A-Channel (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 Summer vacation's going to be over soon.
Then school's going to start.
I can't wait! Can't wait? 'Cause I'll get to see everyone in class again! Everyone in class Tooruuun! Watch it, Yutaka! Ah, I didn't win again.
By the way, Run-chan.
You always seem to be surrounded by guys.
Why is that? Really? It doesn't seem that way to me.
Why is that? Have you ever been c-confessed to? Confessed? Come to think of it, the other day You have? Satou-sensei gave me this.
He gave it to me, saying, "I like this kind of thing.
" Liking candles is pretty unusual, isn't it? Are you sure he means the candles? Huh? I'm going to become one fuwa fuwa fuyuu shite ふわふわ 浮遊して with the gently floating kirameku tooku no sora to きらめく遠くの空と and glittering distant sky.
hitotsu ni naru 一つになる The wind will carry me at its will kaze yomi kimama na 風読み気ままな to my destination far beyond.
watashi no yukue wa kanata 私の行方は彼方 Let's go together.
issho ni ikou 一緒に行こう I take a deep breath and bask in shinkokyuu hazundeku 深呼吸はずんでく the world's Spring Breath.
sekai no Spring Breath セカイのSpring Breath We all gather in the sunlight taiyou ni atsumaru no 太陽に 集まるの with radiant smiles.
minna no egao みんなの笑顔 Between "good morning" and "good-bye," ohayou to sayonara no aida wa おはようと さよならの 間は it'll just be us.
watashitachi dake 私たちだけ We can do anything.
nandemo dekiru ne なんでもできるね The translucent sunlight, sukitooru hizashi 透き通る日差し and the newborn sky, umaretate no sora 生まれたての空 and the Morning Arch where we promised to meet.
machiawaseta yakusoku no Morning Arch 待ち合わせた 約束のMorning Arch As you wave your hand at me, te wo furu kimi e to 手を振る君へと I'll give you this new day I've been saving, totteoki no kyou wo watasou 取って置きの今日を渡そう And we'll chat the day away.
oshaberi ga hajimaru おしゃべりが始まる Summer Festival Hey, hey, look at this! Summer Fireworks Festival Want to go together? What's this? Oooh! It's the fireworks festival they hold every year.
That's right.
There're lots of night stalls.
It's pretty lively.
Really? Look, it's this weekend.
Since summer vacation's about to end, it would be nice to go to a festival together.
It sure would.
We can all wear yukata, too! Sounds great! Yeah.
Well, it's fun to do this now and then.
Then it's a date! Hey, what are you doing for the rest of today? No plans.
Too hot.
Don't wanna move.
Hey, how about we go for karaoke? Karaoke, huh? Karaoke? Sounds good! I love karaoke! Oh? Yuuko, you're a karaoke fan? Yep.
I like to choose ringtones that I can sing along to.
Really? Run, what do you like about karaoke? Let's see for one, the jambalaya at that place is amazing.
But the ramen's surprisingly good, too.
Also, they give you big servings for the parfaits and ice cream! Huh? I thought we were going to karaoke? Yep, we are.
Karaoke This room's a bit cramped Ah, I'm going to order our food and drinks.
What would you all like? I'll have a melon soda.
Grapefruit juice.
Tooru, anything to drink? Uh iced tea.
With pleasure! Ah, hello? I'd like to place an order.
Hey, they've got the new songs that came out this month.
Two iced teas, melon soda and grapefruit juice, one each.
I'll enter the first one.
Also, a jambalaya and fries, please.
Yes, thank you very much! Okay, here I go! Take me, summer breeze! Sweep me off my feet.
Take me, summer breeze! This love of mine floats upon the wind.
Catch me, summer breeze! Hold me gently.
Touch me, summer breeze! A sweet single summer's dream.
I'll take off with you! Yuuko, not bad! You're really good! I'll take off with you! Take me, summer breeze! Thank you.
Ah, better enter the next one.
Tooru's giving this some serious thought.
Maybe she's really picky about something? Take your time deciding.
Why is she glaring at me? Ocha Melodical Beauty Bang Bang Ocha Melodical Beauty Bang Bang All right, my turn! Ocha Melodical Beauty Bang Bang Ocha Melodical Beauty Bang Bang I bravely try to wake up, but I'm pulled back into a slumber.
