A.D. The Bible Continues (2015) s01e11 Episode Script

Rise Up

Statues of you across the empire.
We will have one in the temple.
We should assume there'll be a full-scale rebellion.
This is about the destruction of the temple! Thank you, Joanna, for leading me to Jesus.
Tabitha! All enemies of Rome are punished and crushed.
- And you are? - Chief Treasurer to the Queen of Ethiopia.
You tell this Ethiopian that we would be honored to entertain such an important visitor.
Soon the abomination will be here A statue that heralds eternal war.
Do you not see that we need to unite to fight this monstrosity? We aren't enemies, James.
If this is true, stop persecuting us.
This could be the end.
This temple is not just bricks and mortar built by the hands of men.
It is the house of God on earth, his home, the Holy of Holies.
And it's under threat.
Within days, a statue of the Roman Emperor will arrive in Jerusalem.
He demands it be placed inside the temple and that we should worship it.
Put it here.
If God's house is defiled by this abomination, he will remove himself.
He will leave the temple, and he will leave us.
Our crops will rot and fail.
Famine and plague will dance upon the land.
Our children will starve.
Our enemies will delight in our weakness, and we shall be helpless to oppose them.
We cannot allow it! We will not allow it! don't stop.
Don't stop.
Don't give them a reason to look.
Please, uh, help yourself.
Good, huh? That is why I speak to you now.
We must come together to protect the temple.
Every sect, every creed, every town, every region We must set aside our differences.
Now is the time for brotherhood and unity! To let 100,000 speak with one voice! We stand with you, high priest.
Go to your people! Call them to stand with the temple! There are rumors that this statue is made of pure gold.
Clearly, there are no limits to this Emperor's vanity.
You should be grateful.
His arrogance will enrage the city and bring thousands more to the cause.
It is fortunate that I am here and able to help.
That's not just chance.
It is God's will.
We are ordained to succeed.
I believe we are.
And my Queen will be thrilled when she learns what I have done.
Our victory will be celebrated not just in Ethiopia.
We will give the rest of the world confidence to fight back.
We are lighting a fire that will burn Rome to cinders.
You've done enough.
The widows will collect these later.
They asked me to thank you for your charity.
But I'm not finished.
Your wounds are too raw, Tabitha.
You're losing too much blood.
You must rest.
I feel much better.
And this makes me feel that I'm contributing.
Please rest.
I enjoy it.
I have my sewing, and the men have their very long and very important conversations.
They were all on their feet, cheering the high priest.
And as I listened to him, I Well, forgive me, but I couldn't help but imagine it was myself in his place, but I was talking about Jesus Christ.
Can you see what that could be like for all of us? Imagine being able to speak his name without fear.
Yes, and more than that.
Imagine being able to influence the Sanhedrin from within.
No more hiding in the dark, no more whispering his name.
Well, what do you say, hmm? And you really think Caiaphas is going to give you all this? Yes.
And what will he want in return? Well, we will negotiate, you and I.
Not me.
Not with the man that killed Jesus.
Peter, this is our chance to take the church of Jesus forward.
Oh, no.
I have to keep you all safe, away from him.
We don't need the temple.
Let me at least speak to him.
I am no novice.
I will press him hard.
I will not deny our Lord again! Hey, Roman pigs! Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold.
They're just boys.
Move on.
My brothers! My brothers, you have come because you know that God calls upon you to defend his temple against this abomination.
We will unleash a righteous wave that will cleanse the temple of its corrupt priesthood and wash every last trace of Rome from our lands! Ethiopia has given us weapons and the means to make our own.
We have the implements to cut out this Roman infection.
But we need pious hands to put them into, your hands.
So, are you with us? I see Caiaphas has sent his little rodent to spy.
I've been sent with a message.
The high priest extends an invitation to discuss how we proceed together.
Take him away! I'd like to increase the number of patrols around Jerusalem.
Putting men on the streets is an act of provocation.
W-we're a holding force, not an army.
More men will help hide this fact.
Very well.
Double the number of patrols.
We'll get through this.
We always do.
This miserable city Look at you.
You haven't touched your food.
The centurion's worries don't help.
Is there anything I can do? Name it and it's done.
Perhaps there is something.
The Nazarene woman, Joanna Release her.
What is your interest in this woman? Only one of empathy.
Empathy breeds weakness, Claudia.
And we are not weak.
I don't see how my showing concern You are not weak.
Do you understand me? I've upset you.
Your words make a lot of sense.
I've been too bold.
You you are the rock.
Your concern for our safety James, please.
You've done nothing wrong except speak better than I can.
And we could not hope for anyone better to fight our cause.
I only want an end to the persecution.
I cannot forget what that man did to Jesus.
When Jesus was on the cross, when the pain was so great that his body would contort and shake, he cried out, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.
" If he asks it of God, then he asks it of us, too.
Yes, of course.
