90210 s04e04 Episode Script

Let the Games Begin

Previously on 90210: You're the only one who really understands the loss I feel.
Jim took my place that night.
Your husband is dead because of me.
What am I going to do? I'm 20 years old, and the baby's father is dead.
I don't know how we're going to live together or raise a baby, but I want to give it a try.
They paid us to hang out with them? We're escorts.
It's totally legal.
You're running a car theft ring on my stage? No.
We're running a car theft ring out of your stage.
I'm gonna have to pull a all-nighter, and I'm already losing energy.
AUSTIN: I got my ADHD medication here somewhere.
I gave his stage space to someone else last minute, an-and Juice got pissed.
Do you know how much I've worked for this? Your test results came in.
You are not pregnant.
Oh, I can still go to MIT; you can go to CU.
We could go on with our lives like we planned.
I know she doesn't want to know what's Max was thinking right now, but someday she will.
HOLLY: It's a love letter from Naomi's ex-boyfriend breaking her heart.
This'll come in handy when I'm bringing that bitch down.
I'm going to go drop out of Kappa.
No, you can't.
If I'm going to destroy her, I need someone on the inside.
(Naomi gasps) Oh, I just almost got mauled by a rabid pack of joggers, and not one of them stop to check me out.
I need a latte, stat.
(sighs) Ew! What is this, sugar-free? That's all they serve.
Holly passed a motion last year to skinnify the coffee bar.
How is that up to her? Control the Greek Council, control the campus.
Which brings me to why I called this meeting.
Ladies, I do not do second fiddle.
I need to replace Holly as head of the Greek Council by beating the Kappas at the Greek Games.
Uh, Naomi, it's not that easy.
More sweaty joggers.
NAOMI: What in God's name are they doing? MARGENE: Running.
(scoffs) From the fashion police? Pink velour is so '06! ALANA: They're training for the Greek Games.
The whole campus is.
The Kappas paired up with Tau Pai Nu, the football team frat.
They can't lose.
Every sorority pairs with a fraternity.
We're with Psi Phi Upsilon.
The basketball team? Chess.
I never realized these games were so un-fun.
Whatever, I'm not giving up.
My little double agent Annie has promised to throw the volleyball game.
I mean, it's not like the Kappas haven't been beaten before, right? Right? Actually, three years ago, the stoner frat and their partner won.
Chi Phi Tau.
Don't you know one of them-- that Austin guy? Maybe he could give us some tips.
The last time I asked that guy for tips, I ended up wrestling a pig.
We understand.
Taking Holly down is a herculean task.
Anyone would be intimidated.
(sighs) HOLLY: Watch out, girls, don't step in any cow Pis.
Intimidated? If you think a bunch of tanorexics in mortifying jogging suits are gonna scare me off, you clearly don't know me very well.
(chuckles) That really is disgusting.
No carbs, Clare.
Okay, all, refuel, regroup at the lap pool in 20.
Geez, is she always this tough? Oh, this is nothing.
Last year she made us sleep in ankle weights.
(gasps) Thanks.
Thank you.
You know what? Actually, I'm fine with just water.
I got it.
Are you sure? Yes.
I'll pay you back.
I just got my textbooks and so I'm short on cash.
Look, Annie, if you need a way to make money quickly, you know how to do it.
Yes, well, being a paid escort isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think after-school job.
After-school job? Annie, folding sweaters is so not Kappa.
If you need money, there's always the Kappa scholarship.
I mean, it's very competitive, but with my recommendation, I'm sure you'd have a shot.
Wow, that sounds amazing.
The only thing is, the application is due this Friday, so you'd have to work on the essay and turn in the application this week, so it wouldn't really give you much time to train for the Games.
Oh, but what about volleyball? Yeah, it's a shame, but I'm sure the rest of the girls would understand.
Sure hope so.
For you.
What's this? (whistles) Your cut.
Of what, your stolen car money? Navid, we are partners now.
I may be in a dishonorable business, but I am an honorable businessman.
That's your half of the profits.
Cash in a shopping bag? Oh, I-I've seen this movie before, and this never ends well for the guy with the shopping bag.
I'm not taking your dirty money.
It's already yours.
Go buy yourself a new car or do something nice for one of your friends.
I don't care, it's out of my hands.
(clicks tongue) My stuff from home finally got here.
(chuckles) Oh.
(laughs) This is going on the board.
My mom cut my hair until I was 16, okay? What? These are the pictures from that day at the lake.
Jim was so sunburned, remember? Apartment rentals? Yeah, we need a new place to live.
