90210 s05e01 Episode Script

Til Death Do Us Part

Previously, on 90210 Preventative mastectomy won't affect your fertility, but a lot of women put off having their ovaries removed until after they've had children.
I want to have a baby, and if I'm gonna do it, I have to do it right now, so which one of you is up for that? If we're gonna do this, I need to know you're in it for the long haul.
I let you walk away, because I thought I needed to be everything for you.
I don't want a baby right now, but I do want you.
That's why I choose you.
Will you have a baby with me, Teddy? Our movie is doing so well, it got picked up for a sequel.
Just won't do the movie.
You have a contract, Liam, and you start shooting in Bolivia in three days.
Do you, Madison, take Max to be - your lawfully wedded husband? - I do.
Stop! You can't marry her.
She's not the love of your life, Max.
I am.
- Naomi, I didn't marry Madison.
- What? I couldn't marry Madison when I am still in love with you.
- What happened with Dix? - He never showed up.
You're right I need to put him behind me.
I didn't have a signal to call Ade, and she's not answering her phone.
I need you to find her and tell her that I love her.
Please don't let her give up on me.
I'm coming back for her right now.
I can't believe you took off like that.
You, my friend, have a lot of explaining to do.
Mom Mom Mom! I did not just ruin my life, okay? Naomi and I both just can you please not cry every time I say her name? That would be helpful.
No all ri - Hello? - Aw, it's Rachel.
She'll be wondering why I didn't get on the plane to New York.
Seriously, what did people do without cell phones? I mean, it must've taken the world weeks to realize that someone walked away from a huge job offer and stormed into the wedding of the century and blew up everybody's lives.
Oh, you didn't blow up my life.
Did you ever think maybe today happened because of fate? There is clearly some kind of irresistible force that draws us together.
I mean, I think that maybe the only thing that is keeping us apart is failure to embrace our destiny.
Naomi Clark you promised me a wedding.
Yes, I did.
Will you marry me? The minister just left.
Right before she flipped me off and called me a whore.
Max! I just walked away from an impulsive engagement, and you just walked out of your wedding.
I mean, should we-we think about this for a minute, or ? Well there's a limo over there, and the Nevada border's a couple of hours away, and I love you.
So there's that.
I love you, so there's that.
I love you! Destiny, here we come! You're actually walking back in here asking me for a second chance? You robbed me! I said I was sorry.
We were partners, Liam.
You put my name on the accounts.
I mean, technically, the money I took was mine.
I calling the police.
Baby Vanessa! This is not happening.
Why? Because I'm not all sad and noble like Little Miss Cancer Gene? I cannot believe you're actually holding out for a piece of that.
I am holding out for a life with someone who cares about me, instead of being trapped by some crazy, lying bitch! Fine.
Be that way.
I can live without you, Liam.
But you know that movie contract is worth $200,000.
So, unless you've got that laying around somewhere I suggest you get used to this face.
You want to have my baby.
I'm I'm flattered.
And confused.
You're also kind of perfect.
That must be why single women everywhere make babies with their gay friends from out of town.
I just I don't want to do this with a stranger.
Navid and Liam are are hardly strangers.
Yeah, but I'm not ready to decide between Navid and Liam.
You see, Navid wants me to want him, not just the baby, and Liam is not ready to be a father.
And I am? Okay, look, I'm not I'm not asking you to have this baby with me, you know? It's just that I want to be able to tell my child that I know who their father is, and that he's someone that I care about.
I'm not expecting anything more.
I swear.
Just sperm and a card at Christmas.
I hate sending Christmas cards! I know.
I really hate to ask.
But you're my best friend.
This isn't about being a friend.
Silver, I haven't talked to my own dad in over a year.
I'm not ready to be a parent, especially the kind that abandons their kids.
I understand how important this is to you, but I need to think about it.
Of course.
I mean, take your time.
Welcome to Vegas! Hey.
You're Adrianna Tate-Duncan, right? And you're Carly Rae Jepsen.
Oh, my God.
If you're performing tonight in Vegas, I will skip my own show to come see you.
You don't have to; we're playing on the same stage.
