90210 s04e06 Episode Script

Benefit of the Doubt

Previously on 90210: I'm gonna have to pull an all-night, and I'm already losing energy.
I got my ADHD medication in here somewhere.
Here you go.
Their manager loved my E.
They're putting me up on their website as their favorite new artist of the month.
Guys, it's happening.
I'm getting there.
You just want to break me and Max up.
I don't want to see you with Max, because I can't stand the thought of you with him and not me.
I'm crazy about you, Naomi.
You bring out the best in me.
I would never risk losing that.
I feel nothing for you.
- Who the hell is Darius? - I'm Darius.
He's 23, and we're in love.
I know you don't love my sister.
What is it you really want? Now that I know how much you love your sister, I want 75 grand.
You're running a car theft ring out of my stage? No, we're running a car theft ring out of your stage.
- End this thing with Amal.
- I can't.
Then I can't be with you.
Gin rummy? I'm sorry, but am I crashing at a party mansion or a retirement home? You guys would be so lucky as to grow old here.
I know I would be.
Hey, you know what really says "party mansion"? Magic tricks.
All right, pick a card.
Mmm mm! All right, don't look.
I'm not looking.
Put it back in.
Remember that.
Let's see if you're a good magician! Ah, open sesame.
Queen of my heart.
This your card? Oh, my God, you're amazing! Isn't he amazing? Ha-ha-ha! He's amazing.
It's like Penn and Teller had a baby.
And on that note, I think I'd better get to class.
Learn something big for me.
Mwa! Bye.
- Bye, guys.
- Ah I'm so happy I made the right choice.
What do you mean? What choice? The choice to date Max over not dating Max.
Um aren't you glad you chose to be with Raj, Ivy? Instead of abandoning him to battle cancer on his own? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I made the right choice.
I think I made the right choice of cereal this morning.
Silver, come on.
You've been crashing here for almost a week.
What is going on with you and Hey.
Uh, Max let me in.
Yeah, you know, I actually I have to take Raj to the new doctor's.
You know what, I have some of those household what what do you call those things to do.
Excuse me.
- Out of my way.
- All right.
Brought some of those, uh, clothes you wanted me to bring.
- Thanks.
- I've, uh actually been wearing a lot of your stuff, so hope you don't mind.
Look, uh, I know you're upset.
Maybe we could work it out if you came home.
I mean, your home.
After all, it is your apartment.
I don't want to live with a criminal.
I'm not a Silver, even if I pay my uncle what I owe him, I mean, he's got me trapped.
- I'm implicated - This isn't about where I live.
It's about us.
And I miss you, too but, Navid, if you're never gonna break things off with Amal, then I don't think I'm ever coming back.
Mom, hi.
I hope you're having fun in Paris.
We haven't talked in a while, and, uh, I don't know, I'm just not having the greatest day.
There's been, like, zero movement on the whole inheritance situation.
Anyway, I just wanted to hear your voice.
Mailbox is full.
- Your message has been erased.
- Damn it! Oh, no ! No! Bree, hey, do you have any escort jobs coming up? Oh, good, 'cause it looks like I'm going to have to throw another couple hundred into the hood of my ca Oh, my God, and now I'm getting a ticket, too! I gotta go.
Excuse me? Excuse me! Damn it! Wait.
No! You're shirtless guy from the commercial, right? Can I get your autograph? You can't leave her hanging, dude? You can't.
Can I get you guys anything else? We've got some great new craft brew on tap.
Oh, no.
Beer makes us bloat.
- We'll just have water.
- Water.
Excuse me, I was wondering Listen, I will sign any part of your body, but just, please buy a drink.
What would I have to buy to get you to sign a contract? I'm a modeling agent.
I saw your online commercial.
You've got a look that really stands out.
Have you ever thought about print modeling? I'm in the bar business.
A good businessman sells what people want.
Call me if you reconsider.
Poor guy has it so rough, doesn't he? He does.
Okay, now, if we're done with his, uh, "It's so hard being so good-looking" angst, can we please move on to me? I I'm doing a radio interview tomorrow on the Billy Bush Show, where I'm premiering a new track and I still don't know what I'm playing.
