A-Channel (2011) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

1 Tooru! Run-chan! Gosh What is it? Thank you, Tooru! Right I'm going to become one fuwa fuwa fuyuu shite フワ・フワ・フユウして with the gently floating kirameku tooku no sora to キラめく遠くの空と and glittering distant sky.
hitotsu ni naru ひとつになる The wind will carry me at its will kaze yomi kimama na 風読み気ままな to my destination far beyond.
watashi no yukue wa kanata わたしのゆくえは彼方 Won't you come with me? issho ni ikou? 一緒に行こう? I take a deep breath and bask in shinkokyuu hazundeku 深呼吸はずんでく the world's Spring Breath.
sekai no Spring Breath 世界のSpring Breath We all gather in the sunlight taiyou ni atsumaru no 太陽に あつまるの with radiant smiles.
minna no egao みんなの笑顔 Between "good morning" and "good-bye," ohayou to sayonara no aida wa オハヨウとサヨナラの間は it'll just be us.
watashitachi dake わたし達だけ We can do anything.
nandemo dekiru ne なんでもできるね The translucent sunlight, sukitooru hizashi 透き通る日射し and the newborn sky, umaretate no sora うまれたての空 and the Morning Arch where we promised to meet.
machiawaseta yakusoku no Morning Arch 待ちあわせた 約束のMorning Arch As you wave your hand at me, te wo furu kimi e to 手を振るキミへと I'll give you this new day I've been saving, totteoki no kyou wo watasou とっておきの今日を渡そう and we'll chat the day away.
oshaberi ga hajimaru お喋りがはまる Birthday Push- button cross- ing at night m 947 89 l 974 656 1075 660 1045 96 Morning! Good morning! Oh! Morning! Another cold day today.
Ah, won't spring come sooner? Oh, come to think of it, isn't Tooru's birthday coming up? Yup, it is! Then should we throw a party? I'm okay without one.
But I insist! You're going to love the present I'm getting you this year! Okay.
She's going to love it? Don't tell me it's that again.
What kind of animal was that, anyway? Those uniforms Oh, they must be middle schoolers.
There's a campus tour going on today.
Oh, that explains it.
After the New Year, it's exams for them, isn't it? And we'll be yet another year older.
Exams Exams, huh? Brings back memories, right, Tooru? Yeah.
"First choice: 2nd High" Ah Gotta figure out my second choice school soon.
So you've figured out your first choice? Yeah.
With my grades, I figured this place is about right.
Tooru, what will you do for high school? Haven't decided? You're still in second year, after all.
I'll aim for wherever you go.
You mean 2nd High? With your grades, I'm sure you could get in somewhere better, Tooru.
No Anywhere you go, I'll go too.
Thanks! So, have you decided on a high school? Well, you could say that.
How does 2nd High sound? Oh my.
That sounds wonderful.
They have a good reputation, too.
Your GPA's about right for there, isn't it? Yeah.
Ah, Speaking of which, Tooru said she'd aim for whatever school I get into.
Apply for a better school.
B-But It will make your life easier in the future.
Didn't you just say 2nd High was wonderf- I CHANGED MY MIND.
What? But we both know how I'd do on the entrance exams.
My GPA isn't good enough, either.
You're right.
Not at the moment, it isn't.
Ah! Wait! Who are you calling? Noooo! All right, I understand.
We won't get anywhere if I force you to go.
How about all the Koube beef you can eat? Got it! I'll give it a shot! Really? So you're applying to a better school, Run-chan? It looks like I am.
I talked it over with my mom.
So you're going to cram school, and getting a private tutor.
You're really motivated! The private tutor's someone you know, Hira-chan! Really? Look! Allow me to introduce! Meet Tooru-sensei! Greetings.
But Isn't Tooru-chan Yep, you're right.
But come on, you can't have a teacher without the glasses! I wasn't talking about the glasses Then let us begin studying.
All right! Let's start with the easy stuff.
All right! For starters.
Memorize these.
All of them.
They're the basics.
It's just rote memorization.
T-That's quite the stack Jenga! The answer is A! Is what they're tricking you into thinking! Be careful! What is this voice? It speaks straight into my mind! My right arm is writing answers, even though I'm not controlling it! What's happening? Huh? A dream? Oh no! The words! Wait up! I won't be able to solve the problems like this! Huh? Run-chan.
