90210 s05e08 Episode Script


Previously on 90210 I told you, I slept with you in Vegas because I thought Dixon and I weren't together.
It's not gonna happen again.
You know, I just wanted to try this thing out on my own without any pressure, no gossip, no anything, so I haven't told any of my friends.
I thought I'd take you someplace kind of special.
I just want you to love me! You are completely insane! Liam, wait.
Let me go! Liam, no! My name is Liam Court.
Uh, I've just seen an accident.
I'm sorry.
I, uh I think I've made a mistake.
Remember, you can run, but you can't hide.
Ashley Howard, LAPD.
They assigned me as your security detail.
I just got an e-mail from Bryce Woodbridge thanking me for hiring her as the new CEO.
You want to explain to me what's going on? I want you to be happy.
Told you about that video I took from that kid - at the Pop Up, right? - Sex tape? You're not gonna do anything with that.
This is for everything that you put into the club.
Please, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Get the hell out.
If I ever see you in here again, I will kick your ass.
Please don't kick my ass.
I just, uh, uh You okay? What do you want? It's your check for the money I put into the bar.
Hey I never wanted the whole world to see that video, Liam.
I feel awful.
I'm sorry.
If I could build a time machine, I'd take it back to that day and erase every stupid mistake I've made.
Yeah, well, the only thing you can do now is get the hell out of here.
Liam, come on.
Some things you can't forgive and forget.
Hey, babe, check it out.
Your lawyer just sent over the contracts.
I am now the head of my own record label, about to sign a rising star who just happens to be my girl.
We should take a picture.
Dixon, I have bed head.
I have cereal in my teeth.
Okay, that doesn't matter.
Okay, look, when we make it big, we're gonna remember the times that we kept it real, okay? Okay.
Music history has just been made.
Looks so official, doesn't it? What do you think we should call the company? I don't know.
Dixon's Record Label? Stick to singing, okay? No, actually, you know who's, like, kick ass at this kind of thing? Taylor.
I should give him a call, find out what he thinks.
I mean, this is our thing.
We don't need anybody's help.
Absolutely right.
See, when you do it, it's the art of burlesque.
When I do it, I'm just another girl trying to dance.
I'm very flattered, but that better not be the reason you're quitting.
No, um, my fertility specialist called.
They said that I have two healthy embryos in the freezer whenever I'm ready.
And you're ready? Probably not.
You know, I started dancing because between trying to get pregnant and having the BRCA gene, I just felt like my body was out of control.
Dancing has been this great way of pretending that I'm this sexy, powerful woman who isn't afraid of anything.
I just wish it were true.
Okay, I got your hysterical voice mail, and dug up my high school yearbook.
Dixon's West Bev sweatshirt.
Full disclosure, he said it was full of memories, which may or may not mean he wore while losing his virginity.
Remind me not to walk under a black light.
So what is this all about? Are you familiar with the Ladies of West Bev Legacy Society? Uh, yeah, that high school alumni group? And super elite club for the most powerful women in Beverly Hills.
They throw the most important parties.
I mean, if the president comes in to town, the Legacy ladies are his first stop.
And they asked you to join? Yeah, not yet.
Gwen Thompson called to talk, which can only mean they are interested in me for membership.
Max, what happened to wearing West Bev colors? I told you I need to show school spirit.
I can't wear a royal blue suit to work.
I mean, I'll look like a guy from Million Dollar Listing.
Look, I know this is a big day for you, but unless it's bigger than the merger Bryce put together, I got to go.
Data Nitrate's stock price is about to go through the roof.
Mother-of-pearl, she's here.
Go do your little merger thing.
Show Gwen in on your way out.
Thank you.
So I guess I will just be Exhibiting school spirit.
Now, the fight song for West Beverly was How did it go? Oh, West Beverly That's the Canadian national anthem.
No one knows that.
Oh, Mrs.
I almost forgot you were stopping by.
Please sit down.
Please, Naomi, Mrs.
Thompson is my mother-in-law's name, so you can call me Gwen.
Your home's adorable.
Oh, it's just a starter.
Gwen, this is my dear friend Annie Wilson from high school.