Careful, though.
I'm a tough act to follow.
See you later.
I'm playing with Carly Rae Jepsen? Really? Intermission act, but yes.
Did I tell you I was a kickass manager? Yeah, the entire plane ride but you're right, you are.
Well, I'm always right.
And, uh, as soon as i get us checked in, we're gonna celebrate.
Welcome to your new life.
Could I get a couple glasses of champagne, please? Thanks.
Hello? Hey, thank God! I've had you on redial for, like, an hour.
I was on a plane; we just landed.
What's up? Well, how soon can you catch a flight back? What? Why? Dixon called.
Yeah, he didn't stand you up.
He was coming back for you, but his car got a flat tire, and his phone stopped working And did his dog eat his homework, too? I'm serious, Ade.
Dixon loves you.
You got to give him another chance.
No, I don't.
I'm over him.
Yeah, well, I don't believe that.
Okay, well, it doesn't matter what you believe.
What matters is how I feel.
And as far as Dixon's concerned, I am done feeling anything.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Well, I knew that was too good to be true.
Excuse me? A girl like you sitting alone.
For a minute, I thought I was the luckiest guy in Vegas.
But either you're with someone, or fingers crossed you have a drinking problem.
I'm waiting for someone.
That's my loss.
But he's not worth it.
How do you know that? 'Cause any guy who would keep a girl like you waiting is an idiot.
My opinion.
You're right.
And any girl who would wait for a guy like that is a fool.
Are you staying at this hotel? Just checked in.
Then don't keep me waiting.
What?! You're selling the bar? I thought you loved this place.
Sometimes you got to sacrifice the things you love for something bigger.
Liam, if you tell me that you're becoming a priest, I will slap you.
Talking about taking control of my life.
Vanessa's back.
And she owns part of the contract on my next movie, which I can't get out of.
So unless I can come up with the money to buy her out, she and I will leave for Bolivia in three days.
And I thought my life was a tragic love story.
Can't believe you ever dated that witch.
I can't believe you defrocked a priest.
Guess we both know how to pick 'em, huh? We used to.
Caleb was lucky.
He had this huge faith that nothing could shake.
Must be nice to feel like God has a plan.
I happen to think we're supposed to make our own plan.
Deep thought for a guy who just stapled through an electrical cord.
Hey, have, uh, either of you heard from Dixon? I thought he was supposed to be on tour.
He quit.
He called me from the road, said he made a huge mistake and that he's coming back for the woman he loves.
See? Some love stories do have a happy ending.
Yeah, and then I called Ade, and she said, uh, "Dixon can suck it," And that she's never taking him back.
So Dixon's probably waiting for her at the pier, and I I can't bring myself to be the one that rips his heart out.
Oh, come on! Why me? Because you're his sister, and and if he starts crying to you on the phone, he could pretend it doesn't make him less of a man.
Navid's got a point.
- I can't wait for today to be over.
- Thank you.
Hello? Um, hi.
This is Annie Wilson calling.
I'm looking for my brother, Dixon.
I'm pretty sure this is his phone, so is he there? I'm sorry.
This is the County Morgue.
You need to come down here right away.
the best elopement ever.
Looky, looky, looky what I found.
Hey, maybe after the wedding we can find a motel with one of those bathtubs shaped like a giant champagne glass.
- Honey? - Huh? - We are not bathing in our one and only wedding gift.
- All right.
I accept the fact that we are most likely getting married at a truck stop with a reception to follow at a vending machine, but at least, thank God we have this.
Oh, "Congratulations on the biggest mistake of your life"? That's sweet.
Must be from Alec.
Who's Alec? He's my college roommate and business partner.
We have a favorite quote by Albert Einstein: "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
" It's just Alec's way of saying good luck.
Well, I'm very happy that he is with us in spirit.
My eye! On second thought, maybe we shouldn't drink and drive.
That was a fun way to get to know each other.
So what's your name? Do you really need to know? Look, I just went through a really bad breakup, and I needed to get the guy out of my head, but I'm not looking for anything more.
So, you were using me? Yeah, I guess so.
I'm sorry? No.
