A-Channel (2011) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

1 Bye-bye! Time just flew by, didn't it? It seems like you entered our school just yesterday, but you're becoming a second-year already.
That's right And Run-chan will be a third-year Good-bye! Yeah! Bye-bye! Tooru! Are you up yet? Yeah.
The semester starts today, right? Don't be late.
Got it.
See you tonight! I'm going to become one fuwa fuwa fuyuu shite フワ・フワ・フユウして with the gently floating kirameku tooku no sora to キラめく遠くの空と and glittering distant sky.
hitotsu ni naru ひとつになる The wind will carry me at its will kaze yomi kimama na 風読み気ままな to my destination far beyond.
watashi no yukue wa kanata わたしのゆくえは彼方 Won't you come with me? issho ni ikou? 一緒に行こう? I take a deep breath and bask in shinkokyuu hazundeku 深呼吸はずんでく the world's Spring Breath.
sekai no Spring Breath 世界のSpring Breath We all gather in the sunlight taiyou ni atsumaru no 太陽に あつまるの with radiant smiles.
minna no egao みんなの笑顔 Between "good morning" and "good-bye," ohayou to sayonara no aida wa オハヨウとサヨナラの間は it'll just be us.
watashitachi dake わたし達だけ We can do anything.
nandemo dekiru ne なんでもできるね The translucent sunlight, sukitooru hizashi 透き通る日射し and the newborn sky, umaretate no sora うまれたての空 and the Morning Arch where we promised to meet.
machiawaseta yakusoku no Morning Arch 待ちあわせた 約束のMorning Arch As you wave your hand at me, te wo furu kimi e to 手を振るキミへと I'll give you this new day I've been saving, totteoki no kyou wo watasou とっておきの今日を渡そう and we'll chat the day away.
oshaberi ga hajimaru お喋りがはまる Alien Morning, Nagi.
Yo What's wrong, Nagi? You seem out of it.
I got hooked on a novel and was up late reading it.
Ah, so you didn't get enough sleep.
Staying up late is bad for you, you know.
Actually, it's because I ate two boxes of chocolate while I was at it.
I'm in the midst of self-loathing.
Fallen to the temptation of sweets! I-I also ended up reading a book till morning the other day.
It was titled, "On That Night.
" Oh, that one? You've read it? Yeah, it's a real tearjerker.
Didn't you start bawling when the lover died from an illness? Just remembering it makes you cry, doesn't it? I Hm? On That Night I just started reading it.
I-I'm sorry.
Oh? You're doing your homework now? Yeah, I didn't finish it yesterday.
Wow, that's unusual.
It's cause I was up late reading a book.
Really? Oh.
That one's "u".
No, it's "a".
Huh? Ah This one's E, right? Wrong again.
That one's A.
What? A.
What's this? Done yet? A bit more just a bit more Now see here This one's 3, right? It's E.
Then, this one is ム, right? It's a 7.
Oh You're looking at it upside-down.
So you finished your homework.
No, I didn't.
I finished it during break, like usual.
Run's talking with a guy.
Oh, will Tooru be angry again? Won't Tooru be coming soon? Should I intercept Tooru and stall for time? Or should I break them up when she comes? What's wrong, Yuuko? English sure is tough.
R-Run is still H-Hey, Tooru.
What? You see, right now, it's kind of Let me in.
Don't do it! W-What are you doing? You can't go in right now! You can't! I-I can't breathe Tooru, you were here? The coast is clear.
It's okay now, Tooru.
What? Huh? Tooru? To the third-years, please take good care of your health.
First and second-years, be ready to advance a grade.
Is everyone clear? If you slack off third semester, it will be over before you know it.
Keep your acts together and don't lose focus.
Hey, you over there.
Who, me? Yeah, you.
Can you do me a favor? Pass these out to the class, please.
But first, a question.
Go for it.
What is my name? Sensei, don't tell me For what it's worth For what it's worth You are our homeroom teacher.
I'm so sorry.
When you grow up, your memory just goes like that.
Quite tragic.
Kamate-sensei! How can you call yourself a teacher! Kitou-sensei! Huh? What's that mean? How could you possibly forget a student's name? I have the entire student body's names, faces, years, and classes perfectly memorized.
Ooh, that's really something.
For an educator, such things should be natural! You never know when one of your dear students will come to you with troubled hearts.
When that happens, no matter who it is- Kitou.
Kitou! It's your fault she got away.
So, you take these instead.
Oh! Also, treat me to dinner after school! What?! I finally finished my homework thanks to you, Toorun.
