A.D. The Bible Continues (2015) s01e10 Episode Script

Brothers in Arms

Find him, kill him.
How much better if we were to win him back? He dragged men across the desert to kill me.
Our emperor has departed, but he has left a present for Jerusalem.
A statue of his likeness.
Which he commands to be placed in the temple itself.
This is about the destruction of the temple! We welcome Saul as our brother in Christ.
You've all lost your minds.
This is my fault.
No, Saul.
- I have to make it right.
- I've heard that if you want to meet certain people, then this is the place to come.
Enemies of Rome? So, talk.
- He's here.
- Find him.
Oh! Jesus.
As for God, his way is perfect.
The word of the Lord is flawless.
What are you doing? We've been looking everywhere.
Didn't you know I would be in my father's house? You will always know where to find me, James.
That's how he is.
That's Saul.
You can't tell him anything.
No, we should have stopped him.
I should have.
They'll stone him, won't they? Maybe the high priest will be lenient.
Not a chance.
Not Caiaphas.
Do you think they've got Simon, too? Where else would he be? They won't kill them both, will they? No.
Because I won't let them.
What do you mean? I will go to the temple, and I will beg for their release.
Move! Welcome back, Saul.
Look at all these people united in their faith.
And then there's you.
I understand your anger.
You came to me.
You begged me to let you attack these blasphemers and defend the temple.
I wanted to impress you.
But now I understand the truth.
What would your teacher Gamaliel Make of your new understanding? What do you want from me? You have a chance right now to confess to your sins before God and turn back.
Come back, Saul.
Come back to the temple.
Do not betray those who love you.
You're here in the center of universe.
How can you leave? Cut yourself off from God? This is your faith here, right here.
I want to forgive you.
They all look so content.
Of course they do.
They're home.
It does feel like home.
But it isn't.
And you cannot forgive me.
Only Jesus can do that.
Very good, Tabitha.
What have I missed? Tell me.
We've been talking about washing and sewing and And nothing else whatsoever.
No, you haven't.
Tell me about the needle.
Jesus said, "it is easier for" "it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle" than it is for a rich man "to enter the kingdom of heaven.
" And what about a rich woman? Now.
Say that again.
Isaiah's prophecy has been completed.
Jesus is our Messiah.
He rose from the dead, and I have been born again in his name.
I have repented.
And he has forgiven me.
And my sins are forever washed away.
So, it seems to me that there is No need for your endless search for ritual purity, nor your mikvahs, nor any of your temple customs.
No need? No need for the temple.
No need for you.
What happened to you? What happened to you?! Would 39 lashes cure your madness? How about a month in a cell? Till you see sense.
I could leave you there to waste away, until you're completely forgotten.
I'm sure there must be another plan that doesn't involve you dying.
Enough hiding.
Yeah, but what if he throws you in jail, too? Then you'll preach and spread the word as Jesus taught us.
Well, yeah, all right.
We'll try.
But if you're gone, who's gonna lead us? 'Cause I don't think Thomas can cope.
It's James! By this time, he'd been missing for three days.
His mother was beside herself with worry.
But there he was, in the temple, debating and arguing with the priests as though it was the most natural thing in the world.
I had that dream.
And I knew then that I had to be here with you.
I've missed you.
What was he like? As a boy.
We all used to play together as children.
He was just like the rest of us.
But then you you'd start to notice things.
Like his his calmness, his wisdom, even when he was young, his kindness.
He had something something in his eyes.
I loved him.
I loved him very much.
But that was then.
Now I want to hear about you.
I understand you've all been imprisoned.
Some of us twice.
And yet, still, you continue Making great strides, I'm sure.
Well, what is it? We lost two brothers yesterday.
A new believer, Saul, was seized by the temple guards, and Simon He didn't come back last night.
I have to go to the temple.
To see the high priest? Who has imprisoned you twice.
We've been trying to tell him.
What if I went? Thank you, but it is my burden.
Well, let me plead for them.
You do not know him.
He will see the fear in your eyes.
And, forgive my pride, but I'm also a rabbi.
That should count in our favor.
I have left you here to suffer alone for too long.
Let me help you.
What is your business here? Your business! He does not understand you.
And you are? Chief treasurer to the queen of Ethiopia.
Ethiopia? It's all right, centurion.
We left our weapons at the city gates.
Really? Search it.
Every inch.
Blessed Lord, I have shut my ears to your teachings and ignored your commandments.