James will talk to the high priest, and we will finally see an end to our persecution.
Let's go together.
My presence won't help.
Then tell me what terms you'll accept.
I have faith in your judgment, and God will guide you.
But I must leave Jerusalem.
Well, where are you going? Out there.
To preach.
High priest, I must remind you of your own pledge An end to the persecution and arrest of those who follow Jesus.
It must stop immediately.
You're setting conditions for me? Very well.
I end it now.
Thank you.
It must surely follow that we be free to preach openly.
There are limits to what's acceptable.
The Romans are a very literal people.
They take any mention of kings at face value and call it sedition.
Saying Jesus is a king endangers the temple.
Then we'll be cautious.
And you'll refrain from saying he's the Messiah.
But that is the truth.
Your truth will offend many.
And I may not be able to protect you.
We wish to sit in the temple and win respect, not offend anyone.
But we will not be censored.
He is the Messiah.
You're not shy in your requests, are you? He is the son of God.
He is resurrected.
And he will return.
Well, if you will not be persuaded otherwise I won't.
Then let it be so.
I trust you will remember my generosity in the days to come.
We're allowed back? We are.
Come in.
Alms for the poor.
Thank you.
Tabitha? Somebody help me! We need to get her back to the house.
I'm sorry, Mary.
I should have listened to you.
No, don't worry.
I'm here.
Mary, take me home to my family, to Joppa.
Please, I have to see them again before I die.
I'm not sure you'll get that far.
We have to.
Then let's hurry up.
I'll help you take her.
I must do it.
This is my fault.
Because of me, they're going to execute Joanna.
I can't lose Tabitha, too.
Is it Tolerable, Joanna? It's God's will.
I trust in him.
Please, I, um You need to eat to keep your strength up.
Thank you.
Has your husband decided when it will be done? He doesn't get to decide everything.
Stop there.
Roman pigs.
Besides, they are looking in the wrong carts.
You've seen how they've increased their numbers? It's only natural.
They feel threatened.
What do you want? Levi sent me.
He's concerned you're too visible.
Why? Do I not blend in? Still, there is no sense in drawing attention to yourself, here of all places.
Let me explain something to you.
I am a visiting dignitary here to be seen.
I have nothing to hide, no hidden agenda.
But the moment I disappear from view, then I draw attention to myself and they begin to ask questions.
So, when I am visible, I am untouchable.
Now, let us consider your responsibilities, shall we? The temple spy could make my life very uncomfortable.
Do I have your assurance that he will not be a problem? Out here? For the vultures? Then let me make my peace with God.
Hear, O Israel.
The Lord is our God.
Enough! Blessed be the name of his glorious kingdom forever and ever.
Enough, I said! You shall love the Lord, your God, with all High priest! Bring my physician.
That's it.
Things are far worse than we imagined.
Will he live? Mm-hmm.
And he's certain of what he saw? Ethiopian weapons? The zealots have the will, and now they have the means.
They will turn this crisis into war.
I knew that they'd try, but I never thought they'd be able.
We must go to Pilate, tell him about their plans, let him deal with them.
We can't.
We'll be damned as collaborators.
In their eyes, we already are collaborators.
The zealots want us dead.
Can't you see? So I control them.
It's too late.
They already have weapons.
And this revolt will never succeed.
Rome will crush it and crush us with it.
And you know that.
Go to Pilate.
Save this city from a Roman massacre.
Are you suggesting that we open the doors and allow the temple to be defiled? God will leave the temple for a time, yes.
And we will suffer in his absence.
But he will hear our prayers, and in time, the temple will be cleansed and God will return.
Never! I refuse to be the high priest who allowed God to abandon us.
Never! The future of Judea is uncertain, but I bring you God's message.
Salvation will be found in the name of Jesus Christ.
What brings you here? I thought you'd be in Jerusalem.
I was coming back to be with you all.
But you've been doing so well Your work in Samaria.
Many more have come to Jesus.
But how can I ignore Jerusalem? It's our home, the center of everything.
Jesus told us to spread his word to the ends of the earth.
Your work is vital.
So, what should I do now? Go to the south, to the desert road that leads from Jerusalem to Gaza.
We should go.
Right now.
Go where? The Gaza road.
What are you talking about? You didn't see the angel? Go.
Do as the angel commanded.
And I'll press on towards Joppa.
You're home now, Tabitha.
I'm not ready to die.
My daughter.
She's injured.
It's her back.
I must speak to Pilate.
To what purpose? You asked me for my help.
I have information that will prevent a massacre.
Then why the secrecy? If you want my help Because I must betray both those I hate and those that I love.
I think you need to hear what she has to say.
The zealots have formed an alliance with Ethiopia.
They are armed and are using Caligula's statue as a catalyst.
They plan to launch a huge uprising against Rome.
Check everyone! Get out of the way! Move! Stand aside! Check the stairs! We are betrayed.