We weren't checking answers? Eheheh What's more, you didn't do any of it, did you? Whoa! Correct! How did you know? Now see here You'll be a second-year soon.
Get your act together.
What nice weather we have today.
Don't change the subject.
Hm? Huh? There's a kitten up there.
Is it stuck? This cannot be ignored! Time to help! Yutaka? Get down! That's dangerous! Not to worry! Despite how she looks, Yutaka is good at climbing trees! Just wait right there.
I'm coming for you.
Stay still, now Got you! U-Um They're both angry! I'm so sorry! I-I'll clean up the leaves! That's not the issue.
Huh? What would you have done if you fell? She's right! You were about to get hurt! Yeah.
Toorun Miporin What are you so happy about? But, still, a job well done.
Yutaka did good, didn't she? Thank goodness the kitty's all right, too.
Cut that out, hey! Stop licking me so much! Creak Creak Quit flirting and clean! I give in! I give in! Tooru! There you are.
Will you be much longer? Are things done on your end? Yep, all done.
Oh? Look! Your head's covered in leaf bits.
I'll get them for you.
I-It's fine, you don't have to.
I'll get them myself.
Oh, don't be shy.
Staaare Staaare There, all clean! Th Thanks.
What is it, Tooru? N-Nothing.
S-So cute S-So cute Durian Burger Limited edition! Is something the matter, Tooru? If you don't eat quickly, it'll get cold.
This Durian Burger is delicious! Mm, better than I expected.
Tooru, you've got some ketchup on you.
Right next to your mouth.
You're right.
Run-chan, you've got some on you, too.
Right here.
I bit my tongue Is that blood or ketchup?! Run, Tooru! Thanks for waiting.
Sorry we're late.
A foreigner asked us for directions just now.
We barely managed to help him Heahy? A hohehah huh! Ah oheh hoohey hah.
He hoh hi.
Huh? Huh? What language is that? Is she testing me? She just bit her tongue.
Look! I'm collecting points right now.
I want one of the prizes this place is offering.
Oh, those things.
So, if you guys don't want yours, I'd appreciate the help.
Here you go.
Thank you, Tooru.
Uh cah hah haih hoo.
Thank you too, Run.
I'm not collecting them, so I'll help you out.
Really? I'm so happy! So, which prize do you want? Mm, the stuffed bear key chain.
It's really cute.
Really? Heh hoo hee, heah hah, huh hoo hi hah hohi hahah, ho hah, huhi haheh hoo! Y-Yes, of course.
I'm going to go to the bathroom.
By the way, how many more points do you- Wah! Huh? Ouch Huh? You're trying too hard with the pure white.
One point.
The lace is cute, though.
Two points.
Hoheh hihuh hoo.
Hee hoih! That person threw out his points! Oh, such a waste.
But it's already in the trash.
I can't exactly fish it out.
I've got it! If I keep watch here, I might get points from people who are throwing them out! Yuuko's sure taking her time.
What's she doing? Excuse me I don't want my points, so if you like, you can have them.
Hanh hoo! Thank you very much! Hou haih oh hah.
There might be lots of people who aren't collecting points.
At this rate, we'll have enough for the prize in no time.
Yuuko will be surprised when she gets back.
Excuse me Are you collecting point cards? Yes! Why? Why is no one throwing out their point cards? Hm? "Limited edition".
It's Durian Burger! It's limited edition! Let's eat here! Not today.
Wha? Why? Don't you have homework to do? Limited edition Here you go.
Thanks! Please come again! How'd it go? I got it! That's great, Yuuko-chan! Thanks.
I was surprised you gathered them so quickly.
Ta-dah! See? Isn't it cute? You really do like cute things, Yuuko.
Of course.
What's cute is cute.
Finished! Huh? Look! What is it? A paper crane! Tiny, isn't it? So small I can't even see.
That's not nice, Nagi-chan.
Hand me a magnifying glass.
I don't have one on me.
Huh? What about the one on your face? What the hell do you think glasses are?! Here you go.
Thanks! And you still lent them to her.
I don't really mind.
Are you all right in the head? A Nagi impression! If you're not gonna use them, give them back! I thought you needed a magnifying glass? Oh, fine then.
Nagi-chan, you're shrinking! So cool! So small Indeed.
Your eyes, that is.
Besides, your impression.
It was nothing like me.
Oh, really? You seem sure of yourself, Nagi.
Ah, I'd like to see that! Try doing an impression! I'd rather not when people are watching, but Nagi-chan, those magnifying glasses look good on you! Er Watch, damn it! Huh? You said you didn't want people to watch That's not how I meant it! Then do it again! I want to see it again, too! N-No way! Come on, we'll watch you this time! I don't care! Come on Nagi-chan's mad! We're sorry.