You picked a track yesterday.
You know what yesterday is in the music business? Old news.
My first track was only on the Cobra Starship website for, like, a second.
If I don't get any buzz from this radio show, I'm back to being the loser college dropout who can't pay his bar tab.
Okay, you're not a "loser" because you're not an overnight success.
Sometimes it can be a long, long struggle.
That's what makes it worth it.
Yeah, if I bomb this radio gig, I'm a dead man.
I'm here for Annie.
Dixon has a set of spare keys to her car.
Hey, be my guest.
How's your nerd? My nerd is fantastic.
Hey, well, that's good.
It's good for me sorry if it sucks for you.
Austin, there aren't any towels.
Just use mine.
Well, that was fast.
Well, you're with your fantastic nerd.
What's it to you if I got another girl here? It isn't anything at all.
I'm actually really happy for you.
It's like you're back in the saddle again, hittin' up the trashy saloons.
I say yee-haw.
So this doesn't bother you.
The only thing bothering me is your apparent lack of hosting skills no clean towels for your guests.
Really, Austin.
I don't know, I just have a really good feeling about this.
You've been looking so healthy and You're looking healthy.
And by healthy, I mean hot.
I'm afraid the response to the chemo isn't what we'd hoped.
However there is a new treatment that's been showing good results in cases like yours.
It's still in experimental phases, which means your insurance is not gonna cover it.
This is a description of the protocol.
I'll give you some time to look it over and discuss.
Okay, well, I don't know what there is to discuss.
I mean, obviously you're doing this, Raj.
I've read about this treatment.
It's, like, unbelievably expensive.
It's it's more than my parents make in I don't even know how many years.
Okay, so we'll figure that part out.
We'll ask our friends or something.
I can't ask them for that kind of money.
Are you kidding me? This is your life - we're talking about.
- I can't! I'll find another way.
Then we'll find another way.
Thank you, guys.
Nothing like cancer to put your own silly problems into perspective.
I'm so sorry, Ivy.
You know what, don't be.
You know, Raj doesn't want to take money from his friends, so fine, you know, we'll just have to raise it.
Well, I think the talent contest is a great idea.
And hey, maybe some people that sign up will actually be talented instead of just trying to score the awesome prize that your mom's friend hooked you up with.
Yeah, explain to me how I had access to a private island and no one happened to mention it up until now.
I mean, seriously, share the wealth, people.
Come on.
Okay, Annie, it is your turn to play traveling ticket saleswoman.
Any tips? Yes.
Play up the potential of watching deluded people make asses of themselves.
And if that doesn't work, you can always do my little trick.
Oh, no! Well, well, well, is that your talent, or are you just putting on a show? Either way, I'm here to buy a couple of tickets.
I'm off to sell tickets for Raj.
Well, look who decides to take time away from his trampy fling.
Oh, but I'm not.
- Hi.
- Sally, this is Naomi.
Naomi, Sally.
Hey, nice to meet you.
I think it's amazing what you guys are doing for your friend.
Well, pretty much everything we do is amazing.
It's a burden that way, but, you know, we manage.
Well, Austin always seems to find such good, funny people wherever he goes.
So, you guys want to sign up for this talent show or what? There's a pretty sweet prize.
- Wow.
Private island, huh? - Mm-hmm.
Sally's always had a great voice.
I have a voice that Austin's always flattered me about! Come on, you saying you really wouldn't want to go to that island? Huh? Come on.
- Well, all right.
- There you go.
Well, guess I'd better go figure out something to sing.
It was so nice meeting you.
- What a sweet girl.
- Yeah, I know.
I think it took meeting the wrong kind of girl to make me realize what I actually want.
I've known Sally for years, but lately, she's all grown up.
And I can't think of anybody else I'd rather stretch out the days with, just laying around and laughing and discovering each other again.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna sign up.
Max and I are going to go to that island if it's the last thing that we do.
I wonder what I'm good at? Silver, what do you think about making a piece about groundwater pollution Silver? Sorry.
Um, pollution, sounds great.
You seem a little distracted and I think I know why.
That yeah, that's totally it.
I'm sorry.
It was really unprofessional of me to use the copy machine for this.
