90210 s03e12 Episode Script


- Previously on 90210: - You want me to save my money? I'm cutting your commission in half.
Ha, ha.
Did you steal my notebook? There were a number of "Internet journalists," shall we say, that were, uh, willing to pay quite handsomely.
I know I'm gay.
There's so much about this that is totally overwhelming and confusing.
But there's one thing I'm not confused about.
- I can't stop thinking about you, Silver.
- I feel it too.
It's hard for me because I'm in love with you.
Cannon did not reject me.
- He what? - He raped me.
This is police business.
- Well, where is he? He's not here? - He fled.
I've been thinking about your offer.
I'm actually really happy being alone right now.
Hi, Naomi.
Nice apartment building.
Not a lot of neighbours, which is good.
Aah! In case you wanna throw a party or something.
- Calm down.
- Aah! - I just wanna talk to you.
- Ah.
Wanna go to my house? My dad's out of town shooting a movie.
Ha, ha.
What was that? Hey, Teddy, relax.
This place is like 3,000 years old.
It was probably the ghost of Bette Davis.
I know, I know, it's just It's so public.
- Can we just go? - Yeah, sure.
Wait, wait.
We probably shouldn't leave together.
You go first, and I'll leave in ten minutes.
- Okay.
- And just to be safe, can you park around the block, and come in the gate of the pool house? Okay, is this a relationship or The Bourne Identity? I know, I know.
Just be patient with me.
I always thought Matt Damon was cute.
It's just how I pictured it.
It was better.
- You thought I was a rotten kisser? - Oh, yeah.
The worst.
I thought you'd bite and drool.
- Drool? You thought I'd drool? - Ha, ha.
You're terrible, you know that? I'm crazy about you.
I wanna be with you.
- Me too.
- Really? Yeah, but Yeah, I know.
You're worried about the drool.
- Ha, ha.
- Don't.
She's my friend.
I don't wanna be the reason her boyfriend breaks up with her.
But you're not.
Yes, I wanna go out with you, but my feelings for Ade are separate from that.
I just I don't wanna be with her anymore.
Then why do I feel sick to my stomach? But what if I wanna break up with Adrianna, not because of you, but because I want to? If we lay low for a month or so, by that point, Adrianna will probably be living in South Beach with Justin Timberlake, - and she won't even remember us.
- Yeah.
What do you say? - I just don't want her to be hurt.
- Me neither.
Done deal.
- Hey.
- Ah.
Where are you going? Um, I was gonna let you sleep.
- I don't want to sleep.
- Mm.
How are you feeling? Fantastic.
- Fantastic? - Mm-hm.
In fact, never in the history of mankind has a guy who got the crap beat out of him as badly as I did feel as fantastic as I do.
How are you? Uh, I'm pretty fantastic too.
Really? And confused.
I mean, I'm happy.
I just also feel incredibly guilty.
I just slept with my boyfriend's brother in my brother's bed.
I mean, this is so wrong on so many levels.
I think I just need some space.
Clear my head, you know? Okay.
Yeah, sure.
Clear your head.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I hate having to do this.
I hope you realize that.
You don't have to do You don't have to do this.
I mean, you could, uh You could just leave.
And we could forget about this.
It's not too late.
I wouldn't tell anyone.
Really? You wouldn't tell a soul? No.
I promise.
I swear.
You're such a liar.
Don't you get it? Your lies ruined my life.
You raped me.
I didn't lie about that.
Are you kidding? You lied with your eyes, and with your body, and with the way you dress, and the way you talk.
You did everything in your power to make me want you, and then when I did, you turned on me.
And you lied to the police.
You made me a criminal.
You took away my wife, and my family, and my career, and my dignity.
Now you're gonna make it right.
How? Silver.
Silver has to be here.
I want Silver here.
No, no.
Silver has nothing to do with this.
If we're gonna make this right, then she has to be here.
No, no.
- Call her.
- No.
I'm the flirt.
I'm the tease, okay? Not Silver.
I'm the one who lied to you.
Just call her! I won't do it! Okay.
Then you'll text her.
Call me after, okay? Or you could just stick around.
Naomi needs me.
