90210 s05e07 Episode Script

99 Problems

Previously on 90210 We are not engaged.
Let me go! *** I've made a mistake.
Max, this whole thing was her fault.
She's the one who brought Colin in.
She's the reason he got access to my phone.
Alec's been conspiring to break us apart since the day we got married-- it's him or me.
I'm not firing you.
I'm asking you to resign.
Oh, uh, sorry, I didn't realize you were both here, hugging.
I told you about that video I took from that kid at the Pop Up, right? The sex tape? I'm gonna show it to Silver before she does something she'll regret.
I'm from the studio.
They sent me over with the latest cut of the movie.
I really messed up.
I don't even know you anymore.
Look, it's about Dixon.
He has a spinal infection.
He's gonna be in the hospital for a couple of days.
You drove all the way to Santa Barbara for me? Yeah.
After the accident, the first thing I saw was you holding my hand and I knew right then and there that I didn't deserve you, so I promised myself that I would earn my second chance.
That I would be the man that you want me to be.
Dixon's had a setback.
I couldn't tell him.
You still love him? Maybe.
I can't do this anymore.
Please, please, please.
Oh, my God! I just got an offer to open up for Ne-Yo at the Hollywood Bowl.
Are you No way! Way! That is so awesome.
That's great.
I'm-I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
I only have two days to prepare.
I need to pick out what I'm gonna wear, rehearse with my choreographer.
I don't know how I'm gonna pull it all off.
Seriously, I got to go.
Wow, that's, uh, that's huge.
I got to get her something to congratulate her.
Oh, that's sweet.
Just don't mess it up.
What makes you think I'm gonna mess it up? Because last time you got Ade a gift, it was a house key on a string.
You need to step it up.
Okay, fine.
I'll, uh, step it up.
So, can I borrow $200,000? What? It-it's not for Ade's gift.
I want to start a record label.
Look, I've been thinking about it a whole lot, okay? And, uh, practically dying kind of gives you a certain outlook on things.
Dixon, you're gonna be okay.
Yeah, I know, eventually, but I definitely want to stay connected into music.
That's a lot of money.
Come on, Annie, please? Look, I'll pay you back, okay? I'll even name it "Annie Is the Best Sister Ever Records".
Please? Fine, I'm in as an investor.
Yes! But you still need to get Ade a really nice gift and by nice I mean nothing that looks like a hamburger but is actually a telephone.
That's cold.
Max? You didn't come to bed again.
That's seven nights running, seven perfectly good pieces of lingerie going to waste.
Hello? Your sex-deprived wife here.
I'm sorry, honey.
I can't seem to crack this damn C plus plus code and I didn't realize what time it was.
Give it to me.
You can't function like this.
I can't function like this.
You need to hire Alec's replacement.
Alec and I were together since day one of college.
I can't just bring in just anyone to replace him.
Plus, I'm up to my eyeballs in work.
I-I don't know how I'm supposed to find time to comb through all these resumes.
Hold on, let me see.
Let me see.
Bad references.
No job history.
See, that wasn't so hard.
Check this out: Bryce Woodbridge, Stanford degree in computer sciences, followed by Harvard business school and tons of Silicon Valley experience.
He does look kind of impressive.
He looks impressive no, he looks perfect! He's Alec 2.
Bring him into the office later today, have a little geek talk with him, and ask him when he can start.
Ah, great.
And afterwards, I'll come by the office and bring you lunch, and oh, you know, put a smile back on your face.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
Would you like an appetizer? You better not be screening my calls.
That it was another sleazy tabloid looking for a statement on my infamous sex tape.
Well, don't worry.
The world's full of teen moms and Kardashians, who are just waiting to steal your thunder.
It'll blow over soon.
Not soon enough.
The phone's ringing off the hook.
The studio even called and left a message.
They want to discuss strategies for dealing with my situation.
I could kill Navid.
I really don't think he meant for it to turn out like this.
Silver, if you're here to defend him I'm not.
Actually, I'm here to ask you a favor.
Um, this might be a little awkward, so I understand if you say no, but you've really been there for me.
I have a meeting with a fertility specialist today, and I was wondering if you would go with me.
But I thought that The insemination isn't working.
Everyone else my age is trying not to get pregnant and here I am finding out that I might not be able to.
Hey, you don't know that you have a problem.
I know.
I just, I'm sorry.