Wake up.
A dream? Yes.
Push- button cross- ing at night m 947 89 l 974 656 1075 660 1045 96 m 947 89 l 974 656 1075 660 1045 96 Japanese Math Complete Master Wow! Your grades got better! I've been reading study books every minute of the day! I see.
So much that the books all ended up this ragged Oh, my bad.
I dropped them in the bath What? All of them? I'll buy you new ones.
Well, I'm off now! Run-chan, go for it! Aoigaoka High School Entrance Exams Okay then! When the bell rings, flip over your test sheets and begin! Here I go! Begin! Oops.
On to the next pencil.
Sabotage? Tokyo is a scary place! Okay! I'm coming to collect your answer sheets! Excuse me Sorry about earlier.
Did that pencil point fly at you? Huh? Oh, no, it's okay.
Oh, that's good to hear.
So it wasn't sabotage.
Oh? So you came all the way from Kansai to take the exam? Yeah.
We're moving here this spring, so Oh! Speaking of Kansai This is my lucky charm for today! Really? To the God of Cows or something? I did it! It's there! It's right there! Look! My number's up there! I passed thanks to you, Tooru.
No you didn't.
It was your own effort, Run-chan.
And so, I somehow managed to pass.
Run, you really gave your all, didn't you? I'd write vocabulary on my hands so I wouldn't forget them.
Ah, I sometimes write things on my hand to remember them, too.
On a test, that would be cheating, though.
Well of course I washed them off for the test.
But I got into the habit and wrote things all over my body, so it was a pain to get it all off.
Morning m 1008 101 l 1004 383 1111 383 1111 101 Morning.
m 410 83 l 410 363 503 363 503 83 Good morning.
They announce test results today, don't they? Won't they have posted them already by now? m 872 97 l 878 506 1028 613 1117 609 1093 86 They announce test results today, don't they? Won't they have posted them already by now? Hmm m 179 457 l 179 635 260 630 273 449 Hmm I'll go later.
m 928 93 l 922 291 1161 284 1134 57 I'll go later.
You're certainly taking it easy m 152 82 l 164 394 309 375 343 204 326 79 You're certainly taking it easy.
I wouldn't be able to see the board anyway.
m 941 77 l 938 414 1209 420 1185 65 Accepted I wouldn't be able to see the board anyway.
Coming! I've got a present for you today, Tooru! Really? Here! Seeing as your birthday's coming up.
Is it cake? It's cake! Well, three second rule, as they say.
Um but it fell totally upside down.
Just kidding! Ta-dah! This is the real one.
What?! Did I surprise you? They say you feel twice as happy if your hopes are lowered first! I wanted you to be happy, Tooru.
Who told you that? I'll carry the cake.
Don't worry, I won't drop it again.
Just give it.
But I couldn't make you carry my stuff Just give it.
Tooru, are you mad? Tooru, you're turning 16, aren't you? You've gotten so big! You used to be so tiny.
Huh? Crawling on the ground after me Huh? Always crying if you didn't have candy in your hand You were so cute back then! Run-chan.
Huh? What are you talking about? Huh? It was in a dream I had the other day.
They met in elementary school A dream? Look how tall you've gotten! Still tiny as ever, though.
So I'm small either way So I'm small either way Don't treat me like a kid.
Found a white hair! That's pretty daring, bringing a cake to school.
There's a piece for everyone, so we can eat it at lunch! Where should we leave it until lunch? Oh yeah! We'll need a refrigerator.
But there aren't any at school.
Where would be the coldest place in school? The bathroom? Gulp You're eating this too, you know.
On that note, Tooru's birthday's coming up, is it? A happy occasion! Thank you very much Thank you very much So what will you do for that? Don't worry.
I've got a present ready for her actual birthday.
I see.
Well, I'll buy you that book you wanted, Tooru.
And I'll get you Cups.
Cups? What kind? What's with the ruler? E cups.
Wha What? Come on, let's eat the cake already, before it goes bad! Sounds like a plan.
Oooh! Nice! Looks good! A heart-stopping game! One of these is actually a wasabi-filled cake! How about a normal celebration for a change? Also, one of them is obviously green.
That's no secret at all.
Yuuko, you get the best job.
What?! She is from Kansai.
How I envy her.
Spicy Shall we dig in? But be prepared.
There was actually one more wasabi cake- Run-chan! This cake is so cute.
