90210 s01e17 Episode Script

Life's a Drag

Previously on 90210: Miss Silver, I am transferring you|out of this class.
What is this about? Calling me a child-molesting pervert|on your blog and almost costing me my job.
- Did you she what she wrote?|- She got carried away.
- So, I'm back in your class?|- Yeah.
- Hey, Naomi.
|- That's not fair.
You know my name, - but I don't know yours.
|- Liam.
What if you send him champagne,|telling him to meet you by the pool? I just knew|that I wanted to stop thinking, so I took all my mom's sleeping pills.
Annie, tell us a story of your life, something really painful.
I took these sleeping pills from|my mom's medicine cabinet.
It wasn't a story! It's her life! I know what I did was wrong|and I'm ashamed of myself.
I love you and I wanna be with you.
I wanted to get something permanent|to symbolize our love.
I wanna introduce a student|who's gonna be joining your class.
You're in high school? My mom had to sign for that|bottle of champagne you sent, which sort of tipped her off|that I wasn't enrolled here.
Can we talk? Look, I'm sorry I sent the champagne|to your house.
I didn't mean to get you in trouble.
|I thought you lived alone.
Whatever, it doesn't matter anyway.
It was a really stupid thing to do|and I'm sorry.
Can we start over? Hi, I'm Naomi.
Hi, Naomi.
Turn off your cell phone.
Turn it off.
- Hello?|- Good morning, Miss Clark.
It's 7:30.
Yeah, I know.
I'm up, I'm up.
|I'm wide awake.
Thank you.
- Have a nice day.
|- Bye.
Right shoe.
Where's my left shoe?|I can't find my left shoe.
- Where is it?|- Relax.
I can't.
We just had sex|in the media room.
- I know.
|- If somebody would've walked in They would be jealous or impressed.
Perhaps titillated,|in the case of that pervy janitor.
The janitor's|gonna have to get his kicks elsewhere.
I'm the principal's son.
|I can't get caught like this.
So media room,|much better than under the bleachers.
But not as good as the cafeteria.
Where do you want to try next?|Someplace really freaky.
- I got one.
|- Toss it to me, baby.
- How about a bed?|- A bed? - In a furniture store?|- No.
A tanning bed.
A bed of roses? Huntington Gardens.
|I love that idea! Come on, would you stop that? Hey, wait up.
Come on, don't do that to me.
So So I have a hunch that Mrs.
Winters|is gonna give us a pop quiz today.
Whenever it rains,|the next day, she gives us a pop quiz.
Maybe the humidity|makes her vengeful or Hey, can you wait up? Your legs|are longer than mine.
It's not fair.
Oh, sorry.
- Eth, is this ever gonna end?|- What? This.
This you being mad at me and me apologizing|over and over and over again.
You can stop apologizing.
|I hear you.
Then what? What is it? I don't know.
I just feel like I don't know.
Like I don't know you.
Because of this one thing? Because I told Rhonda's story? When I was watching you|tell her story, I was horrified, but I was also impressed.
You are a very good actress, Annie.
I had no idea who you were.
And that makes me wonder|who we are.
So try to think about these poems in terms of positive|and negative space.
The positive space is the words.
And the negative space is the meaning|that we impose on those words.
You know, rarely does a poem just,|you know, come right out and say something straightforward.
No kidding.
That's the problem.
Not the problem.
It's the beauty.
You know, it's up to us|to interpret poems, to understand them,|to make them valid.
So, please, I beg you,|don't let your poems down.
And not that any of you|would wait until the last minute, but just a friendly reminder, your poetry presentations|do begin tomorrow.
I gotta say|I'm loving this assignment, Matthews.
When did we lose the "mister"? - Do I not command respect?|- This poem that you assigned me, I absolutely love it.
- Shoutout to Lord Byron.
|- I'll be straight with you, I have never really liked|love poems before, you know.
They're so, like, over-the-top and grandiose or sappy|or just full of crap, you know.
I'll take that as a metaphor.