I just, I don't really think I could handle another medical crisis alone.
Well, you don't have to go alone.
After a week of dodging questions about how my ass looks on YouTube, a day at the fertility clinic actually sounds like fun.
Thank you.
Afternoon, Mrs.
Clara, call me Mrs.
Can you let Max know that I am here for lunch? He'll just be a minute.
He's finishing up an interview.
Can I take your coat? We should probably let Max do that.
It's a newlywed thing.
I would never have thought of Z-sorting the objects at the source to simplify the LOD-- that's genius! Naomi.
Hey, you're never gonna believe this.
I think Bryce Woodbridge is the one.
Hire him, say good-bye and let's have lunch.
Oh, um, actually Bryce is a her.
She oh.
Bryce, this is my wife Naomi.
I think thanks to her that we found the perfect replacement for the CEO position.
Well, so nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Bryce-- interesting name.
I hate it.
Everyone always thinks I'm a guy.
You're so obviously not.
Bryce and I just had the most amazing interview.
She-she knew exactly what to do about our engines slowing to less than 16 FPS.
It feels like she could jump right in and we could get at it.
Well, I'm a 100% available.
And I'm super psyched about taking the next step with you.
Good, because, uh Max has a lot of candidates that he has to meet before he makes a final decision.
It was so nice meeting you.
We will get back to you.
It's very nice to meet you, Bryce.
Hi, guys, Jared Eng here of celebrity news site Just Jared.
Seems action star Liam Court, of Corporate Invaders fame, was doing a little invading of his own this weekend.
His steamy sex tape is a viral smash hit, racking up a million hits _ Okay, do you want to tell me what that was about? Because I got to say, I thought Bryce was perfect.
I don't know about perfect.
She was adequate and was nice.
I just think you can do better.
You don't want me to pick Bryce because she's a girl.
I do not have an issue with you working with a girl.
I would just prefer if the girl were rounder.
Naomi Okay, fine, I have a problem with you working with a girl.
I'm not an idiot, Max.
Bryce is beautiful and smart and she speaks geek.
You don't put a piece of meat in front of a dog and expect it to say, "No, thanks.
I've already eaten.
" I'm a very loyal dog.
I know.
I just want to keep you that way.
And ever since we got married, we've been in the threesome from hell and we just got out from underneath that, and I don't want to share you with someone else.
Naomi, even if it isn't Bryce, I'm gonna have to find a business partner.
I can't run this company alone.
I'll do it.
That's never gonna work.
Why not? Max and Naomi? We can handle anything together.
Ask yourself, how did we pull off the Phenomi-con presentation in one night? Who cracked the code? I did.
And who kept those geeks going all night long? You did.
You see? We are great together.
I'll have to figure out the technical stuff, I know that.
It's not quite that simple.
Why not? Tell me in one sentence what Alec did for you.
Alec did a lot more for this company than I can put into one sentence.
I mean, he had vision, he understood the market.
He knew how to woo investors.
He Wooing? Wooing is my specialty, Max.
I can woo.
We can be great together.
I know it, I know it.
Give me a chance.
Okay, I am swamped and there's a planeload of German bankers coming to town tomorrow.
Think you can handle them? Ja.
Das is gut.
Ich kann es tun.
Okay, well, let's give it a try.
Yes! Okay, so, uh, I didn't need both you guys here.
It's just a checkup, I've been taking my pills and all the pain is practically gone.
You mean the pain that you lied about until you collapsed even though I told you to see a doctor-- that pain? I'm sorry but we just don't trust you with your own medical care.
Okay, I'm not loving that you and you are now "we".
It's not cool.
Good news, Dixon.
Your lab results show the abscess pressing on your spinal cord has abated.
And "We" Are happy to hear about that.
Unfortunately I'm still worried about the infection itself.
We still haven't gotten that under control.
But he's been taking his antibiotics religiously.
Sometimes antibiotics alone don't do the trick.
Um, okay, so what do we do now? I'll prescribe something stronger and we'll run more tests in a couple days.
But if we don't have good news then, we may have to consider surgically removing the infected tissue.
That's doctor talk for life-saving spinal surgery which could result in cord damage and permanent paralysis.
There's no reason to sugarcoat this.
Are you-are you serious? The surgery does have inherent risks.
Well, there has to be an option other than risky surgery.
