90210 s04e16 Episode Script

No Good Deed

Previously on 90210 VANESSA: I'm sorry for the way that we first met.
Hitting me with a car was starting with a bang.
You trust me now? Absolutely.
What I was selling tonight wasn't the Offshore, it was you.
I'm glad everything is resolved with your family, and I will always care about you.
But I can't just go back to the way things were.
I am trying to get back to a normal life.
And I've been getting my inheritance checks, so money's not a problem now.
Nick called, and he spoke to Sonia Reese about me, as in the Sonia Reese Gallery downtown.
You hauled your entire portfolio down here.
It's your best work, right? Might as well look at it.
- Oh! - Is everything okay here? (Retches) You're fired, Naomi.
Mitchell sobered up after a bit, and we actually had a pretty good time.
He was very impressed with the event and the event planner.
This is huge, Holly.
I I mean, maybe I could start my own business or something.
♪ NAOMI: Now, since your new restaurant is Cuban themed, we'll start by covering the entire floor with sand.
A beachy theme, I like that.
We'll get some traditional music going, and then, voilà.
You've transported your guests back to Cuba in the 1950's.
You know, before that crazy guy messed everything up for everyone.
Sounds great.
Just get me your budget and a list of references.
Um, references? Well, I don't have references per se, but I have thrown hundreds of parties.
- For - Myself, mostly.
You can ask anyone a Naomi Clark party is not to be missed.
Naomi, I'm sorry, but I wouldn't feel right leaving it to someone without professional experience.
I'm gonna have to pass.
LIAM: So, Sheila, while I really appreciate everything that you've done for me you know, the watch ads, the billboards I was, uh, kind of thinking we could take things to the next level.
Aw, Liam, I'm married.
And gay.
I meant the next level of my career.
You know, things have been going great, but, you know, nothing lasts forever, and, uh Well, I was kind of thinking I could break into television and film.
Right, um, well, Liam, you know, the transition from model to actor can be kind of tricky.
And, um, quite frankly, not everyone is cut out for TV.
Oh, Liam is.
I mean, he's got star quality.
I'm sorry, and you are? This is Vanessa.
She's my girlfriend.
I see.
Well, Liam, you know, if you're serious, we could start by getting you a national commercial.
And you could get into some acting classes.
And, you know, who knows, maybe in a year or so A year? Are Are you kidding me? That's just wasting time.
Liam's ready now.
Darling, if Liam goes out there before he's ready it would be career suicide.
Just let me do my job.
Which is what, cashing checks while he busts his ass for you? Sorry, I just call it like I see it.
And how do you see it, Liam? Well, I think Vanessa's got some great ideas.
All right, you know what? The girlfriend steps in, I step out.
Good luck on your next endeavor, Liam.
You're going to need it.
- Okay, wait, Sheila.
- You know what? No, we are better off without her.
We can do this on our own.
We're fine.
So, how many fliers did you print for this gallery opening? Like a thousand of them.
Dude, I'm so excited.
You've turned into this cool artist chick - right in front of our eyes.
- Whoa! Buddy! Whoa! Hey! Rude! (Sighing) I'm so sorry.
Those guys, uh, they can get a little out of control sometimes, you know? Yeah, no, it it's all good.
Um, I dig that design on your board.
I don't know if you're into art at all, but I'm having a gallery opening; maybe you want to come? Yeah, no, I'm into art.
Just, uh, not so much the crap that rich people buy to feel better about themselves.
Anyway, uh, sorry about the dust-up, yeah? Jerk.
Um, yo, I'm gonna go hand the rest of these out at the Offshore, but I'll catch you guys in a bit.
I'm so jealous of Ivy.
She found something that she's really passionate about.
Meanwhile, I haven't done a single good thing with my life.
Come on, that is not true.
Silver, I was basically a hooker.
I I was too self-absorbed to even notice that Dixon had a drug problem.
And I almost got him framed for arson and thrown in jail.
Yeah, all right, it's been a rough year.
Uh, just stop concentrating on the past.
Think about the future.