I have closed my eyes to the suffering of others.
Though I am unworthy, I ask your forgiveness, merciful God, and pledge No.
I have just seen Saul.
I let him go.
He's a madman.
His words will get him killed.
He's nothing.
You can't do this.
It's done.
And now you look weak.
Let the people know it was an act of Forgiveness on the Eve of Yom Kippur.
But at any other time I have spoken! It's coming in a day, in a week, I don't know, but soon the abomination will be here A statue that heralds eternal war.
Do you not see that we need to unite every Jew, every tiny sect and cult and bring them all together to fight this monstrosity? Oh, I see.
This is politics, is it? There is the will of Rome, the fear it inspires.
And there is us.
We must make them love more than fear, or we will all die.
Every word that Saul speaks is a stain upon your reputation.
Did you not hear what I just said? Did you not just hear me? You are the high priest of the temple of Jerusalem.
When will you act like it? I do.
Every day.
You're simply too blind to see it.
I'm sorry.
I lost my head.
We were worried.
Where did you go? There's an inn.
I had a few drinks.
Then a few more.
And then? And then I woke up in a horse trough.
We're so glad to see you.
It's good to be back.
There's nothing to worry about.
Not with me.
Nothing at all.
And you found no weapons on him? None.
And you checked the sacrifices, all the baskets? There was nothing.
Maybe he really has come to visit the temple.
It's one of their holy days tomorrow, isn't it? The man's an Ethiopian, Claudia.
People come from all over the world to visit Jerusalem.
Do you know what he'd have done to himself to become the queen's treasurer and to assure everlasting devotion? He's half the man he used to be.
Does he know about the statue? I didn't You didn't ask.
Of course, you couldn't.
I want to see him.
Face to face.
A dinner invitation.
And get Herod and his wife along so it seems less Obvious? Hm.
You tell this Ethiopian eunuch that we would be honored to entertain such an important visitor in our city.
What do you want? I need something.
You have contacts.
I just make jewelry.
Oh, I doubt that.
You should go.
I can't help you.
I will not be dismissed.
Get out.
It doesn't matter what you think of me.
I need to see your people.
And they will not be happy when they discover you've denied them the chance to see me and all that I can offer.
What is this "something"? I'll tell them when I see them.
You'll tell me, or you'll get no further.
I want a man killed.
Saul! How on earth? Did they beat you? No.
So James got you released? Who's James? He You were just freed? I don't know.
I talked to the high priest, and He just released me.
Well, isn't that unbelievably lucky.
We were all beaten, arrested, imprisoned or stoned.
And this man just walks free? What are you accusing me of, exactly? Well, it's over.
I'm free.
My name is James From Nazareth.
I follow Jesus.
What brings you to the temple? We must all forgive as we approach the day of atonement, isn't that right? Should I forgive you? I met with my brothers today.
I had to pretend I was immune to their worries and grief, that I was so much stronger than I really am because of you.
What kind of a high priest are you to instill such fear? I must defend the faith.
Well, you do it too well.
I am here to ask for the release of two of my brothers Saul of Tarsus and Simon of Capernaum.
I cannot help you.
Simon was never here.
And Saul walked free earlier.
What stories have they been telling you? We aren't enemies, James.
We both kneel before God and pray for his blessing.
If this is true, stop persecuting us.
Yes, I see why they sent you.
What if I promised you sanctuary? Sanctuary? A safe place to pray.
An end to persecution.
A chance to make peace with the temple.
Why? Well, as you say, it's nearly Yom Kippur.
Why else? Go talk to your friends.
Let them consider my offer.
If they respect the temple, then they may pray here.
But not Saul.
Saul? You are welcome here.
I'm keen to unite our nation, but not him.
What has he done? You clearly don't know him.
You'll see.
Thank you for your kindness in meeting me here.
From the queen of Ethiopia.
And From a humble believer.
Thank you for your wonderful generosity.
Please accept in return these writings by our prophet Isaiah.
I will treasure these words.
Shall we pray? Prayer would be wonderful.
You will dine today at the palace of the governor of Judea.
It is not your place to give orders to an honored guest in my temple.
It is fine.
We are used to the Roman etiquette.
As you wish.
I apologize for that.
Especially when it involves the wife of the high priest.
But we must be careful.
You have been asking about murder.
A blasphemer and an enemy of the state.
So remove him.
Your husband has the power.
