90210 s04e17 Episode Script

Babes in Toyland

I've decided to go to Princeton University.
He wants you to ask him to stay.
I'm not gonna hold him back from this.
Put your own stuff up at a gallery.
Don't ruin mine.
I'm not in this for the money.
I'm trying to make people think.
You, on the other hand, you're just selling pretty pictures.
You're right, it's much better.
Got any other advice for me? Here at the Hillingsbrook Foundation, we think it's very important to try and take care of our planet.
But your spending more money on this event than most people make in a year.
I thought this was a chance to do something positive with my life.
And you know who's the worst offender? That Hillingsbrook guy.
I mean, what kind of person doesn't show up - to their own charity event? - I heard that guy is a real tool.
You know, maybe Sheila was right.
Maybe I'm just not movie star material.
Help! How do you feel about people calling you a hero? I just did what I had to do.
I just talked to a couple of casting directors, and they said you looked pretty great up there.
Nice job.
Hope the water wasn't too cold.
Hillingsbrook? I am the person who you left hanging out to dry yesterday.
I'm not the person you're looking for.
I think the last time we talked, you told me what a tool I was? Jen? Hello, darling.
Jacques and I thought you could use a houseguest or two.
Just figured with Deb and Ryan on holiday in Spain, it was the perfect time to visit.
And it's so wonderful to be back.
I mean, how adorable are all these tourists? Adorable? Are you forgetting the time when you tried to make fanny packs in Beverly Hills a "felony offense"? Naomi, I've changed.
I've come to appreciate how thin they make me feel.
Everyone in Paris is much too willowy.
Especially the men.
Between that and the insufficient hygiene, dating prospects in Paris, they're not so bon.
Well, maybe you can find someone while you're here.
Ooh, you and I can think alike.
While I'm here, I plan to meet and marry a handsome American billionaire.
You don't mind babysitting, do you? Just while I go on dates.
Um, typically I wouldn't mind, but I've been really busy as of late.
Doing what? And don't say coursework.
You go to C.
Actually, I started my own business.
Naomi Clarke Events.
And not to brag or anything, but I just pulled off a very challenging birthday party for Mitchell Nash's daughter.
That's wonderful, Naomi.
You know, partying has always been your one strong suit.
So, I think it's great you're trying to turn it into a job.
- Well, actually - Hold my latte! I want to see if they have those boots in my size.
So, tomorrow at 10:00, you're auditioning to play "Hot Partygoer #4.
" And then at 2:00, you've got an audition for oh, this one's for an indie movie.
Uh, the part is "Shirtless Roofer.
" What, they couldn't even dignify the guy with a name? Come on, he does hard labor.
Hey, babe.
So, guess who just called me.
- Who? - Lee Brodsky's assistant.
Lee Brodsky, as in the movie producer? Yeah.
Apparently he's heard our track, and he wants to meet tomorrow about some songs for the new action film.
That is amazing.
Right? Uh, wait, I just told Liam that I would cover for him tomorrow.
- Is there any way we could maybe push it? - Uh, pr-probably not.
He's super busy.
I mean, they're recasting a role, or something like that.
I kind of feel like it's tomorrow or never.
Well, maybe you can do the meeting without me, then.
Babe, babe, no.
No, no, I can't do Look, we're a team, okay? - Yeah.
- We got to do this together.
He's not gonna want to just meet one of us.
- Okay.
- Look, I know you were really nervous about getting back into the music thing, but you got to let me know, okay, if you're in this a hundred percent.
No, of course I am in it.
I'm totally in it.
I'll go talk to Liam.
I'm sure we can figure something out.
Ah, that's my girl.
Come here.
I'm gonna start getting ready, okay? - Mm-hmm.
- I love you.
I love you, too.
Hey, uh, so about my shift tomorrow Yeah, thanks for covering you're a lifesaver.
Uh, okay, something kind of just came up.
Dixon and I have some pretty big stuff happening with our music, and it's really important, so Well, that's great, but I've got all these auditions, and I really need someone to be here.
That's kind of why I hired you.
Yeah, well, you hired me because you were being a good friend.
- Right? - Well, now I have to be the boss.
Well well, then I'm sorry, too.
Wait, you're quitting? I just, I don't see another way.
Hillingsbrook? Incoming! What are you doing? Wine balloon archery.
I break the balloon, it fills the glass, and I drink it.
Would you like to try it? It's an excellent Chateau Latour.
No, I want to talk.
I really need you to reconsider.
