90210 s03e13 Episode Script

It's Getting Hot in Here

Previously on 90210: Cousin Emily gets in today.
We are gonna have the best time together, aren't we? I've loved you for a long time.
I just slept with my boyfriend's brother.
- Gonna break up with Charlie.
- Don't.
- What's going on? - I finally have my brother back.
If we got together, it would ruin that.
My friendship with you was, like, the only thing that made me happy.
I feel it too.
Victor betrayed me.
It's all over the Internet that I stole Javier's notebook.
My life is over.
The paparazzi are back.
I shooed them off the front lawn, but now they're just standing in the driveway.
I can't believe this is happening, Mom.
I don't know what to do.
I'm a national joke.
I can't even leave my house.
- I think you should sell your story.
- What? The record label is trying to get back your entire advance.
Plus, you still owe a fortune on that absurd house you rented.
You might as well make some money while you can.
I don't know.
Well, it worked for Lindsay Lohan.
When she got out of jail, I think she made like $500,000 for her first interview.
My publicist isn't even returning my calls.
It's okay.
A reporter from one of the tabloids called this morning.
He wants to do an exclusive interview.
Here's his phone number.
Just think about it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Couldn't wait to come over here and do that.
God, you're so beautiful.
No, stop.
What? I can't do this anymore.
- Silver - Look, this last week with you has been amazing.
Honestly, you're all I think about anymore.
But the moment you walk out that door, I am sick to my stomach with guilt.
I'm not eating, I'm not sleeping.
I can't live like this, Navid.
This isn't me.
I'm not gonna do this to Adrianna.
It's okay.
I'm gonna break up with Adrianna today.
- She can handle it.
The worst is over.
- Then what? - What do you mean? - We just start dating? She'd never forgive either of us.
I mean, it would kill her.
Okay, so we wait.
We keep it to ourselves for a while.
For how long? A week? A month? She's never gonna be okay with this.
At least we can stop now before we've slept together.
- Silver, come on.
- I've given this a lot of thought.
I can't keep running around behind her back with you.
It's too much for me.
Hey, Charlie, I'm taking off.
I'll see you tonight.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Charlie's in his room.
Well, bye.
Charlie? - Hey.
- Hey.
So I was thinking maybe today we could finally do that hike in Griffith Park.
Um, tsk, we need to talk.
We do, huh? - Um, I like you a lot, Charlie.
- I like you too.
But we have to stop seeing each other.
I'm sorry.
I thought things were good with us.
Well, up until last week.
It seemed like suddenly something changed.
- Did I do something? - No, no, nothing.
Um I'm just really busy with school and my family and stuff, and I just don't think I have time for a relationship right now.
Is there someone else? No, nothing like that at all.
It's just me.
Well, uh, this sucks.
Yeah, I know.
I'm really sorry.
Me too.
Well, I guess I should go.
- Ten thousand dollars? - Look, that's it.
But I'm giving you an exclusive.
Well, you're not giving me new information.
Call me back if you get something better.
What is this splash of genius you had? Since winter break is almost done and our Mr.
Cannon nightmare is finally finished - Thank God.
- Thank God.
- we should all get away for the weekend.
Bacara, I love it.
We can stay at my usual suite, my treat.
Klaus gives the most amazing deep-tissue massages ever.
- Ha, ha.
- No.
I was thinking we could go on a yoga retreat in Ojai.
- Ooh.
- It's called The Shining Tree.
It's run by this super-famous guru, Guru Sona.
It's basically like a spa in the woods.
Plus, they have this thing called a sweat lodge.
It's supposed to be this incredibly intense, cathartic, like, spiritual experience.
You had me at spa.
I'm in.
I've always wanted to go to a yoga retreat.
Uh, awesome.
I really need a break from my life.
You won't believe this.
The paparazzi just followed me here.
One of them snuck into the beach club, dressed up as a waiter, and started snapping pictures.
- Wow.
- Oh, my God.
Why won't they just leave me alone? - This whole thing is so unfair.
