90210 s01e16 Episode Script

Of Heartbreaks and Hotels

"Previously on" 90210: I'm the guy that hit you.
|It was totally my fault.
The important thing is that|we're both all right.
Navid, I'm not really asking you|for anything.
Because I don't know if I can do|anything or be anything to you.
I reserved a hotel suite.
|I'll be there until mom comes home.
Hey, everyone, I have something|to announce.
I'm pregnant.
- Hey, Nika.
I'd like you to meet Navid.
|- Hi, what's up? This being in love stuff|is making me crazy.
- Do you love me?|- I do.
- What is this about?|- I'm just trying to get to know you.
The accident, it changed things.
I feel like it woke me up or something,|like it jolted me out of my bubble.
A bubble that I'm still in.
- Morning, Aaron.
|- Good morning, Miss Clark.
Have a nice day.
- Fashion section?|- Always.
- Your car is waiting, Ms.
|- Thank you.
- Good morning, Troy.
|- Good morning, Ms.
You're not Robert.
I picked up his morning shift.
Hope you're not disappointed,|Naomi.
- How do you know my name?|- Well, Robert told me to expect you.
Although, I wasn't expecting you.
Vanilla skim latte, extra foam.
Don't walk away from me|when I'm talking to you.
Boy, I am talking to you.
I said I want a bloody Scotch.
I'm sorry, sir.
|The bar doesn't open until 10.
Do you know who I am?|Let me take this slow, right? So you can understand my English.
Get me a Scotch or I'll call INS|and get you shipped back to Mexico faster than you can say "burrito.
"|How's that? Excuse me.
Small problem.
- What?|- Well, just that it'd be odd if you try to send Miguel here back to Mexico|since he's from Guatemala.
Unless you meant to send him|on a vacation, which would actually be a nice thing|to do considering he works hard and has to deal with drunks like you|all day.
You're looking for an ass-kicking,|sunshine? No, not particularly.
- What the hell are you doing?|- Hey.
Get off Do you know who I am? - Come on, let's go.
|- Why? What are you? Get off me.
All right.
Hey, babe.
You weren't supposed|to see that.
Oh, all right, all right, I didn't see it.
|But good choice on the red rose.
It definitely brings out my eyes.
And I love your eyes.
- And I love you.
|- And I love you too.
- I love hearing that.
|- I love saying it.
I love being in it.
|I mean, everything is different now.
I feel different now.
Oh, this morning on the radio|they played Whitney Houston.
First time I heard her and she didn't|sound like some big, sappy goober I wanted to strangle.
- Oh, yeah?|- Yeah.
Because I will always love you.
Always love you.
Well, you know you're being a big,|cheesy goober right now too, huh? Well, I'm your big cheesy goober,|okay? - Right.
So|- What? So you're still not gonna tell me|anything about our mysterious|Valentine's plans, huh? If I tell you,|it wouldn't be mysterious.
Oh, all right.
Whitney, do your thing.
So I can pick you up around 8 if you wanna just grab dinner|before the dance? I can't.
I actually got into|that acting intensive that I signed up for,|so I'll be there until 9.
- If you wanna pick me up then?|- Sure.
You didn't tell me you got in.
|Why not? Yeah, well, it's just It's kind of hard|to talk to you about acting without you thinking that acting|is all I talk about.
I'm I said that I'm sorry about that.
Yeah, I know, but you think it's trite|and so it's kind of difficult for me to Hey, hang on one minute, okay? Yeah.
What's their deal, anyway? You know,|they talk about deep things.
But I swear, if I have to hear|about how the accident changed everything one more time,|I may actually drive into a tree myself.
Well, you just let me know|before you do that so I'm not in the car.
I just want her to get better already, maybe then he won't hang out|with her so much.
- Hey, Rhonda.
|- Morning.
- How are you feeling?|- A little achy but okay.
Sorry you couldn't come|to the documentary.
Oh, yeah.
I had play practice.
- But was it any good?|- Amazing.
It was all just about how one moment|can change things forever.