Does that wisdom apply to you and Navid? 'Cause you know the truth about Amal now, and you're single.
No, it's different.
It's complicated.
We got a lot of baggage.
Which is in the past.
You love Navid, right? Yes.
Well, everybody knows that, except for him.
You have to let him know how you feel.
Maybe you're right.
Look at that.
I just did something good with my life.
(Chuckles) ♪ (clears throat) Hey, babe, um, I'm glad you're here.
Tell me which beat you like better.
This one? Or this one? Dixon.
Hey! Uh, you You look amazing.
But, uh, which-which track do you like? Dixon, this whole seeing-each-other thing and working-together thing has been great, but I'm sorry, when your girlfriend walks into the room wearing this, you put down the headphones.
Okay? Come here.
Wait, can I save it first? You can save it later.
Hey, guys, could I talk to you for a sec? Ah! Oh.
Whoa, hey, sorry! Whoa! Uh, sh should I come back? (Clears throat) It's fine.
Uh, we were just discussing work.
Wait, talking about work, uh, can you tell me which track you like? Are you serious? Forget it.
Knock, knock.
Anybody home? No, come on in.
I mean, the more the merrier.
Okay, I don't really know what's going on here.
Uh, can I talk to you for a second? I've got something to tell you.
Me, too.
I'm actually glad you're here.
Uh, well, I'm actually glad you're all here.
- I have an announcement to make.
- Oh, well, okay, shoot.
All right, uh, I have decided to go to Princeton University.
And I'm leaving in a couple of days.
You're going to Princeton University? I'm going to Princeton University.
Princeton? Dude, that rocks.
Come here, man.
I knew that you applied, but I didn't know you actually got accepted.
I thought you deferred.
Oh, yeah, things have been crazy with my family, so I couldn't go, but the university called last week and they said they had an opening.
Oh, I'm so happy for you.
Silver? Yeah, no, sorry.
Um, it's it's terrific.
It's terrific.
I figured I'd put things off long enough.
It's time to start getting my act together.
- You must be psyched, man.
- You have no idea.
You're going Ivy League, man had no idea! You said you had something to tell me? Oh, yeah, um I've been getting your mail.
I wanted to know where to send it, and now I know.
(laughs) Okay, I'm gonna go.
Congrats again.
I'm really happy for you.
(Beeping) Hey.
Ooh, quick question.
Do I look drunk in this picture, or like I'm throwing a fabulous party for a client? Since your earrings are made of potato chips, I'm going to go with drunk.
What are you doing? I'm trying to put together a fake portfolio.
Apparently, you have to get paid to throw a party before you actually have party planning experience.
Why are you so dressed up? I just had the most amazing meeting.
I've been trying to figure out what to do with my life since I have all this money now, you know? And then it hit me, charity work! So I started at the top The Hillingsbrook Foundation.
The Hillingsbrook Foundation.
Well, that's impressive.
How much did you write the check for? I want to do more than just write a check! This Preston Hillingsbrook guy, I mean, he wasn't there, but he is so inspiring.
He's really making a difference in the world, you know? So I volunteered to work at his benefit to save Castillo Bay.
That's a lot of excitement for a little charity work.
One of my jobs is to wrangle celebrity guests for the event.
You remember the guy who puked on you a couple weeks ago? Mitchell Nash? How could I forget? Yeah, do you think he'd help? Are you serious? Okay, Mitchell Nash is not exactly charity material.
He's an insane partier.
Oh, my God, he's an insane partier.
He throws a lot of parties.
Holly gave me his number.
He can be my first client! But I still need people for my charity event.
Try Liam; he's a semi-celeb.
I got to run.
♪ Hey.
Hey, I just came by to drop this off to Liam before I take off.
So you're going.
Are you so excited? Are you kidding me? Princeton? Ah, it's a great opportunity.
Hugely excited.
Okay, I know when you're excited, and this is not it.
Come on, Navid, it's me.
Okay, look as great as, uh, Princeton sounds, I was kind of hoping Silver would ask me to stay.
