A-Channel (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

1 Morning, Nagi! Morning.
It's gotten cold all of a sudden.
Well, it's almost the end of October, after all.
Oh, Halloween.
Oh yeah! Come to think of it, Halloween decorations are starting to show up everywhere.
Yeah, they are.
It feels like it's now become a tradition in Japan, too.
No kidding.
Aren't you scared? Hm? Er huh? Nagi? You can't have Halloween without ghosts.
Isn't it scary? No, not really.
I mean, Halloween ghosts aren't real ones.
I'm just a little uncomfortable with scary stories.
Just a little, eh? Just a little! Nagi, I'll bet there are things you're uncomfortable with, too.
No, I can't think of any.
Good morning! Okay! Put some spirit in it! Good morning Okay! Good morning! Good morning Good morning! I thought you weren't uncomfortable with anything? Uncomfortable with Hot-Blooded -ness Let's give it 110% today! Well I'm uncomfortable with that too.
Good morning! I'm going to become one fuwa fuwa fuyuu shite フワ・フワ・フユウして with the gently floating kirameku tooku no sora to キラめく遠くの空と and glittering distant sky.
hitotsu ni naru ひとつになる The wind will carry me at its will kaze yomi kimama na 風読み気ままな to my destination far beyond.
watashi no yukue wa kanata わたしのゆくえは彼方 Won't you come with me? issho ni ikou? 一緒に行こう? I take a deep breath and bask in shinkokyuu hazundeku 深呼吸はずんでく the world's Spring Breath.
sekai no Spring Breath 世界のSpring Breath We all gather in the sunlight taiyou ni atsumaru no 太陽に あつまるの with radiant smiles.
minna no egao みんなの笑顔 Between "good morning" and "good-bye," ohayou to sayonara no aida wa オハヨウとサヨナラの間は it'll just be us.
watashitachi dake わたし達だけ We can do anything.
nandemo dekiru ne なんでもできるね The translucent sunlight, sukitooru hizashi 透き通る日射し and the newborn sky, umaretate no sora うまれたての空 and the Morning Arch where we promised to meet.
machiawaseta yakusoku no Morning Arch 待ちあわせた 約束のMorning Arch As you wave your hand at me, te wo furu kimi e to 手を振るキミへと I'll give you this new day I've been saving, totteoki no kyou wo watasou とっておきの今日を渡そう and we'll chat the day away.
oshaberi ga hajimaru お喋りがはまる Present Ah, Nagi-chan, Yuuko-chan! Morning! Morning Morning Huh? You two seem worn out.
What happened? First thing in the morning hot-blooded.
Nagi-chan? Everyone has things they're uncomfortable with.
What? Whoa! What's this?! What is it? There's a strange doll on my desk Ugh! It's so creepy! Right? Ah, maybe it has to do with Halloween? You know, "Trick-or-Treat"! A trick? Is someone harassing me? It sounds likely, that's for sure.
Should you throw it away? But I might get cursed if I do.
You're right! It'd be terrible if you were cursed! What do I do? I can't admit that I made it.
Right? What? You made that doll, Run? I-I'm so sorry I said those mean things! Oh, no, it's okay.
You said you liked them, so I did my best to make one, but animals are hard.
It doesn't look like one, does it? No, no, you did great! Yeah, yeah! Especially these ear-like things no, horns? I like the glaring- I mean, soulfully gazing eyes Right, the mouth! The way it's gaping open is really distinctive! Right, right! It looks exactly like one! Actually this thing I'm supposed to like what exactly is it? What could it be? Does it look like one? Yeah Yeah A Halloween party? How did that come up? Well, after an incident this morning, we got on the topic.
I've been interested in Halloween for a while now! Plus, tomorrow's Saturday.
Let's all make some sweets and eat them! I can't wait! What kind of sweets should we make? Cookies or something? Or maybe cake? I'll pass.
Nagi-chan, you don't like making sweets? Cooking involves all those precise measurements.
It's not really my thing.
Also, well, I'm on a diet.
It'll be fine! I'll count the calories carefully, just for you.
Would you really? Of course! Well, if I'm just eating them.
That's more like it! What about you, Tooru? I'll probably be a bit late.
I see.
When you're finished, I'll go to your house to eat them.
All right then! Then I'll go with Tooru.
In that case, do you want to help me cook, Yuuko-chan? No problem.
Is there anything I should bring? Hmm.
My mom likes to cook sweets, so we should have everything we need.
I see.
