90210 s01e14 Episode Script

By Accident

"Previously on" 90210: Teachers cannot be alone|off campus with students.
- Kim's not a student.
|- I have to ask you to take a paid leave of absence.
I decided to read Silver's blog.
They think I'm a sleazeball,|they really do.
Any girl would be lucky to have|a chance with someone like you.
Remember, when you're out there,|just look at me.
When we're on-stage,|there's nobody else.
- I love you.
|- I don't know what to say.
Don't say anything.
Just forget it.
What?|I have to say something back? Screw you, Dixon.
- I'm pregnant.
|- If you wanna have this baby, I'll go with you to Lamaze class,|all right? If you don't wanna have it,|I'll take you to the clinic.
And if you can't decide,|I'll sit with you until you can.
It's great to have you back, Ryan.
Listen, that seminar up at Berkeley|that you wanted to go to next month, look, took some doing,|but I got the school board to clear it.
Airfare and hotel.
I mean, don't book the Biltmore|or anything, but you're going.
You know what?|Send someone else.
You sure?|That's all you could talk about last fall.
I gotta be honest, I don't know how|much longer I'm gonna be teaching.
What do you mean? I just think I was a little naive|when I started here.
You know, I wanted to make|a difference and reach the kids.
And it didn't really work out too well,|did it? I think my "Dead Poets Society" days|are over.
Just gonna do a job|and cash a paycheck.
You've had a rough couple of months.
|Let's just see how things go.
I mean, Mr.
|You're back.
So it seems.
Well, I'm surprised to see you.
|You didn't call or anything.
- Was I supposed to?|- No.
Maybe we could have lunch|or something.
I don't think that's a great idea.
The theater.
|You gonna run lights again? I don't know.
|Well, Silver's stage-managing.
- So that's a yes?|- So that's an "I don't know.
" Well, are you guys doing okay? Pretending to be, anyway.
- That's cryptic.
|- Yeah.
Why don't you go say hi to Annie? - See you.
|- Later.
"Say to great Caesar this in deputation:|I kiss his conquering hand.
Tell him I am prompt|to lay my crown at his feet.
" That is some fancy talk|right there, missy.
I know, right? So poetic.
So eloquent.
|So Shakespearian.
I'm so glad the new drama teacher|chose this play.
God, I wanna play her so bad.
- Who?|- Cleopatra.
Right, yeah, of course.
|I think you'd be great as her.
- You do? I mean, I'd love to.
|- Yeah.
Cleopatra, it's a role that I|always thought I would play eventually.
Not necessarily|in high school, though.
- But when opportunity knocks|- You better answer.
You know, my grandma|was up for the movie role, but she says that Elizabeth Taylor|stole her part, that violet-eyed hussy.
Okay, good luck, everyone.
I should mention,|we'll be using lots of strobe effects, so please don't audition|if you're epileptic, okay? Miss Casey, I have to tell you, I saw the "Equus" you directed|at The Red Cat Stop right there.
Okay, you wanna|brown-nose, kiddo, wash my car.
Okay? Wilson, right? Yeah.
I watched a video of you|in "Spring Awakening.
" You were the understudy, right? Pretty damn impressive|stepping in like that.
Well, the show must go on, right? I look forward to your audition.
I am prompt to lay my crown|at your feet.
Did you see that?|She winked at me.
I don't know|if there's betting in theater, but I'd say you got pretty good odds.
You know what?|You should audition too.
You'd be done before baseball,|and it'd be fun.
- No.
|- Oh, come on.
Otherwise, we're never gonna|spend time together.
I'm gonna be rehearsing|like every day.
- Yeah, but I'm not an actor.
|- Well, there are tons of small parts.
No, I shouldn't say that.
There are no small parts,|only small actors.
There are tons of less time-consuming|parts, shall we say.
Yeah, I don't know.
I mean, five|minutes on-stage in front of people, I'd start sweating more than I do|in an entire lacrosse game.
Pretty please? You would make|an excellent Egyptian slave boy.
|I'd summon you to my chamber.
Oh, that is an enticing offer.
That looks|like a nutritious breakfast.
There's nuts.
Nuts are protein.
- So, what's going on?|- Things are crazy.
My schedule's totally insane.
My commercial agent just called.
|I gotta go in today at 3 for some toothpaste commercial.
|Because, for your teeth, white is right.
And then tomorrow,|it's the "Antony and Cleopatra" audition.