Which is so true.
I mean,|the accident profoundly changed me.
Ethan too.
I mean,|he used to like action movies but now he likes documentaries.
I think she means changes|on the inside.
Yeah, I know.
|I was just kidding, jeez.
All right.
Well, we should go to class.
I'll see you guys later.
See you.
Hey, maybe you should drive|into a tree.
- It's probably some dude in rehab.
|- I bet Navid knows.
What's up? Oh, yeah,|Navid knows everything.
What's up? So who's Adrianna's baby dad? Oh, yeah.
I don't even know that.
|Could be anyone.
I have no idea.
Man, you dodged a bullet, huh? Oh yeah, totally, man.
|I mean, Adrianna's a mess.
I didn't even know what I was thinking,|seriously.
She has her own thing going on.
|I'm not gonna worry about Yeah, me neither.
No biggie.
Time for roses.
Okay, so Megan.
And here's one for you, Michael.
Nika, here you go.
|Another one for Megan.
One for Maya.
And Adrianna.
Oh, that's really sweet.
Oh, honey.
I'm getting pity flowers|from the faculty.
I thought they only did that with|the 12th grader in the full-body cast.
The scoliosis girl?|I think she has a boyfriend now.
- Of course she does.
|- Hey, are you okay? I guess for a second I thought|it might be something romantic.
I don't know why.
I mean, obviously, I'm not anybody's|idea of a great Valentine's date.
I mean, look at me.
|For the record, you look great.
You have super boobage going on,|crazy-thick hair, the dewy, glowy look that's all the rage|on the runway, you've got it.
If I were going to|the island of Lesbos, - you'd be my pick.
|- Thank you.
Ethan? Oh, my gosh.
You waited? I was going over my essay|with Mr.
Matthews for at least a half an hour.
|It's lunch.
Aren't you starving? Yeah.
But, I mean,|what are a few hunger pains compared to what|you're going through? Which is all because of me.
|So let's face it, I owe you.
Right? But let's go|before they run out of pizza and we get stuck with that stuff|they pass off as meat loaf.
Ethan, wait.
There's something I have to tell you.
I just don't know how to tell you|without coming off like some kind of crazy woman,|which I'm not.
I swear.
What is it? I'm feeling better|than I've been letting on.
A lot better.
I've been exaggerating my injuries.
- I can carry my own bag.
|- What? I really like spending time with you.
And I just thought|that if I was better, that you wouldn't wanna|hang out anymore.
It doesn't matter.
I'm sorry I took advantage of you.
You're officially off the hook.
What hook? - We're friends.
|- Just because of some car accident.
Who cares how we met?|And the point is we did.
And being in the accident affected|us both.
And we get each other.
And more than that,|I mean, we like each other.
At least that's what I thought.
|Maybe you're getting sick of me.
- No, I'm not.
|- Okay.
But we have to be honest|with each other from now on, because life's too short|for dishonesty.
I completely agree.
I wonder where Ethan is? Probably off discovering|the meaning of life.
All right.
You gotta to help me.
I have to plan this unique|Valentine's plan.
I told you, just go to the dance.
Everybody's gonna go|to the dance.
Take Dixon on some romantic|Valentine's dinner.
The boy loves food.
Yeah, but hasn't he been on|a romantic Valentine's dinner before? Yeah, but not in L.
And trust me,|the scene here is way different than the all-you-can-eat|hot wings place in Kansas.
I'm gonna get another drink.
|You want one? - Excuse you.
|- Excuse you.
Okay, I have something|that's gonna help you feel better.
Tell me it's the portobello quiche|I dreamt last night.
This almost helps dull|the Valentine pain.
You know, I've eaten|at the most amazing places in the world and nothing comes close|to the restaurant at my hotel.
I guess that's why there's a billion|celebrities swarming there.
And, oh, my God, you should see|the Valentine's Day menu they have.
- Yeah?|- It's beyond.
- Lucky you.
|- Of course, I don't have a date.
To go with to the restaurant.
