90210 s04e05 Episode Script

Party Politics

Previously on "90210" They paid us to hang out with them? Bree, we are like prostitutes.
No, we're not prostitutes.
We're escorts.
You are a reminder of what happened this summer, but not just the accident.
I was supposed to be comforting my friend's wife.
And instead, I started falling for her.
You're running a car theft ring out of my stage? No, we're running a car theft ring out of your stage.
For you.
I'm not taking your dirty money.
It's already yours.
You are the single most annoying man on the entire planet.
Well, you're no peach yourself there, sweetheart.
What happened to MIT? I decided to stay closer to home and to you.
You haven't met anyone else? No, I haven't.
Max might see the good in you, but I see the bad, and I like it.
NAOMI: I've been that person before.
I'm not gonna do this again.
ADRIANNA: I met a guy on the pier yesterday.
You're Jane's husband.
Jim? You're dead.
Don't tell them.
So, why didn't you just tell Jane and Liam you're still alive? How could I? What do I do? Just walk in and go, "Hey, guess what?" Well, I don't know, not like that.
But spying on me, sneaking around, asking me all kinds of weird questions.
I needed to know what was going on.
When I was lost at sea, I was so out of it when they found me that I couldn't even remember my own name.
Did Jane even look for me? She said there were search parties.
She was heartbroken.
I saw them.
They're living together.
Are they in love with one another? Just please tell me the truth.
They're Yes.
They're together, and they're happy.
I'll, um I'll go.
Well, I obviously have to tell them that I saw you.
Please don't.
It's probably best that I just stay dead.
(sighs) Now I have you where I want you.
(shrieks) (laughs) (moaning) MAX: Naomi? You okay? That must have been some dream.
You were tossing around so much, you almost knocked me out of bed.
Max, I'm so glad you're here.
Show me the nightmare.
I will obliterate it.
(chuckles) Like this.
And this.
(laughs) Ooh.
Oh, yeah.
(laughs) I'm picking up Teddy from the airport in an hour.
Oh, and tomorrow, I have a meeting with that guy.
What guy? Uh, a student activist named Shane something.
He saw the commercial that I did for Liam and he asked if I'd help him on a political project.
What? He's running for student council president? Mm, probably something like that.
What are you doing today? Booked all day.
Haven't got a free minute.
"Leila, what are you doing today?" I'm so glad you asked.
I'm going to school, and then I'm coming back here, and then I'm going to school And you're coming back here.
Yeah, it's called being grounded.
After the ransom stunt you pulled, (chuckles) get used to it.
You're the worst brother who ever lived.
Worse than Mom and Dad.
But way better than a nice, strict Swiss boarding school.
Shut up.
Can I say, "You shut up"? Please I hate you both.
(door slams) (sighs) She's gone.
(chuckles) Hi.
(laughs) Hello.
(phone ringing) Oh, no.
Oh, it's Teddy.
What? (groans) It's Teddy? Mm-hmm.
Hold on.
(muffled): Where you going? Wait.
What are you doing? Hello.
What? No, great.
Uh, just-just get your baggage and I'll Yep, I'm on my way.
Can't wait to see you.
(sighs) His plane landed early.
(groans) Can't we assume that he lost his luggage? Mm-mm.
It'll take time.
He's only got carry-on.
(sobs) (sighs) Okay.
(muffled shouting) Listen, great song, great song.
Thank you.
Hey, would you like-- No? No? Would-- What about you? You want-- No? Okay.
Hey, great song.
You'll love it.
Fellas, fellas.
No? Ladies, come on, please? No? No? No? Damn! These people are cold.
You want one, right? And what is it? It's me.
It's my best track yet.
It's gonna blow your mind how good it sounds.
Somebody's got to put it on Twitter or Facebook or something.
I just need a little bit of buzz.
Is this coffee? Uh, you're welcome.
You sure you need that? You're going a mile a minute.
Been up all night.
I'm, like, running on fumes.
(chuckles) Oh, yeah, um, your lawyer hit me up.
Asked me to write you a character reference.
And I told him that you party all the time.
