90210 s04e24 Episode Script

Forever Hold Your Peace

seminary because of me.
ANNIE: I hope you don't feel like you made a mistake.
CALEB: I broke my vow.
We gave in to temptation.
What we did, we did out of love.
And that doesn't make you weak or unworthy.
IVY: Why would you give him a fake I.
D? Because I don't have a real one I'm in this country illegally.
IVY: We think we figured out a way to by Diego a little bit more time.
Police won't touch me if I take sanctuary in a church.
I'm really sorry for all the things I said about not being able to trust you.
Will you be my manager again? Hey, what are you two doing here? I'm here for you.
He just got here.
I was here for you ten minutes ago.
Neither of us are going to give up until you make a choice.
Fine, I want to have a baby.
Which one of you is up for that? NAOMI: It's still a little crazy that I am planning your wedding.
MADISON: You mean because of you and Max? It's ancient history.
Okay, I'm still in love with Max.
Well, then that's what he needs to know before he marries her.
Am I making a mistake? Hi, Max, it's me again.
Um (chuckles) You're strangely absent from your wedding rehearsal.
I hope nothing happened to make you change your mind.
(chuckles) Just kidding.
Hey, listen, we, uh, need to talk about happened between us last night, so call me.
Same old Naomi.
Sleeping with the clients.
Rachel um Not that it's any of your business, but nothing happened between me and the client.
I'm kidding.
I didn't come here to cause trouble.
I heard you booked the Madison Stewart wedding.
And I wanted to see how I possibly lost this job to one of my former interns.
Now I see why.
I beat you out on this job? Yes, and that got me thinking Holly's heading my new London office, I'm handling L.
, but I've yet to find the right point person for New York.
Rachel (chuckles) Are you offering me a job? I am.
I know you have your own company.
But coming to work with me, would be making a jump on an international scale.
We have a little situation.
Oh, nothing I can't handle.
Uh, Madison is still hungover from the bachelorette party.
And she's, uh, throwing up in the redwoods.
We can't have a rehearsal without a bride.
Which is why she wants you to stand in for her.
Oh, (chuckles) well, absolutely.
Not a problem.
Okay, you go to the altar, and I'll meet you up there.
All right? Looks like you've got your hands full.
Think over my offer.
I will.
Now, I'm going to go marry my ex-boyfriend.
SARA: Okay, let me get this straight, you have a history of criminal activity? IVY: for street art.
It's not like anybody got hurt.
But most recently, you stole a guards I.
D, and you broke Ivy out of a psych ward? Well, that sounds way worse than it actually is.
I agreed to let the church provide sanctuary for Diego.
Please, I'd like to know our options.
Well, if Diego's marital status were different or if you were a model citizen, I would be more optimistic.
But if we were to petition for a green card and he loses, he might never be able to return.
That's it? Are you kidding me? He either runs or he gets deported? I'm not running.
I mean, I look, I was prepared to run but I feel like I've been running my whole life.
If I stay and fight, at least Ivy and I have a chance.
Come on, there's got to be something we can do.
Hold a rally.
Start a petition.
If you can get enough attention, your Senator can file a special bill and you can get a green card.
Well, that's what we need to do.
Caleb, wait, I'm not unsympathetic to Diego's situation.
But, uh, I'm not sure what the churches role should be in this case.
The churches role is to do the right thing in any case.
Proverbs 31 says we should speak up for those who are not able to speak up for themselves.
Is that not why we follow this path, so we could live by the teachings of the Bible? You're right.
All right, well, I'm going to get in touch with the Senators office and find out how many signatures we need.
Yeah, and I'll start figuring out how to throw together a rally in a couple days.
Thank you.
ANNIE: Mm-hm.
IVY: This is going to work, okay? Hey, Caleb, uh, wait.
I'm really glad that we're going to be helping.
And I don't want this to sound selfish but if we're going to be working with the church on this Then does that mean I'm going to get pulled back in? Yeah.
You know, just like The Godfather, (chuckles) without the shooting part.
Before Ivy and Diego came in, you asked me if I regretted what happened between us.
And? No, I want to be with you, Annie.
(chuckles) ADRIANNA: And I don't like your joke I laugh to be polite.
But now this is for sure (laughs) Nice phone, princess.
(chuckles) It's Ade's.
She gave it to me so I could watch this video Silver took of her, singing at the bachelorette party.
Check it out.
It's already gone viral.
Man, my dad was so ready to tell me "I told you so" about managing Ade.