The high priest is willing to let this heretic live, I take it.
But not you.
He's a danger to us all.
To me? I doubt that.
Who is this man? Saul of Tarsus.
He recently joined the cult of the Nazarenes.
We have no quarrel with the Nazarenes.
Oh, well, let those who mock God walk in peace.
I had no idea how lax your convictions had become.
I would not advise you to question my faith.
Not here.
Not alone.
And not when you so willfully share your sheets with Rome.
And what will you do for me? What do you want? What are your husband's plans for the emperor's statue? Yes, I know all about it.
What will he do? I'm not sure.
We all assumed he did whatever you told him.
I'm just his wife.
I like your answer.
I like the way you swerve to avoid responsibility, but you fool no one.
What I want from you, dear Leah, is blood.
I want the blood of a thousand Romans, and you will influence your husband and the temple to give it to me.
How? When I need you, you'll know.
I had a new gown.
A silk one.
Tabitha should have finished it by now.
He's not here yet, is he? No, you have time.
Is everything all right? My seamstress has not completed her work.
We have seamstresses.
Follow me.
I'm so happy for you.
I'll take you to the apostles and have you baptized.
It's wonderful.
You will feel alive So alive, like you've never felt before.
Thank you.
Thank you, Joanna, for leading me to Jesus.
You tried to lure my other servants to Jesus after everything that has happened? This is my fault.
And I will deal with you later.
Right now we have an important guest to prepare for.
How could you? Herodias, she's a child.
This is clearly the fault of my own servant, and I will deal with her.
You may punish your servant as you wish, but these girls, they belong to me.
You are both banished from my household and will be gone by morning.
Now get out! Look, I know what he has done to you all.
But it felt genuine.
What do we have to do? Just respect the temple.
And that's all? Yes.
We can negotiate the rest.
We could go outside without fear.
We could celebrate festivals and holy days.
Why do we need the temple? Of course we want to feel safe.
I don't dispute that, but Now that Jesus has risen, why bother to go there? He is here In us, with us.
So why? So, the temple is? Part of the old law, which is now been completed.
We are still Jews, Saul.
The temple is an important part of our lives.
We have message to preach, James.
But it has nothing to do with that pile of stones.
You would just abandon it? I just want to go out and spread the word of Christ.
The temple is no longer relevant.
It's not that difficult to understand.
I must be stupid, then.
We have this man, this stranger, who one minute wants us all dead.
All this again, Peter? And then somehow gets released by the high priest without a scratch on him.
Now I don't know what he's doing.
No, you don't, so you should be quiet until you do.
I can't believe any of you trust him.
Simon! Some wine, while you can? Your fast begins at sunset, I believe.
I'm surprised you pay attention to such matters.
Well, the governor makes a point of getting involved in Jewish affairs.
I certainly won't be following your obscure customs.
You'll have to forgive me.
On Yom Kippur, we try to forgive and make peace with all our enemies.
Are we enemies? I thought we were all friends here.
Isn't that right, Herod? It's true.
We do manage a certain civility.
Although, you Romans have a habit of making enemies wherever you go.
All nations are happily united and at peace under Roman governance.
One might doubt that, considering the troubles you are having here.
Unable to quell the zealots and Nazarenes? I have crushed them all.
I can only apologize.
But I was waiting on this new gown.
Very nice.
Sadly, I just had to dismiss one of my seamstresses.
You dismissed a servant today? Yes.
You could not forgive her? Dismissing her was an act of forgiveness.
Why? What had she done? Well, she What crime has she committed under my roof? No crime in Roman law.
It's nothing.
She was attempting to join the Nazarene cult.
But I thought you had crushed them all.
- Bring her here.
- Yes, governor.
God be with you.
And with you.
I wanted to ask you about one of your brethren.
A man called Saul of Tarsus.
What of him? He has made some enemies.
It's a special skill of his.
He has been brought to our attention.
I need a favor from you.
To do with Saul? I want you to bring him to us.
And then? That is not your concern.
But he's my brother in Christ.
All you need to think of are your loyalties and the promises you have made to me.
I can't.
There is no Think of the temple.
For pity's sake.
They're women servants.
They have committed treason under my roof.
It's hardly treason.
They have humiliated me.
They will be flogged in public so the whole world from Rome to Ethiopia shall know.
Do you really think the emperor will care about something as tawdry as this? Let's hope he does.
Escort them to our dear guests.