I love being treated like a complimentary hotel toothbrush.
But I will have you fill out this little satisfaction survey.
So the purpose of today was it business or pleasure? Um business.
- Mm? - And pleasure.
That's good to hear.
And were your needs met courteously and correctly? I can't complain.
Damn straight you can't.
I was fantastic.
So, you'd say this transaction exceeded expectations? Yeah, I guess I would.
Well, I'm gonna write down my phone number, 'cause I don't believe for one second you won't want to do this again.
Oh, crap! I am so late! Austin is gonna be pissed.
Ex-boyfriend? No.
My manager.
I'm on stage in 40 minutes.
Wait, you're performing at this hotel? Ah, not if I can't find my bra.
Okay, got it.
Well, um, this was great.
Thank you.
I finally know that I'm ready to move on.
What happened? Dixon's car was hit by a truck.
It was a massive accident.
Um, EMS pulled three guys from the wreckage, but they were all all found dead at the scene.
The coroner needs a a family member to identify the bodies.
Did Annie ? No.
She said she can't do it alone.
We can't just let Annie sit here forever.
We have to go in with her.
Please Please don't tell me to go in there, Silver 'cause if I go in there, and I see him then that means that Dixon is really dead.
And he and he can't be dead.
I know what it feels like to be scared to find out the truth.
But I wasn't alone, and neither are you.
And if Dixon is in there, then, he shouldn't be alone, either.
All right.
The bodies are badly lacerated, and the personal effects were scattered at the scene, making identification difficult.
Are you saying she might have to look at all three of 'em? I'll check first, and if it is Dixon, then, Annie can confirm.
Can we get through this? No.
That's not Dixon, either.
It's not him.
What? None of these is Dixon.
He's not here.
It's impossible.
Dixon was in that car.
The police report lists a fourth victim.
He appeared to have been thrown from the crash and found near the truck.
They assumed he was the driver.
He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
It's Dixon.
Dixon, I'm here.
We're we're all here, and we just we really need you to stay alive.
Please? We love you.
I love you Adrianna.
This kiss is something I can't resist Your lips are undeniable This kiss is something I can't risk Your heart is unreliable Some things so sentimental You make so detrimental And I wish it didn't feel like this 'Cause I don't want to miss this kiss I don't want to miss this kiss You know you're just my type Hey.
Hey, where the hell have you been? And your eyes unlock the key To my heart Tempting my conviction This is your last second chance, Ade.
Okay, I've got a lot of important people coming to this show.
I've got booking agents, I've got a club promoter from L.
It's Annie.
Um, I need to speak to Ade about Dixon? Annie, this is not a good time, okay? Ade doesn't need Dixon in her head right now.
Can I handle this? Let me talk to her.
Annie, I already told Navid that Dixon and I done.
Dixon was in a car accident, Adrianna.
He's in the hospital fighting for his life right now, and the only thing he's asking for is you.
Hey, what did ? She'll be on the next plane.
- I'm sorry.
- Go.
You make so detrimental I wish it didn't feel like this 'Cause I don't want to miss this kiss I wish it didn't feel like this I don't want to miss this kiss.
What now? We camp here for the night living on flat champagne and breath mints from the minibar? You know, actually, the desert can be pretty romantic at night.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
We could gaze up at the stars, I could teach you how to identify all the major constellations.
Yeah? Or the feeding habits of predatory animals.
That's not an option.
Take this.
We need a ride to Nevada.
Hop in if you don't mind doing some of the driving.
Are you sure about this? I'm sure about us.
Naomi? She still isn't picking up.
Did you just text her? You don't text someone to tell them their friend might be dying.
I forgot you were an expert in life-and-death situations.
Well, it doesn't take a semester - at Princeton to know there's some things you don't text.
- Guys, stop.
Okay? We just need to pack Annie a bag and get back to the hospital.
Who's that? Can I help you? I'm looking for Max Miller.
Do you mind if we come in? Whoa.
Are you a cop? Alec Martin.
I'm Max Miller's business partner.
And sorry for the drama, but you know, Max is a pretty important guy, and it's not like him to not answer his phone.