(laughs) Dixon, that's not even funny, okay? My lawyer is trying to gather all of the ammunition he can to stop Marla's relatives from blocking my inheritance.
And what's gonna happen if I don't get it? I already lost the Kappa scholarship, too.
I might have to drop out of school.
No, no, no.
You're good at thinking stuff up.
I mean, you'll land on your feet.
Plus, your lawyer has it under control, right? Oh.
You think he'd want to hear one? No, I'm good.
How long do we have to sit here? I think we need to make a decent dent in the pile of forms.
Hey, ladies.
Having fun? Yes.
Oh, tons.
Not anymore.
I can fix that.
If you want to get out of here and go to Big Bear, I know a guy with a ski house.
That might be tempting if it were actually winter and we could actually ski.
Well, actually, I, uh, wasn't planning on skiing.
Sorry, I have a boyfriend.
And much more important things to do than to fool around in a ski house with a rodeo clown like you.
Really? You're doing more important things? What exactly are you doing? Giving away these.
Voter registration forms.
(quietly): Oh, my God, really? Yeah.
Have fun not skiing at your ski house, Austin.
I will, and, you know, so would you.
See you, ladies.
I would go to that ski house.
And you would regret it.
Giving up something real and wholesome, that makes you feel like a better person, for 48 hours of hot sex.
Shame on you, Margene.
MAX: Hey.
Oh, hi.
Oh, voter registration.
That's fun.
It's not.
That's the problem.
All right? We're going about this the complete wrong way.
Nothing that involves poster board and Sharpies is ever gonna get anyone stimulated.
We just want them to register to vote.
Nobody is going to do the right thing when they can be doing the fun thing.
So we have to make the right thing fun.
I'm gonna put new meaning behind the words "political party.
" (chuckles) I don't know why I ever leave this place.
(scoffs) You kidding me? You just got back from the tennis tour to beat all tennis tours, man.
Cannes, Sienna, Barcelona.
Is he? Yes, I think he is.
He is blushing.
Ah All right, now, who's the guy? He was a great guy, but, you know, summer romance.
He went his way, I went mine.
Hey, how are you and Navid doing? Well, um, it's not exactly easy having his sister live with us.
Actually, something's been bothering him and he just won't talk to me about it.
I think it has to do with money.
Well, maybe it's just hard for him to talk about.
Like your dad? You did tell him, didn't you? I, uh, I left him a message, told him I was gay.
And he never even called me back.
Uh, maybe maybe he didn't get the message.
Or the other two? At least my aunt and uncle are trying to understand.
They actually invited me over as soon as I got back.
Wait, really? Mm-hmm.
I thought your Uncle Charles was uberconservative.
I know.
You think they're just trying to be polite? Well, at this point, with my family, polite sounds pretty damn good.
JANE: It was busy last night.
People are still talking about that commercial Silver made.
Hey, give some props to the cast.
Uh, Academy Award for best wet, shirtless performance? (laughs) Don't laugh.
I can finally afford to fix that leak in the stockroom.
I'm really into this.
It's like I was made for it, you know? You sure you're good with this? Me? The baby? I'm more than good.
I finally feel like my life makes sense.
JANE: Jim? LIAM: You're alive.
+ JIM: The cable broke loose and whipped me into the water.
I can't believe you're alive.
We searched for hours.
We sent out planes the next day and the day after that.
Big ocean.
You fall in at night, you're a dead man.
You know that should have been me, right? If I hadn't have gotten sick, if you hadn't have covered for me You wouldn't have been there to take care of Jane, right? JANE: You must have been so afraid.
Afraid that I'd never see you again.
Of how worried you'd be.
That you'd be so lonely.
Cabin cruiser picked me up.
I grabbed onto a piece of wood, and I don't know how long I was in there, but I was unconscious when they found me.
Took a few weeks to remember everything, and then I thought of you, and it all came back.
Minute I got into town, I came right over, and now here we all are.
So I got a hotel just outside Santa Monica.
I thought Janie and I would Oh.
Yeah, go, it's stupid of me to Of course, that's great.
Good, great, I'm gonna go grab my coat.
What are we gonna do? I can't tell him.