And I so want Cleopatra.
|It's such a dark, tragic role.
And I've never done|anything like it before.
So I'm gonna be up all night|with Will Shakes studying.
- Sounds like you're really busy.
|- Yeah, it's total chaos.
I really hope I don't smile during|my Cleopatra suicide monologue or kill myself|during my toothpaste commercial.
I need another coffee.
More coffee?|Are you sure it's a good idea, Ade? Because of|the toothpaste commercial? - Two coffees won't stain my teeth.
|- No, because you're pregnant.
Ade, remember? Look, have you been|to the doctor at least? I mean, you said|you would go last week.
I've been busy.
Can't you see? I mean, I would've gone today,|but the commercial.
- Hey, can I get one more?|- Sure.
- Well, tomorrow.
|- Tomorrow is the school audition.
Can you lend me a dollar? You know what, Ade?|You really have to deal with this.
- Here you go.
|- Thanks.
I gotta go get off-book.
Good to see you back, dude.
- How was South Korea?|- It was South Dakota.
It was fine.
So, Mr.
Matthews, does the cop|use her handcuffs in bed? I'm gonna need you all to take|your seats in alphabetical order.
Seriously? Seriously.
|Name cards are on your desks.
Matthews, I think the mountain air|pickled your brain, because you forgot me.
|Straight from Sabbir to Sondheimer.
Miss Silver, I am transferring you|out of this class.
Excuse me? I've filled out the forms.
|I've discussed it with Principal Wilson.
You will be in|Mr.
Kaplan's English class.
He's the worst teacher here.
|The dude calls Tom Clancy the Bard.
Good luck to you.
Matthews, what is this about? I don't think I can be objective with you|as a student, given our history.
Our history? Yeah.
As in, you calling me|a child-molesting pervert on your blog and almost costing me my job.
Oh, right.
My bad.
I think it's best if I'm not your teacher,|for both of us.
Quiet, please.
Look, Mr.
Matthews, I was actually looking forward|to this class.
To your class.
It might sound corny,|but you're not like the other teachers.
Maybe that was my problem.
I understand the sub had you reading|Heart of Darkness.
Did he assign a paper? Yeah, a three-page study|on the character of our choice.
Sounds fine to me.
|Please double-space it and make sure|to use standard margins.
Miss Silver, you can go.
- Thanks for coming in.
|- Oh, thank you.
My teeth feel cleaner already.
- Bye.
|- Bye.
What are you guys doing here? We need to talk.
I don't have time for this.
I have|to meet my agent in three minutes.
Okay, well, then give us three minutes.
|This is important.
You called in the guidance counselor?|The freaking guidance counselor? - I had to, Ade.
You're pregnant.
|- You think I don't know that? You don't seem like you know it.
|You certainly don't act like it.
Why don't I go get|some pickles and ice cream? Would that make you happy? Naomi just thought that|I would be a good resource for you, and she was right.
You need to see a doctor.
You have|to start taking care of yourself.
The coffee, the staying up late,|it's all gotta go.
As a pregnant teenager,|you're in a high-risk group for all kinds of problems.
If you don't get proper care,|you could lose this baby.
Right, but you also have to consider|your options, okay? She's 16.
Teenagers do this a lot|with the right support Support? Right.
Miss Taylor,|Ade doesn't have the support.
Her dad's gone.
|Her mother's a nightmare.
- Naomi, shut up.
|- Ade, you deserve to have a future.
You deserve to get to go to college and have a career|and have a real family someday.
I'm saying|you should have an abortion.
I'm done.
Of course you should consider|all of your options.
But in my experience, teens so often|rush to abortion like it's the only option.
But she could have this child|if she wants to.
If you're not ready to be a mother,|then there's always adoption.
So many people desperately wanna|have kids that can't.
Am I to understand you're encouraging her|to continue with this pregnancy? Do you really think?|No offense, Ade.
You think she's responsible enough?|Look how she's handled it You know what? Next time you guys|decide to intrude in someone's life, get your agenda straight first.
Okay, this is your choice, not ours.
But you have to take control of this,|of your life, before it takes control of you.
Miss Silver?|Who calls me Miss Silver? I mean, it's unbelievable, right? Well, it sounds to me I mean, anyone else, anyone else,|kicks me out of their class, and I'm proud of it.
|But Mr.
Matthews is He's, like, the one teacher|in this whole school who isn't some brain-dead|zombie jerk.
- How could he do this to me?|- Okay.
