A Gifted Man s01e10 Episode Script

In Case of a Bolt from the Blue

Where's my forceps? Retracting.
Now, clamp off You need to retract Somebody kill the music.
Can't hear myself think.
Relax, Michael.
- It's not brain surgery.
- Well I can't have any distractions while I'm operating.
You're not.
You're the patient.
Oh, this isn't good.
- Should we try and resect it? - He's tachycardic.
Does it hurt? Yes.
You need to tell someone.
Guys, I am not under.
Blood pressure's rising.
Look at me.
- He's hemorrhaging.
- Listen to me! I am awake.
The anesthesiologist screwed up.
I can feel this.
Hey, someone.
Someone! This entire segment is beginning to necrose.
Nothing we can do to save it.
Anna! Forecasted snowfall for the entire New York City area is 20 to 25 inches in the next 24 hours, with a high wind advisory in effect Anna? Boundary lines are screwy enough.
Now you're invading my dreams? You're not Tavo.
If you could just fill this out.
Do I look like a clinica patient? Uh, you're limping.
Pulled a muscle playing hockey.
I'm fine.
- Play nice, Dr.
- When am I not nice? Who's my first patient? Oh.
Uh, hold on.
I-I had it right here.
Who was next? Sorry about that, folks.
Everyone sit back down.
You will be called by name.
When you figure it out, put the patient in the exam room, put the chart on the back of the door, come find me.
Good luck.
How we feeling today, Mrs.
Polanco? Missus? You don't look like a Mary.
Excuse me a moment.
You gave me the chart of Mary Polanco instead of Marty Polanco.
That wasn't me.
Then who was it? Well, Autumn was helping me out, so Is there a problem? It's the wrong file, and he thinks I did it.
But it was you, right? I didn't pull it.
Well, I didn't pull it.
Could somebody just give me the correct one, please? It's okay.
Any question, just ask me.
I will, but seriously, it wasn't me.
Guys, guys, you forgot your Huh.
Oh, Anna.
What are you up to now? You Great.
Now I'm talking to you when you aren't even here.
I don't know what's crazier.
"Mary Polanco, 25 pounds lost.
" "Syndrome X"? Autumn, you know what, uh, syndrome X is? I can't believe you don't.
Oh, that's right You only treat, uh, rare, freaky brain diseases over at that fancy place.
That's funny.
You're adorable as you are helpful.
Syndrome x is an epidemic Diabetes, obesity and hypertension.
Docs in family medicine see it so often, they gave it its own medical shorthand.
And in case you need any more schooling, "HV" means "Home Visit.
" Got it.
Can you file this for me? Is this some dominance assertion mind game? They were all home visits.
She's an agoraphobic shut-in.
Who? Oh, God.
The trauma room is now complete and free of trauma.
You're limping.
You want me to help you with that? No.
Medical personnel only, Anton.
Promise I'll stay behind the line.
Something's bothering you.
Yeah, your powers never cease to amaze me.
Anna used to hand-deliver benazepril and Insulin to a shut-in with no support system.
Who took over for her when she moved on? Nobody.
Her meds have been here for three months.
What now, brother? I can't believe this woman just fell through the cracks.
I know.
I mean, this place is usually such a well-oiled machine.
Somebody's got to check in on her.
I nominate you.
You can get Zeke or Kate.
I've got a, uh, date with a misbehaving amygdala back at Holt.
Oh, that will be my angry reminder now.
I'm on my way, Rita.
What's up? What do you mean? Well, does he know the cancellation policy? Fine.
I, uh, couldn't help overhearing that your day just opened up.
Autumn, anyone can take this one.
But you get a brain tumor, I'm all yours.
Come on.
Mary's right on your way.
She's in the exact opposite direction.
If this is Anna's unfinished business, - closure could be cathartic.
- You know what? I always seem to cave in and say yes.
What happens if I say no? Ouch.
Right in the hoo-hahs.
Talk about an immediate cosmic answer.
Hey, Mary, you in there? She hasn't left her home in three years.
Where else would she be? We're here from Clinica Sanando.
Go away.
We brought your medication.
Robert? Uh no.
It's Dr.
Michael Holt.
Where have you been, Robert? Who's Robert? Ex-husband.
I have the prescriptions that Dr.
Anna Paul used to bring you.
I don't know anybody by that name.
Sure, you do.
Uh, we have a picture that she took of the two of you.
Anna was the only person I trusted in the whole world.
She used to bring me this delicious carob.