We have to.
No, please, I can't tell him, not now.
Thanks again, buddy.
I owe you one.
Oh, Ivy, I need your help with something.
Come on, you like helping the world and all that.
I want you to do a photo booth at my party.
"Your head on the shoulders of a great American.
" Help the democratic process.
Be fun, right? Actually, yeah, that sounds dope and so not like you.
Come on, since when did you start caring about the world? Oh, I accidentally watched a documentary.
It moved me.
Sure, count me in.
I'm always down to support the democratic process.
(laughs) Hey.
Max, I'm so glad you're here.
(both sigh) Okay.
Are you okay? Yeah, I've never been better.
(laughs) Uh, you told me to round up some volunteers.
Uh, Naomi, this is Austin.
Yes, I know.
I mean, we've met.
We've, we've definitely met.
Oh, anyway, um, amazing thing-- Austin heard about our vote party and he has some great ideas.
Really? Mm-hmm.
And what might those be? Go ahead.
How's this? Strip registration.
So you get some gorgeous girls and you set them up at tables with registration cards, and, you know, they're wearing a lot of layers of clothing Well, not too many layers.
But for every-- let's say-- ten voters who sign up, they take off a piece of clothing.
I mean, everyone's going to sign up.
Some twice.
Well, that is a lovely idea, Austin, but I'm pretty sure we don't need your help.
I think you do need me.
He said he could get us a band.
Yeah, my father knows some people in the music business, so (laughs) I bet his daddy can get us a nice jug band.
(laughter) How about I just surprise you? TEDDY: After the way things went with Dad, I really appreciate you inviting me over, Uncle Charles.
Of course, Teddy.
Your lifestyle choice doesn't matter to me.
Have a seat.
It's not really a choice.
Figure of speech, sorry.
(chuckling) Can't keep up with the right thing to say.
Gay used to be a mood, you know.
(chuckles) What, what I'm trying to say is, you have my support, whatever you choose to do.
I really appreciate that.
Well you know you've always been a favorite of mine.
I look at you, I still see the same little boy who loved rolling down the front lawn, but, uh, people change, times change.
Maybe I should change, too, if I'm gonna be running for congress.
Congress? That's great.
Mmm-- 57th District's wide open.
It's going to be a fight.
I'd like you to help me out.
Maybe you'd consider joining me at some of the campaign events.
I I-I don't know, I'm not really that political.
Doesn't matter.
Just be yourself and show that you support me the way I support you.
SILVER: You want me to make campaign commercials for a real congressional race? I, I don't even know who's running yet.
Most college students don't.
Who's in congress decides what happens in this country on every level.
Marissa Harris-Young Is that your candidate? And yours, I hope.
Okay, wait, I'm, I'm talking too fast.
Just, you know, I'm, I'm excited, and her policies are great, but there's more to her than that.
You know, she really believes that one person can make a difference, like you did with your commercial.
Internet video.
It was for my friend's bar.
Yeah, but it was funny and, and you got people's attention.
Marissa has got some tough competition and we need young votes, and you can do that.
It's going to be a demanding job, she'll need you 24-7, but you get full access to Marissa, no strings attached.
(laughs) I wow.
What can I say? Say yes.
Well, yes, I'm I'm overwhelmed.
Um, it's amazing, yes.
Amazing, great.
I was supposed to meet my friend here.
There he is.
SILVER: It's going to blow your mind.
SHANE: Teddy I can't believe this.
I never thought I'd see you again.
Barcelona? Barcelona.
(chuckles) So what happened to Big Bear and the ski lodge? Ah, well, like you said, there's nothing more fun than community service.
Oh, please, I'm not gonna stand here and pretend to be impressed by your deep commitment to voter registration.
(chuckling): Okay.
Listen, you're not into this any more than I am.
Okay, you're just trying to impress Mr.
Boy Scout in there.
You don't know what I want.
Hmm, but I know what you need.
Really? (chuckles) Then I guess you know I need someone to, uh move the outdoor furniture to make room for the bandstand.
Sound good, Austin? I'm gonna go find Max.
(chuckling): Okay.