You're being the world's biggest do-gooder? Don't you want to call me a phony jerk first? I'm sorry that I called you names.
But I'm not really buying the "eccentric rich kid" act.
If you really hate those charity functions then why were you there pretending to be the bartender? I was just stopping by for some free champagne.
Because you're so strapped for booze at home? I think you secretly really care about stuff, and you want your life to be about more than just writing checks and drinking rubbery tasting wine.
And I bet you know just the thing to give my life meaning.
A nonprofit business.
We are going to make and market designer tote bags.
All proceeds go to charity, and the bags themselves help the environment It sounds like work.
Maybe you should try that sometime.
Really? Is that how you made your money? No.
I inherited it a couple of months ago.
There you go.
- New money, new guilt.
- What are you talking about? I'm talking about your obvious discomfort with wealth.
It's killing my buzz.
I'm just trying to make what I have mean something, and honor the person that gave it to me.
Which is exactly what I'm doing.
Generations of Hillingsbrooks have worked very hard for me to live this way.
But Good day, Wilson.
You could show yourself out, or I'll release the hounds.
Look, if you change your mind and decide to do something meaningful with your life, let me know.
Whoo! Look! Good boy! Okay, Silver, I'm supposed to meet that Diego kid later at his studio, and he wanted me to bring an interesting image.
What do you think about this one? All I see is the caption: "Two-time NYU reject.
" Two minutes, and I find out if I got in.
Two minutes.
Since Navid is off at Princeton, I just, I can't keep sitting around here, wondering when my life is going to start.
You hear that, Jacques? Don't wait.
Seize the day.
You're supposed to be playing with him, not trying to turn him into some sort of counterculture anarchist.
- Sorry.
- Okay, I got to go.
You promise to text me the minute you find out? Yeah.
Good luck! Hey, how was your shopping trip with Jen? Well, if I was shopping for passive-aggressive digs, it would have been a wild success.
All my life my whole family never thought I could do anything important.
I mean, every year for Christmas, Jen would get books and brainy stuff, and I would get hair products.
Family dynamics can be intense.
Just try not to care too much what she thinks.
No, I don't.
I just want to rub her face in how successful I actually am.
Which is why, when she was out shoe shopping, I cold-called Paddington Publishing House.
You know they throw that annual book announcement party every year.
Didn't they once have Stephen King jump out of a red velvet cake? That was a low point for them, yes.
But I spoke to their public relations VP, and she wants to meet me, here, later today.
And my house looks like - a well-appointed Chuck E.
- Yep.
That's my bad.
I'll help you clean those up in three two one.
I got in.
- You got in? - I got in! To NYU?! H! Are we still gonna pick up the toys? Okay, so I wasn't able to get you a meeting with Lee Brodsky.
I honestly have no idea how Adrianna and Dixon managed that one.
But I was able to get you the next best thing: An audition.
Another audition? Liam, this character actually has a name.
Private Wilkerson.
Now, it's a small, supporting role but it has got breakout potential.
So, before you get too excited, it is an open call.
There'll probably be hundreds of guys trying out for the part, but, Liam, I just know you can get this! So this is for the part of the soldier? A monologue by "Goath"? Goethe.
It's, like, subtext or something.
Anyways, go ahead, give it a shot! "To this has it come! "To this! "Treacherous, contemptible spirit, "and thou hast concealed it from me! "Stand, then "then stand.
"Roll thy devilish eyes wrathfully in the in-in thy head!" Yeah! Y-You just have to go over it a couple of times.
You're gonna be great! Sweet.
Yes, hello.
This is Adrianna Tate-Duncan calling to confirm my meeting with Mr.
The Carrington, at 4:30.
Yes, that's right.
Thank you.
Oh, I'll be there.
I am loving your ideas, but tell me, do you have much experience - dealing with celebrities? - Oh, yes; as a matter of fact, - I just did an - Naomi, I had to borrow some of your Crème de la Mer.
Amanda Dean, is that you? Jen, what are you doing here? She's my sister; I didn't know you two knew each other.
We went to high school together.
Yeah, we were always duking it out - to be the smartest one in the class.
- Mm-hm, and now look at us.
I'm a jet-setting publishing executive, and you have a baby.
And you're living in your little sister's house.
Oh, no, no-no-no.
I live in Paris.
My life is much more glamorous than this, I can assure you.
And as I was saying, I actually just did an event for Mitchell Nash.
Well, it was actually, it was a birthday party for his daughter.
- Isn't that adorable? - It was still an event.
Oh, yes, of course it was.
I'm sure the children had a wonderful time.