We were just actually going over our West Bev yearbook, reminiscing about the good old days.
Amazing, isn't it? No matter how busy our lives get with international travel and philanthropy, our days at West Bev stay with us.
It's almost embarrassing.
So, what brings you by, Gwen? I'm not gonna beat around the bush.
We've had a spot open up I accept.
When do I start? Well, I admire your enthusiasm, but you didn't let me finish.
Right now, there are two women we think might fit the bill.
Two women? So it's like a contest? It's between you and Felicity Hathaway.
She was a few years ahead of you at West Bev.
And, I mean, of course, you're both beautiful, wealthy, dynamic, and married to young tycoons.
So we will see which one of you is West Bev Legacy Ladies material.
This weekend.
This weekend? At the West Bev Homecoming Alumni event.
I mean, surely you will be there.
As if I would miss that.
Oh, and, uh, Felicity Hathaway is hosting a charity drive at the alumni banquet.
So, um, I don't know, maybe find some fun way to dazzle us at the football rally? I'm sure it'll be bangin', as the kids are saying these days.
See you then.
Please tell me you're not dragging us all back to high school so you can fight it out for queen bee.
Well, it's not gonna be a fight.
It's gonna be a massacre.
Okay, everyone say, "West Bev and cheese" so you smile.
West Bev and cheese! Okay, okay, are we done here? Did you win yet? No, I have to give the picture to Gwen so she can see how popular I still am.
Then I have to take over one of the day's events.
Ooh, like this alumni tree dedication ceremony? Lame and canceled.
Get ready to cheer, because I'm going to make a dazzling donation to the school.
Felicity Hathaway can eat my dust.
We really are back in high school.
Got to say, this place brings back a lot of good memories.
Like Liam dragging us out to my bachelor party when I was marrying Ade.
Do you remember that? Not really.
Good times.
Okay, Naomi got her photo.
Now we can go.
Liam, I get paid to protect you so you can have some semblance of a normal life.
I'm sorry, I just crowds make me nervous.
I keep feeling like someone's lurking around, ready to pounce.
Like that sleazy photographer you punched? He's in jail.
Are you serious? Since when? Since I did a little digging.
Turns out he's a deadbeat dad with a bench warrant.
So I had him locked up.
Now will you relax and enjoy being back in high school? Ladies, give him some room to breathe.
- Hi.
- So who were you then, who are you now, and what have you done since high school? I have avoided people that ask me questions like that.
I'm sorry.
Naomi's making me do it.
It's ridiculous, right? We graduated two years ago.
So what if I thought I'd be completing a prestigious theater program by now? I'm not a loser because I haven't done that.
Or anything that I'm remotely proud of.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, uh, Naomi may be onto something with this alumni thing.
We have a lot of heavy-hitters who went to this school.
A VP from EMI, another exec from a record label Quincy Jones? Honey, no, not the Quincy Jones.
I'm pretty sure that kid was in my gym class.
Well, whoever it is, we've still got to walk around and schmooze.
Come on, let's go.
All right, bye.
Have fun.
My turn for an interview? Cousin Emily? Surprise! More like painful shock, actually.
It's funny, I never really thought of you as West Bev alum because you only went here for what, like, a month? Oh, it's true, but once a West Bevvy, always a West Bevvy.
Hi, guys.
Besides, I was in town on a press tour, and I heard it was homecoming, so home I came.
My agent thought it would be perfect fodder for my blog.
You have an agent and a press tour and a blog.
Right? Like, the life of a theater student at NYU who almost landed a role on Broadway is so exciting.
But for some reason, I have, like, 212,000 regular readers.
Whoo! Isn't it great? Yeah, it's so great, I want to kill myself.
So what have you been up to since high school? Oh, you know, uh, just keeping busy.
I should probably get back to it.
Oh, my God.
Jasper? - Who? - Just another blast from the past.
You know what, Emily? Why don't you interview yourself? I'm sure you'd be much better at it than I would.
I can't believe Naomi sent a private plane to bring you back to high school.
Well, when you use the words "Naomi" and "high school" in the same sentence, I think pretty much anything is believable.