(both sigh) So, what are you doing here? I thought you were going back to D.
No, I took the year off, mostly to recover from chasing you up all those steps at the Gaudí church.
Hey, you were the one who insisted we make it to the top with a stomach full of tapas.
I had to impress you.
You did.
Well, I hope this does, too.
I'm working for marriage equality.
California is a key state.
Marissa Harris-Young is running for congress, so I volunteered.
You're working for a congressional candidate? My uncle is running-- um, 57th District.
The 57th? That's your uncle? He's running against Marissa.
Wow, must be tough for you.
What do you mean? I mean, the guy is a total homophobe.
That's not my opinion; check his record.
I mean, everything he believes and supports hurts people like us.
Look, he thinks what he thinks, but he's my uncle.
Maybe he's open to change.
Maybe that's why he asked me to help him on his campaign.
You said no, right? Teddy, you're a gay man.
The choices you make have to make sense.
This is important.
We could never be together if you're going to work for him.
BREE: So the date's tonight.
They are so nice.
Investment bankers-- ginormous bonuses.
I actually have this thing that I have to do at my friend Naomi's.
Okay, so you can either hang out with your friends for free or hot guys for money.
Look, if you don't want to do it, I can totally find somebody else.
No, no, I do.
I will do it.
Okay, I got to go.
Call me later.
Hey, Annie.
Hey, guys, what's up? SILVER: Annie, our most responsible, reliable friend.
Uh, Silver here just got the most amazing job, uh, that'll completely take up what little time we have for each other, and so, uh, we need a babysitter.
For Leila.
She is grounded unless she is with someone responsible, you know, in loco parentis, if you would just be willing to be driven loco for the evening.
Oh, my God, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
Pick her up tonight.
Tonight? Uh, oh, I'm, I'm, I'm sorry, guys, I have dinner with Bree and her friends from New York.
So? You said Bree's great.
I'm sure her friends are great.
Just take Leila with you.
Guys, I'm, I'm really sorry, but I can't.
Why? Why? I just really can't.
NAVID: No, Annie, you don't understand.
We really need some time alone together, and I will pay you a thousand dollars.
Really? No! Annie, I just really, really need you to do this for me.
(sighs) Please.
SILVER: Awesome, great.
Thank you, thanks.
Let's go.
You're a rock star.
Hey, did something spill? Jim came back.
He's alive.
It's a miracle, right? Wait, Jim was here? He said he was leaving.
What are you talking about? Okay, you know how I thought that I had a stalker? Well, it wasn't.
It was Jim and he had been watching you and Jane.
He said he could tell that there was something between the two of you.
But he, he acted like he just got here.
He said if you were happy, he would just go away.
Where's Jane? Jane? My wife? Are you all right? Liam, yeah, why? Jim talked to Adrianna, he's been watching us for a week.
Why didn't you tell me? I'm your friend.
Friend? You stole my wife.
Why didn't you say something? Because we didn't want to hurt you.
(grunts) No, Jim! Liam, no.
When did it start, huh? Stop, stop! Get off him! When did it start, huh, You Idiot, she's pregnant.
What? All right, we're gonna get you to a hospital.
+ NAOMI: All right.
This way, ladies, okay, so, girls, it's going to go right directly between the lanterns, a little to the left.
Max, sweetheart, the Washington Monument is in Sherman Oaks, and I need It's actually in Washington.
No, it's a cake.
I need somebody to go pick up the Oh.
There's Austin.
Could you be a dear and use that big, practical, useful truck of yours to go pick up the cake? I'll pick up the cake.
No, I need you here, and I need him to be there.
I should probably stay with the band.
He's right.
I'm sure Austin can help with whatever you need here.
(laughs) Of course.
(laughing): Mmm.
(both moaning) Mmm.
(laughing) I'll hurry back.
(laughs) Well, you heard the man.
Just tell me what you need.
How is she? She has a mild concussion.
They want her for a few more hours just to-- I don't know-- keep an eye on her.
The baby? He said it's fine in there.
Nature protects the weak from thoughtless jerks.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm Yeah, you shouldn't be the one to apologize.