But after he heard her sing, he agreed to give her a second chance.
And she is opening for him on tour.
Starting in Vegas, baby! (both chuckles) Nice.
(cell phone rings) Um You heard from Dix? Not since he left to go on tour with Haley Reinhart.
I think they're done in a couple weeks.
Well, I can't say, uh, I'm sorry we'll miss him.
I can't have any unfinished business with Dixon, getting in the way of this opportunity, for either of us.
Yeah, well, sometimes it's hard to let things go even when you know they're not meant to be.
You too, huh? Still hung up on Silver? All right, if by hung up, you mean I really like her, then yes.
There's just something about her.
Hey, don't you think it's time you get on with your life, dude? Yeah, well, that's easy for you to say.
Fact of the matter is, I don't have the girl.
Vanessa took me for everything I'm worth.
And the nicest thing any reviews said about my movie was "At least it's finally over.
" (chuckles) Hm.
And you don't count 55 million at the box office opening weekend, a success.
What are you talking about? What am I talking about? This guy.
Studio sent it.
See, look "Congratulations, proves that critics were wrong.
" I thought it was so bad that the movie would surely tank.
Like, I purposely didn't keep track of how much money it made.
Ah, well, consensus is, it was so bad that it circled around to be good.
Looks like one part of your life's looking up.
So, if you ask me, I say stop focusing on what you don't have and enjoy what you do.
AUSTIN: Cheers, buddy.
(knocking door) Hey Uh, you busy? Just reading through some IVF pamphlets.
(sighs) So, no Come in.
Uh, you were right about what you said last night.
You don't deserve to have two idiots acting like your some kind of prize.
Well, I'm sorry too.
That was really harsh.
No, I get it.
You need to know you'll be safe from cancer which means, if you want to have a kid, you have to do it now.
So, okay.
I'll do it.
What? Yeah, I come from a big family.
I've been around a lot of babies, I can do this.
(chuckles) Navid Think about this, this is a huge thing to offer.
Yeah, I know.
But I thought about it all night and I've come back to the same thing.
And if this is, this is something you need, I'll have a baby with you.
(laughs) (both laughing) Okay, once everyone is at the altar, the bride, not me, I'm obviously not the bride, will follow Walk, walk, walk Father of the bride will sit here.
(sobbing) Oh You know this is just the rehearsal, right? Oh, I know.
It's just you look so beautiful and I can't believe my little girl's getting married.
And then the gospel choir will sing "Baby I Need Your Love" and so appropriate.
Kiki will read a poem, um, about the sanctity of marriage.
And then we'll exchange our vows And by we, I mean you guys.
And Max will kiss the bride.
And you know how the rest of it goes, rehearsal over.
Okay, good bye everyone.
Are you okay? I'm sorry about that.
I've been trying to be professional.
But this is happening, Max.
It's a "no turning back, speak now or forever" hold you peace" kind of thing.
So I need to know.
Last night, why did you ask me if you were making a mistake? We talked last night? Wow.
I must have been drunker than I thought.
Um, so you don't even remember talking to me.
I hope I didn't make a fool of myself.
(chuckles) No, you're not the fool.
Um, you should Yeah.
I've, uh Don't worry.
I will get back to making your wedding absolutely perfect.
(chuckles) Happily ever after and all that.
(theme music playing) Oh, my God, it's totally you.
(chuckles) It's totally me.
I watched your video like 25 times.
Check it out, I had this made.
(chuckles) You're an inspiration.
Thank you.
Yeah, it just feels good to let go of the past and move on, you know? I hope your ex is dead.
What? No, I I don't want him dead.
Well, I do.
Can you call my boyfriend and break up with him for me? How 'bout I just sign your shirt instead? Oh, don't let the weird fans bother you.
I had a guy come up to me today and say "I want to blow your brains out.
" And he wanted a high-five.
Kind of freaked me out until I realized it was my catch phrase.
I have a catch phrase.
The paparazzi man! I was at the gas station and some dude comes up to me takes a picture, and he was, like, "The world wants to know if Liam Court pumps regular or premium.
" It's premium.
The point is I'm trying to stay positive so I don't have to think about Silver.
Is it working? Sure.
Unless I want to have a baby with Silver, it's pretty much all I've got.
Well, hello.
What are you doing? Yeah, I'm bein' sexy.
What does it look like? Okay, uh, well, if the sexy thing isn't working, how about romantic? I bought you flowers.
Oh, wow! Right? Thank you.