I never really got them, you know.
|It's like: My love is like a rose Your eyes are like|A filthy swimming pool I'm not familiar with that one.
Poetry was this foreign language|to me, okay? And now I get it.
And I don't know if it's because|I actually know what love is or because you somehow|broke through this thick skull of mine.
But suddenly these poems,|it's like they're not gibberish anymore.
Love is like a rose.
It is.
Miss Silver,|I do believe you're inspired.
And I also believe|you could lay off the coffee a little bit.
Okay, I wanted to check with you.
I wanna show a film|as my presentation.
I've been working on it and I'm fairly|sure it's gonna blow your mind.
Sounds good.
I take it you're familiar|with the equipment in the media lab? You have no idea how familiar|I am with that equipment.
What formula would you use|to find the volume? Mr.
Court,|so glad you've decided to join us.
Would you like to tell us|what formula you would use to find the volume|of a triangular prism? No idea.
It's one-half times length,|times width, times height.
- That ring a bell?|- Nope.
Well, where did you leave off|in your last math class? Do you know how to figure out|the area of a rectangle? How to classify triangles? Okay, well, it looks like|you have to play a little catch-up.
Who would like|to go over past exams with Liam? For extra credit, of course.
You? Yeah.
I could really use|the extra credit.
What kind of guy drops out of|high school to work as a bartender? What kind of guy|barely speaks to you before he throws you|up against the wall and starts to Show you the banana in his pants? Yeah, that was a dream.
I know that, okay? I don't have a lot to work with.
|He's a complete enigma.
Well, you know what they say: "The way to a man's heart|is through math.
" Hey.
What was I supposed to do?|I have to get him to forgive me.
I mean, if it was Ethan,|I'd just give him pot stickers.
Those always put him|in a good mood.
God, I don't know anything|about Liam.
I mean, I don't know where he stands|on the whole pot sticker spectrum.
Okay, well, putting a pin|in the pot sticker issue, did you Google him? Hi.
Of course, I did.
He has no digital footprints,|no MySpace, no Facebook.
Well, how does he|SuperPoke people? He's a complete mystery.
Josh in history class|says he's in a gang.
That doesn't seem right at all.
|He's a complete loner.
I definitely couldn't see him|wearing a do-rag.
Did you hear|about the cooking-meth rumor? Yeah, from Sally.
She also said she went on a date|with Rob Pattinson.
Yeah, she's clearly full of it.
Hopefully, I'll find out|real information from him today during the tutoring session.
Yeah, not this afternoon, you won't.
Your enigma is driving away.
Hey, Spielberg, I gotta get through.
- Enjoy.
|- Wait.
Look at me.
Look at me.
It's so good.
Wanna try? And got it.
Now I'm dizzy.
So, what was that shot for? Okay, that's the shot when the heroine|experiences love for the first time.
You know, her entire world|just starts spinning.
That's pretty cool.
- Far be it for me to toot my own horn|- By all means, toot away.
Dixon, it's crazy.
It's like the moment that I decided|to do the poem as a film, this whole entire concept|just came to me, scene by scene and shot by shot.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do,|you know.
I can't wait for you to see it.
- What's next?|- Well, I do need to refuel.
So, what can I get you? How about an order of Dixon,|dressing on the side.
Hey, you and me in the storage room,|right now.
I'm working.
You work in the service industry,|right? All right, you know,|I gotta go on break in a minute.
You don't think this is too big|for the kitchen? - No.
|- All right.
Did I ever tell you|that you are the love of my life? The last time was when I was carrying|a gigantic teak bookshelf up the stairs.
Well, what can I say? Seeing you carry heavy objects|reminds me how much I love you.
- That plant is too big for the kitchen.
|- Annie.
You're supposed to be at rehearsal.
I quit.
What? Why would you quit? You know, it was such a small part,|it really wasn't worth my time.
Okay, come on.
|What is it they say: "There are no small parts,|just small actors.
" Yeah, well, whoever said that|got the lead.
Besides, I'm not sure that being|in the play is good for me and Ethan.