I mean, I shouldn't have even No.
You shouldn't have.
But you did.
In fairness to you, I was dead, so Yeah, but still No.
Liam, here's the thing.
You knew she was my wife, yeah.
But you also knew that was my baby.
(sighs) And you were there for both of them.
You stepped up.
Jane's a great girl.
I know, right? (laughs) Oh, she I don't deserve her.
If you think that you're the one she wants, I No.
I'm not.
Jane came to me because we were both grieving.
Jim, she loves you.
I'm glad she has you back.
I'm glad I have you back.
Come on, that's my favorite.
You don't like that at all? No.
Is Jane gonna be okay? ADRIANNA: Everything is fine.
Don't worry.
I'll talk to you later.
Dude, are you serious? Bye.
Hey, guys.
Ooh, CDs.
Uh, Ivy's actually shooting me a cover.
She swears she got some crazy good shots on the beach.
Check it out.
Are you? Oh, that is so good.
These are really terrific.
Ivy, you're really good at this.
Yeah, she better be.
I need to start moving these things, or I'm gonna have to tell Liam to start using them as coasters.
Well, sometimes it takes a while to get attention.
Which isn't the worst thing.
Yeah, well, Cobra Starship is playing at Naomi's tonight, so I have to go watch and see what I'm not gonna be doing with the rest of my life.
I know their manager.
He's a nice guy.
You know their manager? Can you get him my CD? Dixon, I'm not invited to Naomi's party.
No, everybody is.
Democrats, Republicans, Communists, even you.
What? Look, I would do it myself, but nobody wants to know somebody if they don't already know them, so You got to do this for me.
Please, just help a brother out, please? So, just a quick dinner, and then we go straight home.
No, no, no, no, no.
No rush! Navid and I are going to sneak out of Naomi's party, we're gonna come back here, so just bring her home super late.
You girls have fun! Mm.
They just want to have sex.
Good night.
(door closes) (music begins playing) Hidden treasure.
(laughs) What is this? Oh, my God.
+ (synthesized pop beat plays) We in the spot right now Ch-checking it out Packed from wall-to-wall It's going down, no doubt Got girls to my left, drinks to my right I can tell that this is gonna be one of them nights Whatever you need is on the dance floor Can't wait any more, because it don't last forever No-oh, so turn up that spotlight Gonna tear it up like we got one night 'Cause tomorrow morning, we'll be leaving So right now you better jump right in Tomorrow morning Looking good, girls.
Naomi, it's Max.
Oh, thank you.
Take off a couple more layers.
Max, hi, honey.
What?! Ah, I hate the 405! Okay, well, just hurry.
I love you, too.
Okay, bye.
Well, good job.
How does your father know Cobra Starship? Oh, I'll be more than happy to explain in a quieter place.
How's your room? No, no.
No, this is not happening.
Okay? And you know what? Would you look at that? We just ran out of sparkling water.
I'm gonna go get some.
It's outside.
I Oh, you are not getting sparkling water.
You just can't deal with how I make you feel.
You make me feel like I need a bath.
Oh, perfect.
Shower's upstairs.
You know what? (laughs) Get out! What? Go! Shoo! Get lost.
I I am a good person, and I have a boyfriend.
Well, you're only as good as your last good-bye, honey.
Then, good, good, good-bye.
Naomi, just shut up for a second, okay? You're an idiot.
The door locks automatically, Austin.
(sighs) Hello?! Can someone please let us in? Hello! You know, maybe you shouldn't have such loud parties.
Be quiet, and help me get back into my house! (sighs) (grunting) Hello?! Okay, uh, listen, Leila, if you get bored, we could totally go home.
Why? I thought these guys were big friends of this girl, Bree.
Well, they are, but I don't really know them that well.
Annie, you brought somebody! Oh, great.
I'm Leila.
MAN: Well, hello, Leila.
I can see this dinner is going to be worth every penny.
Well, may I buy you something to drink? Please.
Very dry martini, two olives.
I'm starved.
I'm-I'm sorry, but Leila, you know you shouldn't be drinking.
Well, she's an alcoholic.
Oops, busted.
