90210 s01e15 Episode Script

Help Me, Rhonda

"Previously on" 90210: I'm pregnant.
I just need some time to think,|all right? The doctor is gonna wanna know|who the father is.
- Guess who.
|- Ty.
Some things you say have the power|to hurt people, you know? - Yeah, I think I do.
|- So I'm gonna break up with you.
- You should audition too.
|- No.
Come on.
Otherwise,|we'll never get to see each other.
I'm really not up - for the cast-and-crew dinner.
|- The point of me doing this play - was so we could hang out together.
|- You go ahead.
- I changed my mind.
|- All right, be there in two.
Ethan? Ethan? Didn't we already|go down this hallway? - We've already been down this one.
|- Slow down.
- Mom, I can't.
What if he's not okay?|- We are looking for Ethan Ward.
He would've been admitted|about an hour ago.
Oh, my God.
You're okay.
- Are you okay? You look okay.
|- Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm so, so glad.
Are you in pain? - Just when you squeeze that tight.
|- Oh, I'm sorry.
Had us worried, buddy.
- L Yeah, I'm sorry.
|- No, it's okay.
- We're just happy you're all right.
|- I am, just bruised and shaken.
But the woman in the other car,|Rhonda Kimble I guess is her name, she's in surgery,|and if she doesn't make it No.
|I'm sure she's gonna be okay too.
Do you mind if we just wait here|until she's out of surgery? - Yeah.
|- That's fine, yeah.
Of course.
It's gonna be okay.
You have to tell Ty.
- He's responsible too, Ade.
|- I'm just waiting for the right moment.
Yeah, well, the right moment|was about two hours ago.
And two lamb shawarmas ago.
- Stop eating that crap.
|- I'm eating for two.
I am aware of that.
Tell him.
- Is the best.
- Hey, Ty.
|- There's my leading lady.
- Do you have a sec?|- For my queen? Come on.
So, what's going on? There's no easy way to say this.
I'm pregnant.
And it's your baby.
- What?|- Yeah.
I thought you were, you know,|on the pill.
Well, yeah.
|Sometimes I took those pills, sometimes I took other pills.
You'll just get it taken care of.
It's too late for that.
- Medically.
|- Great.
Anyway,|I thought you'd like to know.
This can't be happening.
I can't believe|I didn't see that stop sign.
Hey, it happens.
|That's why they call them accidents.
I wasn't paying attention,|and I was on the phone.
With me.
I shouldn't have called.
Okay, stop it, you two.
|This isn't helping anybody.
I'm looking for the family|of Rhonda Kimble.
- That's us.
|- That's us.
Your daughter has a collapsed lung,|but she'll make a full recovery.
- She's stable as of now.
|- Thank you, doctor.
Looks like she's gonna be okay.
- You ready to head home?|- You guys go.
My mom's on her way.
- So I'll just wait for her here.
|- Oh, well, we'll wait with you, then.
Actually, I wouldn't mind|having a few minutes alone.
I have to apologize to Rhonda.
|I gotta figure out what to say.
- Okay.
|- Okay.
We'll see you later.
Well, call me|after you talk to her, okay? Yeah.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you have the number? I'm calling it right now.
- Is he okay?|- Yeah.
Spooked, but fine.
Well, thank God.
Guess there's something|in the air tonight or something.
What do you mean? Just really hasn't been a good night.
You wanna tell us what it is,|or should we play charades? All right.
Me and Silver broke up.
- What?|- Why? - I don't wanna talk about it.
|- Oh, honey.
- I'm sorry.
|- It's cool.
You know, I'm really not into|that whole unrequited-love thing.
You know, so I had to get out|before one of us got hurt.
Or more hurt.
But anyhow, I don't wanna talk about it.
That's it.
- I'm glad Ethan's okay.
|- Yeah.
- And I'll see you guys tomorrow.
|- All right, buddy.
- Good night.
|- Night.
Good night.
It's a proven fact that male brains|mature slower than female brains.
Trust me, Ty's like 11 in girl years.
Well, I don't know|what I expected him to say.
Are you gonna finish that? Ade, you gotta tell your mom.