You're not raising a baby in a bar.
Wow, are those prices in dollars? Yeah, it's expensive living near the beach.
We could commute.
From Encino.
(laughs) Maybe we won't have to.
This is from Jim's life insurance company.
I need to fly back to Alaska to file a death certificate.
I couldn't deal with doing it before, but it's time.
We need the money.
No, no, I am not taking Jim's life insurance money.
I've been mooching off you since I got here, and you're trying to get the bar off the ground.
Let me help.
Not in that way.
The bar will start to bring in cash eventually.
We'll be fine.
But we need money now.
(sighs) (laughs) Oh, dude, when you said you had a surprise for me, I thought it was free burritos or something.
This has to be expensive.
Studio time? Ah, don't worry about what it costs.
It's yours next five days.
Well, I got a little extra because of Bieber, and, uh, I feel bad 'cause I messed things up for you with that producer.
Let me make it up to you.
(laughing): I I can't accept this.
It's out of my hands.
Oh, uh, better than burritos? I'm going to kiss you on the mouth.
Come here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy now.
Oh, my God, you're here.
I'm so embarrassed.
Yeah, you, you look real embarrassed.
Yeah, I was just driving down from Malibu, and I spilled an entire iced coffee on the front of my couture dress.
That would be a $900 dress.
I had to soak it before the stain set in.
How'd you get in here? You boys really should lock up.
I mean, crazies could just wander in off the street.
(laughs) Crazies in sexy underwear? (laughs) I'm half-naked here; don't mock me.
The way you're mocking me? (moans) What are you talking about? Stop wasting my time, tell me what you want.
I want your help with the Greek Games.
I happen to know that you were with the winning frat a couple years ago and I'm gonna need some tips if I'm going to take down Holly and her stupid Kappas.
Holly Strickler? Yes.
And you thought the way to get my help was to try and seduce me? Trust me, this hurts me more than it hurts you.
I find you repulsive.
And I find you a pain in the ass.
You know what? (chuckles) I don't need your help because you are the single most annoying man on the entire planet.
Well, you're no peach yourself there, sweetheart.
(low grunt) (both moaning) What do you taste like? What is that-- hay? (laughs) (grunts) (screams) (both moaning) Well, now it's a nine dollar dress.
(both moaning) + I have Devon slated for the pie-eating contest.
Sheldon, you look double-jointed.
You can do the limbo.
And surfing competition, we have a ringer-- Ivy Sullivan, new Pi member.
Say what? Oh, uh-uh, n-n-n-no, I am not joining your sorority, okay? Plus, I can't-- I don't even go to CU.
Yes, you do.
I signed you up for ceramics and paid Alexis to go to class for you every week.
You're welcome.
Wait, so what about that Austin guy? He wouldn't do anything for you? (chuckles) Nothing pertinent to the Games.
New plan-- it's just us, but we do have Annie.
Actually, uh, no, you don't.
I had to drop out of the Games.
No, no, you're you're our secret weapon.
How are we supposed to win without you? I'm sorry.
(overlapping chatter) AUSTIN: There's one way to beat the Kappas.
The key, ladies, to defeating the enemy is finding their Achilles heel.
Every team has one; I'll find theirs.
That's my end of the bargain.
Yours is, you got to be ready to strike.
The year my frat won the Games, we all stopped smoking weed for an entire week.
You want to win? You need that level of commitment, ladies.
You want a secret weapon? You got one.
Now, who's in? (whistles) All right, last one to the practice field does suicide sprints, let's go.
That's right, let's go, let's go.
Whoo! Whoo! Look at all the dudes, all right.
That means you, too, bird legs.
What? Come on.
Ow! Come on, let's go, go, let's go! Morning, beautiful.
(both laugh) Thanks.
You're in a good mood.
Yeah, I like knowing Dixon is heading to his first day in the studio right now.
You should have seen his face.
It was classic.
Can you really afford this? Yeah.
Just got it covered.
Navid, talk to me.
Tell me what's going on.
Did you have to bump Juice for Bieber because your family needs money? It was it was definitely for my family.
Look, it's done, okay? I got some extra money, and I'm making things right with Dixon.
It feels good.
In fact, why don't I fund a little project for you? I mean, you need something on your reel other than documentaries.
Navid, you don't have to do that.
I know I don't have to do it.
I want to.
We'll just call me your Sugar Daddy.
No, I will not.
Please? Just once.
(laughs) No, quit it.
I'm not asking for much.