What do you mean? It's not a big deal.
Okay? There will be other plays.
And I just need to focus|on my relationship right now.
- Do something.
|- What do you want me to do? You wanna tackle her|and force her to go to rehearsal? I don't know.
But she should be|focusing on herself and what's important to her and not making decisions|based on some boy.
- I agree.
|- Well, then, let's do something.
Ground her|or forbid her from seeing Ethan.
Honey, really? No.
I don't know.
|And don't honey me.
She is making a huge mistake and you are refusing|to do anything about it.
And that plant|is way too big for the kitchen.
Jeez, Matthews, you scared me.
Sorry about that.
I'm taking off.
|I wanted to see how you're doing.
I'm great, actually.
This project has made me realize|that I wanna be a filmmaker.
I'm gonna make movies.
That's cool.
I gotta say|I like movies better than blogs.
It totally makes sense.
I've always been a visual person.
It's just I'm crap|at painting and drawing.
So film is this perfect medium|for me.
You know,|I don't have to create the image, I just have to capture it|and then connect them.
- Well, just thank me at the Oscars.
|- You got it.
So look, I know everybody|gets 10 minutes for their presentation, but I can't cut it down to that.
Maybe if I make|some really big trims, I can get it down to 45 minutes.
|What do you think? Are you out of your mind? Aim for 10, all right?|We have other students in the class.
You just lost your Oscar shoutout.
Well, I'll survive.
Oh, good, you're awake.
Silver, what are you doing here? Morning, baby.
I'm gonna rock your world.
Wait - Hey, what are you doing?|- What do you think? I don't know.
You wanna have sex here? You're the one|who wanted to do it in a bed.
Yeah, but my parents|are right down the hall sleeping.
That's funny.
I didn't sleep a wink.
Oh, but I finished my movie|and baby, it's a masterpiece.
Wow, okay.
Now I'm ready to celebrate.
Whoa, hey, Silver, take it easy.
My movie, it's all about love|and you are my inspiration.
Well, let me inspire you later.
|Cool? Dixon, you are gonna freak out|when you see my film.
Of course, I ran into a little glitch, because Matthews is insisting|on the 10-minute thing.
But then I realized it's gonna be|wasted on a classroom anyway.
So I'm gonna rent a theater.
- Are you kidding?|- It's a bit expensive, but it's a huge investment|for my future.
And you're gonna come|to the screening, right? Yeah.
As long as|my parents don't find you in here.
- Dead people can't go to screenings.
|- You're so cute when you're nervous.
I'm much, much less cute|if I'm dead.
- Trust me.
|- Fine.
I wonder if Scorsese has such|a hard time getting morning action.
It's gonna be amazing.
|I love you.
I love you too.
Come on, come on.
- You will give me coffee.
|- Good morning, Dad.
When the machines finally wage war|against their human oppressors, do you think they're gonna start big,|supercomputers, subway system, or do you think they're gonna send out|the foot soldiers? You know, electric pencil sharpeners,|digital clocks, coffee makers.
- Coffee makers?|- Never mind.
Just the ravings|of a caffeine-deprived Luddite.
You all right? Yeah, yeah, sure.
Just thinking.
You know, why is it so hard|to understand women? And, thus, the beginnings|of another classic comedy routine.
- Sorry, Mom, no offense.
|- None taken.
- What's with the coffee maker?|- I think it's busted.
- Women troubles?|- No, no, no.
Silver's just very emotional, you know.
|She's so over-the-top with things.
- Well, she is a teenager.
|- And a woman.
What's that supposed to mean?|Have you tried plugging it in? See, women may be|crazy emotional, but sometimes|they are great with gadgets.
What, you think women|are crazy emotional? Well, come on, hon,|that thing with Annie yesterday? - You got upset for no good reason.
|- It struck a nerve.
This whole idea of a young woman|giving up what she cares about for the man in her life.
I guess sometimes I feel like I've|given up too much of my photography.
Well, I never wanted you|to give up anything.