No, no, no.
We can't wait a week to respond.
We have to control the narrative or we're screwed here.
Hold on.
Call waiting.
Hey, babe.
Long time, no talk.
No, it's not at all what it seems.
- Ade? - Oh, Navid.
Oh, my God.
Everything is a disaster.
- What's going on? - Victor betrayed me.
It's all over the Internet that I stole Javier's notebook.
- My life is over.
- Great news, Addy.
I got you booked on Hello L.
A! tomorrow.
- Hello L.
A!? What am I gonna say? - You're gonna tell everybody the truth.
That you suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.
Like what soldiers get? Or young women who survive terrible car accidents only to have their friend and mentor die in their arms.
You had headaches, nightmares, flashbacks, complete psychological devastation.
And you ended up making choices that you never would have were you in your right mind.
Oh, Navid.
I can't believe this is happening to me.
Naomi? Hey.
Sorry I'm late.
Stuck in traffic.
Oh, my God.
It's Oh, my God.
All right, all right.
All right.
Oh, my God.
Get out of here! Go! Go! Go! Please.
You forgot your phone.
- Oh.
- It's Charlie.
- Hello? - Hey.
Sorry to call you so late.
I just I wanted to hear your voice.
- You there? - Yeah.
I'm here.
I was hoping maybe I could see you tomorrow.
We could get lunch or something.
I don't think I can.
Is something wrong? No, um No, I'm sorry.
My cousin Emily is coming in in the morning.
Um, the one from Kansas.
Her mom's in rehab, so I think I'm gonna be pretty busy with her.
Ah, okay.
Then no problem.
I'll call you, okay? Okay.
Uh, so Ade's in the middle of a crisis and, uh, I couldn't break up with her.
But as soon as things calm down, I'm gonna do it.
Anyway, uh, I hope Naomi's okay.
Miss you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's up? - Um Can a guy kiss a guy and not be gay? Persian guys do.
Oh, especially if they're related.
It's a cultural thing.
Yeah, yeah, of course, um But what if the two dudes aren't Persian or related, and they kiss on the mouth? Ha.
What are you talking about, dude? Hey, Teddy, uh, wait.
I think Dixon's, uh, trying to come on to me.
He's hinting around like he wants to make out.
Shut up, dude, shut up.
- What? About you hitting on me? - You're an idiot, okay? Um I was just talking about something - I saw in a movie.
- At the West Hollywood Film Festival? Well, catch you guys tomorrow.
You're smart to run, bro, before Dixon starts putting the moves on you.
Let me buy you some cider.
I was never raped.
Everything I said about Mr.
Cannon was a lie.
I tried to seduce him because I had a crush on him.
And when he rejected me, I couldn't handle it.
So I got Silver to help me to get revenge.
Um What we did was incredibly stupid and wrong and we destroyed an innocent man's life.
We're sorry.
Please forgive us.
And let Mr.
Cannon go free.
Thank you.
I appreciate you telling the truth finally.
Oh, good.
Before I go, I need money.
I have a few hundred in my purse and some more in the safe.
Don't screw with me.
I need enough money to live on until my name's cleared.
You have a trust fund.
I want it.
Tell me how to log on to your accounts.
Give me your password, I'll make a transfer and then - And then we'll be done here.
- I can't.
I can't do it online.
Transactions over 5 grand have to be made in person.
- Don't you lie to me! - I'm not.
I'm not.
My online shopping was getting a little out of hand, and my business manager set it up so that I can't make impulsive purchases.
I can't.
You have no self-control.
You know that? Bloody hell.
We'll all go to the bank together.
I guess we'll just have to wait until morning.
Just thought I'd get another practice in before the meet.
Me too.
All right.
- I'm gonna go in the water.
- Look, Dixon.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry for what I did.
Whatever, Ivy.
Come on, Ivy.
Come on.
Somebody help me, please! Breathe, breathe, breathe.
You just You just saved my life.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Please stand clear.
Excuse me.
We can take it from here.
You're okay.
You're okay.
- What's your name? - Ivy.
Breathe through the rest of the water.
So Ivy's okay? Yeah, yeah.
She's a tough girl.