(laughing) There's nowhere to put all of this.
The walk-in is completely full.
We moved twice this amount at the opening.
I based the order on that.
Maybe we store it in your bedroom, or something? Is Jane sleeping? She went to Alaska for a few days.
Is everything okay? If by okay you mean we're going to be living on her dead husband's insurance money because the bar's not turning a profit, then yeah, things are great.
These things take time.
I don't have time.
I gotta make this thing work now.
It's not just Jane, you know, it's my life.
Sorry, I thought you were open.
We are.
You know what? I need some air.
Do you think I could take my break right now? Hmm.
Yeah, I think I could spare you.
ADRIANNA: Thank you.
Sorry about that.
I just cannot do the casual thing with Ade.
I don't know if I'll ever be able to.
Not getting in the middle of it.
(sighs) Fair enough.
Happier topic.
So Navid is funding a project for me.
I know a lot of directors get started in commercials, so I was thinking: you need to advertise, right? I need experience.
Now, before you say no I'll do it.
You realize I want you to be in the commercial, right? If it will help the bar take off, I will tap dance in a chicken suit.
Well, I was thinking more jazz hands in a gorilla suit, but I will consider a chicken suit.
All right.
Oh, wait a minute.
Do I know you? Yeah, I do.
You work at that bar on Main.
Offshore, yeah.
That's gotta be hard work, slinging cocktails for sunburnt tourists.
Right? You on your break? Um actually, it's more like a mental break.
There was an uncomfortable situation that I needed to get away from.
So What is it, your boss? Mmm.
No, he's actually my friend.
But he wants to be more? That's typical.
No, it's not like that.
That's probably why he's running a bar in the first place, is to pick up pretty girls like you.
He's more like my brother.
My really protective brother.
I don't I don't mean anything by it.
And it's, it's good that he doesn't hit on you.
So does he have a girlfriend or something? You know what? It's getting late.
I really should be heading back.
Uh, but it was nice meeting you.
Two girls uh two more Mm, they uh, uh (music and beats cut off) Look, I-I-I can't, I can't think of nothing, man.
Um what do you think? Well, I don't think you're going to be cutting an EP in five days at this pace.
But don't feel bad, kid.
The artists who are blowing up at your age, they're of a certain breed.
They eat, sleep and breathe music 24-7.
Believe me, not everybody has that kind of focus.
Let's, uh, switch up line 23, 24 Um, yo, uh can I get a minute? + Hi there.
Can I help you? Got anything to quench my thirst? Here at Offshore, the beer is cold the view is hot and the surf is up.
So come on down.
(giggles) Cut! What? Liam, what are you doing? I'm I'm acting.
Well, don't.
Yeah, maybe don't.
And you, I really need you to hit your mark.
Are you seeing the tape on the ground? I'm kind of seeing two.
Is this real beer?! Props! Great.
Uh, all right.
Can someone make a coffee run for her? Please? Really fast? And get an iced tea for Coco! She's thirsty.
Is it hot in here? Yeah, the AC's busted.
I think we blew out a fuse because of all these lights.
Everybody hang in there, okay? If we can stay on track for one more hour, we can make our day.
Wardrobe! What now? I think Coco just puffed.
Okay, everybody.
Take five.
Okay? Take five.
AUSTIN: Last one.
Last one, Clark, let's go.
That's what you said last time.
Yeah, I lied.
Nice work.
You're the devil.
And you made a deal with me.
Yes, I did.
And we are running ourselves ragged here.
When are you going to live up to your half of the bargain? Tonight.
I know Holly's weakness.
What is it already? You'll see.
Just meet me at the track here tonight, 9:00.
She runs in the dark so nobody sees her sweat.
Trust me.
Nice work, ladies.
And action! Here at Offshore, the beer is cold (Liam grunts) (actress giggling) ACTRESS: Sorry.
Come on.
Oh, my gosh.
I am so sorry.
LIAM: What are you doing there? (sputters) And that's a wrap! (bell rings) Sorry.
I know that wasn't supposed to be funny, but that really was.
Are you sure you got it? Because I really want to give it my all, you know? Liam, you've given me all you can give me.
That, I am sure of.
That was brilliant.
Shut up, man.
So how'd it go? Let's just say Robert De Niro I am not.
You know what? You've had a long day.
I'll clean it up.
Really? Are you sure? I'm sure.
Good night, Mr.
De Niro.
I've been out on the deck.
You're home! What are you doing? I thought this was Austin's room.
Yeah, it is.
He's just always stealing my socks.
