90210 s04e15 Episode Script

Trust, Truth and Traffic

Previously on 90210 How is being a hooker not a big deal? I am an escort.
I don't do any of the stuff that I don't want to do.
Ratting on me could have some not-so-good consequences for Amy.
- She wouldn't do that.
- Really? Amy met Patrick because he hired her to be his escort.
A couple girls kind of got arrested last night - for prostitution.
- What?! The cops are asking a bunch of questions.
They can't do anything without evidence.
The birth mother was a local girl still in high school.
That's how we got Maisy.
Maisy? Navid, we need to talk.
Are you dating the guy who adopted Adrianna's baby? Adrianna, I have to tell you something.
You might want to sit down for this.
Whoo! Think I can hit Holly's window from here? What the hell kind of egg was that? That wasn't a egg, that was a rock.
Come on.
Let's go! Oh, my God.
Burned to the ground? Okay, if you could have anything in the world, what would it be? I don't know.
I think I'm already getting there.
Why? 'Cause I was thinking, what if we push this place to a new level? I mean, do a total relaunch of the bar.
Pull out all the stops.
That's an idea.
Good morning! Hey, smiley.
What's up? Well, Nick called and he spoke to Sonia Reese about me.
As in the Sonia Reese Gallery downtown.
Come on, guys, she reps, like, everybody.
Okay, anyways, the point being there's still room at her next group show.
For you? That's great.
She wants to see my portfolio today.
It's amazing.
Nick really came through.
He believes in you.
Hook up with the right person, and anything's possible.
Look, Vanessa, I just don't think Offshore needs a relaunch.
I mean, I've got as much business as I can handle.
Yeah, but not as much as we can handle together.
I believe in you.
And after everything we've been through, I really want to give you a reason to believe in me, too.
Please? All right, take your best shot.
Knock yourself out.
Thank you.
I have to meet a TA, but I don't even know what he looks like.
TA's, MA's, whatever-A's.
They're all so N/D.
What's the meeting for? About a class or something.
Class? Do you even go to class? I keep my hand in.
Just because I've found my calling in event planning doesn't mean I've given up my academic career.
You're still event planning? I thought Rachel fired you.
You could say she pried open the gaping maw of opportunity and tossed me in.
Oh, speaking of which Does her ring scream Bel Aire Hotel or Sportsman's Lodge? Bel Aire.
Then you are looking at my very first event to plan.
I should get going, too.
Really? We haven't talked since Thanksgiving.
Are you seriously going to keep running away? Just say it.
The whole escorting thing.
I know what you're thinking.
I just want to know how you are.
I am trying to get back to normal life.
And I've been getting my inheritance checks, so money's not a problem now.
You don't have to worry about me.
But I do.
Because what you did with Patrick, is just so not like you.
How do you get from this to? Do you think I haven't asked myself that a thousand times? It started off as nothing.
Me and that Bree girl just hanging out with some guys.
But I swear, it's over now.
I'm not seeing Patrick anymore, ever, and no one else like him.
Oh, there's Greg.
Oh! Great.
I'm glad we got to talk.
I'll catch up with you later.
Annie! Hooray! You are the exact person I was looking for.
What do you want? Wow, that's not a really friendly way to talk.
I just lost everything in the Kappa fire.
Don't you even care? I'm sorry, that was awful.
Um, well, at least no one got hurt, right? Still, I need a place to lay my poor little homeless head.
Naomi has a ton of space, doesn't she? No, no.
Bad idea.
No, good idea.
How am I supposed to find an apartment when the 405 is closed all weekend? Bree, think.
The police are still investigating your little business, right? Probably not the best idea for us to be hanging out together.
You're such a worrywart.
Come on.
That investigation is going nowhere.
Haven't I always been there for you? Is it that big of a deal to ask you to be here for me? Okay, I might know somewhere you can crash for a couple of days.
You should not be burdened with nerve-wracking details like where to seat your toxic great aunt so that she doesn't feel slighted, but she doesn't accidentally communicate with the future in-laws.
Oh, my God, that is Aunt Yvonne.
This's why you need me to plan your event.
"See, respond, neutralize.
" Really? 'Cause you haven't seen or responded to me, Ms.