And why do we almost,|before we've even begun to live, become dull and gray|and apathetic and lazy and useless and unhappy? Unhappy because I am nothing.
I mean, that's what I'm talking about.
|That is it.
That's it.
Okay, who's next? - All right, how about you?|- Yeah? Yeah.
I'm Annie Wilson and I will be doing Fantine's|monologue from "Les Misérables.
" Good monologue.
|Desperate monologue.
A lot of pain and anguish|in the class tonight.
Monsieur Javert,|I beseech your mercy.
I assure you|that I have done nothing wrong.
If you had been there to see it|in the beginning, - then you would have seen|- No, no.
Annie, this woman is desperate.
Honey, you gotta delve into your soul.
|You gotta You gotta reach into|your own desperation.
- Bring that out.
Okay?|- Yeah.
And I swear, by the good of God,|that I am not to blame.
No, go deeper.
That gentleman, the bourgeois,|whom I did not know, - put snow in my back.
|- Annie, that's just louder.
- Has anyone the right|- You are about to lose everything.
To put snow down our backs|while we are walking along peaceably? - Where is your soul?|- To Annie? Annie, come here.
You are about to lose your freedom|and your child.
Now, perhaps you've never|experienced something of that magnitude in your life, but surely there is|some painful memory that you can draw on.
Some - You know?|- Yes, yes.
Then go there, please.
Take your time.
I am rather ill, as you see, and he had said|these impertinent things to me Oh, okay.
That's enough.
That's enough.
Thank you.
That's just|Let's get somebody else up there.
You're fine.
Why are there sugar hearts|in my waffle? I think Nat got a little carried away|with the Valentine's theme.
- Is everything okay?|- Sure.
Come on, what's wrong? Problems in the Middle East.
|Significant things like that.
It doesn't matter.
|I just wanna put it out of my head and enjoy Valentine's Day|with the boy that I love.
And Rhonda? I'm sorry.
She's early.
Early for what? - Hey.
|- Hey.
Miss, as I told you over the phone,|we're completely booked.
- It's Valentine's Day.
|- I know that.
Which is why I really need to get in.
I wanna take my boyfriend out|for a special dinner and your restaurant is the best.
Which is why people make|reservations months in advance.
Months ago,|I didn't know about Valentine's Day.
No, I mean Okay, I knew it existed.
Look, I really wish I could help you.
I understand.
Thank you for your patience.
Take your $10 back please.
Come on.
Tonight?|And what time would you like to dine? Hello? What's that about? Excuse me one second.
We keep a small number of tables|reserved for hotel guests.
Now if you'll excuse me? So, what are you two crazy kids|gonna get up to while I'm off being tortured|by my new acting teacher? Probably just gonna go shopping.
For what? - Clothes.
|- School supplies.
I asked Rhonda to help me find you|a Valentine's present.
Trying to branch out|from the stuffed pentapus thing.
I feel very stupid.
Well, I should get going|pretty soon anyway, but I assume I'll see you|at the dance.
- Oh, I don't really do dances.
|- How come? I just had a really bad experience|at one.
What happened? Maybe she doesn't wanna talk|about it, Ethan.
No, I do.
|I mean, I don't but I should.
If we're being honest|with each other, right? Okay, so at my old school, there was a bunch of girls|and I call them mean girls but they were so much worse|than that.
It felt like their sole purpose in life|was just to pick on me.
Anyway, so there was this|end-of-the-year dance and this guy Danny asked me out.
|And I was in shock.
I mean, I had a huge crush on him.
So my mom and I went shopping|and we found this dress.
And it was blue and gauzy|and it just It reminded me of water, of waves.
And I went to the dance|and went looking for Danny.
And I found him.
Standing with those girls.
And as soon as they saw me,|they just They all started to laugh.
Then one of the girls|threw Danny a $100 bill.
Because, apparently,|the whole thing was just a dare.
I felt so humiliated.
And so I took|all my mom's sleeping pills.
Luckily, my mom found me in time and we moved here.