(laughs) I got something, too.
What's this? An ovulation kit and a calendar.
I have spent so much time trying not to get pregnant, this is weird.
It's like I'm gonna get in trouble.
Well, hey, I'll give you trouble.
That wasn't romantic or sexy, was it? I'm sorry.
Navid, look, it's super sweet that you've done all this but you don't have to work so hard.
The whole baby thing sort of guarantees you're gonna get lucky.
Yeah, I know.
I doesn't have to be all clinical baby-making.
We do love each other.
But I mean, we're not Right? You don't think we're gonna get back together.
No, no, no, no, I mean, uh Aah! I don't know.
I mean, were you? Well, I mean I've been so focused on having a baby that I haven't really given us, as a couple, a thought.
Ah yeah But I mean, a relationship, you know, it's a whole other thing.
And you and I have had our problems.
We're not even sure we want to be together, right? I haven't even thought that far ahead.
Yeah, we're, uh right on the same page.
Yeah, you can just think of me as your stud bull.
We should take a trip somewhere.
Just the two of us.
We should go to Paris.
Ooh! And Rome.
Actually, Rome's probably not the best idea.
I know this was a really hard choice for you to make and it could be super-awkward to bump into the Pope.
Wherever you are, that's where I want to be.
(chuckles) I spent six hours, thousand of dollars, but do I feel better about this stupid Max getting married thing? No, I do not.
And you two smooching all over each other doesn't help.
Well, I should get going, anyway.
I have to talk to Ivy and Diego about tomorrow.
How many pairs of shoes did you buy, girl? I stopped counting at 20.
There's more bags in the car.
Okay, I have never seen shopping leave you listless before.
You want to talk about it? I kissed Max.
What?! Only as part of the rehearsal, but (sighs heavily) My knees went weak and he felt nothing.
Oh He said that? In not so many words, but, yes.
So I guess he gets to marry his perfect girl and she isn't me.
Thank God it's going to be over soon, and I'll have to watch Madison live the life that could've been mine.
Ding-dong! It's me! Ooh! Looks like someone did a lot of shopping today.
Anyways, I came by to drop off a gift, to say thank you for standing in for me at the rehearsal.
All right.
Oh Is that a Renoir? Just a sketch.
Renoir could create masterpieces in such a short amount of time, and that's how I feel about what you've done for our wedding, Naomi.
Just doing my job.
I hope it's a little more than that.
I think of you as a good friend.
And well when I first met you, I noticed the open house across the street, and, long story short, we put in an offer and it was accepted.
(giggles) Tell me you're as happy as I am.
We're gonna be neighbors? Can you believe it? Oh! Oh, my God! You're crying! Stop it! You're gonna make me cry! (forced laughter) So thank you all for coming out.
We have free tacos, courtesy of Liam Court.
(cheering) Adrianna Tate-Duncan will be singing in a bit.
Please don't forget to sign our petition to help keep Diego Flores in the country.
(chanting): Diego! Diego! Diego! You ready to make this crowd feel like kicking their exes to the curb? Huh? Uh, yeah, I I'm thinking that maybe I should sing something other than "I Don't Want You Anymore.
" Okay.
Good idea.
Yeah? Yeah.
Let's just skip singing altogether get up there and just, uh, make some balloon animals.
Are you kidding me? Why would you want to sing something else? That's your hit.
Well, it's not really in the spirit of the event, right? Okay, it's Dixon.
I wrote that song feeling one way, and now I'm starting to feel another.
Do not second-guess yourself.
And as your manager, I'm telling you do not let your feelings for Dixon get in the way of your career.
As your friend, he picked his music over you, Ade.
You deserve better than that.
Okay? Hey, man.
She okay? Yeah, she's fine.
You know, baggage with the ex.
Seems to be going around lately.
What about you? You okay? Yeah.
Okay, uh Baby-making sex went really weird with Silver, but other than that, I'm fine.
Oh, sorry.
I opened my mouth; It just kind of spilled out.
NAVID: But I'm just trying to help her out.
She asked me if I thought that meant we're getting back together, I said no, but I realized, yeah, it kinda did, you know? Look, man, uh if you want to know if Silver's in it for the long haul, I think you gotta lay it out for her.
Before she has this baby.
And so we're clear, I never want to hear the phrase "baby-making sex" ever again.
Okay? Enjoy your tacos, guys, and please don't forget to sign the petition.
How are you? I'm good.
How are you? I'm-I'm good.