It was so good, I didn't even miss my chocolate.
She was trying to help me.
Then she stopped coming.
Well, she didn't mean to.
Um, Anna's the one who sent us.
You didn't tell me you were bringing people home for dinner.
Hey, check her file.
There's got to be family or somebody that can help.
Well, emergency contact is blank.
And there's nothing in here about dementia.
What is wrong with her? She's been off her meds for three months.
Could be DKA or hypertensive encephalopathy.
You're limping.
- Did you hurt yourself? - No, no, I'm fine.
I just need to take your blood pressure, okay? Oh, she wasn't always a hermit.
New year's, 2006.
- She looks great.
- Please don't do this.
Mary, stay with me.
It's okay.
Pressure's 150/93.
Well, all her scripts are empty.
Mary, when's the last time you tested - your blood sugar? - Hmm? Well, Dr.
Holt needs to do that now, okay? No.
Wait and let Anna do it.
No, I'm a doctor.
No, you're not.
No, where is she? Mary, listen, I need you to hold still.
Where is she? What have you done with her? Where is she? - Where's Anna? - Anna's dead.
She's the only one I had left.
I'm so sorry.
That's the only reason she stopped coming to see you.
Blood sugar's too high to register.
I need to do a chemistry and a blood gas.
- We need to take her to the Clinica.
- No.
I-I can't leave the apartment.
Please, Robert.
Just going to be for a quick test.
But now I got to give you some Insulin.
I will be right there.
No, I-I-I can't take the crowds.
There won't be lots of people there, will there? Excuse me.
I-I need to get by.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I-I need help.
Guess your meditation class did nothing to calm him down.
Something's happened to you.
Hey, my brother's tattoo is not getting any less infected.
- How much longer? - Hi.
Sorry for the intrusion, brother.
Dante here needs to see a doctor.
I just need his mother to There's no time to fill out the forms.
- I'm having a heart attack.
- He's always dying of something.
Ask the docs they all know Dante.
This is real.
My left arm is numb and tingly.
That sounds like a heart attack to me.
Sykora! Okay.
Dante, I see from your chart we last saw you for a suspected listeria? 'Cause he read online about that outbreak from bad cantaloupe.
Ah, well, I'm glad that turned out to be a false alarm.
I wish this one was, too, but it's not.
All right, well, let's take a look.
Actually, your heart is fine.
That's impossible.
See here.
Your T segments are normal.
If you were having a heart attack, they would be elevated.
Then why is my arm still tingly? It's called a paresthesia.
It's harmless.
Maybe you slept on it wrong.
I didn't have it when I woke up.
All right, well, a lot of times, there's Come on in.
A lot of times, they don't have a specific cause.
I hear my favorite patient's here again.
But I promise, it'll go away on its own.
That's it? You're not gonna figure out what's wrong with me? Well, now that I know it's not an emergency, I kind of have to see all the patients who came in before you.
On the Internet, it said the tingling could be a sign of infection, exposure to toxins or ischemia.
I don't think we're looking at any of those, Dante, but if your mom is willing to stick around till I finish up with my next patient, I would be happy to give you a full checkup.
No way, Dante.
I've missed enough work, and you have wasted enough of their time.
Please, mom.
All right, on one condition.
No more WebMD searches.
Thanks, Dr.
Hang in there, buddy.
I won't be long.
Okay, just a little further, Mary.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
Yes, you can, Mary.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Is that my Mary? That's right.
You're doing great, Mary.
No, Robert, I can't.
I can't, Robert! - Oh, Michael, what happened to her? - Look at her.
I know, we need to calm her down.
So how do we do that? I don't know.
I don't know, either.
I've never seen her like this before.
It's okay, it's okay.
You ready? Okay.
Come on.
Mary was severely agoraphobic, but her diabetes and hypertension were under control.
She was not demented.
How long have I been dead? It's been three months since Anna saw her, right? You know that.
Three months? I can't believe I've been gone so long.
Robert, I wanna go back.
Just tell me about Robert.
You know as much as I do.
Sad story.
He was charming and fun and so handsome.
They had a fairy tale wedding, an apartment on Central Park West.
I have a meeting with our equity research analyst on the IPO.
Let's go.
- Where'd that come from? - Beats me.
She was a senior V.
of global operations at a major firm.
So, uh Mary was a bigwig? Really? Where'd you see that? Okay.
Mary, you got to keep that fastened.
Do you even know where the meeting is? - No, you gotta - Proceed to highlighted route Those are pre-sets for a ski resort upstate.
