.
|- Well, it - That's really not gonna work.
|- Why not? I have a lot of footage to edit,|and it's about Mr.
It's a really, really big story.
Well, then I'll help you.
That way,|we can be hanging out together.
Well, the thing is, I can't have anybody|else around when I'm doing this.
I kind of need to focus.
Okay, so I should just go then? I'll call you later.
Right? - Okay, yeah.
|- Thanks.
Have fun.
Matthews dips in the kiddie pool.
- Nice.
|- I think it's my best blog yet.
And I love it when my readers|quote me back to me.
You're just biased against Matthews|because he dated your sister.
Well, yeah.
It's like, what if Ethan rebounded|with some tween from junior high? What do I care who Ethan dates?|It's not like he's with - Ethan's with Annie?|- Yes, but I'm the only one that knows.
You cannot tell her that you know|or she'll think that I told you.
Besides, they haven't told Naomi yet,|and if she hears from somebody else Hey, guys.
- Hey.
|- Hey.
Hey, Ethan.
- Yeah.
|- So I was thinking, I don't know what you're getting Annie|for her birthday, but let's make sure|she has an amazing day, okay? I don't wanna give her a chance|to miss Jason.
Why would she? They're broken up.
Yeah, but it sounds like Jason's|a really great guy, and they were really close,|kind of like you and I, so Yeah, she seems to be doing okay.
Yeah, that's what I thought|until yesterday.
What happened yesterday? We were shopping and|she could not stop talking about Jason.
I guess because the breakup|was long-distance.
They just didn't get closure.
|I don't know.
I just don't want her to feel alone|on her 16th birthday.
So let's make it extra special.
Yeah? Cool.
Yeah, you gave me the facts|this morning, but did you really have to fire him? - I had no choice.
|- Okay.
Did he admit anything? No.
It doesn't matter what he said.
How could it not matter?|It's his reputation on the line.
Kelly, allegations were made.
|As principal, I had to act on them.
You're telling me that you believe|that Ryan slept with a student? Look, I can't get into this right now,|Kelly.
You have to trust me.
Is this a bad time?|I can come back later.
No, Kimberly, I was just leaving.
Hi, Kimberly, nice to meet you.
|Please sit down.
Apparently I'm not allowed back into|any more classes until you sign this.
Yes, I wanted to talk to you.
Please, sit down.
If this is about Mr.
Matthews, I'm fine.
|Everything's fine.
- An aura of fineness surrounds me.
|- I'm glad to hear that.
But given the situation, I have trouble believing|that you're really okay.
That's your problem, not mine.
Are you angry at Mr.
Matthews? Did he give you a bad grade,|maybe fail you on some tests? - No.
|- Were you in a relationship with him? Why are you asking me?|I had nothing to do with this.
Maybe you expressed some feelings|that he didn't return.
Sounds like you're speaking|from your own experience.
I mean, it would be understandable.
|Everybody in your class loves him.
He's young, dynamic, not unattractive.
Okay,|I don't wanna talk about this anymore.
Can I go? If I'm late for Mr.
Hunt's class one|more time I'll be in detention for life.
Come back|if you wanna talk some more.
Hello? Mom? Annie.
Boy, do we have a surprise for you.
Hey, guys.
Annie, you will never guess|who's here.
- Jason.
|- Hi, Annie.
- Hey.
|- You could crush mint on those abs.
Happy birthday.
Jason, in California.
|Right here in our pool.
What are you doing here? I was hoping to meet Lauren Conrad.
|Are these the right hills? I would hug you,|but I wouldn't wanna get you all wet.
- I wouldn't mind.
|- Tabitha.
What a surprise it is.
Do you like your birthday present? He's from you? You're from her? No, I'm from Kansas,|but Naomi paid for the shipping labels.
Your sweet 16 birthday|is the most important day of your life, second only to your wedding day,|of course.
And no girl should spend that day|without a man by her side.
- Yeah, but|- I told her that we weren't together, but when she called, I just couldn't resist a chance|to be with you on your big day.
- It's very good to see you.
|- All right, well, I'm gonna get going.
You guys must have a ton|to catch up on before dinner.
Dinner? Yeah, I figured you'd want Jason|to meet all of your friends.
You know,|before the big day and everything.
You and Silver are in, right? I have to|call Ethan.
I think that's about it.
I'll take care of everything.
|Don't you worry about a thing.
You are so lucky|to have met such great friends here.
So lucky.
Hello, half of Navid's face.