Uh The movie, uh, did really well, which was a nice surprise.
That's great.
I mean, you deserve it.
I'm happy for you.
I'm happy for you.
You know, just just in general.
Nothing in particular that I'm happy for you for, just in general, I'm happy for you.
(sighs) You look really good.
So do you.
Really good.
Liam, the press you invited is here.
Uh There you go.
(laughs) Naomi! (squeals) Max says he'll be too busy, but I totally want to set you up with someone at our wedding.
He's super-rich and nice.
And bald.
Thank you for thinking of me but actually, something came up.
I got a job offer in New York, opening Rachel Gray's office, starting immediately.
Oh, wait, are you leaving? Yeah.
But that means you won't be in our wedding.
I know and I am super-sorry to miss it, but I promise my fantastic assistants will handle everything, so, unless someone gives me another reason to stay I want to wish you guys a very happy life together.
Oh, my gosh! I'm so disappointed for you to go! But I'm I'm happy for you at the same time.
I'll miss you.
What about you, Max? Are you gonna miss me, too? Yeah, but it sounds like a great opportunity.
Yeah! Oh, yeah.
I'm just, I'm still sad to go.
All the people that I'm never gonna see again.
Um, but I mean there's not much, I guess, anyone can say to change my mind.
Well, then I guess I'm happy for you.
So (anxious laugh) Bye.
Oh! Oh! (laughs) Car keys.
Might need those.
Hey, keep in touch.
Is it time? No, I, uh I thought it would be better if you didn't know this, but, uh Dixon's been calling all day.
Talking to Navid made me realize you can't move on without knowing the truth.
So if you still feel something for him, you should at least listen to what he has to say.
You owe that to yourself.
ELECTRONIC VOICE: You have three messages.
To hear your messages, Press 1.
(beep) DIXON: Ade, hi.
It's me.
I can't believe I left without saying good-bye.
I miss you.
Call me.
(beep) Me again.
I saw your song on YouTube.
I deserve everything you said, and I'm sorry.
I know it's probably too late, but I want you back.
(beep) Haley's people asked me to stick with more of the tour, and they said I could sing my own stuff, but listen, I don't care.
None of this means anything without you in my life.
I'm coming home.
Some guys are giving me a ride tomorrow.
They'll drop me off at the Santa Monica Pier at 2:00.
Meet me down there where we rented those bikes.
If you're there, I'll know you still love me.
Okay, so we got 400 signatures from the rally and a couple hundred more online.
And I know it's not nearly enough still, but it's better than nothing, right? Have you guys talked to the senator yet? Yeah, um, Caleb spoke to the Senator's Aid and he said my case isn't unique enough to get the Senator's attention.
Okay, well, we're not giving up.
Okay, I'll go to Sacramento myself if I have to.
What do you mean, no? I called the lawyer this morning.
I'm going to turn myself in.
You're going to Diego, are you kidding me?! You can't do that.
Ivy, it's going to be okay.
We knew this was a long shot going in.
Now, I don't want to be a burden.
All these people are trying to help me, when in the end result, I'm just going to get deported away.
You don't know that you're going to get deported, Diego.
You don't know that.
I do.
I do.
I've had friends go down this road.
And if I turn myself in now, it'll be a lot easier for me to come back.
I can't lose you.
I don't want to lose you either.
But what choice do we have? Well Look, I know it sounds ridiculous, but you heard what the lawyer said.
We could get married.
We're in a church, we could get the priest to do it today.
No, no, you got married to Raj because he was in a desperate situation.
I'm not going to let you do that again.
Diego, that was completely different.
I'd marry you to keep you in the country.
If we get married, I want it to be because we know we want to spend the rest of our lives together.
SARA: Whenever you're ready, Diego.
Diego, please, please don't do this.
Ivy, it's going to be okay.
I hear Mexico City's got a killer art scene, you know? And, um, I even know a little Spanish.
(sobbing) Te quiero.
(sniffles) SILVER: Isn't it weird to be at Max's wedding and he's not marrying Naomi? I'd always thought they'd end up together.
Yeah, me too.
Ah, no, thank you.
Silver, we need to talk.
Um, I know said you were only thinking about the baby, but when I said I was fine with that, I wasn't being honest with you.
I love you Silver.
And I want to be with you.
And if we're going to do this, I need to know you're in it for the long haul, not just taking it day by day.
(big exhale) And I need to know that you want to be with me.
(sighs) Now I need a drink.