Anyone got any weed? Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Shall we? Yeah.
(camera shutters clicking) Good luck to you.
After shaking that man's hand, I better count and make sure I have all my fingers.
(laughter) Oh, Marissa, this is Erin Silver, the videographer I was telling you about.
Oh, so you're the video whiz.
I guess, yeah, sort of.
I hope I'm up to it.
Oh, you are if you believe in what you're doing.
You want to help people? You don't just say it's complicated, even if it is.
You work through the complications, and you do it.
I like that.
So, you're in? Yeah, I'm in.
I swear you're gonna suffer for this.
Oh, I'm suffering.
And it's so sweet.
(Naomi sighs) Stop right there.
Do not move.
This is my house.
Let's see those hands.
+ Okay, I understand there are very important people inside the party.
I'm Naomi Clark, a very important person outside the party.
And he is? I haven't the faintest idea who he is.
You have no I.
, and you're breaking into a political event.
To get back into my house.
It's my party.
You can ask anyone.
I mean, who else would come up with "Strip the Vote"? Uh, actually, that was me, and there is an easy way to prove this is Naomi Clark and this is her house.
If you just check the name for priors.
She was busted for growing pot about three months ago? Austin! It's not true.
Are you really throwing us into a van?! You know Don't speak.
(sighs) Not only are these people impossible, but they are absolutely stupid! Do they really think a dangerous subversive could afford a dress like this? (sighs) It's it's really hot in here.
Yeah, it is.
Might as well settle in, you know? What are you doing? It's hot in here.
Phew! TEDDY: So, if you're working for Marissa, does that mean you and I can't be friends, either? If you and I are still friends after you came out while we were dating, I don't think an election can pull us apart.
See, why can't Shane say something like that? I mean, why does he have to think our feelings depend on politics? I mean, this is about family for me.
Well, I mean, maybe you just need to tell him that.
God, look.
You want me to go say something? No, thanks.
Got worse problems to deal with than her.
I got to go find Navid.
Okay, well, he can't promise anything.
But I really hope that he likes your EP.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Oh! Where have you been my entire life? Hey.
What did I do? We need to talk.
I found the money.
Tell me what it's for.
You have to tell me now.
I Oh, hey, just, I needed some money, that's all.
Well, then Bieber-- he rented a studio space Bieber pays his bills in cash? I found $100,000 in that bag.
Plus, you bought Dixon a recording studio for a week, and then you financed my commercial shoot.
That is not a fee for renting a stage at Shirazi Studios.
God, it is kind of.
Do remember the dirtbag my sister was dating? I borrowed money from my Uncle Amal to buy this guy off, but my uncle is now making me pay it back in stage space.
He's got stolen cars back there.
What? Go to the police.
No, if I go to the cops, I'm implicated.
I'd go to jail.
Do you want that? No, but you can't take the money.
You're a good guy.
Yeah, who is stuck in a mess.
Yeah, I'm trying to fix this, okay? But the only good I can do is to let my uncle do something bad.
Navid I don't know, okay? I got to go.
Silver? (sighs) I love you.
I love you, too.
You decide to join me up there? Uncle Charles, I-I still don't know.
Son, listen to me.
I believe in things and stand for things that-that some people disagree with.
You know, maybe that makes me old-fashioned, but part of being old-fashioned is sticking by my own.
Whatever you decide to do about this campaign, nothing can change that.
All right.
MAN: Tijuana sounds good.
Okay, guys, well, we've seen the ocean, so I think it's about time we call it a night, yeah? (gasps) I know.
Let's go skinny-dipping! Oh, no, no, no, no.
No, no, you keep your shirt on, okay? You can't tell me what to do.
Oh, yes, I can, and this stops now, all right? No no skinny-dipping, we are not going to a strip club, and we are not going to Tijuana for Mojitos.
Well, if we aren't gonna have any fun, then what are they paying you for? What? Come on.
Those guys aren't your friends.
The guy even said, dinner with us is worth every penny.
You get paid to hang out with them, right? Oh, my God, Leila, you cannot tell anybody.
Okay? Please, promise me.
I could get kicked out of CU.