Well, you did kind of harsh on him|on The Vicious Circle.
"Professor Pervert"?|"Matthews wades in the kiddie pool"? "Dips into the kiddie pool.
"|And as far as I knew, he did.
- I didn't do anything wrong.
|- Still, he has feelings.
Yeah, okay.
So what? So? Mr.
Matthews probably didn't wanna|be hurt by what you said, but he was.
You know, guys like to play|like they're hard, you know,|like they don't have any feelings, or like they don't get hurt|by what you say, but they do get hurt.
Even when they say something's cool,|maybe it's not.
And you're intense.
Some thing's you say have the power|to hurt people, you know? Yeah, I think I do.
Yeah? - You know what I'm gonna do?|- You don't have to do anything.
I do, and I'm going to.
I'm gonna win Mr.
Matthews back.
I'm gonna write the best paper|on "Heart of Darkness" that has ever been written|in the history of English papers, ever.
So you're gonna do the assignment|even though you're not in the class? Prepare to have your mind blown,|Mr.
Artisan moldings.
- Who the hell are you?|- Oh, hi.
Lucinda Tunick.
Tunick Realty.
I'm doing the walkthrough|for the broker pre-tour.
I don't understand a single word|you just said, so Naomi? Dad, what are you doing here? Tracy hasn't talked to you? Great.
Just great.
Lucinda, can you give us|a minute, please? Nice to see you too.
|What's going on? Your mother Is in Paris.
|She's getting back in about No, that's just it.
She's not.
She's not in Paris,|or she's not getting back? What? Kiddo, your mother's going through|kind of a tough time.
She thought she found her birth son.
|He turned out to be a con man.
What a shock.
She says|she's getting migraines again.
She wants a little R and R,|so she's laying low in New York.
- What? For how long?|- I don't know.
All bets are off.
And I'm not willing to hold off|selling this house until she gets back, so it's going on the market.
- Selling the house? I live here.
|- Not anymore.
You can come and live at the beach|with Gail and me.
- Oh, wow, that sounds inviting.
|- Go pack your things.
- Yeah.
|- Make sure your room's clean.
Dad, I have to go back to the house|to get my favorite jeans.
I left them.
I suppose it would kill you to wear|one of the other 43 pairs of jeans that I bought you.
Oh, Naomi, I wanted to talk to you|about something.
You're glad I'm here, you're not trying to replace my mom,|and you want us to be pals.
Actually, no.
Last night, I got woken up at 3 a.
By,|well, it sounded like a blow-dryer.
I take showers before bed.
If I sleep on wet hair,|it's a crap fiesta in the morning.
You know what?|I'm good on breakfast.
- I'm gonna get my jeans.
|- Sit.
Naomi, you're in my house now,|you'll do as I say.
Do you understand me? Of course.
How about a pancake, Naomi? That sounds fantastic, Gail.
Boy, you look exhausted.
|Were you up all night? Genius doesn't sleep.
Well, genius may have dozed off|for an hour or two and drooled on her keyboard.
Well, I'm glad to see you excited|about schoolwork.
"- Heart of Darkness," right?|- Yeah.
But when I'm done with this, they're gonna have to rename it|Heart of Silver.
Silver of Darkness.
Matthews is gonna send me|a handwritten invitation pleading with me|to come back to his class.
- Come back?|- Yeah.
Didn't you hear?|He transferred me out.
- Did he say why?|- You know Matthews.
He's a little bit sensitive.
|And this bad boy is ready to print.
"Alack, our terrene moon|is now eclipsed and it portends now|the fall of Antony.
" "I must stay his time.
" To flatter Caesar would you mingle eyes|with one who ties his points? - Ty.
|- Hi, guys.
Sounds great.
|I like the way you enunciate, Ethan.
Oh, why, thank you, Ty.
I like the way you wear your jeans|just one size too small.
Not many guys can pull that off.
Annie, I noticed we're scheduled to|audition with each other this afternoon.
Wanna get together|and rehearse beforehand? Unless you mind.
Oh, of course not.
|Please, be my guest.
I'm telling you, with a little rehearsal,|these parts are ours.
It'll be good being in a play with you|again.
I miss acting with you.
Besides, we can hang out|and do the whole backstage thing.
Yeah, sure.
You sure you don't mind? What, you think I'm jealous|of that pretty boy? - Please.
You wanna do this again?|- Sure.
- From the top?|- Sure.