Plus, I needed to get out of town and clear my head, anyway.
Why? What's wrong? Shane broke up with me for good.
What?! Yup.
I'm so sorry, Teddy.
I don't know why, but I I always thought he'd be the one.
I guess I always felt like he was the first guy you were truly crazy about since Ian.
Yeah, well, when I got back to D.
I tried to give it another shot, but he ended it out of nowhere.
But enough about me and my non-existent love life.
How's the baby-making stuff going? You taking good care of my sperm? That did not sound right.
It's great.
The doctor said I just need to pull the trigger and I'll be pregnant.
Which also doesn't sound right.
Well, I am glad you're getting what you really want.
One of us should.
Hey, when we're out of tennis balls, you want to break into the high school and write "Shane is lame" all over the lockers? Totally.
I, of course, am Gwen Thompson.
President of the Ladies of West Bev Legacy Society.
And it's my pleasure to introduce fellow West Bev-er Naomi Miller-Clark, who asked to make a very special presentation today.
Thank you, Gwen.
And thank you, West Beverly.
It's so good to be back among the many, many people who love me.
Everything I have my career, my husband, our subsequent wealth it's all because of my years at West Beverly.
Which is why I decided that I want to give a little something back.
And by "a little something," I mean a colossal new building.
I hope you are as dazzled as I am by the future Miller-Clark Fashion Science Building.
Welcome home, West Beverly Hills High Wildcats.
It's the Halftime Powder Puff Alumni Football game! Boys dressed as girls, and girls kicking ass.
Come on, dude.
Uh, okay, look.
I never thought I'd say this in a million years, but right now, I'm actually pretty glad to be disabled.
Come on, we used to do crazy stuff together like this all the time.
What? What are you guys up for a pyramid, or a basic shoulder-sit? I'm down for whatever.
GWEN: That was so unfortunate about the banner, Naomi.
Wasn't it, Felicity? So unfortunate.
But at least it'll give us all something to talk about at my banquet this evening.
I cannot believe Felicity would stoop to something so juvenile and unladylike.
High school made us the strong and successful women we are today.
We didn't get there by rolling over and playing nice with the competition, did we? West Beverly, ho! Beverly West, ho! Diet ginger ale, right? It's been a long time, Annie, but some things you, uh, you just never forget.
I, uh didn't expect to see you.
Ever again.
I've been in town for a couple months now, and I've actually been meaning to call you and Liam.
I thought we could get together and talk about, uh, old times.
Yeah, I'm not really interested in "old times.
" You know what? Neither am I.
Especially when there's something a lot more interesting going on in the present.
Look, that's actually what I wanted to talk to Liam about.
Three years ago, you set his boat on fire.
I don't think he really wants to talk to you.
Really? Because after he beat the crap out of me, I kind of thought he owed me one.
Just tell him I have something I think he will want to see.
His future could depend on it.
Wait wait, what does that even mean? Oof.
Naomi! You're supposed to blocking.
I thought this was supposed to be touch football.
She did that on purpose! That banner was an understatement.
Poor Fel Fity.
You're babbling, honey.
Check in with the nurse, okay? And don't worry I will take over your banquet and make it unforgettable.
What are you doing here? Sorry to bother you, but I need to talk to Teddy.
After the way you broke up with him, I'm not sure Teddy wants to talk to you.
Is that what Teddy told you? Silver, when Teddy got back to D.
, I told him I wanted a serious relationship.
No more living separate lives.
He said he understood, and then just stopped returning my calls.
What? Why would he do that? And why would he lie about it? I don't know.
But I'd like a chance to talk to him and find out.
It must be weird being back at high school after everyone in the world's seen your movie, huh? Uh, Corporate Invaders, not the other one.
Yeah, I got you.
Yeah, I guess it's nice, uh, going back and having all the teachers who used to hate me suddenly kissing my ass.
You know, the Media Studies teacher actually asked me to come back and be a guest speaker.
- Really? - Yeah.
Because of Corporate Invaders, not the other one.
I'm pretty sure.
So, I guess Navid's little screw-up didn't ruin your life after all, huh? Do not ask me to forgive Navid.