Or at least be sad to see me go, but she isn't.
Ah, I'll get over it eventually, right? (Chuckles) I guess she'll be the one that got away.
You're such a romantic.
I wish some of that would rub off on Dixon.
What do you mean? (Sighs) I don't know.
I mean, ever since we started working together, it's like it's sucked the passion from our relationship.
No, you two are great together.
You'll figure it out.
Well, maybe you and Silver will figure it out, too.
I don't see that happening.
I'm out of here in two days.
I'll let you get back to work.
I hit up Rodeo Drive.
Got you a ton of stuff.
I mean, if you're going to be a movie star, you got to start dressing like one.
Yeah, well, I hope you kept the receipt, because I've been calling casting agents all morning and I can't even get through.
The best I got was an invitation to Annie's charity as a celebrity guest.
Oh, a charity? That's perfect.
It'll give you something to talk about when you're on Your Day L.
Wait a minute.
You booked me a talk show? (laughs) How did you swing that? Okay, so one of the producers comes in here for our happy hour, and I hit him up, and he said yes, 'cause there was a cancellation.
(laughing): Isn't that amazing? Yeah, that's that's fantastic.
(Sighs) But you you heard what Sheila said.
Do you think I'm ready for a talk show? It's talking.
You're talking to me right now.
Look, once Hollywood sees how amazing you are, they're gonna be knocking down our door.
I believe in you.
You just have to believe in yourself.
ANNIE: Thanks again for donating a photo to the silent auction.
Are you kidding me? Annie, it's my pleasure.
Sonia already picked which ones she wants to hang, so you get your pick of the rest.
Someone is gonna be so lucky to get their own Ivy Sullivan before you get crazy famous.
Shut up.
IVY: Oh, my God, who would do something like this? (Sighs) Mitchell Nash, what a surprise! Just so we're on the same page, I remember very little about last night.
Did we hook up? Oh, God, no! No.
I'm Naomi Clark.
I escorted you down the red carpet at that event a couple weeks ago? Naomi Of course, I remember you.
Did we hook up? Believe me, if we hooked up, you'd remember.
Sorry, love.
I can't hear you over the bubbles.
(Sighs) Listen, I hear you have a movie opening, and it's so coincidental because I actually decided to start my own event planning company.
Really? Yes.
You could be my first client.
I will throw you a movie premier bash that will make the Academy Awards look like a knitting circle.
That actually sounds fantastic.
Not a premier party I hate those things but I have something a little more personal in mind.
I'm not sleeping with you, Mitchell.
I meant, what I need is a birthday party for my daughter.
I wasn't aware you had a daughter.
Neither was I.
But DNA tests confirmed it, so, here we are.
Anyway, she's turning 16, and I thought, what better way to show her what a great dad I am than throwing her the most amazing party this town has ever seen? Like a sweet-16 party? Exactly.
I just want to put a smile on her face.
I can't seem to make her happy.
You do that, and I'll throw you more business than a prostitute has on New Year's Eve.
Well, I will make her the happiest little princess on the planet.
Oh, here's my angel now.
Carla! This is Naomi.
She's going to be throwing you a sweet-16 party.
What's up, bitch? (Sighs) We found a window in the back where they broke in.
Obviously, the opening will have to be canceled.
Whoever did this could be an amazing artist, but this is how they choose to express themselves.
Such a shame.
I'm so sorry about your show.
Yeah, well, I guess this art just isn't for everybody.
NAOMI: Um, how about this for a theme? Arabian Nights.
We'll rent an enormous tent, you can ride in on a giant white stallion.
Um, okay.
Mardi Gras? Psychedelic '60s? Glam Rock '70s? No, no, and hell, no.
That stuff is so not me.
Well, I am sorry.
I'm not throwing a vampire-themed party, because that is too overdone! Look, I'm just trying to get my business off the ground.
Okay? Your dad said you can have anything you want.
Will you just work with me and tell me what that is? I don't want a party.
What do you mean, you don't want a party? Everyone wants a party when they're turning 16.