To flatter Caesar would you mingle eyes|with the one who ties his points? Not know me yet? Cold-hearted toward me? Nice work, both of you.
A cast list will be up|first thing in the morning.
Okay, that felt good, right? Because it felt good to me,|and she was smiling.
I mean, it looked like|she was smiling.
She was like a Cheshire cat.
Listen, Ty, I am with Ethan now,|and I have to be clear about that.
I know you're with Ethan,|and I'm cool with it.
I mean, I can't pretend|I'm not surprised.
I just didn't figure|you'd end up with a jock.
But I'm cool with it.
- Well, I'm glad.
I'm glad we're cool.
|- Absolutely.
We'll keep everything|strictly professional.
Okay, Cleopatra? You got it, Antony.
We're gonna make|West Beverly theater history.
We'll be fantastic once you|really get a chance to, you know, get comfortable with your part.
What does that mean? Well, I mean, up there, you weren't|always giving me lots of emotion, which made it hard for me|to find some of my beats.
Don't worry, you're gonna get there.
|Try to remember your blocking cues, because, a couple of times,|you stepped right in front of me.
Hey, I gotta go.
|Don't worry, we'll keep it professional.
Oh, yes.
No worries.
What is your problem? Taking out a personal grudge|on a student? You're off base.
Look, us getting together|didn't work out for either of us, okay? - But don't punish my sister.
|- You know what? West Beverly High doesn't revolve|around Kelly Taylor's love life.
You know, Ryan, if anybody|should be pissed here it's me.
Brenda? Really? You know, Kelly,|my decision to transfer Silver out had nothing to do with you, okay?|Or us.
Then what? Had a lot of time to think|in South Dakota, all right? And you know what I realized? - I'm burned out.
|- You're burned out? You're 23.
You know, I used to come|to work here every day and pour my heart and soul|into what I did, you know? I I went out on a limb.
And the limb broke.
Okay? Everybody thought the worst|of me.
Students, teachers.
I mean, students that I thought|actually knew me.
Silver, she Did you see what she wrote? She got carried away.
She's a kid.
|They're all kids, Ryan.
Yeah, maybe so, but it happened.
And I can't be the kind of teacher|I was before.
So I'm punching the clock till the end|of the year, then that's it for me.
- And then what?|- I don't know.
I guess we'll see.
But with Silver, it's just,|it's better this way for both of us.
In fact, give this back to her.
This is not the Ryan Matthews|I know.
Yeah, well,|maybe you don't know me.
Maybe I don't want to.
But I do know one thing:|You're a teacher, a good one.
And when a kid busts her ass to write|a paper for a class she's not even in, what kind of teacher doesn't read it? Miss Casey? Hi.
I'm Adrianna Tate-Duncan.
- I'm a little late, I know.
|- A little? I am so, so, so sorry.
|I had a doctor's appointment.
Your scene partner came and went.
|It's done, so Okay, listen, I I know the whole play.
Every word.
Can? Can I do the suicide scene for you|at least, please? Please? This is not how we do it|in New York, honey.
Give me my robe.
Put on my crown.
I have immortal longings in me.
Now no more the juice of Egypt's grape|shall moist this lip.
I trust you won't tell Gail about this.
I trust you won't tell|the other brokers.
Oh, hey.
Nix, nix.
- Pasta?|- And steamed artichokes.
I thought you might wanna|ask Silver to join us.
Didn't you tell me|she's an artichoke fiend? The girl likes artichokes.
Well, it'd be nice to have her over|for dinner at some point.
Or not.
Talk to your mother.
What about? Well, what's going on|with you and Silver? Are you guys having problems? - Not according to her.
|- Well, what about according to you? Well, no.
We kind of got into a fight.
Well First, I told her I loved her.
- You did?|- But we got into a fight after.
You know, she just blew up on me.
|Like, I don't even get it.
Well, I mean, did you talk about it?|Does she know you're upset? We kind of decided|not to talk about it.
You know,|just sweep it under the rug.
How's that going? Feels like there's something big|under the rug.
Somebody's gonna break their neck.
You up for some maternal wisdom? Willing to take the risk.
I like flowers, right? I mean, big shockeroo,|a girl likes flowers.
But your dad never,|ever brought me flowers.
I would hint, I would sulk, I would open|magazines to photos of flowers, and he would never,|ever get the clues.
Birthdays, Valentine's Day,|no flowers.
Finally, I came up with something very crafty,|very clever.
What's that? I said, "I want flowers.