What's wrong, Mary? Uh, it's her agoraphobia.
She's having a panic attack.
No, that sounds like kussmaul respirations from the diabetes.
- That's gotta be it.
- Which one? What are we waiting for? We got to get her back to the clinic, but Broadway's jammed.
I'll cut over on Bowery.
What's the deal with your little pal Dante? Oh, I've seen him at least a dozen times.
Sciatica, Lupus Lou Gehrig's disease.
He's our resident hypochondriac.
Yeah, I figured that out already.
What do you think that's about? Take a wild guess.
He's too small, he's too smart, he sucks at sports.
He's being bullied.
Yeah, the pretend illnesses keep him outta school.
Does the mother know? She's a single mother, she works full-time.
She does everything she can.
- Which is what? - The same things I've done.
Contacted his principal, his guidance counselor.
And? Well, if it was physical abuse, they'd expel the little jerks.
But it's verbal, it's humiliation So that makes it okay? Do you have any idea how many kids commit suicide because of bullying? Sorry to keep you waiting, Dante.
Dante? Hey.
Hi, Zeke.
Did you not hear Dr.
Kate just now? No.
Why didn't I? I don't know.
What's going on with your ears? My right one kinda hurts.
It might just be wax build-up, but I'm gonna take a peek, okay? Dr.
Zeke, could you take a look? Wh-what's wrong? The tympanic membrane is ruptured.
- What does that mean? - His eardrum burst.
Well, how? What did you stick in your ear? Nothing, I swear.
Why did this happen to me? Well, eardrums can rupture because of infection, but I'm not seeing any pus or inflammation.
- Am I going deaf? - No.
It'll heal itself within a month or two.
Dante, did a bully do this? Is that what happened? Did a kid at school hit you? - No.
- That couldn't be it.
School was closed today because of the snow.
He was home.
That blood was fresh.
This happened today.
And it wasn't psychosomatic.
First the arm paresthesia, now this.
- What the hell is it? - You know, I would have bet the farm on bullies, until mom said there was no school today.
He was home alone; That just leaves mom.
She seemed pretty fed up with all the trips she's had to make in here.
You think she could've hit him? Maybe my hypochondria theory is off.
What if she put it all into his head and she's - Getting attention from it? - Munchausen by proxy.
After all those false alarms, she has to step up her game with an actual injury.
If that's true, it'll only escalate.
We should split them up.
Tell the mom I want to see her in exam room two.
What the hell, bro?! - He's been back there for three hours! - Hector, I need an exam room.
They're all full! All right, just keep an eye on her and I'll get the Insulin.
Yo, spaz, I'm not gonna ask again.
Uh Autumn? - Sir, is there a problem? - Yeah, I been here forever.
I just need someone to go back there - and check on my brother.
- If you take a seat, we can Mary! What happened? I don't know; I just turned away for a second.
Get back.
Get back.
Mary, don't move.
Stay calm.
All right? I want to make sure you didn't break anything, okay? Make them go away! Stand back.
Give her room.
You're okay.
I'm gonna get you up now, okay? - Robert, please.
- Okay.
- Get me out of here, get me out of here! - Okay, okay.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
She's having an anxiety attack.
Just find my bag and get the lorazepam.
You know, Dante, it's not unusual for kids to protect the people who are hurting them.
Especially if it's someone close to them, like a relative.
That isn't it.
Did your mom hurt you? No.
Will you tell me who did? I don't know! I was walking alone, and the next thing I knew I woke up face-down in the snow.
Wait, you were unconscious? Why didn't you mention that? My mom was at work.
I wasn't supposed to be outside.
She worries about me.
What's the last thing you remember? A loud crack.
Like a gun.
Oh, you think somebody shot at you? I'm not making this up.
Please don't tell my mom I messed up again.
Sweetie, this is not your fault.
It is.
She used to take me to the real hospital, and now she can't pay the bills so that's why we come here.
What happened to me? I don't know, but I promise you I'm gonna figure it out.
All right? I need to keep examining you.
Why don't you sit up? And I'm gonna lift up your shirt so I can listen to your lungs.
Dante, do you know how you got this? I don't know.
Is it skin cancer? - Hey.
- Hey.
So I have this case, he's a I'm a little busy with my own problem patient.
A syndrome X with a shuffling gait, so I might be adding Parkinson's to her list of problems.
And definitely dementia.
Although Anna said there were no signs of dementia three months ago.
When did Anna tell you that? Well, she would have noted it in Mary's chart.