It it's not gonna happen again.
Silver, I think what you're doing is great, - and I would love to be involved.
- Really? I can make an appearance, and bring a little press attention to it.
Now I won't deny it's great publicity for me, it would also help your friend and maybe a lot of other people in similar situations.
I mean, that would be Are you sure that's the only thing bothering you? Yeah, no, absolutely.
MAN Dixon Wilson, our emerging artist of the week.
Thanks for having me, Billy.
Ah, the interview is on.
Uh, where can your growing masses of fans hear from you next? So if you like what you just heard, you're going to love what I'm playing this Friday.
It's a benefit for my friend Raj who's fighting cancer, and it's at this great place called Offshore.
And hey, with a ticket you get unlimited free drinks.
Whoa, whoa, free drinks? What's he doing? I don't know, I guess he's excited.
He's been pretty amped-up lately, don't you think? I guess.
What's the matter? It's just, when I told Ivy the bar would host this benefit thing, I thought it was going to be like a hundred people, but it's getting big.
Which is great for Raj, but with the press and Dixon giving out drinks like a maniac, I don't know if I can afford this.
We could have a bake sale.
Are you serious? No.
Hey, if you really need money, sell what people want.
I thought Leila loved Korean barbeque on her birthday.
Not since I was, like, 16.
Yeah, well, it wasn't the perfect night for me, either, okay? We don't always get what we want.
Oh! Oh, my God.
- Property of - Don't you get it? They're for riding on Darius' motorcycle.
Whoa, whoa, Darius? Darius is gone.
Why? Because you paid him to leave? We've been texting, and he told me everything.
Just goes to show, not everyone is a slave to money, like you are.
No, Leila, there is no way that you're dating this guy, okay? I'm 18 now, Navid.
I can legally have sex with whoever I want.
The money I borrowed, Silver moving out, everything I've gotten myself into was all to get rid of that jackass.
Darius always says, love is like a flaming tractor: you try and stop it, you might get burned.
I'm gonna go try on my new pants.
And I think the cabdriver was also playing some weird self-hypnosis tape.
I I don't know.
So he just hypnotized himself into completely disregarding the speed limit? Exactly.
And I think it kind of worked on me, too, 'cause I left feeling strangely relaxed.
You know, I think he's got a potentially really great service on his hands by the time you get to the airport, you're completely over your fear of flying.
And your fear of missing your flight.
But at least I got here before everybody else.
Except you, obviously.
Oh, there's no everyone else, just me.
Wait, Bree sent me here to meet with just you? Yeah.
I called her like I usually do when I'm in town.
She sends someone to my hotel, we have dinner, and, uh Oh-oh-oh, my God, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
I thought yesterday was the worst day of my life, and now this.
I don't do this.
I don't care how bad I need money, I am not this girl.
I I gotta go.
Hey, I'm Liam Court.
I'm here to, uh model.
Here you are.
This is my wardrobe? Wh what exactly are we selling here? Watches.
I wanted to see how you were doing after the radio show.
How am I doing? I I'm doing great, I'm doing fantastic.
A bunch of people bought tickets to the benefit to see me, but but you know, that just adds a whole nother level of pressure on me, so I've just been up all night just trying to perfect this track.
So, you haven't slept? Have you eaten? Not not really, I've just been crazy busy.
Yeah, crazy is the word for it.
Dixon, you can't be pushing yourself this hard.
Caring about your career success more than you're caring about yourself is really dangerous.
Look, Ade, I'm really getting sick and tired of all of your concern for my well-being.
Uh, if you're jealous, you can just keep it to yourself.
I'm not jealous, I'm trying to protect you.
Okay, I went down that road, and I lost everything.
My money, my friends.
Yeah, you kind of brought that upon yourself.
Okay, I didn't come here to get insulted.
I'm here because I care.
I used to love singing, more than anything.
Now I panic every time I try.
It feels like I'm choking.
Don't you understand? I was so wrapped up with the idea of being famous that I lost the one thing that I loved most.
I really don't want to see that happen to you.
I'm sorry about all that, Ade.
I I I really am.
But I don't see how it applies to me.