You do have the infrastructure to handle a really big event? I can't be sending my boss any amateurs.
I can handle anything.
Ah, speak of the devil.
This is my boss.
He really wants to lock things down.
Can I tell him you'll give him a full presentation tomorrow? Perfect.
Okay, what's the address of your office? The address of my office is Harper Boulevard.
Well, if it's anything like your house, I'm sure it's to die for.
He'll see you there at 4:30.
I'm gonna walk you out.
So, tell me more about this boss of yours.
Go ahead.
Peel it off.
Okay, that is awesome.
Yeah, it's gonna look even awesome when you actually put it up.
Up? What do you mean? Like-like on the street? Yeah, hence the term "street art.
" What's the matter? - I thought that you were into this.
- No, I am, I just I don't know.
I don't know if I want to be part - of the whole criminal aspects of it.
- Okay, wait.
Hang on a second; it's not like we're going out there, putting up gang signs or anything.
I know that.
We're provoking people.
Trying to add some mystery to their otherwise boring-ass daily lives.
Would you rather put this up on a canvas, so that it ends up on some rich old d-bag's bathroom wall? Obviously not, but You want to spend the rest of your life hiding in a gallery just 'cause you're afraid to take a little risk? Okay, first of all, I've surfed Mavericks, and I was married to a guy who was dying of cancer.
I'm not exactly afraid of taking risks.
All right, I'm just sick of them, actually.
I think you're scared.
I just don't if it's of getting caught, or of getting close to me.
I got to go.
All right, but, uh, if you change your mind, me and my crew are going out tomorrow night.
You should come by.
Okay, so, tell me what you think.
Pretty epic, right? Yeah, in a Dixieland band sort of way.
I think we just need to add like a little bit more beat or something.
A little beat Oh, wait.
Hold on.
Hello? Wait.
The VP of A&R for Def Jam Records wants to meet with us.
Tomorrow at 3:00? We got the other meeting.
Um yeah, is there any way we could do it another day, another time? No, no, no, I totally understand, yeah.
We'll be there.
Yeah, both of us.
Do you mind if I get your number, actually? Perfect.
Okay, cool.
Thank you so much.
Okay, bye.
Can you believe this? Two huge meetings? Wow, um This is this is awesome.
But the other meeting's all the way across town at 4:30.
Do you really think we're gonna make it? Well, the Def Jam guy's only in town for one day.
Yeah, I get that, but Okay, you asked me if I was in this 100%, and I am.
Okay, we cannot waste any opportunities.
It's fine.
We'll just we'll talk really fast, and we won't take the freeway.
Okay, all right.
Okay, okay.
Oh, I'm so excited.
So, you just made up a totally random address, huh? I was on the spot, and it wasn't completely random.
My hair salon used to be on this block.
Nobody is gonna hire an events planner who works out of a hair salon, Naomi.
Okay, so I'll figure it out.
I'll offer to rent the place for some obscene amount of money.
I'm sure they'll go for it.
And then slap my name on the wall, and bribe whoever works there to pretend to be my staff for a few hours.
But it's practically too easy.
Oh, my God! There it is.
And look, it's just a quaint little sex shop.
Uh, you know, I'm just gonna go.
Stay here and help me.
And try not to think of what people do with those.
- Ugh.
- Hi.
Excuse me.
It's a fabulous store you have here.
What would it cost to rent it out for the day? I don't know, I'd have to ask my manager.
Thank you, Mr.
We appreciate your business.
Okay, blondie.
Are you high or just a moron? You think you can rent us out like a karaoke room? I don't think so.
Well, I'm willing to make it worth your while.
That's impossible.
Uh, the weekend before Valentine's Day is our biggest sales event of the year.
We call it black leather Friday.
Just cancel the meeting.
And prove Jen right? Are you insane? What if I buy everything? Everything? Yes, down to the last novelty condom.
Except that.
I won't buy that.
I-I'm allergic vinyl; It gives me a rash.
I will, however, give you a thousand dollars each to pretend to be my employees provided that you can find some non-crotchless clothing.
I take it role-playing is on your résumés? You got yourself a deal.
All right, ladies, welcome to Naomi Clark Events.
I'm glad you finally came around.
Well, resistance seemed futile.
Besides, you seem like one of those plucky, annoying people who don't give up.
So, I decided to do your project.
With one condition.
I cannot work with someone who's going to make guilty about my money, so I need you to prove to me that you're not gonna be guilty with yours.
And how exactly am I supposed to do that? - I want you to buy something.