Um, what are you doing here? Oh, Austin let me in before he left.
I cannot get any work done at the sorority.
Someone is always blasting Britney.
What are you working on? Uh, my essay for the Kappa scholarship.
If I don't get it, I really don't know how I'm going to pay for school.
Tuition's due in two weeks and I can't call Mom.
Well, I'd rather call her for tuition than rent.
Hey, Mom, how's Paris? Well, I dropped out of school to work on my music, and that's not working out either.
Send money for pizza.
Actually, in Paris I believe it's called le pizza.
Le pizza sounds so good right now.
Ooh! It really does.
Oh, here.
Mushroom and pepperoni, please.
(chuckles) On-on second thought, maybe we should call Mom.
Dixon, Mom and Dad have their own money problems.
We're adults now.
We have to find our own solutions.
You're right.
So this is your plan, 007? Just sitting here? Where's Holly? You know, believe it or not, I'm really trying to help you.
Like you helped me with your crazy pig? All right, fair enough.
But you know, not every girl can wrestle a hog.
I mean, for a spoiled little Beverly Hills brat, you've got true grit.
I actually liked that movie.
Even though it was full of filthy cowboys.
Well, the good thing about us filthy cowboys is that, uh, well, we know how to handle a load of bull.
Are you saying I'm full of it? I'm saying I can handle it.
Austin? What the hell? Hey, Holls.
You know Naomi.
Apparently so do you.
We are so over.
The two of you were dating? I wouldn't say dating.
We just, uh, we've hooked up a few times.
You know, I tried to move on and she keyed my truck.
So that's what this was, us here, us kissing, it was to piss her off.
That was your plan? Talk about an Achilles heel.
Pretty awesome, right? (forced chuckle) One up top.
There it is.
(music playing through headphones) + Ade? What's going on? Did you spend the night here? I must have.
I met a guy on the pier yesterday.
He seemed friendly, but then he started asking all these personal questions, so I shut it down.
And then last night when I was closing up, he was outside on the deck, waiting.
Why didn't you wake me up? You'd had a long day.
I thought I'd wait him out, and I don't know, I guess I fell asleep.
So you spent the night here being terrorized by a stalker? I could have taken care of it! You know what? I'm going to take care of it.
(keypad beeping) EMCEE: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to CU's 25th annual Greek Games! Okay, so are you all good? Do you need anything at all? Dude, you know, I don't have to do this.
I just I can just drop out right now, it's not even a big deal Ivy, I do not need you to nurse me all the time, okay? Now, get out there and kick some Kappa butt! Right, because apparently winning for my sorority's what I'm all about now.
The fate of the Greek world lies in your hands.
Wish me luck.
EMCEE: And the surf competition's off to a rousing start, with Ivy Sullivan kicking off round one.
Ouch! Kappa goes down! Whoo! Yeah! Sullivan takes it for Zeta Rho Pi.
Let's go! Pop it! Who will be the first to pop their balloon? Pop it! Oh, come on, pop it! Come on, Sheldon! Go, go! Hurry! Hurry! EMCEE: Ooh, watch out! Harder! Kappas win! Way to burst their bubbles, ladies.
Yes! Winner! Reigning champions Mu Mu Gamma should have a lock on this one, if last year is any indication.
NAOMI: Yeah, Devon, come on! Come on, Devon! Come on! Come on! Eat that cream! EMCEE: But no! There it is! To carbs! Yes! And the Pi's take the pie eating contest.
In your face, Krappas! Yeah, buddy.
(chuckles) What's your problem? My problem is that you used me to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend.
Yeah, I know.
I thought you'd be glad.
I mean, come on, look at her.
Come on, she is off her game.
All you got to do is finish her.
I mean, that-that's what you wanted, isn't it? Is there something else going on here? (laughs): No.
No, there's nothing else going on.
Let's win this.
Hey, um you guys are Chi Phi Tau, the party frat, right? What gave you that idea? (chuckles) Yeah, um Look, uh, I was, uh, wondering if you guys knew where I could score some, um some homework helpers? Some what? (sighs) Some pills, dude.
Some ADHD medication.
Hey, dude, do I look like a pharmacist? I mean No.
No, no, you don't.
I'm-I'm sorry.
Relax, broheim! I'm just screwing with you.
(goofy chuckling) Ask the math team.
They pop that stuff like candy.
Hey, yo, Maggie! This dude wants some performance-enhancing drugs.
Oh, hey, hey! (mutters) Are you in Orgo? I'm getting a lot of traffic from pre-meds this week, must be some mid-term.