I don't even know what I would Oh, don't get all sad and pathetic.
I won't tell anyone.
So do I get a cut? MARISSA: Good evening, everybody.
I would love to tell you why you should vote for me, but this is a bipartisan event, so I'll just say, it's easy to say, "I'm a good person, and I think the right things.
" But thinking right just isn't the same as doing right.
So get out, get registered, and fight for what you believe.
Thank you.
(applause and cheering) My opponent and I may not agree on much, but I support everything she just said.
We live in a country where every voice and every vote counts.
And to get your voice to count is to stand up for what you believe.
Which is why I am proud to stand here tonight with the many different voices that make up my family.
(applause) NAOMI: Where are they?! It's so hot in here.
What if we suffocate? I mean, I can't I can't stand this.
My-my dress is just sticking to my skin.
Well, I mean, what are you wearing? Is this rayon? Well, I'm just saying, it's not making you any cooler.
You actually think that I would wear rayon? It's silk, you redneck.
Well, silk's worse.
I'm telling you, just take it off.
It helps.
(sighs) Don't look.
(sighs) It's not like I haven't seen that before, you know? You know what you are? You are a spoiled, little immature brat.
I cannot believe I was with you.
You just want to break me and Max up because that would be one big hoot.
That's it, isn't it, Austin? Tell me the truth.
The truth? Mm.
The truth is I don't want to see you with Max because I can't stand the thought of you with him and not me.
And it's not because I'm some immature brat.
I'm crazy about you, Naomi.
+ Oh, my God.
Uh Where are your clothes? Hey, it's just really hot in here, man.
It's not what it looks like.
Okay, stop.
Yes, it is very hot, but Max, I have to tell you something.
Okay? Listen.
What? I I had sex with Austin.
MAX: What?! Once.
Just now? God, no, no, no, no, no.
Before you came back.
(sighs) MAX: Why didn't? Why didn't you just tell me right away? Because I don't know.
Because I was embarrassed.
Because I wish it never happened.
Look, you bring out the best in me, okay? I would never risk losing that.
(panting) I feel nothing for you.
AUSTIN: Hey, um, if-if the lady says it's nothing, it's-it's nothing.
(clears his throat) Max.
All right, all right.
Let me explain.
Don't bother, all right? I got the idea.
Can't you understand? This is about my family.
My dad wouldn't even speak to me after I came out.
My parents were shocked when I came out, too.
Your dad'll get over it.
I don't know that.
But I do know my Uncle Charles backed me up when no one else in my family would.
Yeah, well, great.
You can be gay in private, but just don't ask for any civil rights or anything, right? Your uncle is just using you for votes that he doesn't even deserve.
And what are you doing? Using "gay" to mean I have to think like you? You expect me to stand for stuff I've never even thought about, or if I did, you know what? I probably agree with my uncle.
But this isn't about politics for me, Shane.
This is my life.
I knew when I came out, I'd lose people I cared about.
Like my dad.
And now I have one chance to still have a family, and I am not going to let it slip by.
Even if it means losing people like you.
ADRIANNA: Liam, are you okay? Yeah.
I will be.
Oh, come here, you.
Oh, you are the best ever.
Why? What happened? Cobra Starship-- their manager loved my EP.
They're putting me up on their Web site as their favorite new artist of the month.
Guys, it's happening.
I'm getting there.
(Liam laughs, Adrianna whoops) That is so wonderful.
Bring it in, come here.
I'm so proud of you.
These things happen fast, though, okay, so I'm sure that this whole thing is great, but promise me you'll be careful.
Are you kidding me? This is me that you're talking to.
Promise? I swear.
Guys, I'm blowing up, huh? Is the bar still open? For you.
Thank you, sir.
Ready to go? I'm not coming with you.
I want to stay with Naomi for a little while.
You and Leila can have my place.
Look, Silver, I tried I tried to explain to you.
I know, and I know you.
You're a good guy who has to do something bad.
Except that you don't.
Good guys do good things.
I just want you to do what's right.
It's complicated.
No, it's not.
End this thing with Amal.
- I can't.
- Then I can't be with you.