Which one should I flog first? don't be afraid.
Jesus will give you strength.
Just her.
I have something else planned for you.
You have brought insurgents into my palace, Herod.
I had no idea.
You will show approval for these actions.
You will admire the power of Rome.
And then when this is over, you will take your wife and get out of my palace.
Do you understand? As you wish.
I'm sorry you have to witness this.
All enemies of Rome are punished and crushed.
None are spared.
For the glory of our emperor.
I think it's a mistake to trust her.
She's no more than a Roman whore.
She has influence.
She will betray us at the first opportunity.
I know she will.
Possibly, but that's a risk we have to take.
We have this one chance, Eva.
One glorious opportunity to free our city from Roman rule.
That statue I know.
I'm sorry, but we are murdering a man who has not sinned or caused offense.
He is no Roman.
Just a loudmouth, as far as I can tell.
I have to go.
Why don't you go and listen to this man preach? See if he really is as bad as Leah makes him out to be.
You can't do that.
They were housemaids.
You can't argue with me like that, and you can't show your disapproval in public.
I didn't say word.
Your face.
Well, I'm sorry if my performance wasn't as polished as you might have liked.
Don't do it again.
What will happen to the other one? I don't know.
I haven't worked out how to make it count.
Make what count? Her death.
Joanna! My love.
My love.
don't cry.
I am at peace.
Nothing can hurt me now.
You were the best husband.
So be happy for what we had.
You can all be born again Reconciled with God, freed from the temple's tyranny.
There is a new life, a new freedom, and it comes from the love of Jesus Christ.
You must not be afraid of his message.
Jesus came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.
All that we have been taught before has led us to this very moment.
What did you think? Now, now, now is the time Is this what your cult believes? Some of it.
He will destroy your new church with those words.
I told Levi we should leave him alone, concentrate on our own affairs.
But not now.
He can't threaten the temple like that.
It would help us all if he were gone.
Deliver Saul alone to the inn at sunset.
Once Yom Kippur has finished, we'll do the rest.
You are with us now.
You are with me.
Yes? I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
It should have been me.
Yes, it should.
You knew what would happen.
The fault is mine alone.
Here is some money and herbs and medicine for her.
Do you have somewhere you can go? Yes.
The governor is busy with affairs of state.
If you go now, he will not see you.
And he will not know of my involvement in this.
Thank you.
What else could I do? And what of Joanna? Go now.
I wish you well.
What's happened? Please don't cry.
Because if God is with us, who can be against us? And God is with you, Tabitha.
Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ Nothing.
Not life, not death, nor angels or demons.
No one, no power.
No authority can separate us from the love of God.
And that love is Jesus Christ.
She was beaten on Pilate's orders.
I need to tell you something.
I lay all of nation's sins upon this goat.
Let him escape into the wilderness and take all our sins away! Away! I'm so sorry.
I don't hate Saul.
It's not like that.
I just wanted to protect the temple.
You slipped, but not that far.
So, what do we do? Do the zealots know where he's staying? Then he's safe here for now.
We don't know that.
He is a a danger to himself, and therefore he is a danger to us.
Our belief in Jesus is the danger.
Not now that Caiaphas has offered us peace.
I think that Saul is the problem.
His views are too radical.
They will pull us apart.
Simon's actions are proof of this.
You misunderstand his passion.
We know how the high priest feels about him.
He told me so.
And the zealots.
He was chased out of Damascus.
He risks all of our lives.
So what do you suggest? What did they tell you to do? I have to take him to an inn in the lower city as soon as Yom Kippur ends.
Right, so we have till the end of the day.
To do what? He's one of us.
So what on earth are you planning? Simon's back, which obviously means you're all talking about me.
We wish you every success.
I hear Philip has made some great progress in Samaria.
I could do better right here in Jerusalem.
I think there's a bigger role for you beyond Jerusalem, Saul.
Men want you dead.
Oh, I'm not afraid of death, James.
I'm trying to drag you all forward, and no one No one will listen.
It's not safe.
And we're scared for you if you stay here.
That is all.
I see.
So We are all still brothers, then? Of course.
And we will meet again? I promise.
Well, then.
I shall risk your lives no longer.
I will leave now, teach his message as I go.
Yes, by the time I get to Tarsus, I will have a hundred followers.
You will do more than any of us.
God be with you all.
If Jerusalem gets too much, you're always welcome.
Even you, Simon.