I know.
|I wanted to take a bit of a break to help us get adjusted to California|and everything, but now I'm missing it.
Somewhere there's that elusive|balance between family and career and right now that balance|is a little bit off.
"Went to school.
Peace, D.
" I think that we missed the opportunity to give a very inspirational|parental pep talk.
- Oh, hey.
|- Hey.
Look, sorry|I've been sort of avoiding you, but I just wanted to sort things out|in my head before I talked to you.
So you're all sorted then? Yeah.
I have a girlfriend.
And, yes, we're going through|a rocky patch, but we're trying to work it out.
Well, I'm thrilled for you both.
No, I still want us|to be friends, though.
Well, I'm sorry, Ethan,|but it's not up to you.
Being friends is not what I want.
We had a connection|and you can deny it all you want, - but it was still there.
|- No, I'm not denying it.
But I'm with Annie.
- And that's that.
|- Well, I can't just pretend that I don't have feelings for you.
And that's that.
So where does that leave us? I guess that we're just not friends.
What are you doing here? I'm here to tutor you.
|Remember, you ditched me yesterday.
It's because I don't need a tutor.
Look, Liam, I'm really sorry|about the champagne.
I feel really bad.
It was an honest mistake.
|I didn't mean to get you in trouble.
Can we just start over? Hi, I'm Naomi.
What do you want from me, Naomi? - Nothing.
|- So why are you here? I'm here to tutor you in math,|of course.
Of course.
Well, knock yourself out.
So we'll just start with the basics.
|We're studying angles.
Here we go.
There's different types of angles.
- These two are not acute.
|- Not acute? No, they Acute angles|are less than 180 Less than 90 degrees, I mean.
These are congruent.
- Supplementary.
|- What? Interior angles on the same side|of the transversal are supplementary.
They need to be on opposite sides|of the transverse to be congruent.
- How do you know that?|- I told you, I don't need a tutor.
Now, I would love to hear you|to take a whack at obtuse angles, but I gotta take off.
|So how about you get off my car? What do you say|you take me with you? It's not your kind of scene.
I'm willing to take that risk.
But don't say I didn't warn you.
You're in for a long ride.
Please, un-quit the play, okay? We desperately,|desperately need you.
- I can't.
|- Why not? This whole acting thing,|it's messing with me.
Doesn't it feel weird constantly putting yourself|in someone else's brain? Are you kidding? I love it.
|It takes me out of my own.
Yeah, well, I don't wanna forget|who I am right now.
I can't.
I gotta get back to being the girl|that Ethan fell in love with.
This is about Ethan.
Kind of.
We're having problems.
Something really bad happened|the night of the Valentine's dance.
Yeah, I know.
I heard.
You did? How? Well, Navid, he kind of saw.
Navid saw? Wait.
What are you talking about? You first.
|What exactly did Navid see? Well, I don't even know if it's true.
Navid's vision|does weird things at night.
- Adrianna?|- He thought he saw a baby alien once - and it turned out to be a squirrel.
|- Adrianna, what did he see? He saw Ethan and Rhonda kissing|in the parking lot after the Valentine's Day dance.
I cannot believe you fooled around|with my boyfriend! - Can we go somewhere?|- You're such a hypocrite, both of you, going around talking about honesty|and how the accident changed you and all the great things you wanna do|to expand your horizons.
Little did I know|expanding your horizons was actually code|for becoming a lying, cheating whore.
Okay, look, I am not that kind of girl.
I thought you guys were over.
- Well, guess what, we're not.
|- Yeah, I know.
Ethan explained that things have been|kind of rocky between you two.
He also said that as long|as he had a girlfriend, that nothing was gonna happen|between us.
So you're just lying around|ready to pounce? No, of course not.
I totally get why you're mad.
But this isn't a conversation|to have with me.
It's a conversation|you need to have with your boyfriend.
It's me.
I heard about you|and your valentine.
I'm so angry,|I can't even find words.
Except I can.
|Yeah, a couple, like liar and cheater! Great work today, you especially.
- Excellent.
|- Ms.