Clark, and I've been here, in this room, for a long time.
You are? Hal Blor, your TA for Physics 100.
We had a meeting set for 10:00 a.
Call me.
Oh, my God, Hal Blor! I am so sorry.
Here, please.
I must've lost track of time.
You seem to lose track of time a lot, Ms.
And I'm sure I will again now that I'm talking to you, Mr.
Well, let me help you focus.
Your final project was due three days ago.
Physics 100 is part of the core curriculum.
If you fail this class, you won't move on to sophomore year.
What? There's got to be something I can do.
Extra credit or an extension, or Have you ever heard the Physics term "Letting it slide"? Good one.
Did you come up with that when you were scrolling through texts instead of listening in class? Oh, my God, I should not be punished for multitasking! I'm hideously busy.
With what? Throwing parties? Yeah, parties not everyone's invited to? If I ever had a party and failed to invite you Five in the last semester alone, actually.
And I saw you making the invitation list to Strip the Vote in your Physics notebook.
Oh, my God.
I'm mortified.
Hal, I'm so sorry I forgot to remember to invite you.
That was a mistake.
Your mistake was neglecting Physics 100.
I don't care about your stupid parties.
Rule number one for getting away with stuff never return to the scene of the crime.
Hey, we are out of toilet paper again.
What do you guys do, throw the stuff out the window? Oh, God.
I'll pick some up after class.
Are you okay? Yeah, man.
I'm just nervous.
Uh about your laundry in the dryer, man.
It's been in there for a while.
It's gonna get wrinkled.
Stop acting guilty.
Okay? You're gonna screw us both.
You don't care that we burned down the Kappa House? Of course I care, okay? It was an accident.
Nobody got hurt.
They lost a couple of Ryan Gosling posters.
Just forget about the whole thing, okay? Okay.
Anybody home? Hey.
Oh, hey, guys.
It's, it's, look, it's my sister Annie and her friend the Kappa, Bree.
Okay, so you guys know that the Kappa house burned down.
So, anyway, uh, Bree needs a place to stay.
And I thought that you guys Just for a couple of days.
It'd be a really big help to me.
Oh, and to Bree.
Gosh, Bree, you know, it sucks about the Kappa House burning down.
And don't get us wrong Yeah, yeah, please, please, don't get us wrong.
Uh, it's just that we have little space here.
You know, Navid's on the couch.
- Yeah, totally.
- Bree just lost everything.
I don't mind sleeping on the floor for a couple days.
Really? Great! See? Thank you, guys.
You are the best! Thank you.
Thank you.
It'll be really fun.
You like it? What is all this? Uh, It's my plan to relaunch the Offshore.
You won't believe what I've got done already.
And everything is right on track for tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Tomorrow's Carmageddon.
They're telling everyone not to drive.
Which is why it's the perfect day for the relaunch.
I mean, think about it.
There was no traffic last time, right? So this time, people will think, "Hey, no traffic, clear skies let's head to the beach.
" We can't count on that.
This beer, this is expensive.
How'd you pay for this? I just used grabbed the cash from the register.
That money was meant for the bank.
How am I supposed to pay my bills this month? Okay, well, you said, "Go ahead.
Knock yourself out.
" I don't do anything halfway.
Liam, this bar opening, it's gonna be a huge success.
Yeah, now it's gonna have to be.
I have a conference tonight in San Diego, but I still need to drive back to get Maisy before lunch tomorrow.
Thank you.
Keep the change.
And the freeway's being shut down again.
Ugh! Carmageddon! Nobody drove last time, remember? Yeah, I know, but my sitter has the flu and I can't be late.
If you're worried about getting back in time, I can pick her up.
No, you don't have to do that.
Don't be silly.
Maisy is great.
It will be a total favor to me.
Plus we're gonna be spending a lot of time together in New York, so she ought to get to know me.
Just tell me where and what time.
All right, thanks.
That's a real lifesaver.
It's just that little school right on Olympic and Holmby.
You can't miss it.
I'll call ahead and tell them to expect you.
I better get ready to go here.
All right.
Good luck.
So what Navid told me was true.
Have you been standing there? I heard it all.
You are not going to raise my daughter, Silver.