Look, I just moved here, okay? I don't know anyone.
Oh, my God.
Oh, honey, I totally get it.
You're afraid no one's gonna show up.
Carla, if you want to make friends, this is how you do it.
You throw a fantastic party, everyone has a blast, and by the end of the night, you're all BFFs.
When I was your age, I was doing this on a weekly basis.
Really? Yes, really.
It's how you make a name for yourself.
Leave it all to me.
By the time the party is over, my business will be off the ground, and you will be the most popular girl at high school, guaranteed.
(Clears throat) Hey, how you feeling? Hey.
Good, good, good.
Hey, I was thinking, uh, maybe I should tell a joke, or something you know, like, um Or maybe do my Brando impression, huh, you know? Oh, Vanessa, when you came into my life Okay, you're gonna be fine.
All right? Just be yourself.
Not the self that does impressions.
Okay, come on.
We got to go.
Well, uh, whoa, what is this? You're in the cooking segment now.
Cooking? No, no, no, no, I don't cook.
I don't cook.
I'm just supposed to talk.
Only thing I've ever cooked is Thanksgiving dinner, which I ordered from a restaurant.
Tell that story.
That's a funny story.
(Sighs) MAN: And five, four, three, two Okay, people, you may recognize him from his billboard and print ads across the city.
Ladies and gentlemen Liam Court! (Applause, theme music plays) So nice to meet you, Liam.
(Whispers): Okay.
There we go.
(giggles nervously) Of course, we have to make sure we have the right person.
Can you take your shirt off? Are you serious? No, I'm kidding! (Both laugh) So, today, we're making Szechuan Crispy Fish.
And we start with three whole rockfish.
Oh, um, hey, speaking of fish, I I wanted to, um, mention this charity event that I'm attending tomorrow night to save Castillo Bay.
See, sometimes, if a bay becomes polluted, uh, there's a lot of dead and diseased fish, and Not that these fish are diseased, but just seeing them made me think of that.
Well we are going to cover these very healthy and fresh fish (sighs) with this scallion marinade, and then top it off with this tangy sweet and sour sauce.
- So, Liam, if you could just - Yeah, do I? (Screams) (laughs) What's for dessert? And we'll be right back after this commercial.
♪ Seriously? Hey.
Dude, what the hell is your problem? Okay, you break into my gallery, you spray-paint all over everything.
I mean, who are you to mess with other people's art? Okay, nothing in that gallery was art.
That was the point.
Mm-hmm, and that's up to you to decide, right? You're just a street punk with a spray can, okay? You wouldn't know what art was if it smacked you in the face.
Really? Guess I'm not just a punk with a spray can.
I'm a punk with several spray cans.
Still, that doesn't give you the right to just go ahead and screw up somebody else's art.
I'm trying to wake people up! Art is supposed to be alive, right? It's supposed to mean something.
The stuff in that gallery is is dead.
Okay, so, put your own stuff up at a gallery.
Don't ruin mine.
You have no idea how much that show meant to me, okay? That could have been my big break.
Hey, you know what the difference is between you and me? What? I'm not in this for the money.
I'm trying to make people think.
You on the other hand you You're just selling pretty pictures.
♪ (sighing) Hey, baby.
Hey, hey.
I, uh, got you a present.
You did? Mm-hmm.
(laughs) Dixon! It's not even our anniversary or anything.
Nobody can ever say that I don't care about my baby, so Go ahead, open it.
Aw Oh.
It's a it's a key to the front door.
You know, I was thinking with Navid leaving, uh, might need a new roommate.
Are you asking me to move in with you? Yeah.
I don't know why I didn't think about this before.
I mean, with all the time wasted, me going to your house, you coming to mine I mean (sighs) I mean, you being here it's so much more convenient.
Convenient? Yeah.
Yeah, it makes perfect sense.
I mean, and we save a butt load of money on rent, so Okay, what's wrong? Nothing.
Is this the nothing where it's actually nothing, or the nothing where we won't talk about it till I'm trying to go to sleep? - Oh, my God.