What's wrong with you? Ah nothing.
Just the, uh, painful realization that I'll never play pro hockey.
Good news for Mary, though No ketones, so we know it's not, uh, ketoacidosis.
What are you doing? - Drop trou.
- Excuse me? You're hurt, man.
And based on the area you keep pressing, I'm guessing inguinal hernia.
- You lift something heavy? - Don't quit your day job.
This is my day job.
- Let me take a look.
Come on.
- No.
- Nice try.
- Just let me feel it.
- No.
What are you doing? - Let me just - Get our hands away - Would you stop being a dumb ass?! - Let me just feel.
Take off the belt.
- Hi, boys.
What's going on? - I'm pretty sure Michael has - A pulled muscle.
I'm fine.
Don't we have some sick patients out there in actual need - of Zeke's wonderful medical care? - We do.
There's a development with Dante, so when you're done with your little tickle fight, you want to come take a look? Yeah, give me a minute.
- Do you have a fever? Nauseous? - No.
You know, if it is a hernia and it becomes strangulated, you could lose part of your intestine, or worse.
You do know the signs, right? Yeah, I got it.
You got it, okay.
What's up with Michael? Um let me get back to you on that.
I just checked in on Dante.
What the hell is that on his back? I was hoping you would know.
I've never seen anything like it.
He says it's painless.
It's gotta be erythematous.
Yeah, I could see it was broken capillaries, but from what? Mom? No, I don't think so.
What is that pattern? It's a lichtenberg figure.
Look at this.
"Lichtenberg figures present as reddish, fernlike patterns "that are created by the rupture of small capillaries "caused by the shock wave from a lightning discharge "as it flashes over the skin.
They are also known as lightning flowers.
" Dante was struck by lightning.
He got hit by lightning in the middle of Central Park in the middle of snow storm? That's crazy.
It's rare, but it does happen.
It's called thundersnow.
And nobody else saw this.
Well, the snow absorbs the sound and the light from the thunder and the lightning, so it's practically silent and invisible.
How did he survive? It probably wasn't a direct hit.
Maybe a sideswipe off a tree or something.
We're thinking it's what's called a flashover.
Which would explain why he has no burn marks.
So, what happens now? Well, he was hit by 30 million volts.
So, there's a possibility of neurological complications.
He should definitely be seen by a brain specialist.
You're in luck, though.
We have one on staff today.
Rita call Mendelssohn, and, uh Schedule an emergency herniorrhaphy.
Who's the patient? Me.
Tell him, uh, based on the nausea and the fever, that it's strangulated.
People have died from strangulated hernias.
Don't be a jackass.
Get your butt over here now.
No, forget that.
I'm calling a private ambulance.
Don't do that, Rita Yeah, well, yeah Already done.
What were you planning on doing? Waltzing out of there as if there was nothing wrong with you? Try it, and I'll kill you myself.
There you are.
Hey, look, I can see you're on your way out, but I have a patient that I really need you to take a look at.
No, I really can't right now.
Sorry, Kate, I can't really Please, I promise you're going to find this one fascinating.
Where's Dante? Mrs.
Crim asked me the same thing.
She went to the little girls' room, and when she got back, Dante was gone.
She said he was really scared.
He must've gone home, and she took off after him.
No, no, no.
Well, track her down, - and get her to bring him back here.
- Okay.
We're here to pick up Michael Holt.
I'm Dr.
Um, the patient is in exam room one.
I thought you were the patient.
You're mistaken.
Right in there.
Could you help discharge Ms.
Polanco, please? What's going on? This is what I wanted to tell you about.
Um, the, uh got a shut-in with multiple health issues, diminished faculties, and no support system, and I can't send her home.
And you hired a private ambulance to take her to Holt? Yeah.
I need to run some tests, figure out placement.
That's fantastic.
What's gotten into you? She was a pet project of Anna's that I need to see through.
You know, I'm sure you were no picnic as a husband, but you're like apparently the world's greatest ex-husband.
You, uh you should probably accompany her, huh? That's a great idea.
He stole all my money.
It's a free clinic, Mary.
No one's taken a dime from you.
It's okay.
I got it from here, Autumn.
Oh, God Where'd they come from? The husband waved us down on the way over here.
His wife's contractions are two minutes apart, and they'd been trying to catch a taxi to Manhattan Memorial for 30 minutes.
Sir, you got an excellent clinic right here.
Any one of these doctors can deliver your wife's baby.
Corinna had complications with her last pregnancy.