- Sucks.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey, I got something that might take your mind off your problems.
How would you feel about getting out of town with us for a couple of days to an amazing, paparazzi-free yoga retreat? - Oh, my God, I would love to.
- Perfect.
It's settled.
- Girls' weekend.
- Yeah.
- Salute.
- Ha, ha.
Uh, you're not moving to Ojai, are you? I've never been to a yoga retreat.
I didn't know what to bring.
Well, I'm pretty sure you won't need this.
- Ha, ha.
- Thank you for inviting Emily.
- You made me.
- I know.
But I still appreciate it when you do what I tell you.
Well, I'm just hoping that some yoga and that meditation will chill her out because she's really been getting on my nerves.
- I'm home! - Yay.
We're in the kitchen.
- Oh, your hair looks nice.
- Thanks.
I really love it.
I just bought the cutest new yoga pants.
I'm gonna go try them on.
- Oh, my God.
- Don't overreact.
Don't overreact? She borrows my clothes and my perfume and my jewellery and my makeup, and last night I saw her using my deodorant.
But this? She's Single White Female- ing me.
Annie, you should be flattered.
She looks up to you.
She just wants to be like you.
Dixon, will you please back me up on this? Uh Look, I don't know.
It is a little weird.
But it's just her hair.
Oh, come on, guys.
I have tried to give Emily the benefit of the doubt, okay? I have.
But this is too much.
She's weird and clingy, and I just wish she would get her own life and stop trying to steal mine.
Ojai, here we come.
- Here we are, ladies.
- Oh.
Ha, ha.
Who's ready to get their om on? Uh-huh.
Um, you know, it's not too late to book a room at Bacara.
Naomi, this is gonna be fun.
Embrace the experience.
I like it.
Reminds me of summer camp.
- Ha-ha-ha.
What do you think, Emily? - It's fine.
- Oh, my God.
- Are you okay? Ashton Kutcher is no longer following me on Twitter.
Tsk, oh.
Welcome to The Shining Tree.
I am Guru Sona.
I hope that you will find your stay here both physically and spiritually rewarding.
Like spring buds, you are here to blossom and bloom.
And are those the "private" bungalows we were promised? Yes.
One per guest.
They're angled perfectly to wake you with the earliest morning sun.
Now, if Warwick can collect your cell phones? Phones.
Ha, ha.
Let go of the connection that binds you to your everyday reality.
By which I mean, let go of your cell phone.
- Oh, I can't give you my phone.
- Sure you can.
It's fun off the grid.
The use of any electronic device is strictly prohibited.
This is a place of reflection and disconnection from the outside world.
Now, before you take your bags to your bungalows Ahem.
- you can proceed to the registration cabin, where our staff will help you plan your time here.
I particularly recommend tomorrow night's sweat lodge.
Not to be missed.
Welcome and enjoy.
- Huh.
- So exciting.
Knock, knock.
- Hi.
- Are you excited for tomorrow? Are you kidding? A night at home just the two of us? No sneaking around, no paranoia? - Sounds wonderful.
- I don't know.
Without all that stress and tension, what if it's just not that exciting? Hmm, I think we'll find a way to generate some excitement.
See you tomorrow night.
I just don't get it.
It's supposed to put you into a meditative place, to get you to a state of inner peace.
- While walking around in circles? - It's a labyrinth.
And it's a metaphor for your journey through life.
Did the guru slip you something? Because you're talking nonsense.
Ade, you understand, right? Did you see a computer in that cabin? I really need to check my website for a second.
Glad you guys are finding this to be such an enriching experience.
- Oh, look, nuts and berries for dinner.
- Give in to the experience.
The only thing I wanna give in to is a vodka martini and a sexy park ranger.
Hey, are you coming to dinner? No, I'm not hungry.
Okay, what's your problem? - Nothing.
- Unh, it's not nothing.
You've been moping around and you've barely said two words since we left Beverly Hills.
If you don't wanna be here, then you didn't have to come.