She'll be all right.
I'd be freaking out.
Yeah, but you freak out over hairless dogs.
Ew, yuck, because they're gross.
That skin? Ooh.
Uh, what's with this bed, anyway? Oh, you mean the bed that I'm trying to make? - Ha, ha, yeah.
- Cousin Emily gets in today.
- Any minute.
- Wow, you seem psyched.
I know I'm gonna be the one who gets stuck being her babysitter, and tour guide, and roommate for the next five months.
All right, look.
Maybe she's changed, okay? Maybe she's less annoying than she used to be.
- Yeah.
- Dixon.
- Look who's here.
- Aah! Ha, ha.
I'm here.
I'm really here.
You're really here.
- Hi, Dixon.
- Hey, Emily.
We are gonna have the best time together, - aren't we? - We sure are.
You can't imagine the horror of having someone so close to you die in your arms.
Can you simplify that verbally? Try, "To have someone die in my arms was horrifying.
" Horrible or horrifying? Which sounds better? - Um - Never mind.
Go with horrible.
To have someone that close to me die in my arms, - it was horrible.
- Good.
You know that he didn't actually die in my arms, right? Luckily for us, he's not available for comment.
Uh, then I go into the part about having PSTD? PTSD.
Whether or not you have PSTD is between you and your gynaecologist and Navid.
So die in your arms, post-traumatic stress disorder.
- Okay.
Should I cry? - Oh, you can mist up.
No bawling.
Hello? How are we doing? - Aah! - Renee, so good to see you.
You look amazing.
- Raw foods, ha, ha.
- I am throwing out my stove.
Lindsey Austin, Adrianna Tate-Duncan.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Just be yourself, okay? Tell your story.
- It's all gonna be just fine.
- Yeah.
I hope you're right.
I'll see you out there.
So ready, Addy? Yeah, I'm ready.
- Wish me luck.
- Yeah.
Break a leg.
Okay, they're ready for you on set.
So, uh, looks like Ade will be out of the woods pretty soon, uh Call you after I talk to her.
Hope you're having a good morning.
OMG, Katy Perry and Ben Affleck are next-door neighbours.
How cool must their block parties be? Oh, oddly, they never invite me.
- Going out.
- Hey, Annie.
Did you know that you live less than half a mile away from Julia Roberts' brother Eric Roberts, - father of Emma Roberts? - I had no idea.
- Where are you going? - Just to return a shirt.
In Beverly Hills? Oh, that sounds amazing.
You know, I always wanted to know if those salespeople there really are as snobby as they were in Pretty Woman.
Gosh, I wonder where Richard Gere lives.
In a mansion, no doubt.
Emily, um, you wouldn't wanna come with - I'll grab my purse.
Ha, ha.
- Okay, great.
What are you doing? Right.
We're going to the bank.
Naomi, you're driving.
Silver waits with me.
You try anything, and she's dead.
Let's go.
Can I fix my makeup? Naomi.
You wanna look hot for the bank teller? Once a slut, always a slut, huh? If they see me looking like this, they'll know something's wrong.
Go on, then.
The tools of feminine deception.
Your cheeks aren't that pink, your lips aren't that red, and your eyelashes aren't that long.
It's all a lie.
You're such a liar.
I just can't believe that I went shopping on Rodeo Drive.
That's, like, by far the coolest thing I've ever done in my entire life.
Well, I'm glad you had fun.
Do you really think that was Lauren Conrad we saw in Barneys? No.
Like I said, I don't think it was.
Oh, my gosh.
He's definitely a movie star, right? Hi.
You must be Emily.
I must be.
- I mean, I am.
I am.
- Hi.
- Um, Liam, Emily.
Emily, Liam.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi, ahem.
- Hello.
- Hello.
All right.
Um, did you clear your head yet? I'm still thinking.
I'm just gonna check out the surf meet.
I'll see you later.
Nice to meet you, Emily.
OMG, that's, like, the cutest boy I have ever seen in Ha, ha, I totally get why you're so H over H for him.
I am not H over H.
Where do you even get that? Okay, so watching the sparks between you two is like the Fourth of July.
Yeah, well, that doesn't make him any more right for me.