Why are you dating the man who adopted my baby? Are you trying to get back at me? You think this is about you? I didn't even know about Maisy when I met Greg.
Yeah, but then you find out and you don't say anything.
Because there's nothing to say! I can date who I want.
Greg is divorced.
That's not what I wanted for Maisy! There's a reason I chose Greg and Leslie, okay? I gave her to a happy family, not to some jerk who's moving to New York with an 18-year-old girl who hates me! Life goes on, Adrianna.
People split up.
I have to talk to Greg.
No! You chose not to be in Maisy's.
She's not your child, she's his.
Just stay out of it.
You cannot tell me what to do.
I only have so many feet of exhibition space, so I choose carefully.
And I haven't repped a new photographer since I brought Nick in three years ago.
Did you, um study with him? Yeah.
Yeah, I, uh, I took his class at CU, and then, um, then we went down to New Guinea and we did a shoot together, so I've definitely learned a lot from him.
I see.
Well, that must have been quite the educational experience.
So you're seeing each other.
Uh well, yeah.
Uh, he's in Afghanistan at the moment, so sort of seeing each other via Skype, you know how that goes, but Oh, no, I do know.
I went out with Nick until about a year ago.
Um I'm afraid these aren't for me.
Hey, Naomi, I need a favor.
Liam! Thank God.
Oh! You're good with your hands, as I recall.
I have to build something that demonstrates a basic knowledge of physics, which I do not have.
Can you help me? Maybe.
If I knew what you were talking about.
I am talking about Hal Blor, my pleasure-deprived TA, who has no idea how little time I have to balance things on sticks! I read the books, I attended class part of the time I just I'm not good at this kind of stuff.
I never would've made it through high school science without help.
Yeah, I was kind of hoping you would help me.
I got a problem with Vanessa.
Really? Which one of her fake names ran you over this time? Yes that was an accident.
I'm over it.
As much as you can get over being run down by a girl with an alias.
But this is different.
Um, she wants to do a re-opening of Offshore.
That sounds like a good idea.
She took all my ready cash and spent it on some scheme to open tomorrow, during Carmageddon.
Mm, that part doesn't sound so trustworthy.
Well, I kind of said it was okay.
I just didn't think it was going to get this crazy.
So I was kind of hoping that you could use your knowledge of parties to help me? Yes.
A party is the exact kind of project I need right now.
Would you mind if I invite a special friend? Sure.
Why? Let's say I may be able to balance my TA's need for a little good time with my lack of time to do his stupid project.
This is perfect! Yay! Cool.
This chicken is amazing.
Well, thank you.
Me and Austin always try to cook in the house, but we always wind up nearly burning the uh the house down.
You didn't have to do this, Bree.
Oh, please.
You guys are so generous and kind just to let me stay here, it's the least I could do.
Well, it's the least we could do.
Yeah, you know, you got burned out of your house.
By the way, are there any, um updates, or anything? Bree doesn't want to talk about that.
No, it's fine.
I mean, it was awful.
You know that they vandalized the place, too? Oh, yeah? Wow.
TP'd the trees, egged the house, typical loser stuff.
I mean, it's so obvious that these jerks were the ones that started the fire, but for some reason, the Fire Marshal won't let it go.
He says the fire started in the bathroom, and that it looks like arson, not just some prank.
You said the bathroom, right? Yeah.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Was there a broken window in the bathroom? More importantly, do I smell apple pie? Why, yes indeed, you do.
Did you hear that? The rock you threw didn't break a bathroom window.
Maybe we didn't start the fire.
That's gonna be your defense? When we vandalized the house, we broke the wrong window? Look, dude, I'm just saying You're just saying too much, okay? I'm not going to go down because you can't keep your mouth shut and need to confess.
Okay, nobody needs to know we trashed that house.
Understand? Okay.
You guys look so serious.
What are you talking about, the European debt crisis? No, just how much we love apple pie.
Mmm! Well, dig in.
All right.
Will do.
Can I help you? Yeah.
Uh, I'm here to pick up Maisy.
Her father called.
I'm Erin Silver.
No problem.
Liam, look! We can fit so many more people in here if we just kind of encourage the flow out onto the beach, and Hi.
I'm Naomi Clark.