Oh, no.
Emily, I didn't mean that you shouldn't have come.
I just mean that you don't seem to be having a very good time.
I'm just finding it really hard to fit in.
I'm not as cool as you.
Look, I totally understand what you're going through.
- No, you don't.
- I really do.
When I first moved to Beverly Hills, I felt like such an outsider.
- You? - Totally.
I thought that everyone here was gonna be shallow and superficial and no one would be as genuine as my friends in Kansas.
I didn't think that I had the right clothes or the right shoes or the right hair.
I thought everyone hated me.
But then I lived here for a little while, and I realised that people here are just as nice and genuine as the people back home.
They're just much richer and better-dressed.
- Really? - I swear.
You just gotta give it some time.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Now, come on, I'm starving.
Mm, is this a bug? Oh, my God, they're feeding us bugs.
It's a date.
Yeah, well, it tastes like a bug, and I don't like bugs.
I like room service and seaweed-infusion, full-body massages.
Naomi, it's not that bad.
- Here, try some grated beetroot.
- Unh.
You have to stay for the sweat lodge.
It's supposed to be really incredible.
I do not sweat.
I perspire lightly.
Before we begin our feast, I would like us all to close our eyes, bow our heads, and offer a chant of gratitude.
Why should I be grateful? I've lost everything I spent my entire life working for.
It's so unfair.
You know, Ade, it really isn't that unfair.
- What? - Naomi.
- No, she's right.
It's enough already.
- What do you mean? No one forced you to steal a dead guy's songs and pass them off as your own.
- What are you saying? - You did an awful, unethical thing, you got caught, and now you're paying the price.
- I'm saying you had it coming.
- I can't believe this.
Is that what you think too, Annie, that I've had it coming? Uh, well, I mean, what you did was sort of twisted.
So all of you guys think that I'm some horrible person? I thought I could count on you.
I thought that my friends would be able to stand behind me through the worst time in my life.
Oh, my God! All we've done is support you.
Believe me, it hasn't been easy.
Okay, well, I'm sorry for being such a burden.
No, what you should be sorry for is turning into a vain, self-absorbed bitch that none of us can stand to be around.
- Preach it, sister.
- Guys, come on.
I knew you couldn't handle my fame.
I knew you guys were jealous.
Oh, yeah? Really? Gosh, because all I ever wanted to do was someday get into a car accident with a big pop star so I could steal his music and be just like you.
I don't need to listen to this.
That's it.
Now, hug your knees around your ears.
What is the point of doing this if there's no guys around to watch? Focus on your breathing.
This is called karnapidasana.
Uh, I can't feel my feet or my hands.
I don't think my body's supposed to bend like this.
Just breathe.
Now slowly roll down, one vertebra at a time.
Make your way into a comfortable sitting position.
Thank God.
I trust that everyone is enjoying themselves? - Absolutely.
- It's great.
- Where is Adrianna? - Unh.
Trying to tweet with a rock and a twig.
You all ready for the hike up the Mountain of Fire? - I can't wait.
- I miss Klaus.
I will see you there.
- I'm gonna get some water.
- I'm right behind you.
Uh, you know, as delightful as walking up the Mountain of Fire sounds, I think I'm just gonna take a nap instead.
Can you wake me up for the sweat lodge? - Absolutely.
- Thanks.
Seriously, dude, you should go pro.
You're ridiculous.
- Uh, I'm just getting lucky, man.
- I'm embarrassing myself out here.
Here we go.
What's going on, man? You look like your dog died.
Annie broke up with me yesterday.
- Really? - Yeah.
- I really liked her, you know? - Yeah, I know.
- I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
Do you know if she's seeing someone else? No.
She said there was no one else.
I just I don't know.
I got this feeling that maybe there was.
Anyway, now I gotta figure out what to do about this semester in Paris.
- Paris? - Yeah, I wasn't planning on going because things were so good with Annie.
But now that we're not together, I thought maybe I'll go.