- Is the other half home?|- It's not a good time.
Well, then when is? I've called you a couple times,|I've texted you, tried to hook up at school.
You've gone Woodward and Bernstein|because of this whole Matthew story.
- Could we talk later?|- We can't.
You've been acting|really weird lately.
Is there someone there? Yeah.
My baby sister, Iman.
Adrianna - Hey, Iman, this is Adrianna.
|- Hi, sweetie.
Is this the young lady|you've told us about? - Welcome, Adrianna.
|- Yeah.
We've heard wonderful things|about you.
- Come on in.
Please, please.
|- Thank you.
Dad, no Farsi, okay? She's pretty, Navid.
|Way too pretty for you.
Please don't embarrass me.
|Keep your voice down.
|It's so wonderful to meet you.
Come in.
Will you join us for dinner? Oh, Mom,|I think Adrianna already has plans.
I wouldn't wanna impose.
Oh, nonsense.
|You have to meet Atoosa's family.
- This is Sha-rah and Massood.
|- Hi, nice to meet you.
My cousin Alex,|my beautiful daughter Sahi-joon.
- Hello.
|- Hey, I'm Adrianna.
- Anoosh, my cousin.
|- Hi, nice to meet you.
Oh, just shoot me now.
My brother-in-law Eliz,|his wife, Rosa.
- Hey.
|- You hanging in there? Oh, you know, just walking Roxy.
Nobody else wants to be around me|right now, so - I'd be there if I could.
|- Roxy, come here.
But I guess I screwed that up|for both of us for a while.
I really didn't think|it was gonna turn out like this.
I mean, I didn't I didn't think.
- Maybe I deserve it.
|- No, you don't.
In a moment of extreme masochism,|I decided to read Silver's blog.
You wanna know the worst part,|aside from the grammar? These kids, they think I'm a sleazeball,|they really do.
But you know the truth,|and that's what matters.
I don't know how you do it.
|How do you spend your life letting people think|you're something you're not? Look, Ryan,|I know you've risked a lot for me.
I swear to you I'm gonna|close this case as fast as I can.
And everything|will be back to normal.
I'll be around.
Do you guys always eat dinner|like this? No.
Not usually this small.
Can I tempt you|with some more "khoresht?" - Dad, please.
She's had enough.
|- No, thanks.
I couldn't possibly eat any more.
|I'm stuffed.
Oh, but you're so small.
You need to put some meat|on your bones.
Thank you.
So, Navid, why didn't you|tell me you played the drums? Or the "doumbek," right? - Oh, and he sings too.
|- What? - Oh, yes.
|- Really? When he was little,|he'd sing all day long.
- Please tell me you have pictures.
|- Better.
- We have video.
|- You wouldn't wanna see them, because they're poorly edited|and you'd be wasting your time.
Honey, he's right.
|What are we thinking? Talking about movies|in front of such a talented actress.
We should be asking you|for details of your exciting childhood.
More importantly, Adrianna, how are you doing|since leaving rehab? Mom.
It's fine.
I know that must have been|very difficult for you.
I'm great.
I'm fine, really.
Thank you.
Mom, do you happen to have any|dessert, something to tempt Ade with? Of course, of course.
|Lillia, bring the desserts please.
- I'm sorry.
|- It's okay.
I will have an iced tea and the Japanese pear salad|with tiger prawns and And dressing on the side.
- Always.
|- Absolutely.
Those little details|that you never seem to forget, do you? I still remember the way|Ethan takes his coffee.
- You guys dated?|- Yeah, for a long time.
We managed to stay friends|like you and Annie.
Of course|I stayed friends with Annie.
It's not just any girl|whose idea of having a good time is sneaking into a Jayhawks game.
L Just that once.
I thought security was gonna|throw us out on our asses, but she managed to sweet talk|the guard into letting us stay by saying that I was a foreign-exchange student|that was leaving in the morning.
True story.
Seems the silliest moments|between couples are the ones that linger the longest.
So, Jason,|is this your first time to California? Yes, but hopefully not the last.
|I'm thinking about going to UCLA.
Then you would be in L.
Yeah, I'm gonna check out the campus|while I'm here.
Just like we talked about.
That was a long time ago.
Don't you have two more years|before college? What's the rush? I thought I told you I'm a senior.
|I need to decide soon.
Yeah, UCLA is almost impossible|to get into though, dude.
I mean, you have some|backup schools lined up? Jason is top of the class,|all-state football.
UCLA is his Backup school.
You're smart,|handsome and athletic.
