90210 s01e11 Episode Script

That Which We Destroy

Previously on 90210: We have a son together.
I wanna hire a private investigator|to find him.
What did you say to Ryan? - About what?|- About me.
- Not much.
|- You shouldn't have said anything.
I'm heading in your direction|if you want a ride.
How do you know|where I'm heading? I don't.
I don't like games.
|And I don't like people who play games.
Oh, my God, Jason.
Listen to me.
Everything you have done|was just to set me up - to ruin my birthday?|- Absolutely.
Being your friend? I'm over it.
I already beat you to it.
Excuse me, my name's Sean.
Son of Harry Wilson|and Tracy Clark.
I'm Naomi.
Your half sister.
Yes, of course.
- Hello.
|- Hi.
I'm Annie.
I'm your half sister as well, actually.
How about that? Y'all are sisters? - God, no.
|- No.
Definitely not.
Well, I guess the fight is over.
Without blood shed,|so I guess that's a plus.
- Yeah, but who's GI Joe?|- Beats me.
As long as he's not another one|of her exes.
- I say screw etiquette.
Let's dig in.
|- No, we're waiting for Annie.
- I'm positively starved.
|- Eat a pig in a blanket.
What does she mean by that? Is that|some sort of Kansas-style vulgarity? - Tabitha, I was not insulting you.
|- Why don't you eat a pig in a blanket? How about that? - That lady|- Oh, the stories I could tell you.
- Hey.
|- Hey.
This is my dad.
- Harry Wilson?|- Yep.
Sean Cavanaugh.
I believe that I'm your son.
My son? Yes, sir.
Roman coins would melt with envy.
What a profile.
It's similar to yours, Harry.
Definitely a Wilson nose,|but a little less How would you say? schnozzy.
Dad's not schnozzy.
I don't mean it in a bad way.
Well, I'd be proud|to have a Wilson nose.
A Wilson nose.
It does kind of look like dad's,|doesn't it? Go on.
Before you turned your head you were telling us|about how you enlisted.
Are you one of those patriotic|Americans I hear so much about? Right, well, service to my country's|very important to me.
But the military's|also an opportunity.
You know, a college scholarship|and a chance to see the world.
Not that Sadr City and Basra|were my first choices, but, hey, take what you can get.
How is it to be over there? It's crazy.
That's for sure.
But its all right, you know.
In some ways less crazy|than where I came from.
What do you mean? Nothing.
Nothing, it's just I didn't exactly|have the most stable upbringing.
I certainly didn't grow up|in a place like this.
So where did you grow up? South Carolina.
That's where I was|when I was on leave.
When a private investigator|showed up, tells me my birth parents|were looking for me.
I tell you, I couldn't believe it.
You know, but then I figured,|if not now, when? You know,|I gotta ship out in the next few weeks and, well, you never know.
I might not ever have another chance|to meet y'all.
Where's everybody hiding? My son.
Tracy Clark? Mom.
Look at us.
We're just one big|happy family now.
Isn't it great? I hope Sean's okay at the Clark's.
Yeah, right.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Hon, did you want Sean|to stay here? Because I'm sorry I didn't invite him.
- I just figured it was your call|- Oh, no, no.
That's okay.
That would have been weird.
More weird, potentially.
Are you gonna call him tomorrow? What do you guys think? - Annie?|- Yeah, I'm fine with Sean.
It's cool with me.
I'll tell you how I feel.
Now I have to reconfigure|all my math.
Dixon, if I wanna be 54, how old do I have to say I was|when I had your father now that he has a 25-year-old son|he conceived when he was 18? Eleven.
That's a little unseemly.
What about you, sweetie? How do you feel? You know, Harry, I I don't think|this has anything to do with me.
Sean is your son.
How do you feel? I feel I feel like I have a son and I haven't been|any sort of father to him.
Maybe he could tell people|he's only 20.
That would help me.
- Hey, girlfriend.
|- Yes, boyfriend? Nothing.
|I just like saying that.
I like hearing it.
- Naomi.
|- No, it's Ethan.
No, Naomi's right there.
- So?|- So I wish she wasn't.
I wish she would just transfer|to Uzbekistan or opt for home schooling - or spontaneously combust.
|- All right, take it easy.
She ruined my birthday party|and tried to break us up.
But she didn't.
We're together, Annie.
We're so together,|we're like Siamese twins.
Except only of different genders|and not related.
And we're sexually attracted|to each other.