So, if you don't mind, I actually got work to do.
Navid, what the hell is going on here? I'm done.
We're done.
What are you talking about? I've lost everything because of you.
I've lost the only person that it doesn't matter.
Nothing you can do to me matters anymore.
Now, if you want to go to the cops, go to the cops.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- But in the meantime, get off of my family's property.
I never want to see you here again.
What the hell was that? You set me up with just one guy? You said you needed something fast.
Yeah, but I meant like a regular thing, like a group.
Not meeting with some man at his hotel.
For dinner.
Patrick is great.
I'm surprised you didn't like him.
Everybody likes him.
And he obviously liked you.
He wants to take you to lunch before he leaves town.
He said you were charming.
- He did? - Yeah, which is really weird.
Because he's never asked for a specific girl before.
Well, whatever.
That is totally immaterial because there's still no way - that I'm going to - Also, he has your jacket.
I really love that jacket.
This is working, guys.
I'm liking what I'm seeing.
That's very nice, very nice.
Keep it up.
All right, all right, come on, keep the energy up, guys.
I like this.
This is looking good.
Where's the underwear? - I'm wearing 'em.
- Fine, just get in there.
Okay, we're hard at work, guys.
We're just regular blue-collar Mikes.
Selling watches.
This is looking great.
Can we give Droopy Drawers here something to hold? He's looking a little lost.
There, just act like you're working on the carburetor, all right? I would never use a lug wrench to work on the carburetor.
Just hold the damn thing and flex.
There we go.
I like that.
There we are.
Okay, guys, let's finish up with something fun.
Gonna crack a few working-class beers and let loose.
Let me see that.
Let loose.
There we go.
That's Keep it going, guys.
Keep it going.
That's a wrap.
Thank you.
Okay, Ray.
$200? That's it? Are you kidding me? That's the basic payment for the session.
If they end up using you in the ad, you may get more.
Though I'd say that's pretty unlikely in your case, Droopy Drawers.
I'm definitely going to die.
Oh, my God, what's wrong with it? Nothing, Naomi, except it's like being transported back to the Depression.
Okay, how about you just accept that people are trying to do something nice for you? Okay, you're right, I'm sorry.
Guys, win or lose, I really appreciate what you're doing.
Okay? It's just, it's probably gonna be lose.
Don't listen to him.
He's got cancer.
No, I get what he's saying.
We're never going to win the prize with this ensemble.
- It's not that big a deal.
- Yeah, you're right.
As long as find something that actually will win us the prize, then we'll be good.
Here, take a piece of paper, write down everything you've ever been good at in your life.
Naomi, stop.
We can go on a trip to whatever romantic island paradise that we want.
Why is it so incredibly important to you that we win this? 'Cause I refuse to lose to to anyone.
Max, there's something you have to know about me.
I'm very competitive.
I just I I do not lose.
I don't ever lose, Max.
I get it.
But let's be realistic here.
I mean, you don't just pull talent out of a hat.
Oh, my God.
That's exactly what we're gonna do! We're totally gonna win! Max, you're a genius! Was shaving my chest really necessary? Well, you didn't want to wax.
Wow, you guys look great! I can't wait to see what y'all are doing.
Well, break a leg! You, too! Don't let her get into your head that's what she's trying to do.
So, she's our big competition? She'd like to think so.
Apparently, she's some kind of little country songbird.
How original.
Whatever homespun yodeling comes out of her mouth will not hold a candle to yours truly.
Um I think the restaurant's back there.
Actually, you mentioned something about having had a terrible day, so I thought I'd take you someplace kind of special.
Whoa! Uh, well, that's really nice, but my mom always told me not to get in a helicopter with a stranger, so Don't worry, there's a registered flight plan.
People will know where you are.
Trust me.
Well, not to be rude, but why should I? Look, when you're traveling as much as I am, you start to realize that people are very predictable.
And I can't remember the last time someone surprised me like you.
I surprised you by leaving? Honestly, yeah.
I don't remember someone blushing like that since high school.
But you also surprised me by being funny and real.
And I hate the fact that I made you have a worse day than you already had, so please, let me try to make it up to you.
It's really just lunch? It's really just lunch.