- That's all? - Yeah.
- Listen, PJ, I went to West Beverly High, I can shop.
Not a $200 wallet.
Something big, something you've always wanted, something that you secretly wanted but you could never afford.
Mm! These are kind of nice.
No looking at price tags! Money is no object.
Come on.
That is quite a bag.
It's no canvas tote for charity, but it'll do.
I'm impressed.
And you know what? It's on me.
Looks like we're in business together, Wilson.
Enjoy the bag.
We're going to miss our other meeting.
Please let this be him.
Come on.
Um, maybe you should call his assistant, huh? Make sure the guy's on his way? Okay, yeah.
That's weird.
It says the call can't be completed as dialed.
It's okay.
Um, let's just give it five minutes, and then we can get out of here.
All right? Five minutes.
Yeah, five minutes, we can do this.
Five minutes, okay.
Ugh, don't mind me, I'm just pretty sure I got stood up.
And I thought I was the only one.
Really? Wow, well, maybe we're supposed to meet each other.
You don't happen to be a musical duo, do you? Nope.
No, I'm just a single gal.
I'm so proud of us.
You would never know this was a sex shop.
Whoo! Okay.
Shirazi Studios, very nice.
Okay, that reminds me, I've got to go to the doctor to get my vaccinations, It is the last hurdle until I'm officially a college student.
Yeah! All right, is this it? Oh, wait.
There's another one.
I swear to God, they keep popping out of nowhere.
It's like some pervert got a magical wish granted or something.
Well, good luck to you.
And Jen.
Well, we just happened to bump into each other outside.
What a wonderful coincidence.
Your sister's a real delight.
JEN Tell me, does Mrs.
Paddington work in the publishing business, as well? Uh no.
No, there is no Mrs.
Oh, thank you.
How interesting.
So, to get started, I'd like to say, I am sick and tired, as you probably are, of the monotonous party parade You know, I always say that a party's really only as interesting as the people in attendance.
That is so deeply true.
And since you publish books I love books.
I'm glad to hear that.
I do.
I read a lot.
I went to Yale.
So Really? What better way to evoke the wonder of books than by returning us to the ones that thrilled us the most during our youth? I give you The Enchanted Forest.
Intimate, mysterious.
It's a welcome relief from the generic Hollywood glitz.
There will be trees growing out of tables Speaking of forests, do you like hiking? I love it.
But do you know what I love even more? An excellent meal with a charming companion.
Pick you up at 8:00? Mm.
All right, well, I've heard enough.
- You know, there's more that I can show you.
- No, Naomi.
I think the concept is fantastic, and Amanda had already sold me.
I have no doubt that you and your staff will make it a night to remember.
Jen? Yes? Walk me out? Sure.
Yes! Thanks.
Erin Silver, how are you? Hi.
I can't believe you're heading off to college.
Last time I filled out vaccination forms for you, I think it was for summer camp.
Well, don't worry.
I'm not coming back from NYU with poison oak and swimmer's ear.
Guess that means you're all grown up.
Which means we should probably talk about your family medical history.
Erin, your mom, your aunt and your grandmother all died of breast cancer.
And I know the drill.
Self-exams, regular checkups.
I'm gonna start doing those.
You also should consider getting tested for the Braca gene.
If you have the Braca one or two mutation, your future includes an up to 60% chance of getting breast cancer.
You'd have to consider preventative measures, such as a prophylactic mastectomy and Do we have to talk about it now? We do.
I've I've had a pretty crappy year, and I finally have something to look forward to.
So, right now, I just want to get my life started.
You're going to college.
I probably won't be seeing you anymore.
And by your early twenties, this could be a very urgent concern.
It's my job to make sure you're informed about this.
I just want to be excited about my future.
And I just want you to have a healthy one.
Oh, look at your little I may be bringing William back here later.
And if my powers are anything like they used to be, he may well have proposed by morning.
Well, you're not wasting any time.
Well, I just have a really good feeling about him.
And not just for me.
For Jacques.
Yes, I'm sure he can get Jacques many free copies of Babar.
It's not about that.
Or really even about the money.
I see Debbie and Ryan and Jacques together, and they are like a perfect little family.
Is it so wrong to think that maybe I could have something like that, too? That I am not destined to be alone? No, of course not.
Hey, guys.
is that the new Tradesrogue crocodile hobo? I picked it up today.
That's a really expensive bag.
You know what? I didn't even look at the price.
But even if it was, like $1,000, I'm okay with that.
Try $40,000.
$40,000? Oh, my God.