You'd rather Dixon take a chance of dying of an infection? Riley, permanent paralysis is Sexy? No, no, no, dude, it's permanent! Look, I understand being in a wheelchair isn't the end of the world, but it's not what I was hoping for.
I thought I was getting my life back.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
We need the meds to do their thing and then we'll see.
Okay? Liam! Hey, you, look over here! You got to be kidding me.
Just go, Liam.
So, Liam, is this girl having your love child? Or don't you got the sauce to make it happen? Ignore them, okay? Don't take the bait.
Hey, honey, are you Liam's new girl? Hey, this is personal.
You mind backing off? Backing off? In case you didn't know, you're Hollywood's latest bad boy.
Let's go.
Remember, you can run but you can't hide.
What'd you say? You heard me.
What the hell? You smashed my camera! You come around again, it's gonna be more than your camera that gets smashed! Okay, now, this is what I meant by a gift.
Man, am I glad Naomi set us up with this private showing, Mr.
Uh, Naomi, she's great.
She's been a client for years.
You can call me Neil.
Those earrings are beautiful! You think so? I can't decide.
Well, the necklaces are obviously gorgeous, too, but don't you think they might be saying "I'm trying too hard".
Maybe I'm not trying hard enough.
Uh, Mr.
Lane-- uh, Neil, you wouldn't happen to have any, uh, engagement rings, would you? What? Uh, I didn't bring any.
I didn't know you were looking for an engagement ring.
But I can get you some.
I'll call my assistant.
I'll be right back.
Dixon, what are you doing?! Um, look, I've been thinking about it a lot, and I can't imagine my life without Ade.
But marriage? Dixon, you are not ready for that.
Ade isn't ready for that.
Look, if this is because of what the doctor said Then what? Look, I'm about to go through a serious change in my life.
Okay? I think this is exactly the right time where I need to start thinking about my future and what I really want.
But what about what Ade wants? Dixon, if you ask her to marry you before you know how things are going to work out with your recovery, you're asking a lot of her.
It didn't stop you from dating Riley.
Dating isn't marriage.
And I knew about Riley's condition before everything started.
It's Look, if you care about somebody, then you learn to deal with it, right? I love her, Annie.
And, look, you're the only person I'm telling about this, so you got to promise me that you won't say anything to anyone.
Okay? Fine.
Thank you.
So, we'll be moving you to an IVF protocol.
What exactly is that? You'll be getting a daily estrogen shot.
That will stimulate your egg production, and if you tolerate it well, will allow us to harvest your eggs and create viable embryos.
What do you mean, if she tolerates it well? Is this safe? There can be some side effects, but they're rare.
I'll give you some literature so you know what to look out for.
What are my chances of actually getting pregnant? Thousands of women go through this procedure every year and have normal, healthy babies.
You're young and fit.
You have an excellent prognosis.
Let's get started.
No offense, but this seems like the least fun way to get pregnant ever.
Liam, let's just go.
I don't want any more trouble.
It's fine, it's fine.
I just want to make sure they throw the book at this parasite.
Morning, officers.
I'm glad you're here.
This man Liam Court? Yeah.
You're under arrest for assault and battery.
What? All right, there's got to be some kind of mistake.
This is, this is crazy.
What is all this? Oh, my God, honey, the feng shui in your office was so wrong.
No wonder you've been in a funk.
This new look really shouts "Chairman of the Board.
" And this is just the start.
Suzy the comptroller will be getting a major wardrobe overhaul, Andy in Marketing will be getting a similar visit from the office decorating police, and Jamal in Sales.
Well, Jamal's gay.
Fabulously gay.
Jamal's gonna be fine.
Uh, Naomi, what I really need right now is Wait, Jamal's gay? Max, really? I know what you need-- a business partner, which is why I booked lunch with the Germans at Chaya.
You did not tell me that Dieter Kahn is a part of the group.
I know him-- we went to riding camp in Switzerland in eighth grade.
He's wunderbar! Well it seems like you, uh, have it all under control.
I do; I've got this.
And besides, I'm certain that you are busy designing the next massive technological thingamajig.
I cannot wait to see what you come up with.
Mwa! Ciao.
These are amazing.
Where did you get them? Uh, I pulled some strings with Liam's wardrobe department, and they seriously hooked us up.
Dixon forgot his cell phone again.
He's been waiting to hear back from his doctor.
What? It's a text from Neil Lane.