- He crossed a line.
- I know.
I know.
I get it.
It's just, you know, of all the things in the world I wish I could leave behind, friends aren't one of them.
I bet it's the principal.
She probably wants to name a wing after me.
Hello? Uh My name is Liam Court.
Uh, I've just seen an accident.
I'm sorry, I, uh I think I made a mistake.
West Bev welcome to Taio Cruz, here, at the Playboy Mansion! I'm in a battle with my heartbeat The more I struggle, the more I get deep I go full-throttle down the dark streets And there is trouble ahead, I get weak It's like I'm running through a red light Girl, you know you make me weak I should be hitting all the brake lights Isn't Taio fantastic? Naomi Miller-Clark throws the best alumni event in the history of West Beverly.
Did you actually just walk through your own party praising yourself in the third person? Someone's got to do it.
I took that banquet that Felicity was going to throw in the school gym and turned it into the party of the century.
- Yeah.
- And I have so much more to do.
After the band plays, I have to introduce the burlesque performers, kick off a lingerie fashion show for charity Are you sure that it's worth doing all this just to get into a club? Yes, I am.
And not just for my own healthy ego.
The connections I make with the West Bev Legacy Ladies will help your career, too, honey.
Uh, my career doesn't need help.
That was Bryce on the phone.
The merger was approved.
- What?! - But she needs me to get to the office for an emergency meeting of the new board of directors.
You'll miss my moment of triumph.
You think I like leaving the Playboy Mansion before the lingerie show? Girl, you know you make me weak I should be hitting all the brake lights Hold up, hold up, oh! Girl, you really turn me on-on-on-on You know you make my engine run-run-run-run And there's no turning back 'cause we've gone too far I'll drive you like a fast car Go! Go! Go! Girl, you really turn me on-on-on-on - Hey.
- Hey.
We need to talk.
About how a being a gay guy at the Playboy Mansion is like being a vegetarian at an all-you-can-eat ribs night? About why you lied to me about Shane.
He didn't break up with you, did he? It's complicated.
I don't want to talk about it.
Okay, don't talk to me.
But you're going to have to talk to Shane.
You brought Shane? Silver, you had no right.
I have "best friend rights," especially when I see you pushing away someone, that I know you care about, for no good reason.
I have a reason.
- Then what is it? - I'm scared, okay? The first relationship I had with a guy was a disaster.
I put my heart out on the line and he completely betrayed me.
Teddy, that was high school.
Shane isn't Ian.
And you can't live your life in fear.
Gee, Silver, thanks.
That was easy.
Not everybody is like you.
You've been fearless since high school.
I mean, even now, you find out you have the BRCA gene, you decide to have a baby and you barely break a sweat.
You may not be scared of anything, but some of us are.
Teddy I'm in a battle with my heartbeat The more I struggle, the more I get deep I go full-throttle down the dark streets And there is trouble ahead, I get Well, it beats living in the back of a bar.
What do you think? I think when Liam Court wants to skip the Playboy Mansion to check out an open house, there is something wrong.
Nothing's wrong.
By the way, would you mind putting your name on the lease? Why? I just don't want anyone to know where I live.
Like who? Uh, fans, stalker paparazzi.
Liam, you have a cop bodyguard to protect you, and I saw you being mobbed by a couple cute fans earlier and you weren't complaining.
So, tell me who are you really hiding from? Vanessa.
If she is back, I will personally She's dead.
We got into a fight the night of Naomi's party.
She tried to stop me from walking away, and she slipped and she fell.
It was an accident but I didn't try to help her.
Oh, my God.
I was sure that no one knew.
But apparently someone does.
First I got a letter, then the phone rang and someone played back the 911 call.
I guess someone's been watching me for months.
Okay, Jasper cornered me at the football game.
He said that he's been back in town for a few months and he has something for you.
He also said that you owed him.
That feels like it was a lifetime ago.
Well, apparently, he's holding a grudge.
And ambushing my ex-boyfriend at a high school reunion seemed like such a good idea.
I'm sorry, I really thought I could get through to him.
I swear, Teddy cares about you, Shane.
