A-Channel (2011) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Tooru! Tooru! Want some ice cream? Huh? She's not here.
Run-chan What are you doing there? I fell off in my sleep.
I can't move.
Help me.
Coochie-coochie-coo! Sto- Stop it- What are you doing? Saved I just felt the urge to.
And one more! Stop it Nice shot! I'm going to become one fuwa fuwa fuyuu shite ふわふわ 浮遊して with the gently floating kirameku tooku no sora to きらめく遠くの空と and glittering distant sky.
hitotsu ni naru 一つになる The wind will carry me at its will kaze yomi kimama na 風読み気ままな to my destination far beyond.
watashi no yukue wa kanata 私の行方は彼方 Let's go together.
issho ni ikou 一緒に行こう I take a deep breath and bask in shinkokyuu hazundeku 深呼吸はずんでく the world's Spring Breath.
sekai no Spring Breath セカイのSpring Breath We all gather in the sunlight taiyou ni atsumaru no 太陽に 集まるの with radiant smiles.
minna no egao みんなの笑顔 Between "good morning" and "good-bye," ohayou to sayonara no aida wa おはようと さよならの 間は it'll just be us.
watashitachi dake 私たちだけ We can do anything.
nandemo dekiru ne なんでもできるね The translucent sunlight, sukitooru hizashi 透き通る日差し and the newborn sky, umaretate no sora 生まれたての空 and the Morning Arch where we promised to meet.
machiawaseta yakusoku no Morning Arch 待ち合わせた 約束のMorning Arch As you wave your hand at me, te wo furu kimi e to 手を振る君へと I'll give you this new day I've been saving, totteoki no kyou wo watasou 取って置きの今日を渡そう and we'll chat the day away.
oshaberi ga hajimaru おしゃべりが始まる Here you go, Tooru.
Let's dig in! Delicious! Tooru, your bangs have gotten longer.
It's because I've left them alone since summer vacation started.
I'll cut them for you! Scissors! With those scissors? Yep.
Stay still.
Wait! You're going to hold the scissors horizontally and cut? Hm? Um you look rejuvenated! A ransel backpack would look good on you! Not even middle schoolers wear those I'm done for.
I can't go to school like this.
It's summer vacation right now.
There's the mid-vacation school day.
Don't worry, it looks cute! That's the problem.
In that case Bring this up here, and There we go! We match! We match A Midsummer Night's Coming! Good morning.
Good morning, Tooru-chan! I'm sorry, I'm afraid Run's still asleep.
Could you wake her up for me? Certainly.
I'm coming in, then.
We have school today.
Run-chan! We're going to school! You're wearing long sleeves again, even though it's summer.
I keep telling you, you'd look cuter in lighter clothes.
Run-chan! Go on.
Take it off Fine! I'll take it off! I'll take it off! I'll take it off! Take it off So hot It's making my head all fuzzy Run-chan! School isn't that way.
Watch out for molesters! m 210 222 l 210 580 427 600 420 257 It sure is creepy.
All the perverts and molesters come out during the summer, don't they? I heard some of them call out at you from their cars.
It makes my spine tingle.
We'd better be careful.
Hey, want to get out of the heat and ride to school with me? A molester! Somebody! There's a pervert here! No way A pervert? Should we report him to the police? This is a misunderstanding! I'm a teacher at their school! Please don't report me! Okay then.
I'm handing out some forms, so pass them back.
Just fill out that survey by the start of next semester.
Everyone, listen up! Please check your planned course of action in the future.
・Higher education (college/junior college vocational school) ・Employment ・Other ( ) Those pursuing higher education, please write your first choice school This is a survey about your future plans.
Please think it over carefully before next semester.
Don't write something silly just because you're still first-years.
If you slack off, it'll be exam time before you know it.
Mid-break review Summer break assignments New semester: Sept.
1 Even during the rest of your vacation, don't lose focus, and study hard.
Dismissed! See you next semester! Kitou-sensei.
Sensei, you look pale today.
Are you okay? Oh my.
What a kind girl.
She's my student, all right.
You're right.
I've had a slight headache since this morning.
There's medicine in the nurse's office.
I can beat this headache with enthusiasm! Oh? Dear me, what's this, Kitou-sensei? Wearing a white coat again, I see.
That's my territory you're invading.