You must be Vanessa.
Naomi's here to help.
Well, um, I don't need any help.
See, I have a plan to make Liam and the Offshore a brand.
It's a contest.
I replace one of these hundreds of beer bottle caps with this one.
Whoever gets it, gets to drink free for a month, here at the Offshore, with Liam Court.
We'll sell an awful lot of beer that way.
I like it.
But you're going to need a little bit more than just a contest and free beer to make the event work.
Listen to Naomi.
She is an expert.
Supplement the bottle cap contest by making the beer itself more exclusive.
I know a printer who can do a rush order on labels for these bottles with a shot of Liam from his billboard.
Not that again.
I like it.
Keep talking.
Make it the kind of party that people who don't usually go to parties Set up a VIP list, great music, great food, a band Band? Naomi, who's gonna pay for this? You have to spend money to make money, honey.
I think we should listen to her.
I mean, after all, she's the expert.
I cannot believe you told Adrianna that I'm seeing Greg.
Navid, you and I have had our problems, okay, but the idea that you would betray my trust, and tell There was no way she wouldn't find out.
I-I'm tired of secrets.
Secrets almost ruined my life.
So you decide to ruin mine.
You do realize that Adrianna's crazy, right? That is not fair.
Ade has changed.
Oh, my It's Greg.
"Thanks for picking up Maisy.
I'm on my way.
" What? I didn't "You were even early.
I hope you girls are having fun.
" Oh, my God, I didn't I didn't pick up Maisy.
Wait-wait, what are you talking about? It was Adrianna, Navid.
She heard Greg asking me to do it, she She just kidnapped Maisy! Whoa, hey, wait, let's just think about this for a minute, okay? Hey, Silver.
Ade won't hurt Maisy.
'Cause everything is fine.
Adrianna's changed.
Now just listen! She loves Maisy.
Come on! Okay? She's been wanting to see her.
She heard you were all going to New York, and she just must have felt desperate.
It doesn't matter how Adrianna feels.
This is Greg's child.
What am I supposed to tell him? Navid, what am I supposed to say? We'll find Ade and Maisy before he gets back, okay? I'm sure Ade is close by.
Let's go.
I'll help you look.
It's-it's unfair.
While I don't want to be the girl who gets the show just because I slept with some guy, I also don't want to be the girl who does not get the show just 'cause I slept with some guy.
Sleeping with some guy is at the bottom of a lot of bad scenes.
There were cops here today.
Um Something about some investigation going on with the Kappas? Wait there's still an investigation? They said they were interviewing Kappa girls, and I said you were no longer a Kappa girl.
Bree said it was over.
Okay, so I don't know.
Talk to Bree about it.
I gotta go.
Man, people are way sensitive today.
Hello? Yo! Is Bree here? Uh, no.
She went back to campus.
Why? Are you okay? Is Can I help? No.
I just gotta find her.
Oh, my God.
There are two cops coming up the walkway.
There's wha? Dixon Wilson? Austin Tallridge? Um I'm Dixon.
Austin's not here at the moment.
We have a warrant to search your house in connection to the Kappa sorority house fire.
What? And you are? Um, I'm Annie.
He's my brother.
Um, Officers what's going on? An anonymous witness called our tip line.
Start with the bedrooms.
Why would they think you have anything to do with the Kappa fire? We were there.
What?! Why?! Look, we were doing a stupid prank on Holly, okay? I swear it was nothing but eggs and toilet paper that's it.
This lighter fluid was hidden under a bed, Mr.
Is that your bedroom? Yes.
But I've never seen that before in my life.
You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford one I thought that phony-ass cowboy was my friend.
Why would he set me up? What kind of person does that? I don't know.
It doesn't sound like Austin to me.
Well, who else could it have been? He didn't want to get in any kind of trouble because of me he told me so.
So he probably made that "anonymous" phone call.
No one else knew that we were there that night.
Well, what about the lighter fluid? Bree said that they suspected arson.
Wait, Bree? Did Bree know that you guys were there that night? I don't know.
Um Why would she even care? She cooked us dinner that night, yeah, but I was feeling so guilty that night that I asked her a bunch of questions about the fire.
That's when Austin really got ticked off.