Do you have any idea where he can be? Well, we haven't seen him since the wedding um, that didn't happen.
Our friend Naomi had an "Aha" Moment, which kind of stopped everything.
We haven't been able to reach her since.
Well, then, uh, sounds like they're probably together.
But these guys are still gonna have to look around.
- For what? - If you think Max is hidden in the closet somewhere, you obviously don't know Naomi Clark.
Her closets are packed.
You're right, I don't know Naomi Clark, but I do know her previous relationship with Max was, shall we say, volatile? Okay, she's never gonna hurt Max.
And it's nice that you trust your friend, but Max is my friend, okay? I can't leave here until I know where he is, and if he's okay.
Well, suit yourself but I'm sure Max and Naomi are fine.
Just a few more miles to Nevada.
I mean, we could've been married and on our second kid by now.
This guy's stopped at every gas station since we got in.
Yeah, well, honestly, I think he has medical condition.
I saw a bunch of prescription drugs in the glove compartment.
Um, honey, I think maybe we should get out of the car.
Max, really? After everything we've been through, why would we give up right now? Well, because I think he's robbing the place.
- What? - Yeah, that's Oh, God.
Let's go, let's go.
Drive! Okay, okay, okay Drive! Go, go, go! Go, go, go, go.
Yeah, stop.
Go, go, go! Oh, oh, oh! I don't know what to do! Floor it! Floor it! Just go, go! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Nevada State Police, pull over.
We made it to Nevada.
I was in Sacramento when Silver called so I could be here.
You made it to the morgue awfully fast from Sacramento.
Silver called me before Dixon's accident.
She said she had a big decision she needed help with.
So, uh - uh, what's the big decision? - Was it about me? Why would it be about you? Because I told her at the wedding that we don't have to want the same things in order to be together.
Yeah, and I told Silver at the wedding Relax, guys.
She wasn't calling about either one of you.
Well, what was she calling about? She wants to have a baby with me.
I can explain.
Teddy, just did.
Were you ever gonna tell me about this? Yes, after Teddy made a decision.
Teddy's decision? I put my heart on the line, and your answer depends on whether or not Teddy's willing - to wax his board? - Yeah, well, you made your choice, Silver.
And by the way, it clearly wasn't me.
It's not the same thing, guys.
I can't figure out how I feel about either of you until I'm sure that I'm gonna have a baby someday, all right? And I'm sorry, Navid, but did you really want me to choose you just because you would give me that? No, I wanted you to choose me, Silver, because you love me.
But you don't.
Navid, don't Navid.
That could be the hospital.
Liam I'm sorry.
I do have feelings for you.
Yeah, feelings that you're not sure about.
You know what, it's your life.
Do what makes you happy.
I want you to be happy, too.
Yeah, well, that's not really working out.
It's Naomi.
She and Max are in jail.
Where are you? Primm Valley Judicial Outpost, Route 15.
Max and I, kind of, sort of hitchhiked with some type of gas station bandit, and I accidentally drove the getaway car across state lines so you have to send money tonight.
Hey, Naomi, slow down, okay? We're going through a lot over here with Dixon.
They have someone here called the "Hangin' judge"" Okay, you got to help me! Silver? Silver! The what? Hello? Oh, great, okay.
Uh, I'm gonna bail out Naomi from jail again.
She's been arrested for drugs, breaking and entering.
What is she trying to do, collect them all? Silver, I can handle Naomi.
You should probably get back to the hospital.
Please, let me.
Well, look, I couldn't help but overhear what you're going through with your friend in the hospital, and I'm sorry that I intruded on what's clearly been a stressful day.
Our company has an army of lawyers, I can take care of Max and Naomi with one phone call.
Are you sure? You both need to be there for your friend.
Let me be there for mine.
- Thanks.
- You got it.
- Thank you.
How is he? They're trying to stop the internal bleeding.
Oh, I am sorry I wasn't here.
I wish I could take back everything that happened, and just make him okay.
All right.
I don't know if this works, but please don't take Dixon.
I know I'm supposed to believe that there's a bigger plan, and maybe that's why Caleb came into my life, to teach me about faith, but I'm not like him.