I'm looking forward to this! All right! Let's do our best tomorrow! Yeah! Run, what are you drawing? This! It's word chain pictionary for the exchange diary I'm doing with Tooru! What does it look like? A repeat of that doll incident? For starters, is it an animal? Well, it sort of resembles a bug Is it too tricky? Then here's a hint: people often eat them.
Wha it's edible? That was a huge hint.
It's a zebra, isn't it? Bullseye, Tooru! Z- Zebra? Smart as always, Tooru! Th-That's a zebra? Am I just thick? Nagi, you're over-thinking it.
I'm happy she gave it to me, but it's kind of scary.
Nagi, you're not leaving yet? No, I was about to.
By the way, want to meet up before we go to Run-chan's tomorrow? Hmm yeah, that'd be more convenient.
Then how about the North entrance to the station? It's near the entrance to the shopping district.
Got it.
T-Tooru! Th-That thing! This? Run-chan gave it to me.
W-Well I figured as much.
Then what? What's that a doll of? Oh? You can't tell, Nagi? For some reason, this really bugs me.
Actually, she gave me something similar It's big! No fair.
Please, if you would be so kind, allow me to have it.
Huh? Why, I couldn't possibly.
It belongs to me.
Don't say that- Can't do it, can't do it.
No fair! Why, it's perfectly fair.
We're here! Let's head home! I need to get ready, so wait up.
Make it quick.
By the way, Nagi.
Hm? What's your favorite animal? Don't tell me you're going to use it for word chain pictionary.
No, that's not it.
I was just curious.
I see.
Let me think.
I like small animals.
They're cute.
Like squirrels! Ah, squirrels are cute, aren't they? On that note, this.
I didn't say what it was, now did I? Huh? Do you want to know? We're ready! Yes, yes I do! Come on! Come on now, tell me! Squirrels are cute, aren't they? Hey, Tooru! Small animals Wonder what they're talking about? Tell me! Who knows.
I'm home! Yep.
Still scary.
Over here? Trick-or-Treat! Here you go.
Thank you! Looks like all the stores are decked out in Halloween colors.
we were supposed to meet around here I said, "Trick-or-Treat!" Oh.
Candy! Hand it over! I kept saying I didn't work here, but the little brats I'm not even carrying any candy Whoa Tooru, are those supposed to be your casual clothes? Huh? Do we usually pass through this shopping district on the way to Run's? Never been here? If I recall, we went a different way the last time we went to Run's.
This is a bit of a detour.
You know.
Run-chan said she's making sweets, so we need replacement sweets.
Oh, so we're here to buy those.
Wait, so it's a given she'll mess up? Oh, Tooru-chan! Good afternoon.
You're looking well.
Take this.
Thank you.
Tooru-chan! Huh? Here, have it! It's good! Go on, take it! Thank you, ma'am.
Come to think of it, Tooru mentioned during the festival that people in the shopping district give her stuff.
Tooru-chan! Here, take this! My, you've come to visit.
Here, use this, Tooru.
In fact, she's not paying for anything! What's this all of a sudden? We still have time, so we're stopping by this bookstore.
I see.
Actually, this is convenient.
There's a book I want, too.
Hey, Tooru, isn't this- Omega Books Nagi 1 Hour Later manga: "Girls and XXX by Shirada CC" In this manga Hm? This Yoshinoko looks like Yuuko.
Hey, isn't that an ero-manga? Wow, you're right.
She totally looks the same.
Just look at this.
It's a short story collection, but all the heroines have the same face.
If we showed the author a photo of Yuuko, he'd probably pay good money for it.
Let's buy this book.
Okay, let's get started! Yuuko-chan, do you want an apron? Sure, I'll take it.
Your mom must be really into making sweets.
Oh, look at all the cute cookie-cutters! Hey, are we allowed to use all the stuff here? Yeah.
She said use whatever we want.
Really? I'm so excited! So, what are we making them with? Uh, hang on a sec.
Here we go This! Hotcakes! Huh? For Halloween? Yep.
I felt like hotcakes today! R-Really? Oh yeah! The other day, I cracked an egg with one hand! Really? Watch me! The other day, I cracked an egg with one hand Run, let's just move on I guess that does it.
This should be fine.
I'll put it on the griddle, then.
Run! Thank good ness! Ow I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'll redo it! I-It's okay! Don't rush! It was my clumsy mistake, so why did Yuuko-chan have to suffer? Oh come on, don't worry about it! I know! I should suffer instead! Huh? Yah! Whaaaaaat?! What do we do? Take a bath? 'Kay.
Yuuko-chan! Hm? Your figure's so nice, Yuuko-chan.
Aw, that's not true.