Teary, teary, mumble, mumble, trying to escape from life.
Caught up in emotions, I argue with my best friends.
But I still get in the last word! Let's spread this vague magic all across the world, carried by those catchy words! (3, 2, 1, say!) Ocha Melodical Beauty, Bang Bang! Keep smiling along! Done with the song book and staring contest? Letter to the Clouds Flowing with the Clouds Beyond the clouds Ah, this song? I'll enter it for you.
Eh? Glow like a star! Okay! And, send! With an appli-tic fortune, wake up the future! Good job! It's starting! Do your best, Tooru! Uh, um Here, the microphone! What's wrong, Tooru? Beyond the Clouds Beyond the Clouds Here's your order! The jambalaya's here! This one's hot, so please be careful.
Ah, I've got the grapefruit juice! Thank you for coming today.
Here you go, Nagi-chan.
Thank you! The melon soda's mine.
Here you go.
Well then, excuse me.
The current song has been canceled Thank you.
Guess she didn't want to sing.
Sorry I almost made you.
Wounded by the twilight, the country girl's maiden heart Wounded by the twilight, the country girl's maiden heart.
This love need never come true.
Just let me see you, once more.
Lots of spirit there! Just two more songs The calories you have burned total so far If I sing two more songs I can eat eight fries.
Dieting? Quit worrying and just eat.
Hey, Tooru! Don't you like this song? Friends This one, right here.
Right? B-But I've never sung it before I probably can't.
You'll be fine! Tooru, it's not on! Huh? Oh I'll start.
Run-chan Let's go, hand in hand, across this great big hill.
One, two, three, let's find more fun things to do! A pure white blanket, and a giant puppet, and a polka-dot skirt.
Though we can't split them in two to share.
Even if we fall and want to cry we'll be there for each other.
When our fast-beating hearts fill up, we'll be as happy as can be.
Let's go, hand in hand, walking straight ahead.
One, two, three, let's find more fun things to do! Only three left.
Don't know when to give up, huh? Nobody's input another song? Ah, then I'll do one.
Finish eating first.
Then the next song will be I still want to believe Someone next door? I thought that was empty.
Maybe he just got here.
Right now, I want to Wow, that guy's good.
The song's so sultry it hurts, though.
Run-chan! Don't sing! Huh? Why? Just because.
Tooru! Shh! Soon enough, you'll understand, Don't tell me This voice the answer in my heart.
What? What, what? I wish I could sing karaoke with Run-chan.
Okay, come on! One more time, here we go! Karaoke was so much fun! Let's go again sometime! I wish I was better at singing.
Come to think of it, they had a TV program about ways to get better.
For next time: Method 1 It's been a while since I've worn a yukata to a festival.
I can't wait! I've got a bunch of yukata.
Which do you want? This one with the chic color is nice.
It looks sophisticated.
Let me see I don't remember one with that color.
Oh yeah.
This one's changed color from the mold.
I guess my current ones won't work.
Maybe my old ones will fit you? I'll go get them.
Those look very adult.
They're probably Run-chan's mom's.
Maybe I can break 10 cm in those.
I'll never be an adult at this rate Mom! Oh, my! Look! We put them on! What do you think? Today's the festival, isn't it? Those bright colors are wonderful! You both look spectacular.
Thanks! Thank you very much.
But the festival isn't until tonight, right? It's still ten in the morning.
We got over-excited! There they are! Fried Soba Cotton Candy Thanks for waiting.
Okay! We're all here.
Yuuko-chan, you really do look cute in anything.
Well Nagi-chan- oh, you curled your hair! You're right.
So she did.
It looks cute! Well you know every now and then The fireworks won't start for a while, so let's check out the stands to kill some time.
Can we go to a mask stand first? Sure.
Tooru, do you like kids' anime? No The stalls run by the big stores always try to hand out stuff to you.
I feel bad for refusing.
Ah, so that's why.
Ooh, a candy apple! Fried Squid Frankfurters Candy apple? Yuuko-chan, can I have a bite? Go ahead.