I am so sorry, Rhonda.
I have never told anybody|that story before.
Well, I'm glad you told us.
Yeah, I am too.
What do you want? I need reservations for dinner|and they are booked unless you're a guest,|which I'm not but you are.
I wouldn't ask|except that it's Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day?|A holiday you once referred to as: "The greeting card mafia's stranglehold|on the brainless and sentimental.
" Well, I know, but look, I've never been in love before.
You? In love? Yeah.
And I want tonight to be perfect.
|It has to be perfect.
And I know that there are no reasons|for you to do any favors for me and we are not friends,|or even frenemies, for that matter, but we were friends at one point.
When we were 12, I wrote|a book report for you on "The Pearl.
" You said that you owed me one and|I never collected.
I wanna collect now.
Please? - Front desk.
|- Larry, hi, darling.
It's Naomi.
Can you do me a favor? I have a friend|who needs a reservation for two at 8.
- You bet, Ms.
|- Oh, thank you.
You're wonderful.
Bye now.
Just make sure you pre-order|the molten chocolate cake.
They cook it while you're eating.
|That's the best part of the meal.
That sounds good.
Can I buy you a drink or something|to thank you? So we should sit by the pool.
|There's a really nice view.
Actually, sometimes it gets chilly|out there.
- Do you wanna just sit at the bar?|- Sure.
- I'll be right with you, guys.
|- Thanks.
Well, the view isn't bad here|either, huh? Just don't mention|we're in high school.
Okay, I am on it.
So I said to my supervisor|at the airline: Don't talk to me like that again or|I will quit and take my skills elsewhere.
Hey, Naomi.
See, that's not fair, you know my name|but I don't know yours.
So, what can I get you two? I'll have a sparkling water.
Trying to avoid the hard stuff|until I go back over the pond.
I'll just have a chamomile tea,|thanks.
- What was that?|- English accents make people - sound older.
|- In what world? - I can't stop now.
|- Okay, well, less is more.
- Got it.
Make it sound|- Seriously.
- Cheerio.
|- All right.
One sparkling water.
One chamomile tea.
Thank you.
|And I do appreciate that, I do.
Sure thing.
Honey? You're awfully forward, aren't you? For your tea.
Honey? Oh, right.
No, thank you.
- So you're new here.
|- Yep, just moved to L.
With your girlfriend? If I had a girl, I wouldn't be flirting|with your friend here.
Excuse me, sir?|Can we have another round? - I gotta get back to work.
|- Yes.
Sure, sure.
- And here's your change.
|- Thanks.
What are you?|Wow, what a coincidence.
- Yeah.
|- Wait, Adrianna.
I just wanted to apologize for what happened|by the lockers yesterday.
- It's fine.
|- No, no, no, it's not fine.
I was a jerk and I'm sorry.
It's just the guys were talking|and Nika was there and I didn't wanna make her|feel bad.
But I ended up making you feel bad|which is the last thing I wanted to do.
Look, it's a weird situation all around.
Trust me, I get it.
Well, the next time anybody|says anything, okay, I'm gonna Just shut them down,|Navid style.
Okay? Yeah, and what exactly|does that entail? I'll let you know|when I have that figured out.
- Okay.
|- Hopefully, I'll have it worked out by the dance tonight.
Well, don't rush, I'm not going.
Sorry to bring up the dance.
|Now everything's even more awkward.
No, it's not.
I'm really happy|you met someone else.
I really am.
|You're such a special guy.
You deserve to have fun|and to go to dances and to just To just be normal.
And normal is not really|we're I'm at right now.
Make sure that you get Nika|the butter-crunch truffles because there's nothing like them|in the entire world.
- Truffles?|- She'll love them.
All right.
Have fun eating your chocolate.
- Happy Valentine's Day.
|- Yeah, you too.
I know, right? That's what I thought.
|This one's nice but it's just It's not "wow" and I'm going for "wow"|or anything better than "wow.
" - Is there a word better than "wow"?|- Here, wear these.
Really? Come here.
Thank you.