Is it because of your pets? Huh? What was it again? Uh, sounded like an office supply Tapeworms! That again? You use the power of the tapeworms! Like I said, they're not pets, and I don't have any! Wearing this, in someone else's house I'll leave your change of clothes in the living room, 'kay? I should have asked her to bring it when we got in the bath.
Dynamite! Y-You were here? Such immodesty, and in someone else's house! I don't recall raising such an indecent daughter as you! Eh? Wh-What? What are you saying? How dare you speak to me like that, father? Huh? What? Nagi, what's going on here? We've been practicing for your sake, so listen up! Practicing what? What is that manga? We found a sexy manga starring your lookalike.
What? No! A perverted manga? Here, take a look! No, stop it! I hate perverted stuff! Geez! What is this? Oh no So she says, but she'll read the whole thing at this rate.
I can't believe this! Yuuko-chan, what's wrong? What's wrong, Tooru? Not for you, Run-chan.
Well, I'm glad you like it.
Huh? Whole Vinegar Squid Castella Rice crackers Wow! Look at all the snacks! Tooru got these all for free at the shopping district.
That's amazing, Tooru! But what a relief! I was hoping we could all eat hotcakes Run-chan's hotcakes but we screwed up.
Don't sweat it.
But I still wish we could have had hotcakes.
Just make them next time.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Well, shall we get started? All right, let's have a toast! Since it's Halloween, should we toast the ghosts? Maybe we should.
Or how about no! Wait a sec.
Huh? Let's make some now! Huh? Make it again? But we're out of hotcake mix.
Don't worry! Weak Flour We can make them with this! Are you ready? Yeah.
It's finally that time we've been waiting for.
Are U Ready? Eggs! Here goes! The Cook Girl's heart throbs.
Make it well, and make some smiles! We're grilling them now.
Yet announcing, "I'll eat anything.
" Don't slack off () Let's make! We'll cook up our own special.
No exceptions at all?! All girls love sweets! Let's pretend to forget counting calories, just for one day! And it's done! It's done! If we slip up a bit, it's all good.
Our failures are still a success.
Mmm, looks good! We made it together.
Shall we eat? It's the thought that counts, right? The burnt parts show our love.
Yeah! Let's eat! It looks good! It is good! Mm, delicious! Lady munching Cake! Good to hear.
Tooru, you've got a piece on you.
Here, Yuuko.
Say "ahh".
Gosh, stop that! Ah, I'm stuffed! Nagi, what about your diet? Wha- I thought you were counting the calories! Don't worry.
I made the recipe less sweet.
Come on, don't scare me.
We'll clean up together.
Come to think of it, your outfit, Tooru.
It looks like cosplay.
It's so cute! Thanks to those clothes, the kids were all over her.
Really? How nice, Tooru! Nah, they were tugging at her clothes and crying at her Maybe you should have handed out candy, like last year? Huh? Tooru likes kids, so last year- You don't have to tell them that.
What's wrong, Tooru? Tooru, totally unexpected! Tooru, totally unexpected! You've got it wrong! Tooru loves kids! You've got it wrong! The hats hanging from the tall rack akane ni narabu あかねに並だline up in the sunset seitaka kakeboushi 背高かけ帽子 at the end of another happy day.
tanoshii ichinichi no owari 楽しい一日の終わり tsukinai oshaberi 尽きない おしゃべり Our chatter goes on and on, and I still have more to say, mada mada aru keredo まだまだあるけれど but it's about time we headed home.
sorosoro ouchi ni kaeranakucha そろそろおうちに帰らなくちゃ "See you again tomorrow! jaa ne ashita ne じゃあね 明日ね I'll text you!" meeru suru kara メールするから On today's page, everyone's kyou no peeji ni minna 今日のページにみんな wearing matching smiles.
osoroi no egao おそろいの笑顔 "See you again tomorrow! jaa ne ashita ne じゃあね 明日ね Thanks for everything! itsumo arigatou いつもありがとう I'm so glad we got to hang out together again today.
" kyou mo issho ni irete yokatta na 今日も一緒にいれてよかったな Hmm-hmm-hmm.
ru-ru-run るるるん My heart hums with the wind.
kaze to kokoro hamingu suru 風と 心ハミングする At the next street corner, tsugi no kado de 次の角で we'll turn around, and say, "Bye bye.
" furimukinagara baibai 振り向きながら バイバイ Next time What's this title supposed to be? A drink? Playing the fool when you know the answer, isn't it sad? That was 'cause the audience expects it.
Next time on A-Channel! "Carbonation"! Requesting Toorun and Yutaka for next time! Denied.
See you next week! See you next week!