" People aren't mind readers,|even people who are really close.
And if you're upset with Silver,|you can't expect her to just know that.
You have to tell her and be direct.
Hey, Miss No-Cell-Phone-Service.
Felt like I should've sent|a carrier pigeon or smoke signals.
I'm sorry.
I just had to drive.
Where to, Solvang? Nowhere.
I just drove and drove and drove, trying to figure out what I should do.
And? And I was driving up the coast, and I kept seeing|these people on the beach.
They were playing volleyball|and flying kites without a care in the world.
And I kept thinking, "Adrianna, you're never gonna|be like them again.
" I have a kid, or I have an abortion, either way, how am I ever|gonna fly a kite again? You know what I mean? I mean, it's not like we fly kites, but Flying kites was always an option.
Anyway, I was driving and driving, and then somewhere around Big Sur,|I almost got killed.
What? What happened? A car accident,|or this almost accident.
My God.
Are you okay? I pulled over, and suddenly it hit me.
You know, like,|I have to take control of this situation.
I have to make a choice.
And I ended up going|to this woman's clinic that my hairdresser|was talking about.
- I saw a doctor, and|- Did? Did you? I couldn't.
I can't.
Honey, I understand.
|Honestly, I don't think I could either.
I mean, it's one thing|to talk about it, but I can't.
I'm too far along.
It's not legal.
It's not possible.
Abortion just isn't an option.
Whether I like it or not,|I am having this baby.
Hey, Dad, can you move your car?|You blocked me in again.
Okay, but park on the street|when you get back, will you? I'm tired of moving the car|every half an hour.
Yeah, actually, I'm not coming back.
I reserved a hotel suite.
I'm gonna|stay there until Mom comes home.
- No.
|- Yes.
Naomi, I am your father.
|There is no option.
Yeah, technically, you're my father, but you haven't really been|much of a parent, have you? You haven't earned the right|to parent me.
I mean, there's teenagers|straight out of rehab who can't even afford a cup of coffee|who'll make better parents than you.
You can't talk to me like that.
I went by the house yesterday|to pick up my jeans around 3 p.
You know, I don't see|how that lovely broker of ours is ever gonna sell that house if you keep her tied up|with all your pointless busywork.
- Now, I'm your father.
|- I don't need a father anymore.
But thanks.
Oh, but I do need you|to move your car.
You wanted to see me? Read your paper.
- Oh, yeah?|- Yep.
And? I mean, did you like it? It's not bad.
It was insightful.
It's ambitious.
I like knowing|that you read the book.
I like knowing|that it meant something to you.
And I liked reading|what you thought.
Well, thank you for making me wanna stay up all night|getting carpal tunnel.
- Glad you liked the book.
|- Yeah.
It was pretty kick-ass.
You know, you might cut down on some of the enthusiastic|colloquial adjectives that you seem to be so fond of: "Kick-ass," "badass,"|anything with an "ass" in it, really.
Just might try finding|a synonym next time.
Next time? Yeah.
So I'm back in your class? Cool.
I'll get a thesaurus.
Thanks to everyone who auditioned.
|And, kids, no crying, please.
At least until|I'm out of hearing range.
- Charmian?|- It's a pretty good part.
You're Cleopatra's favorite servant girl,|and you get to die at the end.
Just wonderful.
- Congrats.
You got a part, dude.
|- I did? No way.
- Hey, hey.
|- I can't believe it.
Mardian the Eunuch? All right.
You auditioned? Yeah, well, I mean,|I figured a little bit of public sweating probably wouldn't hurt me.
|Plus, then we get to hang out.
We can do|the whole backstage thing.
- Yeah, yeah.
|- You okay? Yeah.
Hey, who got Cleopatra? Who else? Adrianna, whatever you need,|whenever you need it, I'm here.
You can call, text, knock on my door|at 3 in the morning.
Thank you.
I'm sorry if I was rude before.
I just Can I blame it on hormones? I am a high school guidance|counselor.
I'm used to abuse.
So first up, she's gonna need|some medical info.
You could be helpful|in getting her into some support group, maybe for teenage moms.
Obviously,|we have to find a good doctor.
I want you to have|the best ob-gyn in town.
That's nice.
Only the best for you, baby.
|Platinum speculum all the way.
I'll make some calls.
Adrianna, the doctor is gonna|wanna know who the father is, you know,|for hereditary health reasons.
So you conceived|before you went into rehab, right? - Hank isn't the father.
|- Wait, what? Then who? There's really only one guy|it could be.