Listen, if Perez Hilton has taught us|anything, it's that you can't hide - a baby bump forever.
|- I'm not gonna hide it forever.
Just until I figure out|what I'm gonna do.
- Well, maybe she could help you.
|- My mom? Yeah, right.
She could surprise you.
She'll surprise me|if she doesn't kick me out.
I'm practically her personal ATM.
And something tells me I'm not gonna be booking a lot of parts|once I start to show.
That's totally gonna suck.
I don't know what's gonna be worse,|like, my mom finding out, - or everyone at school.
|- Oh, well, everyone at school.
I mean, it'll be a constant barrage|of whispers and rumors and - This is not helping.
I'm sorry.
|- No, it's true.
It's gonna be totally humiliating.
Like, I just got finished|being rehab girl, now I have to be pregnant girl.
I'm just so sick of reading about how screwed up I am|on the bathroom walls.
You know? Adrianna.
Mom, hi.
I've spent all day picking up|after people at the restaurant.
I hope you don't expect me|to clean up this mess.
- No, I'll clean it.
|- Hello, Constance.
Hi, Naomi.
- Don't you have a curfew?|- I'm staying at the hotel, so, no.
So did you hear about|the toothpaste commercial? Yeah, I did.
I didn't get it.
|But I got the lead in the school play.
That was a national spot.
- Well, I know.
I tried.
|- Yeah.
I can see all the effort.
Laying around|eating mac and cheese? There's a recipe for success.
- Hi.
|- Thanks for coming.
I just wanted to apologize|for my reaction last night.
I was in shock,|and from what I remember, I didn't handle it very well.
- It's okay.
I kind of blindsided you.
|- No, Ade, it's not okay.
I should be more sensitive|to what you're going through and how you're feeling.
How are you feeling? Emotional.
Hungry all the time.
Well, look, I talked to my parents|last night, and You did? Well, sure.
I mean, can't get through this|by ourselves, right? Right.
What did they say? Well, they were shocked and mad.
But after two very dry martinis, they calmed down a bit and decided|they'd help us figure it out.
What did your mom say? Pretty much the same thing.
My parents wanna have you guys|over for dinner.
Me and my mom? Yeah, I don't know|if that's really a good idea.
Well, they're very insistent.
|They want me to take responsibility, and so do I.
We're in this together, Ade.
All right.
Now, if I order some chili cheese fries,|would you share them? - Yeah.
|- All right.
I'm starved.
You know what we gotta do|to get over Silver and Adrianna? I know exactly what to do.
|Find a rogue scientist who's willing to experiment|with the "Eternal Sunshine" thing? No.
The only way to get over a girl|is to get a new girl.
Hell to the yes.
Oh, man, who am I kidding?|I'm never gonna get another girl.
- Dude, what is wrong with you?|- I'm bad at the whole dating thing.
No, you're not.
It took me 11 years to get up the nerve|to ask out Adrianna.
Yeah, that is a little pathetic.
|You know, maybe the whole mind-erasing thing|isn't such a bad idea.
Just I'm just saying, you know? - Eleven years?|- Nice.
Rhonda? Ethan Ward is here to see you.
- Hi.
|- Hi.
Look, I know this sounds weird|to just come out and say it, but I'm the guy that hit you,|and I'm so sorry.
And I know|that doesn't mean anything, but I just wanted to say it.
We talked to the police, and we're not gonna pursue|any legal stuff, if that's why you're here.
No, it's not.
But you could if you wanted to,|because it was totally my fault.
I was on the phone,|and I didn't see the stop sign, and You know, the important thing|is that we're both all right.
You have a punctured lung.
Honestly, it sounds a lot worse|than it really is.
- I promise.
|- Thanks.
I should really be thanking you.
I mean, you got me out of|this killer math test on Wednesday.
Oh, yeah?|What school do you go to? - What?|- You're in high school, right? Yeah.
I go to West Beverly.
I'm in your French class.
Oh, I'm - I'm really sorry.
|- Sorry for what? Sorry for not knowing who I am?|Why would you? I'm not cool.
I'm not popular.
You obviously just live|in your own little bubble where people like me|don't even register.
That's not true.