No, I'm not in Orgo, but I-I do have a lot to do in a little bit of time.
Okay, well, my own prescription is controlled release, but I can get you the quick pop, too.
Is it a one-night cram session, research paper or more recreational? 'Cause, you know, for a real bump, you snort it.
Either way, the pills start at $15 apiece.
I-I'll take whatever you've got.
EMCEE: Next up is the gladiator challenge.
Hey, Holly! Got a sec? I need you to sign this letter of recommendation for my application.
It's gonna have to wait, 'cause she's about to get her butt kicked.
Next up in the gladiator event: It's Kappa Lambda Eta versus Zeta Rho Pi! Now, remember ladies, each blow is worth two points.
First one to ten wins, unless one of you can knock the other one into the snot tub, resulting in an automatic victory! Fight! (bell dings) Looks like someone's been skipping the gym.
Better than skipping the bikini waxer.
(groans) Hope you've been enjoying my sloppy seconds.
Funny, he never mentioned you.
All those late nights that he spent training me, you never came up.
EMCEE: That's two blows for Clark! Zeta Rho Pi's up by four! A blow to the heart.
Nice one.
I get it, you don't play fair.
But guess what? Neither do I.
You know Max, don't you? (cheering) + EMCEE: That must have hurt, Pis! You're gonna have to claw your way back from that one! Only a few events remain, but it's still anybody's game! Keep fighting, Greeks! (applause and cheering) Why are you here, Max? Your friend Holly called me.
I could tell he was super important to you because of the letter Annie had.
You mess with my heart, I will mess with yours.
I will take you down on every level.
The letter? The one I was gonna burn? The one I threw away? I'm so sorry.
I have no idea how she got it.
Sure, you don't.
Kappa Lambda all the way, Kappa Lambda here to stay? I have to go wash off.
Can I get one for the alumni magazine? Yes, sir.
That was a great set.
Got some backside air there on that last A-frame.
You surf? No, but I take pictures of people who do, so I pick up the lingo.
You're a you're a great subject.
Thanks, man.
I'm Nick.
Well, more like you're an awesome photographer.
Dude, these are amazing.
Okay, don't look so hot there.
That was an assignment-- Kenya.
Really? Yeah, I freelance for National Geographic.
I'm actually teaching a photography seminar next semester to get the rest of my grad credits, if you're interested.
Yeah, that sounds rad.
Yo, could I show those to my husband? Do you mind? Husband? Yeah.
Why not? Raj?! Raj?! Will you help me, please? Something's wrong.
He's recovering from chemotherapy.
I don't know what happened.
No, I-Ivy.
It's o It's okay, it's okay, it's No, it's not okay, Raj.
Look, I just got a little dehydrated.
It's-It's not a big deal.
It's fine.
Okay, will you please stop arguing with me? We're taking you home.
Come on.
I understand your concerned, but without evidence of a threat, there's not much I can do.
Well, if we wait until he does something threatening, it'll be too late.
(sighs) Well, I was probably making too much of it.
I'll call you if anything else happens.
Thank you, Officer.
What were the police doing here? Nothing.
They were doing nothing.
Like me.
Liam, what's going on? What's going on is I'm useless-- to Adrianna, to you, definitely to this stupid bar.
Why are you so mad? What are you talking about? I can't provide for you, I can't help the people I care about, I can't get this stupid place off the ground.
I hate that you had to go back to Alaska to get Jim's life insurance money.
You didn't want to face it, but you had to, because of me.
(sighs) Liam, I had to face it because it's reality.
I just want to protect you, and I feel like I'm failing.
(sighs) You can't protect me from this.
He's gone.
(sighs) I know.
I'm sorry.
But I'm glad you're here.
Me, too.
Here's your stuff.
Thank you.
It was nice of you.
Look, I'm sorry I startled you.
Your friend called and said you were ready to talk, so That girl's not my friend.
She's this sorority chick that I've been sparring with.
I didn't tell her to call you, and, you know, I'm really sorry that you came all this way under false pretenses.
No, I It's good to see you.
I'm glad I came.
And it really wasn't that far.
I mean, Cal Tech's just in Pasadena.
Cal Tech? What happened to MIT? Well, I decided to stay closer to home.
And to you.
I thought about you every day.
I tried to get in touch with you, you changed all your numbers.
I-I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry.
And that's why I wrote that letter.
Max I let myself be really vulnerable with you.
I don't I don't do that.
I don't do it ever! I was an idiot, but I never stopped loving you.