What's up Miss Game Player? Well, Ozzie,|fancy meeting you here.
Well, that must feel strange.
- You okay?|- Better than okay.
Because if you weren't|and you wanna talk or anything No, that's|That's really sweet of you.
Have to say, it'd be a cold day in Tijuana|before I'd ever ask you for anything.
And that's your cue to leave.
Of course.
- Annie.
|- Hi.
I just checked in with your dad.
He said|you had kind of a big weekend.
- So how about we talk in my office?|- Everything's okay, thanks anyway.
I really don't feel like talking|about anything.
Yeah, I was trying to make you feel|like you had a choice.
You don't.
- How about we talk in my office?|- Delightful.
How is the new brother? I was expecting|a full debriefing last night.
That's what you're calling it,|"debriefing"? It's funny.
I always took you|for a boxer's kind of guy.
Yeah, well, it was all pretty exhausting,|so I just hit the hay, you know? I mean, he seems nice, and my dad wants to get to know him,|so I guess that's nice.
Sounds nice.
- That's nice.
|- That was nice.
|I wanna see some debriefing.
A change in family dynamics can affect a lot of things.
It's normal.
I just wanted to check with you|and make sure you guys are talking and finding a way to adjust|to the new situation.
The way I see this, it's a great opportunity|for the two of you to maybe help|each other through this and grow closer because of it.
Would either of you|like to say anything? Well, just that Annie's a whore who went out with my boyfriend|behind my back.
- Your ex.
|- After I asked her not to.
That justifies you ruining my party|and trying to sleep with Jason? Oh, my God, I wouldn't try to sleep|with that corn-fed loser if he Okay, girls, that's enough of that.
Look, ladies, I just don't want you|to waste your lives worrying and fighting about guys.
I mean, don't get me wrong,|guys are good.
Guys are great.
But as you get older, you start to see|that having good girlfriends is what helps you survive.
I mean, oh, God, if I could go back|and tell myself this, I would.
Girlfriends are so important.
Girlfriends are like plants.
Yes, and guys are like cut flowers.
You know? Sure, they're pretty|and they smell nice most of the time.
But they don't last.
Yes, and a plant, or a friend,|if you nurture it and take care of it,|it grows and it lasts a long, long time.
Does this make sense to?|Is this helping at all? Come on, people, let's go.
|Let's fire up.
Lacrosse championship's tomorrow.
|Let's get some spirit.
Up top.
- Are you doing a live blog about lunch?|- Yes.
I am just keeping my public|up to speed on what's going down.
I'm thinking that cafeteria fish tacos - was a questionable choice.
|- Who would have thought? Oh, check her out.
Are those Ugg boots she's wearing? I'm sorry,|did I just travel back to 2002? Oh, that is so going in.
Since when did you start caring|about fashion? So where|is the queen bee gonna sit now that the king jock|is no longer her main drone? The jock's table? Okay, that's no longer an option.
The mathletes? That would be puzzling.
Or perhaps she'll join the drama kids and do her best to act human.
I'm glad I'm your friend.
The blendeds.
Bold move, Naomi.
But that hive doesn't always play nice|with intruders.
Sometimes they get stung.
By all means.
- Have a seat.
|- Thank you.
Yeah, we don't let sophomores|sit with us.
I'm not you're ordinary sophomore.
Well, you do accessorize well.
And I like the hair.
|It's very Julie Christie.
Julie Christie's my godmother.
We know, Tasha.
I suppose you can hang with us|for a while.
But we don't eat that garbage.
Yeah, we always have a blended.
|One at lunch and one after school.
Cool with me.
So you wouldn't mind|getting them for us? Unless that's a problem.
- No.
No, not a problem at all.
|- Great.
And do you think you can program|my new Sidekick for me? I just got it|and I'm totally tech challenged.
Well, fortunately for you,|I speak fluent Sidekick.
Come on, guys, full speed!|Big game tomorrow! - Hey, Sean, thanks for coming out.
|- Oh, thanks for inviting me.
You know, it's interesting.
We didn't play a lot of lacrosse|in South Carolina.
Or in Sadr City for that matter.
Come on, move now.
- Sean.
|- Yeah? Twenty-five years is a long time.
And I don't know that I can ever I don't know that I can possibly|make that up to you.
Hey, you didn't even know I existed.
It just seems|like you haven't had the easiest life, and if I'd had known about you, I would have been there|and I would have helped.
That's nice.
But I turned out okay.
You did.
Yeah, you did.