Casey? - Yeah.
|- Hi.
So look, I made a mistake|in quitting the play.
I don't even know|what I was thinking.
Well, I do,|but I think differently now.
And I would really|like to play Charmain again.
Is it too late? I'm sorry, Annie.
Cammy Zuggler|is now playing Charmain.
Maybe next semester.
Are you okay? She wouldn't let me back in the play.
No, I meant about the Ethan stuff.
I'm really sorry.
Why? You didn't kiss Rhonda.
Yo, Annie.
A bunch of us|are gonna go hang at Griffith Park.
- You want in?|- Negatory.
I have a date with Navid.
Annie? I'll go.
Hey, it's me.
I heard about you|and your valentine.
- Hi.
|- Hey.
- It's good to see you.
|- Thanks.
- Hey, Mary, Kendra.
|- Hi.
- Welcome.
|- Thanks.
- Ladies.
|- Good luck.
Where is everyone?|I put a big invite on my blog.
- Well, it was kind of last-minute.
|- Our school is full of losers.
What could they possibly have|going on tonight? Sir Matthews, welcome.
- Way to get around the time limit.
|- I didn't wanna butcher the narrative.
Yeah, well, jeez, I'm excited.
Oh, I have an idea.
Would you do a little introduction|before the film? You know, kind of like they do|at the ArcLight.
Yeah, sure.
Why not? You are the best teacher ever.
So when did you stop|going to school? Oh, me and my mom moved here|in January, so January.
How did you do it? She told me to enroll at West Beverly.
|I didn't.
How were you gonna cover up|all the report cards and stuff? My mom's not really|the report-card type.
So long as I'm going, she's happy.
When she found out I wasn't,|not so happy.
I don't get it.
|I mean, you're obviously smart.
Why not go to school? School bores me.
The bell rings and the cattle move|from room to room every 45 minutes.
I'm all for learning, just not exactly|what they want me to learn or how they want me to learn it.
See, I'm an autodidact.
It means self-taught.
- Yeah, I know what it means.
|- Sure.
There's a whole world of knowledge|and experience out there, things that you don't learn at school.
That's what I'm interested in.
So where are we exactly? A long way from Beverly Hills.
You scared? What? No, of course not.
Why you clutching your purse|so tight? This purse happens to be|worth more than your car.
Yeah? This is a V8 engine, I can guarantee|it's worth more than that purse.
Naomi,|I'm about to race these guys.
So your little adventure ends here.
Drag racing.
That's what|you autodidact yourself about? Racing is physics and math and a hell of a lot of fun.
But it's also dangerous and illegal,|so I'm gonna call you a cab.
What do you think? I think I'd rather go for a ride.
Hello, everybody.
I would like to introduce the first film|from a new auteur, the inspirational, the enthusiastic,|the unusual Erin Silver.
It's been a pleasure teaching her and I look forward|to teaching her more in the future.
And, you know, with that said, enjoy.
- Way to go, Silver.
|- You rock.
Can't wait to see it.
She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies And all that's best|of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes Hey, it's pretty cool.
Thus mellowed to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies I'm in it? Just you wait.
I love you.
One shade the more|One ray the less Had half impaired|the nameless grace Which wave in every raven tress Or softly lightens o'er her face Where thoughts serenely|sweet express How pure, how dear|their dwelling-place Oh, my God.
You filmed us having sex? You're upset? Yeah, Dixon! I love you.
What's wrong with you? What? All right, that's enough.
|Let's shut it down.
Shut it down.
Dixon, stop.
Wait! One lap, to the pier and back! Oh, my God.
|Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Faster! Come on, go faster! Go! Faster, faster! Go! Go! Oh, my God, he's gaining on us!|Floor it! Go! Go, go, go! Yes! Yes! That's what I'm talking about! Oh, my God.
That was so fast.
That's the idea.
So, what's next? Beer.
Do you guys have wine spritzers? That was a joke.
Wait! Please! I honestly thought|you would like my movie, okay.