Guess who.
- Ty, hi.
|- Antony to your Cleopatra.
I'll see you at the dinner.
- Hon, there's a light right there.
|- I know.
Annie? Hey.
Door was open.
|Whoa, that's a casual look.
You know, I'm really not up|for the cast-and-crew-dinner thing.
I thought the whole point|of me doing this play was so we could hang out together.
I'm sorry.
Oh, come on, it's gonna be fun.
|An Egyptian restaurant.
I mean, I don't even really know|what Egyptian cuisine entails.
I'm guessing couscous.
You go ahead.
- You don't mind?|- Seriously, go.
Have fun.
You know|you're my leading lady, right? Oh, he did? Oh, right.
Well, well, well.
|The notorious Ryan Matthews.
I see my reputation precedes me.
- Welcome to West Beverly.
|- Thank you.
Damon, congrats on Enobarbus.
So, what brings you here? Oh, free food.
|You know what teachers make.
Can't really afford groceries.
|Thanks for that.
Plus, I actually wanted|to talk to you.
I I'm thinking about putting|"Antony and Cleopatra" on my syllabus, and I thought, you know,|maybe you could come to class and talk to the kids|from a director's point of view or Interdisciplinary.
I like it.
Sounds like|you're a very passionate teacher.
What can I say?|You know, you can't reach these kids unless you're willing|to go out on a limb once in a while.
Fellow tree climber, are you? I'm gonna get some shawarma.
- But I'll see you.
|- Yeah.
Nice to meet you.
- Dixon, you're late.
What happened?|- Hey.
- Silver|- It doesn't matter.
Did you hear? Ryan let me back into his class.
|Yes, my amazing paper plan worked.
- I mean, that's great, but|- I mean, he loved it.
He wouldn't stop going on|about how great the paper was.
- Cool.
L|- I think the word "insightful" came up.
Moi, insightful.
And then|he actually started telling me that You know, for someone so insightful,|you can be pretty dense.
Sorry, what? All right, look.
I know you're not a mind reader.
You're on to me.
Can I please just talk for one second|without being interrupted? Okay.
All right.
|The fight that we had at the beach, it freaked me out.
You know, I know you're intense.
|You know, I get that.
You have big moods and a lot of them,|you know? I get that.
You're stormy.
So? So I'm gonna break up with you.
What? We're breaking up.
It's over.
Thank you.
Thank you so much|for coming with me.
No problem.
I like theater people,|you know? And Well, in small doses, that is.
The second some actor corners me|and starts talking about his process, I might have to duck back|to my hotel.
Listen to you,|"Duck back to my hotel.
" I love saying it.
It's the most beautiful phrase|in the English language.
"Duck back to my hotel.
" But seriously,|if you ever need to crash - What's wrong?|- Ty just walked in.
Are you gonna talk to him? Eventually.
- Hey, honey.
|- Hey.
What you doing? - Just sitting here feeling like an idiot.
|- Well, can we join you? I mean, for the sitting part.
I really thought|I was gonna get the part.
Annie, you got a part.
You have a reason|to celebrate tonight.
You know, once, in college, I applied for a summer|photo internship at "Vogue.
" I wanted it so much, but But you didn't get it, and you ended up|working at the local newspaper, which turned out to be the best thing|that could've happened? - Have I told you that one before?|- It's an oldie, but a goody.
You know what, sweetie?|Bottom line is you got beat.
No shame in that.
|Happens to even the best teams.
Besides, Adrianna's lived here|her whole life.
- She's got the home-court advantage.
|- Yeah.
Well, thanks, you guys.
But I don't know.
I feel bummed out|that I didn't get the lead.
And then I feel bummed out|that I'm the kind of person that gets bummed out|that I didn't get the lead.
And then imagining|being at that party tonight and having to pretend|like I'm not bummed out You get bummed out.
Especially if I'm worrying about|not being a good enough actress - to hide that I'm bummed out.
|- Hey, no.
You are an amazing actress, and they will all think|you're thrilled to be there.
I agree.
In fact, I think they'll think you didn't even wanna be Cleopatra|to begin with.
Think of it as a challenge.
- Why is life so full of challenges?|- Because it's life.
- Very true.
|- True story.
Eth, I changed my mind.
- I'm coming.
|- Cool.
Do you mind coming back|and picking me up? All right.
Be there in two.
Ethan? Ethan? Ethan?