Distance wouldn't be enough|for me to let go of this one.
I'm parched.
I'm just gonna go|check on that iced tea.
So more details.
- How long have you known Annie?|- Since grade school.
We lived right around the block|from each other.
It seems like our lives|always seem to cross.
That is so sweet.
I gotta go to the bathroom.
|Excuse me, please.
So anything new back home? I know.
I'm sorry.
Naomi planned this whole dinner|before I knew anything about it.
I thought you weren't|in contact with Jason.
I haven't since we broke up.
Did you guys actually break up|or just take a break? We broke up, cross my heart.
|I was there.
Then why is he considering colleges|based on where you live? Look, we started dating|in junior high.
Jason probably just assumed|that we'd always be together.
And maybe because of the fact|that we broke up on the phone, - he didn't get enough closure.
|- So I've heard.
Did you get enough closure? Ethan, I wanna be with you.
|Nobody else.
Then I think|you should tell him about us.
I don't wanna hurt him.
|And he's only here for a couple of days and then he's gone.
|Why make him feel bad? I want him to know we're together.
I wanted Naomi|to know the same thing, but you didn't want to upset her.
- How is that different?|- Hey, is everything okay? - Yeah, great.
|- Good.
Well, your iced tea has arrived, so you don't have to really|wait here for it anymore.
You are becoming|one of my all-time favorite customers.
Aren't you sweet? You're under arrest|for drug possession with intent to sell.
You gotta be kidding me.
Come on,|after all those times I hooked you up? Just can't trust anyone these days.
So do you wanna do the ten years|I can nail you on right now, or you wanna vouch for me|to your boss? Get me a sit-down to let him know|how I'm your newest dealer.
- Fancy meeting you here.
|- I know.
Nine bedrooms in the house and I still have to share a bathroom|with Dixon.
Poor Dixon.
Because as I recall,|you were never really good at sharing.
Hey, only where French fries|are concerned.
You know, this isn't how I pictured us|on the eve of your 16th birthday, but I'm glad I'm here.
- It was nice of you to come.
|- Yeah, but weird too.
- Yeah, right?|- Yeah.
I'm sorry, is that mean? No, not at all.
Actually, it's exactly what every|ex-boyfriend-slash-houseguest wants to hear.
Well, you know,|even with all the weirdness, I'm just glad to have someone|to hang out with who doesn't make me feel|like I have to try so hard.
- What do you mean?|- Oh, I don't know.
I mean, it's just I feel like I need to be|so on all the time.
I mean, if they saw me|hanging out in plaid pajamas, they'd be like, "Social suicide.
" I'd forgotten how much fun|you were to be around, Annie.
You're sweet.
You know what? That's a lie.
I didn't forget.
I tried.
Believe me, I tried.
But, Annie, our relationship, it was something special.
Yo, Jason.
Come on, let's go, man.
Hey, come on.
|I already set the game up.
We're battling dudes from Michigan.
|They're already talking trash.
Come on, man, let's do this.
- Good night.
|- Good night.
- Jason, can I get you anything else?|- No, ma'am.
Thank you.
When you're at UCLA,|you should really come by and see us.
Now,|do you need any recommendations? I'd be happy to write you one.
There is the birthday girl.
- Happy birthday.
|- Thank you.
I cannot believe|that you are 16 years old.
- Sixteen.
|- Okay, I am late for a photo shoot.
- Happy birthday.
Goodbye, my love.
|- Bye, sweetie.
- Bye, Jason.
|- Got an early meeting as well.
- Happy birthday.
|- Okay.
I love you.
Jason, nice to see you.
|Good luck on your tour.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, what are you gonna do,|one of those star-homes tours? Campus tour, UCLA.
If we're living|close to each other again, maybe things might work out|a little different for us.
Jason, I mean, who knows if we'd still|be together if I hadn't moved.
Maybe, sure.
|But we broke up, and I moved on.
- So we're really over?|- Yeah.
- What about the kiss? L|- You totally took me by surprise, and I am so sorry|if I misled you in any way.
Maybe I'll just go home.
No, please, don't.
|I mean, the truth is, we were friends for a long time|before we started dating, and I want all my friends|at my party tonight.
So come on.
You can't deny|a girl's birthday wish, right? - Hey.
|- Hey.
I'm sorry I was awkward last night.
No, no.
I'm sorry.
My mom had no right|to bring up that whole rehab thing.
Yeah, she did.
|Your parents paid for it.
But it's bad enough that they had to|bore you with those stupid stories.