"The setting on the ring you ordered is ready.
You can pick it up anytime.
" Oh, my God, he's gonna propose! I didn't see this coming.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
In a good way? Silver, this is, like, the worst thing that could ever happen.
I thought you guys were in a good place.
Yeah, we are.
Except there's one thing.
What thing? I sort of slept with Taylor.
You what?! It was when I wasn't with Dixon.
And then again, when I was.
And again.
Six times.
Oh, my God, Ade.
I was mad at Dixon.
I thought he was blowing me off.
Which is no excuse.
It's over.
I made a mistake.
I love Dixon.
Yeah, well, this isn't the kind of thing you want him to find out after you're engaged.
You got to be honest with him.
Or maybe he won't ask me to marry him, and then I don't have to bring it up.
Ade Fine.
If he proposes I'll have to tell him.
I can't keep a secret like this from him.
Liam Court? Yeah.
Ashley Howard, LAPD.
What is it with you guys? Is one arrest not enough? I mean, I just made bail.
I know.
It's all over the news.
I'm not here to arrest you; I'm here to protect you.
Protect me? The studio is sympathetic to what you've been going through.
So they've assigned me as your security detail.
No offense, but, uh, I can take care of myself, thank you.
Really? How's that been going so far? I'm sorry, is this funny to you? No.
In fact, I take your security very seriously.
Look, you're a celebrity with thousands of fans who follow your every move.
After punching that photographer, the media's gonna be all over you.
So you can refuse the security detail if you want, but things are only gonna get worse before they get better.
And my 13-year-old niece would be heartbroken if you say no.
All right.
Uh, you can pick me up here tomorrow afternoon.
I'm going to the Hollywood Bowl.
See you then.
All right.
This is such a nice restaurant.
I'm sorry they took so long to seat us at a table outside.
I told them on the phone that we did not want a booth.
No, it's-it's fine, it's fine.
I mean food taste better, right? God, I can't believe Ade is playing the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow night.
You're coming, right? We got a VIP box.
Well, that sounds fancy.
Oh, and just so you know, I checked, and it is handicapped accessible.
You know, um Annie, believe it or not, I actually got around just fine before we met.
What? Well, first you pick a restaurant with a ramp, and now you're checking on the VIP box.
You you don't have to do that for me.
I was just trying to make sure you were comfortable.
Well, I don't think I'm the one that feels uncomfortable right now.
Riley? Until now.
Cass, hey! How have you been? I haven't seen you in forever.
I've-I've been I've been good.
Been really, really good.
Uh, Cassie, this is Annie.
Annie, this is Cassandra.
I just saw you over here as I was leaving, and I thought it'd be weird not to say hi, but turns out it's kind of weird anyways.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
No, it's fine.
It's nice to meet you.
It's good to see you, Cass.
You always were a bad liar.
Ex-girlfriend? What clued you in? The fact that there was a painfully long pause, or that she looked like she wanted to kill me with this knife? She seemed nice, and pretty.
It's funny, I never really thought about what your life was like, you know, before.
Befo um What makes you think that I dated her before my accident? I don't know, it just seemed like you guys dated a while ago.
Uh, no.
No, it was last year.
Yeah, and we dated for six months, and I was the one that ended it.
Then I was wrong.
Yeah, me, too.
Um it's getting late.
Um you mind if we just skip the movie? Riley I'll talk to you later, okay? Max! Lunch turned into drinks turned into dinner turned into the Germans practically eating out of my beautifully manicured hands.
They're in the conference room right now.
They're what? They're in the what? Thank me later.
They have a hundred million dollars they just pulled out of Greece, and it's burning a hole in their lederhosen.
I bagged the elephant! I just need you to get in there and finish 'em off, so come on, what you got? Nothing.
Nothing? But I wooed.
I wooed my ass off.
Sorry, I'm a little I'm a little blocked.
Well, how do you unblock? We need to do that, right now.
Alec and I had a process.
We, uh, we'd toss ideas back and forth.
If that didn't work, we'd head to the parking lot and we'd play horse.
And by the end of the first game, we'd have it all figured out.
That's that's how we always did it.
Well, I will go get rid of the Germans, and then you can teach me how to play horsey, and we'll figure it out.
Dixon, hurry up! DIXON: Okay, okay! Geez, I'm the one on crutches.