Hi, everybody! Thank you so much for coming out to this benefit for Raj.
Our first performer in today's big talent competition is Sally Butler! Take it, Sally! I wanted lace I wanted pearls To be a princess like the other girls She's actually really good.
But life came hard To my front door And I grew up trying To even up the score Tough I ain't never been nothin' but tough All my edges Have always been rough She's good.
She's I'll be right back.
I just need to make a few phone calls.
There ain't nothin' wrong with a woman That got a little backbone You just wait till you taste Her kind of love You want a shy little thing A pretty little high-heeled thing Gonna cry if I don't polish up I got to talk to you.
- Navid, I'm kind of busy.
- I got out.
I threw out Amal, okay? I don't know what else he's gonna try to do, but I did it.
Whatever happens, we're gonna get through this together, okay? Okay.
I missed you so much.
I missed you, too.
You know you really are going to spoil museums for me forever, right? Well, this time of year, how else could I take you to the rooftops of Paris in the snow? Well, this certainly wipes my bad day off the books.
What was so bad about it? Um just the usual stuff.
And the the worst part was, there I was, feeling really sorry about myself, and I found out that my good friend Raj is dying of cancer.
And his life depends on this benefit that we're throwing for him today.
And even now, just talking about my problems, I feel like the most selfish jerk on the planet.
Now, Annie just because you're not dying doesn't mean your problems aren't real.
Why are you so intent on making me feel better? I don't help people very much.
I invest in tech stuff, so most of my interactions with people involve them asking me what I want and then giving it to me.
It's like I'm not a real person, I'm a wallet.
You're slightly less leathery than a wallet.
My point is you make me feel alive.
So I guess this is just my way of trying to thank you.
Well, you're very welcome.
We should probably go.
Oh, I don't know if I really want to.
Neither do I.
But, uh whatever you're feeling right now, if something was to happen between us, I can't help but think that you'll regret it.
Maybe you are right.
Ladies and gentlemen ah, a simple yellow handkerchief.
Or is it? What the hell? Just go with it.
What the heck? My assistant gives me a wand.
I wish I could give her something in return.
Okay! For my last trick, I will transform my assistant from a stone fox into a cuddly, fluffy little rabbit! Wow! Ha! Now, that was really amazing! And judging by our audience's reaction, I think we have a clear winner The Magnificent Naomi and Her Lovely Magician, Max! Wow.
Well, it looks like you were good, but not quite good enough.
Can you believe it? We won! Yeah, yeah, look, we we did, we we won.
We won! Why are you not excited? You should be excited.
I can't be the guy you want me to be.
Max, I know you're a nerd I love that about you.
Naomi, it's not that.
I can't be the guy who doesn't care that you're into somebody else.
Max! Max, wait.
I'm not stupid, Naomi.
- I know you have feelings for Austin.
- No, I don't.
Okay, listen, you have to believe me.
Whatever crazy feeling possesses me sometimes, I love you.
I love you, too.
You are the queen of my heart.
But I can't be okay with this.
- Max - No, I really tried to.
I can't.
- I'm sorry.
- Max Max! Max! - Hey, guys.
Sorry I'm late.
- Hey.
Looks like an incredible turnout.
I honestly cannot believe this many people are willing to help me.
Well, you just had to let them.
Ivy if I stay alive it's because of you.
And I feel alive because of you.
All right.
Stick around, everybody, because ouheadliner, Dixon Wilson, is coming up next.
Dixon, they're kind of waiting for you.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just I just need a minute.
You're not fine.
Dixon! Your nose is bleeding.
Oh, my God.
I I I I got to get out there.
Those people paid money to see me.
What if they ask for their money back? I can't do that to Raj.
Well, you going out there like this is not gonna help Raj.
Okay, just CROWD Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! I'll take care of it, okay? Dixon! Dixon ! So, I'm sure Dixon will be coming out any minute.
Um, in the meantime, is anybody a fan of E.
Cummings? No? Um What's going on? Dixon's not feeling well, and he doesn't want to let Raj down, so I'm going to take his place.
You've got to be kidding me.
I mean, somebody's got to go on.