- Let's go, Wilson.
|- Show them what you got.
- You got this.
|- Go for it, Dixon! I'm not going down.
|Check it out.
Show time.
Way to go, Dixon! Your dad say if Mr.
Matthews|is coming back anytime soon? He didn't say.
And, okay, I know that he's innocent and that weird Kimberly girl|was a cop and all, but I'm sorry,|the fact that they just decided on "Lolita.
" - Too on the nose.
|- I know, right? Like, come on, you're asking for it.
I am so sorry, Kansas.
|I didn't see you way down there.
Tip for the short, wear heels.
I wouldn't know|what to advise about the face.
Okay, you know what? Well, take your time, honey.
|You can text me with a comeback.
Look who's here, the sophomore.
Let it go, Annie.
Just let it go.
I programmed it, customized it|and downloaded a ring tone.
- Perfect.
|- So tell me, ladies, how is this fairy tale progressing? Am I done with my little tasks? Pretty much.
Just one more thing.
You know the restaurant|Desiderata? Oh, Ozzie Cardoza's family's place? Damn, girl, you're hooked up.
Well,|I'm not your typical sophomore.
Well, they claim to be totally booked,|but since you're so connected Yeah.
No problem.
She's pretty good.
Yeah, but where are our drinks? Right on time.
Thank you, Penelope.
- She's really good.
|- Yeah.
Soy, ladies.
Annie, no.
No, do not engage|the scary blond chick.
- Do not engage her.
|- I have to.
I have to.
I'll be right back.
|I will be right back.
So your housekeeper|seems really nice.
Is your dad doing her too? Oh, the virgin's getting vicious.
Oh, clearly trying to be me|is giving you a nervous breakdown.
Oh, I do not wanna be you.
Now, sure you do.
- Okay, don't touch me.
|- Hey, hey, hey, come on.
Enjoy my sloppy seconds.
That girl is such a spaz.
What was that? What's happened to you? Ozzie? Listen, I feel like we've|kind of started off on the wrong foot.
I've been a real game player lately|and I'm sorry.
Oh, look at you with your tail|between your legs.
All right, "bonita," what do you need? Reservations for four|at Desiderata tonight? - Sure.
|- Really? - That's it?|- Yeah.
I gotta go, though.
I gotta tell my "tía" in TJ|to go buy herself a parka.
- Hey.
|- Hi.
You were incredible.
|That was amazing.
Oh, thanks.
I cannot believe|that you came.
That's really sweet.
Well, its part of my New Year's|resolution to see more theater.
I was doing pretty good|until I saw the Blue Man Group while I was taking cough medicine.
|Hideous nightmares for weeks.
Well, the Blue Men are weird.
- Very bald, very blue, so|- Oh, it's all coming back to me.
Yeah, that and the fact that you haven't returned|any of my phone calls.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
|It's just this play's really intense and then I've been kind of busy,|so Do you wanna have lunch? - Lunch?|- Yeah.
Yeah, I know you actresses|like to stay skinny, but you gotta eat, right? Well, I mean,|I have matinées most days, so Okay, how about tomorrow?|Are you free tomorrow? Tomorrow? Yeah, tomorrow I'm free.
Oh, this is for you.
Thank you.
|Didn't this come out of your office? Well, look who went|and got herself a hair cut.
Your daughter turns 16,|it's time to shear the locks, huh? What's on your mind, Tabitha? So I hear Harry's going to dinner|with Sean and Tracy and you have chosen|not to join them? That's right.
Are you "upset"|about the return of the prodigal son? No, I'm not.
Sean is Harry's son, not mine.
I'm trying to give Harry space|to do this.
Did I ever tell you about Jean-Luc|and the chihuahua? Jean-Luc was a lover of mine.
Marvelous man.
Marvelous fingers.
And double jointed.
Sounds like|a wonderful relationship.
Oh, it was.
We could have enjoyed|each other for years, Jean-Luc and I.
- If it wasn't for his chihuahua.
|- Oh, yes, the chihuahua.
Monstrous creature.
Giant eyes, giant ears, the body|of a rat and the bark of a demon.
But Jean-Luc adored|the flea-bitten mongrel.
Let it sleep on the bed.
Finally, one night I had enough.
"The dog has got to go," I said.
"The dog has got to go.
" - And you know what happened?|- I couldn't begin to guess.
The dog went.
And so did Jean-Luc.
What I hadn't realized was that|his chihuahua was my chihuahua.
What was important to him|should have been important to me.
You should go to that dinner.