Quick! Forget the Ethiopian's weapons.
We still have our own.
Open up! Check the rooftop! We missed them.
Check there! Line up! Come with me.
To what end? What is this nonsense? I am my Queen's Chief Treasurer.
Any harm to me would be an act of war.
Importing weapons is an act of war.
But you are in no position to provoke Ethiopia.
You have no regard for your tongue.
I just want to remind you that your new emperor doesn't seem to care for this region.
You are out here on your own.
So, your Queen would risk an attack on the empire, would she? She would relish the opportunity.
I don't think she would.
I don't think she even knows about this, does she? You've overstepped the mark.
She trusts me implicitly.
And so her disappointment in you will be all the greater.
Bring his things.
Diplomacy does indeed prevent me from killing you, but I shall write to your Queen.
I imagine you will never be able to return to Ethiopia again.
And after you'd given up so much for her.
Your men shall remain here as slaves to their superiors.
Pick it up.
Tch, tch, tch! What is this? It is a gift from the high priest, Caiaphas.
You may keep it as a reminder of your foolishness.
Remove this Creature from my city.
These are days that test our faith to the limit.
When we feel injustice and outrage churning in our hearts, Rome fills our streets with soldiers.
We still have weapons.
And God still favors us.
You told me so.
Yes, you're right.
Our cause is just.
But I won't forget this.
Rome threatens our temple, throws a shadow of fear over our city! But you will find light and salvation in the name of Jesus Christ.
Fine words.
But words won't protect the temple.
I told you I'm loyal to the cause.
And when the Romans charge us, will you still be loyal then, with a sword in your hand? for the continued peace of the region.
What are you doing? I am composing an amusing little note to our dear friend, the Great Queen of Ethiopia.
You did well today, Claudia.
Thank you.
Having brought Leah to you and her information, I was wondering if perhaps, as a favor in kind, you might consider releasing the Nazarene woman.
Firstly, this revolt is still very much alive.
And second, you bring information to me as a matter of course, because you are my wife, it is your duty.
But that's I would hate to think that you only brought Leah to me because you thought you might exploit the opportunity.
I did what was right to prevent war.
And you have a duty as my husband to listen to my advice.
She will be put to death, Claudia.
She has to be.
And that's the end of it.
Read it back to me.
Come with me.
It's time to go.
What are you doing? Come.
Open the door.
You know who I am, don't you? Open the door.
And if you don't, you'll have to explain why not to my husband.
Your interest in this woman is unnatural.
What has she done to you? She's done nothing.
She preys upon others and twists their minds.
She poisoned the ear of that young seamstress, and now she's doing the same to you.
I just believe it is wrong that she should suffer.
And so you would betray me for a stranger.
What spell has she cast upon you? Why would you want to shame me with her escape? Very well.
You shall have your wish.
You may choose to set her free now by strangulation or let her go to the cross.
Look at her.
She's already halfway there.
All it takes is a little squeeze.
You're a monster.
You think you are trying to save her from me.
But I'm trying to save you.
Don't make me choose.
I will choose.
Very well.
In the name of Christ, I forgive you.
This ends here.
Do you understand? Prepare.
"He was led like a sheep to the slaughter.
" As a lamb before his shearer is silent, so he did not open his mouth.
In his humiliation, he was deprived of justice.
Who shall speak of his descendents? "For his life was taken from the earth.
" You look to have fallen on hard times, friend.
And I have fallen hard.
If you need help, I've repaired a few wheels in my time.
Thank you.
The passage you were reading just now from Isaiah does it bring you comfort? I had hoped it would, but I am struggling to understand it.
Does the prophet speak of himself or of someone else? He's talking of a man who knew great suffering and humiliation, the man who taught us that, through faith, we will find salvation in him.
Who is this man? He is Jesus Christ, the son of God.
I'm sorry.
Tabitha! So sorry.
Look! Water in the desert.
Now what can stop my being baptized and taking the word of Jesus into the corners of the world? Do you repent your sins? I do.
I do.
I have looked past God.
I have been proud, and I have been conceited.
I have been an ambassador for violence and hate.
That is past.
What matters is who you now choose to be.
Are you ready? Do you believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God, who died on the cross and rose again on the third day? I do.
Then in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I baptize you.
Then it is true! Ha! Ha! For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
And small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life.
And only a few find it.
I promised Tabitha I wouldn't let her die.
I thought my faith would be enough.
She was so sweet and so happy to have found Jesus.
I'm responsible for her death.
You are not responsible.
It is God's will.
Will you come and see her? Don't be afraid.
This is Peter, the man I told you about.
What did you tell them about me, Mary? I told them the truth.
And why have you brought me here? Because I believe you can help her.
Yes! Tabitha! Tabitha! Get up! Get up! Yes! Yes! He cured Tabitha! Peter.
Peter, thank you.
Thank you.