But your impression was pretty good! Yep! Just like me! You weren't even watching! How about here? They're selling a limited edition Durian Burger, see? Nah, no way.
It's probably full of students.
Yeah, with the limited edition and all.
This won't do! Stopping for food on the way home is the first step towards delinquency! We must intervene! Oh, calm down.
But You heard her.
Go find another place.
Yes, yes, Miss Slave-driver.
Hang on! I'm not done talking- On that note, I'd prefer a fancier, more adult restaurant.
Are you sure? How wonderful.
We're being treated, no? Yep.
By Kitou.
Hey! We're splitting the bill! And anyway, that diet plan was completely useless.
Really? Really? I thought it'd work.
Right? That's why I was surprised.
I switched to a different plan.
I see.
Is it all right for you to eat fries? It's fine for today.
I'm counting the calories and all.
You sure? Tooru? Are you sleepy? I'm fine It's already this late? We must have chatted too long.
Shall we head home? Good idea.
Yep! Let's go, let's go! Back to space! There she goes again I'm actually an alien! And Nagi's gonna retort I knew it! I'd always suspected that! It makes so much sense! What? You wouldn't put on weight no matter how much you ate You'd fly around sometimes, too! Perhaps, just perhaps, have you heard of this? Run-chan? All your thoughts, all that you think, is being read.
If you ask what, what could that be, that's right.
There is only one answer, and I'll tell you now.
See you, Run! With a single wink, Take care! everything goes fuzzy.
Right! See you, everyone! Mysteries abound.
Run-chan! Wait! Yeah! Bye-bye! The secret of outer space: telepathy! Earth had nice food.
It was good! Nothing can remain hidden.
What do you eat in space? But, but, be careful.
Space food! Really? Keep it a secret for now.
Oh no! The Earth- Run-chan! Oh, you're awake? Huh? You were fast asleep.
A dream? Okay! Last stop, Tooru's place! Sorry.
It's okay.
Well, I'm going home.
Not to space, right? Tooru, telling a joke? That's unusual.
Good-bye! Yeah! Bye-bye! Is everyone going to just graduate like that? Going somewhere? The convenience store.
It's nighttime, so be careful.
Got it.
No point in getting depressed.
I'll get something sweet and cheer myself up.
Run-chan Oh! Tooru! Run-chan Hm? What is it, Tooru? Run-chan, you never change, do you? Nope! My dreams react with the spring wind.
yume to harukaze no kagaku 夢と春風の化学 I can't stop this anticipation.
tomaranai yokan 止まらない予感 Luck and Happiness, gather in my hand! Lucky Happy kono yubi ni tomare Lucky Happy この指にとまれ As we run cheerfully as always, the road ahead itsumo kashimashiku hashiru sono saki wa いつもかしましく走る その先は is still unknown, but that's fine.
wakaranai kedo sore ga ii ne わからない けどそれがいいね It starts here.
hajimaru yo 始まるよ Going wild, taking it slow, drawing masterpieces in class, honpou maipeesu jugyouchuu wa gahaku 奔放 マイペース 授業中は画伯 and writing plans on the scraps.
kirehashi ni wa keikaku 切れ端には計画 Where should we go? We're surely in paradise right now.
doko ni yukou?kitto ima ga paradaisu どこに行こう きっと今がパラダイス The key of my uneasy heart has been wound too tight.
nejimakisugi no munasawagi ネジ巻きすぎの 胸騒ぎ I was late for our appointment, but we arrived at the same time.
yakusoku wa chikoku dakedo douchaku 約束は遅刻 だけど同着 On this stage full of skirts, sukaato no suteeji wa スカートのステージは what sort of days shall we pass? donna hibi ni naru no? どんな日々になるの? My dreams react with the spring wind.
yume to harukaze no kagaku 夢と春風の化学 I can't stop this anticipation.
tomaranai yokan 止まらない予感 Luck and Happiness, gather in my hand! Lucky Happy kono yubi ni tomare Lucky Happy この指にとまれ As we run cheerfully as always, the road ahead itsumo kashimashiku hashiru sono saki wa いつもかしましく走る その先は is still unknown, but that's fine.
wakaranai kedo sore ga ii ne わからない けどそれがいいね It starts here.
hajimaru yo 始まるよ Tooru! You're late! I was getting tired of waiting.
Let's hurry up and go home.
Here I go! Bye-bye! Later! Later!