Oh, a commemorative picture? H-How nice.
Let's take one together, for the occasion.
Okay then.
Yuuko, you're blurry.
Huh? But I wasn't even moving.
Maybe you twitched a tiny bit.
Because of the wasabi? Once more, to get it right! Then let's all match Yuuko.
Hey! Do it normally! I moved! One more! Then let's match Yuuko again.
Ready, and Ah, I moved again! Geez! Okay! Continuing from yesterday.
Yesterday, we derived equations for the volume and surface area of a sphere using Cavalieri's principle.
The volume V equals 4/3 π r Toorun? and the surface area A equals 4 π r .
Cake! T-This must mean um um um Toorun! Toorun! Happy birthday! You mean Whaaat? Okay then, Yutaka-san! Solve this problem.
Whaaaat? Here, take a look! Huh? What's this? A picture from when I was studying for exams! Oh, from two years ago? You're eating cake.
It was Tooru's birthday that day.
Why are you being fed? That's what being an exam student entails! Stop bothering me, Tooru! Just kidding! Here.
Happy birthday, Tooru! But you didn't forget her present.
Even if I forgot everything else.
Also Oh? What's this? This was Tooru's birthday last year.
When it was her turn for exams, huh? Tooru said don't bother since she had exams, but I wanted to at least get her cake and a present.
"Tooru, good luck!" Weren't you bothering her? Oh, of course I wasn't.
Right, Tooru? Tooru, you gave it your all too, right? And then Ta-dah! Here's this year's commemorative picture! Hey, what's with that picture? Tooru sent it to me! Gosh! Delete it already! Hey! Honestly Don't wanna! Give me your phone! Let's go, Tooru.
Hey! Slipping past the words that pour from the classroom, I felt a little lonely in the hallway by myself.
Fun times always pass by so fast.
700M UNTIL STATION That's why the pages of the album in our heart are infinite.
Surely, surely, surely, always, always, always, my memories of your smile will not fade.
Hey, Tooru.
Let's eat cake together next year, too! More, and more, and more, Spare me the wasabi cake, please.
today, and tomorrow, and the day after too, Hold your horses.
We've got exams next year.
let's make even more of those memories.
Gosh, Nagi, don't mention scary things like that! What do you mean? That's reality for you.
That's right.
We'll have exams this time next year, won't we? 100M UNTIL STATION Exams.
We're heading this way today.
Bye-bye! Time just flew by, didn't it? It seems like you entered our school just yesterday, but you're becoming a second-year already.
That's right And Run-chan will be a third-year Tooru? What's up? Nothing.
Really? Yeah.
By the way, Run-chan.
It's rather late of me to ask, but why'd you switch to this school? Why do you think? Tell me.
It's a se-cret! Come on The tall shadows akane ni narabu 茜に並だline up in the sunset seitaka kageboushi 背高かげぼうし at the end of another happy day.
tanoshii ichinichi no owari たのしい1日のおわり tsukinai oshaberi 尽きない お喋り Our chatter goes on and on, and I still have more to say, mada mada aru keredo まだまだあるけれど but it's about time we headed home.
sorosoro ouchi ni kaeranakucha そろそろおうちに帰らなくちゃ "See you again tomorrow! jaa ne ashita ne じゃあね、明日ね I'll text you!" meeru suru kara メールするから On today's page, everyone's kyou no peeji ni minna 今日のページにみんな wearing matching smiles.
osoroi no egao おそろいの笑顔 "See you again tomorrow! jaa ne ashita ne じゃあね、明日ね Thanks for everything! itsumo arigato いつもありがと I'm so glad we got to hang out together again today.
" kyou mo issho ni irete yokatta na 今日も一緒にいれて ヨカッタな Hmm-hmm-hmm.
ru-ru-run ル・ル・ルン・ My heart hums with the wind.
kaze to kokoro hamingu suru 風とココロ ハミングする At the next street corner, tsugi no kado de つぎの角で we'll turn around, and say, "Bye bye.
" furimukinagara baibai 振り向きながら バイバイ Next time Here to correct the mistakes of the past? That would be a time traveller.
Pithecanthropus erectus! That's called "Homo erectus" now- and isn't that prehistoric? Next time on A-Channel! "Alien"! Only Miporin can keep up with Yutaka's gags until the very end! See you next week! See you next week!