I need something real to believe in, and I really need my brother to live, because he's all that I have right now.
It's okay.
It's okay.
So this is what it's like in jail, huh? They're all different.
Malibu has the best view.
I wanted us to be together so badly.
We are.
Look, we just, we had some bad luck, that's all.
- Bad luck? - Yeah.
Max, we have to face the truth.
Maybe our destiny isn't to make this relationship work.
Maybe it's to mess each other's lives up.
Come on, you don't know that.
How many more signs do we need that the universe wants us apart? You're worried over nothing.
Look at this.
They're letting us out.
No, we're letting you out.
The lady has to go before the judge.
What? Why? Well, we got an an anonymous call about your criminal record.
Looks like you're what we call in Nevada a "Habitual offender.
" W w wait.
Just because Naomi's been to jail a lot, that doesn't mean she's habitual.
Unless you're being literal.
Yeah, well, tell it to the judge.
Here's yours.
Oh, thanks.
Maybe a shot of caffeine will help me figure out what time zone I'm in.
I still can't believe you're here.
Jen called in a favor with a friend who has a private jet.
She can be surprisingly compassionate.
Once a year or so.
She's a mom, too.
She knew that you had to be here with Dixon.
You know, it's funny you have a baby, and you're part of that child's life And then they grow up and head into the world, and it's your job to let them go.
Because you can't always be where they are, but, boy if ever they need you, there's no other place you can be.
Oh, man, if Jen didn't get me on that plane Then you'd still be here.
Part of you is always with us, Mom.
How is he? His condition is stable.
But he has sustained an incomplete spinal cord injury to his neck.
Which means that his ability to walk, and the use of his hands will be affected.
You mean he's paralyzed? Well, we don't know yet.
But Dixon is alive and that's all that matters right now.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
The corporate helicopter is standing by and I had your arrest record sealed, so good news.
We are a short flight and a tall drink away from pretending this whole thing never happened.
Um, what about Naomi? What I did everything I possibly could, but the police knew about her criminal record before I got here.
Naomi Clark's past speaks for itself, Max.
In more ways than one.
What does that mean? It means she broke your heart and now she's getting what she deserves.
What does this chick do, hypnotize you? First semester freshman year, all you did was watch Star Trek and cry, "Naomi was my Uhura.
" Yeah, okay, I was upset.
No, heartbroken.
And then she took you back, cheated on you with that cowboy.
If you get back together with her, she will break your heart again.
Now I'm I'm begging you.
Don't keep making the same mistake.
You're right.
- Ms.
Clark - First of all, the drug thing last year, not my pot.
Which I tried to explain to the Secret Service Agent who detained me for breaking into my own house.
And secondly, I was not trying to rob that adult toy store.
I was helping my sister, who had no idea she was on a date with a married man.
And I paid for every one of those toys, and I have the receipt.
The defense rests.
Clark, you may want to consider allowing the court to appoint an attorney for you.
Uh, may, Your Honor, I would like to speak on Ms.
Clark's behalf.
I'm sorry, you are? I'm, uh, a character witness, who was also in the car.
Naomi's a good person who was just caught in a bad situation.
Well, that may be, but that's not a legal defense.
Uh, what about intent? Naomi didn't intend to drive that car.
The only reason that we were hitchhiking in a stolen car full of drugs was, well, so we could get married and prove that we were meant to be together.
That was Naomi's intent.
I mean, we're not perfect.
We, we make mistakes and we mess up each other's lives, but I think that the biggest mistake would be not to try something new.
I mean, we've never really fought for our relationship.
That's what we were trying to do and that can't be a crime.
I love you, Max Miller.
I'll write you every day from prison.
You won't have to.
$200 fine for the speeding and $60 for the marriage license.
I happen to perform a very poetic ceremony if you still want to get married.
Last call.
You had enough? Hell, no.
Why did you only get one bott It's not like we have to share everything.
'Cause I could only afford one.
I put the bar up for sale, and according to the real estate agent, I got one offer for half of what I paid for it.