He's just he's been hurt once, and I think he's scared.
He didn't want anyone to see it.
Silver? Vesta! Hi! What are you doing here? We're the entertainment for tonight.
- What? - Yeah.
Please tell me you've changed your mind, you're gonna dance with us.
My God, no.
There's, like my entire high school class is here tonight, so never gonna happen.
Because like you said, you only pretend to be fearless.
Vesta, wait.
Don't give up on Teddy just yet, okay? I have an idea.
Dude, look, I mean, you probably don't remember me from high school, okay, but you cannot forget Adrianna, okay? No, dude, she's a star.
Okay, well, then let me prove it to you.
Meet me at the alumni event, and I'll I'll show you a sample of her work.
Yeah, yeah, I'm putting it together right now.
You push me back against the wall That's my girl, man.
The time has come to pay I'm telling you, you will not believe your eyes.
I know I don't.
Are you ready for the best alumni event ever? Please give a warm West Beverly welcome to Vesta and her Belles of Burlesque.
You hired a bunch of sexy girls to perform at the Playboy Mansion? Yeah, that's like bringing sand to the beach.
Overkill is my trademark.
I bet the Ladies have never seen anything like this.
I have.
Hey, has anyone seen ? Silver? No, Jasper.
No, Silver.
On stage.
What's a high school reunion without a few surprises, huh? You were amazing.
You have to teach me those moves later.
But right now, I got to go put on a fashion show.
Hey, you missed it.
Oh, I missed it, too.
I'm gonna go cry on a Bunny's shoulder.
I can't believe Silver's been secretly burlesque dancing.
Yeah, well, apparently she's not the only one keeping a secret, huh? We need to talk.
You know, something tells me that was not the first time you've done that.
I've been dancing for a few months now.
But tonight is the first night that I let people know the truth.
Teddy, I've never been fearless.
I just found a way to pretend.
I wanted to show you that.
I mean, sometimes you just got to stop pretending and put yourself out there.
It can be scary, but it can also turn out really amazing.
Is everything okay? I know what happened between you and Taylor.
Dixon, I am so sorry.
Okay, when I slept with Taylor, you and I weren't even together.
And then when he showed up in L.
, things just kind of happened.
Whoa, whoa.
Slept with? You said you knew about me and Taylor.
Yeah, I saw the rehearsal video.
Dixon, okay No, no, no, there's nothing to talk about.
It's done.
Okay, remember, this is a lingerie show for charity, so the more you take off, the more we take in.
Sorry to interrupt.
I wanted to say that I am impressed.
It's not official yet, but, uh, after the lingerie show, I just may teach you the secret handshake.
Gwen, really? Oh, my God, I don't know what to say.
Well, don't cry; your mascara will run.
Have you seen my diamond-studded peep toes? What the hell are you doing to my shoes?! Hey! You're the one who ruined my banner, aren't you? Felicity will stop at nothing to destroy me.
What is she paying you? Oh, nobody had to pay me.
I'd happily ruin your life for free, just like you did mine.
I don't even know who you are.
Really? Does the name Reece Turner ring a bell? Obese Reece? Oh, my God, you were huge in high school.
And you were the skinny bitch who stole my clothes during gym class, forcing me to run across the entire school to the principal's office completely naked.
Yes, I did that.
And I deserve to break a heel and fall on my ass in front of everyone.
But, Reece, that was high school; people change.
Especially you.
I mean, honey, you look fantastic.
You're right, I do.
And today was supposed to be my triumphant return.
At the tree dedication ceremony, I was going to unveil the new me.
I canceled your tree ceremony to dedicate my building to get into the Alumni Club.
Reece, I'm sorry.
How could you be? You've never felt embarrassed in your entire life.
If anyone deserves to be in that snotty club, it's you.
You'll always be the biggest bitch at West Beverly High.
Reece, wait! How much do you want? I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, I think you do.
You're still pissed that I beat you up, so you've been following me around.
Jasper, you said you've been trying to get to Liam for months because you have something he needs to see.
Yeah, this.
This is a screenplay.
Yeah, I'm in film school.
I just won a big award, and I'm trying to get my first real movie made.