And plus, I'm third in the bathroom behind my girlfriend and my sister.
You're lucky I got pants on.
I'm sorry.
It's just that I messaged Riley to meet us at the VIP entrance.
He snapped at me last night for nothing, so I don't want to be late tonight and actually give him a reason.
Let it go to voice mail! We're late! Whoa.
It's my doctor.
I got to take this.
Hello? Yes, this is Dixon Wilson.
Really? Uh, are you sure? No, no, no, no.
Uh, this is this is great news.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you.
Well, what? What did he say? Uh, well, the latest blood results came back clean.
The infection's gone.
I'm-I'm not going to need surgery.
I'm-I'm fine.
Oh, that is such great news! Okay, you got to get down there and tell Ade.
Oh, wait.
I actually got to swing by and pick up her gift first, so I'll meet you down there.
Are you sure about everything? Yeah, yeah.
I'm good.
I mean about Ade.
Are you really sure? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm-I'm, uh I think I am.
I'll see you at the Hollywood Bowl.
Thank you.
Oh, this is so awesome! I can't believe Ade is playing the Bowl! This looks massive.
Max? Bryce.
So, you're a Ne-Yo fan.
I should have known.
Uh, no.
Actually, our good friend, Adrianna Tate-Duncan, is the opening act.
There you go.
That's so cool.
Hey, listen, I I'm sorry that the CEO position didn't work out.
Oh, it's fine.
I mean, I really felt like we clicked, but maybe it wasn't meant to be.
I understand.
Don't beat yourself up so badly.
Max decided to promote from within.
It's an awesome company, so, that makes perfect sense.
And actually, I just got offered a position with a really exciting start-up, so, guess it all worked out for the best then.
Yeah, that's-that's great for you.
So great for you.
Well, the interview was much easier than yours.
You know, no goldfish question.
Goldfish question? Uh, it's a brain twister that I've been asking people since I was a kid.
It's about 200 goldfish, and Bryce is only the second person to ever get it right.
Really? It seems so obvious.
I mean, first of all, what is someone doing with 200 goldfish? Uh, anyway, I should probably get to my seat.
Yeah, of course.
Uh, hey, good luck with everything.
You, too.
This is awesome.
Honey, are you okay? Yeah.
My leg's just sore.
I don't know.
I'll be all right.
Los Angeles, California, please put your hands together for Adrianna Tate-Duncan! Hey! Where is Annie? She's missing Ade.
Hello, Los Angeles! Riley, it's Annie.
I'm at the Bowl.
Where are you? I hope you're okay.
Call me.
This is why the real VIPs never use the VIP entrance.
It makes it easier to take a pass on the photo zombies.
I like the way you work.
Annie? Annie, hey.
Um this is Ashley Howard.
She's my, uh private security.
Hi, Annie.
You should be good from here, Liam, but, uh, once we get inside, I'll be close by in case you need anything, okay? Okay.
Actually, uh, I guess I have an extra ticket.
You want to sit with us? Sure.
That would be great.
Since when did you have a bodyguard? She's not a bodyguard.
She is from the studio to keep away the paparazzi.
From your body by guarding it? I hate you.
Oh, my gosh, I can't freaking believe it! Look at what Riley just sent me.
"I forgot.
Not gonna make it?" what's that about? It means it's my turn to get angry.
Look, tell Ade that I'm really sorry.
Got to go.
Annie? Thank you, Los Angeles! That was amazing! Yeah.
No, you're amazing.
Do you hear the people out there? Yes.
They love you, okay? And I love you.
Which is why, um I have something I want to ask you.
Dixon, before you do this, I have to tell you something.
What? He's proposing! Guy, guys, guys, guys, guys! It's not a ring.
Babe, it's-it's not a ring.
I don't understand.
I thought you were going to No, no.
Um Look, the other day, the doctors told me that I was gonna need a surgery to clear my infection, and if I got my surgery, I probably would never fully recover.
Dixon And all I thought about was not losing you.
But then today, I got some good news, and all I could think about was telling you.
And that's when it hit me.
All I think about is you.
Music used to be the only important thing in my life, but not anymore.
It's you.
So, um Here.
Um, I know neither one of us are ready to get married.
But, um I'm starting a recording label, and I want you to be the first artist that I sign.
Really? Yes.
I want to be with you in life and in business.
Adrianna you're my everything.
Please say yes.
They're beautiful.