When was the last time|you talked to somebody who wasn't running|for homecoming queen or didn't play a varsity sport? We exist, Ethan.
And some of us|are really interesting people.
I'm not like that.
I'm feeling really tired.
|You should probably go.
Mom, Dad, this is Adrianna.
Louise Collins.
|It is so good to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Mrs.
|- Please, call me Weezy.
Collins is my mother-in-law, and between you and me,|she's a real pill.
I heard that.
Thanks for coming by.
- Oh, thanks for having me.
|- Where's your mother, dear? She wanted to come, but she couldn't|get off work last-minute.
We'll meet her another time,|I'm sure.
- Sit, please.
|- Yes.
Make yourself comfortable.
We're still a few minutes|from dinner.
So, what does your mother do? - She's in the restaurant business.
|- Tough work.
Long hours.
I used to bus tables|at the club in high school.
- Hardest job I ever had.
|- You were a busboy? - Why is that so hard to believe?|- Oh, because neither of us has ever seen you|pick up a damn thing in this house.
So should we get down to it? - Sure.
|- How are you feeling, dear? - I'm okay.
|- Good.
That's the important thing.
You have to take care of yourself.
|Do you have a good doctor? Not yet, but I went to a clinic,|and everything looks fine.
First thing,|we'll have to get you a doctor.
And don't you worry,|we'll take care of the costs.
Oh, don't argue with him, dear.
|He's very stubborn.
We wanna help you, Adrianna.
You're only 16.
You shouldn't have|to deal with this alone.
Dinner is ready.
- Oh, terrific.
Shall we?|- Let's.
Real insight into character|isn't found on-stage.
It's found in rehearsal.
Therefore, you will only be allowed|one absence.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You guys are using this room.
|I forgot.
I'm passing out schedules.
Please commit them to your brains|and your BlackBerrys.
Any conflicts, say them now,|or forever hold your peace.
So when are you meeting my mom? In an hour.
Will you call me after? So do you think|I should talk to her, or no? - Who?|- Miss Casey.
I wanna ask her what I did wrong|in the audition.
But I'm afraid that if I ask her,|she'll think that I thought that I should get the lead,|which I did not think, and I don't want her to think|that I thought.
- What do you think?|- I think that you're over-thinking it.
Really? - Should I send her balloons?|- Miss Casey? No.
No, Rhonda.
|I mean, to apologize for yesterday.
- Balloons?|- What's wrong with balloons? Nothing.
Just kind of impersonal.
Well, how am I supposed to get her|something personal? I don't know her.
Hi, Adrianna.
I'm Dr.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
|- Nice to meet you.
And you must be her mother? No.
My mom had to work,|so she couldn't make it.
- I'm a close friend.
|- Gotcha.
So it says here|there's a history of drug abuse.
Yeah, but I'm clean now.
Even so,|I'd like her to have an amnio.
What's an amnio? Under local anesthesia, we run|a thin needle into the amniotic sac and extract a little fluid.
And from that fluid,|we can test the fetus for abnormalities.
Normally, we don't do it|for a girl your age With your history,|I really think it's a good idea.
I mean, God forbid anything's wrong,|we'll know.
- Okay.
|- Great.
First things first,|you need an ultrasound.
- Okay.
|- Lift up your shirt.
I'm sorry.
Okay, Adrianna, there's your baby.
Those are the legs, and the arms.
That's a nose, and an ear.
It just didn't seem real before.
I know.
I know.
- Thanks for all your help, Ty.
|- My pleasure.
Thanks again|for all the maternity clothes.
You're welcome, honey.
Before|you go, I wanted to give you this.
- Peaceful Vista?|- It's in New Mexico.
Once you start to show,|you can go there and stay until you deliver the baby.
|It's supposed to be gorgeous.
A friend of a friend's went,|and she said it was like a spa vacation.
- It looks beautiful.
|- Oh, and this is for your mother, dear.
It's a legal contract just laying out|the terms of our financial commitment.
It says we'll pay for your stay and after, we'll arrange|for the adoption of the child.
The adoption? Well, there are a lot of|deserving people who can't have kids, and what other choice is there? I guess I hadn't really|thought about it.