Okay, Dixon, can you get home by yourself? They said the bail would be processed in a hour or so.
Yeah, I could.
Why, where are you going? There's someone that I have to talk to.
Adrianna! She's not here.
Yeah, I can see that.
Dixon's not answering his phone, I don't know where else to look.
We should've just called the police when we found out.
I was sure she wouldn't go far.
I've been wrong about a lot of things, I guess.
Silver, hey.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have told Ade anything about you and Greg.
It doesn't matter now.
It has been forever since I've spent any time in this room.
Me, too.
There's a lot of memories.
Even a couple good ones.
Hey, there's a lot of stuff here.
I mean, I know she saves a lot, Maybe we could find a clue to where she is.
I used to know Adrianna so well.
I just wish I knew what she's thinking now.
No, that doesn't help me at all! Unbelievable! The labels are ready, but they won't be delivering them today.
Something to do with traffic.
Never saw that coming.
Oh, and they added a fee for the rush.
It was very nice of them to give us this information before we placed the order.
Guys, we're fine.
I mean, you know, what do we need labels and VIP lists for when we have these? What is that? I Liam-ized the bar uniform.
This guy gave me a great deal on, like, a hundred of them.
Okay, that's it! Naomi, get your car! We're picking up those labels and I am taking over this party before someone cuts me and I start bleeding money.
I cannot leave right now.
I have to be here to make sure everything is perfect.
Liam, if this is not the best party my TA has ever been to, he'll never let me out of my Physics project.
Your Physics project is gonna be slapping labels on every beer bottle in sight! I don't know this printer, you do! You set up this deal, I didn't! And you have a car, which I do not.
Well O-Okay! Oh, my God! Come here.
Oh, Annie.
We have to talk.
You look upset.
Upset? Yeah, you could say that.
Please tell me that you did not frame my brother for the Kappa fire.
Why would you even think that? Maybe because the cops are still investigating the escorting service, and they couldn't search the sorority house because it went up in fles! Will you keep your voice down?! Do you want us both to go to jail with Dixon? So, I'm right you were the one who called and made the tip.
- Bree! - No Do you want to know what happened? Fine.
Look, the cops wouldn't leave it alone, so I had to get rid of my client list.
When everybody was out, I threw it into the bathtub, I lit it on fire, and then I left to meet up with the Kappas at the Greeks Against Teenage Drinking kegger.
And then you framed my brother?! I'm not a chemistry major, okay? How was I supposed to know that the Fire Marshal would be able to figure out it was arson! I mean, I don't need them on my trail for that, too! Annie, and then I overheard Dixon and Austin talking about how they egged the Kappa house that night.
It was just too perfect.
You heard them because of me.
I made Dixon take you in.
This is all my fault.
No, please don't beat yourself up about this.
I mean, what is this for Dixon, a prank gone wrong? What's he gonna get, community service? Me? I'd go to jail for prostitution and you would get humiliated and expelled from CU.
I mean, this is kind of win-win.
Look, I can't tell you what to do but it's either you or Dixon.
So think about it.
Great! We'll never get back in time to make this party work.
Why won't these morons in front of us just drive?! Green! Green! What are they, colorblind? Go around them.
I can't go around them.
The entire intersection is blocked, Liam.
I shouldn't have listened to either one of you.
Oh, you're the one who wanted us to take back streets all the way to Cudahy right now.
Because someone had to get this party under control.
And clearly, it wasn't gonna be you.
When was the bar opening not under control? Vanessa had some really great ideas.
Yeah, well, maybe you should have asked her for some advice on how to pass Physics.
Oh, come on, Liam.
Vanessa just thinks you can do something big with your life.
Trusting someone who believes in you is not a mistake.
Yeah, well, the only person I've ever been able to trust is myself.
Oh, well, then trust yourself.
Well, like you trusted yourself to pass Physics without help? Naomi, the only help you ever got in high school was from Max.
Well, you know what? If Max were here right now, he'd say to stop fooling around and just do my Physics project.
Then why not do what Max would tell you to do? Why not trust Vanessa? What, did you find something? Just this.
You guys were such good friends.
Sometimes it's hard to believe that's over.
Yeah, well, Adrianna made a lot of really bad decisions.