My dad said he will finance it if I get a bankable actor for the lead.
The first scene starts with a sleazy drug dealer all bloodied up on the pier.
He's pretty messed up, until he discovers a talent that turns his life around.
Like writing? It worked for me.
I took all my past mistakes, turned them into something positive.
Look, Liam, I did a lot of stuff that I can't take back.
So did you.
But I'm willing to let it all go.
Forgive and forget.
But, hey, if if you're not No.
I'll take a look.
NAOMI: And now, for our lingerie fashion show finale, West Beverly's very own Reece Turner! Everyone, isn't she beautiful? And for my final gift Well, I guess I have everyone's attention, don't I? My true gift to West Beverly is an apology, to anyone who I ever made to feel awkward or embarrassed or vulnerable.
Standing here right now, I know how that feels.
I've done a lot of things that I'm not proud of.
And I can't take those things back.
I've learned that being popular, being prom queen, joining the most elite club in the city none of that matters if you have to step on people to get there.
I know this because I'm not the same girl that I was in high school, and I'm glad.
Because high school was really lame.
So, here I stand, a former bitch, asking for your forgiveness.
Please don't let the message get lost just because I'm physically perfect.
Not good enough! Another option would be to take the thousands of dollars of passed hors d'oeuvres and throw them at me.
Whoo-hoo! Ow! Oh, my God! We should do something, right? I know.
We should totally help.
That is for when you texted pictures of me hooking up with Mark Driscott out to the whole school! Naomi's apology kind of stole my thunder, huh? Oh I think throwing deviled eggs at Naomi is my new best high school memory, but you were the hottest act of the night.
Oh, well Teddy told me how you you always give him the courage to be himself.
I can't tell you how grateful I am for that.
You're a good friend, Silver.
- And you are going to be an incredible mother.
- Oh.
Wow, I didn't know you were pregnant.
I'm not, yet.
But I will be soon, thanks to Teddy.
She means 'cause I donated sperm.
Talk about a good friend.
Come here.
All right, I'll see you guys before you leave for D.
? Yeah.
Hey, maybe we'll go dancing.
I'll take you up on that.
You and Silver are having a baby together? Kind of.
Not exactly.
It's kind of hard to explain.
Yeah, I bet.
Look, I think this is something we need to talk about.
Dixon, I am so sorry.
Just get out, all right? I will.
Look I know what I did was horrible, and I understand if you never want to see me again.
Oh, I'm gonna see you again.
Tomorrow at our recording session.
What? Do you think just because you cheated on me that you'll be able to walk out on my new company? You signed a contract, which gives me full control of your music.
I own you.
Oh, and, uh I thought of a name for the company.
"Unfaithful Records.
" Got a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Max? When did you get home? Right after the new board of directors voted unanimously to approve the merger.
And then they voted to fire me.
- What? - Well, it turns out Bryce engineered the merger so that I would lose my majority stockholder status.
And then she convinced the new board of directors that the company had outgrown me.
But she can't do that.
You're the one who hired her.
Actually, that was you.
Some of the biggest mistakes you make in life are out of love.
The first time Patterson whisked me away in a helicopter for a private picnic, I thought I might be in love.
But after our first night together, I woke up and found a check for $10,000.
And I knew love had a price.
Some guy wants to talk to you.
You want me to get rid of him? Nah, I'll take care of it.
I'll wait in the car.
Thank you.
Hey, it was, uh, quite the homecoming, huh? - Really made me think.
- About Silver naked? Yeah, don't remind me.
Look, I get that you might hate me forever.
And that there's really nothing I can do about it but this.
What is that? Well, I released a very private sex tape of you.
It's only fair that you get the chance to do the same thing to me.
You made a sex tape? Okay, really it's just my bar mitzvah video.
Uh dirtiest thing on there is my grandmother kissing me on the mouth for well, it felt like a full minute.
Hey, I know it was a lame gesture, but it's all I got.
Thanks for not beating the crap out of me like you did to Jasper.
I need somebody to live here and, uh, keep an eye on this place.
So, um would you be interested? Uh really? Yeah.
Believe me, right now, I need all the friends I can get.