Well, I guess it's time to start.
Have your mother look it over.
|And if the terms look agreeable, which I'm sure they will,|then that will be that.
Okay? Okay.
What are you doing here? Well, last time I was here,|you were watching TV, but there was nothing on.
So I'm loaning you my DVD player.
But then I ran into a problem|when I was trying to pick out movies because I didn't know|if you would like action/adventure or comedy or romance or horror|or romantic horror, which isn't a popular genre,|but apparently it does exist, and apparently the Swedes|have mastered it.
And I wanted to get you snacks|because movies without snacks suck.
But I didn't know|if you like sweet or salty, so I got you pretzels and chocolate.
I also got chocolate-covered pretzels in case you like sweet|and salty together.
What is this about? I'm I'm just trying to get to know you.
So, what's it gonna be? Mission: Lmpossible|or "The Wedding Planner?" "The Wedding Planner" and maybe|some chocolate-covered pretzels.
- All right.
|- Wanna stay and watch? Oh, you have somewhere to be.
Just play rehearsal,|but we're allowed to blow one off, so, yes, I'll stay.
As long as you're okay|with the occasional "this is such a lame chick flick"|commentary.
"When you meet a girl,|you need to passively insult her, thus actively demonstrating|your disinterest, which has the effect|of elevating said girl's interest in you.
" - Are you kidding?|- It worked for my cousin.
He's swimming in chicks,|and he is funky-looking.
All right.
- I'm gonna give it a try.
|- Do your thing, bro.
I'm gonna do my thing, bro.
Hey, what's up? - Not much.
|- You know, you'd be really beautiful|if you didn't have that bad hairdo.
Get lost, creep.
I wish I had it on video|so I could put on YouTube.
- Dude, shut up.
|- What was that all about? - Well, Navid has a book.
|- Dude, don't sell me out.
"The Credo?" You do not read|this disgusting, insulting book.
- No.
|- Navid, have you met Christina? - No.
|- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
|- Nice to meet you.
So you're trying to meet a girl? Well, if you wanna meet a girl,|don't trust that.
You know, you should trust someone|who kind of knows how a girl thinks.
Oh, you two are really clueless.
You need to come|to my friend's party.
- Hot band, hot girls.
I'll hook you up.
|- No.
Hold on.
Wait a minute.
Just him.
|I don't need your help with no ladies.
Dude, believe me, if Dixon wants a girl,|Dixon gets a girl.
Not if Dixon talks in the third person|like a tool.
Yeah, right? Touché.
Fair enough.
Hot-stone massages.
|They have hot-stone massages.
- Have you looked at this?|- No, not yet.
They have, like, a ski resort|like a half-hour away.
I don't think you'll be skiing|during your third trimester.
You might be right.
But I'll be doing a lot|of seaweed mud masks, though.
Sure, you just have to sign away|all rights to said issue.
There are a lot of deserving people|who can't have kids.
Yeah, I know.
I saw "Juno" too.
Look, this has|a nondisclosure agreement that says you can't talk about the fact|that Ty's the father.
I guess that's okay.
It also says that you can't talk about the events|and circumstances leading up to and including the pregnancy|and birth of said issue, ever.
Basically, what we're doing right now,|totally illegal.
I'm sure that's just over-zealous|lawyer talk or something.
Yeah, I don't know, Ade.
This thing reads|like a frigging gag order.
I mean, it has serious damages|if you don't comply.
What is your problem? Okay?|This is a plan, finally.
- Why do you have to be so negative?|- I'm not being negative.
I don't want you|to be taken advantage of.
The Collins aren't like that.
- What are you doing?|- I'm gonna clear things up.
Hey, Ty.
It's Ade calling.
You're probably in a fierce game|of "Dragon Fury" right now, but if you could tear yourself away|for just a minute, that would be great.
There's just some things|in the contract that I find a little weird.
It's not a big deal.
|I just wanna clarify them.
So give me a call and, yeah.
Oh, say hi to your parents for me.
|Okay, bye.
Happy? Don't push yourself, okay? Who are you, Usain Bolt?|You just had surgery.
Gotta pass the old guy.