That doesn't mean she's a bad person, Silver.
Forget it.
It's not like you're ever gonna forgive her anyway.
It's to Maisy.
What? It's from 2008.
That's the year Maisy was born.
"Dear Maisy, You aren't even one day old "and I love you so much my heart is breaking.
"You are so tiny, so perfect.
"Soon, your new parents will come take you to a better life, "and I need you to understand why I let you go.
"When you were inside me, I had two hearts.
"And when I gave you to your mom and dad, "I'm trusting them with one of them.
"They'll be able to give you everything I can't.
I want my daughter to watch the sunset in Bayview Park with" Uh Bayview Park Yeah.
It's right around the corner.
We should go.
No, no, no, no.
I have to do this alone.
Okay, look, before you say anything, let me at least say this, okay? I did not know about you and Nick, all right? It is just as awkward for me as it is for you.
And I do not know why he put us together, but obviously he's either being a total jackass or you know, maybe he actually thinks that you and I would think that the work was more important than him.
Both of those things are probably true.
Okay, so does that mean that we can maybe put aside the jackass option and actually talk about my work? I mean, don't you think I deserve an honest opinion? You want my honest opinion? Your portfolio's pretty good, but it's all faces.
I don't do faces.
Nick isn't sleeping with Annie Liebowitz, but I wouldn't put her stuff up either.
Not that you're Annie Liebowitz.
So, basically, what you're saying is that you don't like my work because you actually just don't like my work.
Got it.
Just so you know, I don't take pictures because of Nick, okay? I take pictures 'cause I have to, and it doesn't matter who likes them or who likes me.
You're not gonna walk all the way to Beverly Hills.
Traffic's not going anywhere for hours, so you hauled your entire portfolio down here.
It's your best work, right? Might as well look at it.
Really? Thanks.
You're not gonna untie these for me? Sorry.
Gonna make me do all the work? Hey.
What the hell happened? I heard Dixon got arrested.
Uh, yeah.
I'm waiting for him.
He's out on bail, and he's just stuck in traffic.
Well, listen, I didn't rat him out.
I know I was pretty hard on him about not telling what happened, but that's only because when I was 14, I was in trouble for hot-wiring a car, and was knee-deep in crap for two years.
Yeah, well, I think this is a little bit bigger than that.
But don't worry about it.
I know you're not the one who set Dixon up.
It was Bree.
Bree? What are you talking about? She started the fire that night.
And then she planted the can of lighter fluid in Dixon's bedroom when she realized that you guys had been there that night, too.
It's all my fault.
Now I have to go and tell the police everything.
Well, the cops are not gonna believe that Bree set her own house on fire.
They will when I tell them that she was running her own escort service.
Which I know, because I worked for her.
What? That's how I paid for Dixon's rehab.
Okay, but you can't tell the cops that.
I can't let Dixon get in trouble for something that he didn't do.
He's my brother.
Listen, you and Dix and all your friends I mean, you guys are all like brothers and sisters.
Me, I've always just figured, "Look out for number one.
" You got a lot to lose by telling the truth.
And if Dix finds out, it'll kill him.
I'm just tired of not doing the right thing.
I was going to bring her back.
I know.
After she saw the sunset.
It was in your letter.
I wanted to give it to her parents to give to Maisy when she was old enough but I couldn't.
Because you did something you couldn't take back, and you didn't know if she would forgive you.
I betrayed her.
That is something that is with me every day.
I tried so hard to make sure that she would have a real family, one that wasn't going to fall apart.
Will it help you if I tell you that Greg is a good father? And if everything he says about Leslie makes her sound like a great mother.
You did the right thing, Ade.
You couldn't keep her.
Do you think she'll ever forgive me? She will.
I do.
Yo, Austin, come out.
I know you did it! Look, Dixon, don't, okay? It's all my fault.
I need to tell you the truth.
About what? About how a phony friend set me up? Or how he's about to pay in teeth? Oh, there's about to be some frontier-style justice in here.
How about I turn myself in to the cops instead? Nobody is going What? You wanted to tell him the truth.
I started that fire.
After we egged the Kappa house, I was still mad at Holly, so I went back, snuck in and, uh, took a bunch of old love letters, threw them in the tub, squirted some lighter fluid on them, and boom.