I let him buy me a $40,000 bag?! Well, whoever he is, he sounds like a keeper.
I have to run.
Jacques might wake up No.
No, Jen, you can't leave me with Jacques.
I have too much to do for this party.
and if he does, he'll need a diaper change.
Any interest in baby-sitting? Sorry.
I just realized there's something I need to go do.
And I'm just standing here with my thumb up my Aah! Don't worry.
Auntie's coming.
I need a baby-sitter.
Okay, yes.
Okay, I get it.
I get it.
Um, but are you sure he can't squeeze us in, like, right now? I mean, we can meet anywhere.
Well, we weren't exactly snoozing.
We were actually stuck in traffic Hello? Oh! I can't believe it.
We totally blew it.
No, it's okay.
Um, I know this sucks, but there will be other meetings, okay? We'll just learn from our mistakes.
We can't make any more mistakes.
I quit my job, Dixon.
Baby, uh, that's kind of jumping the gun.
Don't you think? You do know the phrase, "Don't quit your day job," right? Yeah, well, I thought, according to you, the phrase was, "And if you're not in it with me Um, what are you talking abo a? That is what you were saying, isn't it? I mean, if we don't make it as a team, we don't make it as a couple? Whoa, Ade.
Babe, our relationship and our business are two completely different things.
If the business side doesn't work out, it's not gonna affect our relationship.
Do you promise? Yes, I promise.
And I'm sure Liam would give you your job back in a heartbeat.
He's a friend.
Hey, your door was unlocked.
Whoa, what happened with this? Ugh.
Well, I asked Jacques' baby-sitter for help, but apparently, she's no whiz with the hot glue gun.
So, how is prep for NYU going? Have you started practicing hailing cabs and being snobbish about pizza? You know, I'm not really feeling the whole NYU thing today.
What are you talking about? You've been excited about this for years.
Yeah, I know.
It's just Wait.
Hold that thought.
Paddington, how can I help you? Your wallet? That you left in the pocket of your coat at my office.
I understand.
Of course.
I will send one of my assistants there right away to look for it.
It's not a problem.
Except it's not your office, and you have no assistants.
Listen, guys, we're not gonna have long to put it up.
All right? So, we're all gonna have to, like, move as fast as we can, you know what I'm saying? I'll catch up with you guys later.
Just so you know, okay, I'm not here for you.
I'm just into doing the art.
And you thought you'd look less conspicuous dressed up as a, uh, ninja? I just thought it would help me blend in with the night, okay? Yeah, uh, it's just that there's been this little invention that's called street lamps.
Why don't we put it up here? Yeah, the, uh the garbage and the rats will be really impressed.
Come here.
I say we do it where people can actually see it.
All right.
You're on.
Now okay.
There must be a light or a desk lamp or something or Ow! A flashlight.
Thank you.
Okay, not a flashlight.
All right.
Son of a bitch is married.
Okay, dude, you were right.
That looks so good up there.
Run! Oh, my H! Seriously?! Over there.
I was just taking inventory.
Come back tomorrow.
There's a sale on handcuffs.
Oh, I see you brought your own.
Oh! You don't understand; I really do work here.
I don't know your life, lady, but I do know that I come in here all the time and I've never seen you.
O-Okay, Officer, please.
If I don't get out of here right now and warn her, my sister is going to make a huge mistake.
Then call her from the station.
Somebody's got to post your bail.
No, if she finds out I was arrested, it'll blow my cover story, and I'll look like an idiot.
You get one phone call; Do what you have to do.
This is just stupid! This is a $40,000 bag? Thirty-seven five.
You peeked.
Well, it's very, very pretty, but you have to take it back.
Well, you know what that means.
I'm not wasting my time with a guilt-ridden heiress.
Well, I'm not spending my time with a self-indulgent jerk.
What was the whole point of this little exercise, anyway? To get me to admit that I'm not comfortable with this money? Fine.
I admit it.
I want to earn what I have.
I want to build something that is lasting and meaningful.
And not just so Marla's death means something, but so my life means something, too.
Well, I happen to believe life means something if you enjoy it.
And is that what you're doing right now? 'Cause you just look lonely and bored.
Look, I thought that you helping me start all this would make it easier, but you know what? Building something on my own is going to be that much more satisfying.
I still don't understand why they would arrest you.
And why you were wearing this when I called.
Well, I find it keeps me sharp, you know, when I'm thinking about hors d'oeuvres and menus and other things.
Okay, I haven't been completely honest.
I don't have an office, I don't have employees.