Anyway, I gotta figure it out quick.
The semester starts next week.
Next week? Heh.
That's not a lot of time.
I know.
Well, do whatever you wanna do, you know, but for what it's worth, I kind of hope you stay.
Kind of enjoying having my big brother around, you know? Me too, man.
You swear? Dixon, I promise I'd tell you if I thought your chest was getting too big.
Dude, look, I've just been working out really hard lately, and I'm worried it's starting to look weird.
Uh, I'll tell you what's weird.
Uh, this conversation is weird.
I don't wanna talk about your man boobs anymore.
Ha, ha.
You just gotta start hitting the gym with me, man.
Yeah, I really don't.
Navid, I need your help.
I can't find Adrianna.
She's not answering her phone.
I don't know where she is.
Oh, slow down.
What's the matter? What's going on? Adrianna transferred the rest of her money into my bank account to keep it from being seized by the record company.
But she forgot to sign one of the papers, so the bank is refusing to complete the transfer.
- She's gotta sign these right away.
- It's okay.
I know where she is.
- Um, she's up in Ojai.
- Ojai? Oh, God, I can't drive to Ojai.
I have to work.
No problem.
Uh, I'll take it up to her.
- You will? - Of course.
Oh, thank you, Navid.
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
Thank you.
There goes your future mother-in-law.
- This is super weird.
- The music? It's beautiful.
Not just the music, everything.
You're not just a little creeped out that we're spending our vacation handling dead animal skins? It's a Native American tradition.
Yeah, it's really starting to creep me out too.
You know, back in Kansas, I used to go hunting with my family out in Flint Hills.
We had to gut our own kill.
So this is really nothing for me.
- Thank you, Warwick.
- Thank you, Guru Sona.
Nice work, ladies.
We are about to share a very profound experience.
Adapted from Native American rituals, the sweat lodge is a place of healing for your mind, your body and your spirit, where you can discover your inner truth.
This is a sacred place where you're free to be you.
Now, let us enter.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
I'm glad you came.
Hey, where's Annie? Oh, she wanted to sleep.
She asked me not to wake her.
Go on, Susan.
Tell us how that made you feel.
I couldn't be a mother, but, um, I was still his wife.
- And I still had value.
- You are infinitely valuable.
This is not your fault.
I know.
I know.
Thank you.
Thank you, Susan, for your openness and your honesty.
Now, who's next? Adrianna, tell us what's in your heart.
What pain are you carrying that you wish to release? Unburden yourself.
Um I don't know.
I guess I've been going through a really rough time lately.
And what has been your role? - What do you mean? - Well, we are creators.
Our lives do not simply happen to us.
We are in control.
So, what has been your role? I guess I've done some unethical things.
Some really unethical things.
Why? What did you hope to gain? - Everything.
Fame, money, success.
- But why? To what end? What void were you trying to fill? I guess I just wanna feel important, to matter.
You don't feel that you're important? That you matter? No, no, no, I do.
But I've sacrificed so much.
It has to be for something greater, you know? I dropped out of school.
I gave up so much time with my friends and family and other things.
What other things? Well, two years ago, I got pregnant, and I gave the baby up for adoption.
Um, I gave her up because I wasn't ready to be a mother, you know, and I wanted I wanted to do what was best for her.
But I guess I also wanted a chance at living my life, you know, and pursuing my dreams.
I felt like I was destined for greater things, stardom.
All that made sense back then.
But now I mean, if I'm not I mean, if I'm just gonna be me, what did I give my baby up for? You know, why did I do that? I gave up my own child for nothing.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
Thank you, Adrianna, for sharing.
You are very brave.
Okay, roasted potatoes will be done in a couple of minutes and then we'll be ready to eat.
- Well, it all looks delicious.
- Mm.
- This wine is wonderful.
- Oh, yeah, I'm glad you like it.
It's a 1987 Bordeaux from the CĂ´tes de Blaye region.
It's a supple, full-bodied wine with hints of fresh cherries, delicately laced with oak to compliment the natural fruitiness.