- It was cute.
|- But how many servings of "khoresht" do they expect|one person to eat, right? See, this is exactly why|I didn't want you to meet my family, because they can be lame at times.
Well, actually,|I thought they were lovely.
You're just saying that to be nice.
No, seriously.
I wish my family|was that big and close.
Yeah? Obviously I was embarrassed when your mom brought up|the whole rehab thing, but the fact that they knew|the entire time and they still treated me|like a member of the family, that was incredibly cool.
- So we're good?|- I like you, Navid.
Okay? And the more I know, the more I like.
You just have to be honest with me.
About everything? Everything.
Can you do that? - I'm a virgin.
|- What? - What?|- See? Funny, right? I didn't wanna disappoint you, okay?|Because I figured you'd bolt, so - So you've been keeping distance?|- Yeah.
I wanted it I wanted it to be special.
I thought you expected|something different and you are so I'm not expecting anything.
- No?|- No.
Except a little less of that What's your mom's favorite dish? - I can't say it.
|- Back of your throat.
Yeah, you got it.
Hey, Annie.
So Jason seems|like a pretty awesome guy.
He's clearly still into you.
Maybe you guys|should give it another shot? Yeah.
Naomi, about that.
Thank you so much|for flying Jason in.
Hey, let's go out again tonight.
|It was so much fun last night.
We should totally go to the beach,|maybe surfing.
Let me get back to you on that.
|Are you still mad about last night? Define mad.
Look, I know the whole|"having my current boyfriend go to dinner with my ex-boyfriend|when my current boyfriend isn't really a boyfriend at all" thing|is beyond-the-chart strange, but No, what's strange|is being in a situation that's so complicated|that we can't tell people we're together.
- Does that make you happy?|- No.
Me neither.
I've done complicated, Annie,|and I didn't like it.
I want things between us to be simple,|you know? - I want that too.
|- Great.
Then let's clean this whole mess up|and tell Naomi and Jason the truth.
- What?|- I just I just wanna wait until Jason gets home to tell him.
Why? You don't|still have feelings for him? No, no.
No, but I think he still has them|for me.
Okay, don't freak out,|but Jason kissed me last night.
- Perfect.
|- Come on, Ethan, it just happened.
You know why?|Because he thinks you're available.
No, I didn't kiss him back.
That was big of you.
|Have fun with Jason.
Never thought my star detention guest|would be on time for anything.
Only when it's important.
- This is important.
|- You know, you seem like a good kid.
Seriously, dude, I don't wanna hear it.
|All I wanna do is make some cash.
Get a job at Starbucks.
Look, if you're not sure about me|then just say it.
Eric said he'd vouch for me|and that you'd hook me up.
But if he bailed, then tell me now,|because I've got clients waiting.
You have no idea|how long I've waited for this.
It takes a special kind of sleazebag|to sell drugs to kids.
You're under arrest.
Hands where we can see them.
Thank you.
|No, no, seriously, thank you.
Annie, happy birthday.
|You're the best.
Thank you, thank you, everyone,|for being here to celebrate my darling Annie's|sweet 16.
Annie, I know this isn't|the ordinary birthday dedication, but you're no ordinary girl.
That's why I love you.
Well, you're a real tough cookie|With a long history Of breaking little hearts|Like the one in me That's okay|Let's see how you do it Put up your dukes|Let's get down to it Hit me with your best shot Why don't you hit me|With your best shot? Hit me with your best shot Fire away - Oh, my God, she is so amazing.
|- I know, right? She's totally rocking it.
Ade, I told you|we should have gone first.
Now we're gonna get a vocal|beat down by grandma Wilson.
Let's go find a song.
We'll be back.
Darling, karaoke?|Surprising smash, Kansas.
So where's Ethan? Must be running late, I guess.
- Should call him.
|- No, don't worry about it.
Gee, you really think he'd be here.
- Where is he, anyway?|- He might not be coming.
We got in a bit of a fight.
- But it's your birthday.
|- Yeah, I know.
I'm gonna go get some air.
Fire away Don't you have a party inside? I'm not really in the partying mood.
Listen, I'm really sorry, Annie.
You were nothing but honest with me|about that kiss, and I was a jerk.
I would have gone with jackass,|but okay.
Truth is, I had no right|to get mad at you when I was the one|who got us into this whole mess by saying that we should|keep Naomi in the dark.
Yeah, well, you didn't do it alone.
I tried to tell her a bunch of times|and just totally chickened out.