It's none of your business! Besides, I've been wearing this since before you came here! Still, when you think of a white coat, you think of the nurse, don't you? Speak for yourself, Satou-sensei! Please do something about that ridiculous patterned shirt of yours! Eh? Are you saying I have bad taste? I don't think you're in a position to talk.
Well then, let's have Tooru-san decide! Fine by me.
Oh my.
Tooru-san? Uni-chan? Tooru-san? Kitou-sensei.
Did you step on Uni-chan? What?! I'll bet it was you! No, I'm sure it was you.
No, it was you! No, I'm sure it was you.
I'm not that tiny.
No That's Could it be an SOS signal? The first-years' classroom?! Just hang in there! This way you don't have to go downstairs to shake off the chalk dust.
How did the chalkboard rag get so dirty? Right? "Right?" isn't an answer.
Where's the fire? Um, senpai.
What's wrong? This atmosphere I must have jumped to the wrong conclusion.
Um, you see I'm I'm here to clean! I want to die.
I'm so sorry, senpai.
If it weren't for her stupid ideas N-No, it's fine.
I mistake situations all the time.
I've got another funny story to tell now.
Right, Tooru? If only I'd stopped Yutaka earlier, you wouldn't have embarrassed yourself like this, Yuuko.
I'm sorry.
Stop it! Please, don't apologize! It's even more embarrassing when you apologize to me! I'm sorry.
Stop it! Easily flustered, isn't she? Watch it.
It really looked like a distress signal.
When I saw it, all I could think of was "fire"! If it was a fire, there would be smoke.
You lose your head too easily.
Be more calm next time.
Here, Nagi-chan! Hoooot! F-Fire! is the sort of panicked reaction you shouldn't have.
Wait, Run! It's summer! What's with the hot drink? I was in a rush, so I messed up! So hot! So basically, people shouldn't panic.
I couldn't help it! If it was a real fire, we'd be in trouble.
Same for me! Hot coffee in the summer is unreasonable! They should take the "hot" off vending machines in the summer! Yeah.
No, I don't think that's the problem.
shirt: Hot-Blooded Confident in her taste probably? What do I do? I left the survey sheet at school.
That's right! Yuuko, huh? "I left the survey sheet at school.
I want to go get it, but I'm scared to go alone.
Come with me.
" Gosh, that's why I said you shouldn't panic There we go.
"Just leave it until next semester" I can't do that! "I want to think it over carefully before filling it in.
I'm begging you, come with me.
" Ah, geez.
Nagi Really? m 502 277 l 522 370 670 342 650 250 To school, at night? m 507 400 l 520 462 825 417 772 350 Yuuko Re: Really? m 670 167 l 650 230 842 280 852 215 Please!!!! I'm too scared to go alone!! m 615 245 l 577 382 847 455 885 310 "I'm too scared," huh? Oh no! I'm late! I'll bet Nagi's there already.
There she is.
Hey! Why's everyone here? I called the other two.
Is the front gate not open? We came in from the back gate.
The back gate's pretty far.
Yuuko, you'd better sprint here at full speed! Yeah, yeah! Here we go! Ready, start! You sound impatient.
Listen up! No matter what, don't look back! What's that supposed to mean? Noooo! That's your personal record.
Well, let's go pick up what you forgot.
I can't move yet.
She died.
Looks like it's not open.
Is the faculty entrance closed, too? I guess this won't cut it.
What were you trying to open that with? Curses.
The school really is scary at night.
Well, you know, sometimes you find a window open.
Pretty careless of them, but it saved us.
That's for sure.
Yuuko, stop clinging to me! But If I don't hold on to someone, I get nervous.
Fine, fine.
I'll go to the science room and get an anatomical model for you.
No, stop it! Then get off me! That's even worse! Huh?! That looks like fun.
I'm begging you! Don't leave me! I dunno about that.
Gosh, Yuuko, you really are a scaredy-cat.
But the school feels different at night! It's creepy! Oh.
Hey, seeing as we're at school at night Let's go exploring! All right! And off we go! All right! We'll be departing from the classroom now.
W-Wait! Everyone, do you have all your belongings? A piano rings out in the middle of the night.
Tra-li-lo-li-la-la, the enigmatic seven mysteries.
Say hi to the skeleton dancing by the window.
Come on, escort me carefully now! Now, let's go, it'll be fun, just don't look back.
Well, it's all right, just keep moving and there's nothing to fear.