Oh, the competitor kicks in.
No, his gown keeps opening,|and I'm sick of seeing his ass.
Oh, all right, yeah.
No, you're right.
|All right, let's pass him on the outside and pretend it's like the last minutes|of a game, okay? I should tell you that sports talk|is pretty much lost on me.
I've never been to a game or a match|or anything sports-related.
So maybe I'm not the only one|living in a bubble, then? - You're right, but no more.
|- What? All sports all the time? All new experiences all the time.
|You know how they say your life flashes before your eyes|in an accident? Well, mine did, and all I saw|was a bunch of jazz-band rehearsals.
Yeah, all I saw|was one long SportsCenter reel.
There's so much more out there.
|There's things I haven't tried, things I haven't|even thought about trying.
Yeah, I always wanted|to learn to play the guitar.
- Then you should.
|- And go skydiving? Let's sign up.
|I've always wanted to go camping.
- Oh, that's easy enough.
|- I know.
I just I always assumed there'd be time,|you know? But I'm not gonna|live like that anymore.
I'm gonna live like there's no time|and that ever day could be my last.
- Carpe diem.
|- Exactly.
Miss Casey? Hi.
I just wanted to say that I'm sorry|that Ethan wasn't at rehearsal today.
He must've lost track of time.
Oh, it's fine.
|Everyone can miss one.
- Is that all?|- Yeah.
It's not that I expected|to get the lead in the play, because I absolutely did not, but I love acting,|and I really wanna get better because this is really|what I've always wanted to do.
Well, your passion|will certainly work in your favor.
And an acting class will help as well.
You have talent, Annie.
|It's just that acting is a craft.
You know, just like anything else.
|Like blacksmithing.
You know, you're not born knowing|how to be a blacksmith, right? You have to study, learn your craft.
I'll make you a list|of some good acting classes, okay? Have a good night.
Thank you.
- Weezy, hi.
|- Adrianna, hello.
What are you doing here? Ty said you called|with some concerns.
So I thought it was time|I sit down with your mother.
I was gonna leave a note|with my number, but I saw a car, and I thought|perhaps she was home.
Well, you know, it's just,|it's not really a great time right now.
You must be Constance.
Sorry to just drop in on you|out of the blue, but I thought we should talk about|the situation the kids are in, especially since it is rather pressing.
|Don't you agree? Certainly seems that way.
Yes, it is pressing|because, well, the Because the baby|is due in five months.
Naturally, I was a little surprised|when Adrianna said she had some concerns|about the contract.
Remind me about|your specific concerns.
Well, the Collins have been so nice, and they've offered to pay|for the entire stay at Peaceful Vista.
And the place looks great,|and from what I hear, New Mexico seems nice.
It's just, not being able|to talk about what happened, that part of the contract|seems kind of severe.
Adrianna, you and Ty|have your whole lives in front of you.
This is not something|we want to follow you around.
I mean, do you really want everyone|to know what you've done? Well, no.
But I'm not exactly sure|what "done" is going to be yet.
I mean, I'll probably give it up|for adoption.
Probably? You're a 16-year-old girl.
|What other choice is there? Let's look at the facts.
|You had a drug problem.
You got yourself pregnant.
|Then you put us all into a position where it was too late to terminate.
Do you really think you're responsible|enough to be a mother? That's not fair.
Yes, I did those things,|but that's because I was using, not because of who I am.
- I'm actually really responsible.
|- Adrianna, stop talking.
My daughter is someone who has|been bringing home a paycheck since she was 5 years old.
Someone who didn't know how to ride|a bicycle, but when a role demanded that she ride one,|she learned in an hour.
And, yes, she had a drug problem,|but she also kicked that drug problem and cleaned herself up and stayed in school|and got the lead in the play.
So let's just be clear, she is very responsible.
And listen to me,|this is not your choice.
- It's hers.
|- Please, spare me the supportive-mother act.
|You didn't know she was pregnant.
Adrianna, sweetheart,|don't be foolish.
Don't you want your child|to have a better life than you have? That's it.
We're done.
- Pardon me?|- Take your notes and your contracts and your superior attitude,|and take a hike.