She's gonna need a c-section.
We didn't realize we'd be picking up you and a patient.
Doesn't look like there's enough room.
Your call, Dr.
All right.
Take Mary to Holt, take them to Manhattan Memorial.
I'll take my car and meet you there.
Ah Oh, that was not bright.
Come back? Okay, I get it.
I screwed up.
Oh, my God.
Michael! Michael.
Are you okay? Did you hit your head? No.
All right.
You all right? What happened? Strangulated hernia.
Why didn't you say anything? You should've let me examine you.
You knew, and you didn't tell me? Well, I tried.
And you you wait until the Your life's in danger till you seek medical attention? - Worst patient ever.
- How we doing on that ambulance? They're backed up over an hour because of the blizzard.
Forget it.
We're operating here.
Oh, tell me there's another option.
There isn't.
You know, if you gave me a pair of gloves, I could help.
Aw, man, I told you we should've forced those benzos down his throat.
The local's fine.
Almost done opening the hernia sac.
Okay, don't Nick the bowel.
And watch the inguinal nerve.
Watch the back seat operating.
Wouldn't want me to get distracted and accidentally give you half a vasectomy.
Here we go.
Bowel is reducing nicely into the abdominal cavity.
You feeling some pressure? Nope, I'm good.
Not too late for the loopy juice, man.
I'm good.
Strangulated hernia? You okay? I'm fine.
What happened? A damn hockey injury.
I will never understand, on any plane of existence, why you are so hard on that gorgeous body.
Does it hurt? I dreamed this.
- You dreamed about me? - You dreamed about me? It was more of a nightmare, really.
But you guys weren't in it.
What was it about? I was being operated on.
Without anesthesia.
A psychic brain surgeon.
My mind must've incorporated the pain from the pulled muscle into my dream.
It was not ESP.
Maybe it was a warning from your guardian angel.
That you should have listened to.
I'm a ghost.
I'm not the Amazing Kreskin.
You're doing great, Michael.
We're almost done.
- I want to close it up myself.
- That's funny.
I don't want a scar.
Subcuticular stitches are my specialty.
Seriously, Michael? Worst patient ever.
Sorry, we're not seeing any more patients tonight.
Crim, you finally got my messages.
- Did Dante come back here? - Not that I know of.
When I got home, he wasn't there.
Think he's lost in the blizzard? I'm praying he never left.
Dante! Are you here? Answer me! Oh Michael? Where the hell are you? Michael You had your hernia surgery here? Give me some advance notice next time, and I'll book you a nice bodega.
Rita - What are you doing here? - Well, you gave me no choice.
Imagine my surprise when the ambulance I ordered for you arrived.
It was like a damn clown car.
Paramedics, a dementia patient, pregnant lady, but no Michael.
You took care of You-you got Mary settled in at Holt, right? Of course I did.
Okay, okay.
It's your first time here, right? So what do you think of the place? I love the decor.
Early staph infection? I'm sure as hell not letting you recuperate in this hole.
I'm going to rest for one hour, and then go home.
Dante? Hey, uh We lost a patient.
Have you by any chance seen a boy about yea high, glasses? No.
Here's the deal.
Len's truck is outside.
I will get you bundled up and back to civilization where I can keep an eye on you, before they lose you, too.
Dante? I'm going to look in the front again.
Dante? Come on out, Dante.
It's okay, come on out.
Zeke! In here.
Hey, bud.
You okay? My head really hurts.
Come here.
You're going to be okay.
I'm not.
I think the lightning fried my brain.
The kids at school are bad enough.
Now I'm being picked on by God? Not "picked on.
" Chosen.
Get him up.
Let me see him.
Come on.
How are you, buddy? Not good.
I have a bad headache.
When you and Dr.
Kate were whispering to my mom earlier, were you telling her I was gonna die? No.
Does it hurt that bad? Let me see.
Look at me.
Open up.
How's he look, Zeke? His pupil's blown.
Lightning strike victim showing signs of increased ICP.
Don't even think it, Michael.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
He's seizing.
Get him on his side.
Give me five milligrams of midazolam.
Oh, hell.
I'll find it.
Make room for one more in the truck.
Removing the bone flap.
Ready to evacuate the hematoma.
Bipolar cautery to me.
Dante has an epidural bleed.
Geez, this kid can't catch a break.
Will he be okay? What's happening? It's all going fine, Dr.
It doesn't sound fine.
Just a little bit of rebleeding.
- We're cauterizing it now.
- Do a couple durotomies to check for any subdural blood before you close.