Dude, why are you selling the bar? 'Cause I thought, for once in my life, the girl that I wanted would actually choose me.
So far that was a big joke.
Yeah, the joke's on me, too, bro.
I've been a good guy, I did all the right things, but what do I have? Squat.
Only I didn't get to drop out of school, buy a bar, and have sex with some other guy's girlfriend.
Silver was not your girlfriend.
Still, I shouldn't have gone there.
But I swear, I will never let a girl come between me and a friend again.
Bro code.
I think I have to make a baby with Silver.
- I'm happy for you.
- Go for it, man.
Look, you guys don't have to pretend like you're happy about it.
I'm not even sure I'm happy about it.
Then, why are you impregnating my ex-girlfriend? 'Cause I just spent the day at the hospital and the morgue, man.
I mean, life is short.
Silver needs this, she needs me.
You're a better man than me dad.
Hey, it's your choice, Teddy, it is your choice.
As for me, I'm done being the nice guy that finishes last.
I'm a hot, young, rich - Drunk.
- Superstar.
If Silver doesn't appreciate me, then I'll I'll find one or several women who do.
I got it.
Okay, superstar, let's, let's get you some coffee.
The visiting hours at the hospital will be open soon.
- Thank you.
- You coming? I'll catch up.
Liam, it's going to be okay.
Silver's not the only girl in the world.
You're right.
Oh, what did I miss? Thank you so much.
Don't leave.
I'm still here.
We all are.
So where were you when the fire started? I was at the hospital most of the night with a friend.
I didn't even come back.
That was lucky.
Place was empty, so no one got hurt.
Have any idea how it started? It looks like a faulty electrical cord.
Common hazard.
We'll get you a full report for your insurance company.
Yeah, you bet.
Man, I'm sorry.
This place is destroyed.
Yeah, I don't know how you're going to sell it now.
Yeah, should have taken advantage of you when you were drunk, superstar.
Yeah, actually, uh, I wouldn't mind a piece of this place.
Yeah, I could invest some cash, well, as a sort of a managing partner.
Really? Yeah, I hear owning a bar is a great way to meet girls.
Yeah, it's never really worked that well for me.
If you want, knock yourself out.
Yeah? Excuse me.
I'm looking for Adrianna Tate-Duncan.
Taylor Williams.
I'm a club promoter.
I was supposed to catch her show in Vegas.
Manager said I might find her here.
Oh, sorry, she's at the hospital with her boyfriend.
Boyfriend, really? Yeah, he was in a really bad car accident.
I don't think Ade's going to be thinking about her career or anything other than Dixon for a while.
That's too bad.
Hey, uh, so, uh, s so you're a club promoter? Bars, clubs, music venues.
Any chance you'd take on a new project? I yeah, I know it doesn't really look like much, but I think, I think there might be an opportunity here.
I think you're right.
Welcome home, Ade.
I'm sure it feels like you never left.
Maybe I shouldn't have.
It was a big mistake.
I know how that feels, but I have no reason to complain.
I'm not the one in the hospital.
Annie, Dixon's not the only one I'm here for.
It's been such a hard year, Mom.
I feel like I don't know who I am or what I'm supposed to do.
Well, who you are is my daughter and what you're supposed to do is follow your heart.
We're actually married.
Yes, we are.
It feels wrong to be so completely, blissfully happy when everyone I care about is going through hell.
Well, that's just because you're a good friend, and friends are the second most important thing in life.
I thought you two would want to celebrate, but I, uh, couldn't find glasses.
I will go get them.
N n no, no, I'll get them for my wife.
All right.
Thank you.
Isn't he a love? Oh, sweetie, get one for Alec, too.
I I really can't stay.
Nonsense, I happen to know how much you love champagne and how much you mean to Max.
He told me he feels very lucky to have both of us in his life.
We're going to make a great team.
Listen, Max and I are a team.
You and Max are a mistake.
And I am not going to let you ruin his life again.
Well, the fire marshal is sending over the report today.
I was hoping to get the check as soon as possible.
Thank you so much.
You have no idea how much I want to get my life back.
But, uh, guess that's what insurance is for, right? All right.