You thought I would like it? It's about our love, us connecting.
|Don't you see? What I saw was that you hid a camera|and filmed us having sex and then showed it to everyone! - But Dixon, it's not like|- You have no boundaries! I didn't think I needed|to have boundaries.
I thought that we were in love.
You know what, Silver,|just stay away from me.
Just stay away from me.
I'll destroy the movie.
I will.
Just don't be mad at me, okay?|Please, do not be mad at me! - I am in love with you, Dixon!|- Are you out of your mind? Right there.
Can I help you with that? Yeah.
Thank you.
What do I get in return? For slobbering all over my beer?|I'll go with nothing.
Hey, I'm Milo.
Please, excuse me.
Well, wait.
|Where are you going, Naomi? My friend is just Oh, look.
That ain't cool, bro.
Oh, man, what's your problem? I don't have a problem.
You do.
Let's go, Naomi.
Something to help you find balance.
It's a lens.
You are an amazing photographer|and you need to stick with it.
- Thank you.
|- You're welcome.
- Good lens?|- Yeah.
I think it's a lens|for a video camera actually, but it's a beautiful lens.
- Are you all right?|- Yeah, I'm fine.
Your soup is burning.
No, it's not.
But something is.
- What the hell?|- Oh, my God.
What's going on, Dixon? Gonna have to take a boat there.
Didn't she ruin your sweatshirt? - The stars seem so far away.
|- I know.
Like little pinholes.
Can I say something? Ms.
Casey is a Nazi.
You, shush.
Having fun with my girlfriend? So I'm still your girlfriend, then? Because Rhonda seems to think|that we're going through a rocky patch.
You know what? - I'll let you guys handle this.
|- Yeah.
What were you doing with that guy? I was not kissing him.
I'm sorry, but I didn't kiss Rhonda,|she kissed me.
I should have told you.
Oh, but why bother being honest when you can just spend your time|giving me hell? I have been apologizing every day,|Ethan.
I have been apologizing to you|in my sleep.
I even gave up|being in the stupid play - because of you.
|- You quit the play? Why? Because I was trying to convince|myself that that was the problem.
I wanted that to be the problem.
Because if that's not it, - then what is our problem?!|- I don't know.
Look, I don't wanna keep fighting.
Me neither.
Let's end this.
We're in two different places.
|It's not your fault.
It's because we've grown apart.
And I did feel something|with Rhonda.
Oh, my God.
You're gonna go out with Rhonda.
This is not about Rhonda.
I've had girlfriends|since I was 12 years old.
And I don't want|a girlfriend right now.
I need to figure out who I am.
I guess you were right.
|That was not my scene.
Hey, Kelly.
It's Ryan.
Listen, I need you to call me back.
Silver made a film and Yeah, I don't wanna get into it|on your machine.
So just call me back.
You didn't think|I'd put it together, did you? - What? What are you doing?|- No, just stop talking.
It was a nice try, Matthews.
You think that I'm dumb? Well, I'm not dumb.
It took me a little while,|but I figured out what you were up to.
You said to me that|you liked movies better than blogs.
You think you could be referring|to the blog that I posted about you? I wonder.
You never got over it, did you? You pretended to.
|You pretended to forgive me.
You even invited me|back into your classroom.
All so that you could encourage me|to make this movie.
This was all a setup.
- Silver?|- No, stop! Drop the puppy-dog face.
I'm over it.
I know that you don't want me|to succeed.
All you wanted was revenge.
Listen to me.
|You know that's not true.
You managed to turn Dixon|against me.
You managed|to ruin my relationship, the one thing that I care|the most about in this entire world! Wait, wait, Dixon? Stay away from me! Okay.
Do you wanna know|how I figured it out? Last night in the media lab,|you said to me, "Are you out of your mind?" And then tonight,|Dixon just now said to me, "Are you out of your mind?" That is not a coincidence!|You got to Dixon! You told him lies about me! All so that you|could teach me a lesson! - What kind of teacher are you?!|- Silver, listen Okay.
What do you want from me? I want you to fix all of this!