Sean may be Harry's son, but Harry is your husband.
He can't do this without you.
Isn't the whole point of a reservation|not having to wait? I'll go see what the hold up is.
Ozzie, hi.
Is the table ready? What name is it under? Oh, you low-down, dirty, rotten,|game-playing? Oh, who? Me? Yes, you.
You promised me a table.
Oh, no, that must have been|my identical twin.
No, you promised me a table|and I need that table right Right now.
God, you are so sexy|when you're having a panic attack.
It's something about the way|your cheeks flush.
You know, I do have a table.
Happens to be the best table|in the house as a matter of fact.
- Then give me the table.
|- Okay.
You can have it,|but you're gonna owe me.
Owe you what? Do you want the table or not? - Fine.
I owe you.
|- Good.
Right this way.
Come on.
Apparently it's the best table|in the house.
I wanna thank the Pep Club|for the spirit dinner.
And I'd like to thank you for letting me|fill in as your head coach.
It's been an honor and a pleasure|to watch you gentlemen grow.
Congratulations on every win|that got you here and let's cap it off|with another one tomorrow.
Good luck.
See you on the field.
- Yeah!|- Yeah! Destroy Bel Air! Destroy Bel Air! Destroy Bel Air! Destroy Bel Air! Destroy Bel Air! Destroy Bel Air! So the man with the fancy moves.
Glad you noticed.
I mean, you stand out.
I think it's cool what you're doing.
You're the first brother at West Beverly|to play varsity lacrosse as long as anyone can remember.
That's tight.
You're our very own|Jackie Robinson.
No, no.
I'm just playing lacrosse|because of my dad.
You mean Principal Wilson? Who else would I mean? Of course.
Hey, chill.
You know, I guess|I just been a little stressed out with all the research I've been doing,|you know.
- Research?|- Yeah, you know, I'm trying to find|the cure for the common cold.
And global warming.
You know what? It turns out|chicken soup is the cure for both.
How about that? Hey, Dix, I'm gonna take off.
- Really?|- Yeah.
Sean showed up early.
I thought I'd show him around town|before we go pick up mom for dinner.
- Yeah.
|- Okay.
My dad.
I see.
We have to have a drink|at the Hotel Bel Air.
Oh, and the Polo Lounge.
There's just so much to fit in|before you leave.
Now, I was thinking on Sunday|that we would go to Desert Hot Springs because you haven't had a Watsu till you had a Watsu|at Two Bunch Palms.
Watsu? Is that a? Is that? Is that a kind of sushi? Aren't you adorable? It's a water shiatsu.
But speaking of sushi,|lunch tomorrow, R23.
We've already been to Katsuya,|Matsuhisa and Nobu.
Yeah, I've been eating|a lot of raw fish.
You know, actually, Sean, I was hoping that you could come|to the lacrosse game tomorrow.
- Yeah, that'd be great.
|- Really? You're gonna take your son|to a high school sporting event? I mean, that's what you have|to offer him? Sean, you should come stay with us|for a while.
- Really?|- Yeah, absolutely.
We're family too.
|I mean, we're not fancy.
We can't offer you tuna sashimi, - but I make a mean tuna casserole.
|- Sounds good.
And, hey, I've seen where you live.
|It seems plenty fancy to me.
Oh, that's his mother's money,|not his.
Thank you.
I just had a flashback to you|going all "Raging Bull" on Naomi.
It was amazing.
Silver, stop.
Okay, you do know we're gonna be|sitting on cold metal bleachers, right? Too short? Let's say you're gonna need|two hairdos for that outfit.
God, why do I suddenly|hate all of my clothes? Your face, it was priceless.
You were just like Wait.
Even seen the De Kooning painting,|Woman? - Nope.
|- Your face looked exactly like it.
It was all: Hey.
Have I changed? Yes, like 17 times.
No, I mean I mean, in the larger sense.
I've been calling Naomi bad,|bad names and I've been dissing her clothes.
I've been shoving her.
I kind of like the wild child|side of you.
But come on, you You're not acting|any worse than she is.
But I'm not acting any better either.
I swear this is not me.
So who are you? I used to be a nice person who was a little geeky.
I didn't used to care so much about|what clothes I wore, especially to a lacrosse game.
I didn't give a crap|what people thought about me.
I wanna be that person again.
Nobody's stopping you.
That is very true.
All right, guys, come on, bring it in.
Last time we played them,|their middies were slow.
Ethan, with your wheels,|you should get a lot of looks.