I I miss you.
I miss you, too.
(sniffles) (chuckling) What are you what are you doing fighting with some sorority girl? I mean, that seems kind of beneath you.
(sighs) I don't know.
God, it's good to see you.
I suddenly feel like myself again.
The best version of myself.
This is okay, right? I mean you haven't met anyone else? No.
No, I haven't.
(sighs) (laughs) Hey, guys, hey, look, I'm focused, I'm inspired, I'm ready to eat, sleep and breathe music 24/7.
So set it up.
Same song as last time.
Promise you, man, it's gonna be great.
(chuckles) Hey, Clark, look alive, okay? The race is about to start.
EMCEE: Kappa-Tau and Pi-Phi are all tied up.
Whoever wins this, wins the games and control of the Greek Council for the next year! May the best team win! (blows whistle) Okay, big relay race.
First team to finish the orange pass goes right to the piggyback ride.
Ooh, orange down! That's gotta hurt! Looks like the Kappas are pulling ahead.
Hey, hey, Vanessa, your Beemer's being towed, and Holly wants us to switch out.
Holly wants you to switch.
(cheering) Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Go! Go! Go! (crowd chatter) Come on, get on.
(cheering) (screaming and cheering) (cheering and screaming) We have a winner! We did it.
(laughing) It's now time to pass the scepter to the new head of the Greek council.
Choke on it.
(laughing) (screaming and cheering) (Naomi and Max laughing) + HOLLY: Hey.
After that stunt you pulled today, you can forget about Kappa all together, and by the way, I was never going to recommend you for that scholarship.
It was just a way to get you out of the games.
Good luck paying your tuition.
(scoffs) (sighs) Well, Holly just de-Kappa-tated me.
(laughs) Yeah, I'm not surprised.
But I'm gonna need some money, so I hope that you and I can still hang out.
Like in group situations, with your rich friends.
(laughs) Raj, what is your deal? I mean, you haven't spoken more than two words since we left the hospital.
You didn't need to make such a scene at the beach, Ivy.
I got a little dehydrated-- it could have happened to anybody.
Yeah, okay, well, you're not anybody-- you're my husband.
Yeah, your sick husband who you worry about all the time! I just wanted to have some fun today, Ivy, and it became all about me being sick! Don't tell me not to worry when the one time I look away, you collapse.
It's not your fault! It-it's not about you.
I'm the one who's sick.
Yeah, I'm just so sick of being sick! And it doesn't make it better when you're constantly fussing over me! Okay.
What? Nothing.
I I don't know.
I just don't remember the last time you had this much energy to pick a fight with me.
Just saying maybe you're turning a corner, and this chemo's actually working? Well, I am feeling a little better.
How much better? Good enough to do this.
Do what? Mmm.
(laughing) Hey.
Oh, if you're here to let me down easy about the commercial, don't worry about it.
I know I sucked.
Well, actually, I'm just here for a drink, but the line at the bar is kind of long.
Oh, yeah, I'm sure all three of my customers are probably dying of thirst.
this is ridiculous.
Hey, superstar.
WOMAN: Hey, it's him! Hey, take your shirt off.
(laughing) What is going on? Okay, I may have gotten a little creative with the editing.
Just take a look.
(airy sigh) LIAM: Here at Offshore, the beer is cold, the view is hot.
The surf is up.
So come on down.
(ding) Look, it already has a ton of hits, and there are more pouring in every day.
Are you mad? Are you kidding? Help me get some drinks started for these people.
Oh, that's what I'm talking about.
Okay, you, you, go, go, go.
Great party, Councilwoman.
There are champagne glasses in the wet bar.
Tastes the same, doesn't matter what you drink it out of.
(sighs) What are you even doing here? We're done with the games.
Are we? Hmm? Hmm.
You don't need me for that anymore.
Tastes the same, doesn't matter what you drink it out of, right? Okay, is this about that little nerd I saw you talking to earlier? Who was that guy? That guy is the love of my life.
And as much fun as it's been being used, Max values me for who I am.
He sees the good in me.
Okay, he's the love of your life.
So what are you still standing here talking to me for? I'm not.
Listen, Max might see the good in you, but I see the bad.
And I like it.
(both moaning) (laughs) (panting) I've been that person before.
I'm not going to do this again.
To our new council president! Long live the queen! (laughter) There's a lot of love in this room, huh? (cheering) (whistling) (sniffles) MAN: Can we talk? You're Jane's husband.
Jim? - You're dead.
- Don't tell them.