- (Key clinks) What? I'm just trying to I don't know what I did wrong.
Okay, well, I shouldn't have to tell you what you did wrong.
You should already know.
So, you don't want to move in with me? I don't know if I even want to have a relationship with you.
(Sighs) (music playing, crowd chatter) There's my birthday girl.
Oh, look at you in high heels and everything! Are you having a good time? Doesn't completely suck.
See, I told you everything would be fine.
Come Monday morning, everyone at your school will know your name.
That's what I'm counting on.
Oh, for a girl who doesn't know that many people, you certainly had a good turnout.
Yeah, threw up an open invite to a rager at Naomi Clark's house on Facebook.
You You did what? Oh.
They love Naomi Clark.
Ergo, they love me.
You can let my dad know.
Mission accomplished.
His little girl is quite happy.
LIAM: I feel like everybody's looking at me.
They're not.
And even if they were, there's no such thing as bad publicity, right? Now start acting like a celebrity guest and shake some hands.
Look, Vanessa, I appreciate how much you believe in me, and how much you want me to believe in myself.
But I can't just change into something that I'm not.
Well, I'm not trying to change you.
I just want everyone to see how amazing you are.
Yeah, well, I don't feel very amazing at the moment.
Maybe Sheila was right.
Maybe I'm just not movie star material.
♪ Hey.
I thought Ade said this was a going-away party.
Where is everyone? Um, well, Naomi's, uh, hosting a party, and, uh, Annie, Liam and Ivy are at a charity event.
So, until Ade and Dixon show up, it's just us.
Okay, great.
So, Princeton.
You must be really looking forward to it.
I am.
It's a huge, huge opportunity.
Yay, I'm really excited and happy for you.
Yeah, you mentioned that.
It'll be weird not having you in L.
Ah, there's no reason for me to stay, right? Yeah.
I guess.
Look who's here.
Sorry I'm late.
Where's Dixon? He's not coming.
(Sobbing): I think we might be breaking up.
(Phone beeps) Oh, my God, this is so swank.
I know, right? I think we're going to raise a lot of money.
And the best part of it is, for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm making a difference.
Are all those people looking at my photo? - I told you it was going to be a hit.
- Annie.
♪ They want $5,000 for this photo.
Can you believe it? I'm sorry, $5,000? Well, it is a beautiful photo.
I mean, still, what a rip-off.
Well, I mean, it's for charity.
That's got to count for something, right? The food here is disgusting.
At least the cancer people know how to throw a decent party.
I'm sorry, I just thought we were here to save the bay.
Do you want this or not? Well, the frame matches the towels in our bathroom.
Let's just buy something and get out of here.
♪ (cheering) (chanting): Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Oh! Oh! I Out! Out of the pool right now! Where's Carla? - Who? - The birthday girl.
This tall, never smiles? Oh, you mean the chick that knows Naomi Clark? She's gone.
What do you mean gone? Dead? (Doorbell rings) She went upstairs with a football player or something.
This place has, like, 20 bedrooms, so good luck.
(Knocking) Oh, good Lord.
(Knocking) Oh, good Lord.
What part of not invited do you not under? Surprise! Mitchell.
I couldn't resist dropping by to see what you cooked up for my little girl.
Where is she? Carla? Oh! Wow.
Great party.
(Chuckles) Oh, okay.
Where's Carla? Uh, you know, I just saw her a minute ago.
Um, why don't you wait here, and I'll go track her down? Can I get you something to drink? I knew this was an underage party, so I brought my own.
Cheers! Well, I'm gonna go find the birthday girl.
You make yourself comfortable.
I mean, living together is a huge deal.
I don't want to move in with someone just because it's convenient.
Ugh, I can't believe he said that.
Guys are idiots.
I I mean, he just stood there looking at me like I was the crazy one.
He hasn't even said "I love you" yet.
Who moves in with someone when that hasn't even happened? Look, men aren't mind readers.
Most of the time, they're thinking about food, or they're thinking about sex.
You can't assume that Dixon knows what you're feeling.