Dixon, you hit him|at the top of the triangle.
- Hey, you know what I was?|- Go Wild Cats! Hey.
Sean, you made it.
Too late to learn the game? - Wanna hang on the sidelines a bit?|- Sure.
All right.
|Everybody, this is Sean, my son.
Nice to meet y'all.
Hey, man.
All right, come on, team.
- Let's get psyched.
|- Bring it in.
Come on.
Let's go.
Go Wild Cats! Go, go, come on! All right, come on.
I want you two|to stand next to me.
So how are you? I'm really good.
I'm sorry I didn't call you back.
It's just with the play, I've been busy.
Honestly,|I haven't called anybody back.
Well, that's fine.
I get it.
It's just I was getting kind of used|to having you around again.
It's fun hanging out with you.
Yeah, but things are different now.
|You know, people grow up, they move on,|they live their own lives.
It's not like we're|in high school anymore.
What does that mean exactly? I'm not trying to hurt your feelings,|honestly.
It's the last thing I wanna do.
But what do we have in common|anymore? It kind of sounds|like you're breaking up with me.
No, I just I don't wanna fight over|Dylan or Ryan or whoever.
You know,|I'm over all of that drama.
It's just that we|have so much history, - I guess I just figured|- Yeah, I guess I don't see history as a good enough reason|to keep going on this way.
Especially when we haven't|learned anything from that history.
You know what, I'm kind of hungry.
|I'm gonna order.
You can go live your life.
Welcome to the 2008|Southern California Regional|Lacrosse Championship game between West Bev and Bel Air.
Hey, surprise, surprise|What are you doing here? I'm sure I'll be asking myself|the same thing 20 minutes from now.
You kidding me? There's nothing|I like more than sporting events.
I got a book, I got an iPod.
- I even have a Rubik's cube.
|- Yeah, of course you do.
And a friend here,|largely against her will.
And that's Hey, I'm here.
|I'm being a good girlfriend.
Yeah, speaking of good girlfriends, do you guys know|if Annie's gonna show up? Yeah, I think.
Oh, my God,|that hot dog smells so disgusting.
I think Oh, and then there's that.
She's probably|gonna make an appearance later - so I'm gonna go deal with that.
|- Okay.
Wild Cats! Hey, Naomi.
How was dinner? Well,|I suppose it was palatable enough.
I'd give it three-and-a-quarter stars.
I just can't win with you.
Oh, wait.
Yes, I can.
You owe me.
What do you want? I want a kiss.
Well, that was generous,|but I didn't mean me.
I want you to kiss|Walter the Wildcat.
What? - Really? Is this fun for you?|- Yeah.
Excuse me while I go kiss|a mangy stuffed cat to satisfy your furry fetish.
Could you stop moving|for one second? What? Oh, my God, it's you.
You're a freak.
- You're pathetic.
|- Oh, whatever.
Annie? Hey, so how's it going with Naomi? Yeah, well, I don't know.
I'm not quite sure|how to nurture this particular plant.
I hear you.
Oh, excuse me.
Hello? Yes.
Oh, my God.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Come on, Dixon,|what are you doing? Pass it.
Pass it.
Come on, Dixon, pass it.
Hey, I'm open! Pass the ball, Dixon! What are you doing? Damn.
Ref, can we get a time out?|Come on, guys! And that's a time out|with West Bev trailing Bel Air 6 to 4.
Deep breath.
Let's regroup, all right? Dixon,|you need to clean up your act.
We got these guys on skill.
All right? No need to panic.
We got these guys on skill, Dixon,|let's go.
All right, everybody,|back out on the field.
Let's go! Come on, Dix.
Hey, Dix,|what's the matter with you? Oh, come on.
Come on.
You're in for Dixon.
Dixon you're out.
The way you're playing|is unacceptable.
Screw you, man.
- What'd you say?|- Screw you.
Hey! What was that out there? You've gotta learn|to control your anger.
When we're on the field together,|I'm your coach, not your dad.
No kidding.
You've been too busy|being Sean's dad.
Yeah, Sean.
Your real son.
I'm sorry.
I thought that you were okay with it.
Just ever since he's been here,|it's been a 24/7 Sean-fest.
You take him to practice.
You ditched the spirit dinner.
You can't let that guy|out of your sight.
I guess it was so sudden,|him showing up here, I I got blindsided and didn't know how to handle it.
I'm sorry.
You are my son.
And genes, biology,|none of that stuff matters.