- Wow, that was|- I just need some time to think.
- Hey.
|- Hey.
- What can I get you?|- A turkey burger.
- Hey, is Dixon working today?|- Nope.
- Is that for here or to go?|- To go.
- Mom, I'm so sorry.
|- No, I'm sorry.
That woman was right|about one thing.
- I've been a pretty crap mom.
|- No, you haven't.
I mean, you have sometimes,|but you've done good stuff.
You bought me a sled.
Remember? Then you said|there wasn't gonna be any snow.
So I begged and begged for it, and for Christmas,|you got me a sled.
Yeah, well, I could've taken you|to where there was some snow.
Sledding in grass was fine.
It's just, sometimes it's like|you don't see me as a daughter.
More like a cash machine.
Well, you gotta understand,|it's been hard raising you alone.
It's not how I wanted to do it.
And when you started acting,|you liked it.
And things just got so much easier|once you booked jobs.
Doesn't matter.
Just trust me, I understand|why you didn't wanna tell me.
I wanted to tell you.
|I just I thought you'd kick me out.
Yeah, well,|you are not going anywhere.
Because you and me, we're in this together.
Really? And first, you know, I was all insulted.
|I mean, blacksmithery? Come on.
But then I got over myself, and I looked at the classes|she suggested, and they're actually taught|by all these incredible teachers.
So, anyway, I filled out the applications|last night and Annie, there's more to life|than theater.
Yeah, I know that.
But I love it.
Yeah, but, I mean,|maybe you'd love other things too.
I don't wanna love other things.
|Ethan, where's this coming from? I've been talking just with Rhonda|about how short life is and how there are|so many options out there, things we never even considered doing|because we pigeonhole ourselves - at such a young age to|- Yeah, well, I like my pigeonhole.
That's fine.
|Then I won't talk to you about it.
No, you can talk to me.
It's just, the accident,|it changed things.
I feel like it woke me up or something.
|Like it jolted me out of my bubble.
Bubble? The bubble that I'm still in? Come on, Annie.
|I'm just saying, I feel different.
But good different, though.
Well, I'm glad|that you feel good different.
And But, anyway,|I gotta get to play practice.
So I'll see you at 6:30|for the eunuch scene? Yeah.
So show me what I'm looking for Save me I'm lost Oh, Lord, I've been waiting for you I'll pay any cost Save me from being confused Show me what I'm looking for Show me what I'm looking for Oh, Lord Yo, how'd your friend|get Carolina Liar to play? Her sister dates Erik,|the bass player.
So you two see any ladies|you're interested in? I'm looking.
I'm looking.
|Don't rush me.
She looks pretty, and not pregnant.
- Pregnant?|- Well, no.
I meant, she has a good body.
Do you know her? Oh, Nika Raygani? She's cool.
|Talk to her.
And be yourself.
Trust me, I can't do that.
|That's why I had the book.
Dude, look, you can do this.
|All right? Okay, if I can do this,|I need a wingman.
If I'm going,|then you gotta go too.
- Come on.
|- Come on.
- Hey, Nika.
|- Hi.
I'd like you to meet Navid and Dixon.
- They're friends of mine.
|- Hi.
- Hi.
Your turn.
|- Hi.
- Okay.
|- Hi.
What's up? - I'm really uncool.
|- Excuse me? No, I've been racking my brain|back there to think of something cool to say, but Christina right here|told me to be myself.
So the truth is, I'm just really uncool.
So I'm not the kind of guy who's gonna say some sarcastic,|ironic comment, all right? And I don't even know|the best restaurants.
- Right, buddy?|- Yeah.
And I might even drop an occasional|"World of Warcraft" reference, you know, before I remember|that not, you know, everybody plays massively multiplayer|online role-playing games.
So, yeah, I just want you to know|what you're getting yourself into, so that way, if you do decide|you wanna talk to me Well, us.
- You can adjust|your expectations accordingly.
As long as I get to be|a seventh-level mage, I'm in.
Marry me? Okay.
Come in.
Door's open.
Oh, hey, Silver.
I thought you were|the dishwasher repairman.
Yeah, not so much.