David, and the Mona Lisa too, let's all explore together! Being at school at night really makes your heart race! Yeah.
I'm scared.
Um What is it? Bathroom.
Hey! We're stopping by the bathroom! 'Kay! We'll wait! I'm not going into the stall with you, though.
I get it, I get it.
Let's see lights Make it quick.
Got it.
What, what? Well over there.
Something came out! Something came out! Something came out! Something came out! Something came out something came out something came out! Your constipation was relieved? That's not what I meant! Th-There's a hitodama outside the gym building over there! Hitodama? That's when someone's soul turns into a spirit right after they die, right? Well then, if we return it right away maybe we can save him! What are you saying? Shh! This hitodama has feet! Don't move! I wanna see it! Footsteps It'll see you! No it won't! A burglar? Huh? Uni-chan? Oh, it was just Satou-sensei.
How anticlimactic.
What are you doing here so late? We're here to clean.
No, we aren't! I see.
So you're here to get something you forgot.
Yep, that's how it is.
Sensei, that candle Ah, I'm fond of candles.
This frail, flickering flame reminds me of my life.
You could call it empathy.
He collapsed.
Right on cue.
He's not responding.
What? He seriously blacked out? Must be a seizure! Oh no! First thing's first, we gotta get him to the nurse's office! Not while he's face-down! You'll chafe his face! Huh? Damn, he's too heavy.
Can I even carry him? A-hah! That's right! We'll just bring the bed here, instead! And what's your plan after that? Us two will carry this end, so you take the feet.
Tooru, you spot us.
Let's go.
Ready, and! So heavy Up we go Huh? He got lighter.
Run! You left the main body behind! Huh? Heave-ho! I'm exhausted.
He's not waking up.
Cut that out.
Sensei, pull yourself together! If you keep hitting him like that Serves him right.
Did he come to? Sensei! Sensei! Please pull yourself together! Sensei! Can you hear me? What's this? Run-chan.
Satou-sensei! I don't want you to die! Run-chan! I'm not going to die! Grr.
Run-chan Is he all right? He did say he wasn't going to die.
Let's go home.
Sure thing.
There aren't any more dogs, right? Of course not! Ah, man, I'm really exhausted.
Well, good night! Good night! A downtown train will shortly be arriving.
For your safety, please stand back from the white line.
Yuuko-chan! See you later! See you later! I'm glad everyone came today.
I forgot it again! The hats hanging from the tall rack akane ni narabu あかねに並だline up in the sunset seitaka kakeboushi 背高かけ帽子 at the end of another happy day.
tanoshii ichinichi no owari 楽しい一日の終わり tsukinai oshaberi 尽きない おしゃべり Our chatter goes on and on, and I still have more to say, mada mada aru keredo まだまだあるけれど but it's about time we headed home.
sorosoro ouchi ni kaeranakucha そろそろおうちに帰らなくちゃ "See you again tomorrow! jaa ne ashita ne じゃあね 明日ね I'll text you!" meeru suru kara メールするから On today's page, everyone's kyou no peeji ni minna 今日のページにみんな wearing matching smiles.
osoroi no egao おそろいの笑顔 "See you again tomorrow! jaa ne ashita ne じゃあね 明日ね Thanks for everything! itsumo arigatou いつもありがとう I'm so glad we got to hang out together again today.
" kyou mo issho ni irete yokatta na 今日も一緒にいれてよかったな Hmm-hmm-hmm.
ru-ru-run るるるん My heart hums with the wind.
kaze to kokoro hamingu suru 風と 心ハミングする At the next street corner, tsugi no kado de 次の角で we'll turn around, and say, "Bye bye.
" furimukinagara baibai 振り向きながら バイバイ We ended up making the trip for nothing.
And I got the scare of my life.
I can't get to sleep at all.
At my age, I can't exactly ask my family to sleep together.
That's right! It's been a while since we slept together, hasn't it? Good night.
Next time Miporin, what do you look forward to at summer festivals? Well, if I had to say, it's gotta be the fireworks.
Ahh Also, the takoyaki, okonomiyaki, oh, and I love the hiyashiame.
Ooh, that sounds nice! Yutaka, what do you like? Well, all things considered, Yutaka likes to eat a lot- Hold on just a second! Next time on A-Channel! "Summer Festival"! to eat a loooot of oden at the night stalls! Oden, in the summer? See you next week! See you next week!