Yummy! Oh? Tooru, do you want some too? I'm fine.
Really? Run, let me have some of your cotton candy, too! Delicious! Huh? What? Huh? Whaaaat? Ring Toss Yuuko-chan and Nagi-chan are doing the ring toss! Ah! I got third place! 3rd Place 5th Place 7th Place Congratulations! Here! A fireworks set.
We're here to see the fireworks and we get fireworks as a prize, huh? All right! I'm up next! I'm going for first place! Uh-oh.
I've already spent so much.
Night stalls are pretty expensive.
You have to spend carefully.
Worst case, you end up broke for the second half of the festival.
But just looking at things makes you want them.
That's why you have to deliberately buy things that you can enjoy for longer.
Candy carving? Nagi, shouldn't we do something we can all enjoy? I'll bet you've never done candy carving before.
It's pretty fun.
Really? Wanna give it a shot? Candy Carving This is my first time.
You can pick an easy one, then! It broke! Let me have another one! Sure, miss.
This is pretty tough.
Come on, hurry up! But I haven't seen all the shops yet! Thank you for your patience.
We will soon begin launching the fireworks.
The fireworks started! Everyone, hurry! The crowds I know someplace good! To the top of the hill! There's a secret spot there! Nagi, forget about the candy carving! My drinking gourd! It's right at the top of these stairs! What? Somehow I don't really care about the fireworks anymore.
Nagi, let's go! Whaaat? I can't go on! Don't give in, Nagi-chan! Don't be too late We're here! Oh no All in a row! Wow! A Amazing And that concludes tonight's firework show.
On your way home, please take your trash with you It's over already? or deposit it in the designated areas.
Oh no The finale alone just doesn't feel like enough.
It's kind of sad, isn't it? Oh! That's right! I won some fireworks at the stall earlier! Oh yeah! Nice going, Yuuko! But we don't have a light.
Not to worry! Matches? A candle? You brought those? How come there were only sparklers in this thing? How plain.
But I kind of like sparklers.
Well, I suppose.
They are pretty.
This tastes so good! You've had way too much.
Ah Wha- Satou-sensei! Why are you- Now how do I respond to that? Please don't come near me like that! That's my line.
By the way, sensei, are you here alone? I am not! Get me another Nama Sake! But look, you're alone! Like I said! I am not alone! There you go again Summer vacation was a lot of fun! We went to the beach, too.
Let's watch the fireworks again next year! Sure! I'll finish carving that candy next time, for sure! So that's your priority? What? It was fun, wasn't it? Yep! It was surprisingly addicting.
Right, Tooru? It was fun.
The hats hanging from the tall rack akane ni narabu あかねに並だline up in the sunset seitaka kakeboushi 背高かけ帽子 at the end of another happy day.
tanoshii ichinichi no owari 楽しい一日の終わり tsukinai oshaberi 尽きない おしゃべり Our chatter goes on and on, and I still have more to say, mada mada aru keredo まだまだあるけれど but it's about time we headed home.
sorosoro ouchi ni kaeranakucha そろそろおうちに帰らなくちゃ "See you again tomorrow! jaa ne ashita ne じゃあね 明日ね I'll text you!" meeru suru kara メールするから On today's page, everyone's kyou no peeji ni minna 今日のページにみんな wearing matching smiles.
osoroi no egao おそろいの笑顔 "See you again tomorrow! jaa ne ashita ne じゃあね 明日ね Thanks for everything! itsumo arigatou いつもありがとう I'm so glad we got to hang out together again today.
" kyou mo issho ni irete yokatta na 今日も一緒にいれてよかったな Hmm-hmm-hmm.
ru-ru-run るるるん My heart hums with the wind.
kaze to kokoro hamingu suru 風と 心ハミングする At the next street corner, tsugi no kado de 次の角で we'll turn around, and say, "Bye bye.
" furimukinagara baibai 振り向きながら バイバイ Next time When it comes to the end of August Summer vacation homework! Or copying from someone who actually did it.
I panicked finishing my picture diary, but I forgot what the weather was like! Next time on A-Channel! "New Semester"! Besides, it's not like we're elementary schoolers See you next week! See you next week!