What do you mean it doesn't matter?|It matters.
- No, it doesn't.
|- Yeah? They why have you been acting|the way you do? Why does this even matter? Why do you even care? Without your genes,|Sean is just a total stranger.
It does matter.
Like who you are,|who you're related to.
It matters to me.
Like when you're with Sean, it makes you feel connected|to who you are, right? Well, I want that for myself.
And news flash, who I am is black.
When we adopted you,|people kept asking questions, very well meant.
How's he gonna know|where he's from? How are you gonna teach him|about his heritage? How are you gonna teach him|how to shave his black hair? You know what I told those people? I don't know.
But when the time comes,|we will figure it out.
Maybe the time has come|to figure it out.
There's ten seconds left in the game|and it's knotted up at 12.
- Good pass, Ethan.
|- Go, Ethan.
Go, Ethan! Go, Ethan! - Yeah!|- West Beverly Hills High School is the Southern California|Regional Lacrosse Champion.
Hey, good job.
That was hot.
Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
|- Yeah, yeah.
- Hey, big, athletic, manly sports stud.
|- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Did you watch the game?|- I was mostly Rubik's cubing.
Who is that? You know, it's just a cheerleader.
Anyway, you know,|I'm glad you came.
Maybe next year|you'll actually watch me play.
So you think|we're gonna be together next year? - Why not?|- Why not? Oh, my God, you actually won.
I can't believe it.
And I can't believe that you were|Walter the Wild Cat.
You have some zany moves.
Well, Jared actually got concussed|at the spirit dinner and I thought I'd take his place.
|Why not? Look, I'm not Naomi.
I'm not bitchy and slick.
I don't read "W magazine and I really have no idea how many kids|Brad and Angelina have right now.
I'm not mean.
And I'm not cool.
But this? This is me.
I like this you.
- Yeah?|- Yeah.
Especially your tail.
So, what was the deal|with you and the creepy mascot? - Oh, that was|- Really bizarre.
Look, you wanted a table|at Desiderata.
I got the table, okay? In order to get that table,|I had to kiss the mascot.
I did what I had to do.
You kissed the mascot for a table? Hard core.
I like it.
This could be the beginning|of a beautiful friendship.
Friendship of the beautifuls.
Hey, Sean.
Hey, listen, sorry if me being here|has been kind of a drag.
You know, it's selfish of me|to show up like this.
- No, man.
You're cool.
For real.
|- No, no.
It was selfish.
You know, my father|Adoptive father, he Well, he just passed away.
For real, man? I'm sorry.
Yeah, well,|he was kind of a jerk, my dad.
You know, he spent more time playing|video poker than trying to raise me.
I guess all I'm saying is you're lucky.
- I know.
|- Anyway, I'm sorry.
And congrats on the game, huh? - I'll see you around.
|- Hey.
You're not gonna go out with us?|I mean, we're all going to celebrate.
I think I've overstayed my welcome.
No, man.
My dad wants you here.
I mean, we all want you here.
Really? Yeah, really.
- Come on, man.
|- All right.
Well, according to your emergency|contact list, we're still BFFs.
They called you? I'm sorry.
Don't be.
I was worried about you.
|What happened? I fell off the stage in a blackout.
It's a cursed play and you're never|actually supposed to say its name.
It's an old superstition|and I accidentally said it, and I didn't do the stupid ritual you're|supposed to say when you do say it, and so here I am.
You know,|I heard it was the same situation for the cast of "Saved by the Bell.
" I can't believe that you still came here|after everything that I said.
I came because we're friends.
No matter what you say.
And our history|means something to me, whether you|want to acknowledge it or not.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
I'm sorry about everything|that I said.
Don't be.
You were being honest.
No, I wasn't.
I was actually avoiding being honest.
What do you mean? I was trying to push you away.
Why? Because I slept with Ryan.
I always wanted longer arms.
- All right, man.
|- Good night.
Good night, honey.
- Hey, all right.
|- Good night.
Good night.
- Night, Daddy.
|- Night, man.
- Night, Sean.
|- Night.
You know, I appreciate you|opening your home to me.
Hey, it's our pleasure.
|We're happy to have you here.
|You make yourself comfortable.
- First door on the left.
|- It's that way.
- There?|- Yeah.
I wanna thank you|for being so great about all this.
It's tricky.
Well, your chihuahua|is my chihuahua.
What? - Your family is my family.
|- Okay.
It's all good.
Everything's cool here.
I'm making myself right at home.