And I guess|I didn't have to hook up with you the minute you were on the rebound.
That's true.
But I am glad you did.
Ethan, there is going to be|a cake soon, and on it there'll be 16 candles|for me to blow out.
And my only wish is to be with you|without all these secrets.
That's what I want too.
Jason told Dixon|he's gonna leave on the redeye tonight back to Kansas City, so I kind of wanted to tell him the truth|before he's gone, and Naomi too.
Happy birthday.
Is it the pentapus? So much for the element of surprise.
Well, you know what?|I'm kind of over surprises, so Well, then I should probably|just tell you that I'm about to kiss you.
- Jason.
|- Naomi.
You have to see this.
Come here.
She really has moved on.
Annie swore to me|they weren't together.
I can't believe she would lie like that.
|I just I can't believe it.
I'm sorry.
Looks like I caught you|on your way out of town.
What are you doing here? Harry called me.
So you know I'm not the devil.
I never thought that.
You sure? Because most people did.
- So where are you headed?|- Honestly, I don't know.
I'm just gonna go to LAX|and let the fates decide.
Ryan, this'll all blow over.
|You know that, right? Your story will be in the paper,|all over the news, and you can go back to teaching.
I just need to get away, you know?|Take some time and clear my head.
You know, get out of town|and figure out what I'm doing.
Thanks for stopping by.
It was good seeing you.
Maybe when you get back,|we can get together.
- Kimberly, hi.
|- Hey, Kelly.
- I can call you Kelly, right?|- Yeah, of course.
- Am I interrupting something?|- No.
No, I was just leaving.
- Have a nice trip.
|- Thanks.
- How are you doing?|- I'm good.
- Do you think Naomi's up here?|- Max saw her go upstairs, so Oh, my God.
I can't believe this.
|How could you do this to me? "How could you do it to me"|is the question, Annie.
I saw you making out with Ethan|at school.
You knew they were together? So I just figured, hey,|if my good friend Annie, who I specifically asked|not to date Ethan, could make out with my ex, what's stopping me|from fooling around with hers? Payback's a real bitch, isn't it? Annie, wait.
You pathetic bitch.
- Oh, when the saints|- Oh, when the saints - Go marching in|- Go marching in - Oh, when the saints go marching in|- Saints go, go, go - Go marching in|- Oh, Lord, I After this, my mother's gonna do|her big closing number.
I think we should pull the plug|on karaoke and get out the cake.
But the kids really seem|to be enjoying her.
- I mean, how bad could it be?|- I think that it involves pasties.
- I'll get the birthday girl.
|- Okay.
I'm sorry, but I saw you and Ethan|outside kissing.
It just freaked me out a little bit.
You could have told me|you guys were together.
- Why'd you hide that?|- L I didn't wanna hurt you.
So instead|you played Naomi's game? The girl that I knew back in Kansas|was above that.
You don't understand, okay?|The rules are different here.
But that doesn't mean|you have to be.
I gotta get to the airport.
I'm sorry if I ruined your birthday.
When the saints go marching in All right, everybody.
Nicely done.
Time to sing to the birthday girl.
Sweetie, are you okay? You, outside, now.
Any requests? Just so I am clear,|everything you have done, the whole shopping trip,|flying Jason out here, all of that was just to set me up|to ruin my birthday? Absolutely.
|If you want Ethan, you can have him.
I wanted to see you miserable|and I got my wish.
That's sick.
Don't give me that holier-than-thou|routine.
You're no innocent.
Okay, I should have told you|about Ethan.
I will grant you that.
- I wanted to tell you|- But you didn't, did you? Instead you tried to play me for a fool,|you backstabbing, duplicitous bitch.
I was trying to spare your feelings.
I knew you would be upset|so I was trying to find the right time.
But you didn't even like Jason.
|You just went after him to hurt me.
You deserved it.
|I am so sick and tired of all you people who won't tell me the truth.
First with my dad and his mistress,|and then my mother with her son None of that was my fault.
All I know is that|before you moved here, my life was perfectly fine.
No, before I moved here,|you were just lying to yourself and getting away with it.
You'd rather have people fear you|than be honest with you.
You are manipulative and cruel, and the only person|that you should be blaming for feeling so alone right now is you.
Is that all you got, Kansas? Listen to me.
- Being your friend, I'm over it.
|- I already beat you to it.
Excuse me.
|Sorry to bother you ladies.
- Who are you?|- Who are you? My name's Sean,|son of Harry Wilson and Tracy Clark.