Okay, hugging me over shoes.
What has gotten into you?|You're a different person.
It's the love, man.
|I'm telling you, it changes things.
It's like I see the world|as this whole better place and, Naomi, I just I never thought|that I could feel like this.
Well, I'm glad you found someone|who makes you this happy.
Plus, it's been kind of cool,|us hanging out again.
It has, hasn't it?|So, okay, what are you gonna do about hottie bartender? Oh, okay, wait.
Dude, you've gotta ask him on a date|tonight for Valentine's Day.
Well, it's not like|I have any other plans but Oh, well, no, his shift just ended.
|I think he said he was going home.
What if you send him|a bottle of champagne with a note telling him to meet you by the pool? Not bad.
I like it.
Exciting, exciting, exciting.
- Front desk.
|- Larry.
Hi, sugar, it's me again.
Listen, I need you to do me|a little unusual favor.
Any way you could|have something delivered - to one of your employee's homes?|- Bloody brilliant.
And my dad was sitting|in his armchair, drinking and yelling at the TV.
He loved game shows.
And the guy on the TV gets it wrong|and my dad yells at the screen: "Even a moron would know that.
"|And I called out, I say: "Well, then you must be a moron|because you didn't know.
" So that's when my dad gets up|out of his chair and he grabs me.
And he takes his cigarette and he grounds it out,|right into my arm.
So when I need to know|what pain feels like, I got a little reminder.
Annie, why don't you come up here? Tell us a story from your life.
|Something that matters.
Well, there was this birthday thing|that happened.
This really awful girl, Naomi, - went behind my back and|- Annie.
Go deep.
Something really painful.
You know, something|that might be hard to say out loud.
Well, at my old school|there are these girls who just felt like|their sole purpose in life was to make me miserable.
But one day this guy Danny, who I had a huge crush on,|asked me to the dance.
So my mom and I went shopping|and I bought this blue dress.
And the way that it flowed down|to the floor, it was like water.
I thought, you know, that it was gonna|be the best day of my life, only, when I got there, Danny was standing|next to those girls.
And as soon as they saw me,|they started to laugh.
Then one of the girls|actually threw Danny a $100 bill because it was just a dare.
Oh, God, I don't know what|I was thinking, except that - I wanted to stop thinking.
So I took these sleeping pills|from my mom's medicine cabinet and I swallowed them all.
Because I just wanted|the pain to end.
Thank you.
I knew you had it in you.
Thank you.
Ethan, stop, please.
Rhonda told us that in confidence|because she trusted us.
- And I didn't say that it was her.
|- No kidding.
You said it was you.
- How could use that as material?|- I panicked, okay? I panicked because the teacher said,|"Go deeper, go deeper.
" - Then I thought of her story.
|- It wasn't a story.
It's her life.
- I know.
|- You don't.
Otherwise, you never|would have done that.
I can't I can't even look at you.
Right this way.
Yeah? I mean, what's better than "wow"? I don't know|but there needs to be a word.
I was just thinking today|how there should be a word.
Come here.
Told you I'd one up|the high school dance.
Yeah, this place is pretty awesome.
Oh, just wait till you see the food.
Apparently, they have the best chef|in the whole city.
Oh, and I ordered a special dessert.
|You're gonna die.
What? Just, wow.
Can I get you anything, Ms.
Clark? No, I'm all right, thank you.
|I'm actually meeting someone.
- Well, just let me know if I can.
|- Thank you.
I'm just saying, I've never seen|my parents gush over anyone like that.
Well, it helps that they go|to the same synagogue as my parents.
- Trust me, it was all you.
|- It was all me.
Yeah, right.
Come on, let's dance.
It's gonna be hard to stuff down Mom's|casseroles after a meal like that.
Well, as long as you saved room|for dessert.
- And here is your menu.
|- Oh, no, thanks.
- I pre-ordered molten chocolate cake.
|- Oh, okay.
Naomi said it was the best thing|she's ever tried.
Miss, are you sure you ordered it? What? Yeah.