- Wow, you know a lot about wine.
- Not really.
I just memorized the label on the way over to impress you.
Well, I'm very impressed by your memorization skills.
- Oh, why, thank you.
- Ha, ha.
Mom? Oh.
Uh, quick.
- In the pantry.
- You serious? - Yeah.
- What? - Hey.
- Hey.
- What's going on here? - Oh, I just felt like cooking.
- Trying out some new recipes.
- Oh, good.
I'm starving.
What? Oh, I thought you and Navid were hanging out tonight.
Oh, well, we were, but, um, something came up and he had to bail.
Oh, man, this smells amazing.
I guess it's just me and you for dinner tonight, so, uh, let's eat.
Oh, yeah, great.
Ha, ha, let's eat.
Some of these.
- What do I want? - Your deepest desire.
Well, I really wanna be a filmmaker.
I'm hoping to get into NYU next year.
That would be awesome.
Dig deeper, Silver.
I don't want facts.
I want emotions.
You're holding back.
What's in your heart? Share your feelings.
I don't really know.
Ha, ha.
Whatever you want, whatever is in your heart, you can have it, but you have to be willing to state it plainly and clearly.
I promise you that whatever you most deeply desire, you can manifest in your life.
It's okay.
Whatever it is, you can say it.
I'm sorry.
You know, I'm really not feeling very good.
I think the heat's just too much.
I'm gonna go.
You're really here? Yeah.
- You okay? - What are you doing here? - I was hanging out with Dixon - It doesn't matter.
Thank you for sharing.
Oh, I'm happy just listening to everyone.
- This is a safe place.
- Oh, I know.
I just don't really feel like spilling my guts to a room full of sweaty strangers.
No offence.
It is often those most resistant who have the most to gain from this experience.
- I'm sure.
Ha, ha.
- Hmm.
We have all had pain.
We've all had heartache.
We have all suffered.
I think I got you all beat in the suffering department this year.
What is it? What happened? I really don't wanna get into it.
Too painful? An old Cherokee chief was teaching his grandson about life.
"There's a great fight going on inside of all of us," he told him.
"And it's a fight between two wolves.
One is evil.
He is anger, envy, guilt, sorrow and ego.
And the other is good.
He is joy, love, hope, truth and faith.
" The grandson asked, "Which wolf will win?" And the chief replied: "The one you feed.
" This is a chance, Naomi, for you to feed the good wolf.
I was raped.
Um, but I'm okay.
Really, I am.
I've gotten through it.
Um, it was incredibly hard for a while.
But I'm here, and he's in jail.
And I've moved on.
You should be very proud of yourself.
You've overcome something truly horrific.
You're a strong woman, Naomi.
A survivor.
Thank you.
So, what does this mean moving forward? What do you mean? How will you grow from this experience? Well, I guess if I could, I'd like to help women and girls who have been through the same thing.
Good, Naomi.
Good for you.
That's wonderful.
Yeah, I guess, in general, I'd just like to do something positive with my life.
Go on.
Well, I've recently come into a lot of money.
And I could sit here all day and tell you how much I enjoy spending it on myself.
But I'd also like to make a difference in the world.
I've seen firsthand where wealth and aimlessness can lead.
Excellent, Naomi.
You're on a very positive, very spiritual path.
Keep pursuing it.
Thank you, Guru Sona.
Now, our journey here is almost complete.
I would like you all I'm sorry, can I just? Can I say something? Of course you can, Emily.
I have to say that this has been the most incredible experience of my entire life.
And I just want you guys to know that I think you are both amazing, beautiful people.
I mean, you have been so kind to me, and I'm so grateful that you let me be a part of this.
You're not at all shallow and superficial like Annie said.
- What? - Oh, no, that's not what she meant.
She just said that you're not as genuine as the people we know in Kansas.
Oh, this is coming out all wrong.
Please don't be mad at Annie.
I promised her that I would never say anything when she talks about you guys behind your backs.