Are you serious? Yeah, I didn't realize it would catch the curtains.
Bad planning, I guess.
That's messed up.
Yeah, that is messed up.
Why are you saying all of this? 'Cause I got nothing to lose.
Unlike some people.
Hell, I didn't want to be at CU this year anyway.
Let them kick me out.
I'll get a couple months probation and maybe a sweet jailhouse tattoo.
Y'all take care of each other.
Took him a while, but he did the right thing.
La la-la da da I've been known a thousand ways Choked a hundred hearts in half as many days Oh, no, I think so And I get so lost inside this city You ugly girls all look so pretty It's true What am I supposed to do? I still got you away Whoa.
Look at this.
I-I thought today would be a total disaster.
That's the All-American Rejects.
- Yep.
- Uh, when I called around to find a band, it turns out they missed their gig 'cause they were stuck in traffic three blocks away, so they were happy to have a place to play.
I don't understand.
Where did all these people come from? They were already here.
I just ripped up the VIP list and ran out to the beach and grabbed everyone that was stuck on this side of town.
Pretty much the way I thought it would be in the first place.
Look, I knew what you had here.
What you could do.
So you believed in me.
Is it too late to say I told you so? Wow.
Uh, have a drink on me, Naomi.
You called this one right.
No, not yet.
Where is Hal? Oh, uh, I told them he was Mark Zuckerberg.
Oh, my God.
You're a genius.
When I swear to you I'm gonna do it again I'm not making any friends I just wanted you to wait Excuse me, ladies.
I need to borrow Mr.
This is the best night of my life.
Oh, how about this? I'll add in some extra credit, and then you don't flunk the class.
I would rather do the project myself.
Grades go in tomorrow, so you you'd have to do it now, so So I will do it now.
I will illustrate a case of gravity providing a counterweight.
Honey, I know you'll wait for me La la-la da da La da-da da-da da da Pulled out your picture the other day Oh, isn't that sweet? You didn't have that much to say 'Cause it wasn't even me 'Cause I know that you said I'm better off on my own And I'm better off dead Oh, my God, I did it.
I can't believe it.
Oh, me of little faith.
It's fabulous.
"A" for the project and then that, combined with your poor attendance and your low test scores, would give you a "C" for the class.
And now you can go back to your double Ds.
Ladies, he's all yours.
Honey, that's all you had to say.
This was amazing.
And, uh, I'm sure I didn't make it easier for you.
I'm sorry.
Well, you don't have to apologize.
Look, you had every reason to doubt me, and I'm sorry for the way that we first met.
Hitting me with a car was starting with a bang.
You trust me now? Absolutely.
And I like what you've done with the bar.
Maybe it actually can be something.
Oh, yeah.
No, that really doesn't interest me.
Wait, then what were we doing all this for? Liam, what I was selling tonight wasn't the Offshore.
It was you.
And, honey, you sold like ice cream on a warm summer day.
Mm There is so much more to life than this bar.
Hi, sweetie.
Hi, Daddy.
I missed you.
Where were you? Stuck in traffic? Hi, Greg.
She's beautiful.
What are you doing here? I I just wanted to see if she was okay.
When I heard that you and Leslie were breaking up, I She called me because she wanted to meet Maisy.
Because Adrianna and I are friends.
And you didn't tell me? I should have.
I just thought this would be a good time for Ade to meet Maisy.
It went really well.
What?! I Okay, I don't even know where to start.
The decision for Maisy to meet her birth mother is not for you or Adrianna to make.
It's for Maisy to make, and right now, she's too young to know what to do.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I should I didn't think.
No, you didn't think.
And you lied to me.
You should've told me that you knew Adrianna.
I how do I trust you with Maisy? How do I trust you now with anything? Greg, this is all my fault.
Okay, Silver is a good person and a good friend.
You have no idea how good.
Okay, look, I appreciate your loyalty, but it's really none of your business.
I can't have you in my daughter's life.
Or in mine.
I understand.
Enjoy New York.
It was really nice meeting you, Maisy.
All right, sweetie.
Grab your horses.
Good girl.
Thank you for being such a good father.