Why? Is he a bad boy? Something like that.
It's complicated.
Um, I'm dating his brother, Charlie.
Oh, that's intense.
And he's a really awesome guy.
That sounds just like the Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie love triangle.
- It does? - Exactly.
Brad and Jen were America's sweethearts before Mr.
& Mrs.
Smith where Angelina ignited his passion.
You know, people said she was wild and dangerous.
You know, they said she had this tattoo near her privates and wore some other guy's blood around her neck.
Look at them now.
They're Brangelina.
One of the ten happiest couples in Hollywood, and Jen can't get a second date.
I think I follow.
You just need to stop being a scaredy-cat with your true feelings.
You know, it's obvious that you and Liam belong together.
- Strangely enough, that makes sense.
- Ha, ha.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
To have someone that close to me die in my arms, it was horrible.
Apparently, it triggered what they call post-traumatic stress disorder.
Of course, I didn't know that at the time.
All I knew was everything was this haze.
You know, I couldn't think clearly.
And so when you took Javier's notebook, you were in that state? - That haze? - Exactly.
And I feel awful about it.
But I just I couldn't think straight.
You know, I wasn't myself.
And when did you come out of it? - Um, out of it? - The state of shock.
Was it before or after you decided to record an entire album of stolen material? Well, uh, PSTD I mean, uh, PTSD can't be cured overnight.
Ha, ha.
Okay, but when? Was it before or after you went out for magazine covers? Before or after you walked down the red carpet with Joe Jonas? - You don't understand.
- I think you're right.
I don't, because when I'm looking at you, I am not seeing a girl who was traumatized.
I'm seeing a girl who got herself in front of the spotlight and loved every second of it.
- All right? - That's right.
- Whoo! - Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Didn't expect to see you here.
Yeah, no, the doctor cleared me to surf.
Um, my leg should be okay.
So, uh, I probably owe you a fish taco or something for saving my life.
You don't owe me.
I'm just glad you didn't die or anything.
Thank you.
Thank you, Dixon.
That's probably the nicest thing you've said to me in months.
All right, guys, listen up.
Come on in.
I know this is gonna be a tough one today with Liam out and everything.
- Guys, I still think we can win this.
- Whoo! Let's go.
Come on, get in the water.
Let's do some warm-ups.
- All right.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- That's it.
- All right.
Let's go.
- Yeah! Ow.
Ivy, you okay over there? Uh, yeah.
I think I might have, like, tweaked my hamstring.
Hey, can you put any weight on it? I mean, yeah.
You know, I can Yeah.
I think you're gonna have to sit this one out.
Oh, dude, come on, coach.
Dude Okay, you guys need me, and it's fine.
I mean, I'm sure I can still surf.
Ivy, hey, it's just one meet, okay? Sorry.
Oh, bitches.
Take off this tape, you stupid sluts.
What did you just call us? - I'm calling the police.
- Wait.
Not yet.
You are a shrivelled excuse for a man.
You're pitiful and you are disgusting.
Hey, I'm calling the police.
They're gonna take him away, and they'll bring him to justice.
Give it to me.
I'll handle the justice myself.
You have the most incredible clothes.
And you look so pretty in everything.
Oh, you're sweet.
So, what do you think? Sweater, no sweater? Mm, it's a little sexier without.
All right.
Sexier, it is.
You are gonna have such an amazing night with Liam.
Hey, I really appreciate your advice.
You really helped me realize what I want.
Please, it was so obvious.
I mean, you two have more chemistry than Demi and Ashton.
Ah, I thought we were Brangelina.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
And we're pretty much the same size, so if you ever want to borrow anything, feel free.
- Really? - Yeah.
You're the best.
Yeah! Come on, Teddy.
You got it.
You got it.
Come on! Come on, come on, come on.
Yeah! Go, Dixon.
Come on, you're killing it.
Come on.
Come on, Teddy, you got this.
- You got it.
That's it.
That's it.
- Nice.
- Oh, Liam, this sucks.
- Totally.
- Go.
Come on.
- What are you doing here? How you feeling? Pretty good till you showed up.
I need to talk to you about Annie.
Let's take a walk.