I told the concierge.
I'm so sorry.
|I don't have you down for one and, unfortunately,|we're all out of them now.
Okay, but I ordered it.
|I told him specifically that I Baby, it's cool.
|We'll just get something else.
I don't want something else.
|I want the chocolate cake.
- I'm terribly sorry.
|- No, you don't have to be sorry.
Just go get us a cake, please.
- Go get us the cake.
|- Can you just give us a sec? Honey, why are you getting|so upset? I wanted this to be perfect.
|Now it's not gonna be perfect.
Silver, Silver, relax.
Listen, us being here together,|me and you, that's what makes this perfect,|all right? The cake, it's just cake, all right? And besides,|I didn't even give you your gift yet.
Go ahead, open it.
You like it? I love it.
I really love it.
- Let's get a room.
|- What? I love you and I wanna be with you.
So let's get a room.
Can we? - Yeah.
|- Yeah, yeah.
- Hey.
|- Hey.
- Where's Annie?|- Don't know, don't care.
- I thought you weren't coming.
|- Oh, yeah.
But after what happened today,|after telling you guys, I just felt better.
I don't know.
|Like, maybe I could handle it.
Well, I'm glad you're here.
|And you look beautiful.
You wanna dance? Definitely.
Hey, this is Ethan.
|Leave a message.
Eth, please call me back.
I know what I did was wrong|and I'm ashamed of myself.
So please just forgive me.
Are you sure you're ready for this? I've never been more ready|for anything in my life.
When you said|you were bad at dancing, I totally thought|you were just kidding.
Come on.
You were just so jealous|of my sweet, sweet dance moves.
Oh, so very jealous.
- Your chariot, madam.
|- Thanks.
- I had a really good time.
|- Yeah, yeah, me too.
It was just what I needed.
So? Good night? Yeah.
What? We're friends.
- Yeah, but I thought|- No, I have a girlfriend.
Who you broke up with.
What? I never said that.
You didn't need to.
You danced with me the whole night,|you said I looked beautiful, now you're standing here with me|at the end of the dance.
I was walking you to your car.
But you looked at me like that.
Rhonda, however you think|I was looking at you You were.
You told me to be honest with you? Then be honest with yourself.
|You were looking at me like that.
If I was, I'm sorry.
- Rhonda, wait.
|- I'm fine.
I just gotta go home.
Come in.
What are you doing here? Your mom let me in.
You are such a mess, Ade.
Okay, thanks for that.
You're a recovering addict,|you're pregnant, and you have what I hope is chocolate|smeared all over your face.
And you are a total mess.
And I couldn't care less.
You wanna know why?|Because I was at the dance tonight and everything|was supposed to be perfect.
But it wasn't anywhere near perfect.
Why? Because I wasn't with you.
So I wanted to ask you something.
Will you be my Valentine? Yeah, I will.
Yeah? Hold on.
I gotta But wait, class starts in just You know what, you know what? Let's just get detention for being late so we can keep doing this after school,|all right? Come here.
- You okay?|- Yeah.
I'm a little sore.
Well, okay, I was I was gonna wait to show it to you|but who cares? - That's|- Your name.
I know.
So don't you go changing it|or I'm gonna be really upset.
Yeah, okay.
But is it real? Hell, yes.
I got it done on Sunday|at this amazing tattoo parlor in Venice.
Come here.
I wanted to get something permanent|to symbolize our love.
Okay, so who wants to come up here|and solve for X? I'm sorry to interrupt.
|I wanna introduce you to a student that's gonna be joining your class.
|Come on in.
All right, everybody, this is Liam Court.
|Make him feel at home.
Or at school.
Anyway, carry on.
Please, take a seat.
Josie, let's have at this equation.
You're in high school? - Thanks to you.
|- What? My mom had to sign for|that bottle of champagne you sent over with the little note about how|I was your favorite bartender.
Which sort of tipped her off|that I wasn't enrolled here.
Well, how was I supposed to know?|I thought you were older.
Yeah? Well, right back at you.