You got to tell him.
Really? Like you're talking to Navid? No, that's different.
Princeton is a huge opportunity.
So you're just going to let him walk away? He wants you to ask him to stay; he told me.
Ade, Navid has spent the last two years looking after his family, running a studio and dealing with his uncle.
He hasn't even followed his dreams because he's been taking care of everyone else.
I'm not gonna hold him back from this.
Okay, I don't want you getting mad at me, or hating me again, but Navid should be the one to make that decision, not you.
I mean, I swear, I don't even know how it happened.
It's like, one minute me and Ade are talking, the next minute she's more pissed at me than I've ever seen her.
Dude, you can't ask a girl to move in with you just because it's convenient.
Women don't care about that.
They care about romance and puppies.
Puppies? All right, did you even tell her that you loved her? Uh she knows that I love her.
All right? Oh, see, that does not work with women.
Okay, you have to tell them how you're feeling.
Yeah, like how you're doing with Silver? - What do you mean? - I mean, you're not going to leave and not tell her how you really feel, are you? Oh, come on, man, that's different.
She made it clear that she wants to move on.
I mean, I dragged her through hell.
It would be unfair to put her on the spot like that.
No, if she has a change of heart, it's up to her to say something.
So I should talk to Ade, but you shouldn't talk to Silver.
That's messed up, man.
How is that messed up? It just is.
Excuse me, Miss? Hi.
Um, I was looking for Preston Hillingsbrook.
Yeah, uh, well he was supposed to be here an hour ago.
Well, you work with the charity, right? Uh, do you think you could answer a few questions for us? Oh, that would be great.
Because this isn't just a party.
What we're doing here is really important.
Okay, so, Miss Annie Wilson.
Wilson, okay, tell us about your charity.
Thank you.
Yes, uh, well we are here to raise money to help clean up Castillo Bay.
It's one of the jewels of our coastline, and here at The Hillingsbrook Foundation we think it's very important to try and take care of our planet.
You're spending more money on this event than most people make in a year.
Does that seem right? I'm sorry? And what do you say to the fact that Hillingsbrook Industries has historically been one of the biggest polluters in the state? Oh, well, I don't think that could be true.
I mean, Preston Hillingsbrook obviously cares about the planet.
So, what do you say to reports that Hillingsbrook Industries is in violation of child labor laws overseas? Uh NAOMI: Carla? Carla! CARLA: Ocupado! Oh, my God.
What are you doing? I'm trying to have a moment with Tony.
You know what? Her dad's here, and he was a sniper in his last movie.
No, wh what are you doing? I am stopping you from having sex with a complete stranger.
I'm new here.
Everybody's a complete stranger.
Look, I'm just trying to fit in and make a name for myself.
Like you told me to do.
No, Carla, that's not what I meant.
Okay, I'm 16.
How I make a name for myself is really not your problem.
I should have stopped this when you spiked the punch.
I'm pulling the plug.
What?! Great, I'm gonna be a laughingstock.
Okay, you know what, you do this, I swear to God, I will make sure that my father ruins your career.
Don't bother.
I'm doing a pretty good job ruining it myself.
And put your shirt on.
♪ (music stops) (grumbling) This party is officially over! Everybody out right now! If you need a ride, you can get one from the Los Angeles Police Department, as they will be here in about two minutes.
(Grumbling continues) You ruined my party.
Dad, she is the worst party planner ever.
I want her fired, and I want her life ruined.
I'll have to say, I was having a good time.
What's the problem? What's the problem? The problem is I gave your daughter some terrible advice.
A giant party isn't going to make everything better.
What Carla needs in her life is a responsible adult.
Someone who really cares about her, so she doesn't have to act out to get attention.
Of all people, I should know, I've been there.
Which is why I I can't stand by and watch you do do the same things I did and make the same mistakes.
Now, if you will please excuse me, I'm pretty sure I smell smoke.
♪ (groans) Oh, my God, this has been the worst night ever.
I will give you a million dollars for a drink right now.
Between you and me, free booze is the only reason you should come to these things.