I made all of this up because I really wanted this job.
William, this is incredibly embarrassing.
I hope you know I had nothing to do with this.
And I hope this doesn't ruin the rest of our evening.
Jen, wait.
You know what, you're annoying, you really are, but you're my sister, and I can't let you do this.
I believe that belongs to you.
I found it in your wallet, where you probably stuffed it before our meeting.
I thought you said that weren't married.
No, I said there was no Mrs.
My wife kept her maiden name.
Well Unfortunately, it looks like none of our party planning is going to work out after all.
Y-You know what, I think it will.
You're gonna let my sister here plan your silly little party, or your wife is going to get a very interesting phone call from me.
Heard about NYU.
I actually just got some good news, too.
I'm gonna be in a movie.
It's not a huge part, but if it gets me noticed, it's worth putting myself out there.
This is a whole new Liam.
I guess, ever since my accident, I just want to not worry about stuff so much.
You know? I want to live every day like it could be my last.
Wow, that sounds really morbid.
No, no, actually, it sounds like a good idea.
Why spend time planning for a future you might not even have? Yeah, something like that.
You all right? Absolutely.
I'm just saying, people should live every day to the fullest, no matter what.
I guess I'm just not sure yet if that means going to NYU.
It's what I've wanted for so long, and now that I've got it, I I feel like I don't know anything.
Well, you don't have to figure everything out right this second.
Not everything.
Look, I'm sorry about the other day.
Okay, and I hope that you're not still mad at me, because Um, well, this is actually kind of embarrassing, uh Do you think that maybe you want to give me my job back? Ade, I can't do that.
- Oh.
- Not because I'm mad at you, but because I actually already gave your job away.
I'm, uh, I'm in this movie that starts rehearsals today.
Well, your auditions must be going pretty well.
Actually, I didn't even audition for this one.
Vanessa was at The Carrington, and happened to bump into the producer.
Wait, The Carrington? Yeah, I guess he had seen my billboards and that rescue video, and, uh, I don't know, she somehow convinced him that I'm the guy.
She's pretty amazing, don't you think? Yeah, she certainly seems to be.
- Why are you being so weird about coming back down here? - I'm not.
You had fun, right? Yeah, obviously it was exciting.
Okay, I just don't want you getting the wrong idea.
I'm not ready to start coming down here with you all the time and, you know Oh, wow.
That looks amazing in the light.
Well, you aren't the only one that thinks so.
On second thought, what are you doing tonight? I cannot believe I get a whole trailer, just for me.
Are you kidding me? It's hideous.
It's fine.
I like shag carpet.
Liam, you are on a bullet train to stardom.
She's right, this is major.
Finally, someone around here who knows what they're talking about.
All right, I'm gonna speak to Lee about getting you an upgrade.
Oh, my Liam, thank you so much for getting me the interview for this P.
I'm just glad it worked out, - if this is what you really wanted.
- It is.
Why should I wait four years to learn about filmmaking in a classroom, when I can actually start doing it? Live the dream like there's no tomorrow.
Well, it definitely feels like a dream.
What do you want? Six years ago, I tried to start a magazine.
This very cutting-edge, brainy, politically-minded thing, that could not have been a bigger flop.
I believe my mother called it the Dilettante Monthly.
Well, I tried to earn on my own, and I failed.
And I've been afraid to be involved with anything since.
But I don't know there's something about your little project here that I just don't want to see you fail as miserably as I did.
Well, that is very generous of you.
So, what do you say? Do you want to be partners? Good morning.
I'm glad to see you didn't sleep in the God-awful Catwoman costume.
I almost had to.
It was so hard to get off.
Oh, my God, now I'm all itchy.
Naomi, you have to be honest with me.
Is it really that hard for you to get a job? I mean, what was the point of going to such extremes? Maybe I just wanted to do something that would impress you for once.
Come on.
Are you saying that this was all about me? No, of course not.
Oh, Naomi.
What do you want me to do, give you a round of applause? I think this whole little business that you've created is impressive.
I think this house that you've bought is impressive.
And all these friends you have who absolutely adore you I think it's all very impressive.
You really mean that? Yeah, I do.
Maybe if you weren't so intent on finding a husband, you could so something with your life, too.
I mean, look at me.
I gave up chasing boys, and now I channel all of my energy into a career.
I'm just saying you don't need a man, and neither do I.
We can be a team.
Oh, um, I'm here with Annie.
We're working on a charity project together.
I'm Preston.
I'm Naomi Clark.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Preston.
The pleasure's all mine.