Please don't say anything.
No one is going to say anything.
This is a safe place.
- Yeah, we won't say anything.
- Of course not.
Thank you.
Let's close our eyes.
Nice deep breath.
Why don't you cook like this all the time? This is fantastic.
Mm, and you're really savouring every bite.
You mind if I have that last piece? Oh, I don't see why not.
Ooh! I'm gonna, uh, put on some of those hot pepper flakes.
Um No, no, no.
You sit.
I'll get it.
Because you are my prince tonight.
I can't argue with that.
I'm so sorry.
I just feel like the whole world should know about Guru Sona.
She should be on Oprah or something.
Oprah would love her.
I've never met anybody so serene and yet so powerful.
I mean, she's like a hot, skinny, female Buddha.
Ha, ha.
Hey, Emily, why didn't you wake me up for the sweat lodge? - I thought you wanted to sleep.
- I never said that.
I'm sorry.
There must have just been a miscommunication.
Well, I don't see how that's really possible, because I was very clear.
I said to wake me up for the sweat lodge.
I thought you didn't want me to wake you up.
I specifically told you to wake me.
Hey, Annie, relax.
Jeez, she made a mistake.
It's okay, Emily.
I kept thinking, "I am gonna pass out and totally face-plant into the hot coal.
" Or Guru Sona's lap.
Ha, ha.
- How are you feeling? - Much better.
I, um, guess I just needed some sleep.
- Navid? - What? Oh, my God, it is you.
What are you doing here? Uh, your mom had important papers for you to sign, and she said they couldn't wait.
She was really freaking out.
So you just drove all the way up here? You're incredible.
Best boyfriend in the world, ladies, right here.
- Mm.
- Here you go, girls.
Yay, yay, yay.
Only one left.
Hey, Naomi, your phone.
I don't need mine right now.
I've decided to stay.
- What? - Stay? I'm gonna spend the whole week up here.
I really feel like I've had some realizations and I wanna keep exploring.
- That's amazing.
- Well, you leave her in good hands.
Have a good time.
And don't eat too many bugs.
Thanks for making me come up here.
I owe you one.
My pleasure.
Let's hit it.
Have a safe trip back.
So, what do you think about my cooking? - I think you should stick to ping-pong.
- Oh, man, that's cold.
I'm just kidding.
It's good.
Actually, I'm gonna get some more.
I don't remember the last time I ate that much food.
You really put it away.
You're the best, Mom.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Um, I guess I'm gonna go, uh, do some studying.
- Uh, need some help cleaning up? - No.
Like I said, you are my prince tonight.
Okay, cool.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Oh, I am so sorry, Ryan.
I'm mortified.
That was not how this evening was supposed to go.
It definitely wasn't.
Look, I understand if you don't wanna keep seeing me, but I don't want the kids to know I'm dating their teacher.
No, I understand.
- But? - No buts.
I understand, and I wanna keep seeing you.
Even if we have to sneak around.
So how do you feel? I feel amazing.
From this day forward, your life will never be the same.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Are you alone? - Yeah, come on in.
I got your text.
- What text? - The text you sent me.
I didn't send you a text.
Uh, yeah, you did.
"Come see me tomorrow.
We belong together"? - I swear I didn't send this to you.
- Well, it came from your phone.
Charlie must have sent it.
Why would Charlie send me this text from your phone? He said something kind of cryptic this morning before he left.
He told me he wanted me to be happy and not feel like I owed him anything.
It seemed kind of weird at the time, but now that he's gone What do you mean, he's gone? He left this morning for a semester in Paris.
So, what does that mean? I guess Charlie thinks we belong together.
And what do you think? - Hello? - Hey, it's Adrianna.
Yeah? I have something for you, and I think its worth a lot more than $10,000.
Okay, go ahead.
I'm listening.
I gave a baby up for adoption.
That's good, but not good enough.
Now, if you were trying to get your baby back, that would be a big story.
Well, I am trying.
I wanna get my baby back.