(Both chuckle) I heard you got ambushed by a reporter tonight.
I know the feeling.
I thought this was a chance to do something positive with my life, and I got totally grilled for it.
Maybe I should have just listened to Naomi and written a check.
Nobody else seems to cares about making a difference.
And you know who's the worst offender of all? That Hillingsbrook guy.
I mean, what kind of person doesn't show up to their own charity event? I heard that guy's a real tool.
I wouldn't even call him a tool.
Maybe ass-wipe or douche bag.
Actually, "tool" is a perfectly good word.
Well, you can't control the way people see you.
If you want to change the world, go out and change it.
Don't let anyone stand in your way.
You're right.
You're right.
To hell with all those people, and to hell with Preston Hillingsbrook.
Oh, man.
Yeah, I give cooking advice, too.
(laughs) WOMAN: Help! Somebody help me! Oh, my God.
Someone's out in the water! Help! (Crowd chatter) Liam? Help! Help! (Gasping) Help! Somebody, help me! Help me! (Gasping): Help! (Gasping) (onlookers murmuring, applauding) (cheering and whooping) So, what were you thinking when you jumped into that freezing cold water? I mean, it happened so fast, I didn't really have time to think.
How do you feel about people calling you a hero? Call it what you want.
I just did what I had to do.
There you have it.
Liam Court, male model, arriving hoping to save the bay, but ended up saving a life instead.
A tragedy averted here at Castillo Bay.
(Applause) Uh, still think you're not made for TV? 'Cause I think you looked pretty great up there.
I guess I was just, uh, in the right place at the right time.
Well, I just talked to a couple of casting directors, and they said you looked pretty good up there, too.
In fact, I think one of them used the word, uh, "star material.
" - No way.
- (Laughing): Yeah.
See? I knew you could do it.
You just needed to be yourself.
Let's get you home and out of these wet clothes, okay? - Yeah.
- Want to go grab the car? Yeah.
Nice job.
Hope the water wasn't too cold.
(Sighing) Hey, Dixon.
I got your message.
What's so? DIXON: So, look, um, for the last few weeks, I've been more focused on music than what's actually important, which is me and you.
So, I, um, want to do this right.
I want you to move in with me.
Not because it's convenient, or 'cause it will save us a butt load of money (laughing) But 'cause I love you.
(Sighs) What? Did I say something wrong? No.
I love you, too.
(laughing) ♪ (buzzer sounds) (door creaking) Airport, please.
Yeah, sure.
You, uh, mind if I borrow that? Don't shoot me.
You're right.
It's much better.
You, uh, got any other advice for me? That about covers it.
(Sighing) If the DNA test didn't prove it, this party certainly did.
She's a chip off the old block.
I think this should cover everything.
If you're paying for the party, I didn't earn it, and if you're paying for the furniture, this doesn't cover it.
I want you to keep it.
I'm not sure what happened tonight, but Carla and I had a talk, and, well, you've opened up my eyes a bit.
It's time I stopped writing checks and started kicking ass.
Isn't that a line from your sniper movie? Yes, um, but it applies to raising children, as well.
Um, I'm turning 29 again in a month.
I hope you can throw together a suitable celebration.
It'd be my pleasure.
Come on, darling.
(Sighs) (clears throat) Mr.
Hillingsbrook? I am the person who you left hanging out to dry yesterday when you blew off your own charity.
Well, guess what? I am starting my own charity, and I've decided that you're going to help.
You're wasting your time, young lady.
No, I am not leaving until you hear me out.
I'm not the person you're looking for.
I'm the captain.
Seriously? I was told that Preston Hillingsbrook would be here.
Does that guy ever get out of bed? I think the last time we talked, you told me what a tool I was? (laughs weakly) (doorbell ringing) (sighs) Okay, okay, I'm coming! (Sighs) I swear to God, if you're here for that stupid party, you are 12 hours too late.
(aerosol hissing) - Jen? - Hello, darling.
Jacques and I thought you could use a house-guest or two.
Get my bags, will you? Okay.