Okay, straight-up, what happened last night? I don't know what you're talking about.
What did you tell Annie? All of a sudden, she's acting weird.
Maybe she finally realized underneath this Mr.
Cool facade is the guy who lets his kid brother get beat up.
He's too much of a coward to tell the truth.
When are you gonna let it go? I've done nothing but apologize to you and try to make it up to you.
I don't You know what I could never figure out? Why you were such a jerk to me from the day that I showed up that summer.
- Like you were trying to get rid of me.
- You know what? You're right.
I did want you to leave, so I set you up.
I wanted to protect you.
By letting me get beat? - Give me a break.
- Once.
You got beat once by that man, I got it practically every day that summer.
Sometimes twice.
I knew you'd get the same treatment if you stuck around long enough.
I could take it, but there was no way I was letting my brother go through that.
Why didn't you tell me that before? It's not easy to talk about.
But I did wanna talk to you, Liam.
It's just you never stopped long enough to listen.
Please don't do this.
Please, please, please.
Beg, you dog.
I'm begging you, please.
Oh, Naomi.
He deserves to die.
Don't! I'll do anything.
Shut up! I know he deserves to die, but You're not gonna kill anybody.
Not even him.
Naomi, if you do this, your life is over.
He's not worth it.
He's not worth it.
Save your own life.
Okay, well, it was a mistake, all right? I didn't mean to hurt anybody.
- I didn't mean to do it.
- Okay, just take it easy.
Hopefully, our next guest will be able to help clear things up.
Please welcome Javier's uncle and lifelong manager, Victor Luna.
Thank you.
Thank you for having me.
Why don't you start out by telling us about your relationship with Adrianna? Well, she did this amazing musical number at Javier's, uh, memorial.
And frankly, I was surprised that she had it in her.
So she comes to me and she asks me if I would be her manager.
So I check out her new material and it's incredible.
It's as if she was channelling Javier.
And, of course, now I know why.
He's lying, okay? He knew about the notebook all along.
- He blackmailed me.
- Stop finger-pointing and just admit this was all your doing.
Adrianna, Javier's fans deserve better.
Oh, I can't do this.
Victor, I think we're just all dying to know They ambushed me.
It was horrible.
Renee left me.
Everybody hates me.
Thank God I have you.
Oh, my God.
Annie, have you seen my? Oh, I'm sorry, honey.
I thought you were Annie.
No problem.
Annie's amazing.
She said I could borrow anything I wanted.
Oh, I'm glad you two are getting along.
Hey, guys, third place isn't bad.
It's not awesome, but it doesn't suck.
All right, I'll see you next week, okay? Dixon, you were You were killing it out there today, buddy.
- It's all right.
- I'm gonna need more Yeah, I think I'm gonna head out of here.
- How's the leg? - It blows.
- Later.
- Later.
Hey, Dixon.
Hey, you going back out? - If so, I might stick around.
- Um No, um Maybe, um I'm not sure yet.
- Is there something wrong? - No.
Why? I don't know, you're just acting kind of weird.
Look who's talking.
What's that supposed to mean? Look, dude, I think you already know.
No idea.
I saw you kissing lan last night at Adrianna's.
Good one.
Very funny.
I don't know whether you were drunk or high or whatever, but I know what I saw.
Maybe you were high or drunk, it wasn't me.
I was completely sober.
Look, I Are you? Are you gay? Look, look, I don't wanna talk about it.
Just Please just don't say anything about what you saw.
Man, I am begging you.
There you are.
- I thought we were meeting out front.
- Oh.
Look, Liam, I'm sorry that I made you wait.
I just I had a lot to sort out.
But it's you, Liam.
I wanna be with you more than you can even imagine.
So I'm gonna break up with Charlie.
Don't do that.
I don't understand.
What's going on? Charlie came to see me today.
Oh, my God.
- Did you tell him about? - No, no, no.
But we talked.
For the first time in years, we really talked.
I was wrong about him.
About everything.
I screwed up and I wanna make things right, you know? He didn't deserve it, the way I treated him.
I finally have my brother back.
I have family.
If we got together, it would ruin that.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
Get him out of here.