I love weddings but I am wishing we could just stay home and hang out together, just the two of us.
Naked? (chuckles) Hey, anyone in there? Sorry, I'm I keep thinking about Diego.
I feel like this whole thing is my fault.
Hey, we did everything that we could.
That's not true.
I didn't pray for him.
I know that it might sound crazy, like, what difference would it make.
But for the first time in my life, I felt like I couldn't pray.
And what would I say? "Hey, God, it's me again.
I know I just turned my back on you but do me a favor" Well, I though that God wasn't suppose to be vindictive.
And I thought I was suppose to be a priest.
But now, I lost my connection to Him.
Anyway (exhales) Hey I'm really sorry.
I don't think I should go to this wedding.
It's supposed to be a day of celebration.
I'm afraid I'll just bring everybody down Hey.
I, uh, heard about Diego.
I didn't know if you'd be here or not.
Yeah, well, it was either come to the wedding or sit home feeling sorry for myself.
So, I figured, why not? He called before he flew out of L.
Sure don't waste any time, do they? Man, I'm sorry, Ivy.
It sucks when you can't be with the one you love.
Tell me about it.
Speaking of which, what's the deal with you and Silver? Hm.
There is no deal.
And I just Man, I just want to be with her so bad.
But it doesn't really matter.
I'm not what she needs.
What are you talking about? I mean, you were the one that was there for her when she was going through the testing.
And you were the one that she opened up to about it.
Yeah, but she wants a baby.
And I'm not ready for that.
End of story.
You know what, I don't know where you get the idea that you got to be everything for everybody.
But you don't.
You do what you can do, and sometimes it's sometimes it's just about being there for somebody, you know? I don't know how I didn't think about this before.
I got to go.
Will you congratulate Max for me? Yeah.
(cell phone rings) Dixon? Yo, it's me, your manager? You want to explain to me where you are? Yeah, I'm at the pier waiting for Dixon.
You were right, I couldn't leave without hearing him out.
I kind of meant, you know, listen to his messages, Ade.
It's okay, just uh, you know, do what you gotta do.
And if you miss the flight, I'll meet you in Vegas.
(beep) Austin? Where's Ade? Isn't she opening in Vegas for your hideous father? (sighs) She's at the pier, waiting on Dixon.
Shouldn't you be at Max's wedding? Actually, no, I got a great job offer in New York.
I'm going to be working with Rachel.
It's a wonderful opportunity.
I couldn't be happier.
So, you're running away from Max, huh? Um Shouldn't you be shopping for more cowboy hats? (chuckles) I'm just saying, you know, I I'm surprised he's marrying somebody else.
Sort of thought you'd end up together.
Well, I sort of thought we'd end up together too.
For the first time in my life, I can't have what I really want.
I can't buy Max.
I can't seduce him and hoping he was telling me that he wasn't sure if he was making a mistake or not.
I thought it was because he loved me.
And then it turned out that he had just had a little too much to drink at his bachelor party and doesn't even remember talking to me at all.
He loves Madison.
Wait a minute, (chuckles) go back to the part about Max being drunk at the bachelor party.
Oh, he's always been a lightweight.
He'd have half a beer and he'd being doing tap dance moves from his jazz class when he was a kid.
Yeah, um, I was at that bachelor party.
Max wasn't drinking.
What? Dude was stone cold sober.
Why would he lie to me? Unless Oh oh, my, oh, my God.
(chuckles) (Naomi honks) (sighs) Annie please remind me why I thought a "no cell phone policy" at the wedding was a good idea! Ah.
(big exhale) (sustained honk) (honking) Silver, wait, we need to talk.
I think we could be great together.
No, no, let me finish.
I let you walk away because I thought I needed to be everything for you.
And the truth is, I don't want a baby right now.
But I do want you.
And I know that's not what you wanted to hear but that's what I can do.
(sighs) Oo, Oo, Oo Sha-oo, baby I need your lovin' I really need ya baby Baby, I need your lovin' I really need ya baby Although you're never there I really need ya baby Your voice, I often hear I really need ya baby Another day, another night I really need ya baby I want just to hold you tight I really need ya baby 'Cause I am so lonely whoa, ahh Baby, I need your lovin' Got to have all your lovin' You love them both, don't you? Yeah, and it sucks.
(chuckles) Navid is funny and a good guy and just so easy to be with.
But Liam, I just want to jump his bones every time I see him.
(Annie chuckles) We have this connection.
I'm sorry, is this weird to talk to you about? Yeah, but not weirder than me being in love with a priest.