Yes? Yes! Yes, yes.
Cheers! Okay.
Let's go, guys.
We're missing Ne-Yo.
Hey, what's wrong with your leg? I don't know.
It's just aching a bit.
Isn't that one of the symptoms they listed in the pamphlets the doctor gave us? I don't know.
Should I call my doctor? They said it could be serious.
I think to be sure, we should go to the ER.
Lights and a siren will get us there faster.
Come on.
For a non-proposop, that was pretty romantic.
Dixon always knows what to say.
I'm glad you're my everything.
Except I'm not.
Who was the other person? The other? What other person? The other person who knew the answer to the goldfish question.
Who was it? It was Alec.
Okay? I'll be right back.
What? Los Angeles, California, put your hands together for Ne-Yo.
What the hell? Annie, hey.
Ah, the concert.
I, uh, totally forgot.
I'm sorry, I just-- it got late, and then I couldn't get myself together.
So you stood me up? Pretty much, yeah.
Why are you doing this? I don't know, I'm just treating you like any other girl I'm not sure I want to keep dating.
Oh, you're not sure you want to date me? Yeah, it's a big shock, right? I mean, a guy in a wheelchair should just be falling all over himself to date you, right? That is, when he's not falling all over himself 'cause he can't walk, which is a fate worse than death, huh? I never said that.
You kind of did-- first to Dixon and then to me.
You know, you're not doing me any favors, even though you act like you are.
That is so unfair.
You can't blame me for caring about my brother or for trying to help.
Yeah, I can, Annie, because I don't need your help.
I know we just started dating, but the truth is, if this actually goes somewhere, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do or how this is supposed to work.
Why don't you start by telling me what you'd do to a guy who stood you up? That's more like it.
What are you doing? Annie, my life didn't end when I stopped walking, and I'm sorry, but it didn't start again the minute I met you.
I like you, I do.
I need you to treat me like any other guy.
You do that? You mean like this? You okay? Yeah, thanks to you.
I should have known something was wrong.
Ah, we're just lucky that I noticed the symptoms.
What'd the doctor say? Turns out I have a condition called hyperstimulation syndrome, which caused a blood clot in my leg.
They put me on blood thinners and now they have to harvest my eggs.
Okay, so that's good, right? I guess, but I'm not gonna be able to do this again because it's too dangerous, so this is kind of my one shot at having a baby.
Just this one.
Oh, thank God.
I've been looking all over for you.
Naomi? You have to take the job with Max's company.
But I thought that you said Max promoted from within.
Yeah, his wife.
Ah, didn't want your husband working with the "Hot, smart chick.
" It's what people call me when they think I'm not listening.
It didn't help that you guys instantly hit it off, but I've since realized that, as much as I want to, I can't be everything to Max.
Don't take the job with the start-up.
You're the perfect candidate.
Max needs you.
Well, it turns out I haven't said yes to the start-up.
So that means I'll come work for Max.
Thank you.
It wouldn't kill you to wear pantsuits.
Hey, I just got an e-mail from Bryce Woodbridge, thanking me for hiring her as the new CEO.
You want to explain to me what's going on? What's going on is I want you to be happy, and maybe you can't be happy without Alec or at least someone who's not pure evil but understands the tech business enough to spark your creativity and not just redecorate and dazzle people at lunch.
If I can't make it work with someone like that in your life, we don't stand a chance.
I love you.
For the record, nothing makes me as happy as the life I have with you.
You should have seen the look on your face yesterday.
Did you really think I was about to propose? Uh, yes.
I almost had a heart attack.
Okay, so, um, what would you have said if I did ask you to marry me? I don't know.
I was just so freaked out and it was such a surprise, but what you said was perfect.
It was? Mm-hmm.
Hey what's going on? I'm installing security cameras in the front and back of this place.
Once this bar reopens, you're going to need it.
I really hate security cameras.
Better safe than sorry, right? Hey, how's your friend? She's good, yeah, she's at home now and she's okay.
Thanks for taking us to the hospital last night, by the way.
It was really important to me.
Whatever you need, Liam.
You okay? Yeah, yeah.
Actually, no.
Uh, the photographer that is pressing charges-- I just feel like I haven't seen the last of him.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Hey, uh, by the way, I got something for you.
It's for your niece.
She'll just love this.
You sure this is what you want? I've never been more sure of anything in my life.