I know you're the boss, but do you really think you should be consulting on this hopped up on pain meds? If you're not open to my consult, find another place to work.
FYI, he refused any pain meds except for ibuprofen.
Let's try this again.
Whatever you want, Dr.
This isn't about me, Oscar.
It's about the patient.
- The patient's gonna be fine.
- What are you doing out of bed? I'm staying till the surgery's over.
Talk to me.
You have got to get some sleep.
I have got to do my rounds.
Try it, and I'll pump your I.
Full of propofol.
All right, at least let me check on Mary.
Then I'll call it a night.
She's resting comfortably Between sheet changes.
What was that? It's the one detail you left off her recent medical history Incontinence.
Nurse Colette is in a mood over it.
Wet, wacky and wild.
Oh, sounds like somebody took his meds.
No, no, Mary's symptoms Incontinence, dementia and her unsteady gait.
Wet, wacky and wild.
Lucky I was here to cover for your boss, Rita.
Okay, that should do it.
Hi, Mary.
Remember me? Rita.
You were yelling at everybody when I got here in the ambulance.
Well, welcome back.
What have they been doing to me? Just withdrawing spinal fluid to relieve the pressure off your brain.
Based on how lucid she's sounding, I'd say Dr.
Holt's diagnosis is correct.
What do I have wrong with me now? Normal pressure hydrocephalus.
It's a condition often misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.
It's caused by a buildup of the cerebrospinal fluid of the ventricles of the brain.
But, unlike Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, NPH is completely reversible.
What am I going to do with you? Thanks for helping out, Zeke.
I'll be sending you my bill.
The clarity that you're experiencing now will not last long.
The fluid will slowly build up again.
But in a day or two, when Dr.
Holt is back up to snuff, he can perform a ventriculostomy and you'll be good as new.
Will it cure the diabetes and agoraphobia? No.
But no more confusion.
The clinic will help you manage the other conditions.
And we can also get you help.
Is there anyone we can call for you? No.
I don't have anyone.
How are you? You remember when you were trying to explain what it's been like for you since you died? Like it'd be for you being trapped behind glass and seeing someone who needs surgery? That happened to me last night.
I get it.
I I'm so sorry.
Didn't take any pain meds, huh? Right.
I didn't.
And I am working today.
Oh, yeah, we'll see.
Thank you for helping Mary.
Thank you For braving a blizzard for me.
- Anytime.
- Hey.
Just came to check on the world's worst patient.
How you doing? Thanks to you, I am once again perfect.
Do you know he tried to take over his own surgery? Who does that? Don't get me started.
Oh, there are stories I could tell you.
- I let you close up, didn't I? - You let me? How do you deal with this crazy control freak? Yeah, we need to have a long lunch.
I'd love to be in on that.
What are you doing in here, Mary? All those nurses kept coming in and out of my room.
I couldn't stand it.
This was the only place I could find to be alone.
Would you like me to try to track down Robert for you? Oh, yeah, that would be great.
Then I could have him arrested.
Why would you bring up that lowlife? Dr.
Holt said you kept saying his name yesterday.
Then I must have been really Out of it.
Maybe the confusion was a blessing.
What did he do to you? He made me fall in love with him, marry him.
And then he conned me out of everything I had in the world.
It was so humiliating.
So you crawled in a hole to die.
Honey, don't you know a good life is the best revenge? Too late for that.
It's never too late.
I may scream joie de vivre now, but I have battled more than my share of demons and come out the better for it.
So can you.
I'm not going to let you crawl back in that hole.
Zeus, uh, Thor, Jupiter, Apocatequil.
Every culture, the lightning God has been the king.
Anton? What are you doing here? Oh, Michael, you're your old self again.
- Dr.
Little Creek - Not a doctor.
I'm not a medical doctor.
I was just helping Dante home.
He was just explaining to Dante why this happened to him.
And why does he think that was? He said there are many ways a shaman is called to his path, but the most direct is lightning.
There's a documented history through every shamanic tradition.
Now, were you ever struck by lightning, Anton? No, but my mentor was.
Actually, when he was about Dante's age.
Before the strike, he was an illiterate farmer, but after, he became a great scholar.
Well, being a shaman isn't your only option, Dante.
I know of a case where a man who'd never played piano before was struck by lightning, and since then, he has composed entire symphonies.
You think I can play piano now? There's one in my office, if you ever get a hankering.
Whatever you do, Dante, I guarantee you it's going to be special.
We expect great things from you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.