Do you want to? Um, unfortunately, Dixon's a little under the weather, but filling in, very unexpectedly Adrianna Tate-Duncan! Hi.
I'm Adrianna, and I'm going to play you some of my new material.
Did you steal this one, too? If only I could touch you Feel you in my arms If only I could hold you Without sounding the alarm What the hell do you want? I want you to reconsider your decision, Navid.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Like I said, you can do whatever you want to me, but I'm done.
You're family, and I would never hurt family.
But she is not family.
Wait? Who? Who are you talking about? And I'm worried I might steal your kiss When I'm broken, you could be my fix But I can't cover all these lies No matter just how hard I try And I can't go another day Without you, I might fade away You're everything that I don't say Take my pain away.
Give me your wallet.
Are you mugging me? Just give it to me.
There's no money here.
You're not paying for anything.
I like you, and I want to be with you, because when we kiss, I felt alive with you, too.
My name is, uh, Navid Shirazi.
I'm here to, uh, turn myself in.
Well, you are gonna have to sing at another benefit for Liam to pay for all the beer he just gave away.
Yeah, I think that was a one-time deal.
That was Winter, the modeling agent.
She says she's got a bigger check for me.
That must mean you made the ad.
Well, congratulations, man.
Looks like Raj isn't the only one that's gonna live, huh? You guys have a good night, okay? Here, go to the stupid romantic island.
What are you talking about? Max broke up with me, so we won't be going.
That means you and your perfect little girlfriend get to go.
Oh, you thought Sally was my girlfriend? Oh, that's, uh that's my bad, I guess.
Um, she's just my cousin.
She's just been staying with me for the week.
Hey, Navid.
It's me.
Uh, look, I don't know where you ran off to but just give me a call.
That was the real distraction, wasn't it? Boyfriend troubles? How did you know? I'm not all work all the time.
I've been there.
I had a boyfriend who I was so sure was messing around on me, and I spent a year walking around with my head half in the game because I was always wondering where he was, or who he was with.
Why he didn't answer his phone.
I mean, this thing with Navid it's not exactly the same, but we had this moment earlier where I thought everything was going to be okay, thought I could trust him again.
And now I'm thinking, maybe he was just telling me what I wanted to hear.
Look, I don't I don't know your boyfriend or the situation, but Silver, you can't trust someone because you want to.
It's either you do, or you don't.
I I I know I know I don't have any proof of the stolen cars, okay? But he threatened my girlfriend.
I'm just seeing a photo.
Because he specifically called me, and he sent the he made sure I have no actual proof.
He's gonna hurt her.
He's a dangerous criminal, okay? You got to believe me.
I do, but I can't do anything to protect you or your girlfriend without hard evidence.
Which we could get if you got back in business with him.
What do you mean? The only way you're safe is if your uncle's behind bars.
That means building a case against him from the inside.
Get back in, win his trust.
Work with the police to get the evidence we need.
But Navid, if you're uncle is as dangerous as you say, people will get hurt if he finds out what you're doing.
You can't tell anyone.
Especially not your girlfriend.
So you know, think about it, and if it's something that you want to No, no, I don't need to think about it.
I'm in.
I can't believe we actually raised the money.
Are you sure you don't want to spend it on something fancy like diamond man-jewelry? Nope.
I got everything I need right here.
Is someone just getting home? All right, who's the guy? Just a guy.
- Really.
- Mm.
Would his name happen to be, um Patrick, by chance? Yeah, actually.
Uh, how did you know that? Because someone named Patrick Westhill made a ridiculously gigantic donation in your name.
We would never have made it over the goal line without it.
This guy must think you're a pretty hot commodity.
Yeah, something like that.
It was kind of weird.
Thought you'd have an office.
I do.
I just thought this would be more fun.
$10,000? This is a joke, right? No.
They loved your picture so much, I think you could work a whole lot more.
You might not love modeling, but the camera loves you.
You look like crap.
Yeah, well, I feel like crap, too.
Uh, thanks for what you did last night.
And I'm I'm sorry for calling you jealous.
I don't know.
I guess I've just been working too hard lately.
It's okay.
So we're cool? No, we're not.
Dixon, you have a drug problem.
You really need help.