- Is Annie here?|- No, she's not.
You know, I think she went to|some party at a cheerleader's house.
Oh, no.
You know what?|That was Dixon.
- Okay.
|- Bye, honey.
Okay, last time, catch the clap.
Really, Danny?|After five rounds, it's still funny? Sorry.
Okay, okay.
|Let's just dive into the next scene.
Where's my eunuch? Ethan Ward?|Has anyone seen Ethan Ward? All right.
|Just give me one second here.
Put that up there.
All right.
- I'm sorry I'm so pathetic.
|- No.
No, no, you're a trouper.
Get some rest.
I will be here for|as long as it takes for you to get better.
Bye, Ethan.
Any available radiologist Any available radiologist - and in.
Nice move.
|Forty-five remaining What a waste of time|The thought crossed my mind But I never missed a beat Can't explain the who|Or what I was Trying to believe What would you do? So, what gives? I thought|you were the "pro" at picking up girls.
I am.
I am.
|And I will when the mood strikes.
Not over Silver, huh? I mean, I wanna be.
That girl, man,|she's all kinds of trouble.
Well, don't rush it.
- I knew you weren't a lesbian.
|- Excuse me? - Silver?|- No, no, no.
She was just pretending|so you could cozy up to him.
- Dixon, get your girl.
|- No, no, no, because I'm not his girl.
Because he dumped me|out of the blue.
Why would you do that? I mean, what kind of love|just stops like that? Doesn't call or even care? I mean, you go to parties|like it never even happened.
- Silver.
|- No.
- Hey.
|- Come on.
What? - I should|- Go.
Just go.
- Hey, Silver.
Silver, what was that?|- I don't know.
I don't know.
It's just It's too much.
- What is?|- Seeing you here with a girl.
She's just a friend.
Yeah, okay, maybe she is, but|someday, someone's not gonna be, and I'm gonna have to watch you,|and I can't handle it.
And then what? This being-in-love stuff|is making me crazy.
So you love me? - I didn't say that.
|- Yes.
Yes, you did.
You said, this being-in-love stuff|is making you crazy.
Ergo, you love me.
Ergo, I do.
Well, I ergo you too.
I'm sorry.
I just don't get why you're doing this.
|Are you trying to ruin my life, Ade? - Yeah, I'm trying to ruin your life.
|- Okay, look, assuming it's mine - Assuming?|- Oh, come on.
Obviously we're testing for paternity.
|That's why we insisted on an amnio.
My parents wanna make sure|they're paying for my problem.
Well, it's definitely your problem.
What happened to this all,|like, "we're in it together" stuff? It's hard when you're fighting us.
My parents are trying to help|make it go away.
This is what you're not getting.
It's a way for me to go away,|not for it to go away.
If I go to New Mexico,|I'm still gonna be pregnant with it.
I'm just gonna be pregnant with it|in New Mexico.
I'm gonna give birth to it|in New Mexico.
It'll always be a part of me.
But that contract|doesn't allow for that.
Like, I'm not gonna even be able|to talk about it.
What's there to talk about?|It's humiliating.
Yeah, it is.
But it's also happening.
I have to deal with this situation.
And luckily, I'm getting pretty good|at dealing with humiliation.
Just ask your mom.
All right, I'm gonna teach you|how to walk.
Sorry to interrupt.
I was hoping I could get your help|with something, Navid.
So, look, I don't really wanna|spend any more time doing things that I'm not into.
And this whole play thing,|it's just not me.
But it wasn't about|the play, right? It was about|us spending time together.
And we will, just not on|a strict Miss Casey schedule.
- Hey.
|- Hey.
Hey, everyone.
|It's Adrianna Tate-Duncan.
And I have something to announce.
Because you will all know|soon enough, and I really can't deal with|all the behind-the-back whispering.
So this way,|you can all be shocked at once, and hopefully,|you'll be able to deal with it, like I'm doing.
So, anyway, I'm pregnant.
And, yes,|it was during my drug period, which you all clearly know about.
So that's about it, folks.
Oh, and as for the father, there isn't one.
It was an immaculate conception.
Okay, I'm done.
Yeah, I know.
Thank you.