(sighs) I thought about it a million times and I have no idea what I'm going to do.
Got to have all your lovin' ("I Don't Want You Anymore" playing) (sigh) We are gathered here today to join Max and Madison in holy matrimony.
From this day forth, these two people will live one life.
(tires screech) They have chosen to commit their lives together in front of the friends and family who love them and who will support them in the years ahead.
Do you, Madison, take Max to be your lawfully wedded husband? MADISON: I do.
Stop! Oh, my God, what is she doing? I have no idea.
Is that Naomi? Yeah.
Oh! (panting) Max! I love you! I always have, and I always will.
Madison is a great girl, she really is, but you can't marry her.
NAOMI: She's not the love of your life, Max.
I am.
(gasps) (heavy breathing) Uh, please continue.
There's a fabulous reception afterwards.
Anything? No.
I mean, maybe she just needs to spend some time alone.
That was very The Graduate, well, without them running off together in the end.
I can't believe Naomi took the chance that Max would stop his wedding to be with her.
I can.
She loves him.
You know, she knew what she wanted and so she went for it, 'cause if she had never taken a shot, she'd always be left to just wonder "what if?" Like you and Caleb? You know what you want, too.
I also know what I can't have.
Hey, um, I'd like a one-way ticket to Mexico City.
My boyfriend lives there, and I want to be with him.
ANNIE: I went home, and you were gone.
I thought you might might be here.
You find any answers? Not yet.
You can't leave the priesthood, Caleb.
It's not supposed to be like this.
I love you.
And I love you.
But if I ask you to leave the priesthood, then I'm asking you to give up who you are.
We've been trying to pretend that you have a choice in the matter, but your faith is bigger than the two of us.
Annie I have no regrets.
Me neither.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, Max.
I'm just so, so sorry.
I've been sitting here, tryingyi to think of ways to apologize Naomi, I didn't marry Madison.
What? I couldn't marry Madison when I'm still in love with you.
But why did you tell me that you were drunk? Why did you lie to me? Wh-Wh-Why didn't you tell me you still loved me when I asked you yesterday? I wanted to, but I woke up that morning after the bachelor party and I thought, "I'm marrying a great girl.
" I can't possibly ruin my wedding.
" And you did.
I totally did.
You know, when you kissed me at the rehearsal, it was all I could do to pretend it didn't mean anything.
And I wanted to trust that you still had feelings for me, but I know you, Naomi.
You feel one thing one minute and then another the next.
But when you burst into that church like an idiot, that's when I knew it was real.
Of course it's real.
I thought a lot about this.
I mean, I pretty much haven't thought about anything else for weeks.
It's not an easy decision deciding between two great guys.
And then Naomi did the craziest thing she's ever done, and it hit me.
I need to stop keeping everyone hanging and just do what feels right, no matter how, you know, crazy that may seem.
(sighs) That's why I choose you.
Will you have a baby with me, Teddy? Wow.
This is Wow.
I know.
But the more I thought about it, the more I realized, I shouldn't be picking between Navid and Liam.
That's a much different choice.
But Teddy, you and I have been through so much together, and we have always been so close.
I want the father of my baby to be someone that I know will always be in my life.
And that's me.
That's you.
(sighs) (door opening) Silver? Wow.
Sorry to disappoint you.
If you came here to rob me again, all I have is gift baskets.
Hope you like chutney.
Well, that's no way to greet your business partner.
What are you talking about? Our movie's doing so well, it got picked up for a sequel.
I'm attached as your manager/producer.
(wry laugh) Okay.
I won't do the movie.
Well, that's really not an option.
We have a contract, and you start shooting in three days in Bolivia.
(sighs) I didn't come here to fight with you, Liam.
(sighs) The truth is, I haven't stopped thinking about you.
I know I've made some huge mistakes.
I'm sorry.
I really hope this can be a second chance for us.
(phone ringing) Silver? Navid? Uh, hey, uh, this is Dixon.
Hey, how's it going? Uh, I-I'm good; um, look, I'm actually supposed to be in Los Angeles right now.
But we got a flat in the mountains, and I didn't have a signal to call Ade and now she's not answering her phone.
So, uh, look, I need you to find her and tell her that I love her, okay? Please don't let her give up on me.
I won't, man.
I'm coming back for her right now.
I can't believe you took off like that.
You, my friend have a lot of explaining to do.
What happened with